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Petitioning Mike Pompeo

Free Michael Phuong Minh Nguyen

FREE U.S. CITIZEN MICHAEL PHUONG NGUYEN, HELD BY VIETNAMESE GOVT WITHOUT CAUSE Xin xem ở phía dưới cho tiếng Việt We wish to bring your attention to the plight of Michael Phuong Minh Nguyen.  On June 27, 2018, Michael traveled to Vietnam to visit friends and family. However, he did not return on his scheduled flight.  Through various sources, he is presumed to be currently being detained and imprisoned by the Vietnamese government. As of July 27th, Michael has already been missing for 21 days.  The government there refuses to acknowledge his detainment, or share any information about his condition. As of today, we have not been able to confirm his whereabouts or what he was charged with. For any government to incarcerate anyone without any probable cause is a blatant violation of human rights and of international law, especially if the detained is a citizen of another country. Michael, 54, is a U.S. Citizen, father of 4 daughters, an independent business man and an active member of his community and church.  His family is very concern for his safety. We, as U.S. citizens, hereby demand an immediate and unconditional release of Michael Phuong Minh Nguyen. Failure to do so only serves to further discredit the Vietnamese government in the eyes of the international community, and equally important, in the eyes Vietnamese people. We respectfully asked for your assistance in this cause.   ĐÒI HỎI TRẢ TỰ DO CHO CÔNG DÂN HOA KỲ MICHAEL PHƯƠNG MINH NGUYỄN ĐANG BỊ CHÍNH PHỦ VIỆT NAM BẮT GIAM KHÔNG LÝ DO Gia đình chúng tôi khẩn thiết kêu gọi sự quan tâm của tất cả mọi người đến hoàn cảnh của chồng và cha chúng tôi, anh Michael Phương Minh Nguyễn. Từ ngày 27 tháng Sáu năm 2018, anh Michael Phương đã về Việt Nam thăm viếng bạn bè và gia đình. Anh đã không trở về trên chuyến bay đã ấn định. Qua nhiều nguồn tin khác nhau, chúng tôi được biết anh đang bị chính quyền Việt Nam bắt giữ và giam cầm. Tính cho đến ngày 27 tháng Bảy, anh Michael Phương đã biệt tăm 21 ngày. Chính quyền Việt Nam từ chối xác nhận việc giam giữ, hay chia sẻ bất cứ tin tức gì về tình trạng của anh. Và cho đến hôm nay, chúng tôi cũng không xác định được nơi nhà giam nào và anh bị cáo buộc về tội gì. Bất cứ chính quyền nào giam giữ người không duyên cớ đã là một vi phạm trầm trọng đến nhân quyền và luật lệ quốc tế, đặc biệt hơn nữa người bị giam là công dân của một quốc gia khác. Anh Michael Phương, 54 tuổi, là một công dân Hoa Kỳ có bốn người con gái, một doanh nhân độc lập, và còn là một thành viên tích cực phục vụ trong cộng đồng nơi gia đình anh cư ngụ. Gia đình chúng tôi hiện đang cực kỳ lo lắng cho sự an toàn của anh. Chúng tôi, những công dân Hoa Kỳ, đòi hỏi chính quyền Việt Nam trả tự do tức khắc và vô điều kiện cho anh Michael Phương Minh Nguyễn. Việc từ chối sự yêu cầu chính đáng này càng làm chính quyền Việt Nam suy giảm uy tín trong cộng đồng quốc tế; và cũng ngang tầm mức quan trọng là cái nhìn của những người Việt Nam. Chúng tôi khẩn khoản kêu gọi sự hỗ trợ của quý vị trong công tác nhân quyền này.      

