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Exempt Wartime Interpreters from President Trump's Executive Order Banning Immigration

As an U.S. Army Captain serving in Afghanistan, I was almost killed by Taliban fighters. My Afghan translator, Janis, saved my life. We made a promise to translators like Janis, who served alongside our troops, to help them immigrate to the United States.President Trump’s ban on all immigration of refugees breaks that promise to the thousands of Afghan and Iraqi wartime allies. The president's Executive Order shuts the door on thousands of foreign interpreters, our wartime allies, who served alongside our military since 2001. Enacting a four-month ban on ALL immigration of refugees and an outright ban on the immigration of Iraqis condemns thousands of our Iraqi wartime allies to languish and fend for themselves against the very enemies we asked them to help us fight.The blanket ban on immigration from Iraq and the four month moratorium on immigration from Afghanistan prevents our allies from reaching safety here in America and leaves countless thousands to be hunted for their service to the United States. If we commit to this, we will permanently harm our national security. Our credibility will be forever neutered if not eroded. Why would any potential ally ever trust America to keep its word again? It pains me to think how many US soldiers will now die in future wars because we couldn't recruit the local support that is often the difference between life and death. Moreover, this ban imposes a lifetime moral injury on our Iraq war veterans. Vietnam Veterans speak often of their half-century injury at having abandoned so many of our Vietnamese allies. Please ask President Trump to keep our promise to America’s veterans and allow for the Special Immigration Visa program to continue uninterrupted. Sincerely, Matt Zeller, Co-FounderNo One Left Behind  

No One Left Behind
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Legalize medical marijuana nationwide

In the US, there are many diseases and disorders and disabilities such as cancer, ADHD, cerebral palsy, and epilepsy that people are living with. While there are many remedies and treatments out there for these conditions, there is one NATURAL remedy that has amazing, astonishing benefits. That remedy is Medical Marijuana, also known as Medical Cannabis. The oils in the cannabis have been found to improve the quality of life and even cure conditions such as the ones listed. Unfortunately, while weed use is decriminalized for non medical use in most states, it is not allowed for medical use in multiple states for both non psychoactive and psychoactive use. Medical marijuana is NOT like those medicines pharmaceuticals and doctors give you at the pharmacy. Medical cannabis is natural, safe, beneficial, and it doesn't harm animals in the process of producing it (when grown naturally of course). When taken safely and correctly (not smoked), medical cannabis can work wonders. Pediatric DIPG patient Katherine King (now deceased) was able to live happily and almost completely pain free for an additional 12 months thanks to medical marijuana. Cannabis oil helps epilepsy patients have reduced seizure episodes. Pharmaceuticals aren't in favor of medical cannabis because that means they don't get paid from distributing other medications. They want money. They don't want cures. What needs to happen to fix this legal problem is a Supreme Court ruling, similar to the one that happened almost 2 years ago for Same sex marriage, that legalizes psychoactive and non psychoactive medical cannabis in all 50 states, allowing those who could benefit from it (and need it) to be able to take it in any state without legal trouble, no matter what. The oils of this plant saves lives. It can be a cure or improvement of life for the individuals who take it. Please sign this petition and have your family members do the same, so we can improve the lives of many who are ill or disabled. It can even be a cure for them! This could be the cure for cancer. This could be the cure for ADHD, this could be the cure for epilepsy, and the many other conditions that this natural plant is able to treat. This could finally take out cancer, the beast that takes more than 1500 lives every day, almost 558,644 lives yearly!  Please sign this petition. Sign for your loved ones battling a medical condition, sign for your friends, sign for everyone who has a medical condition such as cancer or epilepsy. This natural medicine could cure them! If you begin to suffer from one of these conditions one day, you will have a natural, safe option! Please sign! Remember to tell everyone else you know to sign too!

Mackenzie Beal
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Ban the hog wrestling events at Indiana county fairs.

