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Grant clemency for Ezlinglm E. non violent sentenced to life on marijuana charges

What’s right is right...The laws are changing everyday but only for some of us. I just want the world to know that good people are not perfect they do sometimes fall short but it does not make them bad. There are so many unjust cases that have been closed without a second thought and it saddens me. When sentencing, the person should be examined and not just considering what’s on documentation, because it is not necessarily who they are. How could someone paint a picture without ever seeing the image? Ezlinglm Demetrius Earl 30 years of age; a son, brother, loving father, family man and a well appreciated veteran was sentenced to life in an Alabama state prison on marijuana charges. As, we all know marijuana is now a growing business, that is now legal in numerous of states. It is a growing pain to know that there are people given this unruly sentencing all because of their location. It is almost unbelievable but it is true, this is going on now this sentence was given late 2018. The justice system was supposedly built on fairness but honestly that’s something I can’t agree to because I haven’t seen much of that...there are murderers, rapists and maybe even terrorists that are given lesser sentences. My hopes are to justify the unjust, speak for those that are unable, reveal true images of those wrongfully painted, and my ultimate goal is to help place loved ones back with their families. Instead of in prisons like animals for semi-legal crimes. Clemency is clearly needed here. Please look into this case to release Ezlinglm D. Earl.

Wilonda Harries
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Petition to pardon or grant clemency to the dad who killed his daughter's rapist

Jay Maynor has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for killing his daughter's rapist. Jay is not a threat to society.  He is a good man.  We would like to see him set free or at minimum a lesser sentence.   An Alabama man has been sentenced to 40 years in prison for murdering his daughter’s sexual abuser.Jay Maynor, 43, pleaded guilty to the shooting death of Raymond Earl Brooks, 59, two years ago in Cullman, Alabama, about 50 miles north of Birmingham.Thirteen years earlier, Brooks had pleaded guilty to sexually abusing Maynor’s 8-year-old daughter, who was also Brooks’ adopted granddaughter.Brooks served 27 months for that crime before he was released on parole. He was a registered sex offender.Maynor’s daughter, who is now 24 and the mother of three, said her dad snapped that day in 2014 after she argued with him over Brooks, reported.Her dad got on his motorcycle and drove to a convenience store, where he fired several rounds inside while trying to hit a man who had been dating his stepdaughter and allegedly had been abusing the woman, she said.Maynor didn’t hit anyone, and took off for Brooks’ home, where he shot the man twice, killing him as he stood in his front yard, authorities said.Maynor’s daughter said he pleaded guilty so she wouldn’t have to testify about being abused by Brooks over several years, until she finally told her step mother, Sandy about it at age 8.“My father was protecting me, like a father should do,” she told the news site. “He is an amazing father, actually the best. He loves us so much.”Her father also pleaded guilty to attempted murder in the store shooting and was sentenced to 20 years, to be served concurrently with his murder sentence.The daughter says her father’s punishment is too harsh.“I’m going through hell,” she said.  

Amy E
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Stop Pound Seizure and Terminal Surgery in Alabama

