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Edmund G. Brown Jr.

  • Governor of California

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Grant Commutation for Incarcerated Survivor Tammy Garvin!

Tammy Garvin is an incarcerated survivor of domestic violence and sex trafficking who has been in prison for 27 years as a result of her abuser’s lethal violence. Tammy was only 14 years old when she was trafficked, and by the time she was convicted and sentenced to Life Without Parole in her early 30s, she suffered from the long-term effects of psychological and sexual abuse. Join us in asking Governor Jerry Brown to commute Tammy Garvin’s sentence from Life Without Parole to a parole-eligible sentence. BACKGROUND Tammy Garvin is an incarcerated survivor of multiple forms of abuse throughout her childhood, adolescence, and adulthood. After suffering childhood sexual abuse, Tammy was sex-trafficked at age 14. Exacerbating the dangerous and high-risk conditions of sex trafficking, Tammy also suffered ongoing physical and sexual abuse as an adult. At the time of her arrest in 1991, Tammy had survived compounded physical and sexual trauma. She was 32 years old when her latest abuser pressured her into saying which of her clients he might be able to rob. Tammy drove him to the scene and waited in the car. When it seemed like it was taking him too long to return, Tammy entered the building and realized her abuser had killed the client. Terrified and traumatized, Tammy ran from the scene with him. As a result, Tammy and her abuser were both charged with murder: the felony murder rule was used to hold them equally culpable, even though Tammy did not murder the client. Tammy’s abuser threatened to kill her and her father if they testified against him. Under threat, Tammy revoked her testimony and her father refused to testify. Extending his abuse into courtroom proceedings, Tammy’s abuser actively undermined her ability to tell her story and her right to a fair trial. Even though Tammy’s abuser had admitted to her father that he had committed the murder, the police botched the handling of the evidence and he was ultimately acquitted. During her trial in 1995, the criminal legal system ignored the patterns of violence inflicted on Tammy by her multiple traffickers/abusers, including her victimization since childhood. Although an expert on trafficking testified at her trial, Tammy did not have an expert on intimate partner violence because intimate relationships in the context of sex trafficking did not qualify as domestic violence in the eyes of the law. The court further undermined Tammy’s right to a fair trial by failing to recognize her as simultaneously victimized by domestic violence and sex trafficking. While in prison, Tammy has focused on healing from the abusive cycles she was deeply embedded in at the time of her arrest. Tammy has developed meaningful insight into the traumatic impact of the abuse she suffered. She has also developed a deeper understanding of how she found herself entering a crime scene, unable to stop her abuser from killing the client, and unable to understand or escape his ongoing abuse throughout her prosecution. Throughout her 27 years of incarceration, Tammy has been involved in serving her community. She is a peer educator on infectious diseases and a trained facilitator leading groups on Domestic Violence, Human Trafficking, Healing Trauma, Beyond Violence, Victim Impact, and Restorative Justice, among others. Tammy has become a leader amongst women serving life without parole, participating in various support groups and encouraging her peers to seek opportunities for healing. Join us in asking Governor Brown to commute Tammy Garvin’s sentence from Life Without Parole to a parole-eligible sentence. Survivors of domestic violence and sex trafficking should be strongly supported and affirmed rather than punished for violent acts committed by their abusers. Thank you for your support! Please see our petitions to commute Stacey, Brandy, Rae & Christina. To support more survivors, follow us @survivepunish.

Survived & Punished
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Lower Rent & Raise Pet Friendly Housing

     It is very clear and noticeable that San Diego’s housing is becoming more and more expensive.Not just in the rent alone but in security deposits and fees for having pets! Also, there seems to be little to none of housing being pet friendly from small to big dogs along with felines.       Rent in San Diego can range wildly from a whopping $1400-$2200 for a 1bed/1bath and/or a 2bed/1bath (for all sorts of housing types). Not to forget the tenants are responsible for utilities which tally up to $200-300! Wow! Could you imagine the average American trying to live life here in San Diego? Could you imagine how much it would be for a 3bed or a place with 2baths?! A lot and this issue of cost needs to be fixed to better serve those all over San Diego! No one should have to work day and night to afford a home that would just be used 8 hours out of each and every day! That is not what a home should be!       Not only is rent a problem but so is the lack of pet friendly housing! As times change and families grow so should housing rules. Especially for those who have pets! It is extremely frustrating and sad for renters to have to sacrifice their fur family because of needing a place to stay or because of a fee. Pets are more than what they were years ago. They are part of a family that loves and cherishes them just as much as they are needed. Regardless of them being a service animal or written on paper as an emotional support animal it shouldn’t have to cost a family a place to stay or fees! If places were more pet friendly and were built to accommodate pets there wouldn’t need to be sacrifices or a fee to pay. Instead there should be a look into medical records and behavior of the pets.      As to sum this up, I am asking everyone and anyone to sign this petition to bring about change in San Diego’s housing! Not just for ourselves but for our pets too! Housing is getting more and more expensive and less pet friendly so let’s do something about this!        

