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Retire dogs, cats & monkeys from government labs!

In 2014, I adopted my best friend Violet from the basement of a taxpayer-funded animal experimentation lab. Now, I’m working with Congress to get dogs like her, as well as cats and monkeys, released from government labs at the end of experiments.  When I met Violet, she lived alone in a cage in a laboratory basement.  She had never been outside, never seen stairs and most of her experiences with humans involved fear and pain. She loved other dogs but was understandably terrified of humans. Now, we’re inseparable, and she’s best friends with our cats and even helps us foster kittens! But, Violet is one of the lucky ones. Thousands of cats, monkeys and dogs like her are experimented on each year in government labs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), Department of Agriculture (USDA), Department of Defense (DOD), Department of the Interior (DOI), Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Food and Drug Administration (FDA), National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Smithsonian Institution. Because its quicker and easier than relocating them to rescue groups, private homes or sanctuaries, experimenters usually kill these animals and dispose of them like trash, even if they’re healthy.  Now, the taxpayers who bought these animals want them released. Recently, our organization White Coat Waste Project has secured the release of monkeys from the FDA, and is working to get dogs out of VA labs and kittens released by the USDA.  Please join me in urging all government agencies to #GiveThemBack: retire and release animals at the end of taxpayer-funded experiments! --Julie Germany, Board Member, White Coat Waste Project

White Coat Waste Project
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Approve Medical Marijuana for ALS treatment in State of Indiana in Honor of Steve Dice

This petition is not only for loved ones with ALS, but also for patients who suffer from ANY medical condition and would benefit from medical cannabis. We must come together to fight the state of Indiana. There is no reason why our loved ones are denied the CHOICE of medical cannabis due to our state borders. As a nurse and a loved one with ALS, I urge ALL of you to support the legalization of medical marijuana. Currently in the state of Indiana, my loved one is unable to participate in medical studies involving the use of cannabinoids to treat symptoms and the disease itself, ALS. New research has shown the positive impact cannabis has for ALS such as increased appetite, improved sleep, decreased pain, decreased anxiety, and improved overall moral. Since my loved one lives in the state of Indiana, he stripped of his choice to try potential treatment that has proven positive outcomes for ALS patients. Personally, this seems like a form of medical negligence due to Indiana’s choice to not legalize medical marijuana. ALS patients are given 2-5 years to live after diagnoses. This death sentence will mean the patient’s brain will ultimately be active and alert, while their body will start to fail them. Patients will lose the inability to walk, use their hands, hold their head up, inability to feed, and eventually, their ability to breath on their own. In the end, patients are required to have a feeding tube and a ventilator to breathe for them. This is a terrible way to suffer and watch a family member slowly die. Indiana should do everything in their power making the final stages of ALS as comfortable as possible. Medical marijuana has a chance to do just so. For example, according to the study, “Can cannabinoids be a potential therapeutic tool in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis?” founded by the Neural Regeneration Research Program… “There is a valid rationale to propose the use of cannabinoid compounds in the pharmacological management of ALS patients. Cannabinoids indeed can delay ALS progression and prolong survival. However, most of the studies that investigated the neuroprotective potential of these compounds in ALS were performed in animal model, whereas the few clinical trials that investigated cannabinoids-based medicines were focused only on the alleviation of ALS-related symptoms, not on the control of disease progression. This remains the major challenge for the future and it may be facilitate by the recent approval of the first cannabinoid-based drug (Sativex®) available for clinical use.” If medical marijuana is approved in Indiana, not only will the lives of ALS patients be improved, Indiana will directly impact the research of ALS making it available for Indiana residents to participate.   Sources:

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Justice for 4 year old Eric James Cole

On August 5, 2017 my 4 year old son, Eric James Cole, was shot and killed.  He was at a babysitter's house and they had left a fully loaded handgun unsecured. My 7 year old daughter was there as well and had to witness her brother laying on the ground with a gunshot to his head and had to summon the babysitter who wasn't actively watching them. Then the babysitter couldn't find her phone and had to go to a neighbors house to dial 911. While all this was happening my son lay dying on the floor by himself. My son's life ended before he had a chance to grow up, ride a big boy bike, lose a tooth, and even start kindergarten.  My daughter is forever impacted by the images she witnessed that day and requires counseling and she will never be the same. The lives of our entire family have been destroyed by someone else's negligence. I can barely get through a day without breaking down and crying about the loss of my only son and the emptiness now in my house.  Had these people been responsible gun owners this would have never happened. Now here we are 5 months later and we still have no answers from the prosecutors office and no charges have been filed.  I am starting this petition to gain awareness of the tragedy that happened to my son and the failing of the justice system to hold those persons accountable. It shouldn't matter their social status, ethnicity, or connections to the courts. They should be charged and made to answer for their actions that day.  My son will never come back, but his memory should live on and there should be JUSTICE FOR MY SON, ERIC JAMES COLE!

