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Steny Hamilton Hoyer is the Democratic Whip of the U.S. House of Representatives, serving Maryland's 5th congressional district since 1981.

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Pass H.R. 2737: Filipino Veterans of World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2015

On June 11, 2015, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard and Sen. Mazie Hirono introduced HR 2737 & S 1555 respectively as the Filipino Veterans of World War II Congressional Gold Medal Act of 2015.  The pending legislation, “directs the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives to make appropriate arrangements for the award of a single Congressional Gold Medal to the Filipino Veterans in recognition of their dedicated service during World War II.”  Other groups have been formally recognized by the United States with the Congressional Gold Medal for World War II service; they include the Tuskegee Airmen, Montford Point Marines, Navajo Code Talkers, Women Air Service Pilots, Japanese American Nisei Soldiers and Puerto Rican Soldiers.  Filipino World War II Veterans are equally deserving of this honor.  In order to pass HR 2737, the bill requires sponsorship from 290 congressional representatives, S 1555 needs 67 senators.  Today, HR 2737 has 264 cosponsors, S 1555 has 71. I would like to ask your assistance in reaching out to your congressional representative to get their support as a sponsor for the pending legislation.  Time is not on our side; the number of remaining Filipino Veterans is fast decreasing.  We need to pass these bills before the 114th Congress come to a close at the end of the year.

Veterans Equity Center
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Save the Sumatran rhinoceros from its impending extinction

Representatives of the United States of America, In recent weeks, the White House and the federal government have engaged in efforts to raise public awareness about the dangers of climate change, while advocating for new federal policies. In a similar span of time, public outrage over the killing of Cecil the Lion garnered widespread attention, dominating headlines for weeks and spurring UK Ambassador Peter Wilson to speak to the UN General Assembly in late July regarding the illegal trafficking of wildlife. On August 19, 2015, an international team of scientists published a study concluding that the Sumatran rhinoceros is now extinct in Malaysia. Its survival as a species depends upon the fewer than 100 individuals remaining in Indonesia. With the President calling attention to the strategic, economic, and moral dimensions of environmental issues like climate change, the international community demonstrating ardent concern for wildlife, and scientists declaring that only quick action will save the Sumatran rhino and other critically endangered species, there has never been a more appropriate time to discuss this important conservation issue.   I. Purpose The purpose of this message is to call on you, a representative of the interests of United States citizens, to support policies that will affirm our national commitment to the protection of critically endangered wildlife. In particular, we urge you to support and produce policy that will increase America’s contribution to wildlife conservation efforts in Indonesia and the Southeast Pacific, particularly efforts that will protect the critically endangered Sumatran rhinoceros.   II. Recommendations Many Americans are frustrated by the perception that they cannot make a difference in conservation, especially at the international level. Opponents of conservation use these frustrations to discourage elected officials from meaningfully supporting conservation causes with clear and urgent status. But recent history contradicts cynicism. In 2014, the U.S. negotiated a deal to reduce debt payments owed by Indonesia in exchange for a $12.7 million commitment toward the conservation of critically endangered species in Indonesia. The deal, part of the Tropical Forest Conservation Act’s “debt for nature” strategy, clearly demonstrates that Congress and diplomatic officials have the power to directly support and advocate for the protection of treasured species, such as the Sumatran rhinoceros.   Here are seven clear ways that the U.S. could increase its support for the Sumatran rhino and other species, through legislation and diplomatic action: ·             Craft and pass a bill offering greater debt relief to Indonesia in exchange for protection of more tropical forest acreage. ·             Appropriate more money to the Multinational Species Conservation Fund, which seeks to protect rhinos along with a handful of other species. ·             Strengthen bureaucratic cooperation with groups aiming to protect the Sumatran rhino, such as the Cincinnati Zoo. ·             Pressure U.S. Fish & Wildlife to approve the export of the last rhino kept in captivity in the U.S. (at the Cincinnati Zoo) to Indonesia. ·             Partner with the Indonesian government to increase funding for anti-poaching efforts. ·             Negotiate further financial incentives (i.e. beyond debt relief) for Indonesia to preserve forests. ·             Strengthen U.S. diplomatic ties to Indonesia and partner with the Indonesian government on bilateral conservation efforts.   III. Conservation Issues The Sumatran rhinoceros is a topical example of a species whose future existence is dependent on the actions of governments. A recent article in Newsweek draws attention to what scientists and conservationists have known for years: our current efforts—including the 2014 deal—are not enough to save this species. Most experts agree that there are fewer than 100 individual Sumatran rhinos left in the wild. U.S. groups like the Cincinnati Zoo are attempting to save the relocate the last captive breeding individual to the Indonesian wild, but they face bureaucratic and financial hurdles in their efforts.  Habitat destruction also prevents the species from reproducing: ranges that are separated by infrastructure and development potentially leave breeding individuals isolated in perpetuity.  Meanwhile, current anti-poaching efforts have not satisfactorily combated trade in illegal rhino horns. The massive decline in the wild rhino population illustrates this. Alarmingly, the study reported in Newsweek confirms that the species is now extinct in Malaysia. This tragedy is an international failure, but it also sounds an alarm. There is no time to delay, and action in Indonesia needs to be backed up by commitment to protecting the Sumatran rhino internationally. Malaysia is a member of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which—according to the White House’s website—promises “establishment of a means for the public to raise concerns directly with TPP governments if they believe a TPP member is not meeting its environmental commitments, and requirements that governments consider and respond to those concerns.” This message is intended as just such a means of raising concerns, and it is the responsibility of public officials to follow through with the promise above, ensuring that it is read and considered. What affects Indonesia will affect neighboring nations. This new partnership, if it is realized in the coming months, carries with it a responsibility to coordinate internationally on issues like conservation. Other Pacific nations may be willing to contribute to efforts to protect the region’s important wildlife if the U.S. steps up to lead the initiative.   IV. Public Interest You may ask why citizens or public servants in the U.S. should care about protecting foreign endangered species. The answer is simple: Americans already do care. It has long been acknowledged that wildlife is a cultural treasure worthy of protection. The Endangered Species Act, the National Parks system, and the Tropical Forest Protection Act are all examples of American leadership in conservation. The reintroduction of the gray wolf in the Northern Rockies, though not without its critics, proved that some species are able to resurge. Theodore Roosevelt said, “While my interest in natural history has added very little to my sum of achievement, it has added immeasurably to my sum of enjoyment in life.” Roosevelt’s words are not simply about ecotourism, bird watching, or other forms of “enjoyment.” They are indicative of the American spirit. Being an American has always been about more than pursuing one’s own self-interest. Americans feel a responsibility to preserve and extend our values across the world. The American sense of shared responsibility is why we engage in international aid, use military force to promote democracy, and ally ourselves with other free nations. This principle also extends to wildlife. Roosevelt’s statement about natural history adding to “enjoyment in life” is symbolic of the belief that certain prized cultural items should be preserved for future generations. This is why outrage over the shooting of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe was widely felt in American public discourse, and led lawmakers to draft a bill banning trophy hunting shipments. American citizens care about iconic species, even ones outside the U.S. Protecting wildlife does not mean prizing animal lives over human ones. It represents the belief that nature—like a public space, war memorial, or work of art—belongs to everyone and all generations. Wildlife is a part of the world’s heritage, a heritage that should be safeguarded by all civilized nations. Protecting this species will not come up during the presidential debates. Critics of international conservation will say that this effort is uncalled for, a niche concern for a little-known species. But the truth is that these are actually reasons for government action. The amount of funding that would make a significant difference in conservation efforts—say, as a generous conjecture, 50 million dollars of debt relief targeted at Indonesian rainforests—is insignificant in comparison with the U.S. national debt, the defense budget, or health care costs.   There are also concrete benefits. A commitment to our partners’ natural resources is a commitment to our partners. Working to protect the Sumatran rhino would strengthen cultural, political, and commercial ties with Indonesia. Domestically, there is little political risk or potential for unintended consequences in taking action to protect endangered species. This is an uncomplicated, apolitical issue. We urge you to consider the contents of this message, and to act according to the suggestions it puts forth. A comeback by the Sumatran rhino would be a remarkable conservation success story, and the public officials responsible for assisting this comeback will be remembered for generations to come.   Sincerely, Concerned citizens:

Louise Stewart
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Petitioning Federal Bureau of Investigation, United States Supreme Court

Charge parents who keep their child in Domestic Violence situations that ends in death.

On the news, now more than ever, there are too many cases of Domestic Violence that end in the death or serious life changing injuries of a child. Most cases are also linked with domestic violence in the home. The purpose of this petition is to push for putting into effect a law that would have charges put against ANY PARENT or CAREGIVER that knowingly keeps their child in a home where domestic violence is present and it ends in the death or serious life changing/threatening injuries of a child due to the negligence of seeking help or leaving the situation. I believe the charges should be felony endangerment of a child up to voluntary manslaughter. Please sign this petition so that making the effort to keep our children safe from Domestic Violence is a law and will have consequences for negligent parents or caregivers who do not have the childs best interest in mind. There are resources and ways out. Our children are suffering the most.

