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Support Reese’s Law (H​.​R. 5313): Pass Button Battery Legislation Now

I remember being on the floor begging God. ‘Please don’t take her. Not my baby.’ This time she was lifeless, she was blue, and she was no longer with us. I can’t begin to describe the feeling of losing a child or the pain we live with every day… As a mom, I cannot tell you the cost to add safer closures to products with button batteries. ​I can, however, confidently speak to the cost of not having these safety measures in place. My daughter, Reese, swallowed a button battery in October 2020; she endured countless surgeries and scopes and was intubated under sedation for 40 days.  Reese lost her fight on December 17, 2020, at just 18 months old. Every day we are reminded of just how much our family lost - through countless tears when we find something of Reese’s when least expected and sleepless nights seeing her face in our dreams. The greatest cost of all, though, is missing the brightest light in our lives and the immense pain that no family should have to endure.  There were 4000 button battery ingestions reported in the U.S. in 2020.  It is estimated that only 11% of all cases are reported, meaning this is happening to 36,000 children annually. This can be prevented. Australia recently passed National standards related to button battery safety in consumer products. The US should have the same  mandatory safe industry standards.  I am asking for your support of a bill to protect all of our children from injury and death related to button cell battery ingestion. Legislation will call for national standards related to consumer products with button batteries, specifically:  ● Button cell battery compartments of all consumer products to be secured, to the greatest extent practicable, in a manner that reduces access to button cell batteries by children that are 3 years of age or younger. ● Warning labels that clearly identify the hazard of ingestion, instructs consumers to keep new and used batteries out of the reach of children and to seek immediate medical attention if a battery is ingested on all consumer products with button batteries and on the batteries themselves.  What happened to Reese can be prevented from happening to others. Help us change the standards to keep all children safe from the dangers of button battery ingestion.

Trista Hamsmith
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Covid-19 Small Business Finance Relief

Banks had their bail out at the US tax payers expense so now it's the Banking Industries turn to take one for the team.  #TEAMAMERICA Sign this petition in support for your local small business who employ many within your community.  Employees working for companies with less than 50 employees are excluded from the Covid -19 Stimulus Package totalling 8 Billion dollars.  They will not receive  2 weeks sick pay should they need to take off from work.  Why?  Mom and Pop businesses make up over 50% of the nation's companies.  Their workers deserve the same opportunity as their neighbor working for a large corporation. Please show your support for small business.  Ex:  local restaurants, coffee shops,  boutique, beauty salons, all types of shops owners, printing, specialty stores, your dentist, and millions of other service oriented industries and vendors who service closed schools and closed  local governments.  The affect will hit for countless additional industries, like DHL, Federal Express and UPS employees when the demand for deliveries are no longer there.  There are countless more business types affected for unknown reasons that come from our need to social distance in order to help prevent the spread of the virus. Help their landlord say to their small business tenant, " you can push back the next month's rent due". As Americans following the President's and CDC guidelines to stay home, work from home which is impossible in many industries,  and not gather in groups to help prevent the spread of Covid -19. over the next few months, these small business, should have been equally considered with the travel industries bail out plans in the Stimulus package being reviewed before Congress to encourage them to cease transportation. For the next three months,  millions of small businesses expect to have severe revenue hardships that will detrimentally affect millions of families salaries if smal employers must  chose to pay a loan or make payroll.  Let us not force them to shut their doors sending employees hiking to the unemployment lines.  These small businesses are very fragile during this period and could greatly benefit.  It could keep them out from filing bankruptcy when income and revenue are severly limited due to obstacles in their operations.  They arent asking for a hand out.  They are asking to delay payments due without added interest assessed.  They deserve to receive a 3 month reprieve from making loan payments to all types of financial institutions and banks without penalty, without default for non payment or fear of receiving a negative report from credit agencies.  Why three months?  This is the period that the Global pandemic is expected to consume and move through our nation altering our everyday behavior.  While temporary, it is enough to throw every single small business into a dark tunnel never to see the light of day again.  These small businesses are owned by the average middle class person.  He could be your neighbor.   By signing this petition, you are letting our nation's leaders know you support the working man and small business over the billions of dollars in profits taken by the banking industry in interest payments made by small business owners and their employees.  The money these financial institutions charge us is often used to lobby congress against our immediate interests. We need to maintain our economic strength of the people by supporting these people.    So without your signature, we will be letting big banks win over the working man during the most critical period in our nation's economic history. Sign the Petition and say we are #teamamerica. God bless all of us!!!        

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Section 620M (22 U.S.C. 2378d) of the United States Foreign Assistance Act of 1961, otherwise known as the Leahy Law, prohibits US aid to any unit of a state's security forces that commits “gross violations of human rights” (FAA, 1961, p.236-237). The United States has continued to provide support to Israel’s military despite its abysmal record of human rights violations against Palestinian civilians, most of which have targeted defenseless children and residents of internationally recognized Palestinian territories that have been illegally occupied by Israel.  The first category of gross human rights violations Israel commits against Palestinians involves illegal settlements. The 1947 UN Partition Plan clearly specifies Gaza and the West Bank as part of Palestinian territory, but Israel’s occupation of Gaza and continued construction of illegal settlements on the West Bank and East Jerusalem violates this international mandate. Amnesty International maintains that Israel's illegal settlement activity violates "the Hague regulations, the Fourth Geneva Convention, and is a war crime under the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court." Further, in 2016, UN Security Council Resolution 2334 determined Israel's settlements to have no legal basis, and that the state of Israel is and has been "in violation of international law." Moreover, various NGOs report widespread abuses of Palestinians who have been forcibly removed from their own homes by IDF and Israeli  forces, murdered by Israeli settlers, shot at by IDF forces, extra judicially killed by IDF forces, arrested for protesting against Israel’s abuses, and tortured while in IDF custody. The second category of Israel’s gross violation of human rights involve reported violations of the Geneva Convention’s International Law of Armed Conflict. The Law of Armed Conflict of the Geneva Convention prohibits the use of chemical weapons, and it states that parties to a conflict must “allow and facilitate impartial humanitarian relief for civilians in need.”  In September 2007, Israel began to enforce a blockade against Palestinians, which has since obstructed Palestinian civilians’ access to humanitarian aid, including medical supplies, food, and tools necessary to rebuild homes destroyed by violent conflict. In December 2008, Israeli forces destroyed the humanitarian aid ship The Dignity, which was carrying medical volunteers and supplies that were bound for Gaza. In March 2009, Israel committed war crimes against Palestinian civilians when it detonated white phosphorous munitions over Gaza, causing Palestinian men, women, and children to suffer extensive burns, cardiovascular collapse, organ failure, and/or death upon exposure. On June 30, 2009, Israeli forces obstructed the humanitarian aid ship, The Spirit of Humanity from reaching Gaza, where they arrested and imprisoned at least 19 human rights workers that were on board this ship. In May 2010, Israel obstructed the Turkish humanitarian aid ship, Mavi Marmara  from reaching Palestinian civilians besieged in Gaza, where at least nine human rights workers were killed by Israeli forces. In June 2010, Israel destroyed the humanitarian aid ship, MV Rachel Corrie that was bound for Gaza. The MV Rachel Corrie was named after US activist Rachel Corrie who was crushed to death by an armed Israeli bulldozer as she attempted to stop him from destroying a Palestinian home in March 2003.  In October 2012, Israel obstructed the humanitarian aid ship, Estelle, from reaching the besieged Palestinian civilians of Gaza. In 2017, Israel destroyed EU-funded humanitarian projects meant for Palestinian civilians on the West Bank in order to make room for illegal Israeli settlements. Humanitarian relief is vital to the survival of Palestinian civilians besieged on Gaza and the West Bank, but the intentional obstruction of such relief by Israeli forces has not allowed for the facilitation of impartial humanitarian relief for Palestinian civilians. Israel's obstruction of aid has caused Palestinian civilians to endure uninhabitable conditions, and these constitute gross violations of human rights. The third category of gross violations of human rights are reportedly against Palestinian children and in violation of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, the United Nations Convention Against Torture, and the United Nations Convention on Civil and Political Rights. IDF forces have been slammed by the United Nations, UNICEF, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, and Watch for Children in Armed Conflict for its continued abuses of Palestinian children. The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child reports that Israeli forces routinely deny Palestinian children “registration of their birth and access to health care, decent schools, and clean water,” and “continuously use Palestinian children as human shields and informants.” The use of children or civilians as human shields in armed conflict is in violation of Geneva Convention Law of Armed Conflict Rule 97 as well. UNICEF (2017) reports “child arrests and detention frequently occur in East Jerusalem. Harassment by Israeli Security Forces at check-points, violence from settlers and the demolition of houses and other infrastructure are an ongoing feature of daily life affecting children and families across the West Bank.”  Following the horrific abuse of Ahed Tamimi and her family, Human Rights Watch issued a report citing widespread abuses of Palestinian children and unjust treatment in military courts by Israeli forces. Amnesty International writes that the IDF had “tortured and otherwise ill-treated Palestinian detainees, including children, particularly during arrest and interrogation, with methods including ‘beating with batons, slapping, throttling, prolonged shackling, stress positions, sleep deprivation and threats.’” A fourth category of gross human rights violations involves the slaughter of non-combatants, including medical practitioners, journalists, and civilians.  The killings of non-combatants are war crimes and in violation of Geneva Convention IV. Article 20 of Geneva Convention IV prohibits the killing of medical personnel. It states: "Persons regularly and solely engaged in the operation and administration of civilian hospitals, including the personnel engaged in the search for, removal and transporting of and caring for wounded and sick civilians, the infirm and maternity cases, shall be respected and protected. In occupied territory and in zones of military operations, the above personnel shall be recognizable by means of an identity card certifying their status, bearing the photograph of the holder and embossed with the stamp of the responsible authority…" While the Geneva Convention clearly protects medical personnel in occupied territories, Israeli Defense Forces have reportedly targeted medical facilities and killed medical personnel who were treating wounded individuals. Between 2008 and 2009, IDF forces were reportedly involved in attacks against an estimated 15 hospitals, 43 primary health care clinics, and 29 ambulances. At least 16 health workers were killed and 25 were injured while tending to wounded persons. In 2012, at least 16 hospitals and clinics, and 6 ambulances were reportedly attacked during Israeli military offensives. At least 3 medical workers were injured. In 2014, at least 17 hospitals, 56 primary health care clinics, and 45 ambulances were reportedly attacked during Israeli military offensives. At least 23 medical personnel were killed and 78 were injured. In 2015, at least 34 medical facilities were reportedly attacked, at least 92 ambulances were damaged, and at least 147 medical workers were injured during Israeli military offensives. Physicians for Human Rights- Israel documented at least 11 attacks on medical facilities and medical personnel in 2016. In 2017, the Coalition of Safeguarding Health in Conflict documented at least 93 attacks against medical personnel and medical facilities, mostly committed by Israeli Defense Forces. Between March 30 and May 27, 2018 alone, IDF forces have reportedly launched attacks affecting 245 health workers and 40 ambulances. On June 1, 2018, IDF shot to death Razan al-Najjar, a 21-year old female Palestinian paramedic who was tending to injured protesters when she was slain. Israel’s attacks on protected persons such as medical personnel are war crimes, and they constitute gross violations of human rights. While the number of deaths and casualties of non-combatants remains disputed across different sources, no sources examined dispute the fact that Israel continues to commit war crimes and human rights violations against non-combatants in the illegally occupied territories. The actions of Israel clearly violate human rights; therefore, we, the undersigned demand freedom and justice for Palestinians, that the Leahy Law be enforced, and that the United States cease all material support to the Israeli military.  