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Petitioning Kinnickinnic River Corridor Planning Committee

Restore the Kinnickinnic River through Dam Removal

Help the Friends of the Kinni restore the Kinnickinnic River through dam removal! The City of River Falls, Wisconsin has undertaken the “Kinnickinnic River Corridor Planning Process”. As a part of this process, the City Council is scheduled to decide on February 27th, 2018 whether or not to surrender the City’s Federal dam license for the River Falls Hydroelectric Project (FERC #10489). Surrender of the license allows for subsequent river restoration through dam removal. We, the undersigned, are concerned citizens who urge the Kinnickinnic River Corridor Planning Committee and the City Council of the City of River Falls to act now to adopt a plan that calls for surrender of the FERC license for the River Falls Hydroelectric Project (FERC #10489). As a part of the Kinni Corridor Planning Process, we further request that the plan include timely decommissioning of the hydroelectric facilities, and the complete restoration of the Kinnickinnic River through removal of BOTH the Upper “Junction Falls” Dam & the Lower “Powell Falls” Dam from the Kinnickinnic River. The Kinnickinnic River in River Falls, Wisconsin is the pride and joy of our community. Our City's Comprehensive Plan states: "The Kinnickinnic River is perhaps the finest coldwater resource in the Upper Midwest, if not in the entire United States. Designated as an Outstanding Water Resource by the Wisconsin DNR, the Kinnickinnic River (also known as the 'Kinni') is one of just two Class I trout streams in Wisconsin that flow through a City of 10,000. This natural gem is truly unique and the center piece of our community which is located on the falls of the Kinnickinnic River." And yet today our waterfalls are no more. (Learn more here.)Today, a diversion dam sits at the site of the former "Junction Falls" waterfall of the Kinnickinnic River. The ledges of our former waterfall sit dry today below the dam because the water which would otherwise cascade over our "Junction Falls" waterfall is instead diverted through a 200' long, 6’ x 6’ tube called a penstock in the side of the cliff, completely de-watering the river.There is no greater damage that can be done to a river than to remove all of the water from its banks!Furthermore, a full mile of our otherwise pristine, cold-water, world class trout stream is currently destroyed and buried below the stagnant, tepid waters impounded behind the two remaining dams in town. The two 15 acre impoundments (mill ponds) are completely silted in and do not provide any recreational opportunities nor valuable fish habitat.  The destruction these dams inflict on our beloved Kinni produces a meager 1% - 2% of the electricity our community consumes, through the generation of hydroelectricity at the 375 kWh facility. The complete restoration of the Kinnickinnic River through dam removal is a unique opportunity to: Make exceptional use of this public waterway resource Re-create the "Junction Falls" waterfall in the heart of the River Falls community Restore a full mile of world class trout stream Improve the water quality of the Lower Kinni Increase opportunities for recreational and white-water kayaking Create additional urban open green space Improve storm water management And bolster the vitality of our Main Street Community. Please help us FREE THE KINNI and Put the FALLS Back in River Falls!! Visit us on Facebook to learn more.

Friends of the Kinni
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Petitioning Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

Stop the Transco Williams Gas Compressor Station #206 at South Brunswick & Franklin Towns

