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Electronic Logs for small trucking companies and owner operators are impractical, expensive to Install, maintain/use and are unconstitutional and infringe on truck driver's 4th amendment rights that protect against unreasonable search and seizure. ELDS are arbitrary and capricious. There is absolutely no proof that ELDS make anything or anyone safer on the road. An ELD user can adjust the log the same way a paper log user can. They will add more regulation and be an obstacle for the small outfits and owner operators in this great industry. The biggest trucking companies are pushing for ELDS. If the ELD law goes through it will surely create an undue burden for all of the smallest companies which make up most of the industry. Please reconsider this mandate! 

matthew shea
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Put in a stop light at 140 and Kershaw

On Tuesday, May 9th 2017, a young man, soldier, wrestling champ, well-known and loved community member 21-year-old Hunter Hoeptner was killed in a fatal accident while riding his motorcycle on highway 140 where it meets with Kershaw in White City, Oregon. Hunter was a good man. He volunteered 100 of his own hours in high school to help others in the community. He was a hard-working wrestling champion for Eagle Point High School, and a leader for others. He also joined the National Guard to help others. He wasn't just any regular guy; he impacted people's lives deeply every day he had on this Earth. He inspired us to follow in his footsteps and make a greater change for our lives. Just being around Hunter made people happy. He didn't have to tell you he loved you or cared about you because you could see it in his actions, you knew he did. Many people of this community are hurt right now because of this tragedy. His death was unexpected and unfortunate, but I don't want it to go down as just another death on this road. There needs to be something done on this highway where Kershaw meets. A little orange light is not enough. Too many people have been in accidents and hurt here to not take action. The safety of other loved community members is on the line. I would like to propose a speed limit change as well as a traffic light. A simple change could save lives as well as heart ache for this community.    -Tristan Watson & Taylor Thompson

Taylor Thompson
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Help save lives by informing everyone about the 911 Good Samaritan Law

The 911 Good Samaritan Law offers immunity from arrest and prosecution if an individual calls 911 for an opioid overdose. This immunity is limited to user amounts of substances. Thirty eight states currently have a version of this law on the books. It has resulted in countless lives saved and a massive increase in calls to 911. However, like many laws not enough individuals know that it exists. We are losing close to 200 people a day from overdoses and we must do more to educate the general public and those struggling with substance use disorder. Unfortunately, groups that help pass and promote these are mainly grassroots organizations with limited funds. This an opportunity for our government to step up and help us save lives. We have the perfect advertising tool on every highway in America. Each states respective department of transportation could help us by using their blinking digital traffic signs to inform everyone to not run and call 911. However, the content of what can be put on those traffic signs must be approved by the Federal Department of Transportation.  We are asking with this petition for the Federal Department of Transportation to allow the use of those signs to educate the public and help save lives. Thank you!

Chad Sabora
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Seattle to Portland in 20 Minutes (Pacific Hyperloop)

