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  • Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs and Leader of the Opposition in the Senate

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Petitioning Marise Payne, Hon Christian Porter MP,, Senator Penny Wong, Tony Abbott MP, Scott Morrison

Marise Payne, act now to ​#BringJamesRicketsonHome​ or my innocent father will die in jail

VICTORY! James Ricketson is now free, thanks in no small part to everyone who signed this petition. Dad wants to thank you all for your ongoing support, we couldn't have done it without you. Now, we hope that we can channel that incredible energy: we want to get impoverished Cambodian families out of the rubbish dumps they live in, and into homes. Visit Family by Family to learn how you can help.  My Australian adopted dad, James Ricketson has the kindest heart - yet he’s holed up in a Cambodian prison without even having committed a crime. Unless the Australian government responds quickly, my innocent dad could die in jail. I’m petrified - every day matters now as he gets sicker. I’m so worried for dad’s rapidly deteriorating health - He is almost 70  frail and squashed in a tiny cell with 140 others. It’s so cramped, they have to take it in turns to lie down. Body lice are eating him alive. Dad is an Australian documentary maker/journalist. His only crime is kindness and using his award winning documentaries to portray the truth. The Cambodian government is holding him indefinitely without charge for the ridiculous and untrue accusation of espionage / spying as an Australian citizen - which carries 15 years. All he did was fly a drone over an opposition party rally, which isn’t even illegal. There is a new Foreign Minister – Marise Payne – who hasn’t made up her mind on James’ case yet. Dad was making a documentary about Australia’s abused street kids when he adopted me and loved me as his own daughter. He saved my life. He was one of the first men in my life to show me kindness but now the Australian government has turned their back on him. 

Roxanne Holmes
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Petitioning Tanya Plibersek, Senator Penny Wong, Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese

Remove Senator Hanson from the Family Law Inquiry

Senator Pauline Hanson is so fundamentally compromised, that she should immediately recuse herself or be removed from the inquiry. The dealings of her own son with the Family Court and DV orders, and her using them as motivation to push for an inquiry, mean that there is clear apprehended bias on her part. She has also put her bias on Parliamentary record, making demonstrably untrue claims under Parliamentary privilege. It should be noted that her son pleaded guilty to breaching a DV order. She has shown that she will be unable to participate in this inquiry in a fair or impartial manner. In any judicial or investigatory role, such a conflict of interest would be untenable. It is clear that Senator Hanson is too emotionally and personally invested in Family Court procedures and ought not have any role in a Family Court Inquiry. No-one knows why the Coalition and its One Nation allies are wanting to waste taxpayer money on yet another inquiry, while the sixty recommendations of previous high-level inquiries remain unaddressed. “The Australian Law Reform Commission report, Family Law for the Future: An Inquiry into the Family Law System, was tabled in Parliament today by the Attorney-General, the Hon Christian Porter MP.  The ALRC has made 60 recommendations for reform.” The Coalition and Senator Hanson’s sexism and biases have brought them together to ignore the recommendations of the recent Inquiry. They have both failed to prioritise the implementation of the recommendations in the report and instead have opted to waste tax payer’s money trying to get the answers they want to hear, not the answers provided by the experts. Decisions made by government should always be evidenced based. Decisions to hold inquiries should never be based on conveniently anonymous, generalised anecdotes which is all Senator Hanson has proffered. Senator Hanson has provided no evidence to support her assertions. As a developed, progressive nation, we expect our politicians to be informed by data and research, not biases and prejudices.  Senator Hanson’s appointment is a slap in the face to every woman who has struggled to:- protect children during a fraught divorce process;- have their experiences of rape, assault, violence and abuse believed, taken seriously or acted upon;- be paid appropriate child support, or have arrears pursued Pauline Hanson’s family law inquiry will be a victim-blaming and shaming farce that vilifies single mums and domestic violence survivors. The Prime Minister must turf her now.   

