Add fluoride back into the water as per advice of medical/dental experts
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Add fluoride back into the water as per advice of medical/dental experts

    1. Nathan Lee
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      Nathan Lee

      Sydney, Australia

The Australian Dental Association has said: "Water fluoridation has been one of the most widely studied and endorsed public health measures of all time". The CSIRO and various Australian health departments all recommend fluoride treatment of water supplies continue.
There are conspiracy theorists who disagree, but their assertions are based around misinformation and fear-mongering. Those people can easily opt out of fluoride via buying bottled water or a home filtration system.
Please do not condemn the population (in particular the poorer households who have least access to dental treatment) of Cairns to poorer dental health due to the conspiracy theories of the vocal few ignorant people - please listen instead to medical experts.

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    2. Skeptic zone mention

      Nathan Lee
      Petition Organiser

      For anyone interested in sceptical topics (of the science variety rather than the anti-science variety) this petition got a mention or two on their podcast.
      Episodes 227 and 228 have the mentions.
      See more or listen to the podcast at:
      Thanks to the guys there for getting the word out - much appreciated!

    3. Nearly 1000 strong willed, strong tooth enamelled supporters!

      Nathan Lee
      Petition Organiser

      Hi all,
      As we are very close to the 1000 mark - if anyone remains to shake the tree (family or friends) for a few more supporters and we can fire up the printer to forward the stack of signatures to the Cairns City council.
      In particular - any relatives or friends in Cairns you know really should know about the downside to removing what has been described by health experts as one of the great successes in public health programmes.
      Thank you all for your support, some thoughtful messages too.

      Tim writes "I'm voting on behalf of the children of Cairns who don't have a voice." which really does drive home those who will be most affected - the kids who are still to grow their teeth and at most risk of suffering from cavities down the track.

      One of life's little twists: one of the councillors missed the last minute revised vote on the Fluoride removal because... wait for it.. he was at the dentist. He was actually in favour of leaving it as it was (strangely enough).

      Thanks again!

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    Reasons for signing

    • Martyn Griffiths AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      Friend is moving to Cairns soon. He's a conspiracy nut, but his three young kids deserve better.

    • Alex Hofer CAIRNS, AUSTRALIA
      • 8 months ago

      Water fluoridation is an important public health issue and there is evidence to support its role in reducing dental caries. Oral health is not just the responsibility of the State Govt. Cairns city council should get serious about the health of its community.

      • 9 months ago

      Fluoride works topically only, it is toxic when ingested, and makes no measurable difference to teeth by ingestion.

    • Gordana Grzentic AUSTRALIA
      • 9 months ago

      this is bull the fluoride they put in the water is pure nuclear waste, proven & admitted!!!

    • Jessica Cross BRISBANE, AUSTRALIA
      • 9 months ago

      Doctor, recently lived and worked in Cairns


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