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Free Ahed Tamimi

My name is Nasri Akil from Toronto, Canada. I started this campaign to support" Ahed Tamimi", her mother "Mariam", her cousin "Nur" and the other kids detained by the evil hands of the Zionists of the fake state of Israel. In a desperate hope to get enough signature to put pressure on decision makers to do something about the constant twisted detention of Palestinian kids. In turn this will expose the evil of the zionists and pressure the international community. I would like to mention here that this petition has nothing to do with race or religion or ethnicity. It's pure right against wrong. Zionism is not Judaism. Judaism is a religion not a race. Many Jews are not Zionists. Most Zionists are not Jews. Many Zionists hate Jews. Opposition to Israel is NOT anti-Semitism. Ahed Tamimi, 16, was arrested ( kidnapped actually ) by Israeli forces in the middle of the night. Since she was a young child, she has been active in weekly demonstrations against Israel’s theft of her family’s land in occupied Nabi Saleh. But as Tamimi stands against Israeli occupation, she underscores: whenever a people face oppression, we must show solidarity. Israeli soldiers shot Ahed Tamimi's relative in the head, leaving the teenage boy in a coma, and then invaded her family home. She demanded that the occupying Israeli soldiers leave her property immediately, shouting "don't touch me" and "leave!" Now she's in Israeli military detention, where 75% of Palestinian children report assault. Ahed is a child, and like thousands of Palestinian children she could be humiliated and abused if we don't get her out fast. She has become another child statistic of the countless other children detained illegally in Israel. Her court date is December 25th, 2017. She was taken into question at the Moscobiyeh prison, notorious for it's dungeon cell, torture tactics fully utilized on children, and extensive harassment. She was put in isolation, left in an icy cell, without proper food. In fives days she was moved three times. Why? To exhaust and break her.  When her mother arrived to be there with her, she too was arrested.  We demand that Ahed and all Palestinian children are released from Israeli prisons now.  The international community must put an end to the ill-treatment and detention of Palestinian children. Enough is enough.  Ahed Tamimi represent all the innocent kids in the Isareli detention and represent the Palestinians struggle against the illegal occupation of Palestine. Since 1967, Palestinian children in the Occupied Palestinian Territory have been living under Israeli military law and prosecuted in military courts. Israeli military law, which fails to ensure and denies basic and fundamental rights, is applied to the whole Palestinian population. Israel is the only country in the world that automatically prosecutes children in military courts that lack basic and fundamental fair trial guarantees. Since 2000, at least 8,000 Palestinian children have been arrested and prosecuted in an Israeli military detention system notorious for the systematic ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children. Around 500-700 Palestinian children are arrested, detained and prosecuted in the Israeli military court system each year. The majority of Palestinian child detainees are charged with throwing stones, and three out of four experience physical violence during arrest, transfer or interrogation. Unlike Israeli children living in illegal settlements in the West Bank, Palestinian children are not accompanied by a parent and are generally interrogated without the benefit of legal advice, or being informed of their right. They are overwhelmingly accused of throwing stones, an offense that can lead to a potential maximum sentence of 10 to 20 years depending on a child’s age. AHED TAMIMI will go to trial on Christmas Day for slapping an Israeli soldier, illegally trespassing on her property, the day after her 15-year-old cousin was shot in the face. In December 2011, Mustafa Tamimi was killed during a protest in the village when an Israeli soldier shot him in the face with a tear gas canister. One year later, Israeli soldiers shot and killed Rashadi Tamimi in the village. One wonders why the "slap" is the Crime? I decided to do something about it and start with what I can. So that's why I am here asking you to help me help Ahed, her family and all the other kids. I also started a fund raising campaign on "GoFundMe" hoping to raise enough money to hire as many legal advisors to support Ahed and the others legaly in the court and get some justice. I mean enough is enough...I can't sleep I can't eat and these kids are experiencing all of that twist. Someone must do something. This is not right. This is not humanity. We cannot make this acceptable by doing nothing.  I earnestly ask that at the very least, we make some noise in support of Ahed Tamimi and the other children that are held prisoners with no charge, no defense, all in violation of international laws.   She is one, but we are many. It takes a united front to add pressure, to induce accountability and hopefully give freedom to the oppressed, weak and innocent.  To Ahed and all the children in Israeli jails: We stand by your side, and are holding you in our hearts. We will not give up until you are free. You are not alone. As a wise man ounce said: "Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible" Sign. Support. Make Noise. Add Pressure. Be Human.  what if Ahed was your daughter, sister or just a friend? What would you do?

