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The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a 'FTTN' NBN in favour of a superior 'FTTH' NBN

A Petition Pertaining to the Future of Australian Broadband. To Tony Abbott, Malcolm Turnbull, the Liberal Party of Australia, the Senate and whom it may concern, This petition is designed to highlight Australia’s desire for a superior ‘Fibre to the Home’ (FTTH) broadband solution, rather than the Coalition’s proposed ‘Fibre to the Node’ (FTTN) solution. As currently proposed, the Coalition’s FTTN solution relies on the existing copper lines to supply individual premises access to the National Broadband Network (NBN) over the last mile or so. However, copper wiring solutions are rapidly approaching a century of implementation, with its inception dating back to the 1920’s. As such, its technological limits as well as associated weaknesses are rapidly developing. First and foremost are its bandwidth capabilities. While your government proudly boasts eventual (best case scenario) download speeds of 100Mbps (but will only guarantee between 25-50Mbps initially), this is unlikely to be sufficient for tomorrow’s technology centric society. A likely society in which data becomes ever more important, as a universal shift towards a total digital front approaches. A likely place where an expanding range of devices and services will become linked, cloud computing/processing becomes the norm and internet TV the main form of broadcast. In reality, there is no real way of knowing exactly what future technologies lie around the corner, but it is a safe bet that a FTTN solution will not contain them for long. Having lived abroad for several years I have witnessed first-hand how far behind Australia is in this respective infrastructure. Your party’s claim to the success of FTTN implementation in other countries such as the UK/USA are irrelevant with said nations already seeking options to move on from this out-dated technology. So why position Australia and our future generations behind the rest of the world’s leading nations with a technology that they themselves are already decommissioning? Secondly is the well-known fact that suggested speeds, in this instance 100Mbps/40Mbps, are more or less theoretical since actual speeds will be dependent upon the distance of an individual premises from the node. This in turn, accompanied by the spacious layout of Australian homes and businesses, even in inner city markets, will cause a significant variance in actual speeds received by paying customers. Further compounding the issue is the fact that the vast majority of Australia’s copper lines are well beyond their recommended lifespan and have already been affected, or are prone to environmental damages such as water. In addition to this, by implementing your proposed FTTN solution an unfair division will occur between those who are connected under the FTTN method and those who have already been connected to the superior FTTH method. Now it is understood that customers will have the choice to opt in to a FTTH solution, however, in saying this, if connection costs are even remotely reflective of overseas models, it will prove unaffordable for the majority of Australian households. Furthermore, this will continue to promote an inevitable division across Australian citizens; namely a division between the wealthy and the rest of us. Likewise, unless your government utilises a model in which cost subsidising occurs, such a division will become increasingly more apparent. This division will not prove healthy in the long run for our economy, or our society. It is important to note that the above model will only prove practical under an entirely government owned network; not a network at the mercy of private organisations. Moving on, it is disconcerting to find that your government is proudly quoting an approximate $30 billion cost, roughly 2/3rds of Labor’s approximate $45 billion cost, yet it will only manage 1/10th of the speed (with the deficiency in speed likely to continue to grow as time goes on). What's more these ‘savings’ figures do not factor in the cost of upgrading the FTTN network again when the time comes just a few quick decades down the road. These upgrade costs on top of your $30 billion estimated cost, combined with inflation rates will result in a budget blowout which will well exceed that of the Labor party’s existing NBN proposal. On the other hand a superior FTTH solution is able to alleviate all these shortcomings as well as provide a host of advantages. Fibre networks are not dependent/limited by the distance from the exchange, are far less susceptible to environmental hazards/interference, will provide the vast majority of Australian’s with an equal and unified service, are renowned in the industry as a viable method capable of delivering future broadband services, will prove to be an increasingly more cost effective option as time goes on. Building upon this, under a FTTH NBN, future upgrade costs will be next to nothing since all upgrades will take place at either end of the lines (i.e. at the exchange/premises), rather than replacing the lines themselves. Locations around the globe where FTTH technology exist have demonstrated that there is sufficient growth, market adoption and economic benefit to make this technology feasible, as well as justifiable in terms of cost. This is already apparent in Tasmania (its FTTH construction is approaching its completion) 44% of customers (and growing) are subscribing to its highest tier service of 100Mbps, suggesting a strong desire even on our own shores for gigabit services which are only capable on a FTTH solution. The strength of gigabit services, in places such as Kansas City (under Google’s Fibre project) are already witnessing a boost in economy via the creation of new jobs and services along with the garnering of international attention from global corporations alike. Broadband internet is an ‘infrastructure’ and should be considered in the same light as highways, water management, electricity and so forth; it should be a ‘right’ available ‘equally’ to all Australians. Broadband internet is one of many crucial building blocks which creates the underlying foundation for a successful nation. Superfast broadband is about more than connecting several family PCs, laptops, iPads, phones and other devices to the internet. It is about more than downloading ones favourite music, TV shows, movies or watching YouTube sensations. And yes, it is about more than being able to connect health and educational services, businesses and corporations. Having a well thought out, well implemented, and well maintained National Broadband Network is about ensuring the prosperity of Australians for generations to come. It is a vision shared by the Australian spirit and achievable through FTTH technology. It is due to this dream and the concern that it may not be met, that I and many Australians urge you to reconsider your proposal of a FTTN NBN in favour of a superior FTTH NBN. As your policy currently stands it is merely patch-work; a short term solution to a long term problem.    

