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Remove sub-Asian boxes on Census Form 2020! Stop racist anti-Asian anti-immigrant legacy!

Dear fellow Americans for justice, brothers and sisters against racism, The glaringly racist legacy of sub-Asian boxes on the Census form was started in 1870, after the Burlingame Treaty of 1868, which eventually led to the infamous, racist, and inhumane Chinese Exclusion Act spanning from 1882 to 1943, which among other terrible abominations, banned U.S. residents of Chinese descent from having children or getting married; their family members in Asia were forbidden from entry to U.S. and reuniting as families. The Census form has no "Asian/Asian American" category. In its place are a group of boxes signifying foreign nationalities in Asia as if Asian Americans were all “perpetual foreigners.” It intrusively identified and collected data on which U.S. residents were of Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese...descent. While the Chinese Exclusion Act ended in 1943, did these racist, humiliating, dehumanizing sub-Asian boxes get removed from the Census form? No, they were kept on the Census form by the U.S. government even until today, and if we don't fight back and boycott the Census form with sub-Asian boxes, it will stay on the 2020 Census form and beyond, prolonging a racist American legacy, a shame to all Americans. This legacy treats Americans of Asian descent as perpetual foreigners, and collects intrusive personal ancestral origin data used in many kinds of racial discrimination and persecution. In one example, the U.S. government used information from the Census Bureau to identify native born Americans of Japanese descent and sent them to Internment Camps during the World War II. There were also discriminatory laws against Americans of various Asian descent, such as Filipino. Such horrendous trampling of humanity will happen again unless you and I act now to boycott a 2020 Census form with sub-Asian boxes. We demand these sub-Asian boxes be removed and replaced with one description--"Asian/Asian American." Injustice to one human being is injustice to all human kind. If we don't stop this racist and anti-immigrant legacy, its “logic” and mentality will be repeated in current and future policy-making. Let's keep fighting against racism and improve the human condition step by step. Please join the good fight to make this historically significant change happen for now and forever, by signing this petition and sharing it on social media and by email, word of mouth. Power to the people! Fighting on, Americans against racism and anti-Asian anti-immigrant legacy