Please read the entire petition before signing!!!!! This is NOT a petition for the humane treatment of animals, this IS an abuse type petition. Animal cruelty as you would see when dealing with dogs, and abuse as you would with such as domestic violence, child abuse, ect. It is not to push the vegan agenda, or the animal rights movement. Pigs are covered by the animal cruelty law so it needs to be enforced. We the signed ask the State of Indiana, Governor Mike Pence, to ban the hog wrestling events at the county fairs in Indiana, and require them to choose another event that doesn't promote cruelty to animals and other violence. Positive non violent interaction with kids and animals would be a good replacement. Animals teach kids unconditional love, compassion, empathy, ect, they are a positive influence on kids & adults. Animals also love human interaction when it's  not violent.    Using pigs as entertainment for humans is inhumane & cruelty to animals! The pigs have no choice of whether they want to “wrestle humans” or not, they cannot give consent. As a matter of fact, a pig cannot physically wrestle a human, it’s physically impossible. Some fairs have already eliminated hog wrestling from their events due to the abuse & cruelty they experience.  During a “Hog Wrestling Event”, pigs are put into a mud pit where teams of 4 or more adults or children chase them, grab them, and at times fall on them, with the goal to throw the pig into a tire within a certain amount of time.   The photo above showing a pig squealing in fear provides an example of the cruelty endured by the animals. Besides the clearly visible stress and fear the pig’s experience, many can also become physically injured as well. Physical injuries such as: physical torsional stress on the pig’s joints, broken bones, heart failure due to extreme fear & stress, aspirating water or inhaling mud when tackled, especially as they are wrestled to the ground causing the pig to not be able to breathe. Pigs are very sensitive to pain according to professors of Purdue University, as well as intelligent beings.   There are countless photos and videos online of pigs assaulted by teams of humans that show pigs being hoisted by their front legs, their bodies forced into abnormal positions. Some photos show children grabbing & pulling their ears just to get them onto the tire. One video shows a pig with her head forced into the mud, when she finally struggles back up she spews out the muddy slop. If a dog or cat were treated in this manner, charges of cruelty would result.   Hog Wrestling is not wrestling! The Definition of Wrestling is as follows: "a sport or contest in which two unarmed individuals struggle hand to hand with each attempting to subdue or unbalance the other." Hog Wrestling does not meet the definition of wrestling. Hog Wrestling is where a small targeted animal is overwhelmed by groups of much larger stronger individuals and children. The animal is grabbed, shoved into the mud, dragged and thrown onto a tire. The pig is physically incapable of being able to “wrestle” a human.   Hog Wrestling is in conflict with 4-H standards & guidelines "Animal welfare is a growing concern in this country today and warrants some attention during county fairs and any other 4-H livestock event. Therefore, it is imperative that we show all general audiences at these livestock events that we as keepers of animals do know the right way to raise and care for livestock. While we are at the fair showing livestock we are under the watchful eye of the general public. This gives us a great opportunity to show all kinds of people the method in which we care for our livestock”.  The following is a list of guidelines which should be helpful in preventing any misconceptions that the public or any special interest groups may have about the way we raise livestock. The proper care of animals in a public setting should receive primary attention. Two of those Guidelines are:  1) Handle animals in a very humane way. 2) Avoid stressing the animal. However, they don’t seem to be very concerned by the events even though they clearly violate their guidelines.   Hog Wrestling is a health concern, and should actually have the attention of the health department, yet it’s allowed. During these events, like dogs when frightened, the pigs will urinate & defecate in the mud where humans fall into or roll around, even getting the mud pit concoction inside their mouths, nose, or eyes. Those who participate are only allowed in designated areas to clean up after and nowhere else until they have fully cleaned up and changed clothing. These rules show they are fully aware of the health concern that comes with the event. There are cases of injuries, and infections to human participants, which shows a bigger need for concern since children participate in the events.   