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Fly our Flags at Half Staff on IOAD Monday 8/31/20 because THEIR LIVES MATTERED

August 31st of every year has been declared International Overdose Awareness Day. A day to bring awareness to this epidemic and the lives lost from it. According to the CDC (STATCAST-Week of September 9, 2019) over 770,000 Americans have died from drug overdoses since 1999, and the total number of deaths jumped from 16,849 in 1999 to a high mark of 70, 237 in 2017 with a slight decline in 2018 of 67,637.  We are asking that on this day, for all states to lower their flags to half-staff in remembrance of those lives lost from the disease of addiction. And we know that it can be done because it was done for the Corona Virus when 100,000 lives were lost from it.  “An easy way to remember when to fly the US flag at half-staff is to consider when the whole nation is in mourning. (We are). These periods of mourning are proclaimed either by the POTUS, for national remembrance, or the governor of a state for local remembrance”, according to the Guidance from US Department of Veteran’ Affairs publication.  Our crisis certainly qualifies. Therefore, we respectfully ask you, our President and our Governors to lower your flags on August 31, 2020, on International Overdose Awareness Day in remembrance of all who have died and with hope for a healthier nation tomorrow.  THEIR LIVES MATTERED TOO!!  Thank you!!   

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Angel Families Call for Sheriff Joe to Run Tent Cities at Border

This petition has been initiated by Angel Families across the nation urging President Trump to appoint Sheriff Joe Arpaio to run the Tent Cities Along the Border.  THE PROBLEM: Unvetted thousands -- a so-called “migrant caravan” from Central America – are attempting to break into our country as asylum seