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Petition to Bill de Blasio

Demand Mayor de Blasio honor his promise to our special needs children

In an emotion-filled 2014 City Hall press conference, Mayor Bill de Blasio flanked by ex Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver promised a major overhaul to help the special needs kids of the city. Mayor de Blasio said at the time, “Each and every child in this state is entitled to a sound, basic education. Unfortunately, our public school system is not always able to accommodate children with special education needs, and many parents must turn to non-public schools. Parents have had to sue the city for reimbursement of tuition, placing an undue financial burden on these families. Worse yet, parents have to fight this battle year after year...” Two years have passed since the mayor ceremoniously made those lofty comments, however, unfortunately it turned out to be all talk- and little to nothing has been done in all this time to remedy any of the problems. In fact, the situation has gotten worse and the Mayor repeatedly ignores the calls and emails from other city politicians such as Senator Simcha Felder, which ask him to respond to this issue. At a recent hearing in Albany with the mayor in attendance, Senator Felder did not waste any time by opening with a resolute reminder to the mayor of the previous de Blasio commitments that are on the record for two years now. Then he bluntly said to the mayor, “That never occurred.” Senator Felder then went on to scold the mayor by letting him know that, “Children and families are still suffering humiliation, and financial hardship.” If a child has Autism or Downs Syndrome, “there’s no fix for that” said the Senator, so he asks the mayor why these children have to repeatedly apply for their aid year after year after year, costing their families exorbitant legal fees. Senator Felder also cited as an example at the hearing, how numerous calls and letters from the senator in an attempt to help the children habitually went unanswered by City Hall. Felder said that New Yorkers, and families with special needs children now “demand a response!” In his epic and indomitable speech, Senator Felder then told the mayor, “New Yorkers are tired of being insulted and lied to.” “Why do New Yorkers have to be over-taxed, over-fined, over-ticketed, and can’t be treated like mature adults.. instead of like children who you decide you can’t discipline any other way- and smack them across the face over and over by charging them?! It doesn’t make sense! It doesn’t make sense!” Felder shouted as a sense of frustration echoed throughout the Albany chamber, while de Blasio sat quiet as if he was now a school child being scolded by the teacher for giving excuses about why he didn’t do his homework. When the mayor finally was permitted to speak, he gave a few fairly lame excuses, which were basically a poor attempt to run around Senator Felder’s initial inquiries- and the senator wasn't buying it. Felder, ever the warrior champoining this cause, then held the mayor’s feet to the fire and responded back by saying, “The mayor obviously didn’t hear anything I said.” PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION SO THE MAYOR WILL BE FORCED TO HEAR US ALL, LOUD AND CLEAR; AND THE SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN OF NEW YORK CITY WILL FINALLY GET THE ASSISTANCE THEY DESPERATELY NEED (AND WERE PUBLICLY PROMISED TWO YEARS AGO BY DE BLASIO). Special needs children and their families are suffering humiliation, and financial hardship, being forced to pay exorbitant legal fees because of these broken promises, which are plunging these families into debt and bankruptcy. Please help now! By signing the petition you are asking Mayor de Blasio to keep all of his promises to the children, so they don't wind up in financial ruin, without an education, or G-d forbid out on the streets (or in homeless shelters) with their families from the massive debt now being incurred through an unnecessary sea of endless red tape, lies, and inaction by City Hall. These angelic, special needs souls deserve our support. They cannot fight for themselves.

The Bridge Multicultural Advocacy Project
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Petition to President of the United States

Do not ban Muslims from entering the United States

Dear Mr. President, Banning Muslims from legally entering the United States may have very important and dangerous consequences. There are many people from the countries included in your last order who are active members in our community and have worked very hard to make this country one of the best nations in the world. The order will make many of these people very distressed and unwelcomed. The homeland security department has a very detailed process in issuing visa to visitors from these countries. The visa processing takes weeks to years and every person guaranteed a visa to our country undergoes a very rigorous background check. Furthermore there are no terror attacks inside our land from citizens of any of the 7 countries included in the order. The order will also cause more resentment against our country and may encourage attacks on our facilities outside our borders. Due to that we highly encourage you to reconsider these orders. Respectfully yours,    

Tarek Alsaied
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Petition to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Army Corps of Engineers

Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline

When the Standing Rock Youth first started their campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, no one had even heard of it – yet they went on to inspire hundreds of thousands of people to take action to stop a project that threatened their community. Today, I want to tell you about another equally dangerous pipeline that is threatening our water and animal life in Florida and neighboring states. Please sign my petition to ask the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline. I recently finished up a campaign to run for Congress in Florida, during which I spent many months talking to voters in the state. Since then we launched Progress For All, a community action group committed to protecting our environment. You know what has stuck with me most from these collective efforts? The hundreds of conversations I’ve had with Floridians about their commitment to protecting our beautiful state from projects that prioritize profits over our safety and planet. Projects like the Sabal Trail Pipeline. This pipeline will span more than 500 miles across Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. It will run right by the Crystal River, a crucial sanctuary for endangered manatees, and the Suwannee River, also home to several endangered species. Not only that, but the pipeline’s construction could also damage the fragile limestone which surrounds the Floridan Aquifer, one of the largest freshwater aquifers in the world. Help us stop this project before it hurts Florida’s natural resources. A few months ago, Governor Rick Scott’s administration changed our state’s water quality standards, opening the door for fracking and possibly more pipeline construction in Florida – all of which pose an even greater threat to our aquifer. But I know for a fact that Floridians are ready for a move away from these destructive industries. More and more cities and counties across Florida have passed resolutions to ban fracking. Voters recently passed a statewide referendum for solar energy and voted to protect state support for solar energy power. I’m worried that some of Florida’s most precious natural treasures won’t be around in twenty years – all because politicians are defying the will of the people and pushing for fracking and more pipelines. This is unacceptable. Please sign our petition and take action against this dangerous pipeline.

Tim Canova
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