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Please Bring Capone Home

A German Shepherd/Lab mix, Capone, has been a family-member of a family in Aurora, CO for the past 10 years. On February 24 2017, Capone jumped the fence in his backyard and was picked up by Aurora Animal Control. City officials are currently refusing to return Capone to his family because he is suspected to be a wolf-hybrid "after it's experts observed the animal's behavior, mannerisms and physical characteristics." If a DNA test finds that Capone is part wolf, he is at risk of being euthanized, re-homed or sent to an animal sanctuary. Please sign this petition urging the City of Aurora to return Capone to his family. Capone is currently being detained at the Aurora Animal Shelter. He is a loving family dog who does not have a history of violence and have never shown aggressive tendencies. In fact, Capone has proven himself to be a loyal and loving dog to the family's children. The owner, Tracy Abbato, feels like her children are being punished by having their dog taken from them. Abbato stated "they sleep with the dog at night and it's hard watching my kids because they are taking it rough." Owning a wolf hybrid is illegal in the City of Aurora but the State of Colorado law states that as long as a dog is at least 1% domesticated, it's legal to own said dog. Capone, who has lived with his family for the past 10 years and has never been show to be wild or vicious should not be condemned to death or a life without his current family when the State of Colorado allows dogs who are at least 1% domesticated to be owned as pets. For more information check out this 9News story or this one on the Huffington Post. This family dog deserves to come home, not caged up, just imagine, he may never get to have that life again.  How would you feel?

Citizens for Change
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Stand Against Food Waste in Colorado

Forty percent of all the food produced annually in the United States will be wasted. Of that, a quarter is discarded by grocery stores when the food is not immediately sold. In 2008, that quarter amounted to forty-three billion pounds. When an apple’s skin has lost its luster and is no longer as shiny, instead of being thrown out, it could be shipped out to food banks. Ours is a world where people starve, where many metric tons of perfectly good food in developed countries like the United States go straight to the trash. Yet, even with all this abundance, 1 in 8 Americans are facing food insecurity. That number even translates to Colorado where 1 in 8 Coloradans do not know when their next meal will be. We must mandate that food retailers partner with food banks and homeless shelters in order to reduce the amount of edible food being wasted. Instead of disposing of food approaching its sell-by dates or produce that has sat for a couple of days, it must be supplied to food banks or other charitable donation centers. To do this, a law must be introduced in the Colorado legislature. There are already several relevant precedents which we can look upon for guidance. The 1976 Tax Reform Act, among other things, “entitled” corporations to tax deductions, provided that they make a “contribution [...] of appreciated property” to a charity or other foundation. This means that retailers have little to lose financially in donating undesired food, as the government would, perhaps upon filing a claim, grant those tax deductions to the retailers that use this measure to their benefit. That Act has been out in the public sphere, without much mention or recognition, for forty years. Meanwhile, France has already passed a law mandating that supermarkets donate unsold food (food still retaining good quality but which is approaching its best-before date). With this law in place, more meals will be dished out each year to the needy and the poor. If we want to help stop food waste, we need to start the trend ourselves. Colorado is in a position to lead this change.  Let us all petition our lawmakers to create a food reclamation act and put the issue on the map for other states looking to do the same thing.  

Brandon Reimers
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Surrender Bandit to the no kill rescue

The nation has heard about Capone, the "wolf" dog. The same shelter that had unnecessarily kept Capone captive is holding another dog prisoner. On January 4th, 2017 Bandit was confronted by a screaming FedEx man, wearing a black hat and hoodie, when he went out the front door. Bandit ended up biting the FedEx man. Even though this resulted in only a minor bite and a few stitches, the FedEx man insisted that Bandit be destroyed. Bandit was taken from his family, in which his owner, who speaks little english, did not have a translator or an attorney at the time.  Ms Piccone of The Piccone Law Firm now represents the family. Ms Piccone attempted to get a canine aggression specialist to do a behavioral evaluation.  Aurora Animal Care would not allow Bandit to be taken out of his cage. This interference resulted in an incomplete evaluation. Even so, the city still insists that Bandit is an aggressive animal. Aurora Animal Care has lost creditability due to many recent public cases, and therefore cannot be trusted as the sole evaluator.  A rescue in Colorado Springs has offered to take Bandit, and offer any behavior modification that may be warranted. However, Aurora refuses to surrender him to the no kill rescue. Bandit has been at the Aurora Animal Shelter in Aurora, CO for over 2 months now awaiting his execution. It's time to get him out!   He has a rescue that is willing to take him.  Please Help!

