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Senator Edward J. Markey. National leader on energy, environment, climate, telecom. Voice for consumer protection.

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DID YOU KNOW??? The UN says more than 7,600 people - mostly civilians - have been killed and close to 42,000 others injured since the conflict between forces loyal to exiled President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi and those allied to the Houthi rebel movement escalated in March 2015. Fighting on the ground and air strikes on rebel-held areas by a Saudi-led coalition backed by the US and UK have displaced more than three million people. And seven million people do not know where their next meal might come from. The World Food Programme's executive director, Ertharin Cousin, warned in March 2017 that aid workers faced a "race against time" to prevent a famine, adding: "We have about three months of food stored inside the country." OF COURSE YOU DIDN'T KNOW.... The average American has no idea that our "Ally", Saudi Arabia, is murdering countless men, women and helpless children in order to gain the spoils of a land considered desirable for it's oil and access to the Strait of Bab-el-Mandeb-important for the shipping of oil between the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden.  Ask yourself why that is. Why do we not hear about this atrocity on the evening news. Ask yourself why our leaders in Washington never speak of these crimes being committed in our names by our allies in the middle east. Helpless Mothers watch their babies die in their arms from starvation. This is a particularly painful way to die. The agony of both infant and mother must be immeasurable.  YOU HAVE THE POWER TO HELP.... I call upon you, to please in the name of God, ask our leaders in Washington to put an end to this horror. Make our leaders take notice of the deaths of innocent civilians, and lean on our allies to stop this. These barbarous acts must end! Sign my petition and take a step to save the lives of those that cannot save themselves! Make our Senators hear our voices and go to Washington to draft legislation to put sanctions on the countries committing these crimes. MANY BLESSINGS UPON YOU AND YOURS. May you never know the suffering these poor souls now endure.   

Aaron Chauncey
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