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Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

Twelve states have moved to ban "ex-gay therapy" for young people -- dangerous "therapy" that tries to change someone's sexual orientation. "Ex-gay therapy" has been linked to suicide, depression, isolation and anxiety, and has been condemned by nearly every medical and psychological body as dangerous, destructive and something no child should be forced to undergo. And yet in 38 states -- including states like New York, Pennsylvania, Minnesota and Ohio -- "ex-gay therapy" remains a practice that's largely legal under the law. But there is national momentum as more and more states move to ban "ex-gay therapy" and protect minors from attempts to "cure" them of their sexual orientation. Hawaii just became the 12th state to ban "ex-gay therapy," and New Hampshire and Delaware are close to following suit. They join states like California, New Jersey, Maryland, Illinois, New Mexico, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and Oregon. That's nearly 25% of the country! But it's not enough. LGBT kids are still facing dangerous "ex-gay therapy" attempts in more than 30 states around the country.  All these states have seen bills introduced to ban "ex-gay therapy". New York -- which touts itself as one of the most LGBT-friendly states in the country -- has seen legislation pass the State Assembly three times; Pennsylvania has had a bill introduced several times; Ohio now has a bill as well that legislators are pushing; and activists in Minnesota have been pushing for a ban on "ex-gay therapy" programs for years. Let's build on this national organizing momentum, and work to get these states added to the list of states stepping up to protect LGBT youth, and banning harmful "ex-gay therapy" that tries to "cure" LGBT people and change their sexual orientation or gender identity.

Juno Johnson
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Petitioning Michelle Fischbach