Swan Lee
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Gabriel's Law

Bill Summary This bill will require the creation and installment of a new student reporting system that will be accessed by all agencies that deal with children, create an educational seminar on child abuse incorporated into their early education curriculum and up through high school, add additional changes to the way Child Protective Services operates, and restrict records for deceased children from being redacted Background We have heard many stories of child abuse and neglect as a nationwide, systemic problem, citing case overloads as part of a bigger issue. According to the 26th Child Maltreatment Report created by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 1575 child fatalities reported in 2011; 1619 child fatalities reported in 2012; 1551 child fatalities reported in 2013; 1583 child fatalities reported in 2014; and 1585 child fatalities reported in 2015, nationwide.  In 2015, nationwide, 78.61% of those children were all school age or otherwise, < 2 years old. On May 22, 2013, Gabriel Fernandez, DOB February 20, 2005, received emergency response services due to full arrest as a result of approximately 8 months of child abuse and neglect at the hands of Pearl Sinthia Fernandez and Isauro Aguirre.  Over the course of 8 months, over 50 reports were phoned into social workers to report abuse that went undocumented and unfounded, along with phone calls made to sheriff’s deputies, in regards to Gabriel.  In particular, Gabriel’s teacher, Jennifer Garcia, made numerous phone calls to the social worker on his case, citing his injuries.  Gabriel succumbed to his injuries on May 24, 2013, in what we know now as one of the worst cases of child abuse known to the United States of America.  On November 15, 2017, Isauro Aguirre was found guilty of 1st-degree murder with special circumstances of torture.  A trial for Gabriel’s mother, Pearl Sinthia Fernandez, and the four social workers involved with Gabriel’s case are still pending.  When looking into other child abuse fatalities, it was found that the Department of Child and Family Services began redacting all of their records to prevent the community from researching cases. Transparency is vital to instill confidence in the agencies entrusted to protect children. According to “The economic burden of child maltreatment in the Unites States and implications for prevention” (Child Abuse and Neglect. The International Journal. Fang, Brown, Florence, Mercy 2012), cited by the Center of Disease Control, “The estimated average lifetime cost per victim of nonfatal child maltreatment is $210,012 in 2010 dollars, including $32,648 in childhood health care costs; $10,530 in adult medical costs; $144,360 in productivity losses; $7,728 in child welfare costs; $6,747 in criminal justice costs; and $7,999 in special education costs. The estimated average lifetime cost per death is $1,272,900, including $14,100 in medical costs and $1,258,800 in productivity losses. The total lifetime economic burden resulting from new cases of fatal and nonfatal child maltreatment in the United States in 2008 is approximately $124 billion. In sensitivity analysis, the total burden is estimated to be as large as $585 billion. Findings concluded that the cost of living children who suffered maltreatment, in 2008, estimated a lifetime amount of approximately $210,012, while those whose maltreatment resulted in fatality cost an estimated lifetime amount of approximately $1.3 million.  Problem There is a systematic failure in communication with regards to the safety and welfare of at-risk children who depend on adults to protect them.  Had there been a system in place to allow for all agencies to effectively communicate with one another, and track all reports and documents, in regards to any reported child abuse, that may have helped save Gabriel’s life.  Children depend on adults for protection and safeguarding.  We are in an era of technology where we have need to improve, exponentially, our ability and duties to safeguard children.  Records for child abuse fatalities should be unsealed and social workers who have repeat fatalities need to be investigated and retrained. Solution         I.            A nationwide system needs to be installed, in all schools, child welfare agencies, law enforcement agencies, doctor’s offices, and district attorney’s office, that help mandated reporters create electronic SCAR (Suspected Child Abuse Report), allow the agencies to track reports and status of child abuse. a.      The system shall have an alert for law enforcement and social worker of any extended absence that doesn’t have any parent contact/medical documentation over a 2-day period/as reported by the attending school.  b.      The system shall have an alert for law enforcement and assigned social workers and their supervisors of any non-enrollment of children within a 2-day period.  c.       The system shall have an alert for CPS supervisors for a daily review of any child that has repeated reports. d.      