Friends of Michael Nguyen
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As a Citizen/lawful Resident of the United States I am signing this petition to lend my support to the request by the sovereign people of Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia, represented by leaders of its main pro-independence movements before the Administration of President Donald J. Trump and the Congress of the United States, urging Your Excellency Donald J. Trump to: URGENTLY INTERVENE to reaffirm the YES vote cast by USA in passing UN Resolution 1608 (XV) on April 21, 1961 towards the independence of Southern Cameroons by supporting their right to self-determination;URGENTLY INTERVENE in Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia outside the framework of the United Nation Human Rights Council to stop all the ongoing gross human rights abuses and the mounting humanitarian disaster;URGENTLY INTERVENE by deploying through the UN or unilaterally, a US-Led Peacekeeping Mission as an intervention force charged with imposing a ceasefire and ending the ongoing GENOCIDE, ethnic cleansing and targeted elimination of Southern Cameroonians by the brutal regime of French Cameroun led by the 86 year-old dictator, Paul Biya who has held onto power for 36 years and counting. In less than 2 years now, over 200,000 refugees and internally displaced Southern Cameroonians/Ambazonians have been registered with several thousand shot dead or abducted and imprisoned incommunicado by the French Cameroun regime. The world needs to stop another RWANDA style GENOCIDE now.Thank you, President TRUMP, for your TIMELY INTERVENTION to promote PEACE and freedom and arrest the reckless killing of our innocent women and children especially.

Southern Cameroons Interim Government (Federal Republic of Ambazonia)
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Please help prevent this silent attack on Americans’ 2nd Amendment rights.

Sirs, You may or may not be aware of the impending proposed ruling that is set to be deliberated on after January 25 by the BATFE that is being incorrectly disguised as a ruling on bump fire stocks.  The ruling aims to address any modification to a firearm that increases the rate of fire based on its recoil or operating system. Because the Las Vegas shooting is so fresh in our minds, people naturally assume that this is only to affect bump fire stocks. Whether one is for or against regulating bump fire stocks, this assumption that that is the only thing affected here is absolutely and provably incorrect.  In order to increase the “rate of fire”, there has to be an established “standard” rate of fire. There is currently no such thing as a standard rate of fire for any standard semi automatic firearm or any firearm that can hold more than one round. That is a very subjective thing and no one has yet to even remotely suggest what that definition for rate would be.  And who is to fairly decide what that rate is? I happen to be friends with a professional championship shooter by the name of Max Michel who can fire a semi automatic pistol at roughly 180 rounds per minute.  So does he set the standard rate of fire? Or do we let a 95-year-old elderly person set it where he is firing at a rate of 10 to 20 rounds per minute?   And does the person setting that rate of fire take into account magazine changes? In other words, if the person setting that standard rate of fire is doing so in the state of New York where they can only equip their semi automatic pistols with seven rounds in the magazine, their rate of fire per minute would be much less than mine in the free state of Louisiana because they have to perform magazine changes during that one minute drill and I don’t.  Therefore, due to those magazine changes their demonstrated standard rate of fire would be fewer rounds per minute.  As you can see, the ambiguity of any such ruling is quite frightening to law abiding citizens like me and every other gun owner that I know. All it takes is an overreaching administration in the White House to take ambiguous wording and use it to their anti-gun advantage. I think we have seen examples of this in the very recent past.  Essentially, this type of ruling is an attack on any semi automatic firearm that exists today that is perfectly legal to purchase and owned by millions of people across America. Are you prepared to stand behind a ruling that would make felonies out of millions of your constituents?  We can’t vote for you if we are in jail, but we would vote you out before we go in! The BATFE is currently asking the public’s opinion on these bump fire devices and the public is overwhelmingly obliging if you were not aware. (Click HERE to visit the site.) I would recommend you contact their main office and ask about this.  The disappointing thing to proud Americans and avid voters like myself is that our elected officials - meaning YOU -  are not taking it upon yourself to do your own job and provide legislation that affects Americans and the Constitution. Since when is it the BATFE’s job to institute legislation that affects the Constitution? Isn’t that your job? Are you avoiding your own job and passing that responsibility off to a federal agency that does not possess the power nor authority to make laws? What can millions of voting Americans take from that? As you have seen in the past, Americans take their 2nd Amendment rights much more seriously than petty items such as which bathroom men and women might choose to use.  As an American with the same rights as you, I ask that you please take up the fight to protect our Constitution and tell the BATFE that while they can collect all the public comments they like on bump stocks, they are to only provide those comments and recommendations to Congress and the President to legislate any action that is to take place going forward. That is why we Americans elected you. I do not give you permission to jettison that responsibility off to unelected, unaccountable federal employees.  As a proud American I am hopeful that you accept this responsibility and stand up for honest, law-abiding citizens who - in most cases - only wish to protect themselves and their families.  Respectfully, 2nd Amendment supporter / Voter / Proud American

