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Keith Ellison

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Congressman Keith Ellison represents Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District in the U.S. House of Representatives.

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Endorse Senator Sanders for President

Senator Warren and Congressional Progressive Caucus members, Founding member of the CPC, Senator Bernie Sanders is the only true progressive and the only CPC member running in the Democratic Party primaries. Unlike Secretary Clinton, Senator Sanders strongly opposes the corporate-crafted Trans-Pacific Partnership which is detested by progressives of every stripe. Only Bernie Sanders has a convincing plan to kill the anti-reform payola that gave us fast-track for the TPP --  the very political bribery that stains Secretary Clinton and her Foundation. Deeply understanding that such money is a malignant cancer on our body politic, Sanders alone has dared call for a desperately needed “Political Revolution” against its electoral and legislative domination. Author Naomi Klein, echoed by Pope Francis, has stressed that humanity’s very survival now depends on peace-minded grassroots progressives taking control of policy from greedy, militaristic neo-liberals. Knowing the dire urgency for a progressive to capture Executive Branch control over national policy, how can Congressional progressives for one second consider entrusting U.S. policy to corporatist hawk Hillary Clinton rather than exemplary progressive Bernie Sanders?  Grassroots progressives expect congressional progressives to "walk your talk" and support your fellow progressive, Bernie Sanders. We, the undersigned implore you, Senator Warren and members of the Progressive Caucus, to publicly endorse Senator Sanders for President.   

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Demand the Immediate Release of Oromo Peace Activist Bekele Gerba and other Political Prisoners from Ethiopian Prison

(Photo Credit: Mahafreen H. Mistry/NPR) On the evening of Dec 23, 2015, Bekele Gerba, was at home, reading at his desk in the company of his wife and son when armed Ethiopian federal security forces surrounded his home, entered and searched his house against his will, and forcibly arrested him. His family and witnesses were told that he would be taken to Makalawi, an infamous high security prison where they could visit him in 24 hours. But they were not allowed to see him. The day he was scheduled to appear in court, he disappeared. Later, he was taken to a hospital where word got out that he had been beaten to unconsciousness during an interrogation at a military camp. He continues to be denied visitation. Right now, he is being held incommunicado, and we have grave concerns that his health is deteriorating. Bekele Gerba is the Deputy Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress party and a widely respected peace advocate. He is a renowned voice for nonviolence, urging only peaceful forms of resistance to violent oppression in Ethiopia.  He envisions peaceful struggle as the preferred means for attaining democracy, unity, and justice. He has become a significant voice of this generation.  His arrest late December was not his first. In August 2011, following a meeting with Amnesty International about Ethiopia’s human rights violations, Bekele was imprisoned, charged under the 2009 Anti-Terrorism proclamation and sentenced to eight years. Similarly trumped up charges are frequently used to silence any voice of opposition to the government. He was released in late March 2015 upon appeal, and upon his release, he was invited to the U.S. to deliver keynote remarks at an academic conference.  He spent a week in Washington, meeting with members of the diplomatic community. He met with Congress members, State Department officials, media outlets and human rights groups. He gave an interview to NPR’s Michele Kelemen about the lack of political space in Ethiopia and to Al Jazeera’s The Stream. Recently, he spoke to Al Jazeera about the Ethiopian government’s violent crackdown on widespread Oromo protests against proposed large-scale land takeovers that will displace millions of farmers. For most of his life, Bekele was a professor of foreign languages. A few years ago, he declared that he could not simply witness the widespread and systematic oppression, ethnic persecution and grievances of his people, the Oromo, and the Ethiopian government’s merciless targeting and killing of the Oromo. Amnesty International reported, “between 2011 and 2014, at least 5000 Oromos have been arrested based on their actual or suspected peaceful opposition to the government.”  Dejene Tafa, the legal advisor to OFC, was also recently arrested, as was Addisu Bulala, Desta Dinka, Singer Hawi Tezera, Birra Gemedi, Hailu Adugna, poet Goshu Girma, journalist Getachew Shiferaw, young students Lomitu Waqbulcho and Hirut Tola, news anchor Fikadu Mirkana and many more. Right now, thousands upon thousands of civilians are being rounded up, arrested, tortured or killed by federal security for participating in peaceful Oromo protests. Please stand with Bekele and all Oromo political prisoners. Join us in signing this petition calling for their immediate release.  “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.”- MLK

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Stop Syrian refugees from invading America.

WARNING! America is facing the biggest terrorists threat our nation has ever seen. ISIS claims they have Infiltrated Syrian refugees and will continue this method of jihad to destroy America! The Obama administration is planning on taking in hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees. Americans do not want Syrian refugees. This is a direct threat to the United States of America. There is no way to effectively screen all of these refugees. This is pure insanity and a sure fire way to fill our country with Islamic extremists. Our national debt is almost 20 trillion now. We can not afford this. Fight the terrorists on their own soil. Not here in our own back yards. Americans do not feel safe anymore. Stop any deals or negotiations to accept refugees! Do not allow anymore people in our country from terrorist hotbeds!

