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Have a doodle for Albania's 100 Year Anniversary of Independence.

Albania is a small country, but with a big history. The country was suppressed by The Ottoman Empire for 500 years! Yes, 5 centuries. Finally, in November 28th, 1912, it gained its independence. It would mean a lot for every single Albanian around the world if one of the world's biggest companies on the Internet recognized our independence, too. Especially because it is a 100 year anniversary. ---------------------------------------------  

Klajdi Hëna
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Petitioning Google, Cabildo Catedralicio de Córdoba

Google: que la Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba recupere su nombre

El turista que quiera llegar a la Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba para visitarla y que utilice Google Maps para ello no la encontrará. Y es que en esta aplicación, el nombre del monumento ha sido sustituido recientemente por el de “Catedral de Córdoba”. Igualmente, la localización de la Catedral de Córdoba en el mapa redirige a la web, un dominio que es propiedad del Cabildo Catedralicio y que asegura que se trata de la web oficial del monumento. En esta web, nuevamente, la palabra Mezquita brilla por su ausencia. Desde 2006, cuando la Iglesia inmatriculó el monumento, hemos asistido a un intento de apropiación jurídica, económica y simbólica de la Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba por parte del Obispado de Córdoba. Parte de esta estrategia consiste en retirar el término “Mezquita” para que figure únicamente la palabra “Catedral”, borrando de un plumazo una parte fundamental de su historia. Google no puede ser cómplice de esta estrategia de apropiación por parte de la diócesis de Córdoba. Por eso pedimos que se restituya en Google Maps el nombre de Mezquita-Catedral, aprobado por el pleno del Ayuntamiento de Córdoba en 1994 y que define con exactitud su esencia y realidad arquitectónica. Firma esta petición y ayúdanos a conseguirlo.

Plataforma Mezquita-Catedral de Córdoba
55,088 supporters
Petitioning YouTube, Google

Tell YOUTUBE to Leave FUNnel Vision Alone & Restore DOH MUCH FUN

The youtubers on the channel are having videos removed from the site due to pressure from advertisers to stop advertising on inappropriate kids videos, however FUNnel Vision and Doh Much Fun especially has No Inappropriate Kids videos.  The content ranges from many things but there is never any cursing, there is no bullying of children and most importantly there is no masquerading of kids content happening which is what Youtube has been targeting.  Youtube has cast too wide of a net saying they will remove videos if they feel inappropriate comments have been left on them by child predators.  Funnel Vision cannot control who leaves comments on their videos but are being the ones persecuted for such action instead of going after the commenters themselves. Youtube is targeting a wide array of videos based on certain keywords like waterpark, mermaid, pool, fashion show because they think kids may be inappropriate clothed or exploited which sounds great, but they aren't reviewing every video, they are just completely taking them down saying they are innocent based on metadata.  Judging a book by its cover! They are also not reviewing our appeals, it's like appeals have been turned off.  There are other terms which may seem like a no brainer to remove from the kids sector like videos containing "poop" or "scary" but again, if we play a major brand nationally released board game like Doggie Doo or Poopy Head or play with Playdoh Poo Dough Prank, that's inappropriate too? What if we make DIY Slime that's brown and joke around, that's also inappropriate? No, they've gone too far.  Also if we use the word scary, it's not Rated R scary, it's just kid age appropriate spooky but because we use the word they aren't allowing us to remove that word, instead whole vid comes down. They have not answered or worked with FUNnel Vision or Doh Much Fun to understand what the problem is with their videos.  They've been creating videos since 2013 with no community guidelines broken and all of a sudden some advertisers come along and say we don't want to be apart of disturbing kids videos which was in reference to the take down of recent Toy Freaks channel and other channels where kids costumed characters were doing adult and inappropriate things, so all Youtube is doing is removing any kids video / channel just to show force.  If you feel FUNnel Vision and Doh Much Fun do not deserve this treatment, please sign the petition.

