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Kurt Schrader

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Congressman Schrader represents Oregon’s 5th Congressional district. A farmer, veterinarian, and small business owner for more than thirty years, Rep. Schrader sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee.

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Dock Congressional Pay When Government Shuts Down

My oldest daughter came to visit on Christmas day with the expectation that she would be receiving a furlough notice after the holidays. I am a retired transportation executive and a former Marine in my early 70's. Katie has worked for the federal government for almost 27 years. We disagree on most domestic political issues, and we vote for different parties. But we found common ground when we started talking about the current partial government shutdown. Our country is in a difficult place. We are divided on so many issues, even within our families. But we can all agree that when the government shuts down, the wrong people pay for it. It’s time for Members of Congress and their highest-paid staff members to be docked salary when they don’t decide on annual budgets before the start of a new fiscal year. Continuing resolutions and government shutdowns waste taxpayer dollars year after year. Congress should be making tough decisions about how much the government should spend and for what. When they refuse to make decisions about the annual budgets of federal agencies, they create waste and chaos - without facing any consequences. Members of Congress and their senior staff are receiving their salaries during the shutdown even though they created it. Federal workers did their jobs, but they are not. When we were together over the holidays, Katie shared some frustration about working under Continuing Resolutions year after year, regardless of which party has a majority in Congress. In the 26+ years that she has worked for the government, it has been shut down six times. Every time it looks like federal employees might be furloughed because of lapses in federal appropriations, agencies have to prepare furlough notices for thousands of employees and develop shutdown plans. This wastes millions of dollars and thousands of staff hours. While the things we want Congress to fund and tax are different, my daughter and I agree that Congress's failure to make decisions is seriously bad for the health of our democracy. This is not the first time Katie has been furloughed, but when it happened in 1995 she was single and had no children. Twenty-three years later, she and her husband have three kids, two of whom are still at home. He is also a federal employee. It's scary not knowing when the next paycheck is coming, even when you are pretty sure that the money will come eventually. Wherever you stand on the policies and funding that are being debated during this shutdown, please join us to make sure every Member of Congress, every Senator and every senior member of the Administration knows that We the People expect them to do their job. And if they're not going to do it, then they shouldn't be paid. The House of Representatives should introduce a bill to change Congressional pay regulations so future Members of Congress and their highest-paid staff members will face direct financial consequences when they cause a government shutdown.

Thomas Howard
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Reunite Detained Immigrant Children with their Parents

As of July 20, 2018 close to 3,000 children were separated from their parents by ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) while attempting to cross the Mexico-USA border and the US government doesn't have a definite plan to unite them. Parents and children have been told that they will likely never see one another again. Suicide attempts have been noted among children and parents separated from their loved ones. Immigrant children are forced to stay in cages, completely isolated from the outside world.  Many cry themselves to sleep, begging to see their parents. Several hundred cases of sexual abuse by immigration officials have been reported by the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union). As citizens of the United States of America, we will not tolerate such cruelty on behalf of our government against immigrants, many of who are seeking asylum from violence, war and atrocity in their home country. Limited communication between the Department of Health and Human Services, ICE, and ORR (Office of Refugee Resettlement) has been to blame for making family reunification practically impossible. We demand that the US government get it's act together, take every step necessary to immediately unite parent and child, and avoid further suffering. For More Information Please Click the Link Below:

Gary Wagman
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"CAP" Private & FED Student Loan Interest

