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Stop The Trophy Hunt of Wyoming Grizzly Bears

Yellowstone grizzlies have recovered from near extinction.However, Wyoming’s own Game and Fish Chief Warden, Brian Nesvik sees a potential hunt as “part of the success story” of the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem’s grizzly population. The recovering of grizzly populations is a result of protections. Without those protections and a policy of peaceful coexistence, grizzlies will disappear again.In the 1970's, hunters and trappers decimated grizzly bear populations across the US. Why should we allow history to repeat itself? Today grizzly bears face even more threats from climate, habitat loss, development, mining and an increase in deaths by automobiles. A hunt this time could mean they may never recover. Is that a risk we are willing to accept?How can we trust that any hunt will be conducted in a conservative manner when it would be lacking scientific merit?We see the transparent interests at play in pursuing this hunt: ranchers, trophy hunters, and opportunistic mining companies and developers. We will not stand by as these self serving interests greedily advance their personal agendas.A hunt would not only disturbs the balance of nature, but it would have negative consequences for eco tourism. With grizzly bears serving as the main draw, “government and independent economists have placed the combined value of nature-based tourism in Yellowstone and Grand Teton at close to one billion dollars annually. (NPS 2016 Report)Clearly, the motivation for a Wyoming bear hunt is recreational, trophy hunting. It serves no biological or conservation purpose. We must commit to conserving wildlife and protect it for the benefit of all Americans and future generations. Unscientific hunts directly oppose conservation efforts. Therefore, we ask the addressed parties to end the pursuit of a grizzly bear hunt in Wyoming. NPS Report:  

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Animal cruelty sentence

Forest Stearns of Stearns Outfitters, Wilson, Wyoming tortured one of his working horses to death recently, in a clear case of animal abuse. There is video evidence. He is a repeat offender with a criminal record. If this concerns you please take a moment to contact the Wyoming State Board of Outfitters and Professional Guides and tell them under their own rules and regulations (see below) that Stearns Outfitting license should be revoked: Amanda McKee 1950 Bluegrass Circle, Suite 280, Cheyenne, WY 82002 635-1589(800) 264-0981(307) 777-6715 Fax _________________ THREE Wyoming Board of Outfitters "REGULATORY PROVISIONS" Forest Stearns appears to violate: 1) Section: 1; Subsection (m) - "A licensee shall provide any animal used in the conduct of business with proper food, drink and shelter and shall not subject any animal to needless abuse or cruel and inhumane treatment."  2) Section 2. Code of Ethics; Subsection (a)(9) - "(a) All outfitters and guides shall: ... (9) Provide any animal used in the conduct of business with proper food, water, and shelter and not subject any animal to abuse or cruel and inhumane treatment as provided by Wyoming Law;" 3) Section 3. Denial, Suspension and Revocation - "Failure to comply with any provision of these Rules shall be grounds for denial of an outfitter or professional guide license or any other discipline to include, but not limited to, suspension for a period not to exceed three (3) years or revocation of any outfitter or professional guide license issued by the Board. Suspension and revocation proceedings shall be conducted in accordance with the Wyoming Administrative Procedure Act W.S. 16-3-101 et seq. and these rules of the Board."

Christie Shannon
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Save Yellowstones Bison!

Forty-four bison were just captured in Yellowstone National Park's Stephens Creek bison trap. The Bison in Yellowstone National Park were born in the wild and have grown up on the grounds of one of Americas most famous National Parks. American Bison have been in North America for millions of years since the Ice Age to modern day, they have been considered sacred to Native American's and they are a national treasure in the United States of America. The problem is that ranchers raising livestock in Montana decided they have had enough of the bison, who frequently graze outside the boundaries of the park. The ranchers claimed they feared an outbreak of brucellosis, a disease that causes miscarriages in cattle and was carried by the Yellowstone bison herd. If an outbreak occurred, the ranchers would lose money. (The bison had actually originally caught the disease from cow ranchers that had allowed to graze in the park around 1917).  This is very important because the government wants to slaughter the very same animals that they spent an entire century to save from extinction. Bison were once in the high 20 to 30 millions but when European settlers arrived in the midwest during the 1800's but were nearly hunted to extinction, but since conservation laws were put into place Bison today now roam in the 500,000's to which in my opinion is still a little low. This petition is to help these Bison that were captured in Yellowstone to first be examined by a Veterinarian and then if healthy set free into the wild and for the ones that are sick should be treated with antibiotics. I love Bison and I believe that these Bison shouldn't just automatically be slaughtered because they carry a disease that was passed down to them through our domestic cattle.