Nasri Akil
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Help Us Stop Horse Slaughter in America!!!

  What Do You Think When You Hear The Word Horse Slaughter? Well for me, I think about animal cruelty, how horrible and unfair it is to be slaughtered. So please, Chip in and help me stop the Slaughter of Horses in the U.S The term “horse slaughter” refers exclusively to the killing and processing of horses for human consumption. They say that it is “euthanasia”, which is defined as a gentle, painless death provided in order to prevent suffering. Being slaughtered is the most horrible way of killing such a beautiful creature. What is going to happen if the horses become extinct, just think about it? What is the world going to be like? Did you know that over 150,000 million American horses have been trucked each year over the boarder to become human consumption. Horses bound for slaughter (who may include pregnant mares, foals and horses who are injured or blind) are commonly shipped for more than 24 hours at a time in crowded trucks without food, water or rest. That is so wrong. For all of those horse lovers out in the world, they are probably dying inside because they are reading stuff like horses being slaughtered for human consumption (HUMANS EATING HORSES). So if we don't stop this slaughter, then the horse species are going to become extinct in different parts of the world.  Horses SHOULD NOT be made into food, they are very delicate creatures, they deserve to live. I don’t care if they are pregnant but the owner doesn’t want it, you shouldn’t pass it over to the doggers to slaughter them and make them into food for humans. So please can you help me stop the slaughter of horses, they need to live as much as we do. They deserve to live a happy life. So I am begging you to sign this petition and help make a difference to the world and Help save these amazing creatures!!!      

Tori Parsons
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Ban toxic and unnecessary Polystyrene Foam in California!

Many people do not like Styrofoam and would prefer to use alternatives.  Unfortunately, Styrofoam is propped up and supported by moneyed interests that insist on its use.  Industries rely on apathy, indifference, inertia, and general ignorance to perpetuate its use in the marketplace.  City and county bans on Styrofoam are insufficient.  Also, refraining from patronizing certain businesses that use Styrofoam packaging has been insufficient in bringing about change.  A statewide ban is needed now!  Styrofoam, also known as polystyrene foam, isn't just bad for the environment.  It is toxic to human health.  After use as a food or drink container, tiny Styrofoam particles break down and are often consumed with food and drink.  Styrofoam also only breaks down sufficiently to be toxic, not enough to be biodegradable.  This phenomenon is something that everyone should be concerned about.   A ban on Styrofoam would immediately make California safer and more environmentally friendly.  A toxic carcinogen would be removed from our everyday lives, making everyone happier and healthier.  Many successful companies like Chipotle have never used Styrofoam and never will.  That alone is proof that Styrofoam is completely unnecessary.  Awesome safe and biodegradable options are already out there! I urge the new Governor of California to work together with all of the political leaders in the Legislature to quickly pass a Styrofoam ban.  All Californians deserve to have a real, safe, environmentally friendly option.  Not just a singular "choice" that some businesses and industries want us to choose and in many cases have already made for us.  Enough is enough. Save Californians and our environment!  Ban Styrofoam!