Jose R
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Annual Hygiene Holiday 2021

Time for an annual hygiene month to clean up ourselves and our societies via self isolation and other safety measures.  Due to Coronavirus disease (COVID-19), a new strain that was discovered in 2019 and has not been previously identified in humans. The world has been on lockdown.  It is about time that we become self conscious of our hygiene as human beings in our societies. The person in metro picking his nose and touching the metal poll, the man who sneezes without covering his mouth, the person who goes to bathroom and does not wash their hands afterwards goes on the bus touching everything, the child that is messy running in a mall touching everything, and the list of disgusting scenarios go on. Human beings are dirty as animals in some ways but we have an intelligent brain to use and be conscious. God or Mother Earth loves those who are clean and hygienic.  Self Hygiene starts now #2021 The holiday will constitute of 14 days every April for economy to go on lockdown mildly to self care , self cleanse and become self aware of hygienic measures as population rise and resources become depleted especially medical equipment. This holiday is not about drinking and being irresponsible but rather for governments and private sector to reflect and strategize what the medical industry requires and employees need to stay healthy and boost their immune system by eating healthier (pland based diet) and a time to SELF CARE. Human beings needs a break to re-awake replenish reflect recover and reenergize their bodies and lives especially in an online era where it is possible. Let's take the time to sanitize our communities to reduce infectious diseases and take safety measures.  The holiday will also satisfy the climate change goals as pollution is reduced and transportation declines.  What will we do during Hygiene Holiday? You can protect yourself and help prevent spreading the virus to others if you: DoWash your hands regularly for 20 seconds, with soap and water or alcohol-based hand rub Cover your nose and mouth with a disposable tissue or flexed elbow when you cough or sneeze Avoid close contact (1 meter or 3 feet) with people who are unwell Stay home and self-isolate from others in the household if you feel unwell Kids study online as they learn the importance of hygiene while schools go into a deep cleansing  Don't Touch your eyes, nose, or mouth if your hands are not clean Online Celebration boosting  The holiday is also about our first responders celebrating their efforts during COVID19 that will never be forgotten and it will also benefit the technology sector and disrupters changing and innovating our industries as we shift to video conferencing and online entertainment , online shopping and learning. 

Nathen Mazri
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Esperanza high school of Anaheim/ placentia ca. Class of 2020 to have an actual graduation

I think that if we can be allowed to go shopping etc that our students tht have worked extremely hard to graduate should at least be able to have their  graduation ceremony. If we can go shopping for our needs, to work etc some small children Even. to daycare still, and be able to protect ourselves w masks and gloves then I feel w those same directive precautions we should consider giving these students what they worked so hard for a well deserved graduation for the class of 2020. The length of time that the ceremony would definitely have to be shortened and maybe if we have more groups of acknowledgers to help handout the diplomas and say their names it would lessen the timeframe because seriously, a virtual ceremony??? Yet we can. Go to work and stores?!!  I don't know but I am taking the initiative to petition this request/ need because the fact of the matter is my daughter who has worked extremely hard not only w just schooling she is in avid, medacademics, is the goalie for lacrosse which she has played all4 years and works on top of the homework the practices the games . Not only that what aboutallthe money all of the money we have put into everything time love stress dedication responsibilities family pressures role modeling everything what happens w a that??? Does it all get swept under the rug like its nothing?!?! It’s not fair, just like any other class the class of 2020 has been waiting there whole lives for graduation the moment we all look forward to since kindergarten, for some students graduation will be one of the biggest mile stones.  I know this pandemic is serious but so is the confidence hard work high hopes and acheivements of our students the class of 2020... 

Angelina Sanchez- fernandez
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