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“Praying the Gay Away” nearly killed me - outlaw ‘LGBTQA+ Conversion’ therapy now!

Trying to “Pray the Gay Away” nearly killed me. I’m not the only one. An investigation in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald revealed LGBTQA+ conversion therapy has not disappeared in Australia, but has simply gone more underground. According to the article, even children have been subjected to ex-gay therapy.I was only 16 when my own ‘conversion therapy’ began. I came out to a church leader who wanted me to be ‘cured’ and I began sessions with a counsellor aimed at changing my sexuality. At 17 my church introduced me to the leader of an actual program designed to turn me straight. Eventually, I was desperate enough to try it. Every week, members spoke about their ‘sins’ and we learned about the spiritual and experiential reasons that we had ‘turned gay’. I was so ashamed and guilt-ridden that I remained completely celibate for years. So-called ‘conversion therapy’ causes depression, self-loathing and even suicide. I prayed to God asking him to either heal me, or kill me. I was so depressed, I wanted to die. The trauma associated with that part of my life still affects me - how could it not? How is this legal? I don’t want to see a single kid harmed by “therapies” that tell them that something that is innate in them is evil or demonic or needs to be ‘healed’. Please, sign this petition calling for Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the Health Minister Greg Hunt to work with each state to protect the most vulnerable and outlaw LGBTQA+ conversion therapy and it’s advocacy nationwide. It has no place in our medical profession and certainly not in the lives of minors. *UPDATE* This petition focuses on legislation/regulation to prevent ‘gay conversion’ being practised in formal or therapeutic settings (such as in counsellors offices). This is a good start, however to effectively curtail the SOCE/Gay Conversion movement, a much broader response is needed. After signing this petition, please read the recommendations in the survivor statement at

Chris Csabs
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Save our 11 Anzac Memorial Mango Trees

11 Queensland Heritage Protected Mango Trees in the suburb of Mango Hill, are under threat due to a development application wanting to cut them down to build a slip lane to turn into the estate.   These trees were planted as part of the Anzac Memorial Avenue between 1926-1933, in honour of fallen soldiers in WW1.  The road is now known as Anzac Avenue.   "In its route, and as an extensive tree-lined avenue of planned and evenly spaced plantings, Anzac Memorial Avenue is important in demonstrating the characteristics of a memorial avenue."(Source: the Anzac Memorial Avenue Heritage register: These trees are protected for a reason. Developers need to work around them. No excuse!  The Mango Tree section of Anzac Ave is much admired by locals and travellers through the region, and is specifically listed as a notable planting in the Anzac Memorial Avenue's heritage register :  "700 metre Mango tree (Mangifera indica) avenue between the Bruce Highway and Kinsellas Road, Mango Hill" We need to Protect these Trees and Ensure the Heritage Importance of the Anzac Memorial Avenue and Respect for our Anzacs is Not Lost! The Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) didn't put any objection in relating to the removal of these trees. In fact they were the ones who added a "future road" into the land parcel, giving the developer the impression it was ok.(More info here: It is now sitting with State Government to do the rejecting and protect these trees. Ensure the State Government knows you want to keep these trees by signing this petition. 

Felice Gordon
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Stand for change Army Against Stillbirth

