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Robert Menendez

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Robert Menendez is the senior United States Senator from New Jersey and member of the Democratic party. He is currently the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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Allow Transgender People Into the U.S. Military

On Wednesday, July 26, 2017, Donald Trump announced that transgender individuals would no longer be accepted or allowed into the U.S. Military because their cost is a "burden." This is extremely disgraceful and an insult to all those who have already given their lives for this country. This is not equality, and this is not "supporting the LGBT community," as he said he does. This is utterly transphobic. Many people who served are going to be left jobless, and many others will no longer be able to fulfill their dreams. This is not okay, and this should not be legal. Trans people are still people. 

Kaitlin Jozokos
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Justice for Military Sexual Trauma Victims: Pass the Military Justice Improvement Act

Of the 26,000 sexual assaults in 2012, only 3,374 were reported and only 302 were brought to trial. I am a retired U.S. Navy Veteran and Military Sexual Trauma (MST) survivor. And like many other victims in the military, I was harassed, and humiliated by my Chain of Command after reporting my abuse. But a bipartisan bill before the U.S. Senate right now can completely change how sexual assaults in the military are handled - the Military Justice Improvement Act.  As it stands now, any U.S. Military personnel, male or female, who are sexually assaulted or harassed are at the mercy of their own Commanding Officers who have full jurisdiction and discretion in prosecuting these cases. In many of the cases the perpetrator is not prosecuted while the victim is treated as the criminal, ostracized and harassed by their own command and often their military service stands in jeopardy. This is why so many assaults go unreported. Even though I was raped while in the Navy, my case it is a story of command harassment.  During a 5 year period I was harassed, by my command because the Maintenance Officer didn't want "women in his Navy".  Between being raped and continuously harassed I was diagnosed with PTSD in 2001.  I was raped and it was traumatizing, but the most devastating thing was the Command Harassment. The Military Justice Improvement Act (S. 967) changes this by taking the Commanding Officer out of the case and providing a specialized legal group in charge of investigating and prosecuting these cases. This is a common sense step that our closest allies, including the UK, Canada, Australia and Israel, have made to their militaries.  The Military Justice Improvement Act has bipartisan support but needs more votes to pass and it will be voted on this week. Your Senator needs to hear from you about this important bill now!  I spent 20 years trying to run away from the hell the Navy put me though. I was told that all of my problems were between my ears. They tried to Court Marshal me, they harassed me on a daily basis, and when I was transferred the harassment continued because my perpetrator picked up the phone and had me labeled a troublemaker before I even checked in. If the Military Justice Improvement Act had been passed then, that wouldn't have happened to me.  Help us get the word to Congress that the rape culture in the military is still prevalent.  Tell them we will no longer allow our men and women in the military to be raped, tell them that we WILL hold them accountable.  I am taking a stand against the unjust persecution of my brothers and sisters that are victims of MST and harassment. Please join me by asking your Senator to support the Military Justice Improvement Act. 

Teresa Youngs
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Stop Forcing Mail Order Pharmacy as Only Choice of Coverage & Monitor Package Temperature

My son, received a life saving liver transplant at the age of 2. His life depends on the potency and effectiveness of chemotherapy/immune suppression medications. In the past mail order delivered his liquid oral medications in nothing but a plastic envelope on a 102 degree day on a hot enclosed not temperature controlled UPS truck. Shortly after, he went into liver rejection which could have resulted in complete liver failure or death. I speculated that the medication could have been too weak after the delivery of medications in high heat. I vowed to never again risk his life with mail order pharmacy. Recently, we were mandated/forced to only use mail order pharmacy in order to receive coverage for his life saving medications. Hesitant, I begged for an ice pack. The package arrived on an about 90 degree day again without an ice pack. His labs elevated again afterwards. My son wants to know, "Why would they do that?" I contacted the manufacturer, who completes all of the testing for my son drugs who stated that both of my son's medications should be discarded and considered less potent once stored above 86 degrees as higher temperatures and freezing could result in lower potency. I also found out that the liquid medication that the youngest children take are the most harmed by the mishandling of medications outside of the manufactures temperature storage guidelines. Our youngest of children's lives are being threatened.  I contacted the mail order pharmacy who refused to take replace or take back the medication. They said the law & USP Pharmacopoeia allows them to ship up to 104 degrees, although the manufacturer states it is not proven safe at these temperatures.  I contacted the FDA, who states that the mail order pharmacy should be using the manufacturer's guidelines that have been proven safe. Not the reference range by USP that has not tested my son's exact medication. However since the mail order pharmacies are regulated loosley by the State Board of Pharmacy, not the FDA there was nothing that the FDA could do.  I spoke with a UPS driver. He states temperatures on his truck are far above 104 degrees on a 90 degree day. He is mandated to keep his door closed unless getting a package. He states it gets so hot on a 90 degree day that he cannot breathe when he opens the back.  I made over 30 calls to the insurance company begging for them to please let us pick my son's medications up at the local pharmacy at which they are filled. My son's physician wrote a note/appeal as his transplant team has stated that they have tried to voice their concerns about this issue with their pediatric/child patients and no one is listening! The insurance company still denied the doctor's appeal for us to pick up my son's medications in the safest way. It was not until the Media became evolved that the insurance company budged.  I felt helpless and have untied with many other pharmacist, physicians, patients, mothers and fathers, and caregivers who feel the same way. Helpless. Mail order of prescription drugs should be a choice not the only option of coverage. Mandatory mail order programs from all plan types (INCLUDING the plans that are regulated by ERISA) needs to cease until mail order pharmacies are forced to store and monitor medications during their deliveries at the temperatures tested and proven safe by the manufacturer. I would never put my son's medications in a hot non-temperature controlled environment, and shoudn't be forced to only use this option in order to get coverage for his life saving medications. Mail order pharmacies may appear to save money, but when my son ended up in the hosptial after taking medications that could have been compromised by having lower potency, the cost of the rejection was thousands of dollars. If his liver would have fully failed, the cost of his liver transplant for just 5 days (he was in the hospital for 5 weeks) was over $1,000,000. The lax regulation and oversight may save money on prescription drug plans, but may come at an increased cost to the health plan itself. Also, keep in mind the endless waste of medications that automatically are sent regardless of whether or not patients need them. Also, people with chronic, complex conditions, should always have the option of face to face interaction with a pharmacist who knows their complex needs and medical history. Could you imagine being required to go to a different doctor every time you needed medical care for you or your family? The pharmacist and patient relationship is crucial to the successful outcome of the patient's overall health. Taking this away is harmful to patients and be more costly to our already stressed healthcare system. Another important fact. Mandatory mail order programs are discriminatory. It is estimated that 40% of our homeless are disabled. How is mandatory mail order fair and working for them as they may not have an address and not even know where they will be from day to day? We need legislation to protect all patients by ending the mandatory mail order pharmacy coverage in every type of plan offered in the nation.  We need your help to make mandatory mail order an option not a mandate. YOUR URGENT SUPPORT WILL SAVE LIVES! THANK YOU!!

Loretta Boesing
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Remove sub-Asian boxes on Census Form 2020! Stop racist anti-Asian anti-immigrant legacy!

Dear fellow Americans for justice, brothers and sisters against racism, The glaringly racist legacy of sub-Asian boxes on the Census form was started in 1870, after the Burlingame Treaty of 1868, which eventually led to the infamous, racist, and inhumane Chinese Exclusion Act spanning from 1882 to 1943, which among other terrible abominations, banned U.S. residents of Chinese descent from having children or getting married; their family members in Asia were forbidden from entry to U.S. and reuniting as families. The Census form has no "Asian/Asian American" category. In its place are a group of boxes signifying foreign nationalities in Asia as if Asian Americans were all “perpetual foreigners.” It intrusively identified and collected data on which U.S. residents were of Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese...descent. While the Chinese Exclusion Act ended in 1943, did these racist, humiliating, dehumanizing sub-Asian boxes get removed from the Census form? No, they were kept on the Census form by the U.S. government even until today, and if we don't fight back and boycott the Census form with sub-Asian boxes, it will stay on the 2020 Census form and beyond, prolonging a racist American legacy, a shame to all Americans. This legacy treats Americans of Asian descent as perpetual foreigners, and collects intrusive personal ancestral origin data used in many kinds of racial discrimination and persecution. In one example, the U.S. government used information from the Census Bureau to identify native born Americans of Japanese descent and sent them to Internment Camps during the World War II. There were also discriminatory laws against Americans of various Asian descent, such as Filipino. Such horrendous trampling of humanity will happen again unless you and I act now to boycott a 2020 Census form with sub-Asian boxes. We demand these sub-Asian boxes be removed and replaced with one description--"Asian/Asian American." Injustice to one human being is injustice to all human kind. If we don't stop this racist and anti-immigrant legacy, its “logic” and mentality will be repeated in current and future policy-making. Let's keep fighting against racism and improve the human condition step by step. Please join the good fight to make this historically significant change happen for now and forever, by signing this petition and sharing it on social media and by email, word of mouth. Power to the people! Fighting on, Americans against racism and anti-Asian anti-immigrant legacy

Swan Lee
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Save Basit

Ahmed Abdel-basit Mohammad is an academic seeking asylum in the US due to the brutal political persecution in his country. Ahmed has been recently detained by ICE and has an unjust and politically motivated death sentence in Egypt. On April 5th 2018, ICE agents arrested Ahmed outside of his home on his way to work, where he teaches physics to high school students. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have reported on his case and have supported his asylum application. Denying Ahmed's asylum and deporting him is sending an innocent man to his imminent death. Sign this petition today to help save Ahmed’s life and visit us at for updates on his case.

Yusef Haddabah
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We demand that The United States Senate not confirm Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

As the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, the Attorney General of the United States must be independent of politics and respect the dignity of all Americans. The Attorney General has a duty to enforce the rule of law fairly and pursue equal justice under the law. One of the core functions of the Department of Justice is to protect Americans’ civil rights, and to defend those who have been denied them. Another key function of the Department of Justice is to protect our security, but never sacrifice our civil liberties. Not only has Senator Sessions been a staunch opponent of reforming the tragic shortcomings in our criminal justice system, he holds a number of views that are inconsistent with how most Americans believe justice should be applied under our Constitution.

The Righteous Opposition
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Congress: Censure President Trump For His Heinous Remarks About "Shithole" Countries

Please also sign and share our net neutrality petition: And join our group here:     ----------- This petition began in a private, politically active facebook group of 6300 people consisting of Democrats, Independents, Socialists, Libertarians, and concerned Republicans.  On Thursday, Jan 11, the Washington Post reported that President Donald Trump attacked potential immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador and African countries as part of a bipartisan immigration deal. The White House did not deny these allegations. This, a day before the 8th anniversary of the earthquake in Haiti that killed over 100,000 people.  This is a step too far. If this were any other president, a censure would be an expected course of action. We realize that many in congress have become numb to Mr. Trump's rhetoric, but American voters have not. This is the language of fringe talk radio, not the President of the United States. He dishonors the office with these words. He is our chief diplomat around the world, and he represents millions of Americans who emigrated from these nations. He should act like it. It is time for congress to stand up and censure this president for his dishonorable remarks about our friends in Haiti, El Salvador and Africa, who rightfully look to the United States as a beacon of freedom and opportunity.  

Countdown To Beat Trump (
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End Shark Fishing Tournaments in New Jersey

It is not uncommon to catch a shark in New Jersey waters in the months of May through October. Many are terrified to contemplate sharing the Jersey shore’s waters with such an alarming apex predator. Common misconceptions and opinions aside, shark populations are declining all over the world in devastating numbers with drastic impacts on the future of our ecosystem. As a matter of fact, in a report from WildAid, “Parts of the US East Coast may well host more recreational fishing for large sharks than anywhere else in the world”. It is considerable importance that sharks in the state of New Jersey are protected to combat future environmental catastrophes. Sharks return every year, their population are threatened by dangerous fishing tournaments and un-accompanying regulations. Allowing such activities to continue is negligent as it contributes to serious health hazards for the community as well as the environment. Critical changes must be implemented. June is a prime time for fishermen as the shark fishing tournaments begin along the atlantic coast and the “thrill” of catching big game brings returns...along with major health risks. Shark fishing is extremely popular in Point Pleasant. Many charter boats and competitions offer significant cash prizes for the heaviest mako or thresher that can be obtained. Nicknamed “the Jersey Swordfish” according to their steak texture, it is typical that fishermen sell or keep shark meat for later consumption. According to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, some of the species you might expect to see include: Shortfin mako, thresher, porbeagle, blue, lemon, blacktip, spinner, bull, finetooth, blacknose, atlantic sharpnose, scalloped and bonnethead hammerhead, and smooth and spiny dogfish. Mako and Thresher are the main goal for many ambitious fishermen despite the fact that these species in particular have elevated mercury levels. Mercury is toxic and can cause serious health problems (“Shark”). Without further action, shark fishing for meat encourages the community to be consuming poisonous levels of mercury causing many detrimental effects on people’s health.    In order to fish, anglers must acquire a permit and report any sharks for trade. Although the state encourages catch and release of makos, it is not required. Regulations have been set in place by NJ Department of Environmental Protection which states that each vessel may retain one shark per day (minimum fifty-four inches fork length), plus one bonnethead and atlantic sharpnose.  It is mentioned on their website that “The registry is an important tool that will help fishermen and policymakers work together to better account for the contributions and impacts of saltwater anglers on ocean ecosystems and coastal economies. ” But how do these regulations protect the vulnerable or endangered species that inhabit New Jersey’s coast in the summer? The sexual maturity size of the Mako shark, the most popular game, is much larger than the minimum 54 inches required.  Sexual maturity in a female mako is 108 inches and 73 for males. Not to mention the fifteen to eighteen-month gestational period, with only a few young who survive. Having such a long period of time invested into reproduction, and reproducing later in their lives, these regulations cannot be suitable for protection of a vulnerable species.  A minimum size smaller than sexual maturity endangers sharks like the Thresher, for example, that reaches sexual maturity after about eight years, and only has two to four pups every two years. Furthermore, of the sharks listed above, thirteen appear on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s "red list" as vulnerable or endangered. Notably, there is no size limit or bag limit on spiny or smooth dogfish. The spiny dogfish also appears on the IUCN red list as vulnerable and have elevated mercury levels. Although many regulations are put in place, they could not possibly encourage the protection of the sharks that share the same ocean as New Jersey citizens. New enhanced regulations on shark fishing are urgent if the species is to have any chance.   All over the world, overexploitation of sharks is starting to concern scientists and communities as already ninety percent of apex predators have already been wiped from the sea. With all the knowledge discovered and new research being conducted, the conservation of sharks is not only an important environmental issue but a human health issue as well. If stricter regulations could be implemented and ultimately the eradication of shark tournaments, the future of shark populations and environmental impacts will see improvements worldwide.            Citations   Buckley, Luis, and Jennifer Hile. The End of the Line- Global Threat to Sharks. 2nd ed., WildAid, 2007, p. 28, The End of the Line- Global Threat to Sharks,   NEW JERSEY DIVISION OF FISH & WILDLIFE MARINE FISHERIES ADMINISTRATION COMMERCIAL REGULATIONS. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, 20 Apr. 2015, “Shark.” Seafood Selector, Environmental Defense Fund, 28 Mar. 2013, “The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.” The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, 2017, “What You Can Do to Protect Yourself against Mercury Poisoning.” Edited by Gary A Rayant, The Dangers of Hidden Mercury, Dear Doctor, 5 May 2011,  

