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Keep Gray Wolves Safe From Slaughter

This is it. Interior Secretary David Bernhardt has declared a nationwide war on wolves. He's pulled the plug on saving America's wolves by stripping Endangered Species Act protection from nearly every wolf in the lower 48. The fate of this species now rests with the states.  Here's what will happen next: We'll return to the days when wolves were shot on sight, crushed in steel traps and poisoned with their families in their dens. Thousands of wolves will die. And more than four decades of work to save these iconic animals will come to a screeching, bloody halt.  It's unacceptable, and we must stand up against it.  Across the country these smart, social animals are still just getting a toehold on survival after being driven to the brink of extinction. Only a single known wolf pack lives wild in all of California, where packs once roamed free.  In the few places where wolves exist today they still face persecution. States beholden to special interests are eager to let them be hunted, trapped and poisoned with the same kind of violence that nearly drove them extinct more than a century ago.  Remember what happened after Bernhardt ended protection for Yellowstone's grizzly bears. The state of Wyoming quickly launched a plan to let trophy hunters shoot more than 20 bears that wandered out of the national park.  Thankfully the Center for Biological Diversity and wildlife activists like you stopped the grizzly hunt. We have to do the same for Berhnhardt's plan for our wolves — or we risk putting this beloved species on the path toward extinction once again. The Center has launched legal action to fight back. We won't stop fighting until wolves are safe from persecution. Sign the the petition today to join the fight. 

Center for Biological Diversity
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Stop Arctic Drilling, Save Polar Bears!

Within weeks convoys of heavy trucks could be crushing polar bear dens in the Arctic Wildlife National Refuge. The trucks could scare mother polar bears into abandoning their dens, leaving their cubs to perish and sending the species into further decline. Undoing decades of federal protection, the Trump administration has moved to open more than 1.5 million acres of Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil and gas drilling. This will spell disaster for a pristine wilderness that's home to polar bears, Arctic foxes, caribou and vast numbers of birds and other wildlife. It'll open up the region to devastating oil spills. The Southern Beaufort Sea polar bear population is the world's most imperiled, with as few as 900 individuals. The Arctic Refuge's coastal plain is vital to its survival. Oil and gas development there could eradicate polar bears from the region. This refuge is America's largest remaining stretch of pristine wilderness. If industry is allowed to turn the Arctic Refuge into an oilfield, exacerbating the climate crisis and wildlife extinction crisis, this rare and wild landscape will be forever scarred. The high cost to polar bears and the sensitive Arctic Refuge ecosystem just isn't worth it. The federal government must not allow harm to come to polar bears while looking for oil that Americans don't want the oil industry drilling for anyway. Stand up for the Arctic Refuge, polar bears and our climate. Sign the petition now to tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to withdraw plans to auction off the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to the oil industry.

Center for Biological Diversity
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Prohibit the sale of designer turtles.

The illegal trade of red ear sliders has gone too far. They are not only illegally selling the turtles as "cute pets," they are now painting them in order to make them "Cute Souvenirs". The abuse of an already illegally sold animal is unjust and needs to be addressed. Firstly, these red ear sliders are commonly sold at fairs and tourist attractions with small inhumane enclosures. The recommended tank size per turtle is 20 gallons. Unfortunately, they are typically packed in a small tank, put on display, and then sold in less than 1/2 gallon enclosures. The allowing of these animals to be sold for the purpose of education has done little to nothing in stopping the unjust selling and trade of them. These turtles are currently being poisoned and suffocated by acrylic paint in order to make them more sell-able and to turn a profit. We can all agree that when these turtles are young they are adorable creatures; however just because they are cute does not mean they should be taken advantage of. We need to crack down on the laws that prohibit the sale of these turtles while also making sure that we are educating the public on the proper care of them. These turtles are more than just adorable animals; they are living creatures and deserve the best treatment possible.  

Christian Lopez
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Petitioning United States Department of the Interior, U​.​S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Ban the trade in elephants skins!

