Fentons Creamery: Don't trash the Earth! Use greener containers and utensils
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Fentons Creamery: Don't trash the Earth! Use greener containers and utensils

    1. Andrea Wood
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      Andrea Wood

      Oakland, CA

Since 1894, Fentons Creamery has been an iconic Oakland landmark. For generations It has served up its famous handcrafted ice creams. Fentons has been featured on the Travel Channel, The History Channel, The Food Network, in USA Today and ZAGAT. Fentons even made a cameo in Pixar's family film "Up".

On a recent visit to the shop in Oakland's Piedmont neighborhood I took my place in the long line snaking out the door. While waiting,  I was saddened to see huge garbage bins filled to the brim with Fentons containers, lids, and plastic spoons -- destined for the landfill. 

Generations of young people have enjoyed Fentons, and Fentons can help make sure there's a greener future for the next generation of ice cream enthusiasts. That's why we are asking Fentons to replace the thousands of containers that would end up in a landfill with greener, more sustainable containers and utensils. 

Tell Fentons Creamery: In honor of Earth Day, switch to more sustainable containers and utensils at your ice cream parlors and restaurants.

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    • emily johnson OAKLAND, CA
      • about 2 years ago

      c'mon fentons! u will just that much more oaklandish! helps take of our city. pride oakland!


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