Dear Senator, In 2018 student loan debt had eclipsed 1.5 trillion dollars. With roughly about 44 million borrowers, that sets the average student loan debt at about 38K per student. Society’s taught us all at a young age, that education was the key to success. We were told “get a good education and this will assure you get a well paying job after graduating from college.” This message is embedded in our minds early in life. Unfortunately, for many this could not be further from the truth. I know this letter may come across your desk and potentially be overlooked, because I am not a constituent in your state. But within your state are many just like me (thousands maybe even millions). Many do not know what to do, so I would like to be their voice and beacon of hope. I am a private student loan borrower (Sallie Mae/Navient). I (like many) could not afford to pay for college out of my own pocket. Thankfully, I was able to fund my 4 years of college with both Federal & Private loans (mostly private). While I am grateful for the college experience and degree I earned, it’s been overshadowed by the enormous never-ending growing balance post graduation. I originally borrowed 55,532.88 for my college education from Sallie Mae/Navient. I graduated in 2005. Year-to-date I’ve made payments totaling 59,509.13. My remaining balance is still 64,143.21. Seeing these figures side-by-side on my excel spreadsheets literally sickens my stomach. However, I am proactively working on a plan to pay it back. The statistic shared earlier shows that student loan debt is a problem in this country we call the “land of opportunity.” For myself and many others, we feel the mounting pressures of the growing balance even after repayment has started. Defaults rates are well above normal and will continue to sore. This is why I’m putting this petition together to call for reform to specifically “private student loans.” Upon graduation, the original principal in some cases have doubled, tripled even quadrupled because of the “daily compounding interest.” I am calling for Government Representatives to step-in and set a “CAP limit” on the amount of interest Private loan providers can add onto original loan balances. Balances are growing on a daily basis. The payments most students are making is primarily going toward the interest that is still growing daily. How are borrowers suppose to ever make a dint in the principal balance? It’s virtually impossible. The interest rates are variable and set by the lender. Why do lenders need to collect 2, 3, or 4 times the amount borrowed? Income based repayments (which is primarily for Fed Loans) isn’t a solution; it’s a Band-Aid. This only lowers the monthly payment while the interest is still increasing, eventually increasing your overall balance. We need real reform. Reform that will truly help all student borrowers pay off their private student loans with a “reasonable” amount of interest. It feels as if private lenders purposely want to keep students in debt well into their elderly years. Which morally, simply is not the right thing to do. Education shouldn’t be a penalty. Private lenders are profiting 2, 3, and even 4 fold at an alarming rate from “interest only.” How many executives are receiving bonuses? Why do private lenders need so much interest it they are claiming to help struggling students pay for college? I can not predict the future. I do not know what happens if this student loan bubble bursts like the housing market did some years back. But students are being left with the short end of the stick and mounting balances unless Government appointed officials create and pass real laws that will bring change to this predatory system “Private Loan Providers” have taken advantage of for so many years. #CAPstudentloaninterest

N. Reed
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Ban LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy in America is a problem that has been ignored for far too long and if left to fester, will continue to harm millions of LGBTQ+ children nationwide.  What is Conversion Therapy? While conversion therapy varies in practice, ranging from physical adverse conditioning to blatant shaming, the lack of scientific proof backing up the usefulness of these practices as well as the long-lasting negative effects are still the same.  Conversion therapy is usually forced onto LGBTQ+ minors by their legal guardians. Studies have shown that children being mistreated for identifying as LGBTQ+ are: 8 times more likely to have attempted suicide 6 times more likely to have reported high levels of depression 3 times more likely to use illegal drugs and 3 times as likely to be at a high risk for HIV and STDS compared to most other children or teenagers their age. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration also calls for the elimination of LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, having once stated “Specifically, conversion therapy—efforts to change an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression —is a practice that is not supported by credible evidence and has been disavowed by behavioral health experts and associations. Conversion therapy perpetuates outdated views of gender roles and identities as well as the negative stereotype that being a sexual or gender minority or identifying as LGBTQ is an abnormal aspect of human development. Most importantly, it may put young people at risk of serious harm.” What We Want While in states such as California, Hawaii, and Rhode Island, the practice of conversion therapy upon children is outlawed, we call for a nationwide ban in America to protect LGBTQ+ youth from the harms conversion therapy inflicts.

Zoe Leonard
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Ever received a medical bill that was so confusing, you just paid it to escape the headache or avoid ruining your credit? Ever had a test or procedure done only to realize later it was thousands of dollars and insurance won't pay? Ever received charges from physicians you never even met? Unfortunately, these scenarios are all too common in our U.S. healthcare system.  According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, more than 25% of U.S. adults struggle to pay their medical bills-this includes those who have insurance. Medical debt is the number one source of personal bankruptcy filings in the U.S. An estimated 40% of Americans have debt resulting from a medical issue. ( The New York Times reported that 20% of Americans under 65 (with health insurance) had difficulty paying their medical bills over the past year. Of those, 63% claim to have used up all or most of their savings to pay medical bills, while 42% took on an extra job to cover their costs. Medical bills are almost always confusing and often full of errors. Sadly, most people will pay for hospital and provider charges they don't understand just to avoid being sent to collections. For those who can't pay, it can often mean financial and personal ruin.  Prices of medical exams, tests, procedures and surgeries are typically undisclosed. Patients have no idea what the cost of their medical care will be until they receive the astronomical bills. To make matters worse, hospitals and providers often bill self-pay patients significantly more than they bill insurance companies and Medicare. It doesn't make sense. It's time for us, the American people, to take a stand. Let's demand transparency in healthcare pricing and medical bills.  It's time to make healthcare a right, not a nightmare. Please sign this petition in support of Representative Ed Perlmutter's Bill H.R. 4808: Transparent Health Care Pricing Act of 2018 #bethechange    