Lori Layton
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Allow Colorado Citizens to Choose Their Own Manner of Healthcare Stop CO HB 16-1320

Stop HB 16-1320 I do not agree with HB 16-1320 and ask for it to be stopped.  Specifically, this strips the protections created in the Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act (6-1-724), grants excessive authority to the director of the division of professions and occupations under the Department of Regulatory Activities, and incorrectly categorizes one occupation under another. HB 16-1320 attempts to strip the consumer protections and guarantees created in the Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act and provided in (6-1-724). These rights include the right of the public to access unlicensed alternative health care and the right of practitioners of unlicensed alternative health care to practice.   Removal of 12-35.5-110 (e) eliminates the protections provided in section (6-1-724). This would subject all unlicensed practitioners to regulation under Massage. The effect of this is to outlaw all alternative health care modalities unless they are individually state approved, effectively creating a license requirement for previously protected and unregulated professions.  Please kill this bill! Here is a small sample of the hundreds of modalities that would be affected, Subtle Energy modalities such as: Acupressure, Barbara Brennan Healing Science, Bio-photon Therapy, Bodytalk, Craniosacral Therapy, Eden Energy Medicine, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), Energetic Healing (EH), Jin Shin Jyutsu, Healing Touch, Kinesiology, Matrix Energetics, Pranic Healing, Reconnective Healing, Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Touch For Health; Verbal Modalities such as: Guided Imagery, Health Coaching, Life Coaching, Quantum Healing, NLP, Spiritual Counseling, Reflexology; Movement modalities such as: Feldenkrais Method, Qigong, T’ai Chi; Modalities involving Subtle Energy of the Senses: Aromatherapy, Sound Healing, Therapeutic Musicians; Assessment modalities: Biofeedback, Iridology. Further problems with HB 16-1320 The purpose of the bill is stated as reducing loopholes used in human trafficking and sex trade, but  in fact it only duplicates violations already listed in the Colorado Revised Statutes Title 18 - Criminal Code, including: Section 18-3-503 - Human trafficking for involuntary servitude - human trafficking of a minor for involuntary servitude; Section 18-3-504 - Human trafficking for sexual servitude - human trafficking of a minor for sexual servitude; Section 18-7-204 Keeping a place of prostitution; and Section 18-7-302 Indecent exposure. These modalities and others like them are currently protected by the Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act. Use of the term "Massage" is already legally restricted and protected under Title 12 Professions and Occupations, Health Care Article 35.5 Massage Therapists C.R.S. 12-35.5-118 All of the protections this bill allegedly offers already exist in the current law, with the exceptions of the ability to deny a license to a massage therapists that has engaged in human trafficking, and the minimum age requirement to receive a massage license. As long as the provisions that safeguard the excluded practices are removed, this bill is unacceptable, and goes beyond what it was proposed for.   This bill was initially presented as preserving the exceptions for unlicensed alternative health care under the guise of strengthening enforcement against human trafficking, and was then revised to specifically remove exactly the exemptions it was promoted as preserving. In reality it is a veiled attempt to assert regulatory control over unlicensed alternative health care modalities that compete with massage and that are specifically protected by the Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act (6-1-724). Please Kill this Bill and preserve the rights of citizens to choose the methods of healthcare appropriate to them that were granted in the Colorado Natural Health Consumer Protection Act.      

Energy Medicine Professional Insurance
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Get Colorado to join other states in the Climate Alliance

Seven years ago my father, a renowned climatologist, got on stage and had an open discussion with 52 ordinary people in Australia who did not believe that climate change was happening. He was not intimidated as he had been working for most of his life to convince people that human-caused climate change was real. A few weeks later my father passed away. In the years since his death, I had hoped that the debate around climate change would have evolved, but it seems to have have gotten worse: President Trump recently made the disastrous decision to withdraw our nation from the Paris Climate Accord. Because of this reckless decision, the governors of several states and territories including California, New York, Massachusetts, Hawai’i, Connecticut, Minnesota, Oregon, Puerto Rico, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and Washington have formed a Climate Alliance together, committing to hold to the terms of the Paris Agreement regardless of the federal government's position.  Now I’m calling on Governor Hickenlooper to follow suit and bring Colorado into the United States Climate Alliance, effective immediately. The governor has already expressed his disapproval of the President's reckless decision, and that he agrees with the clear majority of Coloradans who support America's participation in the Paris Agreement. I grew up in this beautiful state, and like most Coloradans know that our environment is a huge part of what makes our home special. And like most of us, I also know that because of climate change, the stakes have never been higher for Colorado, the United States, and humanity as a whole. Before my father died in 2010, he spent his life fighting fiercely to stop climate change in its path. He made the future of our planet his life’s work, and it’s time for us to carry on his legacy and do our bit to help prevent the impending global catastrophe that is looming over us all. Please sign my petition and demand that Governor Hickenlooper be bold and join the Climate Alliance to show the entire world that our great state of Colorado refuses to be dragged onto the wrong side of history. Together we can make a difference, and help to ensure that future generations of Coloradans will have the same opportunities as us to enjoy the unique and gorgeous environmental setting that makes our home such a wonderful place!

