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Greg Abbott

  • Governor of Texas

Attorney General Greg Abbott was reelected as the 50th Attorney General of Texas on November 2, 2010. Prior to his election as attorney general, Greg Abbott served as a Justice on the Texas Supreme Court and as a State District Judge in Harris County.

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Rodney Reed is innocent. Exonerate and send him home.

Update: On November 15, 2019, with 5 days before Rodney Reed was scheduled to die, the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals unanimously blocked his execution, and remanded his case back to the 21st District Court of Bastrop, Texas for a new hearing to examine new evidence, new witnesses, Brady violations, and Rodney's claims of actual innocence, which is a chance for him to clear his name and be exonerated. Our work is just beginning and we must keep pressure on those with the power to continue doing the right thing.   Dear Governor Greg Abbott: 1. Rodney Reed is innocent. 2. The State relied on expert testimony to convict Rodney Reed that has since been recanted BY THE EXPERTS who put forth the testimony. Three renown medical examiners have concluded it is "medically impossible" for Stacey Stites to have been killed at the time the state says she died. This alone exonerates Rodney Reed. Reed was convicted based on forensic expert testimony that has now been recanted by the scientists and agencies that offered the evidence on behalf of the State. In fact, leading forensic pathologists have concluded that it would be "medically and scientifically impossible" for Reed to have murdered Stites. This new forensic evidence (which the State hasn't contradicted) indicates that Stites was murdered at a time that her fiance, local police officer Jimmy Fennell, testified that he was alone with Stites in their apartment. Fennell recently completed a ten-year prison sentence after he plead guilty to felony charges arising out of the kidnapping and sexual assault of a women he encountered while on patrol as a Georgetown, Texas police officer. Rodney Reed is innocent and should be exonerated, not executed. 3. We hate to say it, but, Rodney Reed is the victim of racism and was framed for a crime he didn't commit. 4. ALL OF THE EVIDENCE implicates *somebody else* was the real killer. And that somebody else failed two polygraph exams about his role in the murder, and he has continued to be a violent offender and assaulted others in the same way - kidnapping, sexual assault and choking with a belt. 5. Rodney Reed, and the Reed family, have suffered enough. 6. Sometimes our court system makes mistakes, and this case is a prime example of those injustices of what happens when the system fails. 7. Due to these mistakes, there's been no justice for the victim, Stacey Stites, and the real killer has continued to be a serial violent offender. 8. We need you to hear us, review this case, and find it in your heart to do what's right. 9. You promised Texas wouldn't ever kill an innocent person. You're the only person who can keep this promise by stopping the execution of Rodney Reed. 10. If prosecutors followed the evidence, and the evidence only, Rodney Reed wouldn't even be a suspect in this case, let alone become indicted. There's absolutely no evidence that indicts Rodney Reed. Please exonerate Rodney Reed.

Rodney Reed is Innocent
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Save 7-Year-Old "BOY Ja.D.Y." From Chemical Castration

UPDATE: In light of the judge's unconstitutional gag order on Jeff, we must clarify the following: This petition is run from outside the US and was not written or managed by Jeff at any point in time. UPDATE: Due to complaints by the opposition, who wish to stop our efforts to protect this child, first took away our comment section and now have sent us legal notice to remove the picture and name of "BOY Ja.D.Y." To learn more about "BOY Ja.D.Y." visit To The Texas Senate Committee on Health & Human Services: Citizens across the United States of America and around the world are outraged to learn that the 255th Judicial Family District Court in Texas is considering a petition brought by Anne Georgulas the mother of 6-year-old "BOY Ja.D.Y." to: Deny his father Jeffrey Younger custody of his child. To order “social transitioning” therapy to prepare "BOY Ja.D.Y." for chemical castration at age 8. We the undersigned, demand that the Governor and Texas Legislature step in immediately to save "BOY Ja.D.Y." and all other children under the threat of "social transitioning." Sex change surgery on young children is a horrific form child-abuse that is liable to cause "BOY Ja.D.Y." and countless other children grave suffering in the years ahead. The petition to the honorable court can be read here:  The facts of the case from  "BOY Ja.D.Y." is a 6-year-old boy – his mother is attempting to change his gender. "BOY Ja.D.Y." prefers to be a boy, but since the age of 3, his mother has chosen to dress him as a girl, and call him by the name “Luna.” She has enrolled him as a girl. He is currently in 1st grade. The teachers and administrators know that he is a boy, but the other parents and students are unaware He is undergoing “social transitioning” therapy to prepare him for chemical castration at age 8. "BOY Ja.D.Y." father, Jeff is fighting to protect his son all alone. His mother has support and financial backing. Jeff needs both financial help with legal fees and help networking to find expert witnesses who will help him keep his son safe. The court is requiring Jeff to pay for transgender therapy and the future sexual mutilation of his son. Courts have enjoined Jeff from dressing "BOY Ja.D.Y." as a boy at school, from teaching him that he is a boy, and from sharing religious teachings on sexuality and gender. He has been accused of ABUSE for saying that his son is a boy.

