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Pass legislation to designate a National First Responders Day

First Responders (Police, Firefighters, EMTs, and Paramedics) put their lives on the line everyday for people they don’t even know. They are more than good neighbors - they are our brothers, sisters, husbands, wives and friends. While everyone else is running away, they’re running towards the danger. It is time to honor them with a special day of their own: National First Responders Day. It’s long overdue and something all Americans can agree upon. So join the movement, sign the petition, spread the word on your social media and help as we petition Congress to make this day a reality. To ensure this worthy cause gets the attention it deserves, we are committed to do what we can to get the issue in front of as many people as possible so that members of Congress hear our collective voice. While we are proud to be creating awareness, this movement is so much bigger than any person or brand.  So whether you are a Hooters customer or never even considered coming to Hooters…please support our local heroes and sign the petition.   

Hooters of America
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Secure basic civil rights for sexual assault survivors

On September 10, 2011 I was raped by a student at my own school. Two and a half years later, I was raped again by a stranger in the bathroom of a bar in Boston. Both assaults were traumatic. What was most horrifying, however, was how my status as a victim marginalized me from my community and denied me the right to heal. Moreover, my assailant was left virtually unscathed. A year and a half after my first assault, I filed a civil case against my first assailant through my school’s administrative board. Over the course of six months, I endured hours of fact-finding sessions during which an investigator asked about what I was wearing that night, and what it felt like when my assailant raped me. Sitting under this microscope, I felt shame rather than support, incredulity rather than belief. I was not allowed to tell anyone about the case, and I was not allowed to directly address the administrative board. I functioned as a peripheral actor in a case that was ultimately about my body and my right to safety. In late November 2014, the administrative board ruled on my case. All 40 members of the board unanimously decided that my assailant had indeed violated Harvard’s sexual assault policy. Yet, my assailant wasn’t expelled. His record wasn’t expunged. He still has a full transcript for 4 years of college classes. He was even allowed to speak at Harvard’s graduation. He moved to New York, where I live, and took a job at a prestigious investment bank, even though he didn’t officially graduate. Harvard’s ruling did not keep me or my other classmates safe from my assailant. Neither did it keep me safe when I was raped again a mere three months after the ruling came. After I was raped a second time, I did not report it. I knew it wouldn’t help. If my own school wouldn’t protect me, why would the state’s broken criminal justice system? My story is not uncommon. It is commonplace. In fact, my experience demonstrates one of the few positive outcomes that a survivor can experience. It is unconscionable that a survivor could be denied rights in one state that would have been protected if they had been assaulted in a different state. A handful of states don’t even notify the survivor when they permanently dispose of a rape kit. Instead, different states provide different rights. Even worse, no states provide survivors with all of the common-sense rights they deserve. This is a crisis for 25 million survivors across America, and I’ve come together with citizens, advocates, and legislators to do something about it. We’re fighting for a comprehensive Bill of Rights for all survivors.  By denying survivors basic rights, we diminish the value of their lives, and all others as well. This erodes at the values of respect and trust that hold our community together. Only once those values are protected will I begin to feel truly apart of that community again. Only then will I recover. Join me by signing this petition and calling on your Senators and Representatives to pass this important legislation now. We’re ready to make history. Are you?

Lauren Libby
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All Superdelegates - Vote Bernie

We, the undersigned constituents, write to you today to discuss how crucial your vote is to the future of our great country. I write to you today not only as a proud lifelong Democrat, but as someone who is deeply concerned about the upcoming election this November. Along with your colleagues, you are in an extremely powerful and special position for shaping our country's path forward. You have the power to help solidify the strongest candidate for our party to stop Donald Trump from damaging our country beyond repair. The party failed to prevent the loses of the '72 McGovern and '80 Carter elections. We can't make that same mistake in 2016, this time against an even more harmful and destructive Trump. That's the whole reason why you have your super delegate vote: to help prevent the party from choosing a poor General Election candidate that cannot guarantee a Democratic election. We have to do everything we can to make sure our Democratic candidate has the best odds to beat Trump. Senator Sanders has brought many people into the process (more than Obama did in 2008)(1), but many of those same people won't support Secretary Clinton. In fact, a petition that supported the 'Bernie or Bust' notion,  with over 100,000 signatures, was delivered to the White House recently. If we are to acknowledge the scientifically proven exit-voice theory, research suggests that it’s very likely more than 2.4 million people share the same sentiments (2) .In addition, hundreds of thousands of constituents feel disenfranchised due to abundant and documented voter restriction and election fraud (mass voter roll call purging, massive decrease in polling location, unused provisional ballots, misguided voting instructions, altering of ballots, broken voting machines, and a consistent trend of exit polling not matching election outcomes) (3)(4)(5)(6). Never mind the notion that hundreds of super delegates pledged their support for Clinton even before this election season, or the fact that documents were leaked proving that the DNC had already chosen Clinton as the nominee back in May 2015, on the same day that Sen. Sanders announced his candidacy (7).  We also run the risk of Secretary Clinton's potential legal issues costing us precious votes at the worst time possible. That is made clear by her own testimony regarding her misuse of her private email server; her statements to the public completely contradicted the FBI's testimony. It is also important to note that there is another petition that was delivered to the White House that voices the "Never Hillary" pledge., which was signed by over 200,000 people. There is also resounding concern over the issue of 'big money' in politics, including the issue of super PACs and the Hillary Victory Fund (8). The general consensus of average citizens is that she cannot be trusted.  The National polls are clear. The swing state polls are clear (9). The favor-ability ratings are clear. The momentum, energy, youth and Independent enthusiasm are all clear. Our best hope in defeating Trump is clear: Senator Sanders (10)(11). You have a unique opportunity to go down in history as one of the special few individuals who made the right judgment call and helped us elect the stronger candidate for the Democrats to retain the White House. You also have the opportunity to disregard all logic, polls, and the anti-establishment pulse of the country and stay with a riskier candidate and further the notion of a #DemExit. For the sake of the Democratic Party, for the sake of your place in history, and for the sake of unifying the entire country and not having to say "President Trump"... please vote for Senator Sanders in the convention this July. Thank you for your time and consideration. References: (1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7) (8) - who resourced the FEC (9) (10) (11)    

Jamie Ferrier
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Massachusetts Dyslexia Screening Legislation 2017 SD.26, HD.166, SD.1498 and HD.3451

Massachusetts Dyslexia legislation (newly filed in 2017) is a first step to help improve reading by considering the most reliable predictor of 3rd-grade reading failure, dyslexia, and screening for 1. Phonemic Awareness, 2. Rapid Automatized Naming and 3. Letter-Sound Knowledge Dyslexia is neurobiological and makes learning to read more difficult.   The science and research exists to help these students early, teachers need to and want to know the science. Let's not let the legislative session end without helping the students with dyslexia.  Please include the Massachusetts city or town you live in when leaving your message.

Decoding Dyslexia Massachusetts
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DNC Delegates & Super Delegates: Only Bernie can defeat Trump