WE THE PEOPLE, ASK ALABAMA TO BAN POUND SEIZURE AND TERMINAL SURGERY!!!! We need your help to establish a statewide law for an issue that most in Alabama do not even know exist! We are against pound seizures and terminal surgeries of companion animals in shelters. We do not want to see these animals used as practice tools  for surgery and treatment by student veterinarians. The dogs and cats who share our homes are family. And we protect family! A strong message needs to be sent far and wide, bringing awareness and stating that animal cruelty practices are immoral and unacceptable. “Pound seizure” is the practice by which animal shelters sell or release stray, lost, or abandoned dogs and cats to laboratories or to animal dealers who sell the animals to laboratories for use in experiments. The animals that are usually sold to the laboratories are the ones stolen from backyards, strays and the ones who are no longer productive for breeders. Pound seizure is illegal in Denmark, England, the Netherlands, and Sweden. In the U.S., there is no federal law prohibiting pound seizure, but Washington, D.C., and 18 states have banned it. Most other states have no law prohibiting pound seizure, leaving it to the discretion of each animal shelter or to local government agencies. What is a terminal surgery? Also known as non-survival surgeries, these are surgeries in which an animal is anesthetized, a surgical procedure is performed, and at the end, the animal is euthanized rather than recovered. These are usually relatively painful procedures that are not necessary for the animal's sake (i.e. at the U of MN, our one terminal small animal surgery lab consists of a gastrotomy, an intestinal resection and anastamosis, and a cystotomy, which are all procedures performed to correct problems that the animals used for the lab don't have). Most schools consider it unethical to perform unnecessary surgical procedures, then put the animals through a painful recovery. So instead, terminal surgeries are performed on either shelter dogs or research dogs that were due to be put to sleep. The ultimate outcome (put to sleep) is the same, but the animals provide a learning experience for a vet student before being put to sleep. They are given the same pre- and intra-operative care that we would give an owned animal, including pain control, inhalent anesthesia, IV catheter, and fluids. What if our animal family members become lost? What will happen to them while we are frantically searching for them? Once the brief holding period in the pound is over these animals can be sold for a pittance to be used as experimental research subjects that will not make it out alive!  Hopefully, we will never hear about stories of our companion animals in the story below:  STORY OF RODNEY Remembering a victim of POUND SEIZURE - A Victim of Pound Seizure: What We Did to "Rodney" by ~Peter M. Henricksen, D. V. M. - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) We called him Rodney. He was a tall, gangly, flea-bitten shepherd mix. One ear stood up, shepherd style, and the other flopped over and bounced against his head like a rag doll when he ran. His head and feet were too big for his thin but muscular body. . Altogether, he wasn't much to look at, one of the thousands of dogs facing the world without the luxury of an owner. I was in my third year of veterinarian school and he came from the local dog pound. For the next quarter, four of us students would practice surgery techniques on him, the first of our small animal surgery training. The first thing we did was neuter him, a seemingly benign project, except it took us an hour to complete the usual 20-minute procedure, and an anesthetic overdose kept him out for 36 hours. Two weeks later, we did an abdominal exploratory, opening his abdomen, checking his organ inventory, and closing him again. This was the first major surgery for any of us, and with inadequate supervision, we did not close him properly. By the next morning, his incision had opened and he was sitting on his small intestine. Hastily, we sewed him up again, and he survived. The following week, again when he was under anesthesia, we broke his leg and repaired it with a steel pin. After this, Rodney seemed in almost constant pain, his temperature rose, and he didn't rebound so easily as he had in the past. His resiliency gone, despite antibiotic treatment, he never recovered. The quarter was ending, and Rodney's days were numbered One afternoon we put him to sleep. As the life drained from his body and his eyes lost their focus, my attitude toward animal research began to change. I am a scientist, weaned on the scientific method. But after 15 years in the veterinary profession, I now believe there are moral and ethical considerations that outweigh any benefits. Because we happen to be the most powerful species on Earth, we humans have the ability- but not the right- to abuse the so-called lower animals. The ends do not justify the means. ~Peter M. Henricksen, D. V. M. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) Alabama law also allows individual counties and municipalities to decide whether or not to participate in pound seizure.   WRBL News reported an anonymous graduate from College of Veterinary Medicine  on the "trauma" she says she and her classmates experienced during surgeries they were required to perform on healthy animals sent from a county in Alabama. "There have been eye enucleations (i.e. removal), there are amputations, there have been where they'll place a foreign body in the dog's throat, wait a couple hours, and then we have to go in and retrieve the foreign body," says the unnamed woman. She says she witnessed the university accept an average of 15 dogs every two weeks. After a seven day quarantine, the experimental surgeries would be held on Wednesdays. She says by Friday, the dogs would be euthanized.  This practice is allowed all over Alabama, but it is kept a secret until others come forward with the truth. In order to ensure the safety and well being of dogs and cats, laws requiring the release of animals to labs or universities need to be changed, and new, prohibitive laws need to be passed in Alabama.  There are many alternatives for upcoming veterinarians to learn without operating on live animals. It is time to stand up and give voices to the voiceless, will you be that voice?  Please share this petition far and wide as this should be banned everywhere!   Join our group to help fight this injustice on Facebook!!!!!