In conjunction with each agency, especially if a school alert comes in, an immediate action plan is put in place to ensure the safety of the child. e.      Doctor’s may flag any injury as possible child abuse which will create an electronic SCAR. f.        District Attorney’s office will have the ability to create customizable reports and alerts based on criteria needed to help with cases and decisions made in regards to court cases and as needed.       II.            A child abuse curriculum needs to be created and implemented starting at early education and moving up through high school.  This curriculum needs to be implemented into the foster system and the juvenile hall system as well.  The curriculum should include a discussion on all forms of abuse, from sexual harassment/sexual assault to all types of child abuse that can occur within the home.     III.            Specific changes need to be made within the Child Protective Services to ensure adequate and complete recording. a.      Assign nurses to social workers for house visits and documentation of any abuse to any child. b.      Social workers assigned to Child Protective Services need to be able to handle the caseloads and demonstrate effective investigative and communicative skills. The requirement is 40 hours of in-service training to advance from CSW II to CSW III. c.       If a worker cannot perform their tasks effectively, there needs to be immediate consequences or corrective discipline to ensure the safety of children in their care. d.      Supervisor technique training needs to be provided to all current and future supervisors, to help ensure supervisory skills.  Additionally, they need to also have all the knowledge of working as a Child Protective Services social worker prior to being a supervisor for that department.  e.      Computer systems must be well maintained and updated on a 5-year basis, to the most current technology, to keep up with efficiency. f.        Any fatalities under a social worker must be thoroughly investigated and the worker must be removed from the Child Protective Services department until uptraining is completed and they can prove themselves capable of the position. g.      Mandatory recorded interviews with social worker, nurse, and interviewee.     IV.            Law Enforcement needs to be accountable and understand that child abuse claims are not only important but need to be documented. a.      Any type of child abuse needs to be reported, via the new system, which will generate a SCAR b.      Any call to a scene should include an address lookup to see if there are children residing at the residence and if there are any child abuse reports made, to make sure they have a well-rounded understanding of what they are walking into. c.       The alert for suspected child abuse reports should be reviewed by Special Victims Unit, or a specific unit, to ensure that follow up.       V.            Educational institutes should have the ability to have access to the system and file reports based on extended absences, tardiness or signs of abuse. a.      Teachers should be able to file a SCAR from their desk in their classroom b.      An alert from school should immediately trigger with Law Enforcement and Child Protective Services.     VI.            Doctor’s office will be able to flag and note a child’s record in ways that will flag agencies depending on the situation. a.      Extended absences will be flagged to go directly to school’s attendance office and immediately alert school of extended absence. b.      The doctor can flag any abnormalities that appear to be child abuse that will create a SCAR to alert Child Protective Services of injuries and suspicions.   VII.            All documents pertaining to a deceased child shall be made available, via an amendment to privacy laws, with all redaction markings removed. VIII.            Increase Statute of Limitations for felony child abuse should be increased from 3 years to 6 years. In Many cases, children are not aware that they are victims to begin with. Often, it is not a single event, but consecutive instances over a span of time which requires that the statute be extended to the point where the victim first files a report of abuse.     IX.            Failure to Report Child Abuse should be changed from a straight misdemeanor to a “wobbler” with a 3 or 6-year statute of limitations. Negligence to report abuse is not an acceptable excuse to prevent a child from obtaining criminal action. Purposefully declining or avoiding to file a report of abuse should be met with the more severe penalty.       X.            Children who are in a coma or dying in manners consistent with murder or suspected foul play must undergo autopsy once deceased.     XI.            Mandatory Child Abuse Education classes for all new welfare applicants.   XII.            Adults living in a household, and witnesses to abuse of any minors within that household, who fail to report or try to prevent abuse to minors shall be charged as follows: a.      Non-fatal injury to child - Accomplice to Child Abuse – min. 1-year b.      Child Abuse resulting in fatal injury – Accomplice to Child Abuse resulting in Fatality – min 10 year. 