Saves James
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Pardon Black Woman Imprisoned for Voting

Crystal hadn’t originally planned to vote in the 2016 presidential elections, but after her mother reminded her how important it was, she decided to do so to set a good example for her children. For that, she is now facing 5 years or more in prison. Sign the petition to call on Texas Governor Abbott to pardon Crystal for the “crime” of voting. Because Crystal previously spent time in prison for tax fraud, she had been unknowingly stripped by the state of Texas of her voting rights, and her innocent attempt to submit a ballot as an ineligible voter was actually a felony. Meanwhile, a white judge in a nearby city who recently plead guilty to forging multiple signatures to help himself get re-elected was only sentenced to probation. But a black mother of three is being sent to prison for years because she tried once to vote while ineligible. Crystal was simply trying to do her civic duty in a state where African-Americans and people of color face serious barriers to voting. It’s no coincidence that only 6% of the population of her city voted in the last midterm elections. Perhaps the saddest part of this story is that Crystal’s children now say they will never vote. What kind of message are we sending to our children that they should be afraid to vote in the country they contribute to? Donate to Crystal Mason today: Please join me in calling on Governor Abbott to pardon Crystal and release her back to her family.

Next Generation Action Network
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Healthcare for Retired and Active Teachers

Recent changes, voted on by our elected officials, have escalated the price of health insurance for educators in Texas.  Retired teachers presently average $24,000 a year, and as of January 2018, in-network fees will increase 130% and the out-of-network will increase by 361%.  With these rising costs, the average retired teacher will have the bulk of his/her pension sucked away by heightened insurance premiums.  Retired teacher deductibles will also increase to $3,000 which is TEN times what it is now.  As it stands for current educators, in the upcoming 2017-2018 school year, ActiveCare 2 will increase to $2,004 for employees and their families.  Couple that with dental and vision insurance, and it totals a whopping $2,201.46.  Each district tries to help by contributing around $300; however, that still ends up being $1,816 a month for health, vision, and dental insurance.  On average, a teacher who has taught for 10 years makes about $50,000 a year ($4,166 a month).  Deduct withholding tax and medicare tax ($408), deduct TRS contribution ($329), deduct ins ($1,816), and the amount to be lived off of is $1,613 a month if they choose ActiveCare 2.  Let me put this into perspective for you...TRS insurance will cost MORE than what you are left with.  Even if deciding to go with another plan, the premiums and/or deductibles are still high.  There is no other profession in Texas that employs more than that of public education, yet we are not taken care of by the state of Texas.  Currently 700,000 active public educators and 270,000 retired teachers are looking to our elected officials to make moral and ethical decisions on the welfare of educators.    Why more teachers don't protest:  Teachers are some of the most loyal employees you will ever find.  For many, professional development is back in full force beginning next week.  Their loyalty to their district and students supersede that of fixing their own dire situation, hence how they managed to stay quiet this long.  Educators care for others and put themselves on the back burner.  Last year alone, Texas teachers spent around $200,000,000 of their OWN money to put back into their classrooms.  I have never seen any other profession give of themselves as teachers do.  It is time that the state of Texas bands together with and for them to show your support.   In signing this petition, you are pleading to Governor Greg Abbott and our elected officials to revisit the TRS healthcare for retired and current educators and make it affordable in comparison to average monthly incomes and cost of living in Texas.  This is not the responsibility of the school districts.  It is the duty of the state to manage teachers' healthcare premiums and deductibles, and as it stands, Governor Abbott, our senators, and our representatives have failed in doing so.   School Administrators, teachers, and other school employees, please copy and paste the link and send this out to your campuses/districts!!  We MUST finally come together and be heard!! #dontmesswithtexasteachers #changetrs  

Stephanie Quinn
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Lower speed limit to save hundreds of Brown Pelicans from death each year in south Texas