Laura McGarvey
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Petitioning Governor Kay Ivey

Stop euthanasia in Alabama

Every day thousands of Animal Shelters across Alabama put animals to death.  For most of these animals, their only crime is that they were abandoned by their owners or given up to the local "humane society".  These shelters across Alabama routinely eliminate animals due to not having room due to the large number of animals they capture.  Many animals have just had babies and both them and their babies are put to death.  This is not the fault of animals, but rather the fault of people that abandon their animals to this fate.  Why are we punishing animals for a problem that is not their fault?  We need to start a TNR program in Alabama and create non-cage shelters where animals can live out their lives without the threat of dying.  No animal should ever die just because it was no longer wanted by its owner.   Most of the time, when an owner gives up its pet to the local shelter because they can either no longer afford to feed the animal or they are moving to a place that won't allow pets or it cost too much, they are signing a death warrant for that animal.  The animal gets put to death and doesn't understand what it did wrong.  This is heartbreaking and Alabama needs to understand that no civilized state would allow so many animals to be put to death. In addition, some animal "shelters" will not allow volunteers, adoption events, or fosters to try to save these animals. Some also send healthy, adoptable animals and lost pets to Tuskeegee University where they endure painful lab experiments for months. These innocent babies are kept alive to be tortured, and then they receive money for them.  Tuskeegee kills these babies at the end of the semester when they are "done" with them. If you care about animals, join with me in telling Governor Kay Ivey that we will not allow this anymore in our state.  We are done and we have had enough.  

Cheryl Goldstein
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Hemp based CBD in Alabama

On August 23, 2018, the DA’s office of Lauderdale County Alabama, through press conference, declared that CBD oil is ILLEGAL in the state of Alabama. It was said that CBD oil is marijuana, and considered to be a controlled substance subject to charges and arrests if caught with the oil. There are countless CBD oil users who understand the difference between marijuana derived CBD, and INDUSTRIAL HEMP derived CBD. Below are some facts supporting this. We petition for clarification that our industrial hemp CBD oil is in fact LEGAL in all of AL, and for retraction of the false statemts which put Industrial Hemp in the same category as marijuana. If you would like this changed immediately, please sign this petition. I was told to halt all sales of my Hemp derived zero THC CBD products or arrest will follow for a class B felony. At this point I fear if I follow state and federal law I risk being arrested by local law enforcement agencies that perhaps don't know the law or feel they have the right the change it to suit their personal views. There are a few things mistaken here. "Carley's Law" allows up to 3% THC, not 0.3% - It was written this way to cover CBD derived from marijuana, not hemp. Under federal law, hemp is distinctly different from marijuana. In 2016 Governor Robert Bentley signed the Alabama Industrial Hemp Research Program Act. This means that beyond any reasonable doubt, Alabama is in fact a participant in the USDA hemp research pilot program, adding even more fuel to what any honorable judge would find in the below argument. All current laws in Alabama regarding CBD define the substance as being derived from marijuana and having an arbitrary level above 0.3% THC (clearly NOT inclusive of industrial hemp). Hemp is NOT marijuana, and is distinctly removed from the definition by Section 7606 of the 2014 Farm bill. Section 7606 of the act, Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research, defines industrial hemp as distinct from marijuana and authorizes institutions of higher education or state department's of agriculture in states that legalized hemp cultivation to regulate and conduct research and pilot programs. This section also includes marketing as an area of research and permits companies to sell products produced legally under the program. It has also been acknowledged that the 2014 farm bill carves a distinct exception out for industrial hemp in many court cases around the country. Furthermore, it would appear that Lauderdale and Colbert Counties no longer need federal funding, as this move puts that in jeopardy... Under the FY18 Agriculture, Food, and Drug Administration, Rural Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act (…/20…/BILLS-115SAHR1625-RCP115-66.pdf they are also clearly risking federal funding by interfering with products deemed legal by congress under the 2014 Farm Bill. Given that Alabama law enforcement would attempt to supersede federal law by including hemp in the definition of Marijuana, I don’t feel that anything other than embarrassment could come from issuing letters, or God forbid, attempting to raid stores or making arrests prior to legislation being passed in Alabama to specifically outlaw Industrial Hemp (not ‘Marijuana’). Admittedly, this can be confusing for anyone, so let's please educate our law enforcement officers and your readers on how the ACTUAL law works. 

James Wright
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