Andrew Retoske
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Call in outside resources to help with the search efforts to FIND SILAS OJEDA

     We need 5,000 signatures to present to the Laramie County Sheriff's office to demand they call in certified outside agencies to help in the search efforts to find Silas Ojeda and bring him home.  Silas Ojeda is a 13 month old baby that was reported missing on October 26, 2016 by his grandfather.  Silas's mother, Rhiannon Ojeda claims he was missing for a few days.  Logan Rogers who is Rhiannon's boyfriend, has plead guilty to involuntary manslaughter, yet Silas's body has yet to be found.  For the full story of Silas please visit his facebook page at      We have been in contact with many outside search and rescue agencies across the nation that said if they were invited by the Sheriff's office, they would gladly come.  However it is protocol that they be asked to come, they cannot come unless invited.      These agencies are capable of bringing in many resources to help in the search efforts to include drones, K-9's, ATV's, horses, search grids, underwater cameras, plus many others.     We are outraged, as a community, with the search efforts thus far and need help!  Please sign to show we are in support of all the help we can get to help find baby Silas.  This sweet baby deserves a proper burial and justice for his death.  We will not stop until he is laid to rest properly and justice is served!

Justice for Silas Ojeda
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Healthy Wyoming, Healthy Kids

Glyphosate BAN Petition Glyphosate herbicides or Monsanto's RoundUp weed killer, the most widely used herbicide in history, has recently been proven to cause serious harm to life. Glyphosate has contaminated our planet, and is now found in our children's urine, mother's milk, our bloodstreams, and our food and water. In 2015 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) of the World Health Organization found that glyphosate “is a probable human carcinogen”. In July of 2017 the California State Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA) added glyphosate to its prop 65 list of known carcinogens. In October of 2017, after over 1 million Europeans requested a ban, 72% of the Members of the European Parliament voted to BAN glyphosate and EU Member states have refused to renew the license. Sri Lanka and the Six Gulf States (Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, and Oman) and Malta have banned glyphosate. Many others are in the process of doing so. France has banned glyphosate in public parks immediately and will phase out the use of glyphosate herbicides in agriculture and landscaping use over the next 5 years completely. We ask our great state of Wyoming to protect our citizens as well. Many school districts and cities in the United States have already discontinued the use of glyphosate. Glyphosate herbicides have also been found to be linked to various cancers specifically lymphoma, are endocrine disruptors, neurotoxic, and a cause of liver disease. Global studies show that we are routinely exposed to dangerous levels of glyphosate. Thousands of citizens in Wyoming come in contact with glyphosate daily. The American Academy of Pediatrics has stated that our children are the most vulnerable to pesticides, we need to take action to protect the future of our state. Over 1000 Americans are currently suing Monsanto, the  manufacturer of glyphosate herbicides, for non-Hodgkin Lymphoma. The Department of Justice is investigating Monsanto for corruption, cover-ups, and collusion with the EPA in relation to the carcinogenic effects of glyphosate. Please join the Moms Across America, Organic Consumers Association, Institute for Responsible Technology, Thinking Moms Revolution, and thousands of others in ridding our state of glyphosate by signing the petition below: From Jessie Aufderheide To further support a Glyphosate Ban in Wyoming contact  

Jessica Aufderheide
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Fight Against Puppy Mills

Puppy mills are where making money is more important than the well being of the dogs.  They are way overcrowded and they aren’t very clean. They usually don’t have good vet care, good food or water, or good socialization with other animals or people.  Female dogs are bred over and over without much time to recover from each litter. The puppies are separated from their mom at a very young age. They are usually kept in wire cages that are stacked on top of each other, which injures their paws.  When the female dogs can’t give birth to anymore litters they are often killed. The dogs usually have behavior issues and their health is bad. They are inside or outside for their whole life.  Sign the petition to fight against puppy cruelty and adopt don't shop!!

