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Petitioning Federal Government, United States Department of Transportation, Uniform Time Act of 1966

Abolishing Daylight Saving Time

Abolish Daylight Saving time!? Can we do it? Yes, we can! Should we!? Well, 4 U.S. States already have! Those 4 States, and our U.S. territories, do not observe Daylight Saving time. A federal change of the remaining states is what I am petitioning for, not just a state waiver. Before we dive in, what’s Daylight Saving Time? Some don’t know, and that’s okay. DST starts on the second Sunday in March when the clocks “Spring forward” one hour and DST ends on the first Sunday in November when we “Fall backwards” one hour (back to Standard Time,) disrupting our sleeping patterns not once, but twice a year! Ugh. So, who else wants the Federal Government and Department of Transportation to end the Uniform Time Act of 1966, give us back our Standard Time and in simpler words, quit messing with our clocks!? When we “Fall Back” to Standard Time this first Sunday in November 2020, let’s petition to keep it there, permanently!!The early 1900s wars that encouraged DST are over, there’s little benefits to Daylight Saving, in fact, there’s proven health risks! (Link below)  Facts: The sun sets at about 6:35 right now (Oct 20, 2020) and until peak (Dec 21st,) it will continue to inch earlier and earlier, minute by minute, to a Sunset at approx. 5:30 (if we don’t “Fall Back”) However, with the time change, (because we “Sprung Forward” for DST, the sun will actually set at about 4:30 in winter after we “Fall Back” to Standard Time. (There’s unfortunately nothing we can change about Standard Time) In case I made “falling back” to Standard Time sound awful, there are benefits in remaining on Standard Time permanently. The benefit of Standard Time in the winter is that the sun will rise at 6:50ish, instead of 7:50ish. This helps to clear our vehicles of frost and ice, warming things up before most of us must be on the roads. I can’t speak for America. Only you can do your research and sign for yourself. I believe we should all make a vote on it. Personally, I would rather see Standard Time on a federal level (every state) permanently all year round and sleep patterns undisturbed. Facts: The Summer Sun sets around 9:04 in DST at its latest time. So, instead of 9:04, it will be 8:04 sunsets in summer in Standard Time. Will you suffer if the Summer Sun sets an hour earlier?   Please consider signing and sharing this petition targeted at the “Time Controllers,” our Federal Government, the Department of Transportation and specifically the Uniform Time Act of 1966 that was introduced into our amendments making this a standard, federally recognized occurrence. It is more than just a sleep nuisance, it is a health risk to change the clocks twice a year!  “We found four prominent, elevated risk clusters, including cardiovascular diseases (such as heart attacks), injuries, mental and behavioral disorders, and immune-related diseases such as noninfective enteritis and colitis to be significantly associated with DST shifts in the United States and Sweden. “ -   Jun 8, 2020

Stefani Kay
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Petitioning Donald J. Trump, U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senate, United States Department of Transportation

Airlines: Ban Nuts

In August 2017 I almost lost my life. I have severe food allergies, many of which can lead to a life threatening anaphylactic reaction. On the flight home from our family vacation the airlines served roasted mixed nuts without any announcement.  The stewardess stated she was not serving "peanuts" when I told her I was allergic to all nuts.  Despite calling the airlines in advance to make them aware of my severe nut allergy.  The representative had reassured us that our flights would not be serving any nuts as they no longer do this.  She was sadly mistaken.     My lips became pallor, my voice started to become raspy and I began to have a difficult time breathing.  I took what Benadryl I had and two Epi-pens.  The airlines has no protocol for anaphylactic reactions.  My husband had to ask if they had oxygen.  Another stewardess applied ice to the back of my neck  while wearing latex gloves.  I'm allergic to latex potentially making my reaction even worse.  My husband was asked to make the decision to divert the plane.  He did fearing a secondary reaction.  I shook violently from the Epinephrine and unable to talk I could not correct the medics when they said I consumed peanuts.  Not once did I touch or eat the nuts.  In route to the hospital my Glasgow coma scale went down to a 3, the lowest score and completely unresponsive.  My husband covered our kids eyes as they wheeled my lifeless body into the hospital as they continued to ventilate my lungs.  I was admitted for observation with elevated vitals.  My family was stranded with nothing or anywhere to stay.   All the shaking aggravated my previous medical condition, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome.  To no avail physical and occupational therapy and botox injections did not help this time.  On December 21st at Johns Hopkins I had a first rib resection, scalene and pectoral minor release.  I struggle to this day to hold my son or daily normal activiies.  My daughter and I struggle with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and are going to therapy. So many people do not understand the severity of food allergies because they themselves do not know someone that is affected by a life-threatening allergy.  The lack of knowledge can fester anger over a mere snack however I believe their feelings would be different if it were their loved one.  It's something no one chooses to have or want.   There is a huge misconception that a nut allergy is only to peanuts when it can be all nuts.  Some reactions can be so deadly that they do not have to be consumed.  I'm lucky to be alive today and I believe it's because its to have Safe Air in the Air, Quest for Airlines to ban NUTS.  Protocols need to be in place and change needs to happen on what can be served on airplanes.  Can we all be safe while flying in the air.  Can airlines not serve other snacks besides nuts.  Why does it have to be the snack of choice?  We protect our children in schools can we not do the same for those who are flying 30,000 feet in the air.  Please sign and share my petition and help make the vital changes to the airline industry and help educate those who do not know how detrimental it can be by sharing my story  Please help me save another life. 