Sherele Moody
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Petitioning Marise Payne

Bring Hazem Home

UPDATE: On Wednesday 6th of March, Hazem was released from police custody. When he tried to leave with his daughter and return to Australia, he was turned back and denied exit. He's remains stuck in Cairo. We're now petitioning for Australian authorities to do more to assist Hazem and Saja to come home. We will not rest until Dad is back in Brisbane.                                                                  * * * Last year, our dad was arrested and jailed in Egypt after he flew to Cairo to join us for a family holiday.Needless to say, this devastated our family.Egypt has been known for undertaking random arrests and throwing people in jail while they say they are doing investigations to find evidence. Our dad has now been in Tora Prison in Cairo for a year and we are scared we might never see our dad again.We waited for a year to see if the Egyptian authorities would either release or charge dad, but no evidence has ever been presented to justify him being in prison. And so he remains in limbo and alone in prison, thousands of kilometres away from his family.We don’t want to wait anymore. We want the Australian authorities to do more to help us find a resolution for our father and to bring him home. Since no evidence has been shown, we want dad released and brought back home to Australia. It is a grave perversion of justice to imprison a man without evidence or a clear reason. Help us bring our family back together by signing this petition and demanding that the Australian government stand up for its multicultural citizens. We love our dad and we miss him immensely, all we want to do is have him home with us again.*Note: All donations at are directed to promoting the petition and supporting They are not given to the family.

The Hamouda Family
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Petitioning, Malcolm Turnbull MP, Senator Penny Wong, Bill Shorten


We deplore the action of the Australian government in voting with the US in opposing the UN Human Rights Council inquiry into the slaughter of over 100 Palestinians in Gaza and the maiming of many thousands. Palestinians were merely protesting eleven years of siege and blockade and the destruction of people, land, homes, schools, hospitals, electricity, sewage and water treatment plants. We are aware that Prime Minister Turnbull considers the values of Israel and Australia to be the same: derisory about international law, indifferent to human rights, and rejecting the ideals of a common humanity. Instead of supporting Israeli violence towards the Palestinian people, we ask the Australian government to uphold its claim to support the Universal Declaration of Human Rights by displaying a modicum of courage and condemning the latest Israeli slaughter and opposing its illegal occupation, oppression, killing with impunity and other systematic human rights violations.We support the Palestinian people's right to resistance, freedom, justice and self determination. We call on the Australian government to join the international community by calling for an immediate end to the eleven year Israeli siege of Gaza, the Occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and the ongoing discrimination and dispossession of Palestinian people.   

Stuart Rees
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Petitioning Scott Morrison, Anthony Albanese, Linda Reynolds, Marise Payne, Senator Penny Wong, Richard Marles, Senator Richard Di Natale, Christian Porter, Mark Dreyfus

Australia will not support a US led war in Iran

Australia should not participate in any United States led military action against Iran. Not only would a military action against Iran be costly, redirecting funds from our vital services, infrastructure and communities here in Australia, it will undoubtedly claim the lives of our soldiers, sailors, airmen and airwomen - all for a war that will not make us safer and paint us as a target for stateless terror threats. Current tensions are the direct result of provocations from the Trump administration, whose claims of a nuclear threat from Iran are baseless and run contrary to the routine audits of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), who have found Iran compliant with the conditions of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (aka The Iran Nuclear Deal) [1]. The deal (also signed by China, France, Germany & the EU) has been violated by the United States, who have implemented strangling economic sanctions on the nation and ignored recommendations from the United Nations International Court of Justice to cease [2]. Meanwhile, Iran and Australia have a significant two-way trading relationship, worth $A584 million in the last financial year. False narratives have baited Australia into disastrous, illegal wars such as Vietnam and Iraq in the past. Without an authorising resolution from the United Nations Security Council, any military action against Iran would also be illegal, and orders of magnitude more destructive. This petition demands that our representatives discuss the rising tensions between Iran and the United States in parliament, developing a strategy for de-escalation, and implores that we learn from our past mistakes in blindly supporting the US/Australian alliance at any cost. [1][2] Further reading:

Atlas Just
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Petitioning Bill Shorten, Mark Dreyfus QC, Tania Plibersek, Penny Wong, Warren Snowden

