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Create Wheelchair Friendly Routes on Google Maps

For most, Google Maps is an essential app used for navigation and travel. It’s revolutionised people’s daily lives - that is if you don’t have a disability. If you do it’s a very different story.   Despite providing different options for all modes of personal and public transport, there are no alternative routes that support those who are disabled or in need of assistance, the main example of this being a lack of wheelchair friendly options. Over the last year, I attempted to travel around London with people who have a range of disabilities, including my mum, who relies on a wheelchair for some journeys. However, we found that all routes provided by Google Maps demanded stairs, bumpy paths, small hills, foot bridges, crossings without slopes and many times there was no room on the pavement for the chair. Most tube services aren't disabled friendly and ruled out yet another option of easy transport. Even if we did want to rely on other forms of public transport, we found that taxi companies struggled to accommodate the chair and buses were too full. Sometimes we’ve been forced to travel along bikes lanes (highly dangerous) or were just walking in opposite directions until it was safe to continue on normal paths. As an alternative, we sought out other maps like Citymapper but this provided us with no relief either. We're constantly trying to make cities and travel accessible, however this seems to be a highly discriminating factor. It's bad enough that only 70 out of 270 tube stations are step-free but by not providing these alternative routes, we're restricting those not as able. We should be advancing and making sure everyone has equal opportunities to be independent. This would not only benefit those who need extra support but families with pushchairs and those reliant on other forms of help like a walking frame. It should be easy for everyone to get around, no matter who you are! Please sign and support this petition to create wheelchair friendly routes available on Google Maps.  

Belinda Bradley
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Petitioning Google Inc.

Dear Google, Please make all of Google Maps services available in Iran

Dear Google Please make all of Google Maps services available in Iran (i.e. "Navigation", "Voice Guidance", "Start Driving" and "Offline Maps"). In Iran, among all unintentional fatal injuries inflicted on children under five, traffic-related fatalities are the leading cause of death.Every 19 minutes one person dies on Iran’s roads, and every two minutes people will hear that one of their family members has survived a crash but with serious injury and perhaps lifelong disability. The use of a satellite navigation system improves driver behavior in unknown areas, heightens alertness and reduces stress levels.GPS systems assist motorists to identify the location of features on, near, or adjacent to the road networks.These include service stations, maintenance and emergency services and supplies, entry and exit ramps, damage to the road system, etc. We really need these services. Love youIranian people -----------------------------------------------------------------Farsi Translation: گوگل عزیز لطفاً تمام خدمات نقشه‌های گوگل را در ایران در دسترس قرار دهید (به عنوان مثال «ناوبری»، «هدایت صوتی»، «شروع رانندگی» و «نقشه آفلاین»). در ایران، در میان تمام آسیب‌های ناخواسته مرگبار ناشی از کودکان زیر پنج سال، تلفات مرتبط با ترافیک، علت اصلی مرگ‌ومیر است.هر 19 دقیقه یک نفر در جاده‌های ایران می‌میرد و هر دو دقیقه مردم می‌شنوند که یکی از اعضای خانواده‌شان از تصادف جان سالم به در برده است، اما با صدمات جدی و شاید ناتوانی مادام‌العمر. استفاده از یک سیستم ناوبری ماهواره‌ای باعث بهبود رفتار راننده در مکان‌های ناآشنا شده و همچنین باعث افزایش هشیاری و کاهش سطح استرس می‌شود.سامانه‌های جی.پی.اس به رانندگان در شناسایی امکانات موجود در نزدیکی و یا مجاور شبکه‌های جاده‌ای کمک می‌کند. این شامل ایستگاه‌های خدمات، تعمیرونگهداری، خدمات اضطراری و لوازم یدکی، رمپ‌های ورودی و خروجی، آسیب به سیستم جاده و غیره می‌شود. ما واقعاً به این خدمات نیاز داریم. دوستت داریممردم ایران  

Mohsen Ganj
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Petitioning Google; , Google Maps, Sundar Pichai;, Microsoft

Google Maps changed the names of Tamil cities, roads or even buildings to Sinhala.

Sinhala Only 2.0 „Whenever you use Google Maps, road, place and now even names of famous buildings, are renderedin Sinhala. Search for Chunnakam, close to Jaffna, and Google Maps translates the place name, inSinhala, to ‘Hunugama’ – wrong on so many levels. There is no Tamil place marker either. Jaffna getsa Sinhala label as ‘Yapanaya’, but no Tamil place name…..“ (Hattotuwa S., 2018) Tamil is an ancient and one of the oldest languages in the world. After a military genocide, the Sri Lankan government continues to erase the Tamil people, the Tamil culture and the Tamil language on the island. And here comes Google Maps. Recently they changed the names of Tamil cities, roads or even buildings to Sinhala. Even its landing page is default in Sinhala. How is it possible that a region where the most spoken language is Tamil is labelled in Sinhala? In India for example, Google Maps cared enough to write Chennai in Tamil & English and Banglore in Kannada & English. This makes sense, but translating Yalpanam to "Yapanaya" and Chunnakam to "Hunugama" does not. Google is currently run by a American - Tamil, Sundar Pichai. And yet, this language is neglected. It seems that Google is working with a genocidal country and supporting its dragonic intention to cover up the genocide and wipe out the Tamil people behind closed doors. We demand that Google Maps changes the Tamil cities names back to Tamil as it is standard in other countries.

Phoenix TNG
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Petitioning Google Inc.

Requesting to google, add Odia language text to speech for google TTS engine app.

Adding Odia Google TTS, (text to speech) for google TTS engine wouldbe a great helpfor visually impaired people of Odisha. Odia language is read, spoken and written by a large number of peoplenot only in Odisha, but also its usage is spread worldwide. It is ourmisfortune that there is no Text-To-Speech on any platform to readOdia language. A large number of people are visually impaired, and depends either ontheir mobiles or computers for their job and studies related activity.Further absence of Odia TTS,  debars them to interact and executetheir work with Odia language. In a nutshell  a big number of population are not able to read theirnative language due to non-availability of supportive text-to-speech engine and OCR designed by Google. Google is currently extending their android TTS by adding worldlanguages. Even in this context i want to add that  they have addedHindi and Bengali language recently.So it is our request,  to Google Inc to  pay a kind attention, towardsanother largely spoken, and sixth classical language of India,"Odia".  It will be of immense  help for the visually impaired community. Atthe age of rapid technological progress this demand is so urgent andtime bound. Few important things about Odia language: Odia is a language with rich literature and special identity. Thislanguage is very much  closer to Sanskrit language. It has its ownspecific script which is 3000 years old. Again I repeat with utmost submission that Odia literature is veryrich and abundantly associatedwith ancient mythological religious thoughts. That apart its presencecan be felt in International diaspora literature,  which has hiddenmoral and humanitarian messages unknown to world communities.The Odia are well settled world wide. Moreover, tourists from far offplaces, regularly visiting Odisha to know about its, oldest culture,temple's architect, and enjoy its unique tourist destination.So it is a request, for making Odia text to speech engine withoriginal human voice to Google Administration, undersigned bysupporters and beneficiaries. Hope your better self shall look into this matter and spread it tomake this mission a  successful one.An early action on this regard is highly solicited.

Manoj Barik
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