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FAA NextGen Stop Destroying Quiet Communities

In solidarity with my neighbors, I am outraged at the implementation of the FAA’s NextGen program that is building an unprecedented network of aviation superhighways over our country. Once quiet neighborhoods and prized national parks have been destroyed by the FAA’s consolidation of thousands of low-flying, noisy jets overhead. Acting unilaterally and with complete disregard for community engagement, the FAA has prioritized the profits of big business airlines over citizens on the ground. And worse, they have intentionally misled Congress and the American public that NextGen would have “no significant impact.” The reality is NextGen has robbed millions of their mental and physical health, enjoyment of their homes and communities, and trust in their government to protect their rights. And it is going to get worse—millions more across the country will suffer this fate as NextGen continues to rollout. I pledge to not fly on October 24th, 2015 or for my next trip.  I also plan to join or support my fellow citizens on #NoFlyDay, a national protest of the FAA’s NextGen implementation at events across the country. In doing so, I demand the FAA: Immediately revert to previous flight paths in any communities where NextGen has created new noise disturbances, agreeing to redo the design phase and consider less disruptive solutions Conduct Environmental Impact Studies that use an updated, relevant noise standard to ensure noise is not a byproduct of NextGen   Create a timely and transparent community engagement process that doesn’t seek to fly under the radar, but rather solicits actionable input from citizens  It is time for the FAA to be accountable to the American public.                                                                               #NoFlyDay NoFlyDay is sponsored by Save Our Skies Santa Cruz and Minneapolis Saint Paul Fair Skies Coalition.

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Shut Down Northern Metals!

Northern Metal Recycling (metal shredder) is responsible for the highest levels of airborne lead in the state, and we are pushing to revoke Northern Metal’s air quality permit. Northeast and North Minneapolis residents, especially young children, are affected by this airborne lead. Please leave a public comment with your concerns to help shut down Northern Metals.  

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Urgent! Support the "Right To Try Act (H.R. 3012) of 2015" Hope for the Terminally ill

I am writing this letter in utter despair, because my family needs your help. My brother, my hero, the man I've always looked up to was diagnosed with ALS. You the Congress, the decision makers, have the chance to pass the "Right To Try Act". And everyone fighting a terminal illness right now needs this.   I remember being a little kid, I remember always trying to hang out with my brother, he is 10 years older than me, so I was never allowed. But I thought I was cool having an older brother that could take me places. I am the youngest of 4, there are 3 sisters and 1 brother. We have always been a close family. Always. I feel like I was just at the shore this summer carrying on with him at the beach, and today he can barely walk. ALS, has been around, over 80 years and still NO CURE. The ice bucket challenge in my opinion brought much needed awareness to the disease. I was told in Oct 2015, about my brother and that he has ALS. I don't think it really hit me, as I really didn't understand the magnitude of what he was about to go thru.  Maybe in a way I didn't want to believe it? I didn't want him nor his family to have to go thru this. But its real. Its not going away. I don't think I myself was prepared for him, to have to fight for his life. Its heart wrenching to watch, even more so, he has a family, a loving wife, 6 children. He is a family man, he would give you the shirt off his back because that is the man he is. Always has been. Life certainly hasn't been easy for our family, in December 2013 we lost my sisters 10 year old son, our nephew, it never gets easier, the heartache never goes away. Time does Not heal. There are 12 nieces and nephews between my sisters and brother. He and his wife have 6 children. His wife is amazing. Not only does she make sure my brother is taken care of, she also takes care of 6 kids, and her mother who currently has brain cancer. So if anyone, anyone wants to complain about life, they certainly deserve to. But guess what? they don't. They don't complain, they look for answers, they look for hope. They look for ways to change the lives of other people. That is the ultimate meaning of strength and courage, they are. So I write this letter to You, in hope that you listen clearly to my message. My brother, deserves the "Right To Try" He derves to possibly change his quality of life for the better. He deserves so much more from life besides ALS. He deserves to try a medicine, that may give him hope. His family deserves that right. He deserves to walk his daughters down the aisle. He deserves everything every other human on this earth does. So grant him that right to try what ever he wants to. He was given a terminal diagnosis. Terminal. There is no cure for ALS. And you the government, have the ability to change that. You have the opportunity to pass the "Right To Try Act", to make it possible for him to maybe change his life. Maybe not. But shouldn't that be a human right ?  Would you want his 6 children wondering why their dad wasn't given a chance at life? give him the "Right to Try" then just maybe, he can watch all his kids grow up. He can sit with his wife in a rocking chair on the porch when they are older.  Why would you not want to give him that right? I beg you to support  this Act, "Right To Try Act"  (H.R. 3012) of 2015. I beg you. No one ever , ever deserves a terminal illness, they don't, but you as our law makers have an opportunity right NOW to make their life a little bit brighter. A little bit more hopeful. Let's try to change the world to make it a better place instead of holding people back from having hope. That is all they have. HOPE. Please help my family, please allow my brother Frank Mongiello, the "Right To Try". #CureALS Warmest Regards, Frank's Lil' Sister, Lisa Mongiello Kupsey    

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Field 21 million American World Service/Jobs Corps volunteers over the next 27 years.

