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Kentuckians for the preservation of all war monuments, including our Confederate monuments

To Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin,  We the People of the Commonwealth have all seen our culture being trampled on lately, Kentucky has come into focus by people and or entities that don’t understand our way of life, and think we are behind in the twenty first century.  As Kentuckians, we are very proud of our heritage, religion, and our way of life. Many of us have deep roots in our State dating as far back as the Revolutionary War, and we cherish all things that Kentucky has done, and will do in Generations to come. Our history has, and always will, be a part of Kentuckians posterity. As our Founding Fathers said, “for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness”. Kentucky has its own culture, unique only to Kentucky, passed down from Generations of honest and noble men. Kentucky has seen its fair share of change, particularly around the Civil War.  The Civil War in Kentucky was a fratricidal conflict that split families, including that of President Abraham Lincoln. Thousands of Kentucky families were broken by the war.  U.S. senator John J. Crittenden had one son who was a Union general and another who was a Confederate general.  Union colonel Charles Hanson had two brothers fight for the Confederacy, including Brigadier General Roger Hanson, who was mortally wounded at the Battle of Stones River, Tennessee. The Reverend Robert J. Breckinridge, a staunch Unionist who helped sway Federal military policy in Kentucky, had two sons fight for the North and two fought for the South.  These scenarios were repeated in scores of Kentucky families. Although Lincoln was the Union commander-in-chief, most of his in-laws, the Todd family of Lexington, supported the Confederacy. Lincoln’s brother-in-law, Confederate general Ben Hardin Helm, was killed at the Battle of Chickamauga in September 1863.  Upon learning of Helm’s death, Lincoln reputedly wept and said, “I feel as David of old did when he was told of the death of Absalom.” After Helm’s death his widow, Emilie Todd Helm, visited Abraham and Mary Lincoln in the White House. This created a stir in Washington, and newspapers complained when Lincoln’s rebel sister-in-law visited.  Later, when Emilie was seeking the president’s permission to travel into the Confederacy to sell cotton, she reminded Lincoln that Union bullets had made her a widow and her children orphans, so Lincoln bore the responsibility to help her. Mary Lincoln lost several family members during the war, including her half-brother, Samuel, who was killed at the battle of Shiloh, Tennessee, and another half-brother, Alexander, who was killed at the Battle of Baton Rouge. Several more of her siblings were Confederate soldiers or sympathizers. Few families were immune from the divisions of the Civil War.  The Civil War not only divided Northern and Southern cultures, in fact it divided families all the way to the White House. Knowing what Abraham Lincoln said himself about his own family, we Kentuckians know what he would say today about our Union and Confederate Monuments.  Post-war Kentucky needed healing. Families, communities and entire regions of the state had been ripped apart by the war, and more than simple animosity was prevalent throughout. Yet as the North and South healed their wounds and settled their differences, surely Kentucky would, as well. For in Kentucky, where such division had resulted from North and South’s convergence, there was also great promise, because, as historian Bruce Catton wrote, “where North and South touched one another most intimately” was also where they “came closest to a mutual understanding.”  Kentuckians have both Union and Confederate ancestors, and within our own hearts, we have a mutual understanding.  Kentucky is finally at peace, and our monuments Union and Confederate are our reminders, that the peace comes from hour hearts. Kentucky is where North and South touched most intimately, Kentucky has become that place for great promise that Bruce Catton Wrote about all those years ago.  In nearly every Kentucky community something reminds us of the Civil war, and our Civil War ancestors are themselves still with us in Cemeteries everywhere, quiet places, markers of the human cost of war. In Kentucky the civil war is not passive, or dead. In Kentucky the war is long over, but never forgotten.  We Kentuckians stand in solidarity with a mutual understanding, that all monuments including, Union and Confederate, that these Men, Women, and Children have the peace they deserve in death. They are our ancestors, we are their voices, and we are their blood. Our State motto is United we stand, Divided we fall, and we will never forget those ties that bind us all.  For those of you who wish to trample on our way of life, culture, religion, Confederate monuments, overalls, straw hats, and our heritage. Don't bother speaking for us, as we are just fine and very capable of speaking for ourselves and our twenty first century way of life. We understand your perversion of it, and simply decline it.  Governor Bevin,  We the descendants of all wars Kentucky has been a part of, would like to Preserve all Monuments of every War, especially Union, and Confederate. This should never be an issue for the loss of life these Men, Women, and Children gave for the State of Kentucky.