(First, we MUST have a roll call vote, all the Democrats who cast their votes for a candidate and in turn voted in delegates to cast that vote at the DNC MUST be heard and recorded. This is democratic.) Bernie Sanders is simply the best candidate to beat Donald Trump; Delegates and Super Delegates please cast your votes accordingly. An average of the entire summary of all polling data compiled over the course of the election confirms this:  Sanders leads Trump nationally +10.4 Hillary is slightly above at +3.2 Do Democrats REALLY want to Win the White House? The Democratic Party claims that Winning the White House is their top priority, along with defeating Trump. It's time to look at the facts and look at who is the best candidate to achieve these goals; goals taken straight from the DNC. DEMOCRATS ARE FOCUSED ON WINNING ELECTIONS, PERIOD. Case in point #1: When Bernie addressed the House of Representatives to  explain that "it's not about winning, it's about transforming America," he was booed by Democratic members of Congress who believe they have no power to transform America unless they win elections. Bernie Booed by House Democrats DEMOCRATS SAY WE MUST DEFEAT TRUMP Case in point #2. Democrats also believe our main goal is to defeat Trump, i.e. win elections.  Their messaging is solely, WE MUST DEFEAT TRUMP.  Those two points have the Democratic Party freaking out after, to their surprise, Hillary's polling went DOWN after Bernie endorsed her. Democrats Freaked Out About Polls Emails sent from DCCC after Bernie's endorsement Three desperate emails were sent out in one day following Bernie's endorsement only to find Hillary's polling against Trump showed her LOSING ground, especially in three key swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania showing them being completely terrified over the lack of "unity" as Sanders supporters fail to fall in line behind Hillary claiming: "After Bernie’s call for unity yesterday, we just figured Democrats would...well...unify. But instead, everything is falling apart. FIRST: We heard barely a peep from grassroots Democrats. THEN: A Quinnipiac poll showed Trump and Clinton tied in OH, FL, and PA.* NOW:  We’re questioning whether the Democratic Party can unify at all." __________________________________________________ Polling prior to Bernie's endorsement, June 21st vs. after, July 13th: *(note that the states are not all 'tied' as the DCCC claims): FL:  Clinton 47 - Trump 39 -----> Clinton 39 - Trump 42 OH: Clinton 40 - Trump 40 ------> Clinton 41 - Trump 41 PA: Clinton 42 - Trump 41 ------> Clinton 41 - Trump 43 June 21st vs. July 13th, as well as virtually EVERY POLL conducted between Sanders and Trump, Bernie wins nationally every time (as stated in beginning): FL: Sanders 45 - Trump 39 ------> Clinton 47 - Trump 39 OH:Sanders 48 - Trump 38 ------> Clinton 40 - Trump 40 PA: Sanders 47 - Trump 40 ------> Clinton 42 - Trump 41 __________________________________________________ 13 million votes for Bernie Sanders were cast from demographics who are largely composed of people who simply refuse to vote for Hillary OR Trump.  And some of them rather vote for Trump INSTEAD of Hillary! This is a stark reality that the Democratic Party must come to grips with if they not only want to put a Democrat in the White House in January, but elect Democrats in Primaries across our nation in November. Are you willing to lose the White House (as well as Congress) and suffer a loss that allows the potential for a President Trump? Dr. Cornel West is now endorsing Jill Stein over Hillary Clinton Most Bernie supporters are Dr. Cornel West supporters. He makes a compelling argument to his supporters on why Hillary, nor Trump, is a viable choice. How many of those 13 million will follow West? How many will vote Trump? How many will write in Bernie or simply stay home? Are Democrats willing to risk losing over this? So, do Democrats REALLY want to Win the White House? Then maybe it's time for DNC Delegates and  Super Delegates to rethink who their nominee will be in order to achieve that victory.  Bernie Sanders is simply the best candidate to beat Donald Trump; Delegates and Super Delegates please cast your votes accordingly.

Progressive Democrats
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Urgent! Support the "Right To Try Act (H.R. 3012) of 2015" Hope for the Terminally ill

I am writing this letter in utter despair, because my family needs your help. My brother, my hero, the man I've always looked up to was diagnosed with ALS. You the Congress, the decision makers, have the chance to pass the "Right To Try Act". And everyone fighting a terminal illness right now needs this.   I remember being a little kid, I remember always trying to hang out with my brother, he is 10 years older than me, so I was never allowed. But I thought I was cool having an older brother that could take me places. I am the youngest of 4, there are 3 sisters and 1 brother. We have always been a close family. Always. I feel like I was just at the shore this summer carrying on with him at the beach, and today he can barely walk. ALS, has been around, over 80 years and still NO CURE. The ice bucket challenge in my opinion brought much needed awareness to the disease. I was told in Oct 2015, about my brother and that he has ALS. I don't think it really hit me, as I really didn't understand the magnitude of what he was about to go thru.  Maybe in a way I didn't want to believe it? I didn't want him nor his family to have to go thru this. But its real. Its not going away. I don't think I myself was prepared for him, to have to fight for his life. Its heart wrenching to watch, even more so, he has a family, a loving wife, 6 children. He is a family man, he would give you the shirt off his back because that is the man he is. Always has been. Life certainly hasn't been easy for our family, in December 2013 we lost my sisters 10 year old son, our nephew, it never gets easier, the heartache never goes away. Time does Not heal. There are 12 nieces and nephews between my sisters and brother. He and his wife have 6 children. His wife is amazing. Not only does she make sure my brother is taken care of, she also takes care of 6 kids, and her mother who currently has brain cancer. So if anyone, anyone wants to complain about life, they certainly deserve to. But guess what? they don't. They don't complain, they look for answers, they look for hope. They look for ways to change the lives of other people. That is the ultimate meaning of strength and courage, they are. So I write this letter to You, in hope that you listen clearly to my message. My brother, deserves the "Right To Try" He derves to possibly change his quality of life for the better. He deserves so much more from life besides ALS. He deserves to try a medicine, that may give him hope. His family deserves that right. He deserves to walk his daughters down the aisle. He deserves everything every other human on this earth does. So grant him that right to try what ever he wants to. He was given a terminal diagnosis. Terminal. There is no cure for ALS. And you the government, have the ability to change that. You have the opportunity to pass the "Right To Try Act", to make it possible for him to maybe change his life. Maybe not. But shouldn't that be a human right ?  Would you want his 6 children wondering why their dad wasn't given a chance at life? give him the "Right to Try" then just maybe, he can watch all his kids grow up. He can sit with his wife in a rocking chair on the porch when they are older.  Why would you not want to give him that right? I beg you to support  this Act, "Right To Try Act"  (H.R. 3012) of 2015. I beg you. No one ever , ever deserves a terminal illness, they don't, but you as our law makers have an opportunity right NOW to make their life a little bit brighter. A little bit more hopeful. Let's try to change the world to make it a better place instead of holding people back from having hope. That is all they have. HOPE. Please help my family, please allow my brother Frank Mongiello, the "Right To Try". #CureALS Warmest Regards, Frank's Lil' Sister, Lisa Mongiello Kupsey    

