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Loretta Sanchez

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Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez represents California's 46th Congressional District. She holds senior positions on the House Armed Services and House Homeland Security Committee, and is founder and co-chair of the Women in the Military Caucus.

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Petitioning Loretta Sanchez

Implement minimum federal standards for worker’s comp.

In 1998, a file cabinet fell on me at my workplace, seriously injuring my back, knees and arms. I diligently followed my company’s worker’s compensation plan, going from doctor to doctor, waiting on diagnoses for months on end. But by the time actual treatment started, my spine was so bad, I had to have major invasive surgery and was left permanently disabled. And that was only the beginning of my struggle. I was not receiving enough compensation to cover my medications, and I was in major debt. I fought the Worker’s Compensation Board for sufficient coverage for 11 years, until they abruptly closed my case, without any valid reason, in 2009. I now receive nothing from them, and all of my appeals have been met with denials. Worker’s compensation came about as a bargain between business and workers -- we gave up our right to sue our employers in exchange for the promise of protection if we were injured on the job. I now live in poverty. I can’t afford to buy the medications I need, and have trouble putting food on my table. What a great bargain. I have since learned that hundreds of thousands of workers around the country are enduring the same hardship as me. States have stripped workers’ compensation down to nearly nothing in recent years, and people are suffering for it. Please join me in demanding that the federal government step in and implement minimum federal standards for worker’s comp, so that workers can be a respected part of the bargain again. 33 states have cut worker’s comp in the last decade, some so drastically that they virtually guarantee injured workers will plummet into poverty. Workers often battle insurance companies for years to get the surgeries and prescriptions they need. It’s a story I know too well. And, amazingly, the U.S. Labor Department flat-out stopped keeping track of states’ compliance with federal recommendations in 2004. It seems the workers have been forgotten. So where do we go for relief when our worker’s comp falls short? We have no choice but to turn to Social Security Disability Insurance, Medicare and Medicaid for lost wages and medical costs. This means that it’s American taxpayers, rather than worker’s comp insurers, who shell out tens of billions of dollars a year to make up for the cuts. Nobody wins in this. States are clearly not looking out for workers, so we must demand that the federal government do so. I don’t want anyone else to experience my torment. Please join me in calling on Congress to implement minimum federal standards for worker’s comp.

Minerva Rosario
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Petitioning Jerry Brown

Use 90% vacant residential units @ state hospital for Permanant Supportive Housing

This is a petition to ask Governor Jerry Brown, along with applicable State, County, and City Representatives to keep the Fairview Developmental Center in Costa Mesa from closing, and to convert the existing, unused 90% of buildings and facilities into transitional/permanent supportive housing and resources for homeless individuals and families, and possibly low cost housing for seniors. Fairview Developmental Center is a 114 ACRE State-Owned residential facility in Costa Mesa, CA that is currently operated by the Department of Developmental Services and serves people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. F.D.C. opened in 1959 and originally had 752 acres. In 1979, much of the original land was transferred to the city of Costa Mesa. F.D.C. is now surrounded on 3 sides by a golf course. The F.D.C. initially had a 2,622 bed capacity, and was designed to serve 4,125 residents. Now it houses only 270 patients. [If you look at a recent (google earth) aerial image of the site you can see how large it is, but how empty it is by the vacant parking lots.] The center is scheduled to close by 2021, prompted by 2 state bills {SB 639, by Senator Jeff Stone (R-Marietta) and AB 1405, by Assemblywoman Shannon Grove (R-Bakersfield)}. The F.D.C. residents will be transferred to smaller regional centers. The closing is seemingly due to the high cost to the state and taxpayers, given the few people it currently serves. A recent L.A. Times article said that the facility employs 984 (1,500 per May 16, 2015 L.A. Times article) people to serve the 244 current residents. That is at least 4 employees, and a cost of $500,000 for every resident. My proposal is to use the existing staff more efficiently by cutting non-essential staff, and having the remaining high quality staff serve a larger population by also providing much needed services for the homeless. The residential units are existing, and many buildings on the site are currently being used, so it would appear that the only cost to use them would be minor repairs and utilities (and maybe some building code upgrades). If the new residents receive any money from unemployment or government assistance programs, maybe they could contribute a small amount to cover the utilities, or they could possibly do maintenance/day work in exchange for housing vouchers. Plus, the F.D.C. has its own on-site power plant (presumably not subject to typical price markups) which should be very inexpensive. In any case, using Existing Vacant housing should be much cheaper than finding new land and constructing new buildings to house the homeless, which would probably require raising taxes (see recent L.A. Times articles regarding the homeless situation in Los Angeles). Other existing on-site facilities include: a Poice Department and vehicles - to maintain security within/around the center, a Nursing Center & Medical Facilities -which could be used to treat some medical needs of the residents (instead of hospital emergency rooms), Classrooms - which could be used for vocational training, a Donation Center -to raise money for facility costs, School Busses -which could be used as shuttles to take residents to work projects or pick up donations, various Workshops (printing, sewing center) - to provide jobs for some residents, a very large Commercial Kitchen - to provide nutritious on-site meals, Recreational Facilities (swimming pool, soccer fields, gymnasium, etc.), which could be used by the community and charge fees to support the center. If no action is taken to stop the closure, a Perfect Opportunity is lost. The existing low cost residential buildings & facilities will most likely be demolished and the residents relocated. While there are currently several conflicting/misleading accounts of what exactly will happen to the site, 2 current city council members told me that most (80% or so) of the available land will be sold to build golf course homes (and maybe corporate offices and a high rise hotel)– so as to provide 'necessary funds to build new residential housing for the residents’ (which most likely will have been relocated by then). The existing site is not the problem, the problem is some alleged mismanagement (see Orange County Register May 15, 2015 article) and underutilization of facilities. I don’t know about you, but I think the LAST thing orange County needs is new golf course homes (there isn’t enough affordable housing as it is for the Vast Majority of citizens) and the FIRST (and long overdue) thing it needs is a safe place for the homeless to sleep and for them to get a real chance for a better life, which this existing facility (in conjunction with the existing local non-profit support services) could easily provide. Every human being is important, and helping the less fortunate should be a higher priority than catering to the most fortunate. Please see our website for more info, and link to our partners’ websites.  "I've always wondered why somebody didn't do something about that, then I remembered I am somebody."  Tomlin      