Kentuckians for Kentucky Values
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Put an end to KY allowing grass to be blown into roadways, statewide! Save a life!

In the state of Kentucky homeowners need to be held responsible statewide, every city and in every county, for blowing/throwing their grass into roadways causing hazardous road conditions for motorcycles. This effects all motorcyclist! Motorcyclist that have survived this say its equivalent to hitting black ice!! They lose complete control! This petition could help save lives and raise awareness to the dangers of grass in roadways!! This can simply be solved by not blowing grass into the roadways and holding the ones who do accountable! A bill needs to be passed to cover the entire state of KY! There's a KRS that states no debris ect but NO mention of GRASS. This needs to be revised or a new bill all together! I started this petition because...A close friend of ours Robert "Aaron" Lee aka Drip was killed Saturday April 6, 2019 in Marshall County, KY. He was participating in a poker run for autism awareness when he traveled down Hwy. 348 with his friends when he ran across freshly mowed grass out all over the road, he lost control of his motorcycle and passed away a short time later. A few swipes across the road with a mower or blower could've saved his life. Aaron is a Father, Son, Brother, Grandson, Nephew, Friend (to so many) and so much more. He leaves behind a beautiful little girl who's going to miss her Daddy terribly all due to negligence that could've been prevented by not blowing grass into the roadways while mowing!!!! Please sign this petition in Memory of Robert "Aaron" Lee aka Drip and in honor of all avid bikers across KY! Let's raise awareness and save lives!!!!

Stacie Burton
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Tina's Law: Domestic Violence Offender Registry

On the morning of November 24th 2017, Tina Stewart was brutally murdered by her boyfriend. Tina's boyfriend beat her to death; beating her to the point that he broke both of his own hands. On the day of court the judge stated, "This individual has a history with violence and why wasn't this known?".  It was at the moment, Don Estes, Tina's Uncle, made a promise to his niece, he would do everything in his power to change the law so there wouldn't be a next time that a judge, girlfriend, boyfriend, or anyone have the need to ask why they weren't aware of someone's violent history.  It's time to make a difference. It's time to take a stand. And, it's time to change the law!  We have a registry for sex offenders and we even have a registry for animal cruelty across the country. Why do we not have one for individuals that are abusing men, women, and children?  Tina's Law would require any person with a history of domestic violence, violent offenders, and individuals with Protection Orders Against them to be registered; similar to sex offenders. We need to hold these individuals  accountable for their actions. Making this change in the law across all states would prevent someone that's been charged (as mentioned above) from moving to another state and starting over, as if they've never been convicted of a crime. This would be a national registry so hiding or moving to another state is not going to keep anyone from knowing their history with violence. If you're convicted of domestic violence, you will go on the registry.  If Tina had known about her boyfriend's violent history, she would have never gone out with him. This law will save lives! We need your help by taking a stand with us to change the law. We're not only asking you to sign the petition, we're asking you to also share the petition and help us with making a change. 

Allyson Hottinger
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Logan's Law will protect helpless victims and their familes, and give them proper justice.

