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Yvette D'Ath

  • Attorney General of Queensland

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Petitioning Daryl Hitzman

Save Hank from being euthanized by Moreton Bay Regional Council

See more on Hank's story (in more details!) and what else you can do to support him at: or his Supporters Page on FacebookReplay live video from the recent Walk for Hank on 13 January 2018 to hear from Hank's owners and the initial Investigating Officer who continues to support and advocate for Hank's release to this day. Hank's Story, the Injustice and His Suffering A person (child) was injured after an accident involving Hank, the Neo Mastiff.  All witnesses, including the child's mother agreed it was an accident. Whether anybody thought that the injury was deliberate or not, Hank the dog was processed under the guidelines of the AMCDA 2008 Qld and was declared dangerous. Photos and medical reports were made available to Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) at that time for the investigation and this was used when forming their decision that declaring him regulated was sufficient to manage community risk. Hank’s owners complied with the conditions attached to that declaration, confirmed by Moreton Bay Regional Council on multiple occasions, with all the regulations provided for a regulated dog. Except for his desexing, because of confusion over the dates that was required to occur, full compliance was maintained and confirmed as successful by Council over a number of months. Whilst the declaration and appeals process was occurring, the mother of the child was happy for her daughter, and herself, to visit on many occasions after the incident and with many more witnesses too...all with Hank present. It wasn’t until after a fall out with Hank's family and the rest of the neighbourhood that the mother went to a local state politician who contacted two Councillors and attempted to contact the Mayor and following that, the dog was seized and a destruction order issued.  His seizure and destruction order (May 2017) occurred many months after the accident (October 2016), long after Hank's conditions were authorised and compliance with those conditions, confirmed. Another fact that also remains is that MBRC were willing to put an offer on the table during mediation to have the dog returned home in December 2017, after Hank had been incarcerated for 7 months at that stage. That offer was withdrawn at the last moment by Council, just before signing off, when Council notified the mother who was very vocal about her dissatisfaction. Due to an interference of local state politicians to change a local government decision from dangerous dog to a destruction order in a case of double jeopardy which is an abuse of power and an abuse of process. Killing a dog for failure to desex when the due date was of so much confusion even to their own Compliance department, to hide the real political influence that caused this interference of process, is unacceptable to the public and is not conducive to protecting a community generally. What Hank's Family Are Asking Local Councillors of Moreton Bay Regional Council and other external parties caused Hank's permit to be unfairly revoked.  Hank's family are now asking for Members of Parliament to step in and reinstate Hank's approved conditions, his release and especially urgent and immediate access to adequate medical care and housing.  Specifically: Immediate access and contact to Hank by their vet to independently assess his current condition and provide all necessary treatment without interference or restriction; and Immediate relaxation of the unreasonable visiting hour limitations in place for Hank's family to include access on weekends, and as frequently as they are able to attend; and The reinstatement urgently of the original conditions as allowed and approved prior to Hank's seizure on 23 May 2017, allowing him to promptly and without unnecessary delay to return home; and Furthermore, the requirement for Moreton Bay Regional Council to commit to a review of their internal processes and policies in relation its staff and representatives’ training, compliance and administration of the AM Act. And, to further review accordingly any associated Local Laws, in conjunction with consultation of the local Community and respective animal welfare bodies which is an issue relevant to all pet owners. Please do not waste a moment in supporting HankTo assist, please urgently: Sign the Petition here on Like the Facebook Page to follow updates at Save Hank the Neo Mastiff (watch the videos there from the Walk for Hank from 13/1/18 attended by Hank's family, also supported by the attendance of the original Investigating Officer) Donate via the GoFundMe page or for bank details for direct deposit, go here. Follow the Instagram page for Hank's supporters @savehanktheneomastiff Follow on Twitter and tweet your support! Share Hank’s story with other community groups, friends and family who ma also wish to join in support. Let’s not allow Hank to waste away and be forgotten but instead be his voice and the voice for other innocents.  

tristtram deacon
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Petitioning Yvette D'Ath

Matt Scown laughed as he walked free, appeal his sentence and get justice for Tyrell now!