STOP CPS' illegal targeting and trafficking of African American children

The African American Community is outraged by the disparities that exist within Minnesota's child protection system. Black families are illegally targeted and disproportionately represented. Once involved with child protection, the outcomes for African American families are inequitable. The child protection reform that began under the orders of governor Dayton have failed to address the experiences of the African American child and has actually lead to higher rates of involvement and out of home placement for these children. Racial disparities are found in the entire child protection process, from initial reporting and assessment to discharge from the system. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TODAY IN A SHOW OF SOLIDARITY  REQUESTING THAT MINNESOTA'S LAW MAKERS ACTIVELY ADDRESS THE ISSUE OF DISPROPORTIONALITY WITHIN DHS' CHILD PROTECTION SYSTEM!  Black families are over represented in rate of: -Contact with the child protection system: Black children are 4 times more likely to be subjects of child protection assessments and investigations -Reports to CPS: Black children are 5 times more likely to be reported to Child protection -Out of home care: Black children are placed in out of home care at a rate 5.3 times higher than white children. The longer Black children remain in out of home care, the more they experience multiple moves in placement settings -Aging out of care: Black youth have high rates of reaching the age of majority when in placement for long periods of time (REMAINING A STATE WARD)   Minnesota's Black youth are removed from their homes at an alarming rate and a large number are crossing over from Child protection into the juvenile justice system. The Department of Human Services, current child protection legislation and county guidelines lend to the national epidemic of criminalizing Black families! We all know that healthy families are vital to the success of our children and ultimately, our communities. Everyone has a stake in ensuring Minnesota’s Child Protection system is fair and equitable. We thereby recommend the following legislative amendments: The implementation of an African American Family Preservation Act - Once a child alleged to need protection or services is under the court's jurisdiction, the court shall ensure that active efforts, including culturally appropriate services, by the social services agency are made to prevent placement or to eliminate the need for removal and to reunite the child with the child's family at the earliest possible time. A bill that states- If a child is removed from his or her parent and there is a noncustodial parent available to take the child, temporary placement with the noncustodial parent is required— rather than emergency placement into shelter or foster care. In the event that a non custodial parent is not available; the bill would require cps to comply with the parent's request to place the child temporarily with a relative or fictive kin. Make it the county agency’s duty (prior to ohp) to conduct an IMMEDIATE investigation to locate grandparents, relatives and fictive kin for placement, and to keep a record of its efforts to do so. Should a county agency deny placement with a relative or fictive kin, the court would be required to make specific findings of fact in writing regarding the considerations given to the relative or fictive kin and the reasons the placement was denied. A bill that both-  1. creates a process to reinstate parental rights after termination. The law would be retroactive, meaning Minnesota parents who have lost their parental rights in the past could have them reinstated.  2. revokes the court's authority to terminate parental rights in cases that do not allege egregious harm, physical/sexual abuse of a child. In its stead a transfer of legal custody or subsidized guardianship shall be granted. The caregiver becomes the legal caretaker and receives a monthly stipend, but the rights of the birth parent are not terminated.  Adjust current foster care licensing requirements for African American families- African American families willing to foster a child, that do not have a background of abuse of a child may be considered for placement of kin.  Research done by the DOJ and ACLU shows that people of color are more likely to be arrested and serve longer sentences for crimes in comparison to their white counterparts. The result of this racial disparity bars qualified African Americans from fostering a child. Amend the neglect statute to take into consideration a families' socio economic status- The majority of cases involving African American families do not allege physical/sexual abuse of a child but "neglect". This could mean inadequate food, clothing or shelter. A family living in poverty should not be criminalized and placed on the same track as parents that are intentionally neglecting their children (ie leaving an infant home alone, starving a child, etc). Current legislation is vague and leaves room for subjectivity on the part of child protection staff that are unable to determine neglect from poverty. An alternative track is needed to deter families in need from child protection and the consequence of a maltreatment finding to community organizations, concrete resources and service provision. A legislative audit of DHS' Child Protection Department- DHS' own data shows that disproportionality exists due to racial discrimination in the child protection worker's decision making process. Caucasian parents are granted in home service provision while African American parents in face of the same allegations have their children removed. Caucasian children who were placed out of the home are returned substantially sooner than are African American children. Counties across the state are disproportionally terminating the rights of African American parents while Caucasian parents are granted transfers of legal custody and/or timeline extensions to complete their case plan requirements. Racial discrimination is found in the entire process, from initial reporting and assessment, to discharge from the system making evident the need for an investigation and correction of past decisions made.   Create an outside investigative process of Child protection employees- Allow legislators (in order to conduct a review of agency procedure) to obtain and review child maltreatment investigations conducted by CPS. It also would authorize legislators to request information concerning unlawful activity of a child protection employee related to child maltreatment investigations and procedures. Create a bill that addresses child protection employee misconduct- A child protection employee may not knowingly do any of the following in regard to the employee's official duties on a matter before the department or the juvenile court to influence the outcome of the matter; 1. Lie about the matter. 2. Withhold material information in regard to the matter. 3. Fabricate evidence. An employee who violates this section is guilty of a class 6 Felony. Arizona is changing its legislation to reflect this in House Bill 2507. WE NEED YOUR HELP IN ADDRESSING THIS ISSUE. PLEASE SIGN THE PETITION TODAY IN A SHOW OF SOLIDARITY TO MINNESOTA'S LAW MAKERS; THAT BLACK CHILDREN MATTER TOO!   

Village Arms
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Petitioning Mark Dayton, Al Franken, Amy Klobuchar

Minnesota to secede from the United States of America and join the nation of Canada

With the recent election of Donald Trump for President of the United States, we, the people of the State of Minnesota, feel it is against our state's better interests to remain in the Union of the United States under such leadership. It is the people's opinion that this State now has more in common with the Nation of Canada than the United States when the President-Elect is sworn in.  President-Elect Trump has a history of comments and potential policies that will openly discriminate against a large portion of Minnesotans that are of minority decent. This could include thousands of unlawful deportations or severe bullying and harassment of Minnesota citizens, families, and children. Mr. Trump also has several potential policies and opinions that are against the State's own laws of water and conservation, and game and recreation that could have significant impact to the western prairies and northern forests of this State. Culturally, the State of Minnesota is one of the most open and accepting States in America; with huge diversity in race, religion, and gender, in which Minnesota is leading the nation in equality for all. With Donald Trump as President, the State would be forced to recognize a man who is against such diversity and could force the State to backtrack on much of the progress it has made. We, the people of Minnesota, urge our State's leaders to consider the possibility of leaving the United States and join Canada. This would allow us to better maintain a way of life for all Minnesotans in terms of society, environment, and equality.