Lisa Kupsey
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Remove Judge Thomas Estes, Make Rapist David Becker a Registered Sex Offender w/ Jail Time

David Becker, 18, has been charged with two counts of rape and one charge of indecent assault and battery which came from his attack of two women on April 2nd.  Hon. Thomas H. Estes, First Justice of Palmer District Court, sentenced Becker to 2 years probation on August 15th and he is not required to register as a sex offender because he believes Becker should enjoy "a college experience." Becker's attorney Thomas Rooke maintains, "We all made mistakes when we were 17, 18, 19 years old, and we should be branded for life with a felony offense and branded a sex offender." This "mistake" included sexually assaulting two unconscious women at a house party and then texting "sorry" the next day to one of the victims.  Our justice system is obligated to hold criminals accountable, and when they don't it is our jobs as citizens to hold our justice system accountable. By removing Judge Thomas H. Estes, we are making a progressive step to end rape culture. Sexual assault should not be part of a college experience, it should not go unnoticed, and two years probation and a text sorry is not justice.  

Micajah Daniels
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New Petition: Adapt existing technology to use DRONES / capabilites to Find the Missing Quickly and solve Most other crimes

We plead with everyone to step up and get involved by educating yourself about this presentation to ask that unmanned Military drones / and or Satellite surveillance technology be used to find missing and abducted women children and men. We ask you to share this page often during your  online activities. Please book mark this page It may take you a while to go through the information presented here. YOU can help insure we find missing children women and men quickly and safely, spare families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one and our solution can reduce MOST other crimes. Please consider sharing this petition each time  you visit your social media web sites, cut and paste this URL it is a twitter Face Book compatible short URL = (  ).  The time you spend sharing this information can be the most productive time you ever spent online - You will need to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks - - My Face Book Id's are "Find the Missing" and "finding missing" and "@ifindthemissing" on twitter - Please friend and follow me and share often ************************************** Don't doubt the EXISTENCE of the real time,  24/7,  high resolution, military unmanned drone imaging, storing and data transmitting technology. In this petition we provide links to the proof and offer details on our proposed solution. We are now in the process of taking thousands of perfectly good drones out of service because of our cutback in involvement in other countries That would be wasting billions of dollars - when putting them to use finding the missing could SAVE billions of dollars = its a no brainer We will let the criminals know they WILL be caught, in most cases WITHIN minutes - YES Minutes of them being reported. Cases like the San Bernardino Attack the Boston Bombings / Diana Zacarias / Casey Anthony / The Cleveland Three Amanda Berry - Michelle Knight and Gina De Jesus abducted by Ariel Castro and found after 11 years  / etc etc the list is endless / would ALL have been solved quickly.  The time has come for EVERY caring American to step up and be heard and ask our elected officials to live up to their oath and promises to protect us all. It is our goal to educate every citizen and allow them to decide if this is something they would endorse.  Here is a site which informs and addresses the benefits and drawbacks of  using the technology presented on this petition - with scenarios of how the Technology could work, once there - visit our other links/pages with missing person cases You might know one of the missing we profile there Crime is rampant, 2000 WOMEN CHILDREN and MEN GO MISSING every day --  the criminals AND terrorists need to be stopped and We need to be protected with every tool we have. Using our existing drone and satellite photo taking and transmitting technology can do that - the drones will be mothballed after we leave Afghanistan - we have paid for them - lets use them to protects us HEREIF the satellite or unmanned drone surveillance technology, which our military has developed over decades had been in place, the 3 Women just found alive in Cleveland would have been found within hours of their going missing OVER A DECADE AGO - ( most likely they and the multitude of others who go missing every day would be found WITHIN MINUTES - YES MINUTES of their being reported missing --The Boston Bombers could have been tracked and found within minutes after they were identified, saving the hundreds of millions of dollars ( 1/2 Billion ) lost and spent on the investigation and it would have saved Patrolman Sean Collier, the M.I.T. policeman's, life.The case of the boy who stabbed his sister in California would have been solved within minutes after seeing no one else entered or left the house. The exact whereabouts of the gun and knife Jodi Arias used to Murder Travis Alexander would be known and those pieces