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Steny Hamilton Hoyer is the Democratic Whip of the U.S. House of Representatives, serving Maryland's 5th congressional district since 1981.

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Charge parents who keep their child in Domestic Violence situations that ends in death.

On the news, now more than ever, there are too many cases of Domestic Violence and Child Abuse cases that end in the death or serious life threatening injuries of a child. Most cases are linked with domestic violence in the home. The purpose of this petition is to push for putting into effect a law that would have charges brought against ANY PARENT or CAREGIVER that knowingly keeps their child in a home where domestic violence or child abuse is present and it ends in the death or serious life changing/threatening injuries of a child due to the negligence of seeking help or leaving the situation. I believe the charges should be felony child endangerment up to voluntary manslaughter. Please sign this petition so that making the effort to keep our children safe from Domestic Violence and child abuse (whether verbal, emotional, or physical) is a law and will have consequences for negligent parents or caregivers who do not have the childs best interest in mind and do not take the necessary actions to protect the children in the home. There are resources and ways out. Our children are suffering the most.

Crystal Faye
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Keep Hookahs & Shisha from getting banned in the USA

You may have already heard that US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has announced their deeming regulations early in May 2016 and basically, what that means to us hookah lovers is that starting August 8, 2016 FDA will start regulating Hookah tobacco, pipes, and charcoal. Read the 5054 Bill Here The regulations state that any product that wasn’t already on the market before February 15, 2007 must be approved by FDA to continue to be on the market. The predicate date of February 15, 2007 is considered to be an unfair date for 90% of the hookah products on the market today since most of them didn’t exist at that time. In order for these products to continue to be on the market, it is going to cost the companies an estimated amount over 1 million dollars per product. FDA estimates that over 90% of businesses will not be able to afford those humongous fees. FDA ignored calls to change the predicate date, which remains February 15, 2007. The good news is that at the moment there is a proposal in Congress that would change the predicate date from February 15, 2007 to August 8, 2016. This change would significantly lower the regulatory burden faced by hookah companies and would ensure the ability of companies without access to 02/15/2007 data to be able to comply. This petition is in support of Rep Tom Coles amendment to HR 5054 - Which is simply a redate of the original HR 5054, that's more important than it seems! Here's why: The original 5054 used the date of February 15, 2007, which was pulled out of a hat just to fill in the bill! If the Coles-Bishop Amendment to 5054 is not passed then  products on the market after February 15, 2007 will not be allowed unless they pay millions to the FDA for approval. Those fees will drive small businesses to a grinding halt. Hurting our economy when it is just beginning to recover. Those fees will artificially inflate the prices of current products on the market to make sure companies just break even. The average hookah, tobacco, and related products user will Not be able to afford a simple luxury. Those in favor of keeping the date at 2007 are saying that anything made after the arbitrary date is less safe than products before it. When in fact, the opposite is true. Due to the growing market producers are able to make safer, more ecologically friendly products in 2016 and well into the future. Keeping HR 5054 unchanged will essentially set innovation in products and in health into the past of 2007 and it will likely never recover.    Why you should sign this petition: Signing this petition means that you support industry, small business, and each person's right to choose. Everyone should sign this petition, even if you don't use Hookah or related products. Becuase this is about supporting small businesses, innovation, our economy, and keeping arbitrary dates like this one at bay. This Amendment will enable products to comply with FDA regulations that are safer than those in 2007 and stay current with customer demand. The choice is simple, sign this petition, let your voice be heard. Let's support Rep. Tom Cole in his fight to keep small businesses operating, our economy growing, and allow for innovation to happen!                  

James Phoenix
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Urgent! Support the "Right To Try Act (H.R. 3012) of 2015" Hope for the Terminally ill