Shark Friends NJ
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As a Citizen/lawful Resident of the United States I am signing this petition to lend my support to the request by the sovereign people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia, represented by leaders of its main pro-independence movements before the Administration of President Donald J. Trump and the Congress of the United States, urging Your Excellency Donald J. Trump to: URGENTLY INTERVENE to reaffirm the YES vote cast by USA in passing UN Resolution 1608 (XV) on April 21, 1961 towards the independence of Southern Cameroons by supporting their right to self-determination;URGENTLY INTERVENE in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia outside the framework of the United Nation Human Rights Council to stop all the ongoing gross human rights abuses and the mounting humanitarian disaster;URGENTLY INTERVENE by deploying through the UN or unilaterally, a US-Led Peacekeeping Mission as an intervention force charged with imposing a ceasefire and ending the ongoing GENOCIDE, ethnic cleansing and targeted elimination of Southern Cameroonians by the brutal regime of French Cameroun led by the 86 year-old dictator, Paul Biya who has held onto power for 36 years and counting. In less than 2 years now, over 200,000 refugees and internally displaced Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians have been registered with several thousand shot dead or abducted and imprisoned incommunicado by the French Cameroun regime. The world needs to stop another RWANDA style GENOCIDE now.Thank you, President TRUMP, for your TIMELY INTERVENTION to promote PEACE and freedom and arrest the reckless killing of our innocent women and children especially.

Southern Cameroons Interim Government (Federal Republic of Ambazonia)
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Nicolas Maduro

