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Jason Clare

  • Shadow Minister for Housing and Homelessness

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More Aussie Music

Please sign this petition to support Australian music. Currently, commercial radio and television stations in Australia play an average of less than 10% Australian music, while the internet is completely unregulated. More Australian music in the Australian media is vital to "developing and reflecting a sense of Australian identity, character and cultural diversity", as outlined in the Federal Broadcasting Act. The FTA (Australia US Free Trade Agreement) prevents the Australian government from setting the local quota higher than 25%, however, the FTA does not prevent the Australian Government from setting a minimum quota of 25% Australian compositions, singers, musicians, producers, studios, labels, publishers and distributors. More Australian music in the Australian media will: • revive the local recording industry • revive the live music industry • create stable employment for tens of thousands of musicians • create a booming music export market worth billions of dollars each year • keep music royalties in Australia worth hundreds of millions of dollars each year • increase inbound music tourism worth billions more The Australian Government will reinvigorate the Australian music industry by providing incentives for media to play a minimum 25% Australian music content, calculated hourly, that is composed, performed and produced by Australians in Australia with Australian labels, publishers and distributors, in all genres, in all media, including but not limited to radio, television, movies, theatre, orchestras, internet and live performances. If you feel strongly about Australian music, now is the time to stand up and do something!

John Prior
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The hiring of specialist trained Gender Surgeons in each Australian State and Territory

To the honourable members of the Australian Parliament,  I, Elizabeth Kazon, an Intersex Transgender Female, and my fellow LGBTQIA+ individuals, allies and supporters, call upon you to without delay hire surgeons within the Medicare public health system to perform sex reassignment surgeries, thus making these certified Life Saving Surgeries, affordable for all Transgender and Intersex Australians. Within Australia, Medicare pays a rebate for some Male to Female Sex Reassignment Surgeries and some Female to Male Sex Reassignment Surgeries, however as there isn’t the possibility to have these surgeries performed in the public health system, private surgeons have a virtual monopoly, making these necessary surgeries unaffordable for a majority of Transgender and Intersex individuals. Furthermore, advancements are being made in these surgeries, however there is no opportunity for the private surgeons to learn and use these new techniques as they are constantly backlogged with patients who have no alternatives. The approximate cost in Australia to have a Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty is $18’000 excluding aftercare, fights and accommodation. A new surgery, the Peritoneum Pull-Through Vaginoplasty has been pioneered and is being performed oversees for approximately $20’000-$40’000 USD. This cost is relatively affordable when compared to the $100’000+ payable to have Phalloplasty performed in Australia. These prices are unaffordable, and it should be offered within the public system. In addition, it is with great conviction that we also believe that breast enhancement, breast reduction, Buttocks enhancement and buttocks reduction should also be performed for those holding a valid Intersex or Transgender Diagnosis as such procedures have been proven to greatly improve Transgender and Intersex individuals’ mental health.  We the undersigned call upon you, the Australian Parliament, to without delay, put pressure on the individual states and territories to hire and train 1 specialist surgeon per capital city in Australia plus at least 4 specialist nurses to assist them. These surgeons collectively should be proficient in the following new and older techniques to meet the needs of the Transgender and Intersex Individuals of Australia: ·         Peritoneum Pull-Through Vaginoplasty, ·         Sigmoid Colon Vaginoplasty, ·         Penile Inversion Vaginoplasty, ·         Facial Feminization Surgery, ·         Voice Feminization Surgery, ·         Tracheal Shave, ·         Breast and Buttock Augmentation, ·         Mastectomy, ·         Hysterectomy, ·         Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy, ·         Metoidplasty, ·         Phalloplasty. Yours with hope, 

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Fix it Now! Victoria's Great South Coast Deserves a Safer Princes Highway! Need $$ Now!!

The community of the Great South Coast is being urged to get behind the campaign to get the Victorian and federal governments to finally provide the funds required for urgently needed upgrades to the Princes Highway West, between Colac and Port Fairy. The ‘Fix It Now! The Great South Coast Deserves a Better Highway!’ campaign has been launched by the Princes Highway West Action Alliance (PHWAA) which has been lobbying for months to draw attention to the major arterial’s need for long overdue works. According to PHWAA spokesman Scott Cavanagh, with the federal election on May 18 now is the time to really push home the message that the Great South Coast community deserves better. “Our community has been incredibly patient, but enough is enough,” he says. “Ask anyone who travels the highway on a regular basis, and they’ll tell you just how frustrating and unsafe it is and how most people try and avoid using the Princes Highway at all if they can,” he says. Three priority projects have been identified as needing urgent upgrades, after an extensive review of the infrastructure works needed on Princes Highway West, between Colac and Port Fairy. The review was stage one of a total review of the 297km stretch of the key Victorian transport corridor between Colac and the South Australian border. Thirty-nine infrastructure upgrade projects were identified with three highlighted as key priority projects for urgent funding. Blue Church intersection west of Colac - $5 million Installation of overtaking lanes or ‘2 +1’ infrastructure from Colac to Camperdown - $21m Installation of overtaking lanes and duplication through Dennington on the Warrnambool to Port Fairy section of the highway - $60.8 m "We’ve done the research, identified priority projects and know the dollars that are required to get the work done,” says Mr Cavanagh. “Now we just need both state and federal governments to recognise that we do deserve better and commit to funding these long overdue upgrades.” I started this petition, because…The communities of Victoria's Great South Coast have been overlooked long enough. From Colac to Port Fairy, families and businesses deserve specific and targeted funding for the highway before more lives are lost and the cost to the local economy grows even larger. We urge you to support this petition to let both state and federal politicians know the Great South Coast deserves better and has had enough. It's time for action and guaranteed funding! And the time is now!  

Princes Highway West Action Alliance
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The Liberal Party of Australia: Reconsider your plan for a 'FTTN' NBN in favour of a superior 'FTTH' NBN

In February 2014 I tabled your petition in Parliament. Over 270,000 Australians calling for the real NBN. Unfortunately your calls to Malcolm Turnbull and the Liberal Government fell on deaf ears. Malcolm Turnbull has made a mess of the NBN. In the last three years: · the cost of his second rate NBN has doubled · the time it will take to build has doubled, and · Australia has dropped from 30th in the world for internet speeds to 60th. Malcolm Turnbull promised he could build a second rate copper NBN for $29.5 billion. This has now blown out to up to $56 billion. He also promised everyone in Australia would have access to the NBN this year. Currently less than 20 per cent of Australians have access to the NBN—a long way short of the 100 per cent he promised. Worst of all, many Australians are getting a slower, second rate copper NBN that will not meet their needs into the future. Malcolm Turnbull’s second rate NBN is holding Australia back. He is building a broadband network that won’t meet the needs of Australian businesses and families in the future. That’s why Labor has just announced that if elected a Shorten Labor Government will rollout Fibre-to-the-Premises to up to two million additional Australian homes and businesses. Only Labor is listening. And only Labor will fix Malcolm Turnbull’s mess and build the NBN we need to create the jobs of the future. For information click here: Jason Clare MP

3 years ago