Gabriel's Justice
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Motorcycles use of shoulders during traffic jams in MN

Dear Minnesota law makers, We the people of the great state of Minnesota are requesting the permit for motorcycles to use the shoulder during heavy traffic, back ups, and rush hours. Thousands of motorcyclists are being killed on the road by getting rear ended by distracted drivers during heavy traffic back ups. We need YOUR HELP to minimize the number of deaths on Minnesota roads by accepting this petition and consider adding a law that satisfies the body. Here are some but not all reasons to consider the new law: Motorcycles rely on air to cool down the engine; over heated engines will cause the machine to stall and increase traffic problems and decrease safety. Motorcycles DO NOT have bumper guards like automobiles. Any rear end collision will cause sever injury or death. Allowing motorcycles to use the shoulder ONLY during severe traffic jams with limited speed up to 20 miles per hour. Motorcycles are to reengage in traffic when flowing using safety and precautions. This will decrease the number of deaths on Minnesota roads. Some states such as California allows motorcycles to split lanes to escape the danger of rear end collision. We found that lane splitting is not the safest idea and found the shoulder is the safest route to avoid getting hit. Metro Transit and other public bus services are allowed to drive on the shoulder to "stay on time". We ask for it to "STAY ALIVE". We believe in our considerate MN law makers when it comes to safety, so please consider this as a LAW.We the people of Minnesota are thankful for your time to review our request to keep Motorcyclists safe. We believe that the safety of motorcyclists is NOT on the bottom of your list. We believe YOU can save lives! SAVE US! Citizens of Minnesota

KC Dozer
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Free Abdi-Advocate for Refugees

 "Stepping up detentions and deportations will not only cost taxpayers billions of dollars but will also break apart families and place vulnerable peril."   The Center for American Progress  "The impact of nearly two-and-a-half decades of conflict in Somalia, compounded by drought and other natural hazards, challenges the resilience and coping mechanisms of Somalia's most vulnerable citizens."   United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees                             Abdulkadir Sharif Abdi Mohamed, known to his family and friends as Abdi, is a native citizen of Somalia. He came to the United States in 1996. He faced adversities and struggled to adjust to his new life as a 17 year old refugee in a strange country. Regardless of his traumatic past and new challenges, he learned from his behaviors and experiences, and has evolved into a stand-up human being.  At this time, Abdi is being detained and threatened with deportation. Sending him back to Somalia would endanger his life. It would also tear apart a loving marriage to a U.S. citizen, and so much more! Here is what Abdi has been contributing to his local community and this country for the past decade: Abdi lives by a strict code of service to others, love, and recovery. Abdi works diligently at a treatment center in Minneapolis, Minnesota assisting scores of Americans triumph over addiction. Abdi visits prisons and mental health institutions with a message of hope and change to people struggling with various addictions and health issues. Together Abdi and his wife welcome struggling individuals into their home. They help them find purpose and pursue a better way of life, which those individuals then do with still others.  A stay of removal has been approved for Abdi, but it’s just the beginning of the fight. His case must be reopened and appear before a judge.  Every step of Abdi’s path is a miniscule representation of the struggle of so many refugees in the United States today.  These people have known unspeakable atrocities. They have not only survived but thrived. They work, pay taxes, and are a vital part of what makes America great!  Here is what we, the signers of this petition, ask for Abdi, and people like him: We ask for a just assessment and process to bring Abdulkadir Sharif Abdi Mohamed home to his wife, and the people who love him in Minnesota. We ask that ICE officials, and the facilities where they house detainees, treat individuals with decency, and meet basic humanitarian standards of care. We ask that any person within the United States, regardless of country of origin, not be deemed "criminal" simply because they are here, or have adverse histories, without a thorough process and evaluation into their current lives.  For more information and connection to Abdi’s fight, search @abdifreeathome on Facebook and Twitter

Autumn Templin
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End Overprescription of Opioids

Opioids are way over prescribed and because of that many people are becoming addicted to this very dangerous drug. Doctors are getting payed off by big pharmaceutical companies to suggest this as a treatment for pain. Many of the patients don't know the likely potential of becoming addicted and overdosing. Opioids are often a gateway drug to terrible drugs like heroin. 65% of heroin users said that Opioids lead them to heroin, according to  There needs to be strict laws and more education about when Opioids are appropriate to be used. Laws are necessary to make it illegal to pay off doctors. In 2014 and 2015, opioid manufacturers paid hundreds of doctors across the country six-figure sums for speaking, consulting and other services, according to a cnn and Harvard analysis. More education is necessary because when these patients are agreeing to go on this medication they are unaware of the fact that it is very addictive and very easy to overdose on. Without these solutions people will continue to overdose. In 2014, approximately 20,000 people died from prescription opioid overdose, according to With these steps that number people will go down and there will be less heroin users.

