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Maneka Gandhi

  • Union Minister for Women and Child Development

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#JusticeForNirbhaya: Pass The Law - NewsX Campaign

The Juvenile Justice Amendment Act passed by the Lok Sabha and pending before the Rajya Sabha needs to be debated and passed immediately to ensure that Juveniles convicted of heinous crimes and not showing signs of reform can be kept in custody.

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Teach Kids & Teachers How To Fight Sexual Abuse: Make it part of the syllabus

Trigger Warning: Content About Sexual Abuse I was 4-years-old when I was sexually abused. It was a trusted family member. I was too confused to know what was happening. When I was 8, the caretaker of my apartment molested me by pretending to play a game. My aunt laughed at me when I tried to talk to her. What happened to me continues to happen to thousands of children across the country. In these horrible times, no child is safe. That’s why I want schools in India to have compulsory Personal Safety Education. I was abused till I was 19 years old. But not one person noticed what I was going through. My education suffered and they blamed me. They didn’t see the depression. They didn’t even see the physical signs. Throughout my childhood I kept looking for a safe space. But it isn’t easy to talk about abuse in India. Children must learn how to be safe, to identify and avoid predators. Teachers and staff must learn how to identify signs of abuse and provide counselling and parents must learn how to protect their children. And should a child ever face abuse or even the possibility of abuse, they will have a teacher they can trust and safely turn to. A teacher who won’t laugh it off, who won’t ignore the warning signs, who will be there for the child. I’m asking the two largest school boards in India - CBSE and ISCE to make Personal Safety Education a compulsory part of the syllabus. This will impact lakhs of children in India. Sign my petition now so that I can show the Government, the CBSE and ISCE that lakhs of Indians want their children to be safe. Help me make this country a little bit safer for children.

Pranaadhika Sinha Devburman
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Penalise Schools that Fail to Safeguard Their Students

In January, a 6-year-old boy was found dead at Ryan International School, Delhi. 5 people, including school employees, were arrested and then released on bail the same day. Attacks against children in schools happen regularly across India. There is outrage and shock immediately after the incident, and then things return to normal. Sign my petition asking CBSE to penalise schools where children have been attacked, raped or killed because of a lapse in security measures. Many schools make parents sign waiver forms that declare that the school cannot be held responsible for the child’s safety and well being. Even if a student is raped or killed within school premises, the school will not be answerable. Sign my petition to make schools take responsibility for our children. We have to stop this. If all parents in our country speak up, we can get a response from CBSE, the board with the maximum number of schools across India. After that, the other boards might also act. Sign and share my petition. Do it for our children. Do it for our country’s future. ------ We are changing our ask from "Derecognising schools" to "Penalising Schools" after a lot of feedback from Parents and Teachers. We don't want parents and students to suffer because their school has lost recognition. We want schools to be worried about heavy penalties and implement standard protection for all their students. This should cover: 1. Stringent Background checks for all teachers and staff.2. Security to ensure authorised and monitored entry/exit of students/strangers/parents.3. CCTV coverage to gather evidence of any wrongdoing.4.Surprise audits of schools for safety measures.Schools to obtain a yearly certificate for safety measures.5.Incase of any security failure the offenders to be punished, institutional head and certifying authority to be heavily penalised, These are only some high-level ideas, but we can discuss more once CBSE responds. We want to the board to ensure that all schools recognised by CBSE comply with these standards or are hit by stiff penalties, especially when children in these schools are hurt or attacked.

Concerned Parent
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Ban interstate shifting of camels from Rajasthan - Naresh Kadyan

Camels are being shifting from Rajasthan to other states for slaughter and these animals are badly abused during transportation from one place to another, there are no rules and regulations, hence OIPA in India and PFA Haryana demands introduction of strong legislation banning interstate camel transportation from Rajasthan.

Abhishek Kadyan
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Stop Harassing Sindhutai Sapkal; Don't Close Down Her Orphanages

Sindhutai Sapkal is called Mai by the 1000s of children who she has helped raise through her numerous orphanages across Maharashtra. Today she is being asked to shut down her orphanages by the state government. Sign my petition to prevent over a 1000 children from being forcibly returned to government orphanages. These government orphanages are severely underfunded and overpopulated. There is no room for these children and their lives will be destroyed by this hasty decision.  Sindhutai Sapkal has dedicated her whole life to bringing up orphaned children with singular dedication and devotion. The quality upbringing she provides these children - including food, stay and education - has led to many of these children growing up to become lawyers and doctors. Many of  you may have seen the Marathi biopic on her life : Mee Sindhutai Sapkal.  She has been honoured with numerous awards including the prestigious Holkar award by the Government of Maharashtra. Now the same Government is targeting her, sabotaging her incredible work. Sindhutai has been trying to get her orphanages registered since 2011. The Government made her run around and refused to cooperate. Now they want to shut her down for not being registered. This amazing woman even got her own daughter admitted in an orphanage so that she could be fair to all the children. Now, all her sacrifices and her hard work will go to waste because of cruel and indifferent Government bureaucracy that doesn’t seem to care about the children at all. Sign my petition asking CM Devendra Fadnavis and Central Minister for Women and Child Development Maneka Gandhi to help Sindhutai continue her great work. Support this campaign to defend someone who has devoted her entire life to doing good for others. Do it so that people like us are not scared to do good for society.