Addi and Kyla
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Add the Greater and Gunnison Sage-Grouse to the Endangered Species List.

These species are declining from already low numbers and are still being killed because they are not on the ESL. They are losing habitat and the Gunnison Sage Grouse is getting more and more restricted. Please: add these 2 birds to the Endangered Species List. It would be very sad to lose them. By the Numbers:Greater Sage-Grouse:Currently only Near Threatned due to relatively high numbers, but they are cascading down. Over the next 40 years they are estimated to decline by about 50%. They may only need to be on this list temporarily until the decline is reversed, but we should do it now before it is too late. Gunnison Sage-Grouse:There are only estimated to be 2,500-2,600 individuals and that number is getting smaller. Conservation movements are hoping to reverse that decline, but Endangered Species listing can make it happen faster.

Daniel Triplett
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Hold Justice System accountable for misconduct

On November 10,2013 an older woman was robbed at gun point at wal mart in Riverton,Wyoming. My son, Curtis Russell Oldman is currently serving a prison sentence. He was originally charged with Conspiracy to commit a felony (a felony) in violation of Wyoming State Statute 6-1-303 and also served two Fremont County Sheriffs office warrants for arrest. He pled not guilty to the felony charge. He was the only one that got a prison sentence. The driver, a female, was Curtis girlfriend, was charged with conspiracy to commit a felony (a felony) in violation of Wyoming State statute 6-1-303, reckless endangering in violation of Wyoming state statute 6-2-504, fleeing or attempting to elude police in violation of Wyoming state statute 31-5-225, reckless driving in violation of Wyoming state statute 31-5-229, and drivers license required in violation of Wyoming state statute 31-7-106 (a). The driver was sentenced to 9 months in a halfway house. She has since been released. No fine, no restitution. The person that did the robbery was a male juvenile, younger brother to Curtis. He got 10 months in the Wyoming Boys school, he was released in November 2014. No fine, no restitution, no probation. When law enforcement stopped the vehicle, another occupant,female, older sister to the driver,was riding in vehicle like my son. She was handcuffed and placed under arrest. After all occupants in the vehicle were detained,the arresting officer unhandcuffed the other female occupant,drivers older sister. The arresting officer stated that she had been cooperative and she had an illness,schizophrenic. The driver and the male juvenile waived their preliminary hearings and appeared together in the District court room for their charges and trial date. During this time Curtis was still in the Circuit court waiting for prosecutor to present evidence that he was guilty of this felony. The Judge in District court read the driver and the juvenile their charges and set trial for March 10,2014. The District Judge then asked where the other two defendants were,he thought there was four involved in the case. The prosecutor stated that there was only three defendants involved and the other defendant, Mr.Oldman pled not guilty and is still in circuit court. The Judge said that he wanted to have trial for all defendants in this case on the same day so, save a place on the same date for Mr. Oldman,as the other defendants, March 10,2014. My son had a trial date and he didn't even appear for his preliminary yet. During his preliminary hearing the Circuit court Judge did not hear enough evidence that my son could be charged for conspiracy. The prosecutor did not agree and argued that conspiracy has many elements and Mr.Oldman was there. My sons public defender said Being there does not say he conspired. If being there is conspiracy,why didn't they charge the other female occupant? She was there too. The Circuit court Judge told prosecutor he had a meeting at 3 pm. and if he could come up with something on Mr.Oldman that falls under conspiracy, I will consider this. My son was never told why he was bound over to District court. We still don't know. Curtis was then taken to District court and read his charges and continued to plead not guilty. Trial date was set prior to appearing and entering his plea. He then was taken back to Circuit court for the two arrest warrants from the Sheriffs office. He pled not guilty to a probation revocation,he explained his situation and was found guilty and given a year in county jail for probation revocation.   