Every day in Australia 6 babies are dying. We do not see it, these deaths are hidden, these deaths are silent – these babies are stillborn. Stillbirth is not inevitable, rather it can often be prevented. Yet rates have not changed in 20 years. Stillbirth is the number one cause of death among infants in Australia. This is not ok – we want change. The Army Against Stillbirth is community standing united against stillbirth. A monthly silent vigil, a peaceful protest for change. The 6th of September 2017 marks the start of this silent protest Australia wide. The Australian Medical Association (AMA) need to take action and make change. The government need to step in. Obstetricians, clinicians and antenatal carers need to step up. Stillbirth is the number 1 cause of death among infants in Australia and yet we shy away from talking about it. That is not ok. 6 babies every day, 42 babies every week, 182 babies every month, 2200 babies every year! It’s time to stand up for what’s right. These babies cannot speak for themselves so Still Aware are leading a silent vigil in their honour. A silent protest towards change. Everyone is invited to join the Army Against Stillbirth and proudly stand together and sign this petition for these babies, in hopes that this visual can help guide the change further. ____________ When Claire went to hospital after nine months of waiting, it was excitement and anticipation she felt at the thought of meeting her new baby girl. She had everything ready, the nursery was set up, tiny baby clothes ironed, soft toys carefully placed on the shelves, baby bath and massage oils, even the car seat was installed ready to bring her daughter home. The world came crashing down for the entire family with three little words “there’s no heartbeat”. Incomprehensible. Impossible. Nothing prepared her for what was next. She laboured for 24 hours, utter agony but no physical pain, she birthed her perfect little girl in deafening silence. Her daughter Alfie was stillborn. With no illness or abnormality, she was born, but without breath. The moments, hours, days and weeks that followed were filled with isolation and utter agony of what ifs. Why had no one told her stillbirth was a possibility? Had they, Alfie would be here. Claire knew her little girl so well and instinctively knew something didn’t feel right. Yet she wasn't given the tools to keep her baby safe. She didn’t know that 5 words, “my baby’s movements have changed” could have prevented those 3 painful words forever echoing in her mind, “there’s no heartbeat”. Was it a lack of communication that killed her baby? Don’t we deserve better? ________________ We are asking for: 1. Mandated policy2. Verbal Autopsy3. Access to information for all Please sign this petition and join the force driving change and raising awareness of stillbirth and preventable measures. Your signature can help save babies lives - 50% of stillbirths are preventable. Together, we can create change!

Still Aware
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STOP THE “DOOMED” DINGO PROGRAM: using a deadly capsule containing 1080 poison

STOP THE “DOOMED” DINGO PROGRAM, BECOMING AN ACCEPTED ENVIRONMENTAL CONSERVATION MODEL IT IS BOTH CRUEL AND INHUMANE.Regarding the Hinchbrook Shire Council’s, Pelorus Island, North Queensland, project, inserting dingoes with a deadly capsule containing 1080 poison, is unethical. It will doom the dingoes to an agonising death, after using them simply as a pest control unit -The level of cynical cruelty and exploitation of the dingoes is reprehensible and completely unethical, now proposed to be used as a conservation model globally. Self-culling dingoes could be conservation model- link:-  Letter - We appeal to Jim Thompson, Chief Biosecurity Officer, and Biosecurity Queensland, Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland, and Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland, Leanne Donaldson,to revoke the approval for the project of using dingoes implanted with a 1080 capsules on the grounds of animal cruelty the project is unethical. - Therapeutic Goods Act 1966”. 1080 (fluoroacetic acid) is a listed schedule 7 poison, or a “Substances of exceptional danger” classified as torture by vets and wildlife organisations. The RSPCA deems it “Cruel and inhumane. The WLPA World League for Protection of Animals state is barbaric and condemns it use- The RSPCA QLD has already communicated in the media its abhorrence of this program and has stated it will be taking action with the Queensland ethics committee. -RSPCA Queensland also said it was never informed about the plan, which it said "raised grave animal welfare issues.”-link- Was this done in Accordance with the codes of practice (COPs)  standard operating procedures funded by the Australian Government Department of the Environment and Heritage? This program is without doubt unethical and immoral, not giving dingoes the respect as a native species as researched by Matthew Crowther Canis dingo Wiley Online Library-Journal of Zoology. -link- Dingoes also provide a host of ecological benefits -- keeping invasive species in check, enhancing biodiversity and balancing the ecosystem-By placing dingoes in a situation where these goats will be eaten/partly eaten and then the dingoes left to die, a horrible painful death, these “doomed” dingoes could suffer for days; this is completely the wrong attitude with best practices’ in science, now available in this 21st Century. We are better than this. When did conservation stoop so low as to use an animal when no care is evident, re the treatment of the dingoes, one appearing in the project to be in ill health mange or injury? With the added proposed plan to send dingoes to New Zealand to exterminate all exotic animals, this must break all the rules of the ethical treatment of animals under the Animal Care & Protection Act – sect 18 & sect 37- 2001, Criminal Code 1899 - Sect 242-and is a systemic abuse of animals? It is possibly an indictable and illegal offence in breach of several Animal welfare, Queensland Consolidated Acts.  These “death row “-dingoes subjected to this cruelty is the very height of despicableness--Also the huge fitted collars strapped on to the dingoes will make it difficult and hinder the dingoes hunting abilities.This crosses ethical boundaries. These capsules made to eventually kill these dingoes and condemn them to a slow protracted agonising death, goes against all the rules of compassion and ethics- Australians believe that our wildlife should be protected as our national heritage; that wildlife has an intrinsic value in our environment. This experiment promoted as 'Conservation/Rewilding' is unethical.This program nothing like the hypothosis/theory of "rewilding" see YouTube video -" How Wolves Change Rivers -which gives the true concept of rewilding- link :- Also see article on an example of dingoes benefiting the environment-"Why Plants Need Predators"- It is disturbing that a public institution such as the University of Southern Queensland, is involved in promoting this scheme for further world projects using our native dingoes. This is a new low in the treatment of animals both the dingoes and the goats - This would have to be Queensland's lowest act of depravity under the guise of a “Conservation Rewilding” --which it is definitely NOT.-  twisting this concept in the ugliest manner of depravity - Please sign our petition to express your objection and support for these animals-  Photo contributed by -Rod Scott Photography  