Legally Armed America
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Help Restore Peace in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is in crisis. What initially began as peaceful protests has evolved into countrywide conflicts between unarmed civilians and government paramilitary forces. Sparked by constitutional changes to consolidate power and eliminate political competition along with some of the most rampant and widespread corruption in the region, the people finally had enough when Ortega let precious ecological sites burn down rather than accept help from neighboring countries and imposed controversial social security reforms. More than 100 people, including children, have died since anti-government protests began six weeks ago, several hundred have disappeared and over 1,000 have been injured. Private sector, civil society and activists have banned together to remain steadfast in their demands for justice and the restoration of democratic institutions. Violence has broken out throughout the country. The economy is now at a standstill. Local businesses are being forced to shut their doors and communities are being thrown into despair as tourism has ceased and violence reigns. As in times of civil unrest, women are bearing a disproportionate burden of violent threats. JOIN US in calling on international government leaders, members of the U.S. Congress and Senate, and multi-national corporate executives to raise their voices on behalf of the Nicaraguan people.

Vital Voices Global Partnership
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Tell the US Government Not to Normalize Relations with Sudan

 SILENCE IS DEADLY!!! Add your voice to ours to ask Congress to call for strong US policy towards Sudan  An opportunity to end the collaboration and silence; to stop the torture of women, the rape of children, the murder of men; a genocide that feeds on our silence and continues after 14 years. Here’s your chance to help toward its just end it by signing this petition.  Read to understand why this is important: Although the Sudanese Government has been committing genocide and providing support to terrorist groups in the Middle East, North Africa and around the world, the United States has lifted sanctions with a plan underway to normalize relations with this murderous regime. We are launching this petition to urge the US to maintain Sudan’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, and to develop a strong US policy which will hold Sudan accountable for perpetrating genocide and supporting terrorist groups and threatening the security of the United States. Stand with us to demand that the United States not normalize relations with a regime that slaughters its own people and threatens the national security of the United States. In 2009, President Bashir of Sudan was indicted by the International Criminal Court (ICC) of genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity committed in the western Sudan region known as Darfur.  Darfur- the longest genocide in history: The Government of Sudan began its genocidal campaign in Darfur in 2002, using Arab Janjaweed militias and the Sudan Armed Forces to target the indigenous African people, mostly from Fur, Massalete and Zagawa tribes. Launching a scorched earth policy by burning villages, killing, pillaging, destroying food and water sources and raping women. The situation which has been characterized by the UN representatives in Sudan at that moment as “the worst humanitarian crises in the world.” The United States under President George W. Bush and the US Congress officially declared the situation a genocide in 2004. Consequently, the United Nations created an international commission of inquiry. The commission investigated and found that the Government of Sudan had committed genocidal activities and documented about 150 Sudanese officials to be responsible for the crimes committed in Darfur.  