Crystal Faye
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Urgent! Support the "Right To Try Act (H.R. 3012) of 2015" Hope for the Terminally ill

I am writing this letter in utter despair, because my family needs your help. My brother, my hero, the man I've always looked up to was diagnosed with ALS. You the Congress, the decision makers, have the chance to pass the "Right To Try Act". And everyone fighting a terminal illness right now needs this.   I remember being a little kid, I remember always trying to hang out with my brother, he is 10 years older than me, so I was never allowed. But I thought I was cool having an older brother that could take me places. I am the youngest of 4, there are 3 sisters and 1 brother. We have always been a close family. Always. I feel like I was just at the shore this summer carrying on with him at the beach, and today he can barely walk. ALS, has been around, over 80 years and still NO CURE. The ice bucket challenge in my opinion brought much needed awareness to the disease. I was told in Oct 2015, about my brother and that he has ALS. I don't think it really hit me, as I really didn't understand the magnitude of what he was about to go thru.  Maybe in a way I didn't want to believe it? I didn't want him nor his family to have to go thru this. But its real. Its not going away. I don't think I myself was prepared for him, to have to fight for his life. Its heart wrenching to watch, even more so, he has a family, a loving wife, 6 children. He is a family man, he would give you the shirt off his back because that is the man he is. Always has been. Life certainly hasn't been easy for our family, in December 2013 we lost my sisters 10 year old son, our nephew, it never gets easier, the heartache never goes away. Time does Not heal. There are 12 nieces and nephews between my sisters and brother. He and his wife have 6 children. His wife is amazing. Not only does she make sure my brother is taken care of, she also takes care of 6 kids, and her mother who currently has brain cancer. So if anyone, anyone wants to complain about life, they certainly deserve to. But guess what? they don't. They don't complain, they look for answers, they look for hope. They look for ways to change the lives of other people. That is the ultimate meaning of strength and courage, they are. So I write this letter to You, in hope that you listen clearly to my message. My brother, deserves the "Right To Try" He derves to possibly change his quality of life for the better. He deserves so much more from life besides ALS. He deserves to try a medicine, that may give him hope. His family deserves that right. He deserves to walk his daughters down the aisle. He deserves everything every other human on this earth does. So grant him that right to try what ever he wants to. He was given a terminal diagnosis. Terminal. There is no cure for ALS. And you the government, have the ability to change that. You have the opportunity to pass the "Right To Try Act", to make it possible for him to maybe change his life. Maybe not. But shouldn't that be a human right ?  Would you want his 6 children wondering why their dad wasn't given a chance at life? give him the "Right to Try" then just maybe, he can watch all his kids grow up. He can sit with his wife in a rocking chair on the porch when they are older.  Why would you not want to give him that right? I beg you to support  this Act, "Right To Try Act"  (H.R. 3012) of 2015. I beg you. No one ever , ever deserves a terminal illness, they don't, but you as our law makers have an opportunity right NOW to make their life a little bit brighter. A little bit more hopeful. Let's try to change the world to make it a better place instead of holding people back from having hope. That is all they have. HOPE. Please help my family, please allow my brother Frank Mongiello, the "Right To Try". #CureALS Warmest Regards, Frank's Lil' Sister, Lisa Mongiello Kupsey    

Lisa Kupsey
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Ban Animal Cruelty in the United States

Each year, more than 100 million animals are killed in U.S. laboratories from animal testing to create a product for us to use. Help stop animal testing and animal cruelty for a chance to decrease the chances of animals dying.

Ban Animal Testing and Cruelty
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Petitioning Maryland Governor

Change The Name of the Freddie Gray Empowerment Center & remove his picture from the building.

As we all know, Freddie gray died after an encounter with police. It is also known that he was a drug dealer, he was very well known by the justice department. He sold drugs and has been arrested for it. He is known to sell drugs on the same corner the police made contact with him on.  His death caused protests and a riots, very scary times for Baltimore. Businesses were destroyed, cars destroyed, people injured. Even a senior center was burnt down! The cvs that was burned down, was looted first, it was discovered that it was looted by drug dealers and gangs to sell drugs on the streets of Baltimore.  Since all of this "unrest" and "uprisings" people of Baltimore have been blocked from going to work, had curfews etc etc. The murder rate has gone up, and Baltimore is losing tourists because they are afraid to visit Baltimore.  Recently a youth center opened up, we are all for youth centers to keep kids busy ,to give them after school and summer activities etc etc.  But they named the youth center "the freddie gray youth center"  It even has his picture on the building. The trial has not even started yet, but they are making him a symbol of Baltimore youth for Baltimore youth? He was a known drug dealer, drug dealers are violent and get in trouble with the law & Most die young.  I do not agree with naming a youth center after a known criminal!  What it that telling our kids? It is okay to be a drug dealer? People say cartoons like looney toons make kids violent if they watch them. So what will being in a youth center and seeing a youth center named after a drug dealer do the our youth ?  Stand up and demand that the name be changed and the pictures of freddie gray be removed !! For the sake of Baltimore cities youth!!  Sign and Share please. <3 Thank you for reading.   