Margaret Sharpe
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Petitioning Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG)

Save Voice of America Radio to Tibet

National Public Radio (NPR) reported that “The [Buddhist] monks [in Tibet] listen secretly to Voice of America’s Tibetan service news every night, despite feeling almost physical pain at the bleak news.” Ignoring the suffering of the Tibetan people under the Chinese communist rule and desperate self-immolations of Tibetan monks to shock the conscience of the world, the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), a U.S. Federal agency which operates the Voice of America (VOA), wants to end VOA radio broadcasts to Tibet. Don't let the Broadcasting Board of Governors deny uncensored Voice of America news and hope to the Tibetan people while BBG executives divert U.S. taxpayers' money to create new high-level bureaucratic positions, pay themselves bonuses and sign a $50 million multi-year contract with the Gallup Organization. As U.S. taxpayers, you fund and support the Voice of America. Demand that your money be used to bring uncensored American news to the suffering people of Tibet, China and other countries without free media rather than being spent on the salaries of government officials at the Broadcasting Board of Governors.   The folowing letter will be sent to Members of Congress:   Open Letter to Members of House Appropriations Committee Dear Members of Congress: This letter is to request your strong support to restore the funding in the FY2013 Budget for Voice of America (VOA) radio and television broadcasting to China and Tibet. We adamantly object to the proposal by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), which manages the Voice of America, and their plans to eliminate the VOA Tibetan Radio Service, the entire VOA Cantonese Service, as well as eliminating more than 200 positions and reducing information coverage in Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, Burma, Cambodia, Cuba, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, Laos, Russian Federation, Turkey and Vietnam. The Voice of America English and Spanish services are also threatened with severe cuts in broadcast operations and staff. The Caucasus region, including Chechnya, and Central Asia are likewise targeted by the BBG’s plan for unprecedented program cuts and reductions. This egregious effort to disappropriate funding from VOA will effectively undermine the purpose of several Congressional mandates, including Public Law 94-340. The Voice of America has a mandate to inform the people in China who speak Cantonese by providing them with news broadcasts that promote freedom and democracy.  There are more than 70 million people in China who speak Cantonese, including in the critical economic hubs of Hong Kong as well as Quangdong province and this effort to deny VOA broadcasts to them in Cantonese will isolate them from uncensored information. This campaign against the Voice of America – during PRC Vice President Xi Jinping’s week-long visit to the United States – is nothing less than another attempt to concede that, little by little, the Broadcasting Board of Governors will dismantle America’s commitment to broadcast news on behalf of the United States not only to China but to other strategic areas of the world. The VOA Tibetan Service was created by an Act of Congress, Public Law 101-246, sponsored by Rep. Dante B. Fascell and signed into law on February 16, 1990, “to provide Voice of America Tibetan language programming to the people of Tibet.” Less than one year ago, the Voice of America was celebrating the importance of Tibetan radio broadcasts, marking the 20th anniversary of the first VOA Tibetan radio program. This campaign against Voice of America also comes during the detention of hundreds of Tibetans into Laogai (re-education through labor camps) upon their return from India after attending teaching sessions overseen by the Dalai Lama.  It comes while Tibetan Buddhist Monks are sacrificing themselves as human torches to shock the conscience of the world as the only way to dispel darkness and ignorance. It comes during the PRC’s ongoing crackdown on Roman Catholics, Evangelical Christians, Uyghur Muslims, Falun Gong practitioners, and all prisoners of conscience in China.  It comes one week after the PRC sentenced Zhu Yufu to seven years in prison for writing a poem. This effort to reduce Voice of America, Radio Free Asia, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, Radio and TV Marti and broadcasting to the Middle East also comes during a time when the Broadcasting Board of Governors has entered into a $50 million dollar multi-year contract with the Gallup Organization. It is doubtful that Gallup or any company can successfully conduct a reliable audience research about Voice of America and other US Government-funded broadcasts into countries like China, Russia, Iran and Cuba.  People are too afraid to even admit that they know what these broadcasts are, much less tell a stranger that they are consumers of these news and information programs, which their governments tell them are dangerous and designed to destroy their nations. What these broadcasts in fact provide is uncensored news and hope. And yet the Broadcasting Board of Governors, known for its lack of transparency and the poorest record of management among all federal agencies, again plans to divert valuable resources away from programs serving information needs of the most oppressed into unproductive operations and bureaucratic positions, while also eliminating jobs of journalists who specialize in human rights reporting. We urge you to require that the FY 2013 Budget funding for the Voice of America’s Cantonese Service and the Tibetan Radio Service be restored, and to undo the proposed cuts in other news and information services so that Voice of America can continue to fulfill its mandate to provide an accurate, balanced and comprehensive view of significant American thought and institutions and to clearly present the policies of the United States to the people of China, Tibet and other news-restricted nations. Respectfully, Harry Wu, Laogai Research FoundationAnn Noonan, Committee for U.S. International BroadcastingTed Lipien, Committee for U.S. International BroadcastingJing Zhang, Women’s Rights in ChinaRobert Reilly, Senior Fellow for Strategic Communication at the American Foreign Policy CouncilTimothy Shamble, American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) Local 1812Marie Ciliberti, retired Voice of America writer, producer and broadcaster for programs directed to the former Soviet UnionManny Papir, International Human Rights CampaignerRobert A. Senser, Human Rights for WorkersJustin Yu, The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in New YorkAnn Lau, Visual Artists GuildGanden Thurman, Tibet House U.S.Gary Marco, Alexandria, VAJeremy Taylor, Free Burma AllianceReggie Littlejohn, Women’s Rights Without FrontiersNew York State Senator Reverend Ruben DiazKarl Altau, Managing Director, Joint Baltic American National Committee, Inc. (JBANC)John Lenczowski, The Institute of World Politics

