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  • Special Commissioner (Solid Waste Management, Administration, Welfare, Animal Husbandry), BBMP

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Petitioning Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation Ministry of Jal Shakti, Iqbal Singh Chahal, Shri Dharmendra, IAS, Office of the Chief Minister of Maharashtra, Arvind Kejriwal, Randeep D

Stop Exposing Sanitation Workers through Open Bin Garbage Collection

I am absolutely sure you must have seen that decrepit, ugly garbage truck with garbage spilling on the road and the unbearable stench which you just can't shake off even if you splash perfume in your nostrils. Imagine, the sanitation workers who handle this garbage on a daily basis. The COVID 19 has shaken countries world over and brought the concept of Social Distancing. Today most of India is sitting at homes in lockdown condition, distancing from neighbours and friends. But sadly there is one aspect where the rules of distancing is not being followed. Yes, it is the very mundane and common activity, generally not noticed, not at all conspicuous and it is the activity of garbage collection.  Have I got your attention? So please read and sign this petition and share it with your friends.  The garbage collection in India is done in open bins wherein the sanitation workers collect the garbage from door to door. Then this garbage is transported in open trucks, many a times spilling a bit on the whole route taken by the vehicle. This is a surefire method of spreading the contamination while the whole nation is maintaining social distancing. Maybe the little bits of garbage here and there do not pose such a health hazard in normal conditions but during the COVID 19 pandemic, it poses a huge risk to all and most to the Sanitation Workers who are collecting the garbage, loading it on the trucks and driving those trucks. The problem is dire in high rise apartments where door to door collection of garbage is done by Sanitation Staff or House Keeping staff in large garbage tubs which are perfunctorily covered with lids. These garbage tubs are taken up and down in lifts and elevators and the sanitation workers are confined all this time in the closed space with the garbage effusing all kinds odours and germs. God forbid if there is COVID -19 in any of the garbage. Long time back, India banned open carriage of night soil by the sanitation workers from open latrines because it was a health hazard for the sanitation workers and the surrounding areas. Today with COVID -19, collection and carriage of garbage in open is a larger contamination hazard. Therefore all wet and dry garbage from homes be collected in sealed bio-degradable garbage disposal bags and then transported in sealed garbage transportation vehicles for final disposal in land fills or incineration. I request the Central Pollution Control Board to immediately put a stop to open bin collection and open truck transportation of garbage.    Let us drive away the ugliness from our roads and from the daily routine of the sanitation workers. Let us protect them and us not only from COVID -19 but all infectious diseases which may emerge in the future.

Sanjay Mohan
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Petitioning Randeep D., Manjunath Prasad, Sarfaraz Khan, Sumalatha Ambareesh

Provide safety gear to pourakarmikas every month

They sort our garbage into wet and dry, ferry it all to the nearest transit point and load it manually into compactors. That’s the daily routine of Bengaluru’s pourakarmikas or conservancy workers. Often, it's mounds of biodegradable waste cleared from the road, the stench overpowering. In July 2018, a news report stated that some pourakarmikas had contracted jaundice because of their unsafe work. One of them, Lakshmamma, died as she couldn’t take medicines because of mouth ulcers. Moreover, she hadn’t been paid for four months. This can’t go on. Sign my petition to get comfortable safety equipment like gloves, masks and boots for all pourakarmikas in Bengaluru and to make it mandatory that they wear this gear at a work site.It's laudable that Bengaluru is among the few Indian cities segregating the maximum percentage of waste at source, but the plight of the workers, who are instrumental in keeping the city clean, is deplorable. I filed an RTI with the Solid Waste Management Department of the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) to find out how often these workers need to be provided with safety gear, and when was the last time they were given training on the need to wear them. I received a six-page reply, but it had no answers to any of my questions. I have interacted with many pourakarmikas and a majority of them tell me that they do not get safety equipment on a regular basis. Sometimes it's once in four to six months or even longer. Others tell me that they all get to don gloves and masks whenever there's an inspection. Some, who have worn safety gear, say they don't last long, especially gloves, which tear after a couple of uses. Then there's a bigger challenge. Most pourakarmikas are not used to wearing such equipment at work. Many are not comfortable working with safety gear, unmindful of the health hazard. This is why it’s important to not only provide them with adequate gear but also to make it mandatory for them to wear it.In times of Swachh Bharat, it's essential that BBMP bring more dignity to the lives of men and women working to keep our city clean. Sign my petition to get the BBMP to provide comfortable, durable safety gears to all pourakarmikas at least twice a month and to make it mandatory that they wear these whenever they are on a work site. Like the many strides that BBMP has made in waste management with the help of resident welfare associations and NGOs, this can also be achieved. Please sign and share my petition if you think pourakarmikas deserve their basic right to lead a healthy life with dignity.