Crystal Polson
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Help us remove the statute of limitations of rape and sexual felonies for victims in Oregon

With the world sitting and watching in horror as one of the worst sexual abuse scandals in the history of the US Olympics unfold, it has also opened a whole new door on this "silenced subject" and is demanding a spot light on sexual abuse, victims, survivors and it's abusers. A movement is beginning! With that being said, I am starting a petition addressing "Oregon's statute of limitation" that has stopped us in our tracks from being able to face and prosecute our abusers. Each state's statute of limitation is different. We plan to change that and lift the statute of limitation so that those who suffered sexual abuse, can finally be heard. We will need as many signatures as possible to present this to our Governor and representatives. Please stand with me, and have your voice be heard. Once and for all.Thank you all in advance ♡#Metoo As a victim and survivor of sexual abuse as a child for over 10 years, Oregon statute of limitation laws prevent us from facing and convicting our abusers. Most victims and survivors of abuse cannot even fathom coming forward and talking about the abuse that they endured until later in life. Whether it's after years of extensive counseling, relationships, becoming husbands and/or wives, having children of our own or just finally building up the courage to talk about it. In most cases, these choices do not happen until later in life. For me, it did not happen until I reached my mid-30s.  When only then, I found that Oregon statute of limitations completely stopped me in my tracks from finally building up the courage to face and prosecute my abusers. To hear the words "Too much time has gone by and nothing can be done" was almost as bad as being abused all over again, for me, and so many others. These abusers cannot continue to walk free in society any longer just because we weren't ready to face them. Please give us the chance to do so now, as we deserve.   

Lylajean Walters
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Early Childhood Cancer Detection

Our daughter Yvonne went months of being sick. We were at the doctor at least once or twice a week. Doctors from the Emergency Department, Urgent Care, and her Primary Care doctor would tell us she had strep throat or tonsillitis. NOT one of the physicians she seen performed any kind of testing. There were no strep cultures, there was no blood work done of any kind from November of 2016 to March 2017. All they ever did was give her different antibiotics and tell her “rest and get plenty of fluids.” Yvonne had a lot of signs and symptoms showing she had some form of cancer. Yvonne battled weight loss, loss of appetite, fatigue, bone and joint pain, anemia, she was constantly pale, low grade fever that never went away, and a soft tissue mass that was purple in color on her right breast. Once again Yvonne was taken in to the Emergency Department because she was coughing up blood. The on-call pediatric physician that night got all the information of what Yvonne had been going through for months. The physician knew that this was not normal. She ordered labs; once the blood work had returned, Yvonne’s WBC (white blood cell) count was over 81,000. Normal range for WBC count is 4,500 to 10,000 per microliter. Yvonne was diagnosed with cancer on March 19, 2017, she was the rushed to the local children’s hospital to start receiving chemotherapy treatment. On March 21, 2017 Yvonne was diagnosed with AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia). For the next 13 months Yvonne underwent countless chemotherapy treatments, infections, surgeries and bone marrow transplant. Yvonne’s body did not take to the transplant even though it was a 10/10 match. She developed Graph vs. Host Disease (GvHD). Yvonne passed away on April 30, 2018. If we had earlier detection, it could save other children whom are diagnosed to late. This petition is to protect our children! Our children should have routine lab work done like adults do. This would help the survival rate of pediatric cancer, it should be medically required by law if a child has flu like symptoms for more that 2 weeks to have blood work done.                     Most hear childhood cancer is rare. It is NOT rare! • 1 in 285 children in the U.S. will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday.• Each year nearly 100,000 children die from cancer that is under the age of 15 years. That’s almost 250 children dying every day.• Every 3 minutes somewhere in the world a child is diagnosed with cancer.• Cancer is the #1 killer of our children • NCI (National Cancer Institute) only provides 4% of government funding to childhood cancer research 96% to adult cancer.• Two-thirds of those who do survive face a late-effect from treatment that is classified as severe or life-threating.• Only 4 drugs have ever been approved by the FDA for pediatric cancer treatment.• No new drugs have been approved since the 1980’s. Children need to be tested on a regular basis. I urge you to help us take ACTION for our children. Make it routine for children to have bi-annual or annual blood work done. Urge physicians to recognize the signs and symptoms of cancer in children. Childhood cancer doesn’t discriminate! You never think it will be your child until you hear those devastating words “Sorry, but your daughter/son has cancer.” Help us make sure our children are being taken care of. Help us fight against this horrible disease! Children deserve so much more! We are their support, their voice, and their advocate. Let’s give children a fighting chance with early detection of childhood cancer. #childhoodcancerawarness #YvonnesLaw Please sign and share this petition!!

Tiffany Bell-Alanis
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