Deb Haaland, U.S. Secretary of the Interior Martha Williams, Principal Deputy Director, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Disturbingly, the sale of elephant skins is growing around the world, especially in the United States. What’s even more shocking is that this sale is legal. While international agreements ban the trade of elephant Ivory, they do not ban the trade of elephant skins and other body parts. We think this is preposterous, and we’re sure you do, too. Elephant skins are used to make everything from wallets and purses, to gun holsters and boots. It is an abomination that the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) has not made the trade in all elephant body parts illegal. Left unchecked, this trade will continue to threaten the existence of all elephants, particularly Asian elephants. The United States can lead the way for the protection of endangered wild elephant populations. As world leaders, Secretary Haaland and Deputy Director Williams are in positions to force CITES to ban the trade of ALL elephant body parts, not just ivory. They can also ban the import of all elephant body parts into the United States, greatly impacting the demand for elephant skins. Please ask Secretary Haaland and Deputy Director Williams to act now! Your signature will help stop the international trade of elephant skin and save the remaining Asian elephants! And please be sure to subscribe to Wildlife SOS email by checking the box on the right, or visiting

Wildlife SOS
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Petitioning Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, U​.​S. Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Secretary of The Interior - Deb Haaland

Stop The Delisting Of Grizzly Bears!

This petition represents the overwhelming majority of people who vehemently oppose the delisting of the Yellowstone grizzly bears. Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon wants grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem delisted. He has petitioned the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to delist the GYE grizzly bear population, which would give the state the power and authority over grizzlies. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service now has 90 days to determine whether to conduct a comprehensive status review of the species. It will then have 12 months from receipt of the petition to complete the status review and issue a recommendation. Without protection under the Endangered Species Act (ESA), grizzlies will be killed by trophy hunters. Politics should never take precedence over sound science and the people's will. There is no data to support Governor Gordon's claim that grizzlies have recovered and need to be "managed." We respectfully urge federal officials to reject this request. The Yellowstone grizzlies are still recovering, and removing protections is a death sentence for them. Climate change, poaching, vehicle strikes, and habitat loss pose a significant threat to the future of this species, whose existence is critical in a balanced and healthy ecosystem. Stay tuned for updates and calls to action!    

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Petitioning Irwin Edelson, Cory A. Booker, U​.​S. Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), Linda Bobo, Kareem Pritchett, Stephen Steglik, Mayor & Council

Save Paws Discovery Farm in Mt Laurel, NJ

Paws Farm and Nature Center was first founded in 1979 by the Tweety family as an animal sanctuary, education, and nature center. It has since stayed open as an education center with animals on site available for education programs and for the community to enjoy parties and activities for all ages. Paws Farm and Nature Center has been a backyard gem of this community for over 40 years. Not only is this property treasured for the capacity in which it runs, but because of its historical significance. The pillar of the property is the Darnell home first constructed in 1782. The Darnell’s originally owned most of the land in Mount Laurel in the 1700s. Along with the home is the restored family ice house, blacksmith, smoke house, and Darnell family graveyard on the wooded trail of the property.Over the last couple months, the Mount Laurel Township and Garden State Discovery Museum has not allowed adequate, if any, time for those that cherish this property to find ways to keep it running. Instead, they have announced the fate of Paws Farm and Nature Center to the public today, February 25th, without thought of how this would affect the community. The township is trying to rehouse all the animals by end of the week. The time to act is NOW if we want to save this unique, historical, family friendly property. If you see value in this farm, please help in any way that you can; sign, share, or assist in any other way.  

Nicole Morgan
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Petitioning U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Stop the U​.​S. Import of Trump Jr.'s Trophy Kill

Troubling reports have emerged that trophy hunter Donald Trump Jr. killed a rare argali sheep in Mongolia this summer — at night, through a laser sight. Argali sheep have long been threatened by hunting— the species is protected as threatened under the U.S. Endangered Species Act. Don Jr. reportedly killed this animal without a hunting permit. That permit was eventually issued by Mongolia — but only after Trump Jr. reportedly met with its president, then left the country. He may get a pass abroad because of his name, wealth and connections, but the buck has to stop here. Tell the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to deny any attempts to import this argali trophy under the Endangered Species Act. Argali are the world’s largest sheep, with beautiful curling horns that can reach 6 feet. Their populations dropped by 64% between 1985 and 2009. Over the past 12 years, U.S. trophy hunters imported 65 argali trophies from Mongolia. Now it’s our job to ensure the president’s son doesn’t add to that deadly tally. As we fight to curb the extinction crisis, rich and powerful trophy hunters shouldn’t be jet-setting across the globe slaughtering wildlife at will. And our Endangered Species Act — one of the strongest wildlife laws in the world — should not be used to condone the thrill-killing of species already facing extinction. Letting trophy hunters pay to play with the lives of rare and vanishing wildlife, while poachers go to jail, creates an unjust system that undermines conservation. Please tell the Service that any attempt to bring this animal’s horns, skin or parts into the United States as trophies cannot be allowed.