Tricia Powell
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Protect Truckers Through Covid 19

Truckers are working hard to haul the goods the American people need. It is a travesty that Covid 19 legislation is grossly inadequate in addressing the unique needs of the long haul driver. Long haulers are away from home far more often than they are at home. If a driver becomes ill with Covid 19, it is far more likely it will happen on the road. They are especially vulnerable, due to their dependence on truck stops, where they encounter the traveling public frequently.  Additionally, they are in and out of shippers and receivers and rest areas regularly.  This situation is declining, as rest areas and shippers/receivers are increasingly closing restrooms and instead installing Kybos.  At this time there is still no official guidance, nor assistance, for the long haul driver. If drivers get sick, your shelves go bare. Our nation's drivers should not have to risk financial catastrophe for themselves and their families, in addition to their increased risk of illness, for absolutely no compensation*, nor assistance, in the event they fall ill or test positive. A minimum of 3 issues need addressed immediately. 1. Establishment of a hotline for drivers where they can receive guidance on what to do and where to go if they become ill when on the road. Due to the nature of their vehicle, up to 70 foot long and 80,000 pounds, they will likely require facilitation in regard to getting them to a clinic or hospital and later, possibly, to a motel or appropriate facility. 2. Drivers who become ill while in the course of their duties, who were forced to quarantine in a motel or other facility away from home, should be reimbursed 100% of all expenses for food, supply delivery and lodging. If a family member must travel to the truck driver, those travel expenses should be fully reimbursed. 3. Drivers who become ill in the course of their duties should be entitled to sick pay, commensurate with their average daily earnings, until such time as they are medically cleared to return to work. Additionally, a driver who tests positive, whether ill or not, but who is required to be quarantined, should also be entitled to sick pay. This should apply to all drivers, no matter the number of employees their carrier employs, including owner operators. (edited for clarity 4/2/20) Considering the disgusting pet pork projects allowed to pass, this protection for the American truck driver should not even be in question. This petition does not ask for hazard pay, raises or bonuses - it asks only for protection. Truckers, friends and their families are millions strong and we're watching. Do the right thing. Thank you to all those who sign in support the American truck driver.  We deeply appreciate you. *ETA, 4/2/2020:  Please see the 2nd update for more information about why the legislation passed thus far does not adequately provide sufficient protections for ALL truckers.  IMPORTANT UPDATE! 4/7/2020: Announced today is a proposal for hazard pay for essentials, including truck drivers.  Although hazard pay is not what was asked for in this petition, this is a side-step in a direction that might address what we ARE asking for - sick pay & reimbursements for Covid related issues.  There's never been a more important time to reach out to your lawmakers and share, share, share.  One part of the statement that is a little worrisome says, "The Heroes Fund would provide funding directly to eligible employers so they could then distribute the premium payments."  Who is an eligible employer?  The end goal of this petition is that ALL truckers are covered for illness.  Keep your eye on this! Hazard Pay for Essentials

Rachelle Tuttle
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Petitioning U​.​S. Senate, U​.​S. House of Representatives, United States Department of Transportation

Demand Access to and Control of Your Car's Data

Cars today gather enormous amounts of data about the vehicle and its driver, including important maintenance and repair information. This valuable data helps drivers make smarter decisions about how to repair and maintain their cars. Most new cars are equipped with systems that wirelessly transmit this data.    So who has access to the data your car collects? Not you. Sign our petition to demand Congress give vehicle owners access to and control of the data generated from their own vehicle. By 2022, 87 percent of new vehicles in the United States will be equipped with wireless technology that transmits vehicle data in real time, according to IHS Markit forecasts. Currently, data transmitted wirelessly goes only to the automakers, giving them full control over how it is used and who to share it with. Without direct access to and control of this data, vehicle owners may face higher costs and have fewer options when it comes to who maintains and repairs their vehicles, restricting their ability to choose more affordable repair options. Access to and control of valuable vehicle data is the only way to ensure consumers have a choice in where they repair their vehicle. Vehicle owners deserve the right to direct where their vehicle data goes, so they can make their own choices.  Join the movement. Demand access to and control of your vehicle data. To learn more about your car and your data, visit our website. **If you are a Canadian Citizen/Resident and want to support this initiative in Canada, please sign the Canadian petition.