*See English translation by Google at the bottom FUNDAMENTOS DE ESTA PETICION Estamos pidiendo un cambio en Venezuela para que cesen los crímenes de lesa humanidad, el secuestro, encarcelamiento, tortura y masacre de civiles inocentes, la corrupción, el robo de los dineros públicos, el saqueo de las empresas públicas, la expropiación de las empresas privadas para convertirlas en empresas públicas, la hambruna producida por falta de alimentos, los miles de muertos por falta de medicinas, los cientos de bebes muertos por falta de productos lácteos y nutricionales, los millones de ciudadanos que salen de Venezuela por persecución política, inseguridad o por falta de alimentos y medicinas, los asesinatos que comete la dictadura utilizando la guardia nacional, la policía, los paramilitares y las bandas de criminales llamadas "los colectivos" (armados, pagados y liderados por Nicolás Maduro, quien además prometió armar más de 500 mil milicianos para aumentar el poder criminal de los colectivos y otros grupos paramilitares), el trafico de drogas bajo control de Nicolas Maduro y de sus subalternos y amigos, el terrorismo, el robo de las pensiones de los venezolanos jubilados que viven en el exterior (la mayoría están pasando una situación miserable por no tener ingresos económicos), etc. NARCOTRAFICO SIN CONTROL En Venezuela hay muchos colaboradores de Nicolás Maduro involucrados en el narcotráfico. El narcotráfico se efectúa al frente de las narices de Nicolás Maduro. Venezuela expulsó a los oficiales de la DEA para poder ejercer este negocio libremente, pues las ganancias son enormes. Los sobrinos de la pareja presidencial Nicolás Maduro / Cilia Flores están presos en Los Estados Unidos, acusados de narcotráfico. El vicepresidente de Venezuela Tareck El Aissami está acusado en Los Estados Unidos y otros países por narcotrafico. Hay muchos generales, coroneles, y otros colaboradores de Maduro involucrados en este negocio ilícito, al utilizar aeronaves de la república, aeropuertos, puertos marítimos y otras facilidades controladas por el gobierno. Se comenta que la droga es suministrada por las FARC principalmente, quienes la entregan a generales y coroneles. Estos crímenes se consideran una AMENAZA contra la SEGURIDAD DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS, EUROPA y del mundo en general. VENEZUELA PROMUEVE Y FINANCIA EL TERRORISMO Venezuela, y por supuesto, el presidente Nicolás Maduro y sus colaboradores, están acusados internacionalmente de apoyar y financiar a varios grupos terroristas entre ellos se ha mencionado a ISIS, HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH, FARC, ELN, etc. Venezuela presenta una AMENAZA PARA LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS, EUROPA Y EL RESTO DEL MUNDO, teniendo en cuenta que Venezuela promueve el terrorismo. Por ejemplo, Las FARC hace muchos años que están establecidas en Venezuela, allí disponen de protección del gobierno para sus actividades como tráfico de drogas que viene de Colombia, extorsión y secuestro. El ELN también tiene privilegios en Venezuela, entran y salen cuando quieren y realizan actividades similares a las FARC. En relación a HEZBOLLAH, Venezuela le ha entregado pasaportes venezolanos y visas a varios individuos de esta organización. De tal manera que ellos podrían realizar actos terroristas en Estados Unidos u otro país, haciéndose pasar como ciudadanos venezolanos que no entienden el español. Recordemos que HEZBOLLAH estuvo acusada de cometer ataques terroristas en Argentina, pero Venezuela intervino secretamente para que se suspendieran las investigaciones en las cuales estaba involucrado el gobierno de Iran. Venezuela le dio ayuda financiera a Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner para su campaña presidencial, así que ella fue utilizada con ese fin. Siria está sancionada internacionalmente por sus masacres contra la población y sus acciones terroristas, sin embargo, Venezuela ha conspirado para ayudar al régimen de Al Assad, revendiendo a los Estados Unidos petróleo Sirio, haciéndolo pasar como crudo venezolano a través de una refinería de PDVSA en Aruba. ARMAS NUCLEARES Venezuela está enviando URANIO a sus aliados Iran y Korea del Norte, para facilitar que estos países puedan desarrollar bombas nucleares. Esta es otra AMENAZA que presenta Venezuela para LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS, EUROPA y resto del mundo. PETICION DE CAMBIO El cambio que pedimos es que los organismos internacionales declaren a Nicolas Maduro AUTOR DE CRIMENES DE LESA HUMANIDAD, PROMOTOR Y BENEFICIARIO DEL NEGOCIO DEL NARCOTRAFICO, PROMOTOR DEL TERRORISMO Y JEFE DE LA BANDA CRIMINAL LLAMADA LOS COLECTIVOS, así como de otros GRUPOS PARAMILITARES, para que sea ARRESTADO en cualquier parte del mundo, inclusive en Venezuela. No podemos esperar a que se siga masacrando a la población civil. Necesitamos una acción inmediata a nivel internacional, porque Maduro y sus colaboradores son unos delincuentes, y como tal nunca van a abandonar el poder, ni van a renunciar, ni se van a entregar. Los Estados Unidos es prácticamente el único país que puede ayudar a acabar con esta AMENAZA que está desestabilizando a todo el continente americano. Esta petición también incluye el arresto de Tareck El Aissami, vicepresidente de Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello, los ministros que han violado los derechos humanos de miles de venezolanos, los generales y coroneles que sirven a las fuerzas publicas, los jefes de los cuerpos policiales que han asesinado civiles, los magistrados del Tribunal Supremo de Justicia que han violado la constitución para mantener a unos criminales en el poder, los rectores del Consejo Nacional Electoral que han cometido fraude y son cómplices del gobierno, los miembros de la Junta directiva del Banco Central de Venezuela y de PDVSA, quienes han estafado y desfalcado a la nación, los gobernadores y alcaldes que han promovido o han sido cómplices de la persecución, tortura y asesinato de civiles, así como cualquier otro individuo coautor o cómplice de los actos criminales de lesa humanidad descritos. A todos ellos aquí los llamaremos colaboradores de Nicolás Maduro. EL ROBO DE LAS PENSIONES DE LOS JUBILADOS El régimen de Nicolás Maduro no le paga las pensiones a los venezolanos que viven en el exterior. El robo de las pensiones de los venezolanos que viven en los Estados Unidos crea una jurisdicción demandable porque allí Venezuela posee la refinería CITGO que es embargable. Recordemos que Maduro regaló 500 mil dólares a través de la CITGO a Donald Trump para su posesión como presidente de los Estados Unidos. JUSTICIA PARA QUE PAGUEN LOS CULPABLES Todos los colaboradores de Nicolás Maduro, activos y retirados, deben ser declarados culpables de delitos criminales y/o enriquecimiento ilícito, sus visas para ingresar a los Estados Unidos, Europa y demás países democráticos deben ser anuladas, de tal manera que no puedan viajar al exterior, y menos pedir asilo en algún país donde se respeten los derechos humanos. Como conclusión, si quieren huir de Venezuela no les queda otra opción que irse a vivir a Cuba. Este será su castigo. Todas sus propiedades en Venezuela y en el exterior deben ser congeladas, tal como si fueran propiedades fruto del enriquecimiento ilícito, narcotráfico o  lavado de dinero. Recordemos que todos los miembros del PSUV eran pobres, pero ahora son unos oligarcas que tienen propiedades multimillonarias alrededor del mundo, como consecuencia de la corrupción, narcotráfico y/o del lavado de dinero. Ellos son anti-imperialistas, pero tienen propiedades lujosas en los Estados Unidos, y uno se los encuentra hasta en los parques de Disney en Orlando, Florida. VENEZUELA INVADIDA Y CONTROLADA POR CUBA Para nadie es un secreto que Chávez firmo un acuerdo con Fidel Castro mediante el cual Fidel Castro se comprometía a asesorarlo para mantenerlo en el poder por 20 años o más a cambio de una renta mensual en petróleo y dólares. Este acuerdo se fue profundizando para incluir servicios profesionales, inteligencia militar, espionaje, mercenarios, etc. Se habla de que el grupo G2 de inteligencia cubano, equivalente a la CIA de los Estados Unidos, mantiene más de 5,000 espías y asesores en Venezuela infiltrados en la Guardia Nacional, los cuerpos de policía, las fuerzas armadas, navales y aérea, los ministerios, comandos militares, PDVSA, empresas del estado, notarías, organismos públicos, oficinas públicas incluyendo las de cedulación y expedición de pasaportes, medios de comunicación, etc. Los cubanos supervisan y espían prácticamente todo lo que ocurre en Venezuela. Se estima que hay un miembro del G2 al lado de cada general, coronel, comandante, director, presidente, ministro, etc. Ellos