Marie-Louise Sarjeant
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Saving our native wildlife and habitats before we lose it all.

The incessant and growing pressure on our natural environment and our native wildlife populations through the massive scale of habitat destruction through logging, land development and mining has reached a critical juncture. The weakening of legislative protection for native forests and other habitats and native fauna in combination with Government/Council policies and incentives to further increase commercial development on the pretext of stimulating more jobs and economic growth has put us on a collision course for a most disastrous ecological outcome. Australia's record on species extinction attests to our failings over time to give our unique natural heritage respect and due consideration.  With the incontrovertible evidence of the severe threat to the survival of our native species, including our iconic koala, I firmly believe that we can no longer, as a community, simply accept this as an acceptable outcome, nor that our elected representatives in Councils, State and Federal Government should dismiss community concerns about rampant, unaccountable and destructive land clearing and wildlife decimation.  The time is now to challenge long-held assumptions regarding the inevitability of habitat destruction as a necessary sacrifice for economic development. We like to wear the label of the 'clever country', and Queensland has a longstanding claim to being the Smart State, but these labels ring hollow when overwhelming evidence to the contrary exists. Surely with the intelligence, creativity and innovative spirit we consider quintessentially Australian qualities, we can develop much smarter solutions that support and stimulate a healthy, self-sustaining and ecologically-attuned Australia rather than continually resort to the policies and practices that will only accelerate the demise of our natural areas and unique native wildlife.  It is our collective responsibility to be stewards for the future, ensuring that the Australia that we leave for our children and their children is one that truly values and protects the lands, waters and forests that we live and play in, and provides legislative protection, policies and a deep-seated commitment to our native animals. This must be our legacy, lest we lose forever so much that makes Australia such a wonderful place to live in, for all.  Our elected representatives are obligated to respect the mandate they have been given, to do everything in their power to ensure the Australia they leave behind is better than when they assumed this position. Respecting and protecting our natural environment will be a benefit to all, far beyond the short-term boon to a small segment of commercially-driven self-interests. A smarter and environmentally-sensitive Australia is not an unattainable fiction. We can achieve this. It will demand true commitment and the will to do what is unquestionably in the best long-term interests of this country, demonstrating to the world that Australia has evolved, emerging from its outdated and ecologically-destructive past practices. It will demand from our elected representatives the firm resolve to govern with conscience and responsibility for the future. It will require creative thinking, breaking the mold of unchallenged assumptions about ceaseless economic growth and urban development. Instead of continuing to blindly accept that job creation is only feasible in mining, logging or commercial development where our environment is always going to be primary casualty, this flawed and failed assumption offers us a clear and viable opportunity to be bold and creative in opening up new, non-destructive industries and careers that draw upon and reward the innate talents we have in this country.  It is my steadfast desire to see an Australia that is vibrant, with ecologically buoyant natural areas populated with thriving populations of native wildlife, so our children's children will be able to enjoy and appreciate the best parts of our amazing country. The critical situation facing our native wildlife and natural areas will need broad-based support from the community and all levels of Government, transcending political divides as this dire situation cannot be successfully resolved if this remains a political football.  I am therefore aiming through this petition to call for our elected representatives, regardless of political persuasion, to finally govern with conscience, with responsibility to this generation and the next, to be unafraid to be bold in seeking new and better ways forward, and to recognise and carry out their duty to preserve the unique natural habitats and the wildlife that depend on these natural areas for the benefit and enjoyment of all.  