Auto Care Association and Automotive Aftermarket Suppliers Association (AASA)
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Require School Buses To Have Proper Safety Equipment

Lets keep our children safe and let’s start from enforcing stricter laws on people obliviously passing the school bus red lights, stop signs. More then 50,000 people in New York State pass school buses that are loading or unloading students each day. We want all our kids to come home safely and alive from school as many of us “parents” have work and need to find private transportation for them to school and from school and the only way we can make a change is by showing the government on how important our kids life’s are and how much we love them. As a school bus driver I see many drivers not only passing my school bus signs but speeding though them we need this to stop  especially for a City like New York itself. IF YOU LOVE AND CARE FOR YOUR CHILD YOU WOULD NOT HESITATE TO SIGN THIS PETITION AND FIGHT FOR OUR CHILDRENS SAFETY, HEALTH AND WELL-BEING.  For The decision makers, • Traffic cameras on all SCHOOL BUSES like citi buses have.                         • GPS on all school buses• more law enforcement agencies looking out for our children.• Drivers having direct communication with 911 in case of a tragedy like this happens they don’t have to pick up a phone dial 911 explain the situation give their location because by that time that child will be deceased. All buses work with students. MAKE IT SAFE.

Antoni Parys
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Bogdan Vechirko should be free of charges!

Urgent petition!!! Bogdan Vechirko needs your help!!! Please sign, it only takes seconds! No cost to you but it will help him and his family! Their life is in jeopardy and they need us, people, truck drivers and all who believes that he didn’t intend hurting anyone! we need your signatures, we need you to show him our support! All of you heard the story about truck driver named Bogdan Vechirko who accidentally drove his semi tanker into protestors while they were on a freeway. No one was injured or hurt except Bogdan himself. He was arrested and later let go with investigation pending. Bogdan decided not to press charges against people that injured him and this is his decision. Company he worked for is under investigation and protestors that injured him demanding charges and prosecution as if he did this on purpose. Campaign that is asking to press charges against Bogdan has over 5000 signatures in just few days! Now they have 40,000 signatures and we have only 1,500.  Yes he was released from jail but investigation is still under the way and he still could be charged. we had contacted Minneapolis Police Department and they had advised that FBI is handling this case. This case is not closed! Let’s get our own campaign going so we can show how many people are actually supporting him!!! Let’s help Bogdan and his family. What happened was not done intentionally, Bogdan did not mean to harm anyone. He was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time. Let’s not let this situation mess up his and his family’s future.  Let Bogdan and everyone else know you stand behind him on this! He needs our support! More information on current investigation: anyone wishes to donate to help his family in this fight you can do so by donating via PayPal: @freebogdan #Bogdanvechirkofreeofcharges

Natalia S
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Petitioning American Airlines, United States Department of Transportation, Doug Parker

Reverse American Airlines discriminatory policies against people with disabilities

I am outraged to hear that American Airlines has created a new policy banning people using power wheelchairs from flying. This is straight up discrimination. American Airlines, the largest airline in the United States, recently put in place a limit on the weight of a wheelchair (anything over 300lbs) and now many power wheelchairs are deemed too heavy to fly on smaller regional jets. Most power wheelchairs are customized to people's individual needs, to support health and ensure safety. From custom seating, to motorized functions, or ventilation equipment, this new ban means majority of power wheelchair users are prevented from flying unless they leave their wheelchair's behind. Estimates show that there are at least 250,000 to 300,000 people in the United States alone who use a complex power wheelchair that weighs over 300 pounds. "My wheelchair has been carried on this exact flight on this same aircraft at the same airline so many times. Nothing has changed. Not on the wheelchair's part. The aircraft hasn't changed. The only thing that has changed is that the airline has made a decision to exclude me" said John Morris in a recent interview with NPR after he was denied access to a flight. Did you know that prior to COVID, roughly 30 wheelchairs were being damaged a day in the US? American Airlines has often had one of the worst rankings on those lists of airlines that damage or lose wheelchairs. In the most recent report from the Department of Transportation, for July, American mishandled 1.95% of the wheelchairs and scooters it carried, ranking 16th of 17 airlines. Like many, I have personally had my wheelchairs damaged or totaled. I have faced extreme discrimination, emotional trauma and physical harm. What the entire travel industry needs to do is redesign wheelchair handling and overall customer care for people with disabilities...not further isolate and discriminate paying customers. I am calling for an immediate reversal of this new discriminatory policy by American Airlines, and further, a complete and comprehensive review of how American Airlines addresses customers with disabilities in designing new policies moving forward. Please sign this petition! #CripAmericanAir to end ableism in travel. [image credit: John Morris,]

Maayan Ziv
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