Artists Speak Out

Artists Speak Out

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"Artists fighting for human rights and people fighting for artists' rights"

The arrest of Chinese artist and activist Ai Weiwei focused the world's attention on how precious and how precarious is the freedom to freely express oneself. Yet the world's attention is fickle and short-lived. It's up to artists and writers -- those on the front line of free expression -- to keep this interest alive and to find new ways to remind the world that human rights aren't enjoyed by all and that until they are the work of activism is incomplete.

Artists Speak Out (ASO) exists to assist and join artists and human rights activists in this work as outlined in ASO's Mission statement.


Artists Speak Out  has a five-fold mission. To provide:

- News and views about artists and writers fighting for human rights and people fighting for artists’ rights.

- A forum for artists and writers who care about human rights to discuss issues and undertake actions.

- Vocal and concerted advocacy on behalf of artists whose human rights are being abused in the form of campaigns using letter-writing, electronic media and petitions.

- Advice and counsel to artists about how to find opportunities to champion human rights causes through their work and to improve their social-consciousness profile.

- A space in which the work of artists and writers involved in the struggle for human rights can be shared and celebrated.


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