Liffy Thomas
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Petitioning Mr. D. Randeep

BBMP: Renew and issue contracts for Animal Birth Control (ABC) service

Imagine you are walking down a lane. You see one street dog. You either ignore her or feed her something -- and you walk on. A month later, you see not one but seven dogs on the same street -- the original one and her six puppies! Dog populations can multiply every month, which is why Bangalore’s municipal corporation (BBMP) has a free Animal Birth Control (ABC) program in place. As part of the program, BBMP issues contracts to animal welfare agencies to ensure humane surgeries on dogs, as well as anti-rabies vaccinations for the safety of the community. However, this program can be effective only there is a continuous ABC service in operation. The good work of six months can be lost by missing out on a single month of ABC. The contract of my locality's ABC agency ended in early October this year, and BBMP has neither renewed it nor appointed another agency to take over. For every month of delay, the population will rise. It is no surprise that Bangalore's street dog population was 2.9 lakh at last count. Please sign my petition asking BBMP to renew old contracts or issue new ones, two weeks before the old agency’s term ends in an area, to ensure the smooth, continuous functioning and handover of the ABC program. BBMP must also renew or issue new contracts for all expired ones on or before 30 November 2018. Today, my area (West Zone) is affected -- covering 44 wards in six constituencies: Malleswaram, Rajaji Nagar, Vijaya Nagar, Mahalakshmi Layout, Gandhi Nagar and Chamarajpet. Tomorrow, your locality could be left without an ABC program. Last year, with re-zoning and fresh contracts being issued, citizens were left without ABC in some areas for several months. This burgeoning population is a recipe for disaster -- dog migration, more fights, more bites. If we want all this to stop, we need to act SOON and contain the numbers. Please sign and share my petition. Together, we and BBMP can work towards a smooth ABC service and reduce the man-animal conflict.

Nandita Subbarao
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Petitioning Mr. Vajubhai Vala, Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, Ms. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi, Mr. H. D. Kumaraswamy, Ms. Gangambike Mallikarjun, Mr. N Manjunatha Prasad [IAS], Mr. Manoj Kumar Meena [IAS], Mr. Randeep D [IAS],...