Kandice Cole
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Body Cams & Dash Cams in ALL on duty officers and cruisers

With all the people shooting officers these days for no reason, I believe it makes our officers of the law a lil trigger happy and I can see how it would, as my main goal if I was an officer would be to go home to my family. However with that being said I believe it only makes sense to make it the law of the land that we require ALL on duty officers and cruisers to be equipped with body cams and dash cams, I'm sure the cost will be a large amount but it seems all departments are usually buying new cruisers all the time anyway so maybe they could keep there cars for a lil longer to help compensate this cost.  It will protect any officers in being held accountable for any lawful shootings, however with that being said it will also protect innocent people from being shot by trigger happy cops.  This recent situation that just happened here in my home state of Indiana with Glenn Rightsell really concerns me as I feel the Mr. Rightsell was shot by just that a trigger happy cop, and we have no evidence to prove it because there is supposedly no camera in cruiser or on officer, seems if we had that it would answer a lot of questions and also clear the officer if he is in fact innocent.   What there is, is a video a citizen took that shows officers standing around a man that was just shot while he bleeds out on the road, seems a lil unlawful to me....  I think this law would not only protect the majority men & women who protect us but it would also protect We The People of the United States of America.

Mike Rogers
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Keep Our Water Clean, Protect Lake Michigan

We, Lindblom Math and Science Academy High School students located in Chicago, are trying to bring awareness to water pollution, focusing on our lovely Lake Michigan. In order to protect our main water source, we want to bring to light issues that challenge the well-being of our lake. Some of these issues include the contamination and unjust distribution of our water. We are in the process of cleaning up our beaches, educating our peers, and conserving water, but we need your help to persuade politicians to update the Clean Water Act, which has not been done since 1972. Lake Michigan is the largest public drinking water supply in Illinois and provides more than 6.6 million people in the state of Illinois with drinking water. The Clean Water  Acts regulates pollution from the water in the United States and the regulation quality standards of surface waters. It was created in 1948, and it was last reorganized and expanded in 1972.  The Clean Water Act isn’t protecting our water source. We are losing a lot of water to big companies like Nestle and Foxconn. If the Clean Water Act was to be changed or made a priority, then we can help protect our water.  Water pollution is a result of companies creating clothing with plastic microfibers that contaminate our water. This affects one of our largest natural resources as it releases millions of tiny pieces of plastic into the water. These pieces of plastics are sometimes too small to be filtered out, and so we end up consuming the plastic fibers through our drinking source. Water pollution is also a result of littering. This pollution in our water resource could result in a shortage of water and increase water costs. After all, we seem to already be struggling in terms of water distribution. Flint, Michigan suffered greatly. They faced a large water crisis, where they didn't have access to clean water even though they neighbor a great lake. On the other hand, during Flint's crisis, Nestle was permitted by Michigan to withdraw up to 400 gallons per minute. Foxconn, a Taiwanese company, was also allowed to drain Lake Michigan by Wisconsin. In order to prevent the contamination and the unjust distribution of our water source, the Clean Water Act is a key element as it has the power to protect our water. With your help, we can persuade politicians to update the Clean Water Act.     