#loganslaw would protect innocent helpless victims, giving them and their families a voice, giving killers of these people proper punishment making the time fit the crime, and never giving killers hope for parole. They should always be found guilty if they are caught in the act and confess. Helpless victims can be elderly, disabled, women, children,  anyone that is helpless in defending themselves from death.  On 12/7/15, Ronald Exantus broke into our home around 3:30 am while I was working. He attacked my 7 year old daughter, slicing her back with a knife, beat and stabbed my 6 year old son to death 20 times, tried to gut my 11 year old daughter, who was fighting him off, then attacked my husband who had just had shoulder surgery. In that order. Within 90 seconds police arrived, and Exantus was secured by police. That is when my husband found my son, not knowing he was hurt, he rolled him over and then held him as he took his final breath. Exantus admitted to everything immediately after. He understood his rights and requested an attorney at the jail. March 19, 2018, a jury in Lexington KY found him not guilty of murder and burglary by reason of insanity, but guilty of the assaults on my daughters and husband. We feel this is an injust verdict, it is inconsistent and we have been failed by our system. They are essentially telling us that no-one murdered Logan. We want justice. We want justice for Logan, our family, and our entire community EVERY life matters and is worth so much more than anything else. To be told no one killed your son, when the man was caught with your sons blood on his hands at the scene of the murder, confessed to police officers that he committed the murder and why, and his defense team admitted to the jury that he did in fact kill your son, is heart breaking and just flat out wrong. There should never be a not guilty of murder verdict when these events above transpired. Guilty but mentally ill was an option. We are confused as to how a jury can say the murderer is not guilty if the defense team themselves admit in their opening statements to the jury that their defendant DID kill Logan Tipton.  We want Logan's Law to help any and all helpless victims. And their families. If a defendant is given rights, the victims families deserve rights as well. We want justice for the innocent life of sleeping 6 year old Logan Tipton, and any other helpless victim deserves proper justice as well. Inconsistent verdicts like the one that told everyone No one killed Logan, should never be allowed in any courtroom in our country. 

Heather pujol
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Why Are Grandma's Cookies Illegal In Kentucky?