Save The Cats Of Raj Bhavan | Karnataka

The Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike | BBMP, Received A Strongly Worded Letter, From An Official Of The Raj Bhavan, To Immediately Capture And Rehabilitate The Cats; Whose Home Area, Is The Raj Bhavan. As Per The Article Featured In The Deccan Herald, A Source From The Raj Bhavan Stated That; “The cats are very aggressive and cause trouble whenever the Governor goes out for a walk, especially with his dogs. The cats have even injured the dogs. The halls and private residence of the Governor and VIPs are littered with dirt due to these cats” We Are Nothing But Truly Saddened To Learn That, The Governor’s Companion Dogs Are Troubled By The Cats, And That They Have Been Injured By Them; And We Hope That The Dogs Have Healed And Are Feeling Better. A Copy Of The Letter Accessed By The Deccan Herald, Also Stated That; “Raj Bhavan is witnessing an increased cat menace in recent times and we request you to trap these cats and rehabilitate suitably.” With Due Respect, Bearing The Sensitive Situation With The Human And Animal Conflict, And As Importantly, The Increasing Transgressions Towards Animals, Particularly With Free Roaming Abandoned And Feral Animals; A Request Such As This, Is Not Only Disconcerting, But Dangerous. With The Overbearing Implications Of The Human Population On Our Natural World, If Every Citizen Of Our Nation Were To Say That, Our Free Roaming Feral Animals Are An Inconvenience To Their Children, Their Companion Animals And To Them, Because Of Their Aggression And Because They Litter And Dirty Their Living Space, We Need To Ask Ourselves, This; ‘Where Might They Go?’ If Mr. Vajubhai Vala, As A Citizen In Public Service And Office, Would Standby Such Unlawful And Unconstitutional Requests; It Would Embolden Common Citizens To Question, Dismiss And Undermine Our Law And Our Constitution. We Do Understand That, There Are Concerns; Which Could And Should Be Dealt With, Rightfully And Lawfully, With Compassion And Sustainable Measures. Bearing Which, We Request That, Precedence, Be Set With This Situation, By Addressing The Global Impact Of Feral Cats, And Animals In Principle, By Endorsing More Acceptable Methods; Methods, That Have Been Successfully Implemented By Many Organizations And Civic Groups World Over. A simple Trap-Neuter-Return | TNR Program; Is Not Only A More Humane Approach, But Also A Much More Viable And Cost Effective Approach To Controlling The Spiralling Feral Cat Populations. As The Name Implies, This Program Involves Trapping Feral Cats, Neutering Them And Returning Them To Their Home Areas, Where They Can Live Out Their Natural Lives Without Reproducing, To Say The Least. This Situation With Our Feral Cats, Is As Much About Human Intervention, As It Is About The Feral Cat’s Impact And Relationship With Our Shared Environment; It Is About The Failing Of Our Inter Species Partnership, As It Is About A Species’ Way Of Surviving In A Hostile Environment. It Is Rudimentary To Understand And Address The Root Cause Behind Such Conflicts; The Man-Animal Conflict Is An Existential Crisis, Not For The Animals, But For Human Beings. We Further Request And Urge, That This Situation, Not Only Be Considered Rightfully, Lawfully And Progressively, But Taken A Step Further, To Set Precedence, And Make History; Once The Cats Are Neutered And Returned, Let The Cats, Be The Mascots Of Raj Bhavan, Like ‘The Cats Of 10 Downing Street | London’ They Could Be ‘The Cats Of Raj Bhavan | Karnataka’, As They Truly Are, After All It Is Their Natural Habitat, Their Home. We As The Citizens Of A Democratic Nation And Citizens Of The World, Shall Do Right By Our Duty, To Participate And Uphold Our Democracy And Moral Imperative As Humane Beings; And Hope, That Mr. Vajubhai Vala, The Governor Of Karnataka, As Our Representative In Public Office, Shall Do Right By His. Jai Hind We Uphold Our Fundamental Duties, As Citizens Of India, As Stated In Article 51A.G, In The Constitution Of India 1949: To Protect And Improve The Natural Environment Including Forests, Lakes, Rivers And Wildlife, And To Have Compassion For Living Creatures; As Do We, By The Animal Birth Control | ABC Rules Of 2001 EndNoteShared Here Below, Is A Link, To The Article In Reference From The Deccan Herald Bangalore After Cat Menace Raj Bhavan Sends SOS To BBMP Niranjan Kaggere | DH News Service Bengaluru | Thur Dec 20 2018 00:17AM IST | Updated: Thur Dec 20 2018 02:11AM IST A VOICELESS INDIA CITIZEN INITIATIVE | TOGETHER WE CAN  

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Petitioning BBMP, Addnl Commissioner, BBMP Deputy Director , Animal Husbandry, BBMP Mayor

For our Streetizens - Need Compassionate & efficient Animal Birth Control ( ABC) Program

