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Petitioning The OH State Senate

Gov. John Kasich: Pardon Kelley Williams-Bolar -- she shouldn't go to jail for protecting her kids

"An Ohio mother of two was sentenced to 10 days in jail and placed on three years probation after sending her kids to a school district in which they did not live. Kelley Williams-Bolar was sentenced by Judge Patricia Cosgrove on Tuesday and will begin serving her sentence immediately. The jury deliberated for seven hours and the courtroom was packed as the sentence was handed down. She was convicted on two counts of tampering with court records after registering her two girls as living with Williams Bolar's father when they actually lived with her. The family lived in the housing projects in Akron, Ohio, and the father’s address was in nearby Copley Township. Additionally, Williams-Bolar’s father, Edward L. Williams, was charged with a fourth-degree felony of grand theft, in which he and his daughter are charged with defrauding the school system for two years of educational services for their girls. The court determined that sending their children to the wrong school was worth $30,500 in tuition. - Dr. Boyce Watkins                     As punishment for doing everything in her power to keep her children safe, Ms. Williams-Bolar, a single mother with no previous criminal record, has been made a felon by Ohio judge Patricia Cosgrove. In addition to jail time, a large fine and probation, Ms. Williams-Bolar's felony conviction has also robbed her of her future. "'Because of the felony conviction, you will not be allowed to get your teaching degree under Ohio law as it stands today. The court's taking into consideration that is also a punishment that you will have to serve.'' - Judge Patricia Cosgrove Although Ms. Williams-Bolar had nearly completed her education to become a teacher, under Ohio law felons are not permitted to teach. She has been robbed of the opportunity to elevate her life and the lives of her family through her own hard work. She has been handed what equates to a life sentence for attempting to protect her children. In a time of overwhelming economic disadvantage for so many US citizens, are loving single mothers like Williams-Bolar truly the enemy our court system should be making examples of in this way?  Ms. Williams-Bolar's attorneys are currently preparing for an appeal. Please sign this petition to let Gov. Kasich know that you do not feel that Kelley Williams-Bolar's punishment appropriately fits her crime, and that you both support and demand a full pardon.  

C. Lord
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Petitioning Gov. John Kasich

Ban the sale, ownership, and harboring of wild and exotic animals in Ohio

After dozens of animals escaped a 73 acre private collection today, October 18, 2011, in Zanesville, Ohio, 48 have been shot dead after their owner died and the gates to their enclosures were opened. These animals, at no fault of their own, have threatened the safety of people and domesticated animals in the surrounding regions and had to pay for this with their lives. Ohio has some of the most lax regulation of exotic pets, and after this disaster, it is apparent that this lack of regulation has been a threat to public safety and the welfare of the animals for too long. The collection of animals had been considered a bad situation for a quite some time by local law enforcement, but there was nothing that they could do to stop their owner, Terry Thompson, from keeping the animals nor to push preventative measures onto the property. And these animals aren't the only ones, hundreds of exotics are currently being kept as pets in the state without any regulation. Ohio is one of less than 10 states in the US that do not regulate the ownership of exotic animals. Owning a wild animal is difficult and causes them suffering with a lack of proper knowledge as to the handling and care of these animals by their owners. Wild animals have been known to attack, maim, and kill humans and domesticated animals without any warning and due to these circumstances, law enforcement have no choice but to destroy them. The best thing we can do for the exotics and ourselves is to keep them in their wild, natural habitats where they belong by outlawing their sale and ownership in Ohio.

Liz Dumler
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Petitioning John Kasich

Extend Supports to Foster Youth Through Age 21

To give Ohio's foster children a fair chance at leading successful adult lives.

Ohio Association of Child Caring Agencies
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Petitioning Ohio State House

URGENT: Help Baby! Stop ODNR from murdering an innocent tame rescued deer named Baby in Vermillion, Ohio.

The Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) continues to dishonor the most compassionate citizens of Ohio and in so doing steps violently upon our God given rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The state does NOT HAVE THE RIGHT to make compassion illegal by forcing people to commit negligence. Debbie is a retired nurse who owns a dog rescue in Vermillion, Ohio called St. Francis Animal Sanctuary. She saved the life of a little fawn named Baby who has known nothing but love. The ODNR is threatening to kill this precious tame animal and arrest Debbie.  The ODNR needs to be stopped! Baby has a life. DNR has a trail of death. This is senseless wasteful barbaric killing must stop. Please sign this petition to save BABY.   FYI. After signing the option to donate to further promote this petition is given. 

Laura Murnane
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Petitioning Brian Lorenzen, Tracie Dayton, Raycom News Network, Paul McTear, Christa Robinson, Kevin Tedesco, Paula Hicks-Hudson, FOX News, FOX Broadcasting Company, John Kasich, Sherrod Brown, Marcy Kaptur

Get the seven WTOL-11 employees their jobs back!