Matthew Scown, 34  has pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of innocent 4 year old Tyrell Cobb. He was given a pathetic 4 year maximum prison sentence and then released immediately, after spending two years and eight months in custody.He smiled and laughed as he walked away a free man.Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath has asked the DPP for a brief on the case. Little Tyrell had 53 bruises and 17 abrasions on his body when he died."From the time of injury until death every movement including breathing and vomiting would have caused extreme pain" the court heard.Your failure to obtain medical assistance for him renders you criminally negligent for his death said Justice Burns.WE HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF CHARGES BEING PLEADED DOWN.SENTENCES BEING ENTIRELY INNAPPROPRIATEAND JUSTICE BEING DENIED!TELL YVETTE D'ATH YOU WANT THIS SENTENCE APPEALED, NOW ! This is a travesty of justice and MUST be appealed ! We MUST send a clear message to our decision makers that KIDS LIVES MATTER and those who were found guilty of playing a part in their murder should receive MUCH harsher sentences. Appealing Matthew Scown's sentence WILL send a clear message to judges everywhere that sentencing those who hurt, murder, or neglect children, to light sentences will result in an appeal !  

Fighters Against Child Abuse Australia
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Petitioning Yvette D'Ath, Hon. Yvette D'Ath

Seek to see the Deportation of Caleb Maraku for cowardly one punching a unsuspecting teen

We the community seek to see the deportation of Caleb Maraku as his actions have caused more harm than good in the State of Queensland, Australia. He not only had cowardly punched a unsuspecting teen in an unprovoked attack but had also disregarded the fact that he was already suspended from Surfers Paradise when the attack took place. He is known for trying to enter a Gold Coast “gang” that was known as the bandidos and had placed himself in a “gang” LBK also known as lazy but krazy while in high school. He has threatened many people with his partner many times including someone I know close, they wanted to bash a child while the child was only 6 months old, also a ex of his that he thought was carrying his child, he had threatened to bring harm to the ex partner and the child that was unborn at the time the threat had been placed. This shows that he truely doesn’t care who he hurts and that he enjoys the fear he places in people’s lives, he has bragged several times about other people he has brought harm too including a person of aboriginal when he first moved to Gold Coast. 12 months probation? More like 12 more months for him to bring harm to another.  If we can get enough signatures supporting this we are one step closer to seeing a better Australia in the near future with one less deliquinte uncontrolable person here. We need the courts to review the decision that was made by the judge and appeal for a new trial to seek justice. One punch CAN KILL. Is it really worth risking the law abiding citizens of Australia for this type of person. If this was your own child that had been cowardly punched for sticking up for members of the public that were harassed by other fellow members of the public, would you be OK with the person responsible walking free allowed to hold his child while you’re waiting for your child in emergency intensive care unit praying that they’ll pull through just so you can hold them again and maybe for the last time. No. Do the right thing. Speak up if somethings not right. 

Australian Citizen
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Petitioning Annastacia Palaszczuk

QLD Premier: drop the appeal protecting cops who breached the Racial Discrimination Act

This is harmful and disgusting. The QLD government is about to go to court to defend racism – supporting cops who "breached the Racial Discrimination Act". The Federal Court found the police officers were "unlawfully discriminatory" following the death in custody of an Aboriginal man on Palm Island. They targeted the Aboriginal community with a 'disproportionate, show of force' for protesting the death. But instead of protecting the rights and lives of Aboriginal people – now Premier Palaszuck is considering lodging an appeal to defend the racism of these police officers. My father was a stolen generation sent to Palm Island. I’ve been advocating against the injustice of this death in custody for 10 years, and remember the day clearly. A local man had just died in custody, and our community felt let down, ignored and targeted that yet another aboriginal person could die in the custody of police. We protested. We wanted our voices heard, our lives to be valued. But the police responded with discrimination and violence. Now, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and her government will decide whether to appeal the Federal Court ruling against the racist actions of these police officers. Please, sign my petition to tell the QLD government not to defend racism – and support our Aboriginal community. We’re desperate to put this behind us and move on, not to be back where we started.

Gracelyn Smallwood
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Petitioning Annastacia Palaszczuk, Yvette D'Ath, Michael Roderick Byrne

Lock brutal killers up for longer

Brisbane father Matthew Williamson and his housemate Christopher Kent sexually and physically abused, neglected and, ultimately, killed three-year-old Kyhesha-Lee Joughin in 2013. Tiny Kyhesha-Lee died from severe internal injuries after her father bashed her tummy so hard that he perforated her bowel. Williamson and Kent then got stoned for three days, leaving the youngster alone and in pain until she died. Kyhesha-Lee suffered prolonged sexual and physical abuse and neglect in the short time that she lived with these two men. Williamson pleaded guilty to manslaughter and on April 6 he was sentenced to nine years in jail. With parole he will be free in seven years. Christopher Kent pleaded guilty in 2016 to manslaughter and was sentenced to two years’ jail. He was released immediately because of time served. The maximum sentence for manslaughter in Queensland is 14 years. The RED HEART Campaign calls on Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath and Director of Public Prosecutions Michael Roderick Byrne to appeal both of their sentences. Both prison terms are manifestly inadequate for bashing a defenceless and helpless child and then leaving her to die a painful death. At three years old, this tiny beautiful fragile youngster needed hugs and kisses, fairy-tales and toys. She did not need nightmares, sexual abuse, violence and murder. Kyhesha-Lee was let down by the two men that abused and neglected her to death.  She was let down by the judge that decided her life was worth no more than seven years in jail. Please, Ms Palaszczuk,  show you care for our kids. Take a stand and make the Director of Public Prosecutions appeal these sentences.  Please, Ms D'Ath, show you support our children, not their abusers, and use your powers to keep her callous father in jail. Please,  Mr Byrne, do everything in your power to have these appalling sentences reverse so these horrible violent killers are locked up for the maximum term. We beg you, don't let Kyhesha-Lee Joughin down again.  The RED HEART Campaign supports female and child victims and survivors of violence.  

The RED HEART Campaign
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Petitioning Hon. Yvette D'Ath, Yvette D'Ath

Reopen Case against Kerry Findlay, The man who drowned a Queensland Family Dog

A queensland man Kerry Findlay has avoided jail time over the sickening murder by drowning of a Queensland family dog. The dogs name was Thunder, he was only 18 months old. His excuse for this was because it injured and killed a chicken of his, but his attack was not warranted nor was it humane, it was in a complete fit of rage. This man needs to be locked up and taught a lesson just like all other animal abusers.  The prosecution sentenced him to 6 months jail, but he was somehow given IMMEADIATE parole. This man has shown absolutely no remorse, he even went as far as to make a smart ass comment almost as if the situation has not impacted him in the slightest whilst leaving the courthouse. Please I implore you to take action, watch the video and sign this petition to ensure justice is served. This man deserves no sympathy, he only deserves to see the inside of a jail cell.      

Joel Donatelli
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Petitioning Yvette D'Ath

Justice for Mason Lee

Mason Lee was 22 months old when his life was taken. The injuries and neglect this poor little boy suffered throughout his short life, but particularly in the last few days of his life, were horrific. The "man" (and I use that term loosely) who dealt the final physical blow to end Mason's life - William O'Sullivan - has only been sentenced to 9 years jail, and likely to get out in 4. If - like me - you were horrified, appalled and sobbed openly when you heard this abhorrent result, please sign this petition to have this ridiculous sentence thrown out, and for a more appropriate sentence of life without possibility of parole. How can we expect our children to respect human life when the justice system values it so little.

Sue Kidd
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Petitioning Human Rights Campaign, Rt Hon David Cameron MP, American Red Cross, Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook, Lesley Griffiths, Minister for Communities and Tackling Poverty, Wyndham Hotels Worldwide, World Bank,...


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Eradicate Poverty
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Petitioning Kamala Harris, Mike Judge, Gabrielle Upton MP, Yvette D'Ath

Justice for Ray Voss. The guy who beat my dad almost to death needs prosecuted.

2 years ago on April fools April 1st, my dad had filed divorce with my mom & a few months later, about 2/3 months after he filed he was attacked by my mom's nephew outside of a pizza joint, in Saint Anthony Idaho. My dad walked out of the pizza joint late at night around 10 pm with a pizza in 1 hand and a 2 liter soda in the other hand. He didnt make 5 feet from the door when he was attacked from behind and was knocked out cold. While he was on the ground unconscious he was beaten brutally with medical confirmation of at least 30 blows to his face. He was left in the dark on the cold sidewalk to die. Fortunately a lady found him and dialed 911. My dad though he fell because he doesnt remember anything. He has brain damage and serious problems now. Later that evening my moms nephew who beat my dad called 911and told the emt's was due to his breaking his hand on my dads face. When police spoke to my moms nephew he was never arrested. The judge prosecuting and his family are friends with my mother and her side of the family. I have proof of the judge stating this himself in writing as well as on voice recordings.  Another different judge who at the time was over their divorce had told my dad in court, that he deserved what had happened to him by my moms nephew. Petitions have been filed asking for the judge to withdraw himself due to conflict of interest but he wont and let him walk from charges and prosecution twice. The prosecutor was new as well and did not bring up hardly of the evidence & did not question any witness. We had asked numerous times and have written numerous places like the bar and judicial systems ect.. nothing. My moms nephew just bought a house 6 months ago directly behind ours (my dad and I) and has told people its to provoke my dad. Cops still wont do anything. Please if you know anything that could possibly help..let me know. Thank you!