Why are grandmas in Kentucky committing crimes when they sell cookies to neighbors? Because Kentucky's current cottage food law states that: "Kentucky law allows farmers to grow, harvest and process limited food products in their farm kitchens for sale at farmer’s markets, certified roadside stands and from the farm provided they grow the predominate agronomic ingredient." This means that unless grandma is a farmer, she is breaking the law selling her baked goods. My name is Jennifer Lopez and I am a mom raising 4 kids. I’m also a talented cake decorator. I started baking cakes in 2006 for my children’s birthdays. At the time, I lived in Missouri. By 2009, cake decorating had become something I really enjoyed. I found myself starting a business from my home and making cakes for clients. This was and still is completely legal in Missouri, in fact the laws are even better now than in 2009. I was able to start a career that I loved and have been passionate about ever since. I steadily built up a clientele, and worked hard at honing my skill set. I am going on 11 years now of being a cake decorator, or working with cake in some fashion. In 2013, I found myself faced with a huge dilemma. I had found out my husband of 11 years was cheating on me and as soon as I confronted him, he cleaned out our joint bank account leaving me and my children with nothing. I didn’t know what to do, but I did still have 2 checks I hadn’t cashed from selling cakes. I used that money to open myself a bank account. Because the laws in Missouri allow for home bakers to also sell at farmer’s markets, I took a gamble and went to Aldi to purchase cupcake ingredients. My kids and I then took them to the farmer’s market. I ended up selling $90 worth of cupcakes, and even had a customer order a cake because she liked my cupcakes so much. By the beginning of July of that year, God had sent me cake order after cake order. In just a few weeks I had over $1,000 in my bank account. Having this income took a lot of stress off my plate during this extremely stressful time. I was able to buy gas for my vehicle, food for my children, and start thinking about my new future as a single parent. I was faced with divorce, and I had no family or support system in Missouri, as all my family lives in Kentucky. After years of hard work and getting the word out, my cake business had just started to really take off. It was also the only real skill I had after staying home for 8 years to raise my children. I looked up Kentucky’s cottage food laws and found that I could in no way sell cakes like I had been, and that the laws were extremely restrictive. Kentucky is one of 3 of the most restrictive states in America. I was astounded to see that even California had better cottage food laws than Kentucky. I ultimately had to make the decision to move to where my support system was located. After moving to Kentucky, I tried to find a few ways to keep my cake business alive and to keep doing what I loved. I found a business with a vacant kitchen, but it needed thousands of dollars of work to even start, and on top of that they wanted $400 a month just for me to use the facility. This was not something I was able to even consider while being a newly single mother to 3 children. I would also have to start from scratch building up clients in a new town. I finally had to put cake decorating on the back burner and got a job to support my children. My friend of 33 years keeps our cake business alive in Missouri. Every now and then I get to make a cake for some fun reason and keep my skills active. If I could, I would be out promoting myself and working hard every day to make cakes for people in my area, but I am not allowed to do that. I can’t tell you how extremely frustrating it is to be skilled in an area and not even be allowed to start it up for fear of fines and legal drama. Even now, I am still not in any position to where I would be able to go open a storefront. What I do, which is custom cakes, would not keep the doors open without having to make other items or sell lunch, which is not something I’m interested in doing. As a renter, it is also not possible for me to turn my basement into an extra commercial kitchen or place a building in my backyard. There are so many large businesses that once started in homes or garages. A local Cross Fit started out of the owner’s garage. Super City Cross Fit, now River to River Fitness has 3 locations in Paducah, KY and Metropolis, IL. Microsoft and Apple were both started at home in garages. When starting out, it isn’t always smart or economical to open a storefront especially when the risks can be so high and you have a family to feed. If a home-based business fails, you turn your oven off and go back to life, you aren’t out thousand or hundreds of thousands of dollars. It’s also a great way to even see if this is an area you would want to keep pursuing or are even good at, without having to invest a lot of money to get started. There are also extremely talented cake designers that started from or are still based out of their homes. Liz Marek is a perfect example of a home-based decorator who made it big in the world of cake. Artisan Cake Company is still based out of her home, and within the last year she was finally able to convert her garage into a kitchen space. Charm City Cakes owner, Duff Goldman better known as Ace of Cakes, started out of his small apartment. He would walk up and down sidewalks outside of bridal shows with a cake in hand to build his business. (Charm City Cakes) “Duff opened his cake business in his Baltimore apartment after leaving a personal chef job. "I called my dad, business guru extraordinaire, and asked, 'Hey, Dad, how do I start a cake business?' And he says, 'Get some business cards, get a website and sell some cakes!' Astounding, basic advice, but I followed it...I baked [cakes] in my rickety joke of a home oven and delivered [them] in my hatchback VW."”- 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Duff ( I ended up quitting my position at a good job when I had a baby 2 years ago. I could no longer afford child care for 4 children, almost $800 a month. Baking custom cakes from home would benefit my family considerably. I could still help my husband out, who works 2 jobs, and would not have to give over half my paycheck to childcare expenses. We would love to buy our first home, but are not yet in a position to do so. Having that extra income, while saving money would also help us do that. My story is not unique. Some people start baking because physical limitations or childcare responsibilities make it difficult to work away from home. Some have been the victims of layoffs, scraping together gigs to get by. Others are retirees, looking to supplement their fixed income and stay active. Regardless of the reason, people across the country have realized that home baking allows them to use their talents to earn extra income. Home baking is the way to get started right away without having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on professional equipment and commercial kitchen space. It also makes sense for customers. Home bakers have the flexibility to make small batches of goods and cater to food allergies and dietary restrictions. People who live far from traditional bakeries can buy locally. Who doesn’t want the option of a home-baked treat on demand? The solution to Kentucky’s restrictive current cottage food law is a piece of cake. I and many bakers just like me, would like to legalize the limited sale of home-baked goods that do not require refrigeration—like cookies, cupcakes, custom cakes, and bread.  You can help me and home bakers across the Bluegrass State claim our slice of the American Dream and provide a better life for our families. Please sign this message to our lawmakers asking them to support a home bakers bill and let home-based entrepreneurs get to work serving delicious baked goods to our friends and neighbors. Learn more about our campaign at

Jennifer Lopez
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Reenact the Flag Protection Act - American Flag Protection Act 2018