People's Lobby's citizen-initiated proposed law will produce a robust, peaceful, productive national service program that will create smarts, security, jobs, and a growing middle class.   The AWSC National Service proposed bill is at Without money, People's Lobby (PLI) needs citizen pressure to attract strong original sponsors to introduce the AWSC Congressional Proposals.  PLI then needs your continued citizen support to add a hundred cosponsors and pass the legislation. This NEW INTERACTIVE letter to Congressional reps that offers citizens the opportunity to press your representative to sponsor the AWSC Congressional Proposals that will create jobs, expand common sense, and strengthen public policies from the grassroots on up.  To sign the petition, click the "Take Action" or "Sign" button to the right under Uncle Sammy.  Numerous congressional staffs support People's Lobby's American World Service Corps National Service Congressional Proposal (AWSC) and it's Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution Act (FTBRA).  Their recent reasons for inaction are expressed as, "We can't move anything through this Congress.  Nothing gets done, as hard as we try...."  Please also sign our intial petiton at Recruit supporters by clicking the brown E-mail widget (or Facebook or Twitter) in the right column and mailing the note there to some of your friends. You can follow some AWSC news by liking our FB page at   And if you want to painlessly raise revenues that built America's once vibrant Middle Class click to:  

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Enact Laws to Protect Pets

REQUEST: Please use your influence with other lawmakers to pass laws that protect pets by: Giving rights of ownership to family members and/or other concerned parties who have provided food, shelter and medical care for the pet for an undetermined length of time; Laws that prevent an original owner who has failed to provide adequate food, shelter and medical care for the pet from reclaiming ownership of the pet.  REASON FOR REQUEST: I have been in nearly complete despair ever since my husband's son, got out of treatment and jail.  Even though we paid his son $4,000.00 for our dog, Dazie, he manipulated his dad into changing the wording on the document he signed designed to give us ownership of Dazie, The Pit Bull.  My husband had (as usual) given in to his son and allowed his son to change the meaning of the document so that we really don't have a leg to stand on to keep Dazie and we are heart broken. My husband will be meeting with his son who recently told his dad he wants to discuss getting "his" dog back. My husband's son was niether buying food for Dazie nor paying for her medical care - we have been. When we've let Dazie visit my husband's son, she has returned to us with bloody paws.  Dazie being returned to my husband's son goes against everything I've ever believed in regarding the fair treatment of animals - Dazie has shown fear of my husband's son.  I haven't known what to do and there has been no one who can help us with this issue - we are retired.  So for months now I've been trying to just push it all out of my mind.  It's coming to a head now though.  My husband's son hates us for not allowing him to live with us anymore and I know that this is his way of getting back at us.  I'm so scared for Dazie.  We've even talked to a lawyer who informed us that there are no laws to protect dogs/pets in this situation. ENACTING THESE TWO LAWS WOULD: Protect pets that have been rescued from an abusive and/or neglectful owner and would assure ongoing protection from the previous owner.    Very sincerely yours, Jeanie Cooke-Fredlund  

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MN Super Delegates Support Bernie Sanders

On March 1, 2016, Minnesota DFL caucus goers voted in favor of Bernie Sanders by an overwhelming majority, 62% for Sanders to Clinton's 36%. The people of Minnesota have spoken and formally request that our representative Democratic Super Delegates follow the will of Minnesotans and support Bernie Sanders for the Democratic Presidential nomination. 

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Petitioning Jared Huffman


In the ‘60's hard working Midwestern families could invite family and friends over for weekly summer barbecues and still pay their kids' college tuition.  Not anymore. From the ‘50's through the ‘70's, America's Middle Class grew.  Then, marginal tax rates on the richest Americans ranged from   70% to 91%.  Then, well paid CEO's of American-centric companies, who built real stuff, earned about 9x's what their mostly American field workers earned.  Not anymore. For decades, America's uber-rich have funded foundations and K Street lobbyists to reframe and rewrite America's tax system.  Their wealth and influence tumbled their top marginal tax rate to 35%, which has allowed their effective tax rate (what they actually pay) to be about 16%.  Today, the too long inattentive to public policy middle class has trouble buying hot dogs, let alone throw steaks on the barbee, as it moves in mass into the lower class. A fair tax policy is the foundation of a strong fiscal policy and smart public policy.  That's why you should sign People's Lobby's petition to move Congressional visionaries to introduce and pass the">Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution Act (FTBRA).  Without a more equitable tax structure, which built an educated middle class decades ago, America will continue expanding an uneducated and unaware lower class. Click "TAKE ACTION" and sign the interactive petition. If you take exception to the above sentiments, do some research.  You can start with linking to a variety of graphs at: Fair Tax Bracket Reinstitution"> Wealth Distribution"> Debt"> Compensation"> And, if you want to usher in a service/employment program that will employ 21 million Americans over 27 years and make America smarter and less dependent on wars: Click & sign the NEW INTERACTIVE American World Service Corps petition, Or paste">"> Recruit supporters by clicking the brown E-mail widget (or Facebook or Twitter)in the right column and mailing the note there to some of your friends.

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