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Angel Families Call for Sheriff Joe to Run Tent Cities at Border

This petition has been initiated by Angel Families across the nation urging President Trump to appoint Sheriff Joe Arpaio to run the Tent Cities Along the Border.  THE PROBLEM: Unvetted thousands -- a so-called “migrant caravan” from Central America – are attempting to break into our country as asylum seeking refugees. MS-13 gangs, ISIS, and dangerous elements have been confirmed as being part of this "refugee" tidal wave. President Trump announced intent to establish Tent Cities on the border to help process this caravan -- to help those who are truly asylum seekers and to send back those using "asylum" as a ruse to illegally enter and disappear into the US soaking up taxpayer resources and government entitlements for years to come – or worse, committing crimes in Sanctuary Cities where they have no fear of reprisal. No group knows the painful and tragic cost of illegal aliens in our country than Angel Families -- those who have lost loved ones to criminal illegal aliens. They stand behind this petition and the following proposal. THE SOLUTION: 1. Build the Tent City along our southern border to keep and process the migrant caravan -- to sort asylum seekers and to send back any migrants attempting to enter the US illegally. 2. Appoint former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio to run this operation. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s experience running tent cities for Maricopa County criminals is unprecedented anywhere in the country. Sheriff Joe has served 35 years as a top law enforcement official in Mexico, and Central and South America, living, working, and fighting illegal activity in these countries for decades. Sheriff Joe has fought illegal immigration and drug trafficking on BOTH sides of the border, he understands our border in precisely the ways we need a leader to understand it at this moment. Sheriff Joe is imminently qualified to lead and run a Tent City refugee holding ground at our southern border. We want him to take this charge. Build Tent Cities at the border, do NOT release asylum seekers before their court hearing, and appoint Sheriff Joe Arpaio to run and maintain these Tent Cities. I am not alone. I sign this petition alongside fellow law-abiding Americans. The border and immigration problem is complicated and political – we understand this, but enforcing the law shouldn’t be. I stand with enforcing the law. I stand with the Angel Families who have initiated this petition: Mary Ann Mendoza Melanie Mendoza King Michelle Root Cathy and Jeff Hall Agnes Gibboney Marla Wolff Arlene Soodak Kathy and Billy Inman Aileen and Zach Smith Vickie and Chris Lyons Steve Ronnebeck

Mary Ann Mendoza
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Support women's body autonomy by refusing to support anti-abortion policies.

This is more than the morality argument that many people find themselves  struggling with when discussing abortion.  One in four women will have an abortion. Chances are, you know someone who has had one.  Strict abortion laws directly influence a women's voice and autonomy over what she does with her body. In 1939 the prominent lawyer Arthur Garfield Hays, the general counsel for the American Civil Liberties Union in the 1920s, wrote in his book: In a society where interests conflict I realize there can be no absolutes. My freedom to swing my arm ends where the other fellow’s nose begins. But the other fellow’s nose doesn’t begin in my brain, or in my soul either, as the religionists would have it. The government's freedom to regulate our bodies ends there, at my body.  In a world facing overpopulation issues, and with already 400,000 children in the U.S.'s foster care system, adoption isn't always the best option.  CDC: Unintended pregnancy is the major contributor to induced abortion. Increasing access to and use of effective contraception can reduce unintended pregnancies and further reduce the number of abortions performed in the United States. Similarly, easier access to abortions can cause abortions to be performed earlier, rather than later in the pregnancy when the fetus is more developed. Teen mothers are more susceptible to physical and emotional issues related to pregnancy, and in 2018, roughly 25% of teen pregnancies ended in abortions. The bills being passed forces most of these teenagers to carry the baby to term. Being a teen mom can disadvantage young women, as only 40% of teen moms graduate high school and only 2% graduate college.  The largest percentage of abortions in the US occurred in 2015 at ≤8 weeks’ gestation. However, only between 39-56.7% of women under the age of 19 had abortions during this period, making younger women much more vulnerable to missing the 6-week limit. 85% of women who get an abortion are unmarried. Many women risk losing their jobs and sources of income because of a pregnancy and a baby who will then be dependent on them as the only parent for at least the next 18 years.  I won't even bring up the argument about forcing rape victims to carry a child conceived out of rape.   We ask that our state legislature revisit this complicated issue with more respect for women's bodily autonomy and right to choose. No other bodily function is regulated, and our bodies are not the government's property. We encourage those who take issue with abortion to work with organizations that improve the foster care system and access to contraceptives, and consider that if we allow the government to begin regulating what we do with our bodies, where does that line end?

Laurel Wasson
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Affordable insulin prices for all

As we continue to make America great again, we run into the problems of affordable healthcare. Healthcare services and medical needs are becoming a rising cost in today's Big Pharma and Medical needs.  Living in the Type 1, Juvenile Onset Diabetic world, I have seen first hand what it costs for individuals with this disease to survive. Rationing, low carbohydrate diets, living paycheck to paycheck, not being able to find a provider are all just the beginning of the every day struggle those with this disease battle with.  I was diagnosed 20 years ago, and as an adult I struggle to get the medication I need to be able to live just day to day. Surviving with the the unknown result of the next refill for insulin I am going to need.  On average, a months supply of both long and short acting insulin is about 1400 to 2000 dollars without insurance. Average co-pays can average anywhere between 50 to 300 dollars a month. That is just for insulin. A typical day to day prescription a diabetic needs are insulin, blood glucose monitoring supplies like testing strips, lancets, alcohol swabs, etc. Without insulin, a diabetic could go into diabetic shock, typically known as Diabetic-Ketoacidosis. (Typically known as DKA) Which is an Intensive Treatment Unit Hospitalization-caused effect. Plain and simple, without this medication we would die. On top of these, typical Type 1 diabetics need an emergency glucagon injection on their person at all times, which is an equivalent life saver compared to an EPI pen, Narcan injection, or Asthmatic inhaler.This emergency equipment is also on the list of expensive, yet almost impossible to get without a prescription, medication.   The reason for this petition is to not only make insulin a more readily available medication, but a more affordable medication as well. A medication that gets capped off, and cannot be raised unreasonable prices.  As an individual, a proud citizen, and a working Middle-Class Type 1 Diabetic, I would like to see others come together and make every day living a more affordable, and reasonable circumstance. 

Jonah Combs
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The indictment Michael Lewis Arthur Meyers and termination of VOP (Veterans On Patrol)

The indictment Michael Lewis Arthur Meyers aka Lewis Arthur aka Michael Meyer aka Louie Prepper aka VOP Alpha Co - Team Pulaski, of VOP (Veterans On Patrol), Bravo Base - "Camp Conklin". Who has a criminal record and charges against him in various states including assault, burglary, domestic violence, criminal trespassing and drug possession. He engaged in criminal trespass activities in Surprise, AZ; established a homeless encampment in Phoenix and another in Mesa, AZ; and, more recently, became associated with a homeless encampment on private property behind Santa Rita Park in Tucson.. Meyer was arrested for trespassing on the Cemex property and for an outstanding warrant associated with an assault charge after he failed to appear in court on Tuesday, July 17, 2018. As a founder of VOP; he is not a Veteran, “Veterans On Patrol” has not filed paperwork to use the word “veterans” as it collects donations and has no 503/1 (c) status filled, non profit or any other TIN filled. “Arizona Revised Statute 13-3722 states, “It is unlawful for a person to solicit money or other support in the name of American veterans unless the veterans' organization […] files a registration statement with the secretary of state.”” He and this organization isn’t just violating local laws, but federal laws as well, just in this simple act. Other possible crimes include wire fraud, fraud, tax evasion, money laundering, possession of a fire arm as a convicted felon, neglect; withholding medical care, obstruction of justice, making false statements to the police, RICO Act, etc… “Lewis” as he is recently known as has asked online for gift cards specifically and has the ability to cash in the gift card, via cash for gift card machine(s). This make the money untraceable; except the machines require a driver’s license to use and he could be tracked this way. Lewis also denies access of the VA to treat Veterans and denies access to most any organization that Veterans or the civilian homeless would benefit from.  He also kicks out homeless Veterans and civilians that question Lewis’ motives and actions.  Claiming they are pedophiles, etc… Lewis also feeds into the drug and alcohol addiction of the homeless, both Veteran and civilian. We would like state and federal involvement; to include investigation and appropriate legal action, have VOP, Camp Bravo and all associated entities shutdown. Additionally, we want a state or federally operated or a nonprofit program in place, to help with the transition of homeless to a program to help these Veterans and civilians reintegrate into a viable living conditions. If need be, have the camp replaced by a state or federally or nonprofit operated housing, food, medical care and services.  We are tired of Lewis and VOP taking advantage of the homeless and those who think they are doing good by sending him gift cards. Lewis is a pariah that needs to be stopped. There more than enough news and organizational sources that provide proof of Lewis’ misdeeds and fraud. Some of Lewis' claims: He claims Cemex or Tucson PD bulldozed the original camp site, though there are no real pictures to confirm. He claims he was shot at by a man on an ATV, but there was no proof. He sent his "Drone Air Force" into the air and saw what are known survey markers, large concrete white X's used by airplanes and satellites to calibrate their positions. Arthur made the outrageous and embarrassing claim that these were markers for child sex trafficking routes and they led right to Cemex properties. He claims the child's skull he found had vertebrae attached and there was a decomposing body you could smell. The skull is bleached and far past decomposition, nothing else is shown. Law enforcement indicates it was only a skull and that it belongs to a man in his twenties. He "finds" the skull in an area littered with human remains far out in the desert 20 miles north of Tucson, and nowhere near the "rape camp" he discovered. He says there is a bloody knife, and while we are shown a knife, take his word that little spot there is blood. He found a random illegal and decided the man was a victim of trafficking. He took off with the guy before ICE could arrive (called by local business owners) and brought him to his FOB. He decides the guy is untruthful and calls ICE himself. His naiveté in the area of illegal immigration and trafficking is cringeworthy, and this is about trafficked children so he picks up a random 22 year old man. (they have since removed these videos) He supposedly discovered another rape tree, only there was no proof. He exposes Craig Sawyer's number to the internet and claims he has the truth. He plays 3 seconds of a recorded call with Sawyer (along with showing the numbers and names of everyone he has spoken to and recorded in the last month) where Sawyer says "I'll be at the site in 15 minutes" and presses stop. It's a major reveal. His personal army applauds and attacks. (this video was also deleted, Arthur claimed because it hit 5000 "likes", but more likely one of the people he unintentionally doxxed complained) VOP volunteers broke into a house in the desert, assuming it was a "rape house" and tried to destroy a closed circuit camera the owner was using to watch the property.

Joseph Schmitt
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Arizona, provide accurate and balanced information about the effects of medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana has a huge stigma currently attached to its use among mainstream medical providers, despite growing evidence of its effectiveness and safety for use in treating a variety of physical and mental health symptoms. Providing one-sided and potentially biased information only continues to marginalize and disrespect those who have found marijuana or cannabis-based products to be their best available treatment option. There are many studies showing both positive and negative potential outcomes and effects of cannabis use as a medicine. Both types of studies should be present in any reference resource provided for use as an education tool for healthcare professionals. As a veteran with PTSD, I have exhausted every mainstream pharmaceutical treatment for my condition. Many of these, rather than alleviating my symptoms, have increased my anxiety, often to the point of causing me to have suicidal thoughts. Off medication, I have the ability to control my thoughts, however, I experience significant anxiety and difficulty functioning outside my home. Through my own research, I have found many reputable studies, including some published through the National Institute of Health, that show the potential for significant benefit from medicinal marijuana. Omitting these studies while providing numerous sources demonstrating the dangers of marijuana do a dis-service to those for whom "standard" medicine has failed to find a treatment that works. Please, provide both accurate and balanced studies on the potential benefits as well as the dangers of marijuana. This is similar to the standard used for pharmaceutical drugs, and would seem to be the only logical choice when providing education aimed at assisting healthcare providers and the community in general. Currently the State's website ( is one-sided, and prejudicial to all those seeking to benefit from medical marijuana, a legal and necessary treatment.

Benjamin Finnell
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