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Ron Wyden

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Ronald Lee "Ron" Wyden is the senior United States Senator for Oregon, serving since 1996, and a member of the Democratic Party. He previously served in the United States House of Representatives from 1981 to 1996.

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Put an End to Corporate Bullying Tactics by Under Armour Large companies are crushing the American Dream one small business at a time.  The Sherman Law was passed in 1890, which prohibits monopolies to unreasonably restrict or in any way control interstate commerce.  Since then, large corporations have found new innovative ways to push smaller businesses out of the market space. "Trademark Bullying" or "Trolling" is aggressively asserting rights beyond the scope of trademark protection afforded by the Lanham Act through the issuance of threatening cease and desist letters According to the 2013 American Intellectual Property Law Association, Trademark litigation costs total on average $375,000 through trial for a small business and most of them cant afford to defend themselves. The free Market Space is Rapidly Vanishing.  Cascade Armory wants the fight to keep the American Dream Alive. Please help us protect our company from a corporate threat. Hello friends! My name is Alex, and my wife Diana and I recently set out to make our dream a reality - to start our small but thriving apparel company, Cascade Armory. Cascade Armory was established in Bend, Oregon and is inspired by our amazing community and love for the outdoors. Our years of savings, hard work, and passion for our company have resulted in amazing growth - more than we could have expected.  However, shortly after Cascade Armory's launch, the multibillion dollar company Under Armour sent us a cease and desist letter, claiming we are infringing upon their trademark and causing brand confusion - all because of our use of the word "armory". Since then, Under Armour has taken legal action against our small company, filing a formal opposition to our trademark. Our dream is just one of many being threatened by Under Armour's meritless claims. In addition to blocking the publishing of our trademark, they have also ordered us to shut down our website and discontinue sales.  We have gone from reinvesting into our company to spending our hard earned dollars on daunting legal fees. We have been forced to hire legal counsel to protect our company and dream.  Just to defend ourselves in trademark court, we can expect costs of at least $50,000. In addition, Under Armour's history in trademark litigation tells us that a federal lawsuit is almost imminent, which can cost up to another $500,000 in legal defense fees.   This is abuse of the trademark law at its finest. Under Armour knows their claims have no merit, but they also know that our small business will get crushed financially by the legal process, which caters to large corporations.  Receiving your support would allow us to defend our company and all that we have worked so hard to attain. With your help, we can continue to make a positive impact on the community, support local aspiring artists and outdoor enthusiasts, and follow our dream of owning a successful business.  When we as a team stand up to Under Armour, we are not only standing up for Cascade Armory - we are taking a stand for all small businesses. Please let us be a voice in ending corrupt behavior by corporations. Your support and sharing of our story is so greatly appreciated.  Let's take a stand against corporate bullying and make change!      

Cascade Armory
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Remove sub-Asian boxes on Census Form 2020! Stop racist anti-Asian anti-immigrant legacy!

Dear fellow Americans for justice, brothers and sisters against racism, The glaringly racist legacy of sub-Asian boxes on the Census form was started in 1870, after the Burlingame Treaty of 1868, which eventually led to the infamous, racist, and inhumane Chinese Exclusion Act spanning from 1882 to 1943, which among other terrible abominations, banned U.S. residents of Chinese descent from having children or getting married; their family members in Asia were forbidden from entry to U.S. and reuniting as families. The Census form has no "Asian/Asian American" category. In its place are a group of boxes signifying foreign nationalities in Asia as if Asian Americans were all “perpetual foreigners.” It intrusively identified and collected data on which U.S. residents were of Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese...descent. While the Chinese Exclusion Act ended in 1943, did these racist, humiliating, dehumanizing sub-Asian boxes get removed from the Census form? No, they were kept on the Census form by the U.S. government even until today, and if we don't fight back and boycott the Census form with sub-Asian boxes, it will stay on the 2020 Census form and beyond, prolonging a racist American legacy, a shame to all Americans. This legacy treats Americans of Asian descent as perpetual foreigners, and collects intrusive personal ancestral origin data used in many kinds of racial discrimination and persecution. In one example, the U.S. government used information from the Census Bureau to identify native born Americans of Japanese descent and sent them to Internment Camps during the World War II. There were also discriminatory laws against Americans of various Asian descent, such as Filipino. Such horrendous trampling of humanity will happen again unless you and I act now to boycott a 2020 Census form with sub-Asian boxes. We demand these sub-Asian boxes be removed and replaced with one description--"Asian/Asian American." Injustice to one human being is injustice to all human kind. If we don't stop this racist and anti-immigrant legacy, its “logic” and mentality will be repeated in current and future policy-making. Let's keep fighting against racism and improve the human condition step by step. Please join the good fight to make this historically significant change happen for now and forever, by signing this petition and sharing it on social media and by email, word of mouth. Power to the people! Fighting on, Americans against racism and anti-Asian anti-immigrant legacy

Swan Lee
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