Preserve Our Community - Stop the Transco Williams Gas-Powered Gas Compression Plant (Station #206) from being built near South Brunswick and Franklin Township Residential areas Background Transcontinental Gas Pipe Line Company, LLC (Transco), a part of the Williams Companies, Inc. (“Williams”) owns and operates gas pipelines that supply gas to New York, NJ, and PA. Williams is now proposing to build a Gas-Powered Gas Compressor plant near Route 27 in Franklin Township as part of their “Northeast Supply Expansion Project” to supply natural gas to meet the future demands of residents of New York. This project is in a pre-filing stage, and Williams has filed for an environmental pre-filing review with FERC.  FERC has opened a Pre-Filing Docket on the proposal which is Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Docket PF16-5-000. Save our community from this proposed Gas-Powered Gas Compression Station being built in Franklin Township (4415 N.J. Route 27, Princeton,  N.J.) within 800 feet of a large residential community (approximately 800 homes). In addition, within a one-mile radius, there are at least another 200 homes. This plant potentially will also affect the environment’s quality for other residents living in the densely populated areas of South Brunswick and Franklin townships. Please sign and join with our community to ensure rejection of the project by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Here are the key reasons that we request you to join us in opposing the proposed Gas-powered Gas Compressor Station #206 Project near South Brunswick and in Franklin Township: The proposed location is within close proximity to over 1, 000 families (many with children), a day Care facility, places of worship and many small businesses. The proposed location raises many questions relevant to environmental safety and potential harm to the residents in this community. The gas-powered gas compressor station will result in serious toxic emissions being released into our air.  There is also a serious underlying threat of cross contamination through the water. Overall the physical proximity of this project poses a great threat to our lives and safety. The proposed Gas Compression Station is being built in Franklin Township on a property owned by Trap Rock, who own and operate a quarry there. The quarry site is and has been an active blasting zone for more than a decade, and the nearby residents have reported experiencing tremors and some damages to their homes due to the repeated quarry blasts. These blasts pose serious danger to the large (32,000 HP) gas compression plant turbines, used in the gas compression plant, which operate at high speed, and thus the gas-powered gas compression plant adds a further danger of explosion and fire to the local residential community. Furthermore, such a gas-powered gas compression plant, will raise the noise level in the area through its normal operations, trucking, etc. and through the occasional “blowdowns” (releases of natural gas into the atmosphere) required for maintenance purposes or to release excessive pressure in the pipelines. These blowdowns (which vary in length to as long as hours) have been described as similar to the sound of a jet engine taking off. And they can occur at all hours. This change in peak noise levels is a serious concern. This project’s main objective is to provide additional supplies of natural gas to New York and beyond, as the additional capacity and pipelines in New Jersey will be used to pump natural gas under NY harbor to Long Island, and potentially elsewhere. In addition to the immediate impacts on the long-term safety, security, and well-being of people living near the gas-powered gas compression plant and along the proposed pipeline route, with the majority of the benefit being for NY and beyond, the NJ taxpayers will bear the costs of additional emergency response capability and actions, of healthcare, and damage to water supplies. The property values in the neighborhood of the proposed Gas-Powered Gas Compression Station potential will be effected, with a ripple effect throughout the rest of South Brunswick and Franklin Township. If construction occurs, the property values will likely fall further impacting these townships’ images and the family finances (and the American dreams) of over 1,000 resident families. The South Brunswick Township Council understands these concerns by residents and has unanimously passed a resolution “Opposing the construction and installation of a Gas-Powered Gas Compressor Station on the proposed location near South Brunswick”. Franklin Township Council has similarly passed a resolution opposing the proposed Williams/Transco gas-powered gas compression plant. We, the residents of this community, are concerned about the proposed large gas- powered compressor station #206 in Franklin township due to its proximity to our homes, the serious safety concerns it creates for those living nearby, and the environmental effects of this Gas-Powered Gas Compressor Station on us and future generations.  We the undersigned hereby demand: That Williams stop the proposed Gas-Powered Gas Compression station #206 in Franklin Township, Somerset County, NJ, and relocate it to an area where it poses significantly less risk to residents of New Jersey. That the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission reject the proposal of Williams to construct the Gas-Powered Gas Compression Station # 206 in Somerset County, NJ. This gas-powered gas compressor station is disadvantageous to a community that is the epitome of the classic American dream. Help our efforts to protect our children and community! Please take a few minutes of your time, and sign and join with your community to ensure rejection of the present project proposal by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)! Thank you! Residents of South Brunswick and Franklin Township Communities

Stop Station#206
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Recall, Reform and Regulate all 5g installations. As of right now there are many scientific facts that explain the health risks of 5G cell towers. Help protect your family, environment, and health. Since the roll out of 5G communication services requiring the involvement of radio frequency the world has been slowly killing it's self and needs to be Recalled until better sanctions are reformed and Regulated with strict regulations in all residential and urban areas. Many people are unaware of recent cell towers 5g installations withi n eye site and need to be informed or notified of new installations and health risk involving 5G radiation before any installation is performed. If you do not have 5G near your home, you will soon. In order to make a change and stand up for the next generation who has no voice and lower the risk of high levels of radiation you and your community must speak and take a stance against it. I ask that we consider all the factors in the radiation exsposure to 5Ghz Cell Towers known as "Death Towers".   Regulation should includeisafe distances from any and ALL schools, hospitals, residential/urban communities and living areas, mental health services, and follow up on any complaints involving electrosensitve individuals. The FCC has made it even harder to file a complaint against any 5G carriers. 5G needs to be stricly over watched and regulated with all these factors being implemented into all installations of Cell Towers. 5G is creating an induced electromagnetic field and killing humanity faster then we can earn a paycheck. Please sign the petition if you would like to see a  recall until better reform and regulated 5G service can be provided with safe exsposure to  Radiation Exsposure. It could save You, Family/Friends, Animals, Community, and the Environment. Please help spread the word and educate yourself and others. 5G is  and has been scientifically proven to be a slow carcinogen and 10X the rate of 2.4Ghz 4G/LTE.  WAKE UP! Be aware of your surroundings.  Put down technology and minimize usage and body exsposure to bare minimum. You can not completely sheild yourself from all exsposure but you can take steps to minimize it as much as possible for you and your loved ones. Turning off electricty won't do you any good. Any device that uses electricty produces an electromagnetic feild. These feilds can produce short and long wave leghts through any object or elements and exspose high levels of MF Radiation especially if LED lights are present. 5G was never studied or tested. tested we are the test dummies in real time. Ground yourself back to zero potential (Earth). Stand up for what's right and make a stand otherwise get ready for the burn. Let your voice be heard and your minds be free. Time is ticking. Hurry before it's too late. Educate yourself and SHARE SHARE SHARE! We need to spread the word fast. Any donations is highly appreciated as every cent counts in this fight against radioactive carcinogens and helps this campaign as well as others fight for what they believe in. Please use any of these hash tags when sharing on social media platforms.  #RECALL5G #REFORM5G #REGULATE5G #DEATHTOWERS #5GRADIATION #SkyWatchersGrounded #StayGrounded   

Sky Watchers Grounded
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Petitioning Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Georgia Department of Environmental Protection, Alabama Department of Environmental Protection, Florida Department of En...

Stop the Southeast Market Pipelines Project!

Halt the Hillabee Expansion, Sabal Trail Transmission, and Southeast Connection Pipelines which collectively make up the Southeast Market Pipelines Project! What is it? The Southeast Market Pipelines Project is a three-part fracked-gas pipeline that will traverse 685 miles of land in Alabama, Georgia, and Florida. This includes the Hillabee Expansion, Sabal Trail Transmission and Southeast Connection, and it is being funded by a plethora or infrastructure and energy corporations including Transco, Duke Energy, NextEra Energy, Spectra Energy, and Florida Power and Light. Reasons to Oppose the Project *Adding infrastructure to the destructive and dangerous fracking industry is a monumental mistake in regards to conservation and climate change. *This pipeline traverses unstable geology prone to sinkhole activity that will undoubtedly lead to dangerous natural gas leaks. *The acts of drilling and construction will directly impact the Floridian Aquifer, one of the largest natural aquifers in the world responsible for providing drinking water to 60% of Floridians as well as for the beautiful natural springs that Florida is known for. *A natural gas leak would release methane, a greenhouse gas that is largely responsible for climate change, into our atmosphere. Natural gas is also explosive, and an unchecked leak could have devastating consequences. *Approval by agencies such as the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, the Environmental Protection Agency, the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and the Army Corps of Engineers among others have prompted the government to give private corporations the use of eminent domain to force landowners from their property. *The risks associated with this project are plentiful and, frankly, unnecessary. Florida in particular has enormous potential for safe, renewable energy such as wind and solar power. Investing so much time and money into the fossil fuel industry rather than in renewables is reckless and irresponsible. Join Us! Sign below to pressure decision makers to take the necessary steps to halt the Southeast Market Pipelines Project. Let us put our water, our people, and our planet above corporate profit!

Courtney Snyder
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Seize dangerous, bankrupt, criminal PG&E into PUBLIC STATE OWNERSHIP now !

We, the People of Northern and all of California, as well as national and international allies, victims of ongoing, neverending fires and blackouts from PG&E, hereby DEMAND that California Governor Newsom, Attorney General Becerra, and the State Legislature ACT IMMEDIATELY to DECLARE A STATE OF EMERGENCY and seize PG&E (and all of its assets, infrastructure, accounts, staff, and resources) into 100% PUBLIC NOT FOR PROFIT OWNERSHIP by the STATE OF CALIFORNIA using available state EMINENT DOMAIN and other applicable laws in order to PROTECT PUBLIC SAFETY and THE ECONOMY. PG&E has a horrific record of documented and CONVICTED criminal felon behavior, corruption, malfeasance, and gross negligence, responsible for widespread devastation through 100% preventable natural gas explosions (San Bruno 2010) and causing wildfires with their aging, poorly maintained equipment, as well as MURDERING at least 85 people in recent wildfires THEY caused. Now,starting recently on October 9, 2019, they have the AUDACITY to blackout power for up to THREE MILLION Northern Californians at a time, supposedly to prevent wildfires, but as we’ve seen in the now raging Kincade fire, their equipment causes fires ANYWAY, regardless of whether power is blacked out or not. OUTRAGEOUS. With the ongoing Kincade fire, where PG&E faulty equipment is AGAIN likely to blame, more than NINETY THOUSAND Northern Californians in the Healdsburg and Santa Rosa area have now had to be emergency evacuated, with numerous properties and businesses, homes, and wineries destroyed. Tens or hundreds of millions of dollars in damage and economic losses are likely. All this while PG&E is in Chapter 11 bankruptcy waiting for someone to bail them out. AGAIN. The truth is that former and current PG&E CEO’s and board, top level executives, belong in PRISON for their crimes. Yet all they continue to get is weak rhetoric and slaps on the wrist from Governor Newsom and the CPUC. WHY is criminal law not being enforced upon PG&E and their top level executives responsible for their behavior? All evidence points to PG&E being arsonists, and in a certain sense, TERRORISTS. Certainly, any other person or entity responsible for causing this many huge fires and destruction of life and property would be labeled a potential DOMESTIC TERRORIST. We have heard Governor Newsom, time and time again in recent press conferences, state that the buck stops with HIM. OK. TRUE. However, how can we the public trust Governor Newsom or other publicly elected officials, when those officials have been soliciting and accepting millions of dollars in corrupt quid pro quo campaign finance donations for DECADES? HOW DOES THAT WORK? WE DEMAND THAT GOVERNOR NEWSOM IMMEDIATELY RETURN THE WELL DOCUMENTED AND ADMITTED OVER 200 THOUSAND DOLLARS HIS 2018 GUBERNATORIAL CAMPAIGN ACCEPTED FROM PG&E. We demand other publicly elected officials currently in office DO THE SAME. TODAY. SHOW US WHOSE SIDE YOU ARE ON. Under California (and federal) law, it is possible for the state government to seize public ownership of PG&E through eminent domain and related laws on the books.We demand that Governor Newsom and state officials begin the eminent domain process takeover NOW.  Once the eminent domain seizure of PG&E and their assets and systems is complete, and 100% public owned not for profit by the State of California, the PG&E electrical and gas energy grids can be subdivided into regional public ownership and management by Northern California county governments, with oversight by the CPUC and other regulatory agencies. It is CRITICAL that the PG&E infrastructure at the grid interconnect, generation, transmission, and distribution levels be analyzed and corrected for public safety IMMEDIATELY, and that appropriate corrective measures be taken network wide to stop the need for wide scale preemptive power blackouts and to prevent any future fires caused by the natural gas or energy infrastructure. The State of California can and MUST finance the seizure and management of this entire infrastructure, systems, and staff, by using available tax and gas/electric ratepayer revenues as well as other available market based means of issuing bonds etc. It is time to END the catastrophic, criminal reign of PG&E. Seizing into public ownership is the ONLY safe way to guarantee people over profit for public safety. We can then proceed with making all electrical energy generation GREEN AND RENEWABLE through solar, wind, and hydro, and shutting down coal, biomass, and other polluting means of generating electricity. Finding an alternative to natural gas consumption is a much more difficult issue to handle and can be prioritized over time to migrate to a GREEN renewable, non fossil fuel solution. Signed,  The OUTRAGED People and PG&E VICTIMS of Northern California And The American People  "We're not gonna take this anymore. ENOUGH is ENOUGH."