I am writing this letter in utter despair, because my family needs your help. My brother, my hero, the man I've always looked up to was diagnosed with ALS. You the Congress, the decision makers, have the chance to pass the "Right To Try Act". And everyone fighting a terminal illness right now needs this.   I remember being a little kid, I remember always trying to hang out with my brother, he is 10 years older than me, so I was never allowed. But I thought I was cool having an older brother that could take me places. I am the youngest of 4, there are 3 sisters and 1 brother. We have always been a close family. Always. I feel like I was just at the shore this summer carrying on with him at the beach, and today he can barely walk. ALS, has been around, over 80 years and still NO CURE. The ice bucket challenge in my opinion brought much needed awareness to the disease. I was told in Oct 2015, about my brother and that he has ALS. I don't think it really hit me, as I really didn't understand the magnitude of what he was about to go thru.  Maybe in a way I didn't want to believe it? I didn't want him nor his family to have to go thru this. But its real. Its not going away. I don't think I myself was prepared for him, to have to fight for his life. Its heart wrenching to watch, even more so, he has a family, a loving wife, 6 children. He is a family man, he would give you the shirt off his back because that is the man he is. Always has been. Life certainly hasn't been easy for our family, in December 2013 we lost my sisters 10 year old son, our nephew, it never gets easier, the heartache never goes away. Time does Not heal. There are 12 nieces and nephews between my sisters and brother. He and his wife have 6 children. His wife is amazing. Not only does she make sure my brother is taken care of, she also takes care of 6 kids, and her mother who currently has brain cancer. So if anyone, anyone wants to complain about life, they certainly deserve to. But guess what? they don't. They don't complain, they look for answers, they look for hope. They look for ways to change the lives of other people. That is the ultimate meaning of strength and courage, they are. So I write this letter to You, in hope that you listen clearly to my message. My brother, deserves the "Right To Try" He derves to possibly change his quality of life for the better. He deserves so much more from life besides ALS. He deserves to try a medicine, that may give him hope. His family deserves that right. He deserves to walk his daughters down the aisle. He deserves everything every other human on this earth does. So grant him that right to try what ever he wants to. He was given a terminal diagnosis. Terminal. There is no cure for ALS. And you the government, have the ability to change that. You have the opportunity to pass the "Right To Try Act", to make it possible for him to maybe change his life. Maybe not. But shouldn't that be a human right ?  Would you want his 6 children wondering why their dad wasn't given a chance at life? give him the "Right to Try" then just maybe, he can watch all his kids grow up. He can sit with his wife in a rocking chair on the porch when they are older.  Why would you not want to give him that right? I beg you to support  this Act, "Right To Try Act"  (H.R. 3012) of 2015. I beg you. No one ever , ever deserves a terminal illness, they don't, but you as our law makers have an opportunity right NOW to make their life a little bit brighter. A little bit more hopeful. Let's try to change the world to make it a better place instead of holding people back from having hope. That is all they have. HOPE. Please help my family, please allow my brother Frank Mongiello, the "Right To Try". #CureALS Warmest Regards, Frank's Lil' Sister, Lisa Mongiello Kupsey    

Lisa Kupsey
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Ban Animal Cruelty in the United States

Each year, more than 100 million animals are killed in U.S. laboratories from animal testing to create a product for us to use. Help stop animal testing and animal cruelty for a chance to decrease the chances of animals dying.

Ban Animal Testing and Cruelty
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Ban Conversion Therapy

Currently 46 states do not ban conversion therapy. Conversion therapy refers to the practice to change and help "cure" someone's sexual orientation. Sadly, this practice is used on minors, who have no legal authority to make their own medical decisions. These practices lead to depression, decreased self-esteem, substance abuse, suicidal behavior, and frequently result in suicide. That is why physiological, medical, and counseling associations are against this practice. The associations also agree that this practice is ineffective, as well as extremely harmful, and damaging to individuals that go through these programs. A few of these organizations include: The American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, National Association of Social Workers, and the World Health Organization. Without question, there is very clear evidence that conversion therapy does not work and only traumatizes patients more. Several states have passed laws banning licensed therapists from subjecting minors to such treatment, and I urge you to join the movement. Join me in urging all 46 State House and State Senate Leader's to pass and introduce legislation to ban this damaging practice.