NBN Defender
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More Aussie Music

Please sign this petition if you support Australian music. Currently, many commercial radio and television stations in Australia play less than 10% local music, while the internet is completely unregulated. More Australian music in the Australian media is vital to "developing and reflecting a sense of Australian identity, character and cultural diversity", as outlined in the Federal Government Broadcast Act. The FTA (Australia United States Free Trade Agreement) prevents the Australian government from setting the local quota higher than 25%, however, the FTA does not prevent the Australian Government from setting a minimum quota of 25% Australian music in the Australian media. Australia has local content quotas to protect local producers in television, mining, agriculture and other industries, why not music? More Australian music in the Australian media will: • revive the local recording industry • revive the live music industry • create stable employment for tens of thousands of musicians • create a booming music export market worth billions of dollars each year • keep music royalties in Australia worth hundreds of millions of dollars each year • increase music tourism to Australia worth billions more To revive the Australian music industry, the Australian Government should encourage media to play a minimum of 25% Australian music content, composed and performed by Australians, in all genres, in all Australian media, including radio, television, internet and live shows. If you feel strongly about Australian music, now is the time to stand up and do something!

John Prior
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Petitioning The Australian Federal Government

Secure our Digital Innovative Future

Take note politicians in the 2016 election: we need fast rollout of FTTH/FTTP NBN now! The Australian government is taking away our digital future and taking away our children's future. Australia is falling behind in digital connectivity compared with other countries in the world. In 2015, we were ranked 46th and have the slowest growth per annum in the Asia-Pacific region (see: section 5.2) We cannot run a digital economy without proper digital infrastructure. The government in the past term has watered down our internet connectivity by using the so-called "mixed-mode NBN" and eliminating areas from NBN rollout as well. This impacts a lot more than just the ability to watch streaming shows online. It goes to the way we can conduct business (telecommuting, video conferencing, data transfer of work), education opportunities (such as online content and video conferencing). The list is now starting to pile high as to the things that we need but cannot do using our current infrastructure or even the slow rollout of the watered-down mixed-mode NBN. We need FTTP to be a global contender in the global digital economy. This is not a nice-to-have - if we have FTTP it enables our digital future. If we do not, it crushes our potential digital future. The mining boom is over. We need to gear up our digital economy. Just as with roads, we need this as a basic infrastructure to move forward as a nation. Give our kids a future by making this an election issue and make the politicians take notice of our need to become a digitally capable nation so we can compete - we need fast rollout of FTTP NBN now!

Mark Warburton
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Stop the attack on Australians' citizenship! Scrap the [Un]Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill. Don’t trade our liberty for so-called 'security'.