of evidence would have been found, and undoubtedly led to a much shorter trial ( which has cost Arizona over 2 Million Dollars so far.It would solve most other crimes ( armed robberies, stolen cars, murders, rapes, home invasions, burglaries, bank robberies, assaults - ANY crime, etc etc ) quickly with less investigative work and far less cost to taxpayers and spare millions of us the pain of  dealing with being a crime victim and save hundreds of billions of dollars by solving those crimes quickly in years to comePlease share this info on twitter and Face Book - Its the least you can do. You can use this shortened twitter URL -- WHEN sharing this petitionThe Invasion of Privacy Argument DOES NOT hold up - Criminals AND terrorists do NOT respect or abide by laws  and they will invade your privacy in a flash  -  and the chance of your privacy being invaded by the implementation of the proposed system is far less than the chance of your being a victim of crime.Again You will need to weigh the benefits against the drawbacks -  Here is the site which addresses the aspects of  using this technology - with scenarios of how the Technology could work and save lives and spare victims and their families the pain of dealing with such atrocities http://trenton.2truth.comWe can't rely on GPS or cell phone trackers - the criminals can render them useless qiuickly and dispose of those easily. The miscreants can find implanted chips and excise them by cutting them out.The Targets of this petition ( recipients ) -- are our highest elected officials and Major Media Outlets --- they will get copies of this petition automatically after you sign it.The letter which will be sent to the recipient list is found belwo at the"Petition Letter" section on this pageThis is NOT A Petition for a New Law  == BECAUSE  More Than Passing Laws Needs To Be Done BUT if laws need to be changed it is the duty of our elected officials to change them.Are you aware we have the capability to take real time high resolution satellite and unmanned drone images and videos of Almost any area in the U.S. and transmit those pics back to earth WITHIN SECONDS Once More, Our Military has developed and perfected the system since the first spy satellites were launched in the late 1950's and We have an estimated 1200 drones in use over Afghanistan and those systems will be moth-balled, phased out or scrapped when our troops are pulled out in 2014. Are you willing to throw away the trillions spent on the development of those systems when they could be used for so much good.I repeat, I am begging ALL who read this --- If you agree, PLEASE take the time to post notices about this petition on ALL the ONLINE Sites you visit - Cut and paste the URL from the browser bar or use the short URL  ; - YOU can be responsible for Saving victims and helping crime victims.The mainstream media has up to now ignored my requests to even mention the existence of the technology OR THIS effort. Add your Voice, post a notice on the social Media pages OR send separate EMAILS to ALL media outlets and request they help educate ALL Americans -- again the url is  This petition requests the media to inform the public so we can ask our elected leaders to take drastic steps to dramatically reduce and SOLVE Most CRIMES WITHIN MINUTES AND stop the scourge of  Missing Children Women and Men which is sweeping our country. The Boston Bombers could have tracked within minutes after they were identified.It is no secret these systems have been used for decades by our military to watch our enemies and to protect our troops and used to track and find Osama Bin Laden. The only secret is their actual capabilities. But we can assume they are awesome.  Our government hid the SR-71 and the stealth fighter and B2 bomber from us for many many years too.IF Adapted for use by Law Enforcement,  this technology would be  the Solution to Finding Missing Children Women & Men Quickly, solve and drastically reduce other crimes WITHIN MINUTES of them being reported - the satellite or drone technology COULD also provide police with indisputable proof of someones innocence or guilt.Gun Violence and murders may drop along with the other crimes.All the details are presented on our main web site linked belowPlease Educate yourself about this solution, the time you spend will be the  most  productive you have EVER spent online.  PLEASE Book Mark the pages and links below so you can return to them easily( This effort is funded completely by myself  I never ask for any money )Once more: We could track and Find most missing persons and  spare tens of millions of families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one PLUS SOLVE and Drastically reduce & solve ALL type of crimes like those mentioned above and will let the criminals know they WILL be caught, in most cases WITHIN minutes - YES Minutes of them being reported.The technology would provide proof of ones innocence or guilt with NO Doubt  and avoid situations like the recent Trayvon Martin Murder case and the Troy Davis executionThe existing technology presented in this document is NOT micro chipping, GPS tracking or cell phone tracking, While those methods could be used for some protection - They are marginally effective and would not STOP the crimes. It is not the use of drones. The drawbacks of using those