Every year, hundreds of Brown Pelicans are run over by cars along a 3-mile stretch of Highway 48 in south Texas during cold fronts. Strong winds force the pelicans onto the highway and they cannot get out of the way of cars going 75 mph. Last week, 53 pelicans were run over in one evening. I am one of the volunteers who assists to rescue pelicans that end up stranded on the highway and cannot take flight due to roadway concrete barriers and strong winds. It is a very dangerous situation for everyone. The stretch is between Port Isabel, Tx. and Brownsville, Tx. near the Carl Joe Gayman Bahia Grande Restoration Channel. By lowering the speed limit on this 3-mile stretch, conditions would be safer for pelicans, motorists and fishermen who frequent the area. This stretch passes through an area of vital habitat for pelicans which they use for fishing and roosting, and thus fly over it on a daily basis. The links below show news reports of what is happening to the pelicans year after year. Local school children also chimed in with a song and letters to convey their thoughts and feelings. By signing this petition, you will be joining us in asking Governor Abbot to please step in to get the speed limit lowered for this 3-mile stretch of wildlife habitat along Highway 48. Thank you for your time and consideration. 1. Pelicans in Peril on Highway 48 News Report 2. School Children Sing for Highway 48 Pelicans 3. Pelican Plight/Speed Limit on Highway 48 News Report  

Renee Lockett
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Help End Lunch Shaming in Texas Schools. Feed the kids, Bill the parents. #ShameFreeTX

    JUNE 2017 UPDATE - JUNE 2017 UPDATE - JUNE 2017 UPDATE With the passage of SB 1566 the Texas Legislature effectively addressed Lunch Shaming in Texas schools, all we lack now is Governor Abbott's signature and that bill will be law!  Following closely behind New Mexico, Texas is poised to become the second state to address Lunch Shaming on a statewide level.  Upon the Governor's signature we will become #ShameFreeTX      MAY 2017 UPDATE - MAY 2017 UPDATE - MAY 2017 UPDATE It is clear that this petition has grown beyond its original stated purpose, the amendment of Texas HB 3562, the intent however, has never changed, I would like to put an end to what has become known as lunch shaming. 

In my opinion, this petition and the social media pages associated with it, have morphed into a launch point for ending lunch shaming on the national level. Clearly, the action taken by New Mexico to end lunch shaming has put the issue in the national spotlight, that’s a good thing. Let’s agree to support one another and any and all efforts to end lunch shaming nationwide. I have encouraged supporters from the beginning to address this issue locally, at your child’s school, school district, city and state. Check local school websites and locate their child nutrition policy, if you agree with their plan for dealing with delinquent meal accounts then that’s great, if not then call them out on social media in order to get like-minded supporters and together, call for change. Contact your local school board, contact local media outlets, make noise and rally supporters. There IS strength in numbers. A bit more on lunch shaming, I recently came across a Twitter page that address lunch shaming but is NOT state specific, Sadly, this page only has 53 followers, as a reference, Kim Kardashian West has 52 million Twitter followers.  I have nothing against Mrs. West, but how about we rally behind one Twitter page so that our numbers reflect our strength and resolve toward ending lunch shaming policies nationwide. If not this page then please choose and share another, we need a unified front and the pressure needs to stay on.  A focused effort is more likely to be effective. TEXANS - URGENT - FOR THOSE HERE IN TEXAS - 