Bethany Stewart
552 supporters
Petitioning Hon. Yvette D'Ath, The Hon Annastacia Palaszczuk, The Hon Jackie Trad, Yvette D'Ath, The Hon Mark Bailey, Deb Frecklington, Tim Mander, David Janetzki, Steve Minnikin, Shane Knuth, Michael Berkman,...


During the Queensland election in 2017, Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk promised to increase the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal (QCAT) limit to $100,000. This is a small claims Tribunal that includes being an informal, cheap, quick and just way for consumers to get redress for breaches of the Australian Consumer Law. consumers are still waiting for this to happen. Day after day there are consumers who are being denied their consumer rights by rogue suppliers and who have no recourse against them. The rogues know this and take advantage of it, causing severe consumer detriment in the tens of thousands of dollars. This also takes a massive toll on emotional and physical health.So as Queensland consumers we are now asking the Palaszczuk government to abide by a very clear election promise to increase the QCAT limit to $100,000 without delay.However, the $100,000 limit is still going to exclude numerous consumers who cannot afford legal action in the Magistrates or District Courts when they have purchased an expensive product such as a new lemon caravan or new lemon car. These products are now regularly exceeding $100,000 in price without the commensurate quality that would be expected. They are often purchased by elderly people, retirees, people with disabilities, people who sell up everything to travel. These are vulnerable populations, not wealthy and able to just walk away from such a purchase or take expensive and time consuming legal action. And why should they when we are told we have robust consumer protection laws?In fact, in the 'Lemon Laws' enquiry report, published in November 2015, the government committee members recommended that the QCAT cap be ABOLISHED, the appointment of independent assessors to asses lemon vehicles and a range or other robust consumer protections. Nothing has eventuated in over two years. The government has 'fiddled while Rome burns'. are also disadvantaged compared to those who purchase in NSW and Victoria, where their Tribunals have no limit for new vehicle claims. The process is still quite onerous but at least there is an avenue for redress when NSW Fair Trading and Victorian Consumer Affairs fob off consumers and claim they can't do anything to help.This is even more imperative for Queenslanders because the Executive Director of the Queensland Office of Fair Trading wrote:"The OFT does not have coercive powers to force a trader to comply with its consumer guarantee obligations...This leaves the application for redress for a failure to meet consumer guarantees as a civil matter between the consumer and trader. The ACL provides the basis upon which a consumer can seek to enforce those rights."So the Queensland government department tasked with enforcing the Australian Consumer Law claims they can't enforce the ACL and that consumers have to take legal action against suppliers to receive redress. Then the Queensland government further abandons consumers who are saddled with an expensive lemon by not having an accessible and affordable Tribunal to hear their claim.Queensland consumers are therefore much better off purchasing in NSW or Victoria. This is a detriment to the Queensland economy that could cost in the tens of millions.So, on behalf of all Queensland consumers, I request that the Queensland government implement a two step process. The first step is to immediately raise the QCAT limit to $100,000 and include caravans and motor homes in any definition of 'motor vehicle', similarly to NSW and Victoria.The second part is to conduct stakeholder consultations for the QCAT limit to be abolished completely with respect to new vehicle claims. This will bring Queensland into line with NSW and Victoria and go some of the way towards its obligations with respect to agreements on the enforcement of the ACL.

Tracy Leigh
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QLD Premier: drop the appeal protecting cops who breached the Racial Discrimination Act

This morning I have announced the State Government is withdrawing the appeal before the Full Federal Court in the case of Wotton and Others vs the State of Queensland and Commissioner of the Police Service. The matter has been ongoing in the Federal Court since August 2013. Justice Mortimer brought down the decision on 5 December last year. On advice, the State lodged an appeal before the expiry of the appeal period. Having received further considered legal advice about the State’s prospects of success on appeal, the State is withdrawing the appeal to the Full Federal Court. I note that there are continuing matters still being resolved by the Trial Judge and those matters continue before the Court.

2 years ago