Licensed to Kill campaign, Joe Grace

Licensed to Kill campaign, Joe Grace

Philadelphia, PA

I'm Joe Grace, and I’m a gun violence prevention advocate who ran a non profit group in Pennsylvania for 3 years, CeaseFirePA. On my watch, the expanded Castle Doctrine “Stand Your Ground” law was passed, with heavy support from the NRA. With the leadership of CeaseFirePA’s ally, Gov. Edward G. Rendell, the bill was vetoed. The NRA didn’t stop, and passed the Stand Your Ground law soon after Rendell left office in 2011. The new PA governor, Tom Corbett, signed the bill into law. I’m personally outraged by the unjustified killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida, where the Stand Your Ground law has been implicated. I’ve decided to get more involved and raise more awareness about this terrible public policy by posting this petition on I’m proud to be joined in this petition to Florida’s governor and legislature by my ally, former PA Gov. Ed Rendell, Philadelphia Mayor Michael A. Nutter, the entertainer Russell Simmons, and tens of thousands of Americans. I hope hundreds of thousands of people sign it, and make their voices heard - loudly – to the Governor of Florida and its legislature. I hope FLA authorities hear our voices and repeal the terrible policy, Stand Your Ground. This isn’t Standing Your Ground. It’s a License to Kill.


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