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Petition to United Healthcare

United Healthcare Refuses to Pay for Life-Saving Treatment for Brain Swelling....Again

Here we go again, but I'm not going to wait 6 weeks again to die. United Healthcare has stopped paying and rescinding on bills paid.Time is of essence for approval.I woke up three years ago with my eye shut and my brain swollen.I sought treatment at the Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic.The medical plan was to do plasma, chemo, and eventually a stem cell transplant.But United Healthcare decided that all of that was deemed experimental, even though they paid other claims in the past for the same treatments.I can not afford the treatments on my own nevertheless the copay/coinsurance costs.The treatment is well over $8,000 per administration sometimes 5 days in a row. I am a veteran, teacher, but most importantly I am a mom of a young child that needs me to be around for their birthdays,graduation, marriage, and life events.Why is it every time I meet the deductible, I am punished with non payment from United Healthcare? It is not ethically fair to base a life saving treatment- that the insurance paid for in the past, on the basis of experimental. A treatment that has allowed me to still be able to function as normal as I can Mayo Clinic is my primary care.But at this moment I have no care.United Healthcare refuses to pay anything to them for my medical care. I want to live because dying is not an option. I want to receive the life-saving medical treatment that United Healthcare agreed to pay.I did my part, now make United Healthcare do their part.

Tane Nelson
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Petition to Donald Trump

We want to see Trump's tax returns.

President Trump calls reports of his alleged compromising ties to Russian businesses and government officials, “FAKE NEWS - A TOTAL POLITICAL WITCH HUNT.” He can prove it by releasing his tax returns. Who does our president owe money to? Can they use his debt to manipulate our Commander-in-Chief? Is he receiving income from foreign sources to his businesses from which he has yet to divest? The answers are easy to discover if he releases his tax returns. In a press conference, Trump told the assembled reporters, “The only people who seem to care about my tax returns are you people here.” Our country does care. In fact, according to an ABC/Washington Post poll, 74% of Americans (including 53% of Republicans) want him to RELEASE HIS TAX RETURNS. Every major presidential candidate for the past 40 years has voluntarily released their tax returns. President Nixon even released his tax returns while under audit. Why does President Trump refuse to release his taxes if he has nothing to hide? Please sign and SHARE this petition calling on President Trump to RELEASE HIS TAX RETURNS NOW.

Nancy Huehnergarth
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Petition to The Texas House of Representatives

Protect Sanctuary Cities and Stop Texas SB 4

Our names are Jassary and Chris, and we are high school seniors in Texas. While most people our age are worried about doing well in school or going to prom, we spend most days worried that our parents and loved ones will be deported. And while that fear has always been there, it’s about to get a lot worse. In response to Trump’s executive order on immigration, the state of Texas is considering a bill that would punish cities which choose to provide sanctuary to undocumented people – people like our parents. It would require law enforcement to tell Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when they encounter someone who is undocumented, and hold them until ICE can apprehend them. This bill would put all Texas in danger, not just our families. Please sign our petition asking the Texas House of Representatives not to pass Senate Bill 4. We’re not talking about murderers, or drug lords, or sexual offenders. We’re talking about a future college kid with a broken tail light. A newly-licensed teenager running a stop sign, trying to make it to school on time. Hardworking, peaceful people who contribute to our communities would become afraid to call the police for help and risk being separated from their families – putting all Texans at risk. This will happen unless you act now. The Texas Senate has already voted to pass SB 4; now we have to pressure the House not to make this bill a reality. Will you take action to protect our families before it’s too late? Add your name and demand that the Texas State House stop SB 4.

Jassary, Chris, and Build Freedom
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