Australian Labour Party: Block construction of Australia's biggest coal mine

An Indian multi-national corporation Adani, wants to build one of the worlds biggest coal mines near Australia's iconic Great Barrier Reef in tropical North Queensland.  A rail line from the mine is also proposed to transport coal to the coast.  If it goes ahead, it will increase coal shipping through the Great Barrier Reef dramatically.   Right now, the Australian senate is debating whether to change the Native Title Act, a law recognising Aboriginal rights and interests to their land.  If the Australian Labour Party backs the changes, construction on the mine is likely to begin in August. Coal from the mine will be shipped half way around the world to furnaces in India, emitting millions of tons of carbon during the lifespan of the mine.  Scientific research links carbon emissions from fossil fuels like coal, to the worst ever coral bleaching event on the Great Barrier Reef (see Hughes et al., 2017 below).  Australia can not risk further destruction of the worlds most bio-diverse ecosystem.  Nor can it risk the tens of thousands of jobs that depend on the Great Barrier Reef. This is a call to Australians and the world, to demand the ALP to block all changes to the Native Title Act in the Australian senate immediately! Your signatures can help persuade leaders to act, stop the Adani coal mine, and help preserve the Great Barrier Reef. Please sign now! For more information, see the links below: 09/05/2017 - Hughes et al., 2017 -

Patrick Bolliger
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Petitioning Gov. Tom Wolf, Mayor Jim Kenney, Donald J. Trump, Representative Rabb, Representative Boyle, Representative Youngblood, Representative McClinton, Representative Sims, Pennsylvania State House, Penn...

South Eastern Pennsylvania Barbershop / Beauty salon Back to Work Safely Proposal

  ObjectiveOur unified efforts are to communicate to our respective city and state governing bodies the guidelines we agree on that should be the new higher standard that would allow barbers to work safely while helping to flatten the curve of new cases of persons infected with the novel coronavirus, Covid-19. In accordance with the CDC GoalsOur goal is to establish added guidelines initially set by the Pennsylvania State Board of Barbering, and the Order from the Secretary of the State of Pennsylvania Department of Health set on April 19, 2020. Consideration to allow barbers to return to work. SolutionMandate that all Pennsylvania barbershops acquire the required tools and products included in the following Back To Work Safely guidelines. Mandate that all Pennsylvania barbers follow the new processes and procedures included in the Back To Work Safely guidelines while operating. Mandatethat the only barbershops that can be opened are the barbershops pass a new inspection based on the existing guidelines with the addendum of the new guidelines included in Back To Work Safely guidelines. Guidelines For the Back To Work Safely Proposal 1. All barbers in the barbershop must be certified by Barbicide   the online Barbicide Sanitation Course and have their respective certificates displayed for the public. All equipment needed to maintain in accordance to the Barbicide Sanitation Course must be present on every barber station. Such as disinfectant jar for combs, trays for sanitary and unsanitary implements and tools, two or more sets of combs, attachment combs, razor holders, shears, etc. 2. All barbershops must have a full stock of protective equipment at each barber station. Such as disinfectants, cleaning supplies, disposable gloves, hand sanitizer, and masks to cover nose and mouth. 3. Barbershop owners are responsible to have temperatures obtained from each person working in there establishment with a non contact thermometer and the right to refuse entry based on temperatures that indicate a fever has been obtained is permissible. Barbers are responsible for obtaining the temperature of each customer and the right to refuse service based on temperatures that indicate a fever has been obtained is permissible. 4. Place signs to notify clients of “safe practices” and new guidelines. 5. Hand sanitizers must be near the entrance and restrooms. All restrooms must have automatic dispenser with anti-bacterial hand soap and disinfectant wipes. 6. Clean and Disinfect all non-porous implements. 7. The center of all barber chairs must be no less than six feet away from the center of all barber and waiting chairs. 8. If needed (depending on shop layout) stations and waiting areas should be set 6 ft apart. Barbershop owners can also present a work schedule that documents alternating shifts of barbers that allow simultaneouslyworking barbers that are more than 6ft apart to follow CDC guidelines if their barber chairs are less than 6ft apart. 9. The barber may only provide services to customers on an appointment basis, i.e., walk-in services are not permitted. The booking system employed must obtain telephone contact information for each customer. If any barber, employee, or business owner test positive for COVID-19, the barber shall promptly notify all customers who received services in the 14-day period immediately preceding the date on which the barber is notified of such test results. 10. The appointment system must include the following waiver that must be agreed to by customers before they come to the establishment. COVID-19 (Coronavirus) WaiverWe take our Staff, Guest’s health and well-being very seriously. Considering the recent development of Covid-19 (Coronavirus)in our State and as an added precaution, please read below and if you answer ‘YES’ to any of the questions, please let us know andwe will gladly reschedule your appointment to a later day and time. o Have you recently traveled to any of the current High-Risk Areas / Countries? o Have you been in contact with or exposed to anyone with Covid-19 (Corona Virus)? o Do you have any flu like symptoms including Fever or Cough? o Have you been to any facility where someone has been treatedwith the virus? By signing our sign in sheet you are confirming that;1. You have not been exposed.2. You do not have any symptoms .3. Have not visited any of the High-Risk Areas / Countries. 11. The barber establishment can only service one customer / guest per practitioner in the establishment at a time not exceeding more than the required guidelines per CDC regulations. 12. Customers must wear masks at all times, with the only exception being when facial hair needs to be groomed. During the time that face masks are removed all talking is prohibited. 13. After each customer, the barber must clean and disinfect the area where services were performed , dispose of contaminated gloves, wash their hands, then change gloves while remaining in accordance with applicable guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Pennsylvania Department of Health. 14. E-Payment should be strongly encouraged. 15. Workstation must be cleaned and disinfected using the proper EPA registered disinfectants or wipes, such as Barbicide. 16. Freshly laundered towels and capes /disposables capes used on each client and placed in a closed receptacle. 17. Clean and disinfect all other tools, implements, exposed surfaces, carts, trashcans, or any other machines on a daily basis. 18. There should be no magazines, candy machine, or self serve items. 19. Inspectors should help with keeping the order and placing fines if the shop is in non-compliance. 20. Follow all current PA Laws and Barber Laws as written and availableon the PA Barber Examiners website.