Lindblom Students
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We have had many successes recently in progressing cannabis laws - which are to be celebrated. However, we can’t celebrate the progress without acknowledging the travesties that are still happening daily.  There are literally millions of Afro American men and women sitting in jails and prison cells because of the failed war on drugs. While our representatives in Congress focus on banking, interstate commerce, and states’ rights, human beings are being incarcerated and enslaved by corporate prisons for possession of a plant, the majority of which are Afro Americans.  For instance, Corvain Cooper is currently serving life in prison without the possibility of parole for non-violent marijuana-related charges.   According to the ACLU, marijuana arrests now account for over half of all drug arrests in the United States. Of the 8.2 million marijuana arrests between 2001 and 2010, 88% were for simply possessing marijuana.  Nationwide, the arrest data revealed one consistent trend: significant racial bias. Despite roughly equal usage rates, Black people are 3.73 times more likely than white people to be arrested for marijuana. Over half of those arrests were of black males between 2001 and 2010. Let that number sink in for a minute.  We need to create a plan that releases these people from prisons and jails throughout the United States. It is imperative that every state that passes tax and regulation laws also includes the release of those serving time for non-violent cannabis convictions. We need to focus on getting those incarcerated for non-violent cannabis charges released so they can start their lives again with their loved ones.  Corporate prisons in the US profit an average of $39,000 per incarcerated person per year. In New York, they profit $60,000 per person. It’s unjust and needs to end.  It’s time to start righting the wrongs of cannabis prohibition and the prison industrial complex. Every time a state considers “legalizing” cannabis, the first consideration needs to be for the men and women who have been locked up and removed from society for the same plant they are planning on collecting billions of dollars in taxes on.  Please sign the petition to let your voice be heard - no legalization without every non-violent cannabis prisoner’s release. If you want to continue the support for this effort further please contact the National Cannabis Diversity Awareness Convention by email (NDACPDX@GMAIL.COM)  

Mss Oregon
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Legalize all CBD with no strings attached!

My son has epilepsy. He was diagnosed out of the blue when he was 7. Absence seizures (photosensitive epilepsy to be more specific). We were told medicine would cure them or he would grow out of them. Instead, when he turned 12, he developed grand mal seizures, and instead of lights/sunlight being the only triggers, now everything is basically a trigger. Overcast days, stress, etc. He's now 14. He missed 30 out of 72 days of school. Since he couldn't make it a full day, he now attends half-day alternative school. Medicine does not help. He's not a candidate for brain surgery since he has multiple symptoms of different types of seizures so it's all over his brain. Nothing is working. His neurologist will not put him on the registry. That would make this so much easier. But since that's not a possibility right now, I'm doing everything I can to raise money for a high strain cbd oil. Now the AR (or whoever is making these decisions) is keeping me from doing so. My son probably needs thc. I don't want him high, but that's probably the thing that's going to work, in all honesty. But instead, I've been looking for oil with NO thc, and I can't even get that now because ALL cbd is illegal??? I just don't understand. My poor son has had to deal with things he shouldn't have to deal with. His seizures have worsened when they shouldn't have. The medications he's on do nothing. At all. He wears sunglasses all the time, unless he's having a great day (like in the picture above). Sometimes he has to wear them inside too if the lightings are too bright and/or the floors are white. He can't go outside. He can't play with his friends. He can't go on field trips for school. He can't go swimming. He can't stay the night with friends unless them and/or their parents know what meds he takes, what to do in case something happens, etc. He basically can't do anything without me monitoring him. His schooling is affected, which stresses him out, which causes seizures. His entire life is hindered because of one person who made the deciding vote for everyone else. It is not a gateway drug. The last thing I wanna do is give my kid drugs. It's something that's going to give him a normal life! It will not make the opioid problem worse. It will make it better! Nothing but good things could come from this. Not just for my son, but for practically every person in this state. Don't make us move just to get the correct healthcare for our kids/loved ones 

Miranda Leonard
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Retire dogs, cats & monkeys from government labs!

Animals should always be treated humanely, including when they are used in taxpayer-funded laboratory research. I strongly agree with the more than one million people who have urged federal agencies to retire dogs, cats, primates, and other animals from government laboratories by signing this White Coat Waste Project petition. After hearing from many of my constituents and other advocates, I recently introduced the Animal Freedom from Testing, Experiments and Research Act, or the AFTER Act. This first-of-its-kind bill would require federal agencies to enact policies allowing for the retirement of healthy animals no longer needed in government testing labs. The bipartisan AFTER Act will ensure agencies make good faith efforts to safely and humanely relocate healthy animals to loving homes, rescues, or reputable sanctuaries when they are no longer needed for testing. Last year, I had the opportunity to visit one of those sanctuaries in my congressional district. The Peaceable Primate Sanctuary is a wonderful non-profit refuge that is home to more than 30 baboons and other primates retired from biomedical research. Now I’m working to ensure that primates from U.S. government labs are relocated to sanctuaries like this where they can live out the rest of their lives. In addition to introducing the AFTER Act, I recently helped introduce the PUPPERS Act to end painful research on dogs at the Department of Veterans Affairs. Thanks to your advocacy, we’re making great progress. I remain committed to working to ensure animals can be adopted or transferred to sanctuaries when they’re no longer needed for taxpayer-funded research. Sincerely, Congresswoman Jackie Walorski (IN-02)

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