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Petition to Gladys Berejiklian, Jay Weatherill, Daniel Andrews, Annastacia Palaszczuk, Will Hodgman, Adam Giles, Colin Barnett, Andrew Barr

Demand an End to Dog Experiments in Australia

According to the latest available statistics, over 6,600 dogs were used for research and teaching purposes in Australia in just one year.The limited information available on animals used for research does not specify what breeds of dogs are used, but published research papers indicate that greyhounds and beagles are often used - beagles because of their friendly, docile temperaments, and greyhounds because of their 'availability' when of no further use to the racing industry.Dogs are used in Australian laboratories for toxicity testing, infection inducement, aversive stimuli behavioural testing, and more. Humane Research Australia has also exposed the use of beagles for pharmaceutical drug testing, and the use of greyhounds in brain experiments, heart surgery experiments (where heart failure is induced to test blood pump devices, blood flow devices are tested, or circulatory death is induced to test heart preservation devices for transplantation), dental surgery experiments, terminal blood donation experiments, and others.Humane Research Australia is opposed to the use of all animals in research and teaching on both ethical and scientific grounds. The use of greyhounds however, is of particular concern when we consider they are discarded from another unethical and very cruel industry.Dogs are not simply laboratory 'tools' for researchers to use at their leisure. These experiments are unethical, unreliable, and unnecessary. Australian researchers should be utilising a battery of advanced human biology-based methods of research in order for results to be directly relevant to human health outcomes - not subjecting dogs to needless suffering and death.Join Humane Research Australia in urging Australian State and Territory Governments to immediately ban the use of dogs in experiments by signing the petition!

Humane Research Australia
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Petition to The Texas House of Representatives

Protect Sanctuary Cities and Stop Texas SB 4

Our names are Jassary and Chris, and we are high school seniors in Texas. While most people our age are worried about doing well in school or going to prom, we spend most days worried that our parents and loved ones will be deported. And while that fear has always been there, it’s about to get a lot worse. In response to Trump’s executive order on immigration, the state of Texas is considering a bill that would punish cities which choose to provide sanctuary to undocumented people – people like our parents. It would require law enforcement to tell Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) when they encounter someone who is undocumented, and hold them until ICE can apprehend them. This bill would put all Texas in danger, not just our families. Please sign our petition asking the Texas House of Representatives not to pass Senate Bill 4. We’re not talking about murderers, or drug lords, or sexual offenders. We’re talking about a future college kid with a broken tail light. A newly-licensed teenager running a stop sign, trying to make it to school on time. Hardworking, peaceful people who contribute to our communities would become afraid to call the police for help and risk being separated from their families – putting all Texans at risk. This will happen unless you act now. The Texas Senate has already voted to pass SB 4; now we have to pressure the House not to make this bill a reality. Will you take action to protect our families before it’s too late? Add your name and demand that the Texas State House stop SB 4.

Jassary, Chris, and Build Freedom
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Petition to U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Army Corps of Engineers

Stop the Sabal Trail Pipeline

When the Standing Rock Youth first started their campaign to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, no one had even heard of it – yet they went on to inspire hundreds of thousands of people to take action to stop a project that threatened their community. Today, I want to tell you about another equally dangerous pipeline that is threatening our water and animal life in Florida and neighboring states. Please sign my petition to ask the Army Corps of Engineers to stop the Sabal Trail Transmission Pipeline. I recently finished up a campaign to run for Congress in Florida, during which I spent many months talking to voters in the state. Since then we launched Progress For All, a community action group committed to protecting our environment. You know what has stuck with me most from these collective efforts? The hundreds of conversations I’ve had with Floridians about their commitment to protecting our beautiful state from projects that prioritize profits over our safety and planet. Projects like the Sabal Trail Pipeline. This pipeline will span more than 500 miles across Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. It will run right by the Crystal River, a crucial sanctuary for endangered manatees, and the Suwannee River, also home to several endangered species. Not only that, but the pipeline’s construction could also damage the fragile limestone which surrounds the Floridan Aquifer, one of the largest freshwater aquifers in the world. Help us stop this project before it hurts Florida’s natural resources. A few months ago, Governor Rick Scott’s administration changed our state’s water quality standards, opening the door for fracking and possibly more pipeline construction in Florida – all of which pose an even greater threat to our aquifer. But I know for a fact that Floridians are ready for a move away from these destructive industries. More and more cities and counties across Florida have passed resolutions to ban fracking. Voters recently passed a statewide referendum for solar energy and voted to protect state support for solar energy power. I’m worried that some of Florida’s most precious natural treasures won’t be around in twenty years – all because politicians are defying the will of the people and pushing for fracking and more pipelines. This is unacceptable. Please sign our petition and take action against this dangerous pipeline.

Tim Canova
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