Anti Bullying Alliance
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Return benefits to military and DOD retirees

I proudly served my country from 1981 until 2005, when I was medically retired. While wearing the uniform, I received many benefits provided by the government and private companies. What I didn’t expect was how many of those benefits disappear once your status changes to “veteran.” For most veterans, unless they served for more than 20 years, many of the government benefits are gone overnight. And private companies that go out of their way to show goodwill to our troops don’t extend the same respect to veterans. A prime example of this is the airline industry. Most airlines give service members free preferential seating and discounts on tickets. That all goes away when you are veteran. I think this is wrong. Veterans deserve the same respect as those currently in uniform. Too many companies think the sacrifices made by our troops end when the uniform is put away. Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m calling on Southwest to continue honoring military service by giving veterans the same benefits it extends to active duty personnel. The move would show us that Southwest respects all who have served, and it would be an example to other industry leaders. These benefits go beyond symbolism. Many veterans are on a fixed income and/or disabled. The discounts and our ability to board first make a big difference when we have to travel. Companies win, too. Not only do they show they care, they can write off the discounts every tax year. Together, we can get Southwest to extend its military benefits to veterans. I saw the people’s power firsthand when Home Depot restored its veteran discount due to the uproar of community disapproval after it canceled it. Let’s keep up the fight for veterans. Please tell Southwest that veterans deserve the same benefits it offers to active duty military personnel.

Santos Febus
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Keep Marilyn Mosby as Baltimore City State's Attorney

Marilyn J. Mosby has been Baltimore State's Attorney since January 8, 2015 after serving as Assistant State's Attorney for more than seven years. She comes from the line of five generations of law enforcement and is an alumni of Tuskegee University. Marilyn has been an active member and advocate for the black community and has used her career for the betterment her people. She has worked and fought for justice in the high profile murder of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, which was committed by six police officers. Even in the acquittal and mistrial of the officers, Marilyn never stopped fighting and has become the target of many groups because of her refusal to back down. She has now been targeted by John F. Banzhaf III, a George Washington University Law School professor who has filed a complaint of disbarment charges against her as well as Maryland Del. Pat McDonough. An article from The Baltimore Sun on June 29, 2016, quotes Banzhaf stating that she is "causing problems for the city of Baltimore." Branzhaf also stated that he does not have a "political ax to grind", however he has continuously imposed his personal views on the justice system, primarily in high profile cases (i.e. the Duke Lacrosse case, resulting in he prosectuor's disbarment). John Branzhaf is using his power and influence to issue the loss of Marilyn Mosby's career and reputation. Marilyn Mosby has been receiving harassing, sexist, racist hate mail including death threats simply because she wants justice to be served. We ask that you please sign this petition to help keep Marilyn J. Mosby Esq. in office as State's Attorney and to continue fighting for us as a community. Once you sign, please share and send this to any and everyone you know. This petition will be sent to every House Representative, Senate member and members of the Maryland Bar Association.

Tamela Thomas
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Ban Conversion Therapy

Currently 46 states do not ban conversion therapy. Conversion therapy refers to the practice to change and help "cure" someone's sexual orientation. Sadly, this practice is used on minors, who have no legal authority to make their own medical decisions. These practices lead to depression, decreased self-esteem, substance abuse, suicidal behavior, and frequently result in suicide. That is why physiological, medical, and counseling associations are against this practice. The associations also agree that this practice is ineffective, as well as extremely harmful, and damaging to individuals that go through these programs. A few of these organizations include: The American Medical Association, American Psychological Association, American Counseling Association, National Association of Social Workers, and the World Health Organization. Without question, there is very clear evidence that conversion therapy does not work and only traumatizes patients more. Several states have passed laws banning licensed therapists from subjecting minors to such treatment, and I urge you to join the movement. Join me in urging all 46 State House and State Senate Leader's to pass and introduce legislation to ban this damaging practice.

Caleb Laieski
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Declare June 26th as National Equality Day #loveislove

I ask everyone to join with my husband Matthew and me on memorializing this historic day for every American now and forever. This is a Victory for America!

David Marchi
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