methods and ways of tracking the missing are addressed on our Main Web Page at THIS LINK HERE - http://findthemissing.vze.comWe plead with our elected leaders who receive this petition to step up and adapt the existing military satellite or drone surveillance technology which can again: capture real time, high resolution, close up,  photos from space of ANY crime scene, street, road or area in the U.S. and transmit those photos within seconds back to earth to be viewed and responded to by Law Enforcement - Again this can be done within MINUTES  for almost any crime scene - YES MINUTESPLUS such a system would save Hundreds of Billions in Taxpayer dollars in the first years, that money is now spent on Police searches, investigations and court proceeding as presented in the detailed info seen in the "Cost" and "Proof" section on our efforts MAIN WEB site found at http://findthemissing.vze.comWe also present a link to a page which presents scenarios of how the system would work at ; Read and be amazed at what can be done.Until the media gets onboard -- Please educate yourself then make a decision to get involved or not.We are well aware of the "Invasion of Privacy" issue and the Paranoid's "Big Brother" fears, The bottom line is This can Drastically reduce crime and provide a safer environment for ALL Americans. Will the criminals respect your privacy ? NO ! Will this stop them ? YES. We address the Privacy aspect of our proposal in the section 'Invasion of privacy Concerns" on the Main web page seen linked below.If the media would become active in informing the masses about this possible solution and Allow each person to decide if it is something they would like to see in place,  then each individual can get more involved. Please we beg you --  sign this petition to request our Elected officials to act. It will be sent automatically to the list of over 50 recipientsCaylees Law and other laws do little to actually solve the problem. Talking about the missing on TV does nothing to stop the atrocities. Except for Americas Most Wanted None of the TV shows which depend on missing person cases for ratings have EVER been responsible for a missing person being found - NOT ONE...Remember:  Our Mission is ULTIMATELY  to get action from Our Elected officials by creating widespread public awareness with media cooperation and hopefully create a ground swell of activity to convince ALL Americans to get involved in getting those elected officials to ACT AND adapt the system for use by ALL Law Enforcement AgenciesI must say again:  Read how the system would work and what  the positive outcome of using the existring technology could be at - then ACT AND sign this petition - and share the info by posting on ALL the social media sitesI repeat: We have paid for this technology, it has been developed and perfected and has been /  is being used to protect our troops, It has been in place over countries in which the U.S. has been involved in military actions since the mid 1970's. So in those 40 years it has been honed and perfected. We need to see that it is adapted and used for the benefit of ALL Americans.Once More: to the Media: the public must be told about this and allowed to band together and request President Obama and other elected officials to challenge and instruct NASA, Our Military and their affiliates to work together to adapt EXISTING systems of satellite surveillance technology to assist Police and Law Enforcement Agencies in solving ANY crimes, including child abductions Missing women and men, rapes, home invasions, car thefts ALL within Minutes of them being reported thus we can SAVE victims lives and spare tens of millions of families the pain of dealing with a missing loved one in the future AND REAP the other benefits.Plus implementing the EXISTING TECHNOLOGY would save a major portion of the estimated 9.6 Billion dollars spent on the over 800,000 BASIC searches for missing Americans each year. That does NOT include the savings of  hundreds of billions MORE in future years on court cases ( trials for the criminals who were caught in the act ) and investigations for other crimes which would be solved quickly.The proposed system can also be used to protect Our borders. We need to create wide spread public awareness to the existence of the systems and OUR effort gives every American a chance to join in and help make a "Change"To be sure the media gets our message PLEASE cut and paste the URL ; into an email and send it to ALL the media outlets you can find, local, national, radio, tv, newspapers and online blogs,  and to your local politicians and police departments or post it in articles you find online about crime. We think many of those who are on the list to have this sent to them automatically through have now blocked it from getting through to them. The response to Caylee's Law petition of over 1,400,000 signatures and the Trayvon Martin Petition with over 1,500,000 in just DAYS should indicate to every one, there are many who care and want something done. The Cleveland Three - Trayvon Martin and Caylee Anthony will stand as a beacons to anyone who needs proof thing can get done BY "We the People"Please choose the Opt out option or check the box provided to NOT receive emails in the future. You might need to set your profile settings. Thank YouContact:Bill Tomsck  