Indiana has Animal Cruelty laws; Indiana state law prohibits the following: Cruelty,  abandonment, and neglect of animals. Acts of torture and physical abuse of an animal are a crime in Indiana. IC 35-46-3-12. (c) A person who knowingly or intentionally tortures or mutilates a vertebrate animal commits torturing or mutilating a vertebrate animal, a Level 6 felony. (d) As used in this subsection, "domestic animal" means an animal that is not wild. The term is limited to: (1) cattle, calves, horses, mules, swine, sheep, goats, dogs, cats, poultry, ostriches, rhea, and emus; and (2) an animal of the bovine, equine, ovine, caprine, porcine, canine, feline, camelid, cervidae, or bison species. Since this event is promoted to kids as a “fun event” even though it’s animal cruelty here is information about kids charged with the crime of animal cruelty (f) When a court imposes a sentence or enters a dispositional decree under this section, the court: (1) shall consider requiring: (A) a person convicted of an offense under this section; or (B) a child adjudicated a delinquent child for committing an act that would be a crime under this section if committed by an adult; to receive psychological, behavioral, or other counseling as a part of the sentence or dispositional decree; and (2) may order an individual described in subdivision (1) to receive psychological, behavioral, or other counseling as a part of the sentence or dispositional decree   Yesterday, Walmart, one of the world’s biggest companies – and the nation’s biggest food seller by a long shot – announced it has adopted the “five freedoms” principles for farm animals, effectively renouncing the use of extreme confinement and other abusive practices in animal agriculture, and signaling an extraordinary change in agriculture in America. Walmart is calling on its suppliers to, among other actions, work toward ensuring that animals: 1) are raised in ways that allow them to engage in natural behaviors, including having sufficient space and socialization with other members of their species, 2) be provided more comfortable living conditions, 3) are free from painful mutilations 4) be spared mental discomfort or distress, and 5) be given ready access to water and feed. These changes, so grounded in common sense, would nonetheless herald major improvements over how much of agribusiness currently treats animals. Walmart is able to recognize the fact animals do have emotions and can be psychologically harmed and not just physically.     Whether a domesticated animal, or farm animal, an animal is an animal that feels fear, love, ect and no animal should have to be terrorized by barbaric humans for their entertainment. This event is abusive & cruelty to animals and promotes violence.   It's a proven fact that violent criminals first start out harming animals when young, and move onto humans. Promoting hog wrestling to children is teaching them that abuse is ok, even for their entertainment. Children exposed to cruel events such as this are more likely to grow up and further harm more animals and people. The state should instead be setting a positive example for its youth, and teaching them that harming animals, especially for entertainment, is wrong and inhumane. Adults who participate in cruelty to animals such as this are also more likely to abuse their children as well. In a state with a high crime rate, which includes child abuse and domestic violence, these events should be banned not promoted. The way a state treats all of its animals and children shows the character of said city.   The Delaware County Fair has cancelled their fairs hog wrestling event for 2015, however, other counties such as Harrison County, Grant County, Monroe County, Whitley County, &  Noble County still intend to have their event. Instead of thinking about the harm from the event they choose to continue harming & exploiting the hogs for financial gain. As a matter of fact, Kyle Bailey, the President of the Noble County Fair is also the paid supplier of the hogs used for the event. Not only does the fair financially gain from the event but Mr Bailey personally gains financially from causing psychological terror to the hogs used.   With the findings that show animals feel the same emotions as humans no animal should be terrorized for financial gain or as entertainment for anyone. We ask that you ban the cruel event in the entire state of Indiana. There are many non-violent forms of entertainment for humans that do not involve animal cruelty, that could be held instead, and that would have a positive impact on the families that attend. Neurologist Gregory Berns is using MRIs to find out if dogs experience emotions in the same way humans do. Here are two links to information videos on his research and findings This petition has nothing to do with Farming, Farmers, Agriculture, Fairs in general, or 4H!!!!!!   This petition is not an attack on farming, agriculture, and has nothing to do with any organization; it’s addressing the animal cruelty to the animals, and the violence that it promotes ONLY! There are many things that were once seen as ok such as child abuse, & domestic violence that are no longer acceptable in the world today, and cruelty to animals is one as well. I, nor this petition have any association with Joel Kerr, the Indiana Animal Rights Alliance, or any org!!!