Bob E
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Boycott Kanye West

We the people feel it's necessary to put Kanye West in timeout until he gets a thorough mental evaluation and help. I'm not talking about this overnight rush Kanye away to make the public think he's getting help, damage control stunt arranged by the Kardashian's... I'm talking real Iyanla Vanzant "Fix Kanye's Life" help. I think Donda West would appreciate us not condoning his buffoonery, which seems to have worsened during his marriage to Kim Kardashian. The "slavery was a choice" comment on TMZ, childish Jay Z and Beyonce rants, reckless tweets supporting Donald Trump... and recent Oval Office rambling (calling the MAGA hat, his Superman cape) are more than enough reasons to Boycott Kanye. "This Kanye moment might be entertaining if the logic that he is endorsing and that Trump espouses wasn’t the foundation for real-life damage to millions of poor & black/brown folks. Ideas matter." -DeRay McKesson We will no longer tolerate his unbalanced thought process contaminating the energy of dedicated fans and young listeners. I ask all concerned and bothered hip-hop consumers to boycott Kanye, Adidas, Def Jam, Kanye West music, fashion, merchandise and shows until his weirdo episodes are nonexistent and West brings the old Kanye back. Kanye West graduated from music asset, to a perfect example of how fame and wealth can make you forget your blackness and corrupt your basic moral values... Long story short, "Kanye West doesn't care about black people."  Sincerely, The People #BoycottKanye #MuteKanye #TheResistance #BlackLivesMatter #YeVsThePeople #BoycottAdidas #BoycottDefJam   

Lance Cooper
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It is a story of life or death, one that people who do not speak Spanish would not hear on the English news but that is and will be affecting the USA, Venezuelans, and many other countries in the world if action is not taken today. It started with Cuba invading Venezuela little by little, ideologically, and then eventually with paramilitary groups. After the cold war Cuba found itself without the monetary support of the USSR, so they put together a plan to invade RICH OIL Venezuela. They found a subject with charism and made him a martyr that was starving for power and self-adulation on the body of Hugo Chavez. Under the direction of Fidel Castro and Raul Castro, whose permanent envy and desire for revenge toward of the USA had been futile since the Cuban Missile Crisis, Hugo Chavez started eliminating, and misappropriating any private industry from little to big, from houses to farms just because Hugo Chavez will point at them with his index finger. The Castro brothers, Hugo Chavez, and the Venezuelan Software engineers Mujica Brothers then created using multibillion Venezuelan Government funds an electronic voting system called SMARTMATIC/SEQUOIA/DOMINION which they can fraudulently manipulate the votes. The Castro Brothers Fidel and Raul, using Chávez created a decade massive public relations campaign against the United States. Accusing the United States, its people, and Government of countless crimes in Venezuela, from espionage to murdering capitalism, to CIA/FBI manipulation of the government in Venezuela. No of it true, it was created to rally the Venezuelan people (poor uneducated people) to support the Castro Cuban Hugo Chavez “socialism of the 21st century” communism. They invest all Venezuela patrimony in buying the people to support them in their expansion of Cuban communist ideology in Venezuela, in poor people programs that lasted as long as there were private companies that they could take their money and lifelong savings under the “government” hands. They also invested billions and billions in acquiring weapons of mass destruction, and in expanding SMARTMATIC electronic voting system all over the world under the fake presentation that it is an Electronic Voting system from England. They have been successful in installing SMARTMATIC; is a Venezuelan CASTRO COMMUNIST-owned multinational company that specializes in technology solutions aimed at governments. It is organized around producing electronic voting systems, smart cities solutions, and identity management systems for civil registration, as well as authentication for government applications, in Smartmatic’s first election – a Presidential Recall Referendum – was held in Venezuela in August 2004. From then on, Smartmatic expanded operations, providing technology and services to election commissions in Europe, Asia, Africa, North America, South America, and the Caribbean. That expansion of Smartmatic is a calculating invasion of the Castro Communism all over the world. The latest casualty MEXICO where Castro Venezuela Communist government finished installing SMARTMATIC on June 6, 2018, in the Mexican territory and on July 1st election, a copy of Hugo Chavez won in Mexico. Lopez Obrador is the exact same copy of Hugo Chavez rhetoric, it is almost as if a speech manual has been created by the Castro. SMARTMATIC has also been installed in many counties through 17 states in the USA, and magically “electing” candidates that have socialistic, communistic, or left tendency ideologies. The people of Venezuela realized the mistake they had made and have been fighting for freedom for about 5 years now, but on April 2018 we voted the “successor” of Hugo Chavez, Nicolas Maduro, a tyrant, assassin, who has never been elected to be the president of Venezuela OUT. Again, the Venezuelan people voted him out and the Castro Cuban does not want to leave and continue to use Venezuela as their personals cash cow to further communism all over the world. Now, on January 10, 2019, Nicolas Maduro supported by all communist countries in the world, self-appointed himself again President of Venezuela. This is not true. We have a newly elected president his name is Juan Guaidó, and he needs, we Venezuelans need the military support of the international community if we ever are going to get rid of the Castro communism in Venezuela. They are killing us, kidnapping us, murdering us, raping us, denying humanitarian aid, destroying our country totally. Everything in Venezuela looks like a Hiroshima bomb has hit, the people are dying of lack of medicines, lack of water, electricity, and we are migrating all over the world, walking for months, starving, eating food from garbage, eating the animals in the zoo, the dogs, the cats, delivering babies on the streets, babies put in cardboard boxes when they are born, or babies dying. That is not all, they are trying to Kill Juan Guaidó, they have already kidnapped him. The Castro Communist Maduro Regime is MURDERING VENEZUELANS and does not want to get out of tyranny power. THEY ARE EXPANDING TO THE USA WITH SMARTMATIC. THEY ARE BUYING USA POLITICIANS TO DESTROY THE USA CONSTITUTION AND FREEDOMS, THAT IS THEIR ULTIMATE GOAL. Please help Juan Guaidó as he is the legitimate President of Venezuela, and help the Venezuelan people get rid of the Castro Communism tyrants. They are coming for the USA. They are already here. Please help take their cash cow of Venezuela away. CITGO in the USA is paying their way. CITGO es Petróleos de Venezuela. PLEASE HELP US IN HAVING MILITARY INTERVENTION IN VENEZUELA, HELP THE WORLD! THE WORLD' FUTURE LIVES OR DIES WITH VENEZUELA. PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION.