The other female occupant was mentioned once during my sons preliminary hearing and when the other two defendants appeared in District court. Yet the state prosecution had her subpeoned to testify against my son at his trial. He was found guilty. During sentencing the District judge said,"I have no reason to believe that you didn't take part,you was the oldest in the vehicle and did nothing to stop this. I believe you orchestrated this crime. I am sentencing you to 5-10 years. My son was given an appeal. There was a judge on the Supreme court of appeals that was related to the victim. An alternate judge took the seat. Another judge knew the family of the victim, but sat through the hearing. He was denied his appeal. My son had a trial date and he never appeared in the other court room to hear if the state had enough evidence to charge him with a felony. The Circuit court, during his preliminary hearing, gave the prosecution time to present other evidence that we never seen or heard. Curtis was given an extension by District judge at the request of his paid attorney on his 180 day right to a speedy trial,without my son knowing this. The jurors consist of 1 being the neighbor of arresting officer, 1 that worked at the same place as the victim, 1 that was the neighbor to head investigator, 1 that had been a clerk for over 10 years, that is still employed, in the same court room where Curtis was convicted. Another was a victim in a different and similar crime that my son is charged with. Paid attorney did not speak on behalf of my son, he was once a public defender. He was upset because he wanted $2,000 more and family didn't have it. I seen him speaking to the driver of the vehicle and her older sister,the other occupant that was not charged,I approached him and asked why he was talking to them,they are witnesses against his client. He said that he could speak to whoever he wanted to about my sons case as he recalled I never paid him what was owed. Video of the robbery was unclear,it was a copy. The original was locked in the evidence room about 30 miles from the court room. Trial lasted 4 days,plenty of time to present the original video. Evidence of two pistols,air guns with no prints from Curtis or juvenile defendant. Expert witness stated that, the climate where we are in Wyoming does not allow anyone to produce enough oils in our bodies to leave finger prints on rigid items such as fire arms. He also stated there was still one test that they didn't get the results back yet. The female driver said she never seen Curtis in the vehicle. The older sister that was in the vehicle was asked several questions with the response of no no no no, over and over again. The arresting officer said she was on patrol when she heard the call on the radio. She followed the vehicle that fit the description,she chased it out of her jurisdiction at rapid speeds. She said her video camera was not working that day. No video of the chase or arrest presented as evidence. Arresting officer said she was informed by dispatch that they were contacting other agency. She also said, that agency joined in the chase. My son didn't have any witnesses at his trial. I was there during the arrest,it was on my property. No other agency took part in the chase federal agent showed up after the arrest and after law enforcement already transported. Paid attorney had my son get on stand and testify for himself. No evidence of purse that contained a $2,500 government check inside was ever seen or presented as evidence that was taken from victim. Not even a picture was taken to prove as evidence. This evidence was given back to victim at city hall.victim identified robber in a line up where the male juvenile was sitting in a room behind a one way window/mirror,she looked at him for less than 1 second and positively identified juvenile as the person who approached her. He was the only person in this interview room. My son, Curtis Russell Oldman, has been a diabetic since the age of 9 years. Insulin dependant, a very life threatening illness. I have pictures of his feet and legs taken a few months after his arrest. Doctors at the prison gave him 1 year before complete kidney failure. This was in February 2015. Its been 1 year and 9 months and several surgeries for, I don't know what. He is also being sent bills in his name at the prison for these surgeries. It has been almost 2 years that he has been at complete kidney failure,and hasn't even started dialysis. Without proper medical care, my son will die. I got a call from him last night, November 4,2016. He says " Momma, I need a visit, I'm sick, my back hurts so much. Tell everyone that they need to start getting tested to see who can give me a kidney. I'll talk to you when I see you and don't bring no money for the vending machine,because I'm trying real hard to take care of myself. I love you, Momma." I have 7 children. Curtis is the oldest of 4 boys. As I write this with tears in my eyes,we have always looked up to him for being so strong at a young age,to endure all that he has,to never giving up on life, He is the heart of this family. I have been fighting for his innocence since the day of his arrest November 10,2013. I know that whoever reads my story,to hear me, will help bring my son, Curtis Russell Oldman #29571, home before he dies. He will be going before the parole board in January 2017.  I am pleading for your help. Please respond to my letter at: or Pamela Sixfeathers 757 South Beverly #2 Casper,Wyoming -82601- (307) 240-0080  Thank you for your time. Pamela Sixfeathers,mother of Wyoming inmate, Curtis Russell Oldman #29571

Pamela Sixfeathers
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Governors use the NGA to create awareness about the P.R. crisis.