Tina York
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Protect Mothers Rights During ChildBirth! #MothersVoice

You can donate for my surgery here I'm very grateful that you took the time to listen to my story.  I am not doing this for myself alone, but for all women who have suffered at the hands of negligence. I understand that we all have our own hardships and injustices. I also understand that doctors and their teams make mistakes, therefore it's not about the medical staff but about the system. The system that's in place does not provide rights for women in childbirth. It does not allow even a chance for the medical staff to resolve their mistakes with the patient.  The system in place only allows recovery of $250,000, thousand dollars which means that it is economically impossible for any mother to hold a hospital and staff accountable for gross negligence. During these past 18 months, I've connected with many hundreds of mothers who went through the same horrible experience.  They too are embarrassed, to share intimate details, like I did. I've consulted over 150 attorneys who declined to take my case. Behind me are a multitude of  mothers who were similarly damaged.  I am fully aware of how difficult it is to bring change to systems in the United States. However, if you spend your 30 seconds by signing the petition, you'll provide an opportunity for women to have the ability to hold hospitals and doctors accountable for gross negligence.By signing this petition, you are requesting that the recovery ceiling of malpractice law be lifted for gross negligence on a mother giving birth.By singing this petition you will protect us, mothers, who don't have rights under this system.If you are a citizen of California of voting age, please sign this petition If you are a citizen of another State, please sign this petition and also  start a petition in your home state if there are malpractice ceilings where you live.Together we can make this change! Every year in the United States, 65,000 women with pregnancy or childbirth nearly die. This is by far worst record in the developed countries. Approximately 28,000 babies are born with birth injuries each year. In spite of it all, hospitals refuse to carry responsibility and women in childbirth remain unprotected. We would like to change that on a national level. Every Voice Counts! My name is Kristina and I would like to share with you how my life turned into a nightmare due to negligence at Mercy San Juanhospital in Sacramento, CA.  Perhaps my story will help many to get justice with similar experience. On September 30th 2016, at 3:33am, I gave birth to our wonderful son Moses. But memories of my labor still bring many tears. My pregnancy was very normal and the anticipated labor was supposed to be the same. It was my first long waited pregnancy and I did everything possible for my baby to be healthy. When I was around 36 weeks pregnant, around 1:00am I arrived to the hospital with contractions. I knew that I was in full labor because my contractions were 2-3 min apart. I requested epidural right away, they prepared me but the wait for the anesthesiologist took 2 hours. Obviously, it was too late. At 3:15, I was fully dilated with all of the medical personnel ready to assist me with pushing and welcoming my baby. On the fourth contraction, when the head of the baby was visible, someone ran into the room to get my doctors assistance for another patient. ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE ran out of the room leaving me with contractions and urge to push. I was abandoned by medical staff as I was pushing my crowning baby out. Their negligent act endangered my baby and me. My husband was in shock, ran out after them begging them to come back. I was in so much pain and terrified that my baby would fall on the floor, and no one would be there to catch him. As a result, the repercussions of their act ended detrimental. My husband returned without help. In the meantime, my strong urge to push was only getting stronger which led to the beginning of my tearing. When the medical team returned, without any examination of the changes, they took my legs and started pushing on my stomach, making me tear to the 4th degree. They extend through the anal sphincter and into the mucous membrane that lines the rectum.  In a few seconds my baby flew out of me and the doctor caught him in the air. My baby was very small, only 5,6lbs, which makes it impossible to injure the mother with a weight this small if proper help was administered during labor. Immediately, they told me that surgery under anesthesia will be performed and any future children would be c section only. After I was discharged, the stitches started to fall apart. The wound became dangerously infected. I did not trust Mercy, so I went to Sutter Roseville. When they examined me, they were shocked about my story and to see how my recoverywas failing. After a few checkups with my obgyn who is affiliated with Mercy, I was promised that everything will heal and that I just need time and patience. A year and a half passed, the suffering and pain continue. On January 2018, after many tests I was informed that I need full reconstructive surgery. I am in constant pain because I have severe nerve damage. Pain episodes return me to the emergency room for intensive pain management. I’m constantly on pain killers. Because of the negligence of Mercy San Juan, I became disabled. Because of my immobility, the impact on my husband and family cannot be understated. I’m terrified of my bathroom trips, every sneeze or cough bring me fear. Any of these things could lead to rupture and emergency intervention. We tried talking with the hospital, I begged them to operate me, but they don’t want to be accountable for their negligence. However, they recognized that medical personnel left me alone. The only answer I get from them “We will not be talking to you without an attorney”. I asked to investigate my case, and they assured me they would, but it never happened. They consulted their own obgyn who expressed their own opinion, obviously to protect themselves. No investigation was performed. Many attorneys that I spoke to refused to take my case. Their response was “we can only protect a child, it’s almost impossible to protect mother” I only have one option now, and it’s to ask for your help. With your help justice can be served, and I will finally be able to have reconstructive surgery. My life can get to normal, and I can enjoy motherhood fully, without fear and pain. Only with your help, we can protect mother’s rights during childbirth.