Aida T. Crosby
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Bring back Ballroom Throwbacks Tv "Brtbtv" Youtube Channel

Since before Paris is Burning, the LBGTQ ballroom community has always taking pride in keeping records of our accomplishments. After our written historians, It was Betamax, then VHS, CD’s and now Youtube! Ceasar Will has been our historian for over 20 years now. He has been very influential in our community by not just keeping the history of LBGTQ ballroom culture, but promoting HIV awareness, providing community support and suicide prevention.The problem is that Youtube, one of Alphabet INC subsidiaries companies has stolen over 30 years of accomplishments. This has created frustration, anger, fear and confusion amongst our LBGTQ community. Their community guidelines and terms of service are not realistic to today’s culture, not just LBGTQ culture, but everyone in the world. What happen to freedom of speech, freedom of expression! Ryan Murphy’s show on FX network “POSE” has given everyone in the world an eye opener on ballroom culture , or Viceland network show “My House” which was influenced directly and/or indirectly by going to review our history from Ballroom Throwbacks Tv "Brtbtv". This was the only channel/place worldwide that can give a direct clip from each era of our community, including J Jennings 1990’s Paris is Burning or 1960’s Crystal Labeija! Last night MTV Awards mentioned historical members of our community. When the world went to google those names, where do you think it would have taken them to watch a clip? The solution?  Allow the LBGTQ community 7-14 days to retrieve our history. Allow us to make preparations to retrieve history dating back to 1960’s. Allow each person that was recorded to collect their history, so they may be able to show the next generation. Allow us to gain back what was taken.   

Denise Murphy
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