In 2005, member states of the United Nations Security Council unanimously referred the case of Darfur to the ICC. The ICC’s investigation resulted in the determination that genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity had been committed by the Government of Sudan and its allied militias. The ICC issued arrest warrants against President Bashir and other Sudanese officials for genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. In spite of these warrants, President Bashir remains free and continues to perpetrate his genocidal policy against the people of Darfur. He has added a raging war in the Nuba mountains and Blue Nile states. To this day, he commits extreme human rights abuses across Sudan with total impunity!!! The US Government imposed economic sanctions which limited the Sudanese Government's financial capacity to support further killings. in an attempt to hold Sudan accountable for crimes committed in Darfur. Sanctions included clear benchmarks that the Government of Sudan ceases killing its own people, create significant progress toward peace, and ensure accountability for perpetrators before US sanctions could be lifted. In 2006 the UN reported that over 300,000 civilians had been killed, mostly women and children. Now, more than 14 years later, over 4 million people have been affected and over 3 million have been forced out of their homes to live in deplorable conditions in internally displaced and external refugee camps, unable to return to their homeland for fear of attack. Millions of those who survive are subjected to constant attacks and rapes by government soldiers, who utilize rape as a weapon of war and a method of terror. Countless women and girls have been victimized, and the perpetrators have not faced any consequences.  Current Situation: It has recently come to our attention that the United State is preparing to remove Sudan’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism. This is a dangerous move that will lead to the normalization of US relations with Sudan, a regime with a human rights record including genocide and collaboration with notorious terrorist leaders such as Osama Bin Laden and the leaders of ISIS. President al-Bashir is a military dictator who came to power by coup in 1989 and declared his affiliation with international extremist organizations around the world. He has used force to reorient Sudanese society to adopt Islamic fundamentalist ideology. By the mid-1990s Sudan had invited the most notorious terrorist groups from around the world, including Osama bin Laden, and had declared its support for these groups. As a result, the US designated Sudan as a State Sponsor of Terrorism and imposed economic sanctions against it. Sudan has continued to provide support to Hamas and other fundamentalist groups, including Malian jihadists, Boko Haram, and ISIS. Sudan has ceased support for or collaboration with such groups. Sudan has presented itself to the west as a partner in counter-terrorism, but only cooperating at the bare minimum while continuing to liaise and provide support for terrorist leaders in the region. Lifting Sudan’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism will allow Sudan full access to international trade and investment, including the purchase of modern American armaments, and can only serve to further the cause of the al-Bashir regime in spreading death and violence across Sudan. Despite outrage and opposition from the anti-atrocity community and several members of Congress, the Trump administration lifted sanctions in October of 2017, awarding a regime that continues to commit genocide and to pose a threat to US national security. The lifting of sanctions has already emboldened the Government of Sudan and is enabling genocide. As of today, millions of genocide victims are still in camps, facing a great deal of suffering and oppression. We are asking the US Government to maintain Sudan’s designation as a State Sponsor of Terrorism, and also to reimpose the sanctions lifted in late 2017. Such action will limit the Sudanese Government's access to international trade and investments, consequently limiting its ability to purchase more weapons to kill innocent civilians. We are further demanding a strong US policy on Sudan that will hold the perpetrators of genocide accountable and will limit al-Bashir’s ability to support terrorist groups that threaten the Sudanese and American peoples, and indeed the stability of the entire world. This is why we ask for your help by adding your voice and reaching out to others to add their voices as well so that we can make our voices louder to ensure that the Trump administration does the right thing. Normalizing relations with Sudan means normalizing genocide. We must demand that the United States, adhering to American values as the leading government in the world, must meet its legal and moral obligation toward Sudan.  