Caleb Laieski
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Stop The Lies and Get The Facts!   The H-2B Program Creates American Jobs • The H-2B program is essential for small and seasonal businesses that are committed to hiring a legal workforce but areunable to fill seasonal jobs with American workers despite extensive recruitment efforts. Seasonal industries that use theH-2B program include seafood processing, horse training, hospitality and amusement parks, forestry, landscaping,circuses, carnivals, food concessionaires, swimming pool maintenance, construction and stone quarries. • The H-2B program is important to workers. For H-2B workers, the program provides well-paying seasonal jobs that allowthem to provide for their families and still maintain their homes in their native countries. This program is also importantfor American workers whose year round positions are reliant upon seasonal laborers during peak seasons.• Every H-2B worker is estimated to create and sustain 4.64 American jobs.   The H-2B Visa nonimmigrant program allows employers to hire foreign workers to come to the United States and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a one-time, seasonal, peakload or intermittent basis. H-2B workers are not considered immigrants. In order to qualify for an H-2B Visa, an employer must prove that there are not sufficient U.S. Workers who are capable of performing temporary services or labor.     MYTH: H-2B WORKERS TAKE JOBS AWAY FROM AMERICANS.FACT: American workers are guaranteed first chance at every job later filled by an H-2B temporary laborer. By law, every open position must be properly advertised in the community and requires employers to hire any able and willing American workers to fill open positions. The fact is that H-2B temporary workers actually support American jobs and the U.S. economy. The H-2B program provides an opportunity for seasonal businesses to operate at a greater capacity, thereby retaining their full-time American workers and contributing more to their local economies. Additionally, temporary foreign seasonal workers help support many upstream and downstream jobs. According to the American Enterprise Institute study on Immigration and American Jobs, every H-2B worker creates or sustains 4.64 American jobs on average. MYTH: EMPLOYERS DON’T EVEN TRY TO HIRE AMERICAN WORKERS TO FILL THESE TEMPORARY HARD LABOR JOBS.FACT: Employers work extremely hard to hire American workers because 1) it is dramatically cheaper to do so, and 2) the law requires that employers demonstrate that every effort has been made to hire Americans before they can start the process of trying to hire a temporary foreign laborer. Again, the fact is that the vast majority of American workers are not interested in temporary seasonal manual labor jobs. Geography is a big obstacle for many employers; for example, many resort communities don’t have a sufficient local labor pool. And, in many cases, these types of seasonal jobs may not be appropriate for high school students due to the hours or labor laws that prohibit the use of heavy machinery by minors. MYTH: PAYING HIGHER WAGES WILL ENTICE AMERICAN WORKERS AND SOLVE THE SEASONAL TEMPORARY LABOR SHORTAGE.FACT: Hourly pay for these types of jobs have gone up significantly over the last few years because employers who use the H-2B program are required to pay their H-2B workers and similarly employed American workers a premiumwage dictated by the U.S. Department of Labor. These temporary manual labor jobs often pay considerably more than the minimum wage, but American workers still won’t take the positions. Sadly, in many cases, employers who obey the law and use the H-2B program are often competing against businesses that choose to illegally hire undocumented immigrants and pay those workers considerably less. If wages were raised even higher, seasonal employers who use the program would not be able to sustain their businesses or their American workers. MYTH: THE H-2B PROGRAM REPRESSES WAGES FOR AMERICAN WORKERS BY PROVIDING A CHEAPER LABOR SOURCE.FACT: Hiring H-2B workers is a much move expensive and risky option. In addition to the fact employers are required to pay H-2B workers and similarly employed American workers a premium wage that is often well above the federal minimum wage, complying with the H-2B program is extremely costly, complicated and wrought with uncertainty due to an overly restrictive cap and a constantly changing regulatory environment. Employers turn to the H-2B program as a last resort, after extensive efforts to recruit American workers. MYTH: H-2B WORKERS OVERSTAY THEIR VISAS AND EXACERBATE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IN AMERICA.FACT: According the U.S. Department of Homeland Security visa overstay in the H-2B program are rare. Workers who do overstay their visas are barred from using the program ever again. The fact is that the vast majority of H-2B workers and their employers are meticulous about compliance. Not following the strict program rules means the end of a well-paying seasonal jobs that allows these workers to provide for their families and still maintain their homes in their native countries – a risk these workers are not willing to take since they generally return to the same employer year after year. Additionally, when approving H-2B visas, the U.S. Consulate confirms workers’ ties to their home countries. Further, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires employers to promptly report any H-2B workers who do not report for work or who complete their work earlier in the season than anticipated. MYTH: THE H-2B RETURNING WORKER EXEMPTION IS UNNECESSARY.FACT: The H-2B program’s annual 66,000 cap (33,000 for each half of the fiscal year) is not adequate to meet the demands of a growing economy. The cap for the first half of the fiscal 2016 was reached on March 15. The second-half cap was reached on May 12, leaving many seasonal employers shut out of the program with no access to legal seasonal laborers. Without the returning worker exemption passed by Congress with bipartisan support and signed into law by the President of December 18, 2015, many companies would have had to close their businesses, lay off American workers or turn away customers.This provision is essential to the survival of small and seasonal businesses across the country and should be made permanent. An H-2B returning worker exemption is a narrow solution to a seasonal workforce shortage that focuses on workers who are valuable to their seasonal employers and who have never violate the terms of their past visas or other U.S. laws. These workers do not pose a security risk and they are not taking away jobs from Americans. The H-2B returning worker exemption in the omnibus appropriations bills simply provides that if an H-2B worker has been counted against the cap in one of the three prior years, that worker can return to work in the H-2B program in the current year without being counted against this year's cap. For more information please visit: https://www.SaveH2b.org   To contribute further, please contact your Congressmen/women and tweet using the hashtag: #SAVEH2B.