FUNnel Vision
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Petitioning Google, Inc, Google

Make YouTube fix their broken system

YouTube has long been a great place for creative types to express themselves, for people to have an outlet to vent their frustrations, to exchange ideas, to meet new friends, to learn new things and educate others, and to form a community around niche interests that may not have a big following in the real world. YouTubers, as these YouTube stars are known, come from all walks of life and started creating content for different reasons, and have created a flourishing community of diverse content and many became partnered with AdSense through YouTube, which allowed them to earn money to increase production values to create better content. Unfortunately, over the past several years, some YouTubers have exploited and abused the loopholes in the system, and instead of enforcing their own rules and disciplining those particular users, YouTube decided to go the route of punishing all content creators through changes that have made the site increasingly hostile to small content creators,new content creators, and older established content creators who built their audience around a particular niche that's no longer supported by the YouTube algorithm. Video views have plummeted after each algorithm change and many large YouTubers that were once reeling in hundreds of thousands to millions of views per video eventually found themselves struggling to break past the triple digits, despite their videos continuing to receive mostly likes and positive feedback. The most infamous of these changes happened in early 2018 after the infamous Logan Paul video, rather than taking action against one of their top stars, they have once again decided to take action against the entire YouTube community except for the larger YouTubers who have violated the rules. As of February 2018, any channel with less than 1000 subscribers and/or that does not earn 240,000 watch minutes per year has been demonetized, which is an inordinate amount of watch minutes for any channel with less than 20,000 subscribers, clearly favoring old media that can churn out lots of content per day, or gaming channels that often produce multi-hour long streams. This means that the YouTubers who produced shorter videos no longer have the money to put back into their channels that they once had. Even worse than the absurd partner requirements is the ease in which a video can be demonetized, age-restricted, or even result in a community guidelines strike if a viewer with an agenda decides to flag the video. A video with the word "butt" in it can be demonetized, A video depicting any kind of science demonstration can be age-restricted, or even result in a community guidelines strike if a user decides to use the flag button as the "dislike, but more so" button. Many YouTubers have lost their accounts over such "inappropriate" content that is no more "extreme" than one of Tim Allen's mishaps on Home Improvement or a science demonstration that Bill Nye did on his children's show back in the 90's. In the past the most common kind of strike was a copyright strike when a company filed a DMCA takedown for use of their content. Now community guidelines strikes are far more common. YouTube has the potential to once again be a great platform for people of all walks of life to create their own niche communities with their own types of users, sort of a Reddit with videos, if you will. But with algorithm changes and ambiguous rules with arbitrary rule enforcement that leads to many users being limited in what they can create, slowly forcing YouTube creators to stay within a strict set of parameters that is leading to old media slowly taking the place of organic content creators, turning YouTube into HollywoodTube, when we already have television and movies. If you're a YouTube content creator, enjoy watching YouTubers, know people who do YouTube for a living or hobby, or simply care about free speech and free expression and don't want to see YouTube go the way of the dodo because of poor decision making, I urge you to sign this petition and share it on your social media and urge others to sign this petition.

Matthew Villani
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Petitioning YouTube

Youtube Channel suspended without reason

Hello Youtube, Our Youtube Channel was Suspended for no reason, Normally Youtube suspend a channel for 3 Community Guidline/Copyright Strike but we had no copyright strike! Also and we have not uploaded any wrong video which are prohibited as per your guideline also so request you to Please reinstate our Youtube Account ASAP.

Unsocial Network
11,250 supporters
Petitioning Epic Games, Google, Inc, Fortnite , Google, YouTube Security, Service client YouTube, Support AdSense Google/YouTube, YouTube Press

Suppressions PUB Fortnite Fake sur YouTube !

Je dis non aux arnaques ! Vient signer si tu penses que : Top de pub mensongere Des apk fake Fausse pub pour des "V-Bucks gratuit" ou une ou inscription à la "Beta Android"  Beta Android Fake  YouTube laisse faire les arnaqueurs ⚠️ La vidéo montre est une pub fake ! Ne pas suivre le lien de la vidéo car cela pourrai te faire perdre ton compte Epic Games, avoir des virus sur ton téléphone et/ou te voler des informations sur toi (compte bancaire, email, piratage réseau sociaux, etc...) ! Donc fait bien attention à ce que tu vois sur YouTube !

Utilisateurs Fortnite/YouTube
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Petitioning Google

Google should add Urdu language to their text-to-speach engine on android

the world biggest and most popular technology giant "google INC" should add Urdu language to their text to speach engine on their own "android" operating system. Urdu is one of the biggest language of the world. it consists of phrases of multiple languages. it is native from Pakistan and India. 65 million (80% in India (2007), and 94 million in Pakistan (1999) Urdu speakers exists. but unfortunately, there is not any high quality text-to-speach on any platform to read Urdu text. a large number of people are visually impaired, and depends on their mobiles and computers to fullfill their job and studies related activity. but absence of Urdu TTS, it make them unable to interact and perform well where Urdu came. in one line, a very big population is not able to read their national, or native language due to inavailability of supportive text-to-speach engine. there fore, google is currently extending their android TTS by adding world  languages, even they have added hindi recently. so we are requesting them to please pay some atention towards another biggest language of the world, "Urdu" also. it will be very very much helpful for visually impaired community to read prepare their needs in case of their native language easily.

Abdullah Zafar
4,690 supporters
Petitioning Google

Google Fiber, 1 Gbps di banda, in Italia!

Condividete questa petizione, Grazie! Cos'è Google Fiber? E' un servizio di banda larga offerto da Google, che offre un collegamento in fibra ottica a 1Gbps bidirezionali. Un sogno per noi Italiani, no? Con Google Fiber, per esempio, un file da 1 GB si scariberebbe/caricherebbe in soli 10 secondi! Il prezzo? In America, l'abbonamento per la connessione super veloce di casa Google parte da 70 dollari mensili, il più caro è di 120 dollari che comprende, 1TB su Google Drive, un Nexus 7, un TV Box per i canali televisivi, abbinato a un dispositivo per registrare e un router firmato Google. Vi chiedo, dunque, di firmare questa petizione se siete interessati ad avere una connessione veloce come questa, visto che qui, in Italia, internet non è neanche lontanamente paragonabile a connessioni del genere! Non è sicuro che firmando, Fiber arrivi in Italia, ma, magari potrebbe suscitare l'interesse del colosso di Google Italia o di altre aziende specializzate nel settore. Per contattarmi scrivetemi a questo indirizzo: (Ho bisogno di qualcuno che mi aiuti a pubblicizzare questa petizione, in cambio potrei mettere un link a vostra scelta qui, nella descrizione, grazie del supporto) Ho aperto questa pagina facebook per supportare ulteriormente la petizione! Blog e Pagine sostenitrici: Tecnowiki Born To Be Nerd I tecnici delle imprese telefoniche SIRTI, SITE, SIELTE Eyes On Tech Per maggiori dettagli: Sito Ufficiale Google Fiber

Alessandro Herz
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Petitioning Google

Bring Back the old Google Finance!

We were warned that the "Portfolio" feature of Google Finance was going away. However, Google never said that they were literally gutting the entire site.  "As part of this revamped experience, we’re retiring a few features of the original Google Finance, including the portfolio, the ability to download your portfolio, and historical tables." The new Google Finance doesn't compare to the old at all! User Junjie Liang put it best when said on the Product Forums!category-topic/websearch/uf8q-AaPiyQ : "I found I was updated to the new product this morning and it was enormously disappointing. All the ratios, scan function, trends function, sector summary etc. were gone!!! They were core functions!!!!!" The charts were also a key feature and now barely manipulable. There is now no dividend display. No Pre-Market or after market historical quotes. No adjustments to the line style. (such as candlestick or OHLC) Alot of people also loved the "Recent Quotes" feature. Historical news based on the chosen time period on the chart. Other useful charting tools such as moving averages, Bollinger Bands.... Gone. All gone. This is not just the "Portfolio" feature. This is literally a deprecation of the whole site.   Please don't eliminate this great product, Google!

Ed Schaeffer
4,216 supporters