Niemat Ahmadi
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Facebook: Stop being complicit with Dictators to suppress people (FB đồng lõa với CSVN)

According to Human Rights Watch, Facebook has removed at least 159 Vietnamese activists accounts in 2017. Vietnam now has more than 64 million Facebook users, ranking 7th in the world.According to VOA Vietnamese, at Facebook meeting on January 11,2018 in Hanoi, the Minister of Information and Communications of the Communist Party of Vietnam thanked Facebook for removing more than 670 accounts "reactionary, defaming Party leaders, House ", but added that this is a small number compared with the request that Vietnam has sent to Facebook asking removal of 5,000 accounts.A California State Congressman has sent a letter to CEO Mark Zuckerberg of the company, alleging that the Vietnamese government is using a cyberattack called Force 47 to silence the dissident. In the letter to Zuckerberg, Congressman Ash Kalra, Democrat from San Jose, accused the social media giant of following the demands of the Force 47th, and was either complicit in the actions of the force, or was actively supporting the removal of content on Facebook favorable to the communist authorities. The Asia Times also posted articles "Facebook puts business before dissent in Vietnam" and "Is Facebook putting profit before freedom in Southeast Asia?" recently. Given Vietnam’s history of squelching free speech and, particularly in recent years, the imprisoning of bloggers and activists who are raising human rights issues.The Vietnamese Communist Party maintains a monopoly on political power and allows no challenge to its leadership. Basic rights such as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, and freedom of religion, are restricted or eliminated. Human Rights activists and bloggers in Vietnam face harassment, physical assault , and imprisonment it is critical that Facebook understands the nature of the effort using Force 47th unit to shut down accounts or otherwise shut down free expression on such a vital platform is a dangerous direction and Facebook should be cautious about efforts to shut down accounts or otherwise limit the ability of users to freely use the platform. Countless numbers of activist in America, Europe, Asia who use Facebook and Vietnamese Language to communicate, advocate with people inside Viet Nam also are facing the vicious attacks from Force 47 and 80,000 communist propaganda workers and Facebook's shutting down accounts temporarily or permanently. Few exemple are popular/well liked beautiful ladies Facebookers Lisa Pham ( from US anh Anh Chi ( from France. We are asking Facebook supports the Freedom of Speech and Expression and give us the right to voice our good cause and stop being complicit with Vietnamese Communist suppressing people.The ones who are attacking human rights activist should be blocked and shut down not the activists themself.   We are asking Facebookers worldwide support our cause and sign our petition. P.S. You can even help a little more by copy and send this petition to your country local government, your elected representatives. We need help translating to other languages German, French, and many more... We thank you all. ------------------------------------------------------------------ from California Congressman Ash Kalra) Rights Watch Reports) video) Times: Facebook puts business before dissent in Vietnam) Facebook putting profit before freedom in Southeast Asia?) --------------------------------------------------------------------- Theo Human Rights Watch, Facebook đã gỡ bỏ ít nhất 159 nhà hoạt động người Việt Nam vào năm 2017. Việt Nam hiện có hơn 64 triệu người sử dụng Facebook, đứng thứ 7 trên thế giới.Theo VOA Việt Nam, tại cuộc họp Facebook ngày 11 tháng 1 năm 2018 tại Hà Nội, Bộ trưởng Thông tin và Truyền thông Đảng Cộng sản Việt Nam đã cảm ơn Facebook đã xóa bỏ hơn 670 tài khoản "phản động, phỉ báng lãnh đạo Đảng, Nhà Nước", nhưng nói thêm rằng đây là con số nhỏ so với yêu cầu mà Việt Nam đã gửi cho Facebook yêu cầu xóa bỏ 5.000 tài khoản. Một Dân Biểu Tiểu Bang California đã gửi một lá thư tới Giám đốc điều hành Mark Zuckerberg của công ty, cáo buộc rằng chính phủ Việt Nam đang sử dụng một cuộc tấn công không gian mạng gọi là Lực lượng 47 để trù dập sự bất đồng chính kiến. Trong bức thư gửi Zuckerberg, Dân Biểu Ash Kalra, Dân Chủ của San Jose, đã cáo buộc cơ quan truyền thông xã hội Facebook tuân thủ các yêu cầu của Lực lượng 47, và cũng là người đồng lõa trong hành động của lực lượng, hoặc đã tích cực ủng hộ việc xóa bỏ nội dung,tài khoản trên Facebook theo lời nhà cầm quyền cộng sản. Theo tờ Asia Times, "Facebook đặt vấn đề kinh doanh trên quyền lợi các nhà bất đồng ý kiến ở Việt Nam" và "Liệu Facebook có xem lợi nhuận trên quyền tự do ngôn luận ở Đông Nam Á?". Với lịch sử Việt Nam ngăn chận tự do quyền ngôn luận, đặc biệt là trong những năm gần đây, việc giam giữ các blogger và cac nhà hoạt động nhân quyền đang gây ra vấn đề xâm phạm nhân quyền trầm trọng. Các