Zachary Zaboj
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Petitioning Mark Dayton, Tina Smith, Minnesota State Senate, Keith Ellison, Amy Klobuchar

Motorcycles use of shoulders during traffic jams in MN

Dear Minnesota law makers, We the people of the great state of Minnesota are requesting the permit for motorcycles to use the shoulder during heavy traffic, back ups, and rush hours. Thousands of motorcyclists are being killed on the road by getting rear ended by distracted drivers during heavy traffic back ups. We need YOUR HELP to minimize the number of deaths on Minnesota roads by accepting this petition and consider adding a law that satisfies the body. Here are some but not all reasons to consider the new law: Motorcycles rely on air to cool down the engine; over heated engines will cause the machine to stall and increase traffic problems and decrease safety. Motorcycles DO NOT have bumper guards like automobiles. Any rear end collision will cause sever injury or death. Allowing motorcycles to use the shoulder ONLY during severe traffic jams with limited speed up to 20 miles per hour. Motorcycles are to reengage in traffic when flowing using safety and precautions. This will decrease the number of deaths on Minnesota roads. Some states such as California allows motorcycles to split lanes to escape the danger of rear end collision. We found that lane splitting is not the safest idea and found the shoulder is the safest route to avoid getting hit. Metro Transit and other public bus services are allowed to drive on the shoulder to "stay on time". We ask for it to "STAY ALIVE". We believe in our considerate MN law makers when it comes to safety, so please consider this as a LAW.We the people of Minnesota are thankful for your time to review our request to keep Motorcyclists safe. We believe that the safety of motorcyclists is NOT on the bottom of your list. We believe YOU can save lives! SAVE US! Citizens of Minnesota

KC Dozer
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Petitioning Mark Dayton

The immediate resignation of the Minnesota Department of Corrections Commissioner Tom Roy

In the last six months, the Minnesota Department of Corrections (DOC) has seen an alarming increase in staff assaults across the board. Many of these assaults resulted in correctional officers being seriously injured and now the most recent attack has left an officer dead. In December 2017, the VERA Institute for Justice released an article on the Safe Alternatives to Segregation Initiative (SAS). A primarily federally funded initiative selected five states, of which Minnesota was named, to participate in this study in efforts to reduce and eliminate segregation also known as restrictive housing. VERA’s effort is to remove what they claim is the "cruelest form of punishment" with a vision to eliminate prison all together. Since the DOC’s participation with this initiative, segregation sentences have decreased significantly for violent offenders who have assaulted officers. This initiative has taken away the offender’s personal accountability for their violent actions, and perpetuated “open season” on staff which has continued to increase in violence and intensity. Tom Roy knows the increased numbers and seriousness of these assaults while on his watch, he championed the DOC’s involvement with VERA’s research study offering full participation which has put the correctional officers in grave danger. Regardless of the numerous warnings by correctional officers and their families, Tom Roy chose to do nothing. Regardless of the media attention, Tom Roy chose to do nothing. Tom Roy was made aware, but he never reversed segregation mitigation and segregation contract initiatives. Around September 2016, the DOC began their experiment with decreasing segregation even though they were warned the offenders were not being held accountable and a staff would die. Why would Tom Roy decrease the penalty for staff assaults and move offenders into the community sooner? Simple answer is money and the complete lack of respect and disregard for the DOC staff on the ground and the public. Less time spent in segregation is directly related to the earlier release of offenders into the community by not extending incarceration and saving DOC bed space and money per diem. For every three days an offender serves in segregation, they are given one day of extended incarceration (EI) thusly keeping these violent offenders in prison while protecting the public and costing MN DOC money and bed space. In February 2018, two Sergeants at Oak Park Heights were assaulted and neither have returned to work. In March 2018, one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, and eight Officers were assaulted at Stillwater and Oak Park Heights which received media attention, but Tom Roy cemented his terrible decision into policy and supported the procedure changes he made 18 months earlier. In June 2018, an Oak Park Heights Sergeant was assaulted, covered in blood was rushed in an ambulance to Regions Hospital and had emergent surgery due to multiple injuries. On July 18, 2018, Stillwater’s Officer Joseph Gomm was violently murdered, rushed in an ambulance to Regions Hospital and passed away. If Tom Roy would have listened to the correctional officer’s repeated warnings and held offenders accountable for the violence they commit while incarcerated, then Officer Joseph Gomm would still be here today. Tom Roy is an ineffective leader, he has repeatedly ignored what is happening and shown his lack of concern for the correction’s officer health, mental wellbeing, their families and the public. The public deserves more, the MN DOC staff deserve more, the assaulted MN DOC staff deserve more. Tom Roy did not listen, Tom Roy did not care. Officer Joseph Gomm was brutally murdered and most certainly did not expire as Tom Roy disrespectfully said on July 18, 2018. He passed away due to the result of injuries he sustained while protecting the citizens of Minnesota from their nightmares. Officer Joseph Gomm deserved more. We demand the immediate resignation of Tom Roy.