Kristina Kalmykov-Oselska
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STOP! Animal Abuse

Animal Abuse - Every day in the United States animals are beaten, neglected, or forced to struggle for survival. They are left in unsanitary conditions with no food or water, they have little to no hope as they live out their days without the compassion they deserve. Some are found and rescued, and are given the chance to experience how great life and humans can be; others aren't so lucky. To grow as a nation, we must fight for these abused animals' rights and severely punish heartless owners. It is up to us to speak for these creatures who lack a voice, for who will if we don't? One of the first steps in protecting animals and ­creating effective cruelty laws is knowing what animal cruelty actually is. There are two categories: passive cruelty and active cruelty. The first ­involves acts of omission, meaning the abuse happens as a result of neglect or lack of action. Passive cruelty might seem less serious, but that is not the case; it can lead to terrible pain and suffering, and ultimately death. Examples include starvation, dehydration, inadequate shelter in extreme weather conditions, and the failure to get medical care. Passive cruelty is sometimes due to the owner's ignorance, so many animal control officers will first try to educate neglectful owners on how to properly care for animals before giving them a citation or placing them under arrest. Active cruelty, on the other hand, is more well known and disturbing. Sometimes referred to as non-accidental injury, this type of abuse involves purposefully inflicting harm on an animal in order to feel more powerful or gain control. Active cruelty against animals should be taken very seriously since it can be a sign that a person has serious psychological issues and may commit more acts of violence – possibly against humans. It is hard to tell just what drives people to harm innocent animals. “According to a 1997 study done by the Massachusetts Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and Northeastern University, animal abusers are five times more likely to commit violent crimes against people and four times more likely to commit property crimes than are individuals without a history of animal abuse,” says It is vital to report people who hurt animals. Most animal abusers find some sort of fulfillment or power in torturing a victim they know can't fight back, which is why crimes like rape and child molestation are committed. While not all animal abusers become serial killers or rapists, it is important to take every case seriously. For example, Carroll Edward Cole was a West Coast serial killer who may have murdered as many as 35 women in the 1970s and 80s and was executed in 1985. Based on Cole's testimony, his first violent act was strangling a puppy. The Columbine school shooting is another example of animal abuse as a precursor to human violence. Before killing 12 classmates and then turning the guns on themselves, Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold had bragged to friends about mutilating animals. If these acts had been reported to authorities and taken seriously, these two young men might have been put in a proper facility and helped, possibly avoiding the horrific massacre. Given these examples, it's hard to imagine why all states don't take animal cruelty seriously. Alaska, Arkansas, Idaho, Mississippi, North Dakota, and South Dakota have no felony provisions for cruelty to animals. According to the Humane Society, a good felony anti-cruelty law should protect all animals, apply to first-time offenders, carry large fines and lengthy prison time, have no exemptions, require convicted abusers to get counseling at their own expense and prohibit abusers from owning or living among animals. Along with these laws, we need officials who will strongly enforce them. Police, psychologists, and even the FBI recognize the link between animal cruelty and violence against people. To better protect communities, all states should institute strong penalties and work to increase public awareness of these crimes. It's not only up to the legal system to ensure that communities across the country are aware and educated about animal cruelty. There are plenty of things everyday citizens can do. The simplest action is for people to take care of their own pets and learn the facts so they can educate others on proper animal care. Another easy way to help is by donating to or volunteering at a local animal shelter. Contrary to popular belief, volunteering doesn't require a lot of time; simply going in a few hours a week helps tremendously. Finally, by writing letters you can remind your local lawmakers that animal abuse is a real problem that needs to be addressed. Taking a few minutes to support this worthy cause not only helps animals, it allows you to feel proud about standing up for something so important to society. It is our job to be the voice for creatures who cannot speak up for themselves. As a nation, we need to make it our priority to come together and ensure the safety of our beloved pets. As Margaret Mead once said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

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Demanding change & action - Injured, hungry, and lost black bear euthanized unfairly!