Ted Lipien
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Petitioning Wells Fargo, Elizabeth Warren, Gregory Meeks, Barack Obama, Maxine Waters, Loretta Sanchez, Mimi Walters, Ed Royce


Cats out the box. We have confirmed by Dept. of Treasury - IRS "We Verified your documents to support your identity theft report" and other supporting letters from Investigative Agencies... "You ARE a Victim of Identity Theft". However, Wells Fargo refuses to correct the issue(s). We have confirmed the Promissory Notes, and Deed of Trust ARE fraudulent and forged. However, Wells Fargo Bank N.A. refuses to ADMIT they are liable for fueling and harboring forge, void Corporate Securities. We have confirmed, that a "Cease and Desist" (2011) by the Board of Governors IS stipulated upon placing a signature to the terms of Contract; however, Wells Fargo Bank N.A. refuse to acknowledge or comply with the stipulated consent order agreement. We have confirmed by the Dept. of Business Oversight, that a "Cease and Desist" IS issued to PRIVATE FUNDING PARTNERS LLC. and CRAIG RONALD DIMOND (Pres., CEO) for his creation of fraudulent and forged Promissory Notes and Deed of Trust and violations of Corporate Securities Law 1968 sec. 25401 and 25532; however, Wells Fargo Bank N.A. insistent and rely upon use of fraudulent and forged note and deed with full knowledge of the facts and willfully conveyed and SOLD toxic instruments to: SPECIALIZED LOAN SERVICING (DEUTSCHE BANK) disregarding consent orders and not having proven "Fair Debt-Purchase". WFB sold [a]lleged loans by fraudulent conveyance without haven proved they purchase or own an interest in the mortgage. WFB did not have authority to sell/transfer an unverified loan... alleged to have been deposited in Mort. Backed Securities Certificates (MBS) BEAR STEARNS ALT-A 2006-2 Trust. (SEC Suspended 2007.) Did John Stumpf dump (sell) his stock before the Senate Hearings? June 01, 2016. 2) Did Mr. Stumpf lie to Senate about stolen "Identities" marketed for commerce with MBS Wall Street? 3) Is Wells Fargo making each victim of "Identity Theft" whole? NO!!! 4) Is SLS (Deutsche Bank) harboring stolen-goods for Wells Fargo Bank N.A. in BSALT-A 2006-2 MBS Securities - a suspended trust 2007? YES!!! 5) How many Companies purchased WFB Stock prior to the Senate Hearings? #Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Sen. Gregory Meeks, is WFB NEW President adopting Stumpf's practice? PUSH BACK- I need clarification from House Financial Services Committee Hearing. WFB is lying again to CFPB re an "Identity Theft" I've been screaming since 2005. PLEASE INTERVENE. Thank you.  U.S. Olympic Gold-Medalist Cynthia L. Brown

