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Petition to Philippines Ambassador to the United States

Justice for 72 Dead Dogs Found in Truck of Philippines Dog Meat Gang

When police arrived at a traffic accident in Imus, Philippines last week, they made a gruesome discovery: 72 slaughtered dogs were found in the back of a truck. The dogs had been gutted and their fur and skin burned off, on their way to be sold in the cruel and illegal dog meat trade.   The perpetrators fled the scene, and remain on the run. They are thought to be a man named Terry Baybay and two unidentified companions. Selling dog meat is illegal in the Philippines. But this ban is not strictly enforced, and hundreds of thousands of dogs are killed every year for their meat. Cruel dog meat smugglers round up strays or steal family dogs (many still wearing their collars), often shipping them to the Benguet Province, where dog meat is rampant. The dogs are often tortured as smugglers put tin cans over their mouths and tie their legs behind their back. The dogs are then clubbed in the head or have their throats cut, suffering a slow, painful death. No dog deserves this. Sign now to tell the Philippines ambassador to the United States it is imperative to find and shut down the cruel operation responsible for taking these 72 dogs’ lives, and to make it a priority to shut down the barbaric dog meat trade nationwide. 

Lady Freethinker
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Petition to Richard F. Smith, James M. Peck, Brian Cassin

Free From All 3: Make Credit Freezes Free to all Americans

Regardless of where or when a data breach occurs, it leaves people feeling powerless and helpless; confused and angry.  The ITRC has been tracking data breaches for more than a decade and we hear from the victims of these breaches on a near-daily basis. Breaches of really sensitive personal information like social security numbers are nothing new, but the sheer size of the Equifax data breach is unprecedented and alarming. Lately, we have been seeing data breaches grow larger and more dangerous at a frightening pace. Unless we, as a society, make this a national priority, we predict the Equifax breach will be eclipsed by yet another larger, more destructive data breach in a very short period of time. We need ALL stakeholders – consumers, industry, and government – to engage in a solution.  Right now the industry has the opportunity to step up and help Americans protect themselves from the loss and theft of personal information. Currently, victims of identity theft may be able to have the fees for credit freezes waived. But what about other consumers who want to proactively protect their identity, especially in cases where they have become victims of data breaches? Everyone should be able to take the proactive step of a credit freeze, no matter their level of income. We believe credit freezes should be free. Not just from Equifax, and not just for 30 days. We are asking for all credit reporting agencies to provide all Americans with the ability to enact an initial freeze of their credit report at any time and one free thaw and refreeze per year. We realize that free credit freezes won’t solve the identity theft problem once and for all.  That will require more work, in many other areas.  However, it is one way that we can reduce the rate of identity theft in America and that’s definitely a step in the right direction. We all need to continue working towards a better balance between convenience and security. The ITRC will continue to push for this conversation to be at the forefront of public debate. However, right now we are bleeding.  We need a tourniquet and that tourniquet comes in the form of free credit freezes. Will you join us in our efforts to help protect Americans from identity theft? Sign the petition to tell the three major credit reporting agencies that you want a free initial credit freeze and one thaw and re-freeze per year for all Americans. Share this petition and tag #FreeFromAll3

