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Woolworths, an Australian multinational retail company, is one of the country's largest chains with a significant presence in the grocery sector. Established in 1924, it operates a variety of stores including supermarkets, department stores, and liquor retail outlets under different brand names across the country. Known for its "Fresh Food People" slogan, Woolworths places a strong emphasis on providing customers with quality fresh groceries, general merchandise, and household consumer products. The company also participates in various social responsibility initiatives, emphasising sustainability and local sourcing of products.

Petitions directed towards Woolworths

Responses from Woolworths

  • Woolworths’s response to: Discontinuing cage eggs in supermarkets

    We noticed that Woolworths is listed as a decision-maker in this petition to remove caged eggs from supermarkets. We would like to let you know about the steps we’re taking to remove caged eggs from our stores. Since 2015, 100% of our Woolworths branded fresh eggs have been cage-free. We will continue to work with our suppliers to phase out all caged eggs from all other brands by 2025. We’re also committed to only using cage-free eggs as an ingredient in all of our Own Brand products by 2025.
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  • Woolworths’s response to: Stop wrapping small portions of herbs, vegetables and fruit in plastic and styrofoam.

    Thank you for contacting Woolworths to provide your feedback on plastic packaging. We are committed to reducing our use of plastic packaging and we are working hard to address products in our range that are over-packaged. We have trials underway to remove or reduce plastic packaging on 28 fresh produce lines such as tomatoes, lettuce and sweet potatoes. Over the last few months we have removed plastic packaging from organic spring onions, celery, kale and english spinach lines removing 25.2 tonnes of plastic packaging in our stores. Some packaging​ will continue to be​ ​used to preserve the life of a product throughout the supply chain and to extend the shelf​ ​life of products in store and in the home. This is an important factor in cutting down food waste. To help support our customers in recycling packaging, all our stores will also be offering flexible plastic recycling by June 30, 2018 via the RedCycle program. This is a closed loop recycling solution where customers can return soft plastic packaging which are recycled by our recycling partners. We are also the first supermarket retailer to commence and commit to applying the Australasian Recycling Label on our own brand products to help make it easier for customers to understand how to recycle packaging correctly. We'll continue to work with our suppliers and remain fully committed to actively pursuing packaging alternatives that reduce the amount of plastic we use and improving the recyclability of our packaging.
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