Seven long time station employees at WTOL-11 in Toledo,Ohio were wrongfully terminated for....PLAYING A CARD GAME around the first of the year at work called  "cards against humanity". There was first a suspension, then a firing which makes alot wait. ZERO sense. keep in mind, this is one issue and not a repeat offense.   These fine folks have families, some have spouses, significant others,children too! It's a complete shame that the parent company raycom media has responded with such a terrible handing down of punishment.   Also, I'm willing to bet that CBS knows nothing about this, and if they did...then WTOL would probably lose their affiliation. what do you think?   I have reached out to higher ups(Jeff Ross, Raycom Media) and they literally will say nothing on the matter except to stonewall you and make you feel bad for being passionate about something. Mr. Ross even accused me of "making up things" when i called him about the firings in question. the news anchors in question were arguably the most popular personalities on the entire news station and were a hit amongst the local toledo population.   Let us ALL get together and sign this petition, email cbs, raycom media, and all others associated in order for this to become a national issue (if it has to) to win their jobs back, and for the station to take notice and let the local community of toledo know how we feel about this horrible issue at hand.

Scott R
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Petitioning John Kasich, Governor of Ohio, John Kasich

Grant David Thorne a new trial.

David Thorne was deprived of a fair trial in 2000. He was found guilty of murder for hire based on the coerced confession of an 18-year-old acquaintance and was inadequately represented by counsel. He deserves the chance to be properly represented and to clear his name. He is innocent.

sue thorne
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Petitioning Representative Teresa Fedor

Save World History in Ohio's Schools

In a recent decision, the Ohio State Legislature and the Ohio Department of Education decided not to include world history as a required course for high school graduation. Our representatives have also failed to include world history on its list of courses to be assessed. In the past 10 years, the education community has come to learn that if a course is not mandated or assessed, it’s usually not taught; especially, in such difficult economic times for schools (Ravitch, 2010). This unprecedented move will have devastating consequences for our students, families, communities, and industry in an increasingly globally interconnected age.   The decision to not include world history as a required course could not have come at a worse time with our nation and veterans engaged in on-going international military conflicts, citizens facing a global economic recession, and our world facing important global issues. The fact is that our State needs citizens, consumers, workers, and businesses that are knowledgeable about the rest of the world and its people. More so than any other generation, today’s students will be actors on a global stage (Merryfield & Wilson, 2005). Their lives will be shaped by events, movements, and issues from all corners of our planet. Their economic, political, and environmental decisions will have a significant impact on our world. World history courses and their equivalents are best suited to help students understand phenomena that transcend states, cultures, and people (World History Association, 2007). World history courses provide students with a macro-level frame of reference whereby the vast mosaic of human history, interaction, and exchanges are best understood (World History Association, 2007).   We're asking that the Ohio General Assembly and The State Board of Education support Senate Bill 96 (sponsored by Senator LaRose; co-sponsored by Senators Lehner, Cafaro, and Hite) that requires students to complete 1 unit of instruction on the history of cultures from around the world other than that of the United States, which is taken from the 2 units of social studies required for high school graduation. This bill was supported unanimously in the Ohio Senate Education Committee and in the Ohio Senate.   For more information on this budget neutral legislation, see:  

Brad Maguth
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Petitioning John Kasich, Dr. Ben Carson, Tim Ryan

The real numbers of veteran suicides are 40+ a day! The VA isn't working!

On May 22, 2010 I lost my son after he was told there was a waiting list at the Youngstown, OH VA clinic. I made numerous phone calls to the VA begging them for help ( all documented in his records). Years later veterans are still dying from suicide, being lost in the system, poor healthcare.Years of promises and still the problems facing our veterans in need, those that deserve it the most, are just as present as ever. The VA healthcare system has had its chance. If it were a company it would have been out of business and bankrupt from negligent lawsuits. It's time to allow our veterans the same choice we give to those on Medicaid. People on Medicaid have so many options for their medical care decisions. Why is this choice not given to our veterans? Why do we insist on forcing them to go to a VA center when even congress declared them a disaster. The newer guidelines allowing veterans choice if they live a certain distance from a VA is a joke. It's time to end this political monopoly and focus on the needs of our heroes. When a veteran has served his country and was willing to sacrifice both body and mind, we owe them the best. While government continues to "fix" this dinosaur of a VA, 22 veterans die a day from suicide alone. My son is gone. Please read what happened by looking up his story written by New York Times Pulitzer prize winner Nick Kristof, my son's name was Ryan Yurchison. Let's stop the nonsense and demand our veterans receive healthcare choice. Freedom of healthcare choice for veterans! They chose to serve. We must now, as a country, chose to give them choice. Who deserves it more? Take the VA out of the equation! What and why: Provide veterans a medical card similar to the medicare/ medicaid model. This would expand their options immensely, end waiting lists, provide better care, and save lives. Veterans would no longer feel they are held hostage by a single system that has the ability to control their fate and be labeled as aggressive, uncooperative, etc., in medical records. They would have the freedom we all deserve, to speak up or disagree about their care. It would also allow disability claims to made independently and free of the very institution that has been at the heart of so many complaints and called disastrous by congress. The conflict of interest would be eliminated. It would save the government and taxpayers money: The 2006 VHA fiscal report shows a per capita expenditure of $4,557 while Medicare/Medicaid shows per capita expenditure of $7025. While these numbers make it appear that the VA is less costly then medicare/medicaid, they fail to reflect the truth. According to the American Action Forum " most VHA enrollees have other sources of care. According to the VHA's own figure, the average enrollee receives only 36% of his or her healthcare from the VHA." Thus, these numbers are not comparable. VHA is actually more costly. We the people demand that congress take immediate action to allow veterans to freely choose their healthcare. 