Hi! We’re Pacific Hyperloop.Pacific Hyperloop was selected from a pool of over 2,600 applicants worldwide as 1 of 35 semi-finalists in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge.  On April 5th, we are presenting to an international panel of judges in Washington D.C. to prove the viability of our proposed Hyperloop route: Seattle to Portland. We are developing a comprehensive commercial, transport, economic, and policy case for our region to be considered to host the first Hyperloop network! We are currently competing against teams from India, China, and Europe, to name a few, and we need your support.   So, what is Hyperloop? And how is this possible? Hyperloop uses a custom electric motor to accelerate and decelerate a magnetically levitated pod through a low-pressure tube. The vehicle will glide silently for miles with no turbulence, at an estimated speed of 760 miles per hour. Sounds crazy doesn’t it!? Well, it's happening faster than you think. Hyperloop One plans to run full-scale tests midway through this year in Nevada and has already been developing routes in five different countries. Their goal is to move cargo by 2020 and passengers by 2021. Implementing Hyperloop technology and infrastructure would enable the transportation of people and cargo at speeds faster than commercial airplanes without having to leave the ground and at a fraction of the cost. This technology truly has the potential to revolutionize the entire transport sector by eliminating the barrier of distance and time.   Why Seattle & Portland? Our cities have long been known for their progressive policies and corporate innovation. We’re home to companies such as Microsoft, Boeing, Expedia, Starbucks, Nike, and Amazon, as well as innovative organizations such as the Northwest Seaport Alliance, Washington Technology Industry Association, and the Technology Alliance. We have a booming tech industry and a forward-thinking government that is known for pushing the envelope. Hyperloop makes sense in the Pacific Northwest. So, what does this mean for everyone living in Seattle & Portland? Making a trip from Seattle to Portland in just 15 minutes means exponentially more freedom in where you work, live, and play. Working in Downtown Seattle and living in a Portland suburb would become reality with a 20-minute commute one-way. Less time commuting means more time with friends, family, and doing what you love; cutting a 30-minute one-way commute in half translates to 7200 minutes saved annually. What would you do with an extra 100+ hours per year? The possibilities are endless.  Seattle and Portland are known for having some of the worst traffic in America (#4 and #7 respectively). Implementing Hyperloop would not only alleviate traffic on highways for others but also create a consistent and reliable commuting experience that would not be affected by factors like car accidents or crazy weather. You know what to expect every time you take a ride with Hyperloop. Imagine being able to reclaim your time to do whatever you want. Imagine being able to live at a much more inexpensive and nicer place without having to leave everything else behind. Imagine what traveling to Seattle and Portland in 20 minutes would do for your life.  Ok, so how can I help? Your signature is a testament to the innovative and forward-thinking culture we embody and are known for in the Pacific Northwest. This petition will be passed along to stakeholders responsible for moving Hyperloop forward and your voice is absolutely essential; we cannot do this without you! What happens next? Moving forward in the Hyperloop One Global Challenge means unprecedented economic growth, regional innovation, and the Pacific Northwest at the global forefront of breakthrough technology for decades to come. Passing on this opportunity would put us at a disadvantage as other regions advance and implement hyperloop first, ultimately beating us to the future of transportation. Support us and the future of transportation in the Northwest with your signature!

Pacific Hyperloop
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Demand Immediate Action to Fix 25A and Miller Place Road Intersection

LACK OF ACTION AND NEGLIGENCE WHO'S GOING TO DIE NEXT There have been two children killed at the intersection of 25A and Miller Place Road in about the last year and there continue to be multiple accidents along 25A.   I am a student and am on the cross country team. We cross this intersection so we can run.  I also see students needing to cross this intersection walking to and from school and often to go to stores. Our community demands the problems at this intersection and along 25A get immediately addressed.  One way to quickly do this, even if it's only a temporary fix,, is to reprogram the lights to all go read, stopping all movement of cars, when the walk button is pushed.

Liam Schibi
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Tell the US Government to Take Action Against Climate Change Now!

All around the world, climate change is happening NOW. We cannot continue to ignore it as we do now. If we do not take action soon, the world that we know will be gone. The US government has the power to change things, but they won't. There are many things that they can do NOW, such as: - Rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, an agreement to limit the rise of average temperatures to 2 degrees Celsius or less - Invest in renewable energy. Solar power provides more jobs to the american people than coal. There is no point in trying to revive the dead, hazardous, and dirty process of burning coal. There is a limitless supply of solar, wind, water, wave, and geothermal power that we just need to tap into. - Invest in climate change research. If climate change researchers have enough money, they have the potential to predict how fast and how bad climate change will be, and mor importantly discover ways to stop it. - Provide incentive for companies to "go green". If the government provides environment-friendly companies with tax breaks or other means of motivation, it will give companies a reason to help stop climate change. - Make and enforce environment and emissions regulations. If we let industries do as they wish, it will be extremely detrimental to the fight against global warming. Regulations MUST be enforced. IF WE SPEND SOME MONEY TO FIGHT CLIMATE CHANGE NOW, IT WILL DSAVE US MONEY LATER Now that I've said what can be done, here is what will happen if we don't take action: - The melting of glaciers could put coastal cities like New York and Los Angleles underwater - Major droughts will hurt the agriculture industry - Strong storms will cause billions of dollars in damage - Hundereds of animal species will go extinct - Air quality will put the public's health at risk If you have read this far, you might as well sign this.