The Animal Birth Control program ( ABC ) is set up in Bangalore, under the guidance of the AWBI under the aegis of the BBMP, with the primary aim of reducing man - animal conflict, tackling the issue of Rabies and is the most humane method of doing so. In Bangalore the BBMP Animal Husbandry team has made  efforts to accelerate the program by adding 8 zones namely (Bangalore East, Bangalore South, Mahadevapura, Bangalore West, Bangalore North, RR nagar, Peenya and Dasrahalli) and respective ABC contractors for these zones.  While this is a step in the right direction , we would  urgently encourage the BBMP Animal Husbandry department to factor in the much needed focus on quality, efficiency, compassion and adherence to AWBI guidelines, in to the program This would benefit humans and dogs alike . Its important to bear in  mind that the dog is as important a stakeholder for the successful implementation of this program. The street dog is as much a citizen of  this world and  we request BBMP to treat this " Steertizen"as a sentient being ( which he or she is)  as opposed to an item with harvestable reproductive organs. For instance , a street dog was operated by one of the ABC contractors in  2018 who  was   left  back with her guts spilling out.  She was picked up by a well meaning rescuer and was given the best of care. Unfortunately the damage was too much she succumbed after a week long struggle . There have been a few such incidents which have posed a threat to the lives of street dogs of Bangalore  Given this especially , we urge BBMP to follow with immediate effect  the recommendations as below... 1.  Each ABC contractor under the BBMP run Animal Birth Control Program would bi  annulally send their vets, paravets catchers , centre manager to  WVS ( World Vetinerary Sciences) ini GOA or Ooty  for training in their respective roles. New contractors would not commence operations until they have been WVS trained and certified . T  program  is very affordable and BBMP would agree to sposor the same.  2)Strict enforcement of Standard Operating Procedure ( SOP) as elicited by AWBI ( Animal Welfare Board of India). We recommend a reputed ABC master trainer vet  or a WVS vet be engaged by BBMP to monitor and audit the ABC program for a minimum of 6 months. 3) Besides monitoring targets, BBMP ADs of the respective zones will also diligently monitor the quality objectives of the program and ensure AWBI SOPs are adhered to . Will report discrepancies on a monthly basis to the BBMP Special  comm of Health and BBMP Joint Director or Deputy Director  Animal Husbandry and appropriate action would be taken. For this tight documentation and protocols to be maintained and followed at Centres. 4) Rabies cases should be attended to within 90 mins from the time of complaint. It's the responsibility of the AD from the reported ABC zone to ensure the same. 5) Dogs have to be dropped back exactly at the place from where they we're picked up for surgery failing which there would be problems around territorial adjustments and dog fights which would as much affect the humans in an area. For this the existing guidelines around tagging and identification of dogs, specify some simple and effective techniques that must be adhered to strictly. 5) Increasingly ABC contractors spend a lot of time attending to dog complaints. Efforts must be taken to filter out these requests so that the contractor spends more time at the operating table. Only dog bite and written complaints should be entertained subject to validation. Proof of bite and vaccination records around the bite should be submitted by the complainant. The biting dog would be kept under observation as per AWBI guidelines at the ABC centre and if shows no sign of rabies would be sterilised and vaccinated ( if not already ) and released back at the same spot. Both BBMP and ABC contractor would engage and educate citizens around compassionate ways of dealing with dogs and laws of the land . Relocation requests from citizens should be absolutely discouraged by sharing legal information pertaining to the illegality of the nature of the request. BBMP would work with corporators of respective zones to ensure human and dog conflict is kept in check. 6) BBMP must undertake  Street dog Cenus. An agressive ABC program should be developed only basis the census. ABC tenders would be called out after fixing ABC targets for Bangalore post Dog Census. 7) The MOU that BBMP signs up with the ABC contractor should be in line with the AWBI guidelines and should be made public. Public consultation to draft a human and dog friendly MOU is necessary. Also  ABC  e tender process while it's  legitimate  the process of giving out contracts basis the lowest bid should be re should be stopped. A lot more weightage should be given to technical prowess and experience .   8) How do we  demand for efficiency in the program when BBMP makes staggered and delayed payments to the ABC contractors some of the payments  running in to months. A working capital arrangement is neccesary. Constant engagement with contractors is necessary to manage attrition. BBMP has to constantly liase with the Animal Husbandry department to maintain a constant roster and supply of qualified vets for ABC. Contractors must have a two year lock in period and the person leading the contract must be available at the centre all the time. This is not happening today.  9) BBMP has to make efforts to share timely and important updates around the progress of the ABC program via their website, social media and with the support of press to create  transparency around the way program is executed and be open to recommendations and suggestions by citizens to ameliorate the same. The perception towards Community Dogs must change and the BBMP is key in bringing that about.   The current BBMP Animal Husbandry Department has amazing guidance from the current BBMP Special / Addnl Commissioner  as well as from concerned citizen stakeholders and we hope and trust these changes would come through positively and very soon.