Cheryl Debow
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Petitioning Gov. John Kasich

Governors, we as the people of the U.S.A. are demanding we be heard by each state still using barbaric Gas Chambers. As Taxpayers and Voters, we do not want the U.S.A. representing this!

Why this is important Daniel The Miracle Beagle needs your help to ban the Gas Chambers that he survived. SEVERAL MILLION A YEAR DO NO SURVIVE AND DIE A HORRIFIC DEATH! The Gas chambers are a brutal, cruel and slow death for our beloved dogs and cats. They are used in many States and we want the whole of the USA to ban them. They are barbaric and cruel, it can take up to 30 minutes for animals to die a slow , torturous death. We ask that they are all banned by law, dismantled and the only method to euthanize is Lethal Injection.(No heart Stick ). With the massive over population and tens of millions being killed, once the gas chambers are banned we move to human treatment of the animals, massive spay/neuter and education. We stand together to see this happen. WE ARE THE VOICE OF THE VOICELESS ANIMALS. TODAY BECOME THEIR VOICE AND SIGN AND SHARE THIS WITH EVERYONE. WORLDWIDE WE ARE UNTIED! There are many petitions worldwide. We are committed to unifying as one to each state that still allows this, as well as National. One Senator from each state we implore you to create a bill to pass this to The Senate and make it It is NOT COST EFFICIENT OR HUMANE. NON~ MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS DO NOT KNOW HOW TO EVEN ADMINSTER THE PROPER DOSAGE AND IT IS ILLEGAL FOR THEM TO BE PARTICIPATING IN THIS BARBARIC ACT. PENTOBARBITOL, ADMINISTERED BY LICENSED PROFESSIONALS IS HUMANE AND MUCH MORE COST EFFICIENT IF COST IS THE ONLY THING THE GOVERNORS ARE LOOKING AT!!!!!! Each State still participating in these henious act's, residents, we implore you to contact your Senator's & Governors, sign tge petition for your state and the National Petition. The Government has declared it illegal for use on criminals, are your pets, shelter pets and rescues guilty of anything but providing unconditional love. Yet they are piled in like garbage by non~ medical proffessionals, attack eachother because of disorientation, while receiving incorrect dosages, and in some cases incinerated while still alive (The staff isn't trained to use an stethoscope to check HR and pulses?!) Is this what our Country wants to be represented as? Cruel and Inhumane. Please any other petition for this lets unite and use one petition for each state and our President. TY.

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Petitioning Corrections Corporation of America

Open the Reading Room for the children of inmates at Lake Erie Correctional Institution

In 2000, former First Lady Hope Taft approached the Director about establishing a reading room for the children who visited their incarcerated parent at the Pickaway Correctional Institution. This idea spread across the state, and now the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction maintains children’s reading rooms in each prison.  The reading rooms encourage family literacy by providing a pleasant and comfortable setting for both child and incarcerated parent. Each room is stocked with a wide variety of children’s books and has an inmate narrator who reads to the visiting children twice a day. The role of the inmate narrator is to read picture books to the children in much the same manner that children’s hour would be done at a public library.  A variety of arts and craft supplies for the children are also available in most of the rooms. Many of the supplies and books are donated by employees and service organizations.   Lake Erie Correctional was recently purchased from the state of Ohio and is now a privately owned prison, owned and operated by Corrections Corporation of America, or CCA. The reading room is a room inside the visitation area for kids. There are books, games,a TV with movies, and all kinds of things to keep kids involved. Kids are encouraged to bring the books and games back to their incarcerated father's so they can have some kid-friendly interaction time. Lake Erie Correctional's reading room has been closed for OVER A YEAR NOW. I have no idea why Lake Erie decided to close theirs, but it's not OK and I want to do something about it. My mother spent money out of her own pockets to donate puzzles to keep at the guard's desk in the visitation area. They now have a handful of puzzles the children can play with, but that's not enough. I've seen close to 20 children at a time visiting with their fathers. The kids deserve the right to have the reading room open. Ironically, they have the room closed, but in their rules it states that if you can't control your kids you will be kicked out of visitation. The kids must sit at their chairs the entire 2-3 hour visit, aside from going to get food from the vending machine. Give them the option of having the reading room open, let them interact with their fathers, it's the right thing to do. There seems to be an easy solution to all this that everyone is missing, open the reading room again. This obviously beneficial resource should be available. Stop the recidivism!  Children of inmates should not be punished, they should be allowed to visit and interact with their fathers and the reading room should be open. I am starting this petition to get CCA’s attention to get the reading room back open. 

Erin Schillo
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