American Flag Protection Act 2018(a) Definition Of Flag Of The United States.—In this section, the term ‘flag of the United States’ means any flag of the United States, or any part thereof, made of any substance, in any size, in a form that is commonly displayed as a flag and that would be taken to be a flag by the reasonable observer. “(b) Actions Promoting Violence.—Any person who destroys or damages a flag of the United States with the primary purpose and intent to incite or produce imminent violence or a breach of the peace, and under circumstances in which the person knows that it is reasonably likely to produce imminent violence or a breach of the peace, shall be fined not more than $100,000, imprisoned not more than 1 year, or both. “(c) Flag Burning.—Any person who shall intentionally threaten or intimidate any person or group of persons by burning, or causing to be burned, a flag of the United States, and / or under circumstances in which the person knows that it is reasonably likely to produce imminent violence or a breach of the peace, shall be fined not more than $100,000, imprisoned for not more than 1 year, or both. “(d) Damaging A Flag Belonging To The United States.—Any person who steals or knowingly converts to his or her use, or to the use of another, a flag of the United States belonging to the United States, and who intentionally destroys or damages that flag, shall be fined not more than $250,000, imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both.  “(e) Damaging A Flag Of Another On Federal Land.—Any person who, within any lands reserved for the use of the United States, or under the exclusive or concurrent jurisdiction of the United States, steals or knowingly converts to his or her use, or to the use of another, a flag of the United States belonging to another person, and who intentionally destroys or damages that flag, shall be fined not more than $250,000, imprisoned not more than 2 years, or both. Excluding individuals that are attempting to rescue or protect the flag of the United States from damage, misuse and/or desecration.   “(f) Construction.—Nothing in this section shall be construed to indicate an intent on the part of Congress to deprive any State, territory, or possession of the United States, or the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico of jurisdiction over any offense over which it would have jurisdiction in the absence of this section.”. This act excludes clothing, with the exception of which portrays or indicates burning of and/or desecration of the flag of the United States of America, with the exception of artistic interpretation that does not have the intent of or perceivable intent of being a desecration of the flag of the United States of America.  (g) Technical And Conforming Amendment.—The chapter analysis for chapter 33 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by striking the item relating to section 700 and inserting the following: If any provision of this Act, or the application of such a provision to any person or circumstance, is held to be unconstitutional, the remainder of the Act, and the application of this Act to any other person or circumstance, shall not be affected by such holding.That any desecration of the flag is not protected by the freedom of speech as stated in the following landmark cases and bill, as the burning or desecration of the flag would indicate either a plot to over throw the government, intended harm on certain members of the government, be considered obscene, be considered fighting words, lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value and / or tends to lead to or incite a breach of the peace and could likely provoke a violent reaction : Dennis v. United States that the First Amendment doesn’t protect the speech of people plotting to overthrow the government.Bethel School District v. Fraser upheld the right of a school to suspend a student for making an obscene speech. Hazelwood School District v. Kuhlmeier, 1988, supported a school’s right to censor student newspapers. However, many states are now passing laws to grant broader First Amendment protections to student speech. Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire (1942), the Supreme Court held that speech is unprotected if it constitutes "fighting words".[30] Fighting words, as defined by the Court, is speech that "tend[s] to incite an immediate breach of the peace" by provoking a fight, so long as it is a "personally abusive [word] which, when addressed to the ordinary citizen, is, as a matter of common knowledge, inherently likely to provoke a violent reaction" Miller v. California, came up with a three-part definition of obscene material. *A work is legally considered obscene if an average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find that the material appeals to prurient (appealing to sexual desire) interest.*the work depicts or describes, in an offensive way, sexual conduct or excretory functions, specifically defined by applicable state law.*taken as a whole, the material lacks serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific value. House Bill 347 authorized Secret Service agents to arrest anyone protesting in the president’s or vice president’s proximity. They also have this authority at National Special Security Events. These events have included state occasions, of course, but also basketball championships, the Academy Awards, Olympic events, and the Super Bowl. A conviction can result in up to 10 years in a federal prison (another place where your freedom of speech is limited).  

Joseph Schmitt
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