Claire Westman
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#IStandWithMaxine: Black Women Leaders Support Congresswoman Maxine Waters

We, the undersigned, write to express our full support for Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who has recently been unjustly attacked by Republicans and Democratic Party leadership for speaking truth to power in challenging the Trump Administration to do the right thing by ending a “Zero Tolerance” immigration policy.  Families seeking asylum from violence in their home countries are held in detention centers at the Mexican border and even worse, this inhumane immigration policy has separated over 2,000 children from their families. Further, we write to share our profound indignation and deep disappointment over your recent failure to protect Congresswoman Waters from unwarranted attacks from the Trump Administration and others in the GOP. That failure was further compounded by your decision to unfairly deride her as being “uncivil” and “un-American.” In doing so, we believe this mischaracterizes her call to action for peaceful democratic assembly and the exercise of her constitutional rights to free speech in support of defenseless immigrant children and their families.  As one of the longest-serving African American women, and the longest-tenured woman of color, in Congress, Representative Waters has dedicated nearly 30 years of her life to federal public service. Prior to that, she was a member of the California State Assembly for 14 years and has made it her life’s work to stand as a fearless advocate for women and unwavering champion for children, people of color and the poor. Millennials of every race and creed revere Congresswoman Waters, whom they affectionately refer to as “Auntie Maxine.” She has been a foremost catalyst in encouraging a new generation to embrace the Democratic Party as the party that shares their values and speaks to the issues they care about most.  Not supporting Congresswoman Waters hurts the party and threatens to erode an opportunity to continue to grow the Democratic Party with young leaders and voters. For Black women, who are the most loyal base of the Democratic Party and the Progressive Movement, Congresswoman Waters is our shero. At this critical juncture in our nation’s history, Maxine Waters stands bold and unafraid, serving as a beacon of light and hope, her singular voice, speaking powerfully and urging the nation to the moral high ground of justice.  She continues the phenomenal legacy of leadership of Black women who paved the way for all women to break glass ceilings including Congresswomen Shirley Chisholm, Barbara Jordan, Yvonne Braithwaite and Cardiss Collins; and civil rights icons---Dr. Dorothy I. Height, Dr. C. Delores Tucker, Reverend Willie Barrow, Mrs. Evelyn Lowery and many more.   Much hangs in the balance this fall, with all 435 House seats and 33 Senate seats up for grabs. Disparaging or failing to support Congresswoman Waters is an affront to her and Black women across the country and telegraphs a message that the Democratic Party can ill afford:  that it does not respect Black women’s leadership and political power and discounts the impact of Black women and millennial voters.  We call on the Democratic Party leadership to step up and publicly support Congresswoman Waters, who has been receiving death threats for speaking truthfully and boldly in support of immigrant families and challenging the Trump Administration to end their inhumane and immoral policy that has yet to reunite over 2,000 children with their parents and continues to lock up refugees seeking asylum in the United States of America.  We further believe Congresswoman Waters is owed an apology for your public comments insinuating she is “uncivil” and “un-American” for challenging the Trump Administration.   As women whose ancestors have lived through the incivility of slavery, segregation, and all other forms of discrimination, racism, and sexism, as people who have historically been told to “wait” for justice, for freedom, for our turn, we consider it an insult to characterize Ms. Waters’ call for the exercise of our constitutional rights as uncivil and un-American.  We call on leaders of all persuasion to practice the art of civil discourse.  We believe you can make this right.  We expect, and she deserves your support. Sincerely,  Black Women Leaders and Allies As of July 5, 2018 Jill Abramson, NYTina Edwards Akintayo, GARev. Aundreia Alexander, DCBobbie Jean Anderson, CAFaye M. Anderson, PAHonorable Angela Angel, MDShavon L. Arline-Bradley, MDBarbara Arnwine, Esq., MDJaladah Aslam, OHRev. J L Armstrong, CAJennifer Jones Austin, NYDiane Babineaux, MDMonifa Bandele, NYRev. Kipp Banks, DCCora Masters Barry, DCHon. Cindy Bass, PABishop George Battle, NCLezi Baskerville, DCGail McCann Beatty, MOSherry Bellamy, MDSalandra Benton, FLHeaven Berhane, DCRev. Traci D. Blackmon, MODioinne P. Boissier, CTRyan Boyer, PADonna Brazile, DCRev. Valerie Bridgeman, OHRhonda Briggins, GAHon. Blondell Reynolds Brown, PAClayola Brown, DCLatosha Brown, GAStefanie Brown James, OHVanessa Brown, NYRev. Dr. Jamal-Harrison Bryant, MDBishop John Bryant, ILRashida Bumbray, NYTarana Burke, NYSuzanne E. Burks, GAJacqueline L. BurtonRev. Dr. Amy K. Butler, NYAutumn Butler, MIHelen Butler, GAKatima Bynum, NYRev. Dr. Malcolm T. Byrd, PARev. Leslie D. Callahan, PAMelanie L. Campbell, VALisa Cagnolatti-Daniels, AZYolanda Caraway, DCGlynda Carr, NYCharlene A. Carruthers, ILDr. Iva E. Carruthers, ILKimberlyn Carter, GAHon. Morgan Cephas, PARev. Adriel D. Chaney, PAC. Jacqueline Chaney, PAMarjorie Clarke-Woolridge, NYJoey Combs, MIBrittney Cooper, PhD, NJDr. Joia Crear Perry, DCNikki Curry, MIDr. Gloria Daniels, NYLisa E. Davis, Esq., NJLori Davis-West, NYRev. Dawnique Daughtry, NJRev. Dr. Herbert Daughtry, NYRev. Karen Daughtry, NYRev. Leah Daughtry, NYSharon D. Daughtry, NYAfiya Diane Dawson, NYEdrea Davis, GAFelicia Davis, GALouella Day-Jeter, OHRev. T. DeWitt, Jr., GAJudith A. Browne Dianis, MDMcKenya Dilworth, INThe Rev. Kaji S. Douša, NYDr. Gerald Durley, GAHazel Dukes, NYMarcia Dyson, DCNatasha Fable, MDLisa Fager, MDBishop Orlando Findlayter, NYLeslie Fields, DCHon. C. Virginia Fields, NYOleta Fitzgerald, MSKaren Finney, DCKathryn Flewellen, GAJanette Robinson Flint, CAJamor Gaffney, MDAlicia Garza, CAGail George, NYGlenda Gill, CAA’Shanti Gholar, VAPatricia Green, MDRandi Gregory, GAChrishelle Griffin, MIKellie Todd Griffin, CARev. Neichelle R. Guidry, PhD, GAHon. Helen Gym, PARev. Dr.  Cynthia Hale, GARev. Sekinah Hamlin, DCSarah Williams Harrigan, NYRev. Dr. Peter Goodwin HeltzelZaneilia Harris, MDNancy Harvin, DCSherikia Hawkins, MIRev. Fredrick D. Haynes, III, TXAsh-Lee Henderson, TNKaren Henderson, GADr. Obrey Hendricks, NYCynthia Hewitt, GAKristal High, NCHolli Holliday, Esq., MDRev. Gregory Holston, PADeborah Hope, Esq., NYRev. Joseph J. Horton, Jr., OHValerie Bates Horton, OHTanya Clay House, MDRev. Leslie Houseworth-Fields, NJRev. Carol Houston, CAMarcela Howell, MDAlexis Hudson-Ward, OHSenator Vincent Hughes, PAIfeoma Ike, Esq., NYPhyllis Jacob, MILetetia Daniels Jackson, ALLisa Jackson, CAStefanie Brown James, OHEmmanuela Jean-Etienne, FLRev. Deborah D. Jenkins, NYHonorable Dezie Woods Jones, CALatoia Jones, DCJennifer Jones, MDYvonne Shade Jones, GADerrick Johnson, MSLaraine Johnson, GAAvis Jones-DeWeever, PhD, VAJerry Jordan, PAPat Jordon, NYCarol Joyner, DCRev. Jess Kast, NYSuzanne Kay, NYIllai Kenney,  DCHon. Patty Kim, PAAdrienne King, MDNsombi Lambright, MSRev. E. Terri LaVelle, DCDebra L. Lee, CARev. Tony Lee, MDKimberly Jefferies Leonard, VA Bertha Lewis, NYThe Rev. Dr. Jacqueline J. Lewis, NYDr. Luella Toni Lewis,  MD, NYNakisha M. Lewis, DCSharon Y. Lopez, NYJeanine Liburd, NYCharlene Butts Ligon, NEStaci Lowry, MIStacy Lynch, NYRev. Leslie M. Watson Malachi, DCDr. Julianne Malveaux, DCAnita Madison, OHPaula Madison, CATamika Mallory, NYDee Marshall, NJFlo McAfee, DCCecelia McCall, NYGwen McCall, MDRev. Michael McBride, CARev. Terrance M. McKinley, DCDr. Carol McIntosh, VARev. Terrance McKinney, MDHon. Joanna McClinton, PARev. Kimberly McNair, NYPamela J. Meanes, Esq., MOAlbert G. Miller, PhD, OHBrenda Grier Miller, OHIsoke Miller, NYRev. Marlon Millner, ILShireen Mitchell, DCBishop W. Darin Moore, DCRev. Donald Moore, PARev. Dr. Judith C. Moore, PAMinyon Moore, DCMarc Morial, NJDonna Morris, NYHasna Muhammad, Ed.DMaritza Myers, NYDr. Stephanie E. Myers, DCAsata N'gonzi, NYJacqueline LaRue Parker, MDKimberly Peeler-Allen, NYKaren Carter Peterson, LARev. Francine Pearce, GABarbara Perkins, CAJoia Crear Perry, MD, DCJessica Pinckney, MDKarla Porch, GAAngela Powell, MIDiane Powell, PALinda Powell, NYHon. Chris Rabb, PASheryl Lee Ralph, CATameka M. Ramsey, MIRev. Dr. Ella Redfield, MDDeidra Reese, OHBishop Frank Reid, MDRené Redwood, DCRev. Dr. Barbara Reynolds, MDEthel Richardson, PARev. Deneen Robinson, TXTomicka Robinson, MIDr. Claudette Rodney, VAYvonne Briggs Rubie, NYDavida Russell, OHAngela T. Rye, WAGloria De Los Santon, NCDelisa Saunders, PhD, VACarlottia Scott, SCDeborah Scott, GAElsie Scott, PhD, DCKimberly Selden, NYIlyasah Shabazz, NYLottie Shackelford, ARRev. Al Sharpton, NYDominique Sharpton-Bright, NYKimberly Selden, NYDana Vickers Shelley, MDAngela Shute-Woodson, OHShirley Sherrod, GARev. Emma Jordan Simpson, NYRev. Gary V. Simpson, NYRev. Elaine Solomon, PARev. Dale B. Snyder, Sr.Rev. Ederidge Spearman, MDChyann Starks, NYCharles Etta T. Sutton, NJKeisha Sutton-James, NYBishop Talbert T. Swan, II, MASusan L. Taylor, NYPierrette “Petee” Talley, OHJonathan M. Tennial, ILMakani Themba, MSDeborah Thomas, ALDebra Thompson. FLRev. Felicia Y. Thomas, MDRev. Robert H. Thompson, NHKellie Todd Griffin, CAJennifer Tucker, DCEboni Marshall Turman, PhD, NYYvette Moore Turner, NYCheryl Tyler-Folsom, OHTonya Tyson, MDContessa Washington, MIRev. Renaldo Watkins, NYKaren Watson, NYRev. Kris E. Watson, Esq., NYRandi Weingarten, NYCassandra Overton Welchlin, MSShirley J. Wilcher, MDRev. Dr. Barbara Wilson, DCRev. Dr. Ruby M. Wilson, NYElandria Williams, TNJanie Williams, NYRobin Williams, MDDr. Barbara Williams-Skinner, MDDr. LaVerne Wilson-McLaughlin, MDAngela Wilson-Turnbull, VARev. Mark Tyler, PADr. Eunita Winkey, MDNicole Whitlow-Banks, MIChris Woods, PAJuanita Wright, CARev. Dr. S. Todd Yeary, MDTurquoise Young, NY  