reportan a Cuba todo lo que pasa a su alrededor y desde Cuba llegan órdenes al gobierno venezolano. Venezuela no tiene autonomía, ni es un país soberano, porque las decisiones dependen de Raúl Castro y los asesores cubanos. Venezuela hoy día es casi una colonia cubana. Cuba tiene más de 50,000 hombres en Venezuela entre mercenarios, médicos, odontólogos, entrenadores deportivos, ingenieros, militares, empleados, etc. Este es el mejor negocio que tiene Cuba, porque Venezuela le paga a Raúl Castro en dólares y Raúl Castro le paga a los cubanos en pesos cubanos. A cada cubano se le deposita su sueldo en una cuenta bancaria en cuba. Es decir Venezuela mantiene la dictadura en Cuba suministrándole petróleo y Dólares a Raúl Castro, y a cambio, Cuba mantiene la dictadura en Venezuela con sus asesores y espías. Los hermanos Castro (Fidel Castro ya falleció) son los autores intelectuales de la situación caótica por la que atraviesa Venezuela, y también tienen responsabilidad en los asesinatos y crímenes que suceden a diario, como asesores que son, y por los mercenarios cubanos que están infiltrados en la guardia Nacional, cuerpos policiales y otros grupos, para asesinar estudiantes y civiles inocentes. Nicolás Maduro es algo así como un títere de Raúl Castro, y si el gobierno cubano no lo quiere apoyar más, podría ser obligado a renunciar, para ser reemplazado por un nuevo líder de la revolución socialista. De acuerdo a lo anterior, SOLICITAMOS SANCIONES INTERNACIONALES PARA EL GOBIERNO CUBANO. Pedimos prohibir el envío de remesas de dinero a Cuba, porque ese dinero está financiando la dictadura y los crímenes cometidos por ese gobierno. Se debe permitir solamente el envío de alimentos, ropa, electrodomésticos, computadores, teléfonos celulares, etc. También solicitamos que se suspenda el acuerdo logrado entre Barack Obama y Raúl Castro, el cual permite vuelos aéreos y marítimos entre Estados Unidos y Cuba. El único beneficiario de este acuerdo es Raúl Castro que se está llenando de dólares, pero no ha habido ningún cambio hacia la democracia, o hacia la libertad de expresión. Cuba es culpable de estar creando una segunda cuba en Sur América, a base de crímenes, asesinatos, secuestro, encarcelamiento y tortura de líderes y miembros de la oposición. Cuba también presenta una AMENAZA CONTRA LA SEGURIDAD DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS, EUROPA y demás naciones del mundo. RETIRO DE EMBAJADORES Pedimos a todos los gobiernos del mundo que retiren a sus embajadores que mantienen en Venezuela, si no quieren ser cómplices de Nicolás Maduro y su banda de criminales. Los países que están en contra de la violación de los derechos humanos, el genocidio, el narcotráfico y la dictadura, deben ordenar de inmediato el retiro de sus embajadores en señal de protesta. Simultáneamente deben expulsar de sus países a los embajadores de Venezuela por ser los representantes de una banda de criminales y narcotraficantes. OFICINAS DE INMIGRACION También solicitamos a las oficinas de inmigración que investiguen a todos los colaboradores activos o retirados del régimen corrupto y criminal descrito, para que de ser culpables de enriquecimiento ilícito y/o lavado de dinero, sean deportados y sus propiedades congeladas. Esto también incluye a los testaferros, así como a los empresarios que han sido beneficiarios de contratos corruptos y ahora son o pretenden ser inversionistas en el exterior. Se entiende por inversionista alguien que compra al menos una propiedad, monta una empresa o negocio, o coloca sumas grandes de dinero en el exterior. INTERVENCION INTERNACIONAL INMEDIATA  Según encuestas independientes, el 79% de los venezolanos están de acuerdo con una intervención extranjera para acabar con el comunismo cubano en Venezuela y los crímenes de lesa humanidad. Ya no se busca solamente la renuncia de Nicolás Maduro y de sus colaboradores, ahora se busca también que el comunismo salga del país para que la democracia pueda regresar. Si la comunidad internacional no hace nada, Venezuela será la segunda cuba de América. El pueblo venezolano no está armado ni preparado para una guerra civil contra la banda de asesinos que conforma el gobierno de Maduro junto con los asesores y mercenarios cubanos. El gobierno de Nicolás Maduro pretende crear una Asamblea Nacional Constituyente, con el fin de desconocer la actual Asamblea Nacional elegida por el pueblo, y a la vez modificar la actual constitución para perpetuar su mandato dictatorial, corrupto  y criminal, así como para establecer un COMUNISMO SIMILAR AL DE CUBA. Esa asamblea constituyente no sería convocada ni elegida por el soberano pueblo de Venezuela como lo dice la constitución, sino que fue convocada por el mismo Maduro y prácticamente estaría conformada únicamente por miembros del partido de gobierno PSUV, ya que todos los partidos de oposición se han negado a participar en el nuevo golpe de estado que pretende hacer la dictadura de Maduro. Según encuestas el 90% de los venezolanos están en contra de una Asamblea Nacional Constituyente.  Por otra parte, el gobierno de Maduro está en conversaciones con Rusia pidiendo ayuda para combatir una supuesta invasión norteamericana. Maduro quiere tener bases militares rusas en Venezuela con misiles cargados de ojivas nucleares. Esto forma parte de la asesoría cubana, porque así fue como Cuba impidió una invasión cuando se declaró país comunista y expropió o se robó todas las propiedades, empresas y negocios en cuba. El único país que puede evitar la creación de una SEGUNDA CUBA EN AMERICA es LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS, pero hay que actuar de inmediato y en forma contundente, porque Maduro ya tiene lista la trampa anticonstitucional llamada Asamblea Nacional Constituyente y muy pronto podría tener las bases militares rusas instaladas. VENEZUELA bajo la conducción de la banda criminal de Nicolás Maduro es una AMENAZA PARA LA SEGURIDAD DE LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS, por lo cual se justifica una intervención ASAP (“as soon as possible”). Hay dos opciones que podrían ser ejecutadas individualmente, en forma consecutiva o simultáneamente. 1. Mucho se comenta de que ESTADOS UNIDOS podría sancionar a Venezuela, decretando un bloqueo económico y/o prohibiendo la compra de petróleo venezolano hasta que Nicolás Maduro proceda a realizar elecciones generales universales (cada persona cuenta por un voto) y le entregue el poder a las nuevas autoridades electas popularmente, se liberen todos los presos políticos, se reconozca a la asamblea nacional incluyendo todas sus actuaciones y resoluciones, y se anulen todas las resoluciones emanadas del Tribunal Supremo de Justicia, desde que la Asamblea Nacional fue despojada de su autoridad. Todo esto es negociable entre Maduro y la Asamblea Nacional elegida por el pueblo. Dentro de las negociaciones Maduro y su equipo de gobierno podrían renunciar para no extender la agonía del país. 2. La segunda opción sería más rápida y efectiva que la primera. En esta opción el presidente DONALD TRUMP y/o el congreso consideraría(n) todas las AMENAZAS que presenta VENEZUELA para la seguridad de LOS ESTADOS UNIDOS, y ordenaría(n) a la cuarta flota naval (cargada de misiles Tomahawk) que se traslade a aguas internacionales al frente de Venezuela, para obligar a Nicolás Maduro y su combo de criminales a renunciar. En caso negativo y después de negociaciones durante un plazo prudencial, si no se llega a un acuerdo entre Maduro y la Asamblea Nacional (única autoridad legítima en Venezuela), la flota naval procedería a destruir el Palacio de Miraflores, el Palacio Blanco, el Fuerte Tiuna, las bases militares, los cuarteles de la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana y la policía nacional bolivariana, así como otros que considere conveniente, como los lugares donde se guardan las tanquetas, las ballenas y los vehículos de transporte militar. Aclaramos que esta operación no sería una invasión de Los Estados Unidos a Venezuela, como lo presentaría Maduro, sino un acto de justicia. Hay muchos generales y coroneles que están esperando un suceso trascendental como este para obligar a Nicolás Maduro a renunciar. En esta actuación Estados Unidos no sacrificaría un solo hombre. Venezuela estaría en advertencia con anticipación para que Nicolás Maduro le entregue su cargo formalmente al actual presidente de la Asamblea Nacional, como lo estipula la constitución de Venezuela. Se crearía un gobierno de transición con algunos miembros de la Asamblea Nacional que fueron legítimamente elegidos por el pueblo. Los colaboradores de Maduro tendrían el derecho a decidir libremente si lo apoyan, si renuncian, si se esconden o si se van para Cuba. Estados Unidos realizó