Michael Walker
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Petitioning Scott Morrison

I am a trapped refugee, please help me and my friends

“I ran for safety but faced with tragedy. Indonesia is where I end up in a legal limbo and lost my hope for the future. This is the country where I suffered most both emotionally and mentally. It is a continuation of long-term suffering where freedom is long destined hope.” My name is Joniad and I am a registered Rohingya refugee. Stateless and destitute, I have escaped genocide in my home country only to get caught in Australia’s uncompromising immigration policies. The persecuted refugees just like me have been stranded in Indonesia, in legal limbo for seven to ten years.  Our voices have remained unheard for too long. We are seeking your support now. Scott Morrison’s 2014 decision to freeze resettlement process for refugees in Indonesia has created a humanitarian crisis here that nobody seems to be talking about. Despite being registered UNHCR refugees, his brutal decision deprives us of our basic right to apply for resettlement.  More than 14,000 vulnerable refugees are stuck in Indonesia without any rights to education, work or even to drive a vehicle. We are not allowed to leave Indonesia because we’re stateless, and we can’t go home because our lives would be in danger. We are losing hope for a safe future for ourselves. We are desperate for your help to lift this ban on resettlement. We hear that Australia is a fair country that gives everyone a fair go. We have respect and affection for Australian citizens, many of whom have shown immense kindness to us. This is why we are reaching out to you to help us as we fight every day for our basic rights. We deserve to rebuild our communities.  In Indonesia, we have been protesting and rallying for our basic rights since 2013. However, there is little we can do since Indonesia is not a part of the 1951 UN Refugee Convention and unfortunately has no legal obligation to us. We plead with Australian citizens to stand up for us and urge your government to open a legal pathway for refugees in Indonesia to seek asylum in Australia. As a signatory of the UN declaration on Refugees, Australia must be held accountable for its promise to protect refugees. All we want is a safe place to call our home. After years of war, trauma and persecution, is it too much to ask? Please sign our petition asking Australia to lift its ban on resettlement of refugees in Indonesia.

JN Joniad
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