Sean D
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Ban Air Fresheners on all United States Airlines

As of now passengers don't have any rights in terms of allergies and taking air transportation. I am creating this petition so that new laws can be implemented giving those that suffer from allergies, chronic illness, and asthma the ability to fly without fear of hospitalization, illness, or death. It has been confirmed that United Airlines and Delta Airlines (among others) push artificial scent through their ventilation system. These fragrances include lavender and chamomile among other non-confirmed scents. Although these can be calming to some to those that have life threatening allergies and illnesses such as Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) this could result in hospitalization or death.  15% of the population in the United States have MCS, 50 million people also have allergies, and 25 million people have asthma. With these statistics, it is clear that allowing airlines to have scents pushed through their ventilation systems, sprayed on the plane, or in the bathrooms is a clear health risk. While the airlines can not control what passengers might be wearing in terms of perfume, they do have control over the use of fragrances by their crew. Based on these facts and statistics it is clear that a passengers health is more important than adding scents to the plane. Immediate removal of all artificial fragrances on these air craft carriers would stop Immediate removal of all artificial fragrances on these air craft carriers would stop unnecessary spending for the airlines based on the cost of the air fresheners. This would also allow for more passengers to fly without fear of illness, and without needing to wear a face mask to filter the scents.  If the crew and pilot make passenger safety their top priority then this should also include their health as well. Symptoms An allergic reaction to artificial scents can present in a multitude of symptoms, according to National Institutes of Health. The most common symptoms include skin rash, burning sensations in the eyes or throat, headache, hives, blurred vision, nausea and vomiting, diarrhea, chills and difficulty breathing, anaphylaxis, and extreme vertigo. Those exposed are told to seek immediate medical attention especially if the person exposed needs to use their epi-pen.   If this were your child, your husband, your wife, or your grandparent would you want them to risk their life while flying? Many people with MCS and allergies live inside of their homes, without ever leaving because they fear that they might be triggered which many are every single day. While traveling is a privilege we need to make sure that those who do travel, the 75+ million people living with severe allergies are safe.

Elizabeth Ryan
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For Local, Statewide & Nationwide Transportation Depart. To Install Special Needs Signage

Every person No Matter What There Disability Needs Protection. Under Autism Awareness Especially for me, My 3 Yr old Son, #TEAMGRAYSON  Plays Everyday In a his Own Yard while Speeders Fly down the roads around our home even though the Speed Limit Is 25 mph. However When I Called the County and The State Transportation Dept there Response was " Sorry we Don't do those TYPES of Signage Only For Blind." My Heart Broke, knowing its only a matter of time that One Child Can Get Hurt or Even Worse Killed By A Speeder Unaware of Their Surroundings, Especially when it is a Child or Adult of Autism and/or Special Needs that is Non Verbal Or Non Understanding Of Verbal Commands. So We Made Our Own and It has Drawn a lot of Attention in our Neighborhood as well. So This made me want to push Forward and give the CHILDREN WITHOUT THE ABILITY TO SPEAK A VOICE! ALSO CHECK OUT OUR FB PAGE GRAYSON'S LAW

Chris Jaymes
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Increased Street & Traffic Lights in Palm Coast, FL

As I woke up this morning, I heard the news of a former classmate's passing, 16 year old Michelle Taylor. Several other students from my high school also passed away in car accidents this year: graduate Tyler Allen, Kelvin Smith Jr., and Margaret Wickel along with her mother. Additionally, an accident on 05 Feb 2017 left five dead and three injured. 2017 has been a tragic year for the City of Palm Coast, in which a multitude of residents have died in fatal car accidents. Many streets in Palm Coast lack lights and/or sidewalks, posing a great safety hazard.The City of Palm Coast and State of Florida have a duty to launch an investigation into the matter and increase the funding for sidewalks, street lights and traffic lights to prevent further accidents. Please put our hard-earned taxpayer dollars to better use!