Find the Missing NOW
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Support Our MA Bi-Partisan Bill To Document And Report All Hazing And Bullying Incidents

I am a survivor of Hazing and Bullying and I have made it my life's mission to end these archaic and juvenile rituals. Hazing is illegal already but anti-hazing laws are rarely enforced and schools are currently not required to document and/or report these crimes.  This bill will require all Public and Secondary Schools in Massachusetts to document and report these crimes. There are many benefits to passing this and the most important benefit is that it will protect your children where they are extremely vulnerable. Once this legislation is passed the school's focus will go from trying to cover up or delegitimize the situation to placing the focus on the victim and the victims needs. It will help deter events like this from happening because schools will do more to educate and promote positive behavior in all school environments. This bill will also help in the event that someone is bullied or hazed. Once we start receiving the data from the schools we can use these analytics to determine what is working and where we need to improve to keep our children safe at all times while in school and after school activities.  Below is the language for our Bill: An Act relative to hazing in schools SECTION 1. Subsection (a) of section 37O of chapter 71 of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2014 Official Edition, is hereby amended by inserting after the word “cyber-bullying”, in line 19, the following words: - and hazing as defined in section 17 of chapter 269. SECTION 2. Section 18 of chapter 269 of the General Laws, as appearing in the 2014 Official Edition, is hereby amended by adding the following paragraph: -Notwithstanding the provisions of this section, hazing incidents that involve students enrolled in a public elementary or secondary school district shall be reported according to the procedures and requirements prescribed in section 37O of chapter 71.  SECTION 3. Notwithstanding any other general or special law to the contrary, the annual interscholastic athletic head injury safety program required under section 222 of chapter 111 shall also include educational materials and training on hazing as defined in section 17 of chapter 269. Please sign this Petition to show your support for this bill. Our only agenda is to help protect all children, no questions asked!  

Hazing Hurts
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Stop Reckless Panhandling In New Bedford

I started this petition because I along with a lot of concerned citizens of New Bedford Massachusetts have had enough. We love the city of New Bedford and believe despite all the negative coverage we get believe this city has so much potential. Over the past year Panhandlers have made this city a not so enjoyable place to live. This city I truly believe goes out of their way to help those in need but those who you see Panhandling are not even homeless. They are street hustlers plain and simple. Street hustlers who are taking advantage of that heart of gold that we have. These individuals are posing as homeless, pregnant and veterans to manipulate us in order to collect money instead of getting a job. Deception is not only issue the city of New Bedford has with Panhandlers. It's affecting local businesses who repeatedly every single day have to call the police on the same people who without a care in the world trespass private property in order to solicit money from hard working people which in turn hurts local businesses. As a customer I would not want to go to the same store if I am being harassed. This is also a public safety issue. About 830 pm at night few months back my wife was leaving Stop and Shop on Dartmouth Street and not once but twice in a dark lit parking lot was followed asked for money,said no and again as she was getting into her car was approached again by the same person !!! What if my wife had a heart issue and was followed and scared like she was? Do you really think if she had a medical emergency the panhandler who's on private property would have stopped and helped? Absolutely not. What if she had a gun? So many times we read about and seeing these people walk up to us in the middle of a drive thru and even walking in front of moving cars and enough is enough. The ACLU needs to take notice!!!!!! The other group that are suffering is the legit homeless. The less fortunate who do need your help are being ignored in fear of them being scam artists like these panhandlers.

Brian Harrington
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