Adam Schneider
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        .......URGENT ACTION NEEDED....... Urgently needing 1000 signatures to help stop the deportation and save the life of an Iraqi Jewish Christian from being deported anyday from the United States back to Iraq.    Recently an agreement was made by Donald Trumps administration with Iraq for all illegal Iraqis living in America with criminal records to be deported back to Iraq. When I.C.E. detained over 100 of them they detained a man named Khalid Wahab who has lived in the United States for 36 years. Kal is a Jew by blood and Christian by faith and has faithfully reported to I.C.E., but since having felonies from when he was previously on drugs over 15 years ago, he could not get citizenship. Kal has not been in any trouble since the days he was on drugs. Kal is married, and has a daughter who was born and raised here in the US along with a grandchild. He faithfully serves the homeless community in Denver, along with his wife, while both caring for two elderly women who are disabled. He is an asset and blessing to our community.  If he is sent back to Iraq, his name has already been circulated on a list by radicals to be executed for betraying the Muslim religion which his family was forced into many years ago or they would have executed them as Jews. Their last name before having to change it was Ben Yosef. They have already taken him to Arizona and he is set to be deported any day. He has no family in Iraq, only death awaiting him.   We are not a country to send someone who is a blessing to our community back to be executed by radicals. It's not who we are as a nation.  I am asking for full support in signing this petition to get the attention of our President, Vice President and government officials. Kal is on the list to be executed upon arrival in Iraq, he has medical issues and he has nowhere safe to stay upon returning to Iraq. This is urgent and we need to get the support from our government to save Kal’s life.  

Cassie Carter
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Stricter penalty rates on animal abusers

Over 1,000 animals die each year due to harsh treatment, malnourishment, and serious injuries. Thousands more suffer day in and day out because of the ones they hoped would make them feel the safest. Colorado, along with a few other states like Kansas and California, let a lot of these noticeable crimes slip by. State officials do not classify emotional abuse toward domestic animals a crime and only charge those who leave visible marks on an animal with a maximum of five years in prison with a fine determined by the judge after your third offence. This must change. Massachusetts has the highest penalty rate with a ten year sentence and up to $100,000 in fines. Colorado needs to follow this example and enforce stricter laws as well as penalize any offender in a manor that is better fit then what is in place now. I myself want top be a police officer in the city of Colorado Springs and would hope that, with your help, by the time I become a K9 officer that these new laws will be put in place.  

Josh Seth
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Petitioning Jerry Brown, Andrew Cuomo, Dannell P. Malloy, Charlie Baker, Charles Schumer, Elizabeth Warren, Kirsten Gillibrand, Chris Murphy, Richard Blumenthal, Edward Markey, Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein,...

Tell blue states to form an interstate single-payer healthcare system for their residents

We call on Governors Jerry Brown of California, Andrew Cuomo of New York, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, Dannel Malloy of Connecticut, and governors of other Democratic states to explore the possibility of forming an interstate, single-payer healthcare system for their residents.  Ideally, this system would provide ALL residents of these states equal, quality health coverage which would be accepted in any of these states. It would be funded by the collective healthcare budgets of these states, as well as reallocated federal funding for programs such as Medicaid.  According to a Gallup poll published on May 16, 2016, 58% of Americans say that they would prefer to replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with a federally funded healthcare system that provides insurance for all Americans. However, Congress has been in a deadlock on this issue for decades. Switching from the current system -- a hodgepodge of employer-based and subsidized care for the most needy -- to single-payer has for many seemed too drastic a change for Congress to successfully implement nationally. A few states, including CA, MA, VT, and CO have discussed or tried to establish single-payer systems confined to their own states. But such systems have been bombarded with budget concerns and do not create a clear path to single-payer on the national level.  In light of this, we propose that by first forming an interstate single-payer system among a few powerful blue states, the country can gradually and steadily replace the current system with an efficient, potentially national, single-payer system as more and more states, including red states, will want to join in years to come if they see it is working well.  Call it AmeriCare?  Furthermore, we believe it would be in the interest of our states to be part of initiating this project. If acted upon, it would uniquely provide all the benefits of single-payer to residents and businesses, and show that our states are leading the way in reform on this important issue.  FAQ: Why CA, NY, MA, and CT? I want my state in too.  The author of this petition has lived in the four states mentioned, hence why they were selected, but governors of other states are on this petition's list of recipients. And residents of all states are welcome to sign and encourage their states to join too!  Is this constitutional? It appears so. This would likely be an interstate compact, which Congress has the power to allow. See:

C.V. LaPointe
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Stop The Statute of Limitations (SOL) on Sex Crimes - Sexual Assault, Pedophilia, Rape

Lesley Barton’s WWII hero father once said to her, “You should never take advantage of someone that is weak or vulnerable just because you can." Little did he know how much his simple words would one day mean to his beloved daughter as the 1st survivor of 10 (4 in SOL 6 outside of it) known victims to report a 15 yr active and violent serial rapist who continuously got off with slaps on the wrist. The time is NOW to Stop The Statute of Limitations on Sex Crimes for children and adults. Please click the link below to learn more about her and her sisters’ fight against sadistic and emboldened rapist Marc Winner and to really understand the gravity of predators like him who are able to use the statute of limitations against their victims to their advantage.’s story... Over 16 years, she’d hoped and prayed this day would actually never come, because although she knew he couldn’t stop-it was her greatest wish that he would, so no one else would be violently raped by him again. Painfully, that was not the case with 4 in the Statute of Limitations and 10 known total in a 15 year period. The continuous promises made to her when they wanted her to be okay with the plea deal, were not kept. Woman after woman reported him only to be disbelieved and disregarded, because of archaic belief systems even within the justice system and Chicagoland Cook County City and Suburbs being on different computer systems. How senseless is that? This has not been an easy road for her and her sisters. It’s actually been harder than any victim survivor could ever be able to explain. Our msister and brother survivors understand why sexual assault is the most under reported crime, because coming forward in order to protect others from a monster has no upsides due to the revictimization of stigma, harassment, a pretty inept and broken system, and those who want to make rape of all things about politics or shaming and blaming the survivor rather than stopping the perp. It’s been a long 16+ years for Lesley Barton who was the first to report Marc Winner for criminal sexual assault. Even after she came to terms with the unthinkable by finding some joy again she was really thrown for a loop that invasion day almost two years ago now when she found out he was back or actually never left. For he remained active and her reporting him, going to all their trial dates, and his slap on the wrist plea deal didn’t keep him from continuing his proclivity to do irreparable and permanent harm. Lesley no lomger feels any of the unfounded shame or blame any longer. She could really careless what the ignorant callous bullies towards survivors of rape think or say either. She does however feel an immense responsibility to her sisters who survived him, all sister and brother survivors, and the community at large to see this through to the end-to finish this-and to help convict him anyway they lawfully can so he never hurts another living soul again. Many confusingly mock and attack survivor activists who put it all on the line to stop criminals by using the term social justice warrior as a negative connotation on the internet and elsewhere. However, what they don’t seem to understand is that this is NOT a political issue and a violent despicable crime such as rape can never be referred to as “social.” It’s a matter of stopping a violent criminal from seriously hurting others in a way that the survivors receive a life sentence. Rape is actually a CRIMINAL JUSTICE issue-always has been, always will be. As a Criminal Justice issue, one way to end the emboldening of predators like Marc Winner, Brock Turner, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, James Toback, Kevin Spacey, Brett Ratner, Louis CK, USA Gymnasts Dr. Larry Nassar, Thad Alton, and Denny Hastert (to name only a small few) is to Stop the Statute of Limitations Clock. Predators know very well that they have a time clock they can easily run out during the often decades of time it takes a victim to come forward and be a survivor. The time is NOW to #StopTheStatute of Limitations on Sex Crimes in every state for children and adults, once and for all. There are no statutes in different states on Forgery, types of Fraud, Murder, Manslaughter, Attempted Murder, Arson, types of DUI accidents, and even in a few on Rape, but a few isn’t good enough-Rape is a life sentence, so should be the time period it takes to report it (which remember does not mean the lack of burden of proof) in order to help deter. The system needs to give survivors the time they need to come to terms with the heinous violation to their body and spirit in order to get closure and justice-How can’t everyone have some common sense, reasonably understand, and get behind that? #metoo#Ibelieveyou#stopthestatute

Lesley Barton
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The Civil War statue in front of the Capitol should not memorialize John Chivington.

Clyde Steadman
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