Vincent Launh
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Keep the Drone Cameras in the Sky in Standing Rock - Tell the FAA to lift the No Fly Zone

Keep the Drone Cameras in the Sky in Standing Rock - Tell the FAA to lift the No Fly Zone and impose no more on Standing Rock protestors. The FAA has suppressed the 1st Amendment by creating a No Fly Zone over Standing Rock: Banning Drones with cameras from Filming and Documenting Attacks on Water Protectors and Illegal activities by Dakota Access Pipeline. Drones have provided an “eye in the sky” for the water protectors in Standing Rock and people around the world. They have been invaluable in documenting human rights abuses from the police, as well as the progress and illegal activities occurring at the Dakota Access Pipeline. However, on Oct. 26 at 11:40pm, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued a Temporary Flight Restriction (TFR) over the area where people are peacefully protesting, preventing civilian drone pilots from documenting the police brutality transpiring at the Dakota Access Pipeline. The TFR, which makes that area a No Fly Zone, is a clear violation of the 1st Amendment, protecting news gathering rights.  On the below freezing night of Sunday, Nov. 20, 2016 militarized police force attacked peaceful water protectors with a water cannon and mace, launched tear gas canisters and percussion grenades into crowd and attempted to use a LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device). They shot people standing with hands in the air and medics running to aid injured. Men, women and elders are heard screaming on video, “Why are you hurting us?!” “Please stop!” as they were shot in the face, back, hands, and knees for hours on end. Shortly into the violence, police implemented technology that jammed wifi and shut off cell phones, allowing endless hours of violence to ensue without allowing it to be documented. HOW WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENED: THE EVIDENCE CAPTURED BY DRONE   Drone pilots use their cameras to give voice to hundreds on the ground as they live streamed through the night. Drones allow the world to see the truth from an unobstructed perspective. When law enforcement gives a statement saying they didn’t shoot anything into the crowd, drone footage proves this untrue. Footage from drones has been in invaluable in capturing and documenting the human and environmental atrocities happening in Standing Rock.  WHY WE WON’T SEE THE NEXT ATTACK: THE FAA The FAA granted a TFR over Standing Rock on Nov. 26, while still allowing law enforcement helicopters and aircraft to fly over protesters. TFRs are typically issued to protect people in the air or on the ground from a hazard associated with something on the ground. They are commonly issued during natural disasters, during major sporting events or air shows, or to protect people on the ground (TFRs are typically issued in areas where the President is traveling).  But there is no reason for a TFR to be issued over peaceful protestors, when the biggest hazard on the ground appears to be caused by the law enforcement operations themselves. 1st AMENDMENT JOURNALISM & SAFETY: The FAA infringes on the 1st Amendment and safety with this censorship. It has “the effect of prior restraint,” an established 1st Amendment violation in which the government places a restriction on expression before it can take place. By preventing cameras simply because they are in the air, this also infringes on the public’s freedom of the press.  Aerial images are vital to documenting the actions occurring at Standing Rock. With the FAA’s TFR in place, that will be impossible    ACTION!  Please sign this petition, demanding the FAA remove the No Fly Zone over Standing Rock, ND IMMEDIATELY and impose no more allowing protection of peaceful protectors, demanding accountability of the police as the attacks on the peaceful citizens continue. Demand that the FAA not take sides and uphold the First Amendment for journalists, citizens and activists allowing documentation and proof of this violence. FOOTAGE & DIRECT CONTACTS BELOW  Drone Footage of Violent Attacks on Water Protectors:  DAPL Working in Secret at Night:   More Info:      __________________________________________________________________ Contact: FAA Administrator: Michael Huerta  - -202-267-3111 ---  VP of System Op Security   Darryel Adams   202-267-0950    Randy Park 202-267-7224 List of key officials with FAA --- FAA Public Affairs Washington: 202-267-3333  --- FAA Great Lakes Region (oversees ND): Public Affairs Contacts: Tony Molinaro or Elizabeth Isham Cory 847-294-7427 ---  Supreme Court: TFR is covered in unlawful regulation under prior restraint. Supreme Court of the United States 202-479-3000 1 First Street, NE Washington, DC 20543 --- North Dakota Supreme Court -701-328-2221   Judicial Wing, First Floor - State Capitol - Bismarck, ND 58505-0530 ---  DOT Secretary: Anthony Foxx 202-366-2332 --- UNESCO Chief of Section: Communication & Information Sector (CI)  Sylvie Coudray Tel: 33-1 45 68 42 12 Fax: 33-1 45 68 55 84 --- Morton County Sheriff's Spokesman: Rob Keller ---@TheJusticeDept @FAASafetyBrief @FAANews @NUSADoT @SecretaryFoxx  

Maggie Day
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