Leonard Fitzpatrick
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Support mandatory labelling for products containing palm oil

In one month only, more than 1040 hectares (which is equivalent to 3,392 football fields) of rainforest were cleared near 144 different palm oil mills in Indonesia, devastating Orangutan habitat.  The top 10 mills, all located on the island of Borneo, lost an average of 104 hectares or 339 football fields, each.  From 1999 - 2015 the orangutan population has declined on Borneo by 100,000.  In Sumatra there are only 14,000 orangutans left.   The unluckiest orangutans die in the fires set to clear the land.  The more fortunate are marooned on small islands of trees among oil palms.  Desperate for food they stray into areas inhabited by humans and get shot.   Orangutans are fast becoming extinct and they are not the only animals suffering from this industry,  There are horrific stories of elephants being killed as they lose their habitat and stray into human contact. The facts: Palm oil is in around 50 per cent of supermarket products.  Not just food.  Toothpaste, dish washing liquid, nail polish & body wash are just some of the products it's present in.   It is often disguised as "vegetable oil" or "fatty acids"  so you may not know you're consuming it. Palm oil itself is not bad, but the unsustainable way that it's produced is destroying rain forest habitats. Mandatory palm oil labelling will put pressure on companies to start using alternative ingredients, or at the very least, sustainably-produced palm oil.  The decision to introduce mandatory labelling of palm oil in Australia rests with a group of Ministers who make up the Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation, chaired by the Federal Minister Health Minister, Greg Hunt. Consumers have the power to make our government act.  The more governments that take a stand, the more influence we place on overseas governments to introduce more sustainable industries and practices. We want to see an end to the needless death and destruction of our animals and their environments.  Help us.    Deirdre & Anthea 

Anthea White
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Help save the Mango Hill Goat Farm from land resumption.

We wish to oppose the the resumption of 157 Kinsellas Road East for the  developement of a high school. We believe the site to be unsuitable for the following reasons; 1.Long walking distance from main roads, bus routes and train lines. 2.Displacement of Wildlife, including an already dwindling population of koala’s, kangaroos and bird life. 3.Community Character, the Farm is an important and valued part of our community. 4. Concerns over health risks of nearby power pylons and Riss river fever due to the large volumes of mosquitos present during the warmer months and the fact that people have contracted Ross river fever at the proposed site.  5. Traffic congestion through narrow residential area with no off street parking backing onto the proposed site. (Capestone) 6. Flood area ; the proposed site is a flood zone, and would require large earthworks to make it suitable for a school (this also having an impact on surrounding homes and the environment) 7.Trees aged over 100 years old being felled an the impact this has on the environment and overall feel of the neighbourhood. 8.Dangerous surrounding road which has claimed many lives in past years (kinsellas road east)  9. A family farm of 40 years and it’s residents being told they need to pack up and go.  10. The surrounding residents who border the property line having not had full disclosure their properties would be backing on to a high school.  11. More responsibility should be given to council to help prevent future resumption’s by way of better management and planning of community ammenities at an early planning stage.   