Sisters Lead Sisters Vote
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Shut down Ryons "Rescue" Pen AKA Ryon's Kill Pen

Investigation on main owner of "Simon" kill pens Conditions of the kill pen Saving my old mare from kill pen Myself, along with many other horse lovers out there want Ryan's "rescue" pen shut down, because they are really not a rescue they are a kill pen. A kill pen is a place where horses go before they end up on a truck to go to slaughter to Mexico or Canada. Horse lovers and horses themselves are affected by this place and i want to put an end to it. Ryan's "rescue" pen goes to multiple auctions and they outbid everyone at auctions the best that they can and end up bringing the horses back to their location, pricing them higher than what they paid for them at the auction, give people a deadline of when the horse needs to be purchased or the horse goes to slaughter. They get away with this because they have rescue in their business title but are not a non profit, in which they agree they make a profit off of this. This place gets new horses every week and are pulling at people's heartstrings stating that they will be shipping the horses to slaughter if not purchased but in reality they do not ship to slaughter, because only healthy and fat horses ship because they get paid per pound per horse. The sick,injured and old horses are sold to the public. The conditions are disgusting. There is dirty hay, dirty water, no shelter and horses are stuffed in the small pens kicking and biting eachother. Some horses are really old, skin and bones, cant walk, blind and some are even sick. They run stallions in with mares in which the mares could carelessly become pregnant. They do not vet horses, such as if they have open wounds, cuts or diseases. They false advertise the horses as mares and when people get home they are geldings, they false advertise age and height and breed as well. The horses get sick from this pen and spread it to other horses and cross state lines with sick horses and no vet check/blood work/shots done. I experienced this place first hand when I realized my old horse was at this kill pain. When I went there I instantly saw the conditions and was disgusted. This to me was not a rescue this is a kill pen and they even state in their about section on their page that they ship to slaughter and a rescue does NOT ship to slaughter. I had to raise $550 to get my old horse out of that kill pen and I only had one day to do it because that's when I realized that she was there and I didnt want her to be shipped. Definition of a horse rescue: "Equine sanctuary and rescue facilities both house. and care for unwanted, abandoned, neglected, abused, or injured horses. Those that prepare and release sizable numbers of animals for adoption are defined as rescue or rehabilitation operations." Now tell me...does Ryons "Rescue" Pen seem like a rescue?, NO. A lot of people are blinded by the truth that this is a kill pen. I was also scrolling through Facebook and saw that a lot of people have witnessed firsthand and encountered firsthand the conditions along with being outbid by the owners of this kill pen at auctions.  Testimonies (anonymous): 1) "To all my horse friends/rescue pen believers: We were at a horse sale this past Saturday and bid on 2 Jenny mini donkeys (to add to our herd)--we were outbid and today these same 2 mini donkeys are listed in the local "rescue pen" (Ryon's Rescue Pen). These donkeys and many other horses are not "rescues", they were not saved from slaughter, they were bought for resale purposes, these donkeys would have gone to a good home had one of the "rescue pen buyers" not bought them for the purpose of mark-up and resale. He paid $100-120 for each of them and has them listed in the "rescue" pen for $225 each! These "rescue pens" are a for-profit business--they exist to make money, not save the animals as they would have you believe!" 2) "Just made 3.5 hr drive to pick up a BLM mustang there yesterday. Some horses they have there literally look dead but somehow still standing. There was an old gelding there skin and bones with maggots crawling over him, he had a missing eye and a busted leg. Obviously needing medical attention or to be put down. One of the owners was rude and you could tell she had no remorse for any animal nevertheless the buyer. We showed up and she immediately told us to back up the trailer to get the gelding (I hadn't paid for yet) ready and loaded up. I said can't I look at him first atleast? She reluctantly agreed and brought me to the pen with half a foot of mud on ground. I asked her if me and fiancé talk a little (abt how to pay) before paperwork.. She said, 'talk about WHAT? I have another appt in an hour so make it fast' How is that any way to handle a business that you apparently care so much about? I took the horse home bc i felt so dang bad for the thing. Awful awful experience". 3) "my colt that I picked up 2 years ago would have died if I wouldn't have gotten him that day. He couldn't get at hay or water cause he had a body score of two and all the other horse were chasing him. When they chased him into the trailer they knocked two other horses down running him around in the shit filled pen and I mean they went down hard. He had no life left in his eyes and by the sounds of it he was in the pen got 30.some days just withering away :(" 4) "I've bought 8 from ryons and the last time was a horrible experience. The last 2, I had a wonderful hauler pick up and haul to me. The first of the last 2 ( November 2017) *** recommended this hauler to me. However come this spring when I called Jen was unprofessional. Acted like I was wasting her time completely. Told her I was having the same hauler... And she just got more irrate. Told me that this was to be her last haul from the pen and she would not be allowed back. Turns out they had a disagreement and she was making this personal. **** overall attitude towards me was disgusting. Shouldn't she be for selling the horses that make her paycheck? And banning people that can easily get to the pen to haul to those who can't, just because they had a *disagreement*. I watch the horses weekly for any of my old ones that may come through. Like the gelding I sold, a month after his sale he was back at the pen. He was sold for well over meat price at $1000. A month later he was at the pen for $750 (I think). I watched to see of he sold and thankfully he did go to a good home. But it was awful to watch and I waited for the "saves" people to blow up on me for selling him... thankfully they didnt. He just didn't fit our program, but we kept him all winter, got him up to weight, did his feet every 6 weeks, dentals, shots and got his coggins (neg) done while we cared for him. I've decided that I can no longer support ryon and the pen. The conditions each time I was there personally were sickening. Usually muddy/shitty, wet footing with crap quality of hay (which seems to get better then back to crap) stud Colts ran with mares and geldings. All beating each other up. They are also horrible at ageing horses! My beautiful old man was listed as 15. At his dental he was aged at 25. The saves page makes me sick. The same people are getting horses weekly. How do they afford all of them? It's set up so they become horders and they either die from mysterious illness or just "couldn't be saved" then there's the side businesses created from this. Professional "quarantines" that make alot of cash to keep an animal for 30 days". 5) "I was at a Horse Sale Spring Special sale in April. I was there for a specific horse because even though she was untouched, she was bred similar to my mare that I am in love with. The horse was a 2 year old filly. She was walked into the ring with her yearling brother at the halter, both seemed frightened and weren't behaving as they should. It was only myself and one other man bidding. He bid me up to $600 (which was more than I was planning on spending on a nearly untouched horse at an auction) but I kept bidding on. The auctioneer "didn't see" me wave my hand for $625, and she was sold to the other man. I was really upset. I had my husband go find out who it was and talk with them to see if they would sell her to me. He did, but wanted a $100 check. Normally I would not have done this, but like I said I was only there for this specific horse and I wanted her. So I did it. I asked for the name and sure enough, "Make it out to Ryon Simon." This personal experience proves to me that NO, they are NOT just taking the loose horses that would have otherwise gone right on a truck and giving them a week... They are outbidding people that are offering good homes." If they are a rescue why cant they wait until the end of the auction and pickup all the loose horses? Think about that for a minute... Please sign the petition below and share with your friends and family to help me shut down this kill pen along with their Facebook page in which they sell the horses on. These wonderful and beautiful horses deserve better and deserve to be at a loving home. ALL KILL PENS SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. If its illegal for horseslaughter in the USA, why isn't it  to ship horses to slaughter? Thankyou, Kyleen & other Equine lovers