Eva Velasquez
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Petition to Mark Blasdel, Albert Olszewski, Jennifer Fielder, Lea Whitford, Llew Jones, Brian Hoven, Ryan Osmundson, Frank Smith, Steve Hinebauch, Frederick Moore, Duane Ankney, Jason Small, Roger Webb, Mary McNally, Jen Gross, Margie MacDonald, Cary Smith, Tom Richmond, David Howard, Nels Swandal, Jedediah Hinkle, Gordon Vance, Scott Sales, Jon Sesso, Edie McClafferty, Gene Vuckovich, Terry Gauthier, Mary Caferro, Jill Cohenour, Patrick Connell, Fred Thomas, Dick Barrett, Sue Malek, Daniel Salomon, Cynthia Wolken, Steven Fitzpatrick, Edward Buttrey, Douglas Kary, Michael Phillips, J.P. Pomnichowski, Jeffrey Welborn, Mike L Lang, Steve Gunderson, Zac Perry, Matt Regier, David Fern, Carl Glimm, Frank Garner, Steve Lavin, Randy Brodehl, Mark Noland, Derek Skees, Greg Hertz, Bob Brown, Denley Loge, George Kipp, Susan Webber, Ross Fitzgerald, Rob Cook, Wendy McKamey, Fred Anderson, Tom Jacobson, Lola Sheldon-Galloway, Bradley Hamlett, Casey Schreiner, James O'Hara, Jacob Bachmeier, Dan Bartel, E. Wylie Galt, Bridget Smith, Jonathan Windy Boy, Casey Knudsen, Austin Knudsen, Sharon Stewart-Peregoy, Peggy Webb, Dale Mortensen, Daniel Zolnikov, Donald Jones, Kathy Kelker, Jessica Karjala, Kelly McCarthy, Virginia Court, Adam Rosendale, Jimmy Patelis, Dennis Lenz, Laurie Bishop, Jim Hamilton, Tom Woods, Zach Brown, Kerry White, Denise Hayman, Tom Burnett, Bruce Grubbs, Walt Sales, Kelly Flynn, Ray Shaw, Tom Welch, Jim Keane, Amanda Curtis, Kirk Wagoner, Ryan Lynch, Kathy Swanson, Gordon Pierson, Jennifer Eck, Becky Beard, Janet Ellis, Moffie Funk, Kim Abbott, Mary Dunwell, Theresa Manzella, Ron Ehli, Nancy Ballance, Edward Greef, Nate McConnell, Ellie Hill Smith, Bryce Bennett, Mike Hopkins, John Fleming, Kimberly Dudik, Shane Morigeau, Adam Hertz, Brad Tschida, Willis Curdy, Marilyn Ryan, Carlie Boland, Bob Keenan, Keith Regier, Dee Brown, Chas Vincent, Russel Tempel, Mike Cuffe, Steve Bullock, Diane Sands, Tom Facey, Jean Price, Jeremy Trebas, Scott Staffanson, Alan Doane, Bill Harris, Kenneth Holmlund, Geraldine Custer, Barry Usher, Rae Peppers, Jeffrey Essmann, Vince Ricci, Sue Vinton, Forrest Mandeville, Seth Berglee, Alan Redfield, Jon Knokey, Andrea Olsen

Do not eliminate services to children with special needs in Montana.

The State of Montana has proposed to eliminate services for children with special needs in Montana. This petition is requesting legislators and Governor Bullock to not cut Part C (children 0-3) and Family Education and Support Services (children 3-21). These services are vital to Montana families, children, and the future of the state. There is no question that the more support received in youth directly impacts the level of support a person needs throughout their adult life. We were shocked to hear that an elimination of this magnitude was even being proposed. Here are some statistics: ~67% of children who receive early intervention services do not receive special education. Special Education costs per student are approximately an additional $7900 per student per year. Early intervention works and saves significant money in the long term. ~Over 2000 children in Montana receive these services every year. ~Montana was one of the first states in the nation to adopt early intervention services through the Individuals with Disabilities Act (IDEA), back in 1986. If these services are eliminated, we will be the only state in the nation to not provide them. Montana has provided Part C services successfully since 1986. ~Montana has provided Family Education and Support Services (FES) successfully since 1977. FES is a federal program funded by $4,000,000 federal funds to provide services to children with special needs who have not received a waiver slot. The state contributes only $500,000 for the critical services. The proposal to save state funds which cover 20% of FES and refuse the 80% federal allocation is ludicrous. We are requesting that the executive and legislative branches work together to address the need to continue funding for Montana children and families.

Quality Life Concepts
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Petition to The Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigation

Terrorism Charges for Vehicle Attack in Charlottesville

America needs to take a stand against all forms of domestic terrorism. The ISIS-inspired use of vehicles as weapons in Charlottesville is clearly an act of terrorism and needs to be prosecuted to the maximum extent of the law.  As citizens of the United States, we're demanding that the Department of Justice bring terrorism charges against the driver of the vehicle and all accomplices who assisted in the crime. Furthermore, any organization or group that was involved must be charged with providing material support to terrorism. We stand united with the victims of this attack and ask the attorney general, the FBI and the Department of Justice to act swiftly and decisively on this matter.

Marc Blinder
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