Material support that the United States must stop providing to the Israeli military includes but is not limited to: Funding the Israeli military and/or any Israeli agency or Israeli organization that can execute violent operations Providing any weapon to the Israeli military and/or any Israeli agency or Israeli organization that can execute violent operations. Weapons include but are not limited to:            a. Small arms including but not limited to: ammunition, handguns, rifles,                       carbines, sub-machine guns, assault rifles, and light machine guns, land                   mines,            b. Light Weapons including but not limited to: general-purpose machine                       guns, medium machine guns, heavy machine guns, rifle grenades, grenade launchers, automatic grenade launchers, anti-tank rifles, recoilless rifles, rocket-propelled grenades, man-portable anti-tank missiles, man-portable air-defense systems, and mortars            c. Large arms including but not limited to: drones, air craft carriers, all                         military air craft, laser-guided missiles, laser-guided bombs, ballistic missiles, intercontinental ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, glide bombs, tanks, air strikes            d. All internationally banned weapons pursuant to the Convention on Prohibitions or Restrictions on the Use of Certain Conventional Weapons Which May Be Deemed to Be Excessively Injurious or to Have Indiscriminate Effects (CCWC) and Customary International Humanitarian Law Rule  71 3. Providing intelligence to the Israeli military and/or any Israeli agency or Israeli organization that can execute violent operations 4. Providing any training to the Israeli military and/or any Israeli agency or Israeli          organization that can execute violent operations 5. Assisting the Israeli military with any military operation and/or assisting any Israeli agency or organization that can execute violent operations with military operations 6. Aiding the state of Israel in expanding and/or maintaining its illegal settlement activity 7. Providing the Israeli state and/or its military and/or any Israeli agency or Israeli          organization that can execute violent operations with materials that may be used      to create any kind of explosive device and/or any weapon that is internationally banned pursuant to Customary International Humanitarian Law Rule 71 and the CCWC Banned for trade with Israel are materials that are used to manufacture or create:               a. Explosive materials that can be made to create IEDs               b. Chemical weapons               c. Biological weapons               d. Nuclear weapons               e. Land mines               f.  Mines               g. Poisons               h. Explosives discharged from balloons               i.  V-1 and V-2 rockets               j. Cluster munitions 8. Providing the Israeli state and/or its military and/or any Israeli agency or Israeli      organization that can execute violent operations with materials that have been      used to commit gross violations of human rights or illegal settlement activity.            These include but are not limited to:               a. Items used to demolish Palestinian homes including but not limited to:                           i.  All types of bulldozers, including armored D-9 bulldozers               b. Items used to kill activists including but not limited to:                           i. All types of bulldozers, including armored D-9 bulldozers               c. Building materials used to create illegal settlements for Israeli citizens                        on Palestinian Territory. The promise of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is an inalienable right that must be afforded to our equals in humanity just as it is afforded to ourselves. United States elected officials must stop aiding the militias of those governments who impede individuals’ access to such opportunities. Stop providing aid to Israel’s military. Enforce the Leahy Law now!

Aarefah Mosavi
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Help Veterans & Dogs - Urge Congress to Adopt National Veteran Service Dog Standards

Here's one problem we can solve. Right now there is a lot of confusion over service, therapy, and emotional support dogs. Current service dog laws are being abused because there isn't a national standard.  As a result, the validity of service dogs has been questioned. Veterans and their service dogs are being denied entry to public places, such as restaurants and airports. Many veterans report that their service dog allowed them to return to a normal life. Doesn't normal life include living without fear of confrontation? A variety of "service dog" bills have been presented in the House and Senate. We need one national standard.  American Humane, National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations (NAVSO) and a group of academic, business and government experts have created the first national standard for service dogs, but we need your help. Sign and share this petition today and let the House and Senate Committees for Veterans' Affairs know you support one common sense national standard for service dogs.  Supporting this petition will ensure veterans and their service dogs have the opportunity to become credentialed. Let's help veterans and their service dogs live a life without fear of confrontation.    #dogs4vets

National Association of Veteran-Serving Organizations
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