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Targets on Petitions

GET petitions/:petition_id/targets

Returns the target(s) of a petition.

Request Parameters

Parameter Name Type Description
petition_id int (In URL) The petition from which the targets should be retrieved.

Response Data

An array of targets.

Field Name Type Description
name string The human-readable name of the petition target.
title string (If available) The office, title, or organization of the target.
type string The possible target types are
  • us_government
  • custom (information supplied by the petition creator)
target_area string (If applicable) In the US, this is the two-letter state abbreviation if the target type is a US state government body, such as a state legislature or governor.


=> [{
"name": "Spock",
"title": "Ambassador",
"type": "custom",
"name": "Governor of Alabama",
"type": "us_government",
"target_area": "AL"

Note: A public API key is a required parameter on all requests, and a timestamp, endpoint, and request signature are required on certain requests. For readability, these parameters have been omitted from the tables and examples above.