un ataque similar a Siria en Abril utilizando misiles Tomahawk, como castigo al gobierno Sirio por el asesinado de decenas de civiles utilizando armas químicas. Si comparamos esto con Venezuela, el régimen de Maduro ha asesinado más civiles inocentes durante las protestas contra la dictadura, que las muertes ocurridas por el ataque químico de Siria. NICOLAS MADURO ESTA RECLUTANDO CRIMINALES, TERRORISTAS Y MERCENARIOS Por orden de Raúl Castro y los asesores cubanos, la revolución socialista debe continuar. El que no acate la orden es considerado un opositor dentro del gobierno. El gobierno cubano es el autor intelectual de todos los crímenes de lesa humanidad, asesinato de estudiantes, hambruna, falta de medicinas, crisis económica, devaluación de la moneda, etc. Nicolás Maduro y sus colaboradores son los autores materiales de las instrucciones que vienen de cuba. Los líderes de la revolución (PSUV) han manifestado que ellos van a aniquilar a todos los opositores, es decir más del 80% de la población. Los medios utilizados para ello son represión, persecución, secuestro, arresto, encarcelamiento, tortura, asesinato, etc. Para lograr este objetivo el gobierno ha declarado una guerra civil contra todos los opositores. Opositor es cualquier persona que no está de acuerdo con el sistema de gobierno o con lo que está pasando en Venezuela. Si Ud. sale a protestar porque no tiene que comer se lo pueden llevar arrestado. Igual que en Cuba, hay soplones en todas partes y si a Ud. lo denuncia un soplón pueden ir a su casa, romper la puerta y arrestarlo por ser opositor. Le pueden sembrar armas o bombas molotov para acusarlo de terrorista. El gobierno está desesperado porque necesita cientos de miles de policías para la guerra civil contra millones de opositores. Pero como no consiguen gente, están reclutando criminales sacados de las cárceles, terroristas que vienen de países como Irán, así como mercenarios cubanos y extranjeros de otros países aliados de Venezuela como son los miembros del ALBA. Recientemente los opositores lincharon en diferentes localidades a tres miembros de la Guardia Nacional Bolivariana o de la Policía Nacional Bolivariana, encontrando que uno de ellos era un criminal que debía estar en la cárcel, otro portaba documentos cubanos y el tercero tenía documentos bolivianos. Se rumora que Nicolás Maduro está cansado y quiere renunciar, pero los asesores cubanos y el PSUV no lo dejan. Así es que la posible renuncia de Maduro no significa el final de la Revolución. Por otra parte, se rumora también que la chavista Fiscal General de la República Luisa Ortega, está aliada con varios generales y coroneles chavistas retirados para formar un nuevo gobierno chavista, tan pronto como puedan destituir a Maduro. La oposición no tiene armas ni está en condiciones de ir a una guerra civil contra el gobierno. A la vez, el gobierno está asesorado por Cuba, Irán, Rusia y otros aliados, y no está dispuesto a entregarle el poder a la oposición. Diosdado Cabello ha dicho “o son ellos o nosotros”. Todos sabemos el afán que tiene el gobierno de nombrar a los miembros de la Asamblea Nacional Constituyente, para de una vez por todas perpetuarse en el poder y eliminar todos los partidos políticos de oposición, como sucede en Cuba. El único partido político sería el PSUV. Cualquiera que sea acusado de opositor será arrestado, torturado y encarcelado. Ya el gobierno suspendió el registro de venta de propiedades inmobiliarias y vehículos. El próximo paso es la expropiación o robo de bienes en beneficio de la revolución. Si Ud. es un opositor y tiene una casa propia, podría ser expropiado para que la habiten familias pobres del PSUV o de policías que han asesinado estudiantes. La oposición está muy fragmentada y los líderes lo que buscan es un protagonismo para más adelante conseguir una buena posición y/o poder político dentro del nuevo gobierno. La prueba de ello es que no ha habido un solo líder que manifieste su apoyo a esta petición, porque saben que aquí no hay dinero ni somos un partido político. Somos una resistencia cibernética. No se ve una salida viable para sacar el comunismo de Venezuela, puesto que los generales y coroneles están temerosos de rebelarse contra Maduro y el gobierno socialista. Ya hay muchos militares presos en la cárcel de Ramo Verde por mostrar su desacuerdo. NECESITAMOS SU APOYO Para apoyar esta petición le pedirá su nombre, email y dirección, para verificar la autenticidad del firmante. Sin embargo, no publica ni comparte la lista y datos de los firmantes. Así es que no le de miedo apoyarnos. Con su ayuda vamos a hacer el cambio que merece Venezuela. Gracias. Los receptores de esta petición reciben actualizaciones semanales de esta página, y la información aquí mostrada es muy importante para que ellos puedan tomar las decisiones más convenientes en favor de Venezuela. Entre los 20 receptores están el presidente Donald Trump, el vicepresidente Mike Pence, varios senadores y representantes de la Cámara de Los Estados Unidos, así como directores de varias organizaciones y agencias americanas e internacionales. *English Translation By Google FOUNDATIONS OF THIS REQUEST We are calling for a change in Venezuela to cease crimes against humanity, kidnapping, imprisonment, torture and massacre of innocent civilians, corruption, robbery of public money, looting of public enterprises, expropriation of private companies to turn them into public enterprises, famine caused by lack of food, thousands of deaths due to lack of medicines, hundreds of babies killed by lack of dairy and nutritional products, millions of citizens leaving Venezuela for political persecution, insecurity or for lack of food and medicine, the murders committed by the dictatorship using the Bolivarian national guard, police, paramilitary and criminal gangs called "Los Colectivos" (armed, paid and led by Nicolas Maduro, who also promised to arm more than 500 thousand militiamen to increase the criminal power of groups and other paramilitary groups), drug trafficking under control of Nicolas Maduro and his subordinates and friends, terrorism, the theft of pensions of retired Venezuelans living abroad (most of them are going through a miserable situation because they have no economic income), etc. DRUG TRAFFICKING WITHOUT CONTROLT here are many collaborators of Nicolas Maduro involved in drug trafficking. Drug trafficking takes place in front of the nose of Nicolas Maduro. Venezuela expelled the officers of the DEA to be able to exercise this business freely, because the profits are enormous. The nephews of the presidential couple Nicolas Maduro / Cilia Flores are imprisoned in the United States, accused of drug trafficking. Venezuela's Vice President Tareck El Aissami is accused in the United States and other countries of drug trafficking. There are many generals, colonels, and other collaborators of Maduro involved in this illicit business, using government aircraft, airports, seaports, and other controlled facilities. It is said that drug is supplied by the FARC mainly, who deliver it to generals and colonels. These crimes are considered a THREAT against the SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES, EUROPE and the world in general. VENEZUELA PROMOTES AND FINANCES TERRORISM Venezuela, and of course, President Nicolas Maduro and his collaborators, are internationally accused of supporting and financing various terrorist groups including ISIS, HAMAS, HEZBOLLAH, FARC, ELN, etc. Venezuela presents a THREAT FOR THE UNITED STATES, EUROPE AND THE REST OF THE WORLD, taking into account that Venezuela promotes terrorism. For example, the FARC have been established in Venezuela for many years, where they have government protection for their activities such as drug trafficking coming from Colombia, extortion and kidnapping. The ELN also has privileges in Venezuela, enter and leave when they want and carry out activities similar to the FARC. In relation to HEZBOLLAH, Venezuela has handed Venezuelan passports and visas to several individuals of this organization. In such a way that they could carry out terrorist acts in the United States or another country, posing as Venezuelan citizens who do not understand Spanish. Remember that HEZBOLLAH was accused of committing terrorist attacks in Argentina, but Venezuela intervened secretly to suspend the investigations in which the government of Iran was involved. Venezuela gave financial aid to Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner for her presidential campaign, so she was used for that purpose. Syria is internationally sanctioned for its massacres against the population and its terrorist actions; however, Venezuela has conspired to aid the Al Assad regime, reselling the United States