Jane Smith
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Petitioning Jerry Brown, Andrew Cuomo, Dannell P. Malloy, Charlie Baker, Charles Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Chris Murphy, Richard Blumenthal, Edward Markey, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein,...

Tell blue states to form an interstate single-payer healthcare system for their residents

We call on Governors Jerry Brown of California, Andrew Cuomo of New York, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, and governors of other Democratic states to explore the possibility of forming an interstate, single-payer healthcare system for their residents.  Ideally, this system would provide ALL residents of these states equal, quality health coverage which would be accepted in any of these states. It would be funded by the collective healthcare budgets of these states, as well as reallocated federal funding for programs such as Medicaid.  According to a Gallup poll published on May 16, 2016, 58% of Americans say that they would prefer to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with a federally funded healthcare system that provides insurance for all Americans. However, Congress has been in a deadlock on this issue for decades. Switching from the current system -- a hodgepodge of employer-based and subsidized care for the most needy -- to single-payer has for many seemed too drastic a change for Congress to successfully implement nationally. A few states, including CA, MA, VT, and CO have discussed or tried to establish single-payer systems confined to their own states. But such systems have been bombarded with budget concerns and do not create a clear path to single-payer on the national level.  In light of this, we propose that by first forming an interstate single-payer system among a few powerful blue states, the country can gradually and steadily replace the current system with an efficient, potentially national, single-payer system as more and more states, including red states, will want to join in years to come if they see it is working well.  Call it AmeriCare?  Furthermore, we believe it would be in the interest of our states to be part of initiating this project. If acted upon, it would uniquely provide all the benefits of single-payer to residents and businesses, and show that our states are leading the way in reform on this important issue.  FAQ: Why CA, NY, MA, and CT? I want my state in too.  The author of this petition has lived in the four states mentioned, hence why they were selected, but governors of other states are on this petition's list of recipients. And residents of all states are welcome to sign and encourage their states to join too!  Is this constitutional? It appears so. This would likely be an interstate compact, which Congress has the power to allow. See:

C​.​V. LaPointe
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Petitioning Mark Dayton, Lori Swanson

Stop Medica from Giving Away $90 Million of MN's Health Care Money to For-Profit Affiliate

Medica, a Minnesota nonprofit health insurance company, recently sent $90 million of Minnesotans’ money to a for-profit affiliate.  They could do this because Republicans in the legislature have gutted protections in Minnesota law.    2017 has been a bad year for Minnesotans who want access to high-quality affordable health care. The Republican-led legislature let for-profit health insurance companies sell policies in Minnesota for the first time and repealed a law (Section 62D.12, sub 9) that for over 40 years had assured Minnesota that extra money accumulated by nonprofit health insurance companies would be used to provide health care in Minnesota. Repealing that law lets companies grab hundreds of millions of dollars that represent overcharges to Minnesota taxpayers and patients. Attorney General Swanson deserves credit for raising concerns about this and proposing legislative language to protect Minnesotans’ money.  Her efforts resulted in a two-year moratorium that stops a nonprofit insurer from transferring  “all or a substantial portion of its assets” to a for-profit company. But this did not go far enough. The Minnesota Department of Health approved Medica’s transfers, saying the transfers of $30 and  $90 million were less than “a substantial portion” of Medica’s assets. Join us in calling on the Dayton Administration to rescind the approval and—along with Attorney General Swanson— sue Medica to stop it from giving away $90 million of Minnesota’s health care money.   The transfer of $90 million—11.2% of Medica’s assets—is certainly “substantial” enough to violate the law. It’s bad enough that Republicans opened Minnesota’s insurance market to for-profit corporations. Minnesota’s nonprofit health insurers have overcharged Minnesota’s public health care programs for years. We should not stand by idly and watch them ship our money to their out-of-state for-profit affiliates.   Sign the petition now. It’s our money, so don’t let them take it without a fight.  

Liebling for Governor
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