Citizens for Animal Birth Control CABC
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Petitioning Harsh Vardhan, Randeep D, Manjunath Prasad BBMP Commissioner, BBMP Mayor, Bangalore Mayor, AWBI, IFMA India, IFMA , DGP Police, ACP Police Training

Cease illegal relocation of community dogs

Look at friendly, loving feisty Toni of Cunningham Road aka Blocky. 11 years old, mostly blind & deaf..she, Brownie, Chiku & Harlequin were  inconvenient in a fancy building,  so these friendly dogs were put into a vehicle (on a holiday weekend when we office goers were not around) & thrown in a forest 50kms away by the Building Manager . Toni  was neutered, vaccinated , loved the sun and chicken bones & used to make her displeasure by an odd singing bark, especially when you missed her meal! Nondescript Streeties to others , but all of them were beloved by the community. She had some ear problems that we often admitted her to CUPA for so the staff there also knew her - the stories they could tell you ! The building security loved her as did we . We searched , we begged the building people and made a police complaint. We kept posting and searching, feeling helpless, the walls of disinterest closing around us. Nothing . We never stoped hoping . A year later, blind old Toni trying to make her dogged slow way back to us was spotted by a dog lover in Domlur , but was so weak , she died soon after. Our hearts broke. We could not forgive ourselves. What would the others do in a forest alone, without their community & carers ? We shudder to think of her confusion, sadness & suffering. And there are HUNDREDS like them every month.. so many peaceful community dogs have been illegally relocated in Bangalore & other cities. See this NewsMinute Article . The Supreme Court says no dogs can be relocated or culled , only sterilised and vaccinated . If sterilisation & vaccination followed , then dog population is controlled and humans and dogs are safe . The problem is that ABC at such a slow pace is exacerbating the problem, and that is a genuine issue . But laws cannot be broken . Yet the ABC Centers and BBMP are deluged with calls from people, even councillors and prominent citizens asking for dogs to be killed or relocated. Companies with large software parks or locations are freely getting their Facility Mangers to ‘remove’ friendly dogs and throw them somewhere. Check links below ., This is monstrous as dogs won’t survive in a new place, and their community guardians are left devastated. The dogs die or are attacked . These are neutered, vaccinated dogs so it means that the money and effort of BBMP & tax payers money is wasted.  At best , we can assume that the perpetrators don’t know the law and may do this out of ignorance ( still not acceptable) and  at worst they are breaking the law with full knowledge , aware that the penalties are not so high . Another trend is a deliberate plan to attack an area - we have noticed that the localities are suddenly more open to robbery and breakins a small there are no more community dogs .   Shameful.  AWBI, We demand the laws for relocation be tightened and it be made a non bailable offence with at least ₹5000 fine and community service for the transgressors . It is the transgresserscresponsibility to find the missing dogs at their cost .  We demand that Councillors , Police, and BBMP Health departments escalate the ABC in thaf  area  on war footing and ensure that training is done across departments so the law makers, enforcers and representatives do not break the law or go against the constitution. We demand IFMA (INDIAN Facility Management Association) & others like CREDAIn who control the admin & management of many large companies & residential buildings , to ensure member companies and facility managers are instructed on the illegality of this and are kept aware of their responsibility and culpability and suitable action against erring companies should be taken . Private organisations  or associations like the IFMA & CREDAI , which handle so many of the large corporate or residential  facilities across the city must be made cognizant of their role in perpetrating illegal activities by freely relocating the dogs. We have actual proof and examples with large corporate’s and it is inexcusable to see how single-mindedly & uncaringly dog catchers are employed and done . We demand that CCTV footage of such acts immediately made available to police and animal activists, so that suitable punitive action is taken. Such people should not be allowed to have our own dogs in the future. We demand that the police whether training, whether by individual acceptance of missing dogs at stations, or sensitization off their teams, should support this in a more empathetic and focused fashion. As of now many of the police don’t even know the law there by making it easier for perpetrators get off .  TAKE ACTION NOW! We are sick of this constant & flagrant breaking of the law that affects innocent dogs and their community guardian like this . Let them BE. As per the law. Let them be. Links:  

The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore
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Petitioning Randeep D, JC Mahadevapura, Hon MLA Arvind Limbavali, BBMP SWM Commissioner, Asha Suresh