Dear Hon. Governors, Congressman and Congresswomen: As you may have read or seen in the newspapers and social media, Puerto Rico is going through a very tough time. Part of the problem is that Puerto Rico has never had any solvency because it was transferred from Spain to the United States and since then, its rights to be an independent country were cut short and amputated. Today there are over 5 million Puerto Ricans is USA ( ), and there are over one million of Puerto Ricans in Florida alone. ( ) We need our elected officials to take Puerto Rico's situation seriously. It is irrelevant if you are for their independence, statehood or ELA status. You must act in support of stopping the impending humanitarian crisis that is about to take over the islands (1) as a result of Promesa Law ( ) and the Financial Oversight and Management Board imposed by the US Congress to Puerto Rico. After over 500 years of colonialism, Puerto Rico is at a breaking point, and it is the responsibility of USA to take care of the debt. Why? In part, because of the Paris Agreement of 1898 that gave Puerto Rico to the USA after the Hispanic-American War. In that agreement, Cuba was granted its independence, in part, because the USA reputed Cuba's debt as Spain's debt. It was stipulated then, that the imperial ruler had to take care of the colony financial burdens and this was one of the reasons why Spain had to let go of Cuba and USA could not acquire it, this is now called the Odious Debt. ( ) Also, there are historical records that show President McKinley was for that ruling: "The American negotiators telegraphed President McKinley to ask his opinion. He responded by making it clear that the United States would not agree to take on any Cuban debt and would not encourage Cuba to agree to do so." (See the link to read the complete article If the USA does not want to solve the debt issue, it needs to then, audit the debt and remove the illegally disbursed funds and illegally approved loans from the amount of Puerto Rico’s national debt. What can local and state US elected officials do? Reach out to the Puerto Rican community and listen to our requests for our compatriots and US citizens to be treated with dignity and respect. Move those requests into action and help your constituents by helping their families in Puerto Rico. Local and state elected officials can call unto their national elected representatives' counterparts and raise awareness about the precarious situation that these USA citizens endure in the Islands. Use your membership in the National Governors Association to bring awareness to this issue and request the same from your colleagues.  (1)    As a way of clarification, here are the Islands that are part of Puerto Rico: Vieques, Culebra, Mona, Monito, Desecheo, Caja de Muertos and many other cays, islets, and atolls that are natural reserves. It is also important to recognize that those natural reserves must be taken care of and not polluted, which has not been the case with Vieques and Culebra. These are spaces that the US Navy used as target practice and left them contaminated after they left. ( ) Respectfully, The Puerto Rican diaspora community of Florida and all of those who stand in solidarity with us.

María Torres-López
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Wild West Trails

Wild West Trails Did you know that ALL historic trails run through the great state of WYOMING? All except the Louis & Clark trail. Wyoming is unique because it is the only state that had all major western exploration and homesteading routes run through it. Oregon trail, California Trail, Mormon Trail, Pony Express Trail, Cheyenne Deadwood Stage Route, Bozeman Trail & the West Texas Trail. See for yourself. That is the beauty of our state now the problem is. Montana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Utah & Colorado have trails all over the place. Non Motorized trail systems for horse back riding, hiking, running, jogging, bicycle touring, adventure cycling & so much more. Bringing tourism into their state from all over the globe. Tourism into small towns streaming revenue and growth from them. Massive gains are made from these trail systems. I am not petitioning to place pathways on top of these historic trails. Simply a trail system next to it. Show them off to the world and to advertise them. Our state needs to tap into this extremely amazing value our state has to offer and show it off to the world. Anyone can look up the amazing benefits these have to offer in other states. Why not ours? Just visit these links. , , & so many more check out Montana, Utah & Colorado! Wyoming is missing out and amazingly WE HOLD THE MOST VALUE!!! I am petitioning that trail systems be funded throughout our state to create these trail systems for the stated above trails. Managed & maintained by the Forest service/land owners, Our local government needs to get with land owners and open up these historic trails to the world. Land owners could have trail heads of their family name & brands posted. Land owners could provide goods and services along their stretch of the trail. Old gravel oil field roads could be marked as parts of the trails also. If you would like to see this happen please sign our petition. More info can be found and & trail systems around our country can be found here.

Energy Capital Athletics
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