URGENT - TEXANS The Texas legislature failed to act on amending HB 3562 and that time has now passed, HB 2159 which addressed many of the issues that were to be addressed through the amendment to HB 3562 has been killed as well . . . in a way, read on. Ok supporters, here is the latest on HB 2159, the bill that would end, or at least limit, Lunch Shaming in Texas schools, thanks to legislative shenanigans, the bill never received a second reading and now that window has passed so that bill is essentially dead. Don’t fret however, for thanks to the actions of several legislators in both the House and the Senate, the language of HB 2159 has been included in three new bills, HB 367, SB 725 and SB 1696. That's right, HB 2159 LIVES AGAIN! But wait, there’s more! One of the trio, HB 367, is currently at Stage four of seven, it has already been voted on and passed the House, it is now headed to the Senate, oh, and one last thing on HB 367, it is a bipartisan bill! Another bill that now includes the language from HB 2159 is SB 725, and while it may not be a bipartisan bill, it is actually at Stage four of seven, it has passed the Senate and is headed to the House! And finally, there is SB 1696 also includes the language from HB 2159; this bill is also at Stage three of seven, it has been voted on by the Senate and is headed to the House. We are getting close to ending, or at least seriously dampening Lunch Shaming in Texas folks but as they say, “It ain’t over till it’s over!” I need tweets, emails, phone calls, Facebook posts asking the following: Contact your state Senator representative and ask them to support and vote “YES” on HB 367, and . . . Contact your state House representative and ask for their support and a “YES” vote on SB 725 and SB 1696. Follow this link to quickly find your Texas representatives based on your address, the responses include links to their webpages and email addresses - The 85th legislative session will end on May 29th, THAT’S ABOUT 6 WORKING DAYS! At some point prior to the 29th, the Texas legislature will have to vote on these bills, let's keep the pressure on them so that we get a YES vote.  Lunch Shaming in Texas needs to end, NOW! If we don't make this change happen with the 85th legislature then our next opportunity won't be until the 86th legislature meets in 2019!!! Politicians respond to media attention, even social media, so please, PLEASE, continue sharing, re-sharing, tweeting and re-tweeting links to this page and or the petition itself; they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease, I say let's SQUEAK, IN UNISON!                         NOTE - - NOTE - -NOTE - - NOTE - - NOTE The original petition has changed so significantly that I've decided to flip the text and place the updates on top and the original petition at the bottom.  The bills associated with this petition drive may have changed titles but the intent of this petition has never waivered, putting an end to lunch shaming in Texas schools.  Feel free to read the original petition below the "NOTE" line.                         NOTE - - NOTE - -NOTE - - NOTE - - NOTE While working as a substitute teacher in a Central Texas school district I witnessed a truly sad situation -- during breakfast, one of my 4-year-olds slid her meal tray down to the cashier in order to pay for her meal but instead what she heard was an emphatic “You have no money!” followed by the removal of her meal tray.   I live by my debit card and on this day I had absolutely no cash on me or I would have paid the $1.50 for the child's meal.  The student then sat at the table assigned to her class and was inconsolable for the next twenty minutes, while her classmates enjoyed their breakfast meals. This seems like cruelty on the part of the cashier, but sadly, she was just following school district policy in accordance with Texas law. There is a law on the books that requires any Texas school district in which students use a prepaid meal card or account to purchase school meals, to have a grace period during which students continue receiving meals even after their accounts are depleted. This is a good law, as school financial matters are adult business and should not result in a child going hungry. However, it fails our children in one area: each district is allowed to determine how long this grace period is, and, it turns out, it doesn’t have to apply to all meals offered at school. This was an error on the legislators’ part, and it must be changed to spare kids from such cruel embarrassment. Please join me in calling on the Texas legislature to amend the law to require all districts to continue providing all meals to students, regardless of account balance. Sadly, the district I am teaching in chose to adopt a one-lunch grace period, meaning they will provide one lunch after a child’s account is depleted. As for breakfast and other meals provided by the school, the student gets nothing. This is ridiculous. Studies have proven that children cannot learn when they are hungry, and everyone knows that suffering that kind of embarrassment in a school setting can be terribly upsetting for a child. I am not asking that parents and caretakers be absolved of their financial obligations. But repayment can be worked out among adults. Children are not the guilty parties in this scenario, and they should not be punished with hunger for mistakes their parents make. This petition requests that the law be amended so that children in schools that use prepaid cards or accounts to purchase meals receive uninterrupted access to all meals served at the school, regardless of their account balance.   Feel free to read the proposed amendment here, the new text that has been added is highlighted in green and the text to be removed is in red and has been struck through, the amended replacement text follows and is in black and bold.  I have tried to remain fiscally conservative and have changed as little as possible of the original HB 3562 -

Kelvin Holt
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Rename the Fort Hood A/DACG (air terminal) after the hug lady Elizabeth Laird.

Elizabeth Laird was an extraordinary person. It's only right that the building she's seen so many soldiers deploy and come home in is named after her.  I have found a life backstory of Mrs. Laird here it is as follows:(Credit Linda Carter, June 30 2018, ) Elizabeth Corrine Laird "The Hug Lady"JANUARY 15, 1932 – DECEMBER 24, 2015Elizabeth was born January 15, 1932 in Birmingham, Alabama to Andrew Curtis and Rhoda Waldron. She graduated at the age of 17 from Woodlawn High School with honors, excelling in Math, as well as playing the trumpet in the Woodlawn Marching band, being in the orchestra, photography (we all know how she loves to take pictures), Warbler Club, Marshall, Apollo club with the desire to become a famous surgeon.Elizabeth was very patriotic and after graduation she enlisted in the Air Force as a cook to serve her country in any way she could. Anyone who knew Elizabeth knew what an excellent cook she was. She had the ability to put together a meal out of just about anything and making it appetizing.After her time in the Air force she met and married a Marine named Harry Dewees. The couple became the proud parents of four children; Richard, Linda, David, and Susan. She wanted to provide more for her family so when the opportunity came to learn a new, exciting and challenging field of computer programming where women were a minority, she took the challenge and so began her journey working for the civil service beginning as a computer pioneer in the Army Defense System, as well as being one of the first computer programmers for Project Master which was the initial Army Operational testing organization to working for the Department of Defense.She loved to travel and her job took her across the United States to Germany, Italy and other European Countries, from Washington D.C, Pentagon, to White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico, Ft Bliss, El Paso, Texas, Ft Huachcha, Arizona and finally Ft. Hood, Texas.She met and married Ray Laird in Ft Huachuca, Arizona and moved to Copperas Cove, Texas and made it her home. She had two step children through Ray-Rhonda and David Laird. When Elizabeth retired from civil service, she worked with Ray in their tax preparation business known as Have Pencil Will Travel of which she still worked until the time of her death.She was very adventurous, and enjoyed riding motorcycles, flying in air balloons. She even walked to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa and she rode a mule down into the Grand Canyon.Elizabeth was always active in her community and her church. She was a member of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and attended the church in Temple. She did volunteer work in many ways, helping her community and anyone in need. She was a member of many community services like the AARP Community Coordinator, member of the VFW Auxiliary, Chamber of Commerce, and assist with SALT program.In 2003, when soldiers were coming and going to the Middle East she wanted to show her appreciation for what they were doing and while volunteering with the Salvation Army; she began shaking hands which led to giving each one a hug. Elizabeth received orders from CSM Galney to hug every one of his troops when leaving and returning from overseas and that started her final career as the “Hug Lady”.This was her love-many times talking about the look in the soldier’s eyes, how proud they were to serve their country to protect their loved ones at home. They love God, their family and their country.Elizabeth received many awards- and special achievements. From her community she received, the Copperas Cove Leader-Press Good new person award, the Copperas Cove Exchange Club, Support USA OTC Women of Equality, Ivory Gold Award, Paul Harris from The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.From the military: Pillow for Operation Iraqi Freedom, 41st Fire Brigade Operation Enduring Freedom, Dedication to the soldiers 297th ICTC, U.S. Army Operational Test Command, 2nd Squadron 38th Calvary Regiment, USA Garrison Command 1st Calvary Division Corps, COSCOM, 4th infantry Division, Task Force 14 Task for MED-Eas 756th AS MC Areal Operation, 1st Air Calvary Brigade, 36th Infantry Division National Guard Global War.From the State of Texas: From Governor Rick Perry “Yellow Rose of Texas”. A Letter from President George W. Bush As well as many more, too numerous to mention. As one can see, Elizabeth was a true American who loved God, Family and her country and she showed her love to those around her, whether it was a homeless person or the President of the United States.Knitting and crocheting were her special hobbies. She would knit blankets in the car on her way to meet Tax clients. These blankets were often given to patients in nursing homes.She never became a surgeon, but she did something just as important if not more important- She gave herself to others-whether volunteering to ring the Salvation Bell at Christmas, visiting the people in the nursing home with songs of cheer and reading to those who no longer could read, giving money, food, or clothing to the homeless or anyone in need, defending the underdog, or giving Bible Studies. Elizabeth tried to show the love of Jesus to everyone she came in contact with.Elizabeth passed away December 24, 2015 at Metroplex hospital after fighting a long battle with breast cancer.She was preceded in death by her first husband Harry Dewees, her second husband Ray Laird, her daughter Linda Crumbley, her parents Andrew Curtis and Rhoda Waldron, her brother Jimmy Moore, her three sisters, Ann Nystrom, Lucille Moore, and Lois Tennow.Survivors include her sons Richard Curtis Dewees and his wife Karen of Copperas Cove, Texas, David Randall Dewees and his wife Cindy of Lake Charles, Louisiana, daughter Susan Marie Dewees Taylor and her husband Steve of Heflin, Alabama, step son David Allen Laird of Canyonville, Oregon and step daughter Rhonda Radine Schweinbold of Jacksonville, Florida; 11 grand-children; 8 great grandchildren, many nieces and nephews and close friends.

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