Change the Garbage Contractors for Bellandur

Change the Garbage Contractor for Ward 150  The above picture shows you the pathetic condition due to irregular pick up of garbage in Bellandur. In Reliable Lake Dew layout, pickup is there only when residents raise their voice to BBMP health inspector. In Tulasi layout, the pickup auto comes whenever it fancies. Same in other layouts in Junasandra,Jayaramareddy layout, Haralur, Doddakannahalli,  Kariamma Agrahara etc. Residents are fed up and really frustrated.  It is a common sight to see PKs sweep garbage into drains or throwing into the vacant plots and burning. Frequent burning of garbage can be observed near Amrutha college, near Kasavanahalli and Junasandra Lakes and parts of Haralur that have become garbage dumping areas. This condition is going bad to worse. How are garbage contracts given to contractors who don't follow standards of proper garbage collection?This is a mystery.  This problem has been raised time and again with BBMP. The contractor cried that auto tippers were very less for Bellandur, so pick up of wet and sanitary waste cannot be done every day. A lot of representations went to BBMP Special Commissioner and he graciously increased the number of autos from 24 to 52 in May 2019 Read more at:  Even after this, pickup of garbage remains pathetic. Bellandur has become a refuge of pigs and with the scare of coronavirus worldwide we are scared regarding the health of Bellandurians and all the floating populations that flits in and out of this IT hub.  It is interesting to note that each auto is paid Rs52,000 to Rs56,000 by BBMP per month. After receiving all this money we are aghast that garbage can't be picked up everyday according to microplan made by BBMP health inspector!  Since efforts of BBMP and activists in this area to streamline collection have not worked, we request BBMP to act fast, remove the existing contractor and put in place a good contractor who will work to clean up the garbage mess in Bellandur.  This petition is being put up by Kasa Mukta Bellandur that has been working to streamline garbage collection in Bellandur.  Requesting all to support this petition.   

Kasa Mukta Bellandur
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Petitioning BCP , Sri. T Suneel Kumar, Ram Nath kovind, H. D. Kumaraswamy, Gangambike Mallikarjun, N Manjunatha prasad, Randeep D, Child Commission, Human Rights, women commission, People for the Ethical Treat...

Save Compassionate Indian Women, Children, and Innocent Street Dogs from BBMP cruelties.

Addressed to: Sri. T Suneel Kumar, IPSCommissioner of PoliceCity: BengaluruState: Karnataka Country: IndiaPincode: 56000 From: Compassionate Citizens of Bengaluru. Dear Respectable Sir, Subject: Immediate action on BBMP and BBMP Commissioner for an attempt to kill street dogs on a larger scale, and innocent care takers in Bangalore by misleading public and practicing cruel practice Evidences/Reference : We write to you with regards to Shri Manjunath Prasad, the BBMP Commissioner cruel statements given to the Press/Media on many occasions to mislead, or provoke Public to criminally intimidate innocent Women feeders, and kill innocent street dogs in Bangalore. In a recent conflict in Ulsoor where the Mob Lynching took place (A gang attacking a lonely woman Sujatha), BBMP Commissioner spoke to the media, and instead of controlling the mob, adversely gave a negative statement against the community feeder who is practicing her Constitutional rights 51 A, and fundamental duties. While she believes in Constitution, she also believes feeding dogs help her from the wrath of planets like Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Animal Welfare, Communities, Compassionate Citizens wish to protect not just Sujatha in Ulsoor, but all other women who are getting harassed in different parts of Bangalore, and India. We wish to demonstrate to entire India, and the rest of the world that India has been the most beautiful and compassionate country ever in the history and would remain so in the future as well because of our kind acts. We are not slaves to listen to Unconstitutional and Unlawful messages of politicians, nor will follow Cruel practices. We are beautiful Indians, and We Uphold Our Fundamental Duties, As Citizens of India, As Stated in Article 51A.G, In The Constitution of India 1949: To Protect and Improve the Natural Environment Including Forests, Lakes, Rivers and Wild Life, And To Have Compassion For Living Creatures; As Do We, By The Animal Birth Control | ABC Rules Of 2001 As good citizens of India, we have been demonstrating many aspects on a consistent basis to have zero dog bites, and have been a successful campaigners. We understand there are a lot of conflicts involved during dog bites, or deaths because of BBMP irregularities, and we request for an immediate intervention, and opportunity to rectify the situation.  We are protected by BCP, and with gratitude we request you to warn BBMP to not just stop every kind of Cruel, Unconstitutional, and Unscientific practices immediately, but also Implement the Best Practices, and Procedures to eliminate Conflicts, Cruelties to drive Compassion and Peace among Communities and Citizens.   Thanking you, Bengaluru Citizens Petitioner : Ram Kumar BK,  PH:+91-8884833878, We respect and uphold our Fundamental Duties, As Citizens of India, As Stated In Article 51A.G, In The Constitution Of India 1949: To Protect And Improve The Natural Environment Including Forests, Lakes, Rivers And Wild Life, And To Have Compassion For Living Creatures; As Do We, By The Animal Birth Control | ABC Rules Of 2001 Addressed To: Sri. T Suneel Kumar, IPSCommissioner of Police, Bengaluru City, CC to 01: Mr. Ram Nath Kovind, Indian President  02: Ms. Maneka Sanjay Gandhi |Contact Details Of The Indian Union Cabinet Minister For Women And Child Development 03: Mr. H. D. Kumaraswamy |The Chief Ministers Of Karnataka 04: Ms. Gangambike Mallikarjun | Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike | BBMP Mayor 05: Mr. N Manjunatha Prasad [IAS] | Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike | BBMP Commissioner 06: Mr. Randeep D [IAS] | Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike | BBMP Additional Commissioner Administration ADEO Central:  07: Media/Press, Animal lovers, Compassionate Citizens, and other stake holders 08: Animal Welfare Board of India, and other Animal Welfare boards like CUPA, PETA, FIAPO, HSI, and 100 others 09: Child Commission 10: Human Rights and Women Commission of India    