The Mango Hill Goat Farm Collective
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Children's Health over changing the name of the Lady Cilento Children's Hospital.

Steven Miles you have your priorities so wrong.. as you know there are bed shortages at the Lady Cliento Children's Hospital.. it is horrifying to long term users of the hospital that money is being wasted at looking at a name change and not on increasing bed and staff levels.. My son after Receiving his chemotherapy as there were no beds available on the Oncology Ward 11b. Ryan is put on a couch for a couple of hours in the sitting area on ward.. his fluid pump had to be plugged in next to the sandwich maker.. Not a sterile location, no privacy, no emergency call button, no resuscitation and emergency response equipment, no toilet, not on the emergency back up power supply and NO BED! This was after spending 10 hours on the day ward having his treatment. Cancer children often face delays of 8 plus hours in Emergency waiting for a bed, also long delays in treatment being received due to these shortages and often they are put in general wards away from the Oncology Ward, resulting in chemotherapy being done off ward. You never think this will be you, Children's Cancer happens to other families, we thought the same but everything changed in one day no warning and you wake up in a system that is failing our children at a very vulnerable time in their young lives.  Please sign this petition and send a message to the Queensland Health Minister Steven Miles and The Queensland Palaszuczuk Government that their priorities are wrong and our money should be spent on Children's Health not Branding.  

Louise Clune
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“Praying the Gay Away” nearly killed me - outlaw ‘LGBTQA+ Conversion’ therapy now!

The Palaszczuk Government is committed to fighting for equality for all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ+) people and has a very strong record of removing discriminatory legislative requirements. This includes our most recent removal of a law that forced married transgender people to divorce if they sought legal recognition of their gender. I share your concerns regarding gay conversion therapy and have strongly opposed any suggestion that homosexuality is a disorder which requires treatment. Thank you again for sharing the petition. I was delighted to be able to post a response to its more than 40,000 supporters. I have also taken the step of writing to Queensland's Health Ombudsman to seek his views on whether his current legislative powers would enable him to act against a person or organisation purporting to provide gay conversion therapy. Our Government is committed to working toward a Queensland where good health outcomes are shared equally across population groups, diversity is celebrated through social cohesion and inclusiveness, and individual sexuality can be expressed without fear of discrimination and stigma. This commitment is reflected in the Queensland Sexual Health Strategy 2016-2021, which identifies the link between stigma and discrimination and poor health outcomes for the LGBTIQ+ community, and outlines a number of key actions that are underpinned by respect, the promotion of positive human relationships and recognition of the diversity in the community. Thank you again for raising this important issue with me and for the work you are currently undertaking to end discrimination against LGBTIQ+ people in Queensland.

1 year ago
STOP THE “DOOMED” DINGO PROGRAM: using a deadly capsule containing 1080 poison