Syria oil, making it pass as Venezuelan crude through a PDVSA refinery in Aruba. NUCLEAR WEAPONS Venezuela is sending URANIO to its allies Iran and North Korea, to facilitate that these countries can develop nuclear bombs. This is another THREAT that Venezuela presents against the UNITED STATES, EUROPE and rest of the world. CHANGE REQUEST The change we ask is for international organizations to declare Nicolas Maduro author of HUMANITY CRIMES, PROMOTER AND BENEFICIARY OF DRUG TRAFICKING, PROMOTER OF TERRORISM AND CHIEF OF THE CRIMINAL BAND CALLED “LOS COLECTIVOS”, as well as other PARAMILITARY GROUPS, so that he can be ARRESTED in any part of the world, including Venezuela. It is necessary to stop him from massacring the civilian population. We need an immediate action at the international level, because Maduro and his collaborators are delinquents, and as such they will never abandon power, nor will they give up, nor will they surrender. The United States is virtually the only country that can help end this THREAT that is destabilizing the entire American continent. This petition also includes the arrest of Tareck El Aissami, vice president of Venezuela, Diosdado Cabello (second powerful man after Nicolas Maduro), ministers who have violated human rights of thousands of Venezuelans, generals and colonels serving public forces, police chiefs who have assassinated civilians, judges of the Supreme Court of Justice who have violated the constitution to keep criminals in power, rectors of the National Electoral Council who have committed fraud and are accomplices of the government, members of the Boards of Directors of the Central Bank of Venezuela and PDVSA, who have defrauded the nation, governors and mayors who have promoted or been complicit in the persecution, torture and murder of civilians, as well as any other individual who is a co-perpetrator or accomplice of criminal acts against humanity as described. To all of them here we will call them collaborators of Nicolas Maduro. THEFT OF PENSIONS OF RETIREES The regime of Nicolas Maduro does not pay pensions to Venezuelans living abroad. The theft of pensions of Venezuelans living in the United States creates a claimable jurisdiction because Venezuela owns the CITGO refinery that is embargo able. Maduro gave $ 500,000 through CITGO to Donald Trump for his inauguration as president of the United States. JUSTICE FOR THE CULPRITS All active and retired collaborators of Nicolas Maduro must be convicted of criminal offenses and / or illicit enrichment, their visas to enter the United States, Europe and other democratic countries must be annulled in such a way that they can not travel to and less to seek asylum in a country where human rights are respected. In conclusion, if they want to flee Venezuela they have no choice but to go and live in Cuba. This will be his punishment. All of their properties in Venezuela and abroad must be frozen, as if they were properties resulting from illicit enrichment, drug trafficking or money laundering. All members of the PSUV were poor, but now they are oligarchs that have multi-million dollar properties around the world, as a result of corruption, drug trafficking and / or money laundering. They are anti-imperialist, but have luxurious properties in the United States, and you can see them on vacation in Disney parks in Orlando, Florida. VENEZUELA INFILTRATED AND CONTROLLED BY CUBA It is no secret that Chavez signed an agreement with Fidel Castro in which Fidel Castro undertook to advise him to keep him in power for 20 years or more in exchange for a monthly rent of oil and dollars. This agreement was deepened to include professional services, military intelligence, espionage, mercenaries, etc. It is said that the G2 group of Cuban intelligence, equivalent to the CIA of the United States, maintains more than 5,000 spies and advisers in Venezuela infiltrated in the National Guard, police forces, armed forces, naval and air forces, ministries, military commanders, PDVSA, state companies, notary offices, public bodies, public offices including those issuing identification documents and passports, media, etc. Cubans supervise and spy on virtually everything that happens in Venezuela. It is estimated that there is a G2 member next to each general, colonel, commander, director, president, minister, etc. They report to Cuba everything that goes on around them and orders come from Cuba to the Venezuelan government. Venezuela has no autonomy, nor is it a sovereign country, because the decisions depend on Raul Castro and Cuban advisers. Venezuela today is a Cuban colony. Cuba has more than 50,000 men in Venezuela among mercenaries, doctors, dentists, sports coaches, engineers, military, employees, etc. This is the best business Cuba has because Venezuela pays Raúl Castro in dollars and Raul Castro pays Cubans in Cuban pesos. Every Cuban is paid his salary in a bank account in Cuba. That is to say Venezuela maintains the dictatorship in Cuba supplying oil and Dollars to Raul Castro, and in return, Cuba maintains the dictatorship in Venezuela with its advisers and spies. The Castro brothers (Fidel Castro is deceased) are the intellectual authors of the chaotic situation that Venezuela is going through, and they also have responsibility for the murders and crimes that happen every day, as advisors they are, and for the Cuban mercenaries who are infiltrated In the National Guard, police corps and other groups, to murder students and innocent civilians. Nicolas Maduro is something like a puppet of Raul Castro, and if the Cuban government does not want to support him anymore, he could be forced to resign, to be replaced by a new leader of the socialist revolution. In accordance with the above, WE REQUEST INTERNATIONAL PENALTIES FOR THE CUBAN GOVERNMENT. We ask to prohibit the sending of remittances of money to Cuba, because that money is financing the dictatorship and the crimes committed by that government. Only food, clothing, appliances, computers, cell phones, etc. should be allowed. We also request that the agreement reached between Barack Obama and Raul Castro, which allows air and sea flights between the United States and Cuba, be suspended. The only beneficiary of this agreement is Raul Castro, which is being filled with dollars, but there has been no change towards democracy or freedom of expression. Cuba is guilty of creating a second Cuba in South America, with crimes, murders, kidnapping, imprisonment and torture of leaders and members of the opposition. Cuba also presents a THREAT AGAINST SECURITY OF THE UNITED STATES, EUROPE and other nations of the world. WITHDRAWAL OF AMBASSADORS We call on all governments of the world to withdraw their ambassadors that they maintain in Venezuela, if they do not want to be accomplices of Nicolas Maduro and his band of criminals. The countries that are against the violation of human rights, genocide, drug trafficking and dictatorship, should immediately order the withdrawal of their ambassadors in protest. Simultaneously they must expel from their countries the ambassadors of Venezuela for being the representatives of a band of criminals and drug traffickers. IMMIGRATION OFFICES We also request immigration offices to investigate all active or retired collaborators of the corrupt and criminal regime described, so that if they are guilty of illicit enrichment and / or money laundering, they will be deported and their property frozen. This also includes front-runners as well as entrepreneurs who have been beneficiaries of corrupt contracts and are now or are seeking to be overseas investors. Investor is understood as someone who buys at least one property, builds a business, or places large sums of money abroad. INTERNATIONAL IMMEDIATE INTERVENTION According to independent surveys, 79% of Venezuelans agree with a foreign intervention to end Cuban communism in Venezuela and crimes against humanity. We no longer seek only the resignation of Nicolas Maduro and his collaborators, now also seeks that communism leaves the country so that democracy can return. If the international community does nothing, Venezuela will be the second Cuba in America. The Venezuelan people are neither armed nor prepared for a civil war against the gang of assassins that make up the government of Maduro together with the Cuban advisers and mercenaries. The government of Nicolas Maduro intends to create a National Constituent Assembly, in order to ignore the current National Assembly elected by the people and at the same time to modify the present constitution to perpetuate its dictatorial, corrupt and criminal mandate, as well as to establish a COMMUNISM GOVERNMENT SIMILAR TO CUBA. That constituent assembly would not be convened or elected by the sovereign people of Venezuela as the constitution says, but it was summoned by Maduro himself and would practically consist only of members of the PSUV government party, since all opposition parties have denied to participate in the new coup intended by the dictatorship of Maduro. According to surveys, 90% of Venezuelans are against a National Constituent Assembly. On the other hand, Maduro's government is in talks with Russia asking for help in combating an alleged US invasion. Maduro wants to have Russian military bases in Venezuela with missiles loaded with nuclear warheads. This is part of Cuban advice, because that was how Cuba prevented an invasion when it was declared a communist country and expropriated or stole all property and business in Cuba. The only country that can avoid creating a SECOND CUBA IN AMERICA is the US, but we must act immediately and forcefully, because Maduro already has ready the unconstitutional trap called the National Constituent Assembly and soon could have the military bases Installed. VENEZUELA under the leadership of the criminal gang of Nicolas Maduro is a THREAT FOR US SECURITY, which justifies an ASAP intervention ("as soon as possible"). There are two options that could be executed individually, consecutively or simultaneously. 