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Safe Air in the Air, Quest for Airlines to Ban NUTS.

In August 2017 I almost lost my life. I have severe food allergies, many of which can lead to a life threatening anaphylactic reaction. On the flight home from our family vacation the airlines served roasted mixed nuts without any announcement.  The stewardess stated she was not serving "peanuts" when I told her I was allergic to all nuts.  Despite calling the airlines in advance to make them aware of my severe nut allergy.  The representative had reassured us that our flights would not be serving any nuts as they no longer do this.  She was sadly mistaken.     My lips became pallor, my voice started to become raspy and I began to have a difficult time breathing.  I took what Benadryl I had and two Epi-pens.  The airlines has no protocol for anaphylactic reactions.  My husband had to ask if they had oxygen.  Another stewardess applied ice to the back of my neck  while wearing latex gloves.  I'm allergic to latex potentially making my reaction even worse.  My husband was asked to make the decision to divert the plane.  He did fearing a secondary reaction.  I shook violently from the Epinephrine and unable to talk I could not correct the medics when they said I consumed peanuts.  Not once did I touch or eat the nuts.  In route to the hospital my Glasgow coma scale went down to a 3, the lowest score and completely unresponsive.  My husband covered our kids eyes as they wheeled my lifeless body into the hospital as they continued to ventilate my lungs.  I was admitted for observation with elevated vitals.  My family was stranded with nothing or anywhere to stay.   All the shaking aggravated my previous medical condition, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  To no avail physical and occupational therapy and botox injections did not help this time.  On December 21st at Johns Hopkins I had a first rib resection, scalene and pectoral minor release.  I struggle to this day to hold my son or daily normal activiies.  My daughter and I struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and are going to therapy. So many people do not understand the severity of food allergies because they themselves do not know someone that is affected by a life-threatening allergy.  The lack of knowledge can fester anger over a mere snack however I believe their feelings would be different if it were their loved one.  It's something no one chooses to have or want.   There is a huge misconception that a nut allergy is only to peanuts when it can be all nuts.  Some reactions can be so deadly that they do not have to be consumed.  I'm lucky to be alive today and I believe it's because its to have Safe Air in the Air, Quest for Airlines to ban NUTS.  Protocols need to be in place and change needs to happen on what can be served on airplanes.  Can we all be safe while flying in the air.  Can airlines not serve other snacks besides nuts.  Why does it have to be the snack of choice?  We protect our children in schools can we not do the same for those who are flying 30,000 feet in the air.  Please sign and share my petition and help make the vital changes to the airline industry and help educate those who do not know how detrimental it can be by sharing my story  Please help me save another life. 

Tricia Powell
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Require School Buses To Have Proper Safety Equipment

Lets keep our children safe and let’s start from enforcing stricter laws on people obliviously passing the school bus red lights, stop signs. More then 50,000 people in New York State pass school buses that are loading or unloading students each day. We want all our kids to come home safely and alive from school as many of us “parents” have work and need to find private transportation for them to school and from school and the only way we can make a change is by showing the government on how important our kids life’s are and how much we love them. As a school bus driver I see many drivers not only passing my school bus signs but speeding though them we need this to stop  especially for a City like New York itself. IF YOU LOVE AND CARE FOR YOUR CHILD YOU WOULD NOT HESITATE TO SIGN THIS PETITION AND FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDRENS SAFETY, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING.  For The decision makers, • Traffic cameras on all SCHOOL BUSES like citi buses have.                         • GPS on all school buses• more law enforcement agencies looking out for our children.• Drivers having direct communication with 911 in case of a tragedy like this happens they don’t have to pick up a phone dial 911 explain the situation give their location because by that time that child will be deceased. All buses work with students. MAKE IT SAFE.

Antoni Parys
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Help save lives by informing everyone about the 911 Good Samaritan Law

The 911 Good Samaritan Law offers immunity from arrest and prosecution if an individual calls 911 for an opioid overdose. This immunity is limited to user amounts of substances. Thirty eight states currently have a version of this law on the books. It has resulted in countless lives saved and a massive increase in calls to 911. However, like many laws not enough individuals know that it exists. We are losing close to 200 people a day from overdoses and we must do more to educate the general public and those struggling with substance use disorder. Unfortunately, groups that help pass and promote these are mainly grassroots organizations with limited funds. This an opportunity for our government to step up and help us save lives. We have the perfect advertising tool on every highway in America. Each states respective department of transportation could help us by using their blinking digital traffic signs to inform everyone to not run and call 911. However, the content of what can be put on those traffic signs must be approved by the Federal Department of Transportation.  We are asking with this petition for the Federal Department of Transportation to allow the use of those signs to educate the public and help save lives. Thank you!

Chad Sabora
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Put in a stop light at 140 and Kershaw

On Tuesday, May 9th 2017, a young man, soldier, wrestling champ, well-known and loved community member 21-year-old Hunter Hoeptner was killed in a fatal accident while riding his motorcycle on highway 140 where it meets with Kershaw in White City, Oregon. Hunter was a good man. He volunteered 100 of his own hours in high school to help others in the community. He was a hard-working wrestling champion for Eagle Point High School, and a leader for others. He also joined the National Guard to help others. He wasn't just any regular guy; he impacted people's lives deeply every day he had on this Earth. He inspired us to follow in his footsteps and make a greater change for our lives. Just being around Hunter made people happy. He didn't have to tell you he loved you or cared about you because you could see it in his actions, you knew he did. Many people of this community are hurt right now because of this tragedy. His death was unexpected and unfortunate, but I don't want it to go down as just another death on this road. There needs to be something done on this highway where Kershaw meets. A little orange light is not enough. Too many people have been in accidents and hurt here to not take action. The safety of other loved community members is on the line. I would like to propose a speed limit change as well as a traffic light. A simple change could save lives as well as heart ache for this community.    -Tristan Watson & Taylor Thompson