Occupy PG&E
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INTRODUCTION Harriet Tubman became famous as a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad during the turbulent 1850s. Born a slave on Maryland’s eastern shore, she endured the harsh existence of a field hand, including brutal beatings. In 1849 she fled slavery, leaving her husband and family behind in order to escape. Despite a bounty on her head, she returned to the South at least 19 times to lead her family and hundreds of other slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad. Tubman also served as a scout, spy and nurse during the Civil War. In 1849 Tubman fled Maryland, leaving behind her free husband of five years, John Tubman, and her parents, sisters, and brothers. “Mah people mus’ go free,” her constant refrain, suggests a determination uncommon among even the most militant slaves. She returned to the South at least nineteen times to lead her family and hundreds of other slaves to freedom via the Underground Railroad. Utilizing her native intelligence and drawing on her boundless courage, she eluded bounty hunters seeking a reward for her capture, which eventually went as high as forty thousand dollars. She never lost a fugitive or allowed one to turn back. Did You Know? Harriet Tubman's birthname was Araminta Ross. Two things sustained her: the pistol at her side and her faith in God. She would not hesitate to use the pistol in self-defense, but it was also a symbol to instruct slaves, making it clear that “dead Negroes tell no tales.” Timid slaves seemed to find courage in her presence; no one ever betrayed her. She affirmed her faith in God in her statement, “I always tole God, I’m gwine to hole stiddy on to you, an’ you’ve got to see me trou [through].” Tubman collaborated with John Brown in 1858 in planning his raid on Harpers Ferry. The two met in Canada where she told him all she knew of the Underground Railroad in the East. Advising him on the area in which he planned to operate, she promised to deliver aid from fugitives in the region. Brown’s admiration for her was immeasurable, and he wanted her to accompany him on the raid. Tubman planned to be present but was ill at the time and could not participate. Tubman’s resistance to slavery did not end with the outbreak of the Civil War. Her services as nurse, scout, and spy were solicited by the Union government. For more than three years she nursed the sick and wounded in Florida and the Carolinas, tending whites and blacks, soldiers and contrabands. Tubman was a short woman without distinctive features. With a bandanna on her head and several front teeth missing, she moved unnoticed through rebel territory. This made her invaluable as a scout and spy under the command of Col. James Montgomery of the Second Carolina Volunteers. As leader of a corps of local blacks, she made several forays into rebel territory, collecting information. Armed with knowledge of the location of cotton warehouses, ammunition depots, and slaves waiting to be liberated, Colonel Montgomery made several raids in southern coastal areas. Tubman led the way on his celebrated expedition up the Combahee River in June 1863. For all of her work, Tubman was paid only two hundred dollars over a three-year period and had to support herself by selling pies, gingerbread, and root beer. After the war, Tubman returned to Auburn, New York, and continued to help blacks forge new lives in freedom. She cared for her parents and other needy relatives, turning her residence into the Home for Indigent and Aged Negroes. Lack of money continued to be a pressing problem, and she financed the home by selling copies of her biography and giving speeches. Her most memorable appearance was at the organizing meeting of the National Association of Colored Women in 1896 in Washington, D.C. Two generations came together to celebrate the strength of black women and to continue their struggle for a life of dignity and respect. Harriet Tubman, the oldest member present, was the embodiment of their strength and their struggle. Sarah Bradford, Harriet: The Moses of Her People (1886); Earl Conrad, Harriet Tubman (1943); Dorothy Sterling, ed., We Are Your Sisters: Black Women in the Nineteenth Century (1984). This is more than history this is a Biblical moment that our ancestors pave the way for us to have I am being led by the Holy Spirit to start this movement of getting us reparations so that we can heal ourselves from the wounds of our ancestors pain and affliction. I can only imagine to change that this could bring to the people of the Lost tribes I pray that everyone takes heed and understands that this is the time the first will be the last and the last will be the first praise the most high for His blessings Samara Yeshaya

Samara Yeshaya
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