Michael Lucy from The Monthly describes the situation succinctly: Legislation that will allow the government to effectively cancel the citizenship of dual passport-holders who have committed certain terrorism-related offences has returned to Parliament. This is a considerably revised form of the Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill 2015 that Tony Abbott proposed in May. Some of the quirkier parts of the bill – such as including vandalism of Commonwealth property among the offences that could lead to revocation of citizenship – have been removed, though it will still apply retrospectively, and can apply to people who have not been convicted of any crime. Labor has indicated that it will support the legislation. One important question still hasn’t really been answered: what’s the point? What does it achieve that existing legislation can’t? Will Australians fighting for Islamic State in Syria really be bothered by losing the right to the passports they have already burned? Are there people in Australia who haven’t been convicted of any offence that the government is planning to exile? And if we do start banishing people, where will they go? Is this anything more than a way of washing our hands of Australians we don’t want to deal with any more? On this issue, as with refugees, the government is pretending that shipping a problem offshore is the same as solving it. The law is also liable to set a bad precedent. A citizenship that can be cancelled is not really citizenship; it is a temporary privilege that can be demolished in a moment at the whim of a minister. No matter how great the crimes our citizens commit, they are still Australian. As the Bill’s explanatory memorandum notes, “Australian citizenship gives full and formal membership of the Australian community and is a common bond … uniting all Australians”. At the same time, it says “The Bill only applies to persons who are a national or citizen of a country other than Australia, that is, dual citizens”. Both of these can’t be true at once. Either all of us get equal treatment in the law, or dual nationals become literal second-class citizens. The Australian Citizenship Amendment Bill 2015 should be scrapped. It is time for us as a nation to face up to our real security problems and start solving them, rather than off-shoring them. Australia should rely on its courts to prosecute and punish criminal behaviour by terrorists.  Alice Hill Melbourne @backseatdriverz

Alice Hill
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FIGHT FOR A FAIR PRICE - Cheaper Textbooks Now!

Have you ever wondered why our textbooks cost so much? Well, it’s mostly because of the inflationary pressures produced by Parallel Import Restrictions (or PIRs for short), which restrict the importation of foreign printed textbooks with the exact same content. This means that publishers and printers in Australia can name their price, leaving students with a nasty bill at the start of each semester. Unfortunately, many of us cannot afford to foot the bill for excessively priced textbooks - either we are earning a limited income or we’ve moved out of home, so expenses like rent, food and bills come first. We could of course try going to the library to access our required readings for each subject, but quite often there are only a few copies of the required course materials in the library.  This could leave many of us without the essential content we need to complete assessments and do well in our studies, which can impact both our grades and ultimately make the goal of graduating much more difficult than it needs to be.  So, what can we do about? Sign the petition today to ask the Federal Government and the Federal Opposition to stand with students and make our time at university cheaper by repealing PIRs on textbooks.  You can also share your textbook story by uploading a photo or tweet using the hashtag #CheaperTextbooksNow For more information contact: Robby Magyar - National Welfare Officer of the National Union of StudentsEmail:

National Union of Students
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changes for special needs children

Hi all i am from the westmidlands UK and im a mother  to a 5 year old sweet boy with complex learning difficulties, We need loads more funding and understanding for children with all different special needs. More time in mainstream schools & more teachers training on special needs kids! We need more special school opening and time spent on our children just like the rest do, im so saddened by this it breaks my heart to know our children are suffering how about in 5-10 years time the next generation of children are going to suffer immensly due to this something has to be done NOW. Nevermind trying to pass our children off as naughty or cant be bothered to teach them so they end up in limbo like a pru with no formal education again due to no special school placement for children with no formal diagnosis, i am a mother of a special 5 year old boy whos going through hell with himself trying to get him where he needs to be! Like many others we need extra funding in order for our children to get the education they all deserve. Its been going on too long now something needs to be done i want to get as many signatures as i can to forward to the SEN department and above goverment for there understanding that us as parents simply cant keep going through hell all at the mercy of endless paperwork. We need them to listen to us parents as we know what's best for OUR CHILDREN not them! We need more special schools opening and training as theres a big rise in new cases and nowhere to place our children, please help by signing lets get our childrens voices heard Thankyou

sarah brownhill
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FTTH For All Victorians In The Metro Area!

I'm a technology enthusiast and love living in Victoria, I was one of the lucky few who got to experience FTTH for a short time. I'm now back in the west and stuck with ADSL, Being exposed to something that game changing and then losing it shortly after is heartbreaking. We are a lucky bunch in Australia when it comes to all aspects of life, however in the technology sector we are lagging behind the rest of the world. Being able to reliably and quickly connect with the rest of the world is incredibly important in the modern age. Politics isn't my forte but I understand the power that voices can have and hope that this petition may influence some of the key players in the area into finally listening and acting on what we want for Metro Victoria.

FTTH Victoria
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Stop Scotland having another referendum against the will of the majority

Sturgeon will not accept the majority of voters in Scotland wish to stay part of the U.K. Help stop us being dragged against the will of the majority into another referendum. We voted 55% to 45% to remain in the UK. The debate is settled. It was a once in a lifetime referendum.

Chloe Davies
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Save Noahs Little Ark - 2nd Petition

Re: the imminent closure of Noahs Little Ark at 28A Auburn Road, Regents Park, 2143. The premises of Noahs Little Ark at 28A Auburn Road, Regents Park has been running at the current premises for 4 years. During that time it has provided families in the Bankstown and Regents Park area an environment that is safe, secure and convenient for before/after school care as well as vacation care. In 2014, Children's education and care services covered under the Education and Care Services National Law assessed and rated against the National Quality Standards. The process reflects a uniform approach to assessment and reporting across the range of service settings. Noahs Little Ark was awarded an ‘Exceeding National Quality Standard’ under this assessment and rating process which is the highest rating. However, Noahs Little Ark is being forced by Bankstown Council to close its doors and cease trading due to changes in the light industrial zoning. Closure will be happening on 27 May 2016 where the centre must be vacated. This is affecting over a hundred families who attend before/after school care as well as vacation care. Children as young as 5 have no before or after school care to go to. Jobs will now be on the line. Parents will now have to change work hours or even leave their current jobs in order to look after the children. There is no other centre in proximity to the local schools that Noahs Little Ark is servicing, meaning that that there are ZERO facilities for these children. Bankstown City Council Values clearly states “Council believes in: ensuring services are of the highest possible quality and focused on COMMUNITY NEEDS”. The council also states that under the title of SERVICE that you will ‘focus on our customer’s needs. This centre needs to remain open to service the community of parents and children that use it. The council vision also clearly states: “To continue to grow the City of Bankstown as a vibrant, strong, attractive City which values its people, its environment and its community, where there are opportunities to grow, achieve, work and live in an environment of compassion and understanding.” Bankstown Council is not holding up to their vision. You are strongly urged to sign the petition so that Bankstown Council is aware that allowing the service to continue will mean safety, for the children attending, parents remain in their current jobs and the communities of both Bankstown and Regents Park are provided with the best possible service the area can provide.

Noahs Little Ark
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The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a 'FTTN' NBN in favour of a superior 'FTTH' NBN

In February 2014 I tabled your petition in Parliament. Over 270,000 Australians calling for the real NBN. Unfortunately your calls to Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Government fell on deaf ears. Malcolm Turnbull has made a mess of the NBN. In the last three years: · the cost of his second rate NBN has doubled · the time it will take to build has doubled, and · Australia has dropped from 30th in the world for internet speeds to 60th. Malcolm Turnbull promised he could build a second rate copper NBN for $29.5 billion. This has now blown out to up to $56 billion. He also promised everyone in Australia would have access to the NBN this year. Currently less than 20 per cent of Australians have access to the NBN—a long way short of the 100 per cent he promised. Worst of all, many Australians are getting a slower, second rate copper NBN that will not meet their needs into the future. Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN is holding Australia back. He is building a broadband network that won’t meet the needs of Australian businesses and families in the future. That’s why Labor has just announced that if elected a Shorten Labor Government will rollout Fibre-to-the-Premises to up to two million additional Australian homes and businesses. Only Labor is listening. And only Labor will fix Malcolm Turnbull’s mess and build the NBN we need to create the jobs of the future. For information click here: Jason Clare MP

1 year ago