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Stop The Lies and Get The Facts!   The H-2B Program Creates American Jobs • The H-2B program is essential for small and seasonal businesses that are committed to hiring a legal workforce but areunable to fill seasonal jobs with American workers despite extensive recruitment efforts. Seasonal industries that use theH-2B program include seafood processing, horse training, hospitality and amusement parks, forestry, landscaping,circuses, carnivals, food concessionaires, swimming pool maintenance, construction and stone quarries. • The H-2B program is important to workers. For H-2B workers, the program provides well-paying seasonal jobs that allowthem to provide for their families and still maintain their homes in their native countries. This program is also importantfor American workers whose year round positions are reliant upon seasonal laborers during peak seasons.• Every H-2B worker is estimated to create and sustain 4.64 American jobs.   The H-2B Visa nonimmigrant program allows employers to hire foreign workers to come to the United States and perform temporary nonagricultural services or labor on a one-time, seasonal, peakload or intermittent basis. H-2B workers are not considered immigrants. In order to qualify for an H-2B Visa, an employer must prove that there are not sufficient U.S. Workers who are capable of performing temporary services or labor.     MYTH: H-2B WORKERS TAKE JOBS AWAY FROM AMERICANS.FACT: American workers are guaranteed first chance at every job later filled by an H-2B temporary laborer. By law, every open position must be properly advertised in the community and requires employers to hire any able and willing American workers to fill open positions. The fact is that H-2B temporary workers actually support American jobs and the U.S. economy. The H-2B program provides an opportunity for seasonal businesses to operate at a greater capacity, thereby retaining their full-time American workers and contributing more to their local economies. Additionally, temporary foreign seasonal workers help support many upstream and downstream jobs. According to the American Enterprise Institute study on Immigration and American Jobs, every H-2B worker creates or sustains 4.64 American jobs on average. MYTH: EMPLOYERS DON’T EVEN TRY TO HIRE AMERICAN WORKERS TO FILL THESE TEMPORARY HARD LABOR JOBS.FACT: Employers work extremely hard to hire American workers because 1) it is dramatically cheaper to do so, and 2) the law requires that employers demonstrate that every effort has been made to hire Americans before they can start the process of trying to hire a temporary foreign laborer. Again, the fact is that the vast majority of American workers are not interested in temporary seasonal manual labor jobs. Geography is a big obstacle for many employers; for example, many resort communities don’t have a sufficient local labor pool. And, in many cases, these types of seasonal jobs may not be appropriate for high school students due to the hours or labor laws that prohibit the use of heavy machinery by minors. MYTH: PAYING HIGHER WAGES WILL ENTICE AMERICAN WORKERS AND SOLVE THE SEASONAL TEMPORARY LABOR SHORTAGE.FACT: Hourly pay for these types of jobs have gone up significantly over the last few years because employers who use the H-2B program are required to pay their H-2B workers and similarly employed American workers a premiumwage dictated by the U.S. Department of Labor. These temporary manual labor jobs often pay considerably more than the minimum wage, but American workers still won’t take the positions. Sadly, in many cases, employers who obey the law and use the H-2B program are often competing against businesses that choose to illegally hire undocumented immigrants and pay those workers considerably less. If wages were raised even higher, seasonal employers who use the program would not be able to sustain their businesses or their American workers. MYTH: THE H-2B PROGRAM REPRESSES WAGES FOR AMERICAN WORKERS BY PROVIDING A CHEAPER LABOR SOURCE.FACT: Hiring H-2B workers is a much move expensive and risky option. In addition to the fact employers are required to pay H-2B workers and similarly employed American workers a premium wage that is often well above the federal minimum wage, complying with the H-2B program is extremely costly, complicated and wrought with uncertainty due to an overly restrictive cap and a constantly changing regulatory environment. Employers turn to the H-2B program as a last resort, after extensive efforts to recruit American workers. MYTH: H-2B WORKERS OVERSTAY THEIR VISAS AND EXACERBATE ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IN AMERICA.FACT: According the U.S. Department of Homeland Security visa overstay in the H-2B program are rare. Workers who do overstay their visas are barred from using the program ever again. The fact is that the vast majority of H-2B workers and their employers are meticulous about compliance. Not following the strict program rules means the end of a well-paying seasonal jobs that allows these workers to provide for their families and still maintain their homes in their native countries – a risk these workers are not willing to take since they generally return to the same employer year after year. Additionally, when approving H-2B visas, the U.S. Consulate confirms workers’ ties to their home countries. Further, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security requires employers to promptly report any H-2B workers who do not report for work or who complete their work earlier in the season than anticipated. MYTH: THE H-2B RETURNING WORKER EXEMPTION IS UNNECESSARY.FACT: The H-2B program’s annual 66,000 cap (33,000 for each half of the fiscal year) is not adequate to meet the demands of a growing economy. The cap for the first half of the fiscal 2016 was reached on March 15. The second-half cap was reached on May 12, leaving many seasonal employers shut out of the program with no access to legal seasonal laborers. Without the returning worker exemption passed by Congress with bipartisan support and signed into law by the President of December 18, 2015, many companies would have had to close their businesses, lay off American workers or turn away customers.This provision is essential to the survival of small and seasonal businesses across the country and should be made permanent. An H-2B returning worker exemption is a narrow solution to a seasonal workforce shortage that focuses on workers who are valuable to their seasonal employers and who have never violate the terms of their past visas or other U.S. laws. These workers do not pose a security risk and they are not taking away jobs from Americans. The H-2B returning worker exemption in the omnibus appropriations bills simply provides that if an H-2B worker has been counted against the cap in one of the three prior years, that worker can return to work in the H-2B program in the current year without being counted against this year's cap. For more information please visit: https://www.SaveH2b.org   To contribute further, please contact your Congressmen/women and tweet using the hashtag: #SAVEH2B.

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Independent Audit Of The California Democratic Party Chair Election

The Democratic Party needs to investigate the possibility thatindividuals who secured delegate badges were not, in fact, those actual delegates, determine why ineligible individuals were awarded delegate badges as proxies and were not screened out. Explain why financial eligibility is not clearly marked on credentialing materials and answer how multiple individuals were able to obtain multiple ballots and vote more than once. The information that this initial review uncovered is alarming and concerning. The campaign had requested that the material be presented to a neutral third party to investigate before this information was ever publicly released. Unfortunately, Eric Bauman through his legal counsel, a firm facing two conflicts of interest in this case, including involvement in an improperly cast ballot, has made it clear that there is to be no outside review.

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#BanFur in Minneapolis

Los Angeles just followed San Francisco to become the largest city in the United States to ban the sale and manufacture of fur within the city. The unanimous city council vote setting a historic precedent for other cities to go fur-free. Let’s follow these progressive cities and ban fur! 

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