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Florida Long Term Care Medicaid based on need and not income.

In the state of Florida if you are on Medicaid including Medicaid Long Term Care you must meet certain income requirements. A person cannot have more than $2,000 in assets or have more than $2,205 in income per month. Medicaid Long Term Care helps persons with special needs provide services that are not provided by traditional health insurance or regular Medicaid, which is known as Medicaid Medical Assistance. Many people on Medicaid Long Term Care can work and want to work, but choose not to as they have no way to afford the care they need to live. It also means that if a person chooses to get married they could jeopardize their benefits as it will no longer be based solely on their income. Persons with disabilities should not have to choose between love and getting the care they need to live. Why should persons with disabilities be subject to marriage inequality. This petition is asking that the income requirements be waived for Medicaid Long Term Care so people with special needs can work, pay taxes, contribute to society, and obtain regular health insurance to get off Medicare or Medicaid Medical Assistance. Medicaid Long Term Care should be based on the person's needs and not force those with special needs to live below poverty to qualify. I do not care whether you are democrat, republican, or any other party affiliation I am asking you to help people that want to live a life just like you and everyone else, but need some extra support to do so. If you disagree with anything I said or propose I would love to hear your suggestions. To learn more check out this recent article I wrote, I might be in a wheelchair, but I don’t just sit on my ass..

Zachary Trautenberg
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Let Ed preach in the USA!

I have been an ordained Christian minister/pastor for 20 years. For the past 12 years I have been serving Global Awakening ministries in Brazil. Since 2012 I have become a Global Awakening's Speaker/Evangelist. I have preached in many American churches since 2007. We have come in and out of the country preaching the Gospel for 10 years now. In 2012 my wife Dani and I started a church in Rio, Brazil. We are happy to report that the church has grown to ove 300 members and it is doing really well. Recently Sony Music has contacted us and invited our worship team to sign up a 5 year contract with them. Global Awakening has requested a R1 Visa for me and the Immigration office in the USA has granted it! So, what's wrong? Well, the American Consulate in Brazil won't let me get a visa to travel to the USA. I have started this petition in a desperate attempt to try to get the immigration authorities to pay more attention to my case. Please help me in this endeavor. Sincerely yours, Ed Rocha. 

Ed Rocha
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Stop Maryland from being a sanctuary state.

The United States is nation with laws.  Marylanders are law abiding citizens. Stop Maryland lawmakers from making Maryland a sanctuary state.   An estimated 250,000 illegal immigrants lived in Maryland in 2012, according to data from the Pew Research Center. They made up 4.3 percent of the state's population. The annual costs to Maryland’s taxpayers were estimated at $1.9 billion, according to data from the Federation for American Immigration Reform. This deficit was calculated before state revenue from illegal immigrants, totaling $00 million, was counted. FAIR reported the following costs associated with illegal immigration in Maryland, broken down as such:$1.3 billion went to education$231 million to healthcare$177 million to justice and law enforcement$47.5 million to public assistance$105 million to general government services

Aristea Roe
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Return benefits to military and DOD retirees

I proudly served my country from 1981 until 2005, when I was medically retired. While wearing the uniform, I received many benefits provided by the government and private companies. What I didn’t expect was how many of those benefits disappear once your status changes to “veteran.” For most veterans, unless they served for more than 20 years, many of the government benefits are gone overnight. And private companies that go out of their way to show goodwill to our troops don’t extend the same respect to veterans. A prime example of this is the airline industry. Most airlines give service members free preferential seating and discounts on tickets. That all goes away when you are veteran. I think this is wrong. Veterans deserve the same respect as those currently in uniform. Too many companies think the sacrifices made by our troops end when the uniform is put away. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m calling on Southwest to continue honoring military service by giving veterans the same benefits it extends to active duty personnel. The move would show us that Southwest respects all who have served, and it would be an example to other industry leaders. These benefits go beyond symbolism. Many veterans are on a fixed income and/or disabled. The discounts and our ability to board first make a big difference when we have to travel. Companies win, too. Not only do they show they care, they can write off the discounts every tax year. Together, we can get Southwest to extend its military benefits to veterans. I saw the people’s power firsthand when Home Depot restored its veteran discount due to the uproar of community disapproval after it canceled it. Let’s keep up the fight for veterans. Please tell Southwest that veterans deserve the same benefits it offers to active duty military personnel.

Santos Febus
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