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Delete John Best's two pages listed below and ban him from Facebook.
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Delete John Best's two pages listed below and ban him from Facebook.

    1. Phil Gluyas
    2. Petition by

      Phil Gluyas

      Ballarat, Australia

Hate speech against the Autistic Spectrum is at an all time high, in particular by John Best Junior on his two pages "Cure Asperger's, Save Children from Ari Ne'eman" and "The Truth About Autism". He is demanding that it be cured and that a cure already exists, when it doesn't and claiming that it does and blaming it on Sandy Hook as well as calling Aspies "frauds" is hate to a high level and undermines understanding and acceptance of the condition as not all world bad. Facebook has a policy against hate speech, but they are refusing to uphold this policy due to believing that Mr Best is presenting a "new idea" for public consumption. He isn't. His hate is all over the page and no matter what he does with the name of the page (it was originally named "Cure Aspergers, Save Children from Psycho Killers) the content remains the same with the same aim. Mr Best is lying, he is hurting the Autistic Community with his lies, and his hate speech is not protected by the First Amendment - particularly as he is in effect defaming the Autistic Spectrum and everyone who either has the condition or is caring for a person with the condition. This has to stop, and stop now. Mr Best must be thrown off Facebook and kept off for his hate, lies and libel/slander.

Delete John Best's two pages "Cure Asperger's, Save Children from Ari Ne'eman" and "The Truth About Autism" and ban him from Facebook.

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    1. Change.org's email requirements have killed this petition

      Phil Gluyas
      Petition Organiser

      This petition is closed because of the demand for an email address for Facebook. They don't have one, thereby undermining the whole Change.org process. Facebook are therefore immune from action from Change.org and have got away with their allowance of this foul person on their network.

    2. Reached 750 signatures
    3. Best playing games

      Phil Gluyas
      Petition Organiser

      About 12 hours ago, Best's other page had been deleted. I thought Facebook had acted upon my letter, but I waited just in case and now it's back. That means that Best took it down himself and then restored it in order to likely trick Facebook. So I don't know if they have read my letter yet or not. Please keep spreading this petition.

      In other news, Best has created a new and equally disgusting page, "The Truth About Autism". I have updated the petition accordingly, and I ask everyone to report this one as well. We all know that he doesn't know the truth about Autism, and what he says is hate speech against the condition. If one person listens to him and uses the information - the price is too high.

    4. Reached 500 signatures
    5. One of the two pages GONE!

      Phil Gluyas
      Petition Organiser

      I am delighted to inform supporters that one of the two pages has been taken down. The one titled "Cure Asperger's, Prevent Fraud by Ari Ne'eman". There is no indication as to who did it (FB or Best himself), but the lack of complaint on the still active page suggests that Best did it himself.

      While I have your attention - due to the lack of an active and working email address for Facebook and a fail on the fax number I found, I have written a letter to them to notify them of this petition. As I send this, there are 454 supporters which is terrific - but please spread the word if you haven't already, and spread it even further if you can. The more supporters we have here, the stronger the case to get Best off of Facebook lock stock and barrel.

    6. Reached 250 signatures


    Reasons for signing

      • 6 months ago

      I am autistic and, when I first saw this, was.horrified by this display of ignorant hate speech: I am not mentally ill, brain damaged, fraudulent (when I self-advocate) and definitely NOT a psycho killer. I am a HUMAN BEING, and so is every other autistic person, something which Best seems to be forgetting. If anything, I feel sorry for his son.

    • angel stealer PRYOR, OK
      • 11 months ago

      I have an autistic daughter!!

    • Nate Watkins APO, GERMANY
      • about 1 year ago

      The Truth About Autism??? Ha! Sounds like this guy plagiarized P!nk's album The Truth About Love! This guy's a joke. If he really did copy from her, he should keep

      "(Blow Me) One Last Kiss", "Try" and "Just Give Me a Reason" on replay!

    • Greg Woodward AUSTRALIA
      • about 1 year ago

      Facebook is dangerous use of technology. This is just one example.

    • Andrea Digney VANCOUVER, CANADA
      • over 1 year ago

      As a person on the austism/Asperger's spectrum, I find the implication that I am violent and dangerous horrendously offensive, and I do not believe such attitudes should be tolerated on a website used by millions of people.


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