Sucheta Dalal
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No more 50

Our desi dogs who lives on the street are treated the worse. Cars and bikes purposely run them over. Humans throw hot water, acid, poison them and stones them. There is a new trend of hurting these dogs where the cruel act is recorded on phones and shared. There is no strict rules and no one takes this serious. Its only an animal. Its a stray dog. Killing animals is just a dress rehearsal before human are harmed. These are red flags and should be heeded. The existing laws needs to updated and amended. The sooner, the better.

Ekta Gupta
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Petitioning Haryana BJP

Support Naresh Kadian, to contest election from Beri constituency in Haryana

Naresh Kadian, strong animal rights activist in India, needs BJP support, to contest election from Beri constituency in Haryana, to be a political voice for animals in Assembly, human beings as well.

OIPA in India
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Petitioning Sushma Swaraj, Suresh Prabhakar Prabhu, Maneka Gandhi, Davendra Fadnavis

Asian Elephants on the edge of extinction due to Habitat destruction !

I am Kritii Manoj Gupta studying in  class 9, The Orbis School, Pune. As we all are focusing to improvise all the conditions of living and comfort in our lives and to make progress, we are actually neglecting the reverse side of this coin, that is our actions  are severely affecting 'Nature'. Day by day, many acres of land are cleared to build houses or for agricultural purposes. In this activity, we are also very badly affecting the habitats of Flora and Fauna. We are really fortunate enough to witness the beautiful and diverse species of animals and birds  but our future generations won't have the same luck. And once vanished, we will lose them forever and there is no chance of their return neither they can be produced in any laboratory in this world.  Asian Elephants one of the prettiest creatures of the world are really on the edge of the extinction. In 1990's, they were widely traded through many countries. Their 'Tusks' were removed and used for decoration in houses. 'Ivory' which is a hard, creamy and white substance and the main constituent of the tusks was removed for making ornaments.  How can one be so harsh and greedy that just for making someone look beautiful with ornaments, One can even indulge in killing the most huge animal ? In India, many Elephants are even being abused for tourist rides. NOW, ONLY 35,000 TO 40,000 ASIAN ELEPHANTS ARE LEFT ! And if our way of treating animals continues in the same way, then a day will come when we will regret not having our dearest creatures of the world.  Even animals are living beings, then why do we ill-treat them ? Why are we destroying their habitats, their families and their houses merely for our comfort ? How will you feel if someone is destroying your home ? Then what about animals and their feelings ?  Now we can't sit quietly anymore ! We have to find answers to these questions and leave our chairs and  take measures to save animals and their habitats.  My main aim to  make this petition was to emphasise on the most vital, important and adorable animals and their families and habitats which are on the verge of extinction, and as far as the we are concerned,  now we have to take steps. Change lies in our hands, and we have to bring about that change. We have to DECIDE, COMMIT AND SUCCEED. As an active citizen of the country and the world as well, We all have to come together to protect our mother 'Nature', To save our planet Earth's creatures and beauty to preserve them for future and not to destroy them. I request my friends to sign my petition and take a step for our mother 'Nature'  and for all the creations in this world who have been threatened by us but now they should be saved. Please take this small step with me.  Kritii Manoj Gupta. 

Kritii Gupta
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Petitioning sh N.N Vohra, Shri E.Sreedharan, Smt. Sudha Murty, Dr. Sudhir S.Bloeria, IAS (Retd.), Pt. Shiv Kumar Sharma, Dr. Ashok Bhan, IPS (Retd.), Shri H. L. Maini, Mr. Justice Permod Kohli, Major General S...

stop using horses/mules to carry devotees in vaishno devi

dear sir/madam we as pilgrims come to vaishno devi yatra with huge amount of devotion for maa vaishnodevi. this is a divine place and people find peace here....but as we see the cruel behavior on horses and mules , used to carry devotees to different points of yatra....its really painful to see the animals beaten badly althrough the yatra. they carry weights more than their capacity....we have seen their legs shaking but still they are forced to carry yatris. we have also seen other animals eating garbage.  so the whole thing shows the insensitivity about poor animals who cant fight for their rights. i request all you dignified persons to kindly look at it and get poor animals freed.

pankaj bedi
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Petitioning Shri Narendra Modi, Smt. Sonia Gandhi, Smt. Maneka Gandhi, Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav, Shri Ghulam Nabi Azad, Shri Arvind Kejriwal, Shri Prakash Javedkar, Shri Najeeb Jung

We need stronger animal welfare specific legislations in India. Lets make it happen

With so many cases of animal cruelty being witnessed and reported throughout India, the existing laws related to animal cruelty are weak and permit too many exemptions. It is therefore absolutely imperative that the existing laws be amended or scrapped altogether & replaced with stronger animal welfare and cruelty specific legislations to ensure that under no circumstances are animals abused in anyway and for the proper implementation of the ABC Programme.   Furthermore government run shelters should be constructed in every state and adequately funded to ensure proper and better implementation of the ABC Programme which will further significantly reduce the human-stray animal conflict. Let us unite in the cause of animal welfare.            

Syed Salman
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