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Mike Honda

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Mike Honda proudly represents California’s 17th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives. His district includes Silicon Valley, the birthplace of innovation and the national leader in high-tech development.

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Save the Perkins Loan Program

Please note that collection of your street address is strictly for the purpose of notifying your representative of your support for the Save Perkins Now petition. We do not harvest or collect address or other contact information for the purpose of sending unsolicited emails, unsolicited communication, or selling or trading contact lists. STUDENTS, PARENTS, HIGHER EDUCATION ADVOCATES, ADMINISTRATORS AND SUPPORTERS Did the Federal Perkins Loan Program help you afford a college education? Have you worked with or do you know students that have benefited from a Perkins loan?  If so, please help save the Perkins Loan Program by signing our petition today. This proven and longstanding loan program is in jeopardy.  In order for the program to continue beyond the 2016-17 award year, Congress must reauthorize the program or extend the September 30, 2017 sunset date. Perkins Loans provide critical support to students with economic need, offering low-cost loans with flexible repayment terms and generous forgiveness options that are public-service oriented.  In 2013-2014, close to 500,000 students with need were awarded nearly $1.1 billion in Perkins loans, with an average amount of $2,014 awarded per student.  This funding is critical to students who may not qualify for any other financing options, including more costly private loans, and therefore would be unable to complete their education.

Maria Livolsi President of COHEAO
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Expand the post-9/11 caregiver program to all U.S. veterans

 Many of our military veterans have health issues stemming from their service to our country in foreign wars. These issues often require ongoing caregiver assistance. Veterans who served after 9/11 have received the most generous benefits, which has left our other veterans scrounging to cover needed care. Senator Patty Murray’s latest attempt to bridge this disparity, the Military and Veteran Caregiver Improvement Act, has been stuck in Senate committee since 2015. This act is important because so many of the caregiver programs are geared toward post- 9/11 military veterans. Meanwhile, the veterans of our wars in Korea, Vietnam, the Persian Gulf, and others have been forced to rely on their family and friends for needed care. Many spouses are faced with the tough choice to put their loved ones into a nursing home so they can get a job to help support their family. Others, like my own mother, stay at home to care for their veteran and are forced to scrape and scrounge every single penny to make ends meet. Veterans from all eras have sacrificed to serve and protect our nation. They have seen and experienced things that few of us could even imagine. And many of them have been exposed to weapon materials that are extremely toxic and dangerous -- leaving them with ailments that plague them for the rest of their lives. We have to do more to care for these heroes. If you believe that our veterans are valuable and deserve the resources necessary to ensure a decent quality of life. If you agree, please sign and share this petition to tell Congress to pass the Military and Veteran Caregiver Improvement Act, or a bill similar in wording.

alex wehrspann
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Legalize Hedgehogs, Gambian Pouched Rats, Sugar Gliders, Fennec Foxes, and Ferrets in Cal.

Some exotic pets such as chinchillas, despite being endangered in the wild or aren't native to California, are often kept as pets and are legal to keep in California, but not hedgehogs, sugar gliders, fennec foxes, ferrets, Gambian pouched rats, and among others? I think this should be fixed. Hedgehogs for instant are currently illegal to keep due to people's fear of them naturalizing in California (which isn't true), but rats and mice aren't native and were already introduced to California, as well as causing more impact than hedgehogs, but are still legal as pets, so there's no point of making hedgehogs as pets illegal. Ferrets, as said by the, ferrets might not be able to survive in the wild, so they shouldn't be banned as pets. Fennec foxes, which despite their possible adaptation to survive in deserts of California, wouldn't do well there due to the already present and very adaptable desert red foxes living there, so fennec foxes wouldn't survive well there, another exotic pets that shouldn't be illegalized. Those are why the pets I've mentioned shouldn't be made illegal and should have been legal in the first place. Help me make these exotics legalized and give these animals a chance, as well as helping some exotics, including fennec foxes, breed to prevent their future endangered status!

Dylan Hooton
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California's Secession from the Union!

In light of the current election results, we need to make a drastic move and demonstrate that California is not in favor of the racist, misogynistic, and archaic principles displayed by the current GOP candidate. We need to PROGRESS, not REGRESS and America will NOT be great under the misguided leadership of a president with no commitment to his own so-called values. As we have seen throughout his campaign he has repeatedly lied to our faces by claiming the truth of his comments were false. He is not apt or qualified enough to preside over our country and California should not have to endure four years of unsound leadership. A Democracy is representative of what people want, however, with the Electoral College in this country the results are not always a representation of what people want. With the power vested in us as citizens, we should exercise our rights and show our displeasure by seceding from the Union. In the spring of 2019, California will hold a referendum to seek its exit from the Union. We seek secession not only due to the election results but for a myriad of other reasons. Including, but not limited to the following: Peace and security, elections and government, trade and regulation, debt and taxes, natural resources, immigration, education, the environment, health and medicine.  This is the best decision for our state and our people, being a part of the union is holding us back from the greatness we can achieve on our own.  Please spread the word.  Inform yourselves! #CALEXIT  

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