Center for Biological Diversity
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Petitioning U​.​S. Fish and Wildlife Service, United States Fish & Wildlife Service

For Felicia- let bears be bears

Grizzly bear 863 (commonly referred to as “Felicia”) and her two cubs born earlier this year have been living alongside the Togwotee Pass in the Bridger-Teton National Forest, east of Moran, WY. Under the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), local agencies are currently hazing this bear family via loud noise(s), rubber bullets, and other means to move her from the roadside where tourists, photographers, and highway travelers have been viewing the family. The narrative that the Fish and Wildlife Service is using, calling this family a so-called “dangerous situation” is – to put it bluntly - absurd. In a release from USFWS out of Denver it was explained that hazing will continue through the end of June 2021, at which time a decision to relocate or euthanize the bears will be made. This is unacceptable. The bear is located on public land and has done nothing “wrong,” she and her offspring have the misfortune of existing in a place where wildlife managers are choosing not to deal with traffic problems and have been quoted among many (who are willing to fill out affidavits to these testimonies) that they “don’t feel like dealing with the traffic” or “the bear.” This bear has shown zero signs of aggression, has not sought out human food rewards, or posed a problem with residents or campers. This bear family simply grazes along the roadside, peacefully eating planted clover as this appears to be a preferred food choice. Additionally, numerous sows have sought out the roadside for protection to rear their cubs. This behavior has been very well-documented, as reports show that it protects the mother and her cubs from nearby large grizzly bears. When did it become unacceptable for bears to simply exist near the roadside in a national forest? There is absolutely no reason to euthanize (or even relocate) this federally protected bear or her cubs. We all know if this bear and her cubs are relocated there are countless dangers associated with the process and there is a high likelihood that one or more of these bears would not survive. Not to mention that after a second relocation she, and any offspring, would be on their “last strike.” If they were to ever approach roads or humans the next step would be euthanization. The narrative that this is a traffic issue or a safety issue for people present in the area is unacceptable. This situation is not the result of people admiring bears but because of inadequate and inefficient bear management by a government agency that does not wish to manage the bear the way the national parks do. This is completely intolerable, and I implore you to do better. The local community in Jackson has deep pockets and thousands of people who care greatly about the wildlife, especially grizzly bear 863 (“Felica”) and her cubs. The community is capable of raising funds to implement bear management personnel on Togwotee Pass, similar to those in GTNP. This option has been proposed to local agencies, who promptly dismissed it. Can you honestly tell me that you would rather kill a bear with babies than allow locals to implement a process they are willing to fund that would help mediate between both sides, and aid in bear management? Ultimately, if murdering this bear and her two cubs is the direction that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service takes, it will be documented and recorded which will become a PR nightmare for all agencies involved. The killing of a bear that has brought joy to many tourists will not be one the public will forget, and the local community will work hard to ensure that such an abuse is remembered and learned from.

Felicia 863
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Elephants are NOT Trophies!

Take a stand for elephants and tell our President and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife that you do not support the trophy hunting industry and want the United States to protect elephants and not be responsible for the slaughter of this great animal.  We do not agree with the changed policy on allowing elephants to be killed for sport and allowed entry into the United States. The African elephants are listed as vulnerable/threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) while the Asian elephant is classed as endangered. One of the biggest threats to elephant populations is the ivory trade, as the animals are poached/murdered/slaughtered for their ivory tusks. The U.S. Government has decided that it is open season on elephants and ss Americans, we believe in the sanctity of life for this regal animal and request that you reverse the decision to allow criminal poachers to continue their trade and also allow cowardly big game hunters to continue their sport.  By reversing the ban you are putting a target on elephants and in turn, the poacher trade will increase too. We do not agree with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services determination that hunting African elephants in Zimbabwe and Zambia “will enhance the survival of the species in the wild,” which is the standard by which officials judge whether to allow imports of parts — known as trophies — of the animals.  We do not believe the wordsmithing by a local FWS spokesperson said in a statement that,  “Legal, well-regulated, sport hunting as part of a sound management program can benefit the conservation of certain species by providing incentives to local communities to conserve the species and by putting much-needed revenue back into conservation,”  This statement is spin and an abomination on the entire idea of conservation and the benefit of the elephant species. 83% of Americans support banning elephant trophies.  These are inhumane policies please stop them and this careless decision and place back the ban on elephant trophies of any kind allowed in the United States of America.  We are better than this as a country and need to make a stand for decency, honor, and conservation of one of the largest mammals on this earth.

Michael Garvey
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