Cindy Brown
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Petitioning Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, Barbara Boxer, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, Darrell Issa, Loretta Sanchez, Kevin McCarthy, Dana Rohrabacher, Mike Honda, Ami Bera, Xavier Becerra, Judy Chu, Maxine W...

Save Aleppo

As it stands, there are thousands of civilians left cold in the crossfire in Aleppo. The bare minimum we seek to do with this petition is ensure that they make it out safe.  In the past few days, air strikes, shelling and street-to-street combat in Syria, particularly in Aleppo’s eastern neighborhoods, have killed or injured scores of civilians. Since December 13th, thousands more fled the fighting in besieged eastern Aleppo with nothing more than the clothes on their back and their children in their arms. We write with urgency to request that you use the full authority of your office to convene international negotiations designed to stop the modern-day genocide in Syria, stabilize the country, effect the return to Syria of all refugees, provide for political change towards a popularly supported, accountable Syrian leadership, and hold Bashar Al-Assad’s regime accountable for all war crimes it has been inflicting upon the Syrian people. The international community must do everything they can to put a stop to this inhumane war. The Syrian regime must give safe passage to citizens trapped in the city and allow aid workers into Aleppo to save as many lives as they can. This is not politics, this is human rights. Please, let us not be responsible for witnessing genocide being committed on an entire city and not moving the masses in order to stop it.  

Students for Justice in Palestine at Sacramento State
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Petitioning Loretta Sanchez, Kamala Harris

REFORM Mandatory Minimums for Nonviolent Drug Offenses by Supporting the SAFE Justice Act.

WE write today to urge you to support the Safe, Accountable, Fair, and Effective (SAFE) Justice Act of 2015 (H.R. 2944), cosponsored by U.S. Representatives Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI) and Bobby Scott (D-VA). This important bill would take policies that are being used to reduce crime and corrections costs in states across the country and apply them to the federal criminal justice system. Most importantly, the bill would reform federal mandatory minimum sentences for nonviolent drug offenses. These reforms would save money, strengthen families, and protect communities. More than 30 states across the country have reformed or repealed their mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws, and crime has continued to drop. It's time for Congress to follow the states' example. Mandatory minimum sentences are why our federal prison population has exploded in the last 30 years. Federal prisons consume 30 percent of the Justice Department’s budget – and half of all federal prisoners are drug offenders. Money that could be spent on law enforcement or investigating terrorism and violent crimes is instead being spent on feeding, housing, and caring for over 100,000 low-level, nonviolent drug offenders. Our mandatory minimum drug sentencing laws were created for kingpins, but they are instead used for low-level, nonviolent people who are the small fish in drug offenses. The SAFE Justice Act limits the application of lengthy mandatory minimum drug sentences to high-level traffickers in large operations, as Congress originally intended. This reform is long overdue. The SAFE Justice Act already has wide bipartisan and law enforcement support. The bill does not eliminate or reduce mandatory minimum sentences, but will save the harshest punishments for the worst offenders. This means a fairer, more effective, less expensive system -- a benefit for taxpayers, public safety, and the families who suffer when a loved one gets too much time in prison for a nonviolent drug crime. For these reasons, I ask you to support the SAFE Justice Act and make better use of our crime-fighting funds.  

Natalie Molina
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Grant Military Burial Honors to Women WWII Pilots

I thank Tiffany, Erin, and Whitney, for taking action on behalf of their grandmother Elaine Harmon and all the courageous WASPS who have been unjustly denied the honor of burial at Arlington National Cemetery. In WWII, these brave and hardworking female pilots signed up of their own volition and stepped up to the plate to fill the shortfall of male pilots. WASPs proudly served their country delivering planes in dangerous conditions and helping train male pilots for combat. 38 WASPs died while serving their country, yet the Army merely considered them civilians. We must honor these WASPs with the utmost respect and gratitude for their service and sacrifice. That’s why I’m co-sponsoring legislation to right this wrong. I strongly urge the Secretary of the Army to change its policy and allow these female pilots to be honored at Arlington National Cemetery.

5 years ago