1. Much is said of the US being able to sanction Venezuela by decreeing an economic blockade and / or prohibiting the purchase of Venezuelan oil until Nicolas Maduro proceeds to hold universal general elections (each person counts by one vote) and handed over power to the new popularly elected authorities, to release all political prisoners, to recognize the national assembly including all its actions and resolutions, and to annul all the resolutions issued by the Supreme Court of Justice, since the National Assembly was stripped of its authority . All this is negotiable between Maduro and the National Assembly elected by the people. Within the negotiations Maduro and his government team could resign so as not to extend the agony of the country. 2. The second option would be faster and more effective than the first one. In this option, President DONALD TRUMP and / or Congress would consider all THREATS presented by VENEZUELA for the safety of the UNITED STATES, and would order the fourth naval fleet (loaded with Tomahawk missiles) to be moved to International waters close to Venezuela, to force Nicolas Maduro and his combo of criminals to resign. If no agreement is reached between Maduro and the National Assembly (the only legitimate authority in Venezuela), the naval fleet would destroy the Miraflores Palace, the White Palace, the Fuerte Tiuna, military bases, Bolivarian National Guard barracks and Bolivarian National Police quarters, as well as others it considers convenient, such as the places where tanks, whales and military transport vehicles are stored. We clarify that this operation would not be an invasion of the United States to Venezuela, as presented by Maduro, but an act of justice. There are many generals and colonels who are waiting for a momentous event like this to force Nicolas Maduro to resign. In this action the United States would not sacrifice a single man. Venezuela would be warning ahead of time so Nicolas Maduro could formally hand over his current position to the current president of the National Assembly, as stipulated by Venezuela's constitution. A transitional government would be created with some members of the National Assembly who were legitimately elected by the people. Maduro's collaborators would have the right to decide freely if they support him, if they resign, if they hide or if they go to Cuba. The United States made a similar attack on Syria in April using Tomahawk missiles as punishment of the Syrian government for killing dozens of civilians using chemical weapons. If we compare this with Venezuela, the Maduro regime has killed more innocent civilians during the protests against the dictatorship, than the deaths caused by the chemical attack in Syria. NICOLAS MADURO IS RECRUITING CRIMINALS, TERRORISTS AND MERCENARIES By order of Raul Castro and the Cuban advisers, the socialist revolution must continue. Whoever does not comply with the order is considered an opponent within the government. The Cuban government is the intellectual author of all crimes against humanity, murder of students, famine, lack of medicines, economic crisis, devaluation of the currency, etc. Nicolas Maduro and his collaborators are the material authors of the instructions that come from Cuba. Leaders of the Revolution (PSUV) have stated that they will annihilate all opponents, ie more than 80% of the population. The means used for this are repression, persecution, kidnapping, arrest, imprisonment, torture, murder, etc. To achieve this goal the government has declared a civil war against all opponents. Opponent is anyone who does not agree with the system of government or with what is happening in Venezuela. If you go out to protest because you do not have food to eat you can be taken away. As in Cuba, there are snitches everywhere and if you are reported by a snitch they can go to your home, break the door and arrest you for being an opponent. They can sow Molotov weapons or bombs to accuse you of terrorism. The government is desperate because it needs hundreds of thousands of cops to fight against millions of opponents. But as they do not get people, they are recruiting criminals from prisons, terrorists who come from countries like Iran, as well as Cuban mercenaries and foreigners from other countries allied with Venezuela such as ALBA members. Recently, opponents lynched three members of the Bolivarian National Guard or Bolivarian National Police in different locations, finding that one of them was a criminal prisoner, another was carrying Cuban identification documents, and the third one had Bolivian identification documents. It is rumored that Nicolas Maduro is tired and wants to resign, but the Cuban advisers and the PSUV do not let him give up. So Maduro's possible resignation does not mean the end of the Revolution. On the other hand, it is also rumored that Chavist Attorney General of the Republic Luisa Ortega, is allied with several retired Chavist generals and colonels to form a new Chavist government, as soon as they can remove Maduro. The opposition has no weapons and is not in a position to go to a civil war against the government. At the same time, the government is advised by Cuba, Russia, Iran and other allies, and is not willing to hand over power to the opposition. Diosdado Cabello has said "it's either them or us". We all know the eagerness of the government to appoint members of the National Constituent Assembly, to once and for all perpetuate in power and eliminate all opposition political parties, as in Cuba. The only political party would be the PSUV. Anyone who is accused of being an opponent will be arrested, tortured and imprisoned. The government has already suspended the sale of real estate and vehicles. The next step is the expropriation or theft of properties for the benefit of the revolution. If you are an opponent and have a home of your own, you could be expropriated to give your house to poor families of the PSUV or cops who have murdered students. The opposition is very fragmented and the leaders are looking for a role to later achieve a good position and / or political power within the new government. The proof of this is that there has not been a single leader who manifests his support for this request because they know that there is no money here and we are not a political party. We are a cyber resistance. There is not a viable way out of communism in Venezuela, since the generals and colonels are afraid to rebel against Maduro and the socialist government. There are already many military prisoners in Ramo Verde prison for showing their disagreement. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT If you support this request will ask for your name, email and address, to verify the authenticity of the signer. However, does not publish or share the list and data of the signatories. So do not be afraid to support us. With your help we will make the change that Venezuela deserves. Thank you. Recipients of this petition receive weekly updates on this page, and the information shown here is very important so that they can make the most convenient decisions in favor of Venezuela. Among the 20 recipients are President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, several Senators and representatives of the United States House, as well as directors of various American and international organizations and agencies.

Edgardo Cordoba
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