Ram Kumar B K
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Petitioning Randeep D, Gauri Maulekhi, Gauri Maulekhi, Gauri Maulekhi, Gauri Maulekhi, Gauri Maulekhi, Gauri Maulekhi, Gauri Maulekhi, Gauri Maulekhi, Gauri Maulekhi

Government Offices to lead by example & push ABC/ARV & compassion to animals at offices

This is Rosie at Vidhana Soudha. All her pups here are gone. Lead by example , Government offices.  Neuter and vaccinate your own office dogs first. While Supreme Court mandate is clear on responsible stray dog management via  ABC (Animal Birth Control) & ARV (Anti Rabies Vaccination) , as is the AWBI (Animal Welfare Board of India) & PCA (Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act) , it’s shocking that the very agencies that should be implementing this, are failing to do so. By this they are compromising  their own colleagues’ health and safety as well. We are amazed to find not only a large number of intact, unsterilized dogs in the Vidhana Soudha for example , but hugely concerned that many of the legislators, policemen and administrators (who should  not only know the laws, but help enforce it) , are often mistakenly trying to get rid of the dogs by illegal relocation or culling. In addition, they are guilty of driving out or harassing feeders and caretakers.  In addition, they are often guilty of inappropriate, wrong and ill-judged statements on this issue. Not only does it show up our government & lawmakers  in a poor light , but it is illegal and sets a poor example and precedent. What then will the private citizen across apartments , resident welfare associations and communities learn from this behavior? In fact when we have attempted to either pick up dogs for vaccination and neuter , the security and building personnel stop us from both picking and dropping the dogs and make it difficult for us. If the lawmakers themselves rather than take initiative, actually  obstruct  concerned citizens from helping safety and reducing population. How can we hope for or have a manageable , safe and controlled population of street dogs in Bangalore, or any place in India, if the government offices themselves are culpable? How can we hope for or have a manageable , safe and controlled population of street dogs in Bangalore, or any place in India, if the government offices themselves are culpable? At a recent session of  parliament, I was shooed away by a cop from the gate, while feeding a mother dog,  saying that the police in charge there had banned any feeding and on the orders of a legislator, was planning to get them relocated the next day. Both are illegal! We immediately tweeted the police and stopped this. But it makes one think- why is the fence eating the crop? Why do lawmakers and bureaucracy have such a problem with implementing the laws that are made ? In fact , many actually break them - due to ignorance, indifference, lack of proper guidance , due to tacit support, sheer high handedness - or because they think they can. This is wrong. Let's address it by being good examples as law makers and government servants. Citizens will follow. We demand that the Chief Minister makes it mandatory to ensure all government & public sector offices make an example to the community & its citizenry by responsible animal management and proper, compassionate  coordination for ABC and ARV. Unless they are model citizens, and implement rules  , one can hardly find fault with the common man when they commit crimes. We suggest an information and compassion drive across offices , with the help of the Administration or the Dept of Admin Reforms (DPAR), proper circulars to office staff, and coordination with the concerned NGOs handling ABC, ARV and training.  We suggest that this first start with the Vidhana Soudha, High Court and the BBMP offices , where there are a large number of dogs, in addition to confused staff creating confusion and delays in ABC/ARV which could reduce population and increase people safety. Police stations, Post Offices, Electricity & Water Boards, hospitals, museums & parks should be targeted. A small certificate displayed outside that all dogs in compound are safe - i.e. neutered/vaccinated will promote public confidence, be a self-attestation and motivate others. We would like this to filter across to all government offices, and have a proper media briefing so public is made aware of the drive and laudable intentions . The government will be doing a great service to the community and helpless animals by taking this simple suggestion in the right spirit, and in doing so , demonstrate its role as a model citizen as well. Kya Idea Hai, Babu-ji.. Links:

The CJ Memorial Trust Bangalore
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Stop Exposing Sanitation Workers through Open Bin Garbage Collection

Dear Citizens, I have taken note of this petition on started by Sanjay Mohan. The petition raises the issue of open handover of garbage (municipal solid waste) to waste collectors in bins rather than bio degradable bags and also transportation in open vehicles. I would like to request all citizens and over 1 lakh supporters of this petition to make themselves aware of Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 which mandates compulsory segregation of waste in three streams of wet, dry and domestic hazardous wastes. Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike(BBMP) recommends use of closed reusable green bins for storing and handing over wet waste. Dry waste can be stored in a Blue Bin or a Reusable White Bag and handed over. Domestic Hazardous waste including Sanitary waste needs to be wrapped or put in paper bags and handed over. Accumulating all waste together or in plastic/biodegradable bags is not permitted as even biodegradable (compostable) bags are banned in the State of Karnataka. All BBMP waste collectors have been given safety gear like gloves, masks, shoes and are being educated to wear them during work. They are being advised not to directly handle waste. Moreover, only the primary Collection and Transportation(C&T) is happening in open auto-tippers for wet waste. But all secondary transportation of Solid waste is in closed compactor vehicles. Soon even the primary C&T of solid waste would be taken up in closed vehicles. BBMP is following the Solid Waste Management Rules, 2016 and all guidelines of Karnataka State Pollution Control Board(KSPCB) and Central Pollution Control Board(CPCB) and would conform to all future directions from the statutory authorities. I invite you to stay updated on the work we are doing by following us on Twitter @Randeep_Dev and @BBMPSWMSplComm Yours sincerely, Randeep D Special Commissioner Solid Waste Management Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP)

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Provide safety gear to pourakarmikas every month

Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) is committed to the provision of safety gear to all its Pourakarmikas (PKs) and Waste Handlers. The Pourakarmikas, who are our Street Sweepers, are being provided with Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) like gloves, nose mask, apron, reflector jackets, boots etc. The Street Sweepers fall directly within the ambit of the BBMP. The divisional SWM engineers have been directed to provide and make the PKs wear the safety gear, failing which daily penalty would be imposed on Health Inspectors and Supervisors. We plan to carry out intensive awareness programmes for making PKs conscious of the benefits of using PPEs while working. The waste handlers working for the garbage collection vehicles also have to be provided PPEs. These waste handlers are usually hired by a service provider appointed by the BBMP for collection and transportation of solid waste. If these handlers are not provided PPEs, the service provider is being penalised. This also requires continuous follow-up from our side. I thank the Petition Starter and its 144K supporters who have backed this Petition. #BBMP shall stay committed to this.

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BBMP: Renew and issue contracts for Animal Birth Control (ABC) service

While there has been some admitted delay in the vesting of work to Animal Birth Control (ABC) & Anti Rabies Vaccination (ARV) service providers for street dogs in zones due to drafting of bid document and technical issues with the tendering (e-procurement) platform, I assure all of you that in atleast 6 out of 8 zones, we have service providers selected & allocated through a transparent tendering system with priority being given to Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) recognised service providers. Letters of Acceptance have been issued and work orders would be issued in this week itself so that work could commence from this month onwards. In the two zones that didnt see much response, we have re-bid and would hopefully be able to finalise the service provider soon. I am happy to share with you that we are also midway through a Street Dog Census that has been carried out to estimate the Street Dog Population in Bengaluru City, after 7 long years, using Geo-locational mapping. Worldwide Veterinary Services (WVS) Goa have extended their services including their Mobile Based App, free of cost to BBMP for this effort. We expect the Street dog survey figures to be available with us by Nov 15th, 2019 to enable a target oriented ABC/ARV programme. I thank the Petition Starter and its 10K Petition Supporters for carrying out this important Petition. #BBMP would stay committed to an effective ABC/ARV programme for Street Dogs in Bengaluru.

2 years ago