Environment Minister Dr Steven Miles has stopped a controversial plan to deploy wild dogs to kill goats on a North Queensland island to protect the threatened Beach stone-curlew. Dr Miles today made an Interim Conservation Order under the Nature Conservation Act 1992 requiring Hinchinbrook Shire Council to immediately cease the use of dingoes to eradicate feral goats on Pelorus Island. “I was shocked to learn of this cruel experiment but even more alarming is the lack of thought for the native animals on the island. “Pest control should always be carried out in the most humane way possible – not by death row dingoes. “As of today no dogs can be released on to Pelorus Island and any wild dogs already on the island must be removed within the next 14 days,” Dr Miles said. “I do not take this action lightly but on the advice of experts from the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection it’s clear that this misconceived program needs to stop before irrevocable harm is done to the island’s population of Beach stone-curlews. “While the control of feral goats and other pests is a responsibility of all landholders, the methods employed should not pose a risk to threatened native wildlife species.” Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries Leanne Donaldson said the program was ‘inhumane’. “I fully support the action Minister Miles is taking today,” Ms Donaldson said. “It was very frustrating for me to learn that under current legislation I had no power to intervene. “As soon as I heard the detail of the council’s plan I sought urgent advice on whether I could step in on the grounds that it is a cruel and inhumane solution. “At the inaugural meeting of the Animal Welfare Advisory Board I asked members to consider whether such practices are in line with current community expectations on animal welfare. “There has to be a more humane way to deal with a feral pest problem.” RSPCA Queensland CEO Mark Townend said the RSPCA also supported the decision. “We at the RSPCA had a number of concerns regarding the decision to put dingoes on the island in the first place,” Mr Townend said. “We felt there were significant animal welfare issues not just for the goats but for smaller, native animals on the island and the dingoes themselves.” Dr Miles said there were estimated to be only around 5000 Beach stone-curlews left across Australia. “The Beach stone-curlew is listed as Vulnerable in Queensland, Critically Endangered in New South Wales and Near Threatened on the global IUCN Red List of Threatened Species,” Dr Miles said. “It is believed to be in decline across most of its range due to human disturbance and predation by cats, pigs and dogs. “I will not stand by while one of the main predators of this vulnerable bird is deliberately released into its habitat.” Interim Conservation Orders are designed for use where there is a likelihood of a significant detrimental impact on threatened wildlife. Earlier this year Dr Miles took similar action when an Interim Conservation Order was issued in relation to the recently rediscovered night parrot.

3 years ago
Save the Cassowary!

Hi everyone - what a terrific response there has been to this petition! It's really encouraging that there is so much public support for actions to conserve and protect our endangered native wildlife like the magnificent cassowary. I'm pleased to confirm the advice posted by Kay Pee, that the Garner's Beach Cassowary Rehabilitation Centre is now able to accept adult birds once more. A female adult bird was admitted on 9 September after being hit by a car, and she has now been successfully released back into the wild (not before laying an egg though!). The Department of Environment and Heritage Protection made a number of modifications at Garner's Beach to make it safer for volunteers and staff to provide care for adult birds whilst also reducing the amount of interaction the adults have with humans while at the centre, so that they do not become accustomed to being around people. These modifications include: - a remote-controlled gating system for the holding pens so cassowaries can be moved while the pens are cleaned or fixed; - new feeding portals so the birds can be fed without the need for staff to enter the holding pens; - CCTV cameras to allow carers to observe birds remotely when assessing their condition and health; and - a new water reticulation system so water supplies to the pens can be operated by remote control. About 75 per cent of cassowary habitat in the wet tropics region has been secured in Queensland’s protected area estate. This makes a big difference to our conservation effort, and the latest research by CSIRO puts cassowary population in the Wet Tropics at around 4500 individuals, which is bigger than previously thought. There is another population on Cape York but the numbers there are unknown. While the cassowary is not out of danger yet, the signs are that conservation efforts are having a positive effect. It is important though that as a community, we keep up the effort to protect our increasing cassowary population from the risk of injury, especially from vehicle strikes and dog attacks. I wasn't able to attend World Cassowary Day this year but I'm delighted that Craig Crawford MP, the member for Barron River, was able to attend and speak on my behalf. By all accounts it was a great day and I congratulate everyone involved! Thank you again to all of you who have signed this petition for standing up for the cassowary. I look forward to continuing to work with the community to improve the conservation outcomes for this incredible creature.

4 years ago
Ban plastic bags in Queensland

As Minister for the Environment in the Palaszczuk Government, I am pleased to announce that our government will be investigating options for restrictions on single-use plastic bags along with those for a 'cash for containers' scheme in Queensland. Our state is the litter capital of Australia. The plastic bags, drink bottles, cans and coffee cups that dominate the litter stream are having a devastating impact on our wildlife and marine life. The Queensland Government will prepare an options paper with assistance from an advisory group of key stakeholders, for formal public consultation later this year. In the meantime, we are keen to hear feedback from Queenslanders about the proposal. I will be monitoring the comments on this petition so please feel free to post your comments or share it with your friends.

4 years ago