Taylor Thompson
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Get access to ALL the medical help, if that's what you need

We need to change the system with the kind of coverage we can get under our medicaid insurances. Having different types of medicaid insurance, should not change the coverage we have from our doctors. Furthermore, things such as service and therapy dogs should be covered by our insurance for those in need. When there are real medical problems, it is very hard to find the medical help we can get without excessively paying out of pocket for each doctor. There are many insurance plans that fall under medicaid. However, when someone is looking for doctors, they would have to either keep switching their insurance, or pay out of pocket for the coverage that is needed.  Furthermore, there are many things insurance would not pay for altogether which causes us the problem to be more prone to be in debt. I believe service and therapy dogs should not have to cost thousands of dollars to be obtained. Someone who may be in a manuel wheelchair for example, would need help going up and down the sidewalks, switching on and off the lights, and opening doors. A service dog is something that is trusted to perform activities that people with disabilities would otherwise need the help of another person to do. Many times not having someone you trust near you, would ultimately require you to trust strangers. A physical disability causes the incapability to run away from danger, and therefore, they become a target. A therapy dog helps with things that medication cannot do such as, to over come Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Service and therapy dogs should therefore not be considered a necessity. Those with disabilities may have the means to board a public bus, but traveling to or from the bus may be an issue. (Not to mention that there are not many trains out there that are wheelchair accessible, and even if there are, it may be very difficult to control a wheelchair when the brakes are not good ones such as in a manuel wheelchair.) We The People, need help with medical expenses. We need all doctors to accept ALL medicaid insurances. We the people should have all medical help covered by our insurances and not have to be in debt for medical expenses that would otherwise be covered. All those people who want to feel both safe, and independent should have the services that fall under the "medical" category be covered. This should apply to both veterans who put their lives in danger to keep our society safe, and non-veterans who would otherwise feel more comfortable to go out to work and feel that they too, can work and make a difference in society.  Please sign and share!

Lilly Jonson
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Seattle to Portland in 20 Minutes (Pacific Hyperloop)

Hi! We’re Pacific Hyperloop.Pacific Hyperloop was selected from a pool of over 2,600 applicants worldwide as 1 of 35 semi-finalists in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge.  On April 5th, we are presenting to an international panel of judges in Washington D.C. to prove the viability of our proposed Hyperloop route: Seattle to Portland. We are developing a comprehensive commercial, transport, economic, and policy case for our region to be considered to host the first Hyperloop network! We are currently competing against teams from India, China, and Europe, to name a few, and we need your support.   So, what is Hyperloop? And how is this possible? Hyperloop uses a custom electric motor to accelerate and decelerate a magnetically levitated pod through a low-pressure tube. The vehicle will glide silently for miles with no turbulence, at an estimated speed of 760 miles per hour. Sounds crazy doesn’t it!? Well, it's happening faster than you think. Hyperloop One plans to run full-scale tests midway through this year in Nevada and has already been developing routes in five different countries. Their goal is to move cargo by 2020 and passengers by 2021. Implementing Hyperloop technology and infrastructure would enable the transportation of people and cargo at speeds faster than commercial airplanes without having to leave the ground and at a fraction of the cost. This technology truly has the potential to revolutionize the entire transport sector by eliminating the barrier of distance and time.   Why Seattle & Portland? Our cities have long been known for their progressive policies and corporate innovation. We’re home to companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Expedia, Starbucks, Nike, and Amazon, as well as innovative organizations such as the Northwest Seaport Alliance, Washington Technology Industry Association, and the Technology Alliance. We have a booming tech industry and a forward-thinking government that is known for pushing the envelope. Hyperloop makes sense in the Pacific Northwest. So, what does this mean for everyone living in Seattle & Portland? Making a trip from Seattle to Portland in just 15 minutes means exponentially more freedom in where you work, live, and play. Working in Downtown Seattle and living in a Portland suburb would become reality with a 20-minute commute one-way. Less time commuting means more time with friends, family, and doing what you love; cutting a 30-minute one-way commute in half translates to 7200 minutes saved annually. What would you do with an extra 100+ hours per year? The possibilities are endless.  Seattle and Portland are known for having some of the worst traffic in America (#4 and #7 respectively). Implementing Hyperloop would not only alleviate traffic on highways for others but also create a consistent and reliable commuting experience that would not be affected by factors like car accidents or crazy weather. You know what to expect every time you take a ride with Hyperloop. Imagine being able to reclaim your time to do whatever you want. Imagine being able to live at a much more inexpensive and nicer place without having to leave everything else behind. Imagine what traveling to Seattle and Portland in 20 minutes would do for your life.  Ok, so how can I help? Your signature is a testament to the innovative and forward-thinking culture we embody and are known for in the Pacific Northwest. This petition will be passed along to stakeholders responsible for moving Hyperloop forward and your voice is absolutely essential; we cannot do this without you! What happens next? Moving forward in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge means unprecedented economic growth, regional innovation, and the Pacific Northwest at the global forefront of breakthrough technology for decades to come. Passing on this opportunity would put us at a disadvantage as other regions advance and implement hyperloop first, ultimately beating us to the future of transportation. Support us and the future of transportation in the Northwest with your signature!

Pacific Hyperloop
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