IMPORTANT NOTE:  This petition was originally for the cause of capturing and rehabilitating the bear while it was still alive.  Sadly, it was "euthanized" by Amherst Police after nearly a month and a half journey - while plans were being set in place by the DEC to capture the bear as soon as the next day.  THIS IS WRONG. So, I am changing my initiative. This petition has changed it's title to demand change in laws and protocol regarding wild animals in suburban/urban New York communities.  I greatly appreciate the international support this petition has received.  Without you, this would not have been possible.   ____________________________ On July 8, 2018, I created this this petition to urge New York State to capture, rehabilitate, and release a young male black bear that was wandering around in the western New York region.  This bear was lost, hungry and afraid.  He did not attack any humans or domestic animals - including law enforcement. After nearly a month and a half journey, the bear was 'euthanized' by local Amherst Police on July 10, 2018, while a plan for capturing the bear the next day was being set up by the DEC. This is incredibly inhumane.  It was not the bears fault that he wandered into the suburban area.  As previously stated, he caused absolutely no harm to anybody or anything.  The New York Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) put out a statement prior to it's death that the bear was too close to residential areas to tranquilize or stun the bear.   The bear was struck by a car and injured it's leg.  It was reported to be limping around Getzville, NY, when I decided to make the petition to start an effort to capture and rehabilitate it. How is this acceptable?  It is not. Here are cases of a bear getting lost in populated areas, and how they were responsibly handled - In September 2016, a bear wandered into Anchorage, Alaska.  It was captured and relocated humanely.  Last month, a black bear wandered into a small town in Louisiana.  It was also captured and relocated. In this case, a bear wandered through town and was simply contained in Hickory, NC. Not euthanized! There needs to be laws set by the federal government to help protect wild animals that journey into populated areas.  The death of our local black bear cannot go without justice!   If we don't take to action, nobody will.  Sign this petition to show that you stand for dealing with wild animals in a way that doesn't involve euthanasia, or suffering for it.  Continuing to let this happen will result in nothing but more unfairly treated animals.  It ends now, and with your help.  Please sign today!  _________________________________________________________ Original Petition Description Prior to Killing of Bear This summer, a wild black bear has been wandering around Western New York.   He has not attacked any animal or human throughout his whole journey around the western part of the state.  He is lost, hungry, and now injured. A week and a half ago, he was struck by an automobile on a local highway, and injured his leg.   Recent sightings in Getzville, NY, include reports that the male bear has an injured leg, and no food.  He has been going up to back porches and taking the food from bird feeders.  The local police were even quoted saying that the bear came up to them and laid down.   The local police have simply been following the bear around and trying to scare it away from residential areas, and not offering any help to the injured bear.   The Department of Enviromental Conservation has also stated that the bear is too close to residential areas to tranquilize or stun the bear.  The bear clearly shows no threat to any residents due to it’s injury, making that claim questionable. Sign this petition to help our local bear get captured and rehabilitated instead of letting it roam hungry, alone, and injured.  It needs help desperately.  

Austin Lange
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Join Utah Leaders in Opposing Rep. Noel's Quest to Become BLM Director

Utah State Representative Mike Noel is lobbying to become the next Director of the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). He and a group of like-minded politicians are campaigning to position Noel as a legitimate candidate for this post. The Salt Lake Tribune and this OpEd by Better Utah’s Madison Hayes outline how Mike Noel’s confirmation as BLM Director would spell disaster for our public lands. Among the many reasons Mike Noel would be bad for the BLM and our public lands are these: Mike Noel is a staunch opponent of the Federal Government; Mike Noel believes that law enforcement on Federal public lands should be taken away from Federal officials and turned over to local sheriffs; Mike Noel ardently supported Phil Lyman, the former county commissioner who led an illegal and damaging protest ride through Recapture Canyon; Mike Noel is a proponent of Utah’s $14 million wasteful lawsuit to “take back” Federal lands; Mike Noel continually demeans and vilifies opponents of his positions; Mike Noel’s leadership would have a catastrophic impact on the outdoor recreation industry, an important part of Utah’s economy; Mike Noel fails to compromise and allows his personal opinions on matters to override all others; Mike Noel’s history of manipulation and conflicts of interest would likely follow him in a higher position of power.   Based on Noel’s beliefs, history, and temperament, we urge the Trump Administration to reject Rep. Mike Noel’s quest to become the next Director of the BLM. Join the Alliance for a Better Utah, our fellow citizens, business, advocacy and community leaders from around Utah in telling the Trump Administration to oppose Mike Noel’s pursuit to become the next Director of the Bureau of Land Management. See our letter to the Trump Administration here. The letter is signed and endorsed by, among others, Jan & Bryson Garbett (Garbett Homes), Peter Metcalf (CEO Emeritus, Black Diamond), Nazz Kurth (President, Petzl America), John Sears (President, Gregory Mountain Products), Kevin Boyl (President, KUHL), Pat Shea (Former Director, BLM), Sierra Club, Utah Chapter, Southern Utah Wilderness Association, the Alliance for a Better Utah, Save Our Canyons, Wild Utah Project, Wild Earth Guardians, and Western Values Project.

The Alliance for a Better Utah
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