quyền cơ bản như tự do ngôn luận, tự do báo chí, tự do hội họp và tự do tôn giáo bị hạn chế hoặc loại bỏ. Các nhà hoạt động nhân quyền và các blogger ở Việt Nam phải đối mặt với hành vi quấy rối, hành hung và tù đày, điều quan trọng là Facebook hiểu được bản chất của nỗ lực sử dụng đơn vị Force 47 để ngăn chận, khóa bỏ tài khoản là một khuynh hướng nguy hiểm và Facebook nên thận trọng về những nỗ lực để đóng tài khoản hoặc giới hạn khả năng xử dụng của các tài khoản. Vô số các nhà hoạt động nhân quyền tại Mỹ, Châu Âu, Châu Á sử dụng Facebook và tiếng Việt để giao tiếp, vận động dân chủ, tư do cho Việt Nam cũng đang phải đối mặt với những cuộc tấn công tồi tệ của lực lượng 47 và 80.000 dư luận viên cộng sản và Facebook đã góp tay treo chức năng, đóng tài khoản tạm thời hoặc vĩnh viễn. Vài ví dụ là  tài khoản Lisa Pham ( từ Mỹ, Anh Chi ( từ Pháp. Chúng tôi yêu cầu Facebook tôn trọng, hỗ trợ quyềnTự do Ngôn luận và cho phép chúng tôi có quyền nói lên tiếng nói bảo vệ nhân quyền của chúng tôi và ngừng tham gia, hợp tác vào việc đàn áp  nhân quyền của Cộng sản Việt Nam. Những người đang tấn công các nhà hoạt động nhân quyền như AK47 và Dư Luận Viên nên bị chặn và khóa tài khoản. Chúng tôi yêu cầu Facebookers trên toàn thế giới hỗ trợ ký tên thỉnh nguyện thư này. P.S Các bạn có thể giúp chia sẽ, sao bản Thỉnh Nguyện Thư nảy đến các cơ quan chính quyền, và các dân biểu , nghị sĩ nơi quốc gia bạn cư trú. Chúng tôi cần giúp các bản dịch tiếng Pháp, Đức, Hòa Lan và nhiều ngôn ngữ khác... Chúng tôi cảm ơn tất cả các bạn. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ Selon Human Rights Watch, Facebook a supprimé au moins 159 comptes d'activistes vietnamiens en 2017. Le Vietnam compte aujourd'hui plus de 64 millions d'utilisateurs de Facebook, se classant ainsi au 7ème rang mondial. Selon VOA Vietnamese, lors de la réunion Facebook du 11 janvier 2018 à Hanoi, le ministre de l'Information et des Communications du Parti communiste du Vietnam a remercié Facebook pour avoir supprimé plus de 670 comptes "réactionnaires, diffamant les dirigeants du Parti Communiste Vietnamien", mais a prétendu que ce n’ est qu’ un petit nombre par rapport à la demande que le Vietnam a envoyé à Facebook demandant la suppression de 5 000 comptes.Un membre du Congrès de l'État de Californie a envoyé une lettre au PDG Mark Zuckerberg de la direction de Facebook, alléguant que le gouvernement vietnamien utilise une cyberattaque appelée Force 47 pour faire taire les dissidents. Dans la lettre à Zuckerberg, le député Ash Kalra, démocrate de San José, a accusé le géant des médias sociaux de suivre les demandes de la Force 47, d’être complice dans les actions de la force, et contribuait activement à la suppression des contenus sur Facebook à la demande du Gouvernement communiste. Selon le journal The Asia Times, « Facebook met-il les bénéfices qui lui rapportent avant la liberté des dissidents en Asie du Sud-Est? » récemment. Compte tenu de l'histoire de l’oppression de la liberté d'expression au Vietnam et, en particulier ces dernières années, de l'emprisonnement de blogueurs et de militants qui soulèvent des questions de droits de l'homme. Le Parti communiste vietnamien maintient le monopole du pouvoir politique. Les droits fondamentaux tels que la liberté de parole, la liberté de la presse, la liberté de réunion et la liberté de religion sont restreints ou supprimés. Les militants des droits de l'homme et les blogueurs au Vietnam sont harcelés, agressés physiquement et emprisonnés. Il est essentiel que Facebook comprenne la nature de l'effort de la Force 47 qui agit pour fermer des comptes ou fermer la liberté d'expression sur une plate-forme si vitale. Facebook doit être prudent sur les actions visant à fermer les comptes ou limiter la capacité des utilisateurs à utiliser librement la plate-forme.Un nombre incalculable de militants en Amérique, en Europe et en Asie qui utilisent Facebook et la langue vietnamienne pour communiquer avec des personnes à l'intérieur du Vietnam font face aux attaques vicieuses de la Force 47 dont 80 000 propagandistes communistes en font partie et Facebook exécute la fermeture temporairement ou définitivement les comptes des dissidents militants. Quelques exemples sont connus : les Facebookers Lisa Pham ( et Anh Chi ( de France.Nous demandons à Facebook de soutenir la liberté de parole et d'expression et de nous donner le droit d'exprimer notre bonne cause et d'arrêter d'être complice des communistes vietnamiens répressifs. Ceux qui attaquent des militants des droits de l'homme devraient être bloqués et non les activistes eux-mêmes. Nous demandons aux Facebookers dans le monde entier de soutenir notre cause et de signer notre pétition. P.S. Vous pouvez même aider un peu plus en copiant et envoyer cette pétition au gouvernement local de votre pays, vos représentants élus. Nous avons besoin d'aide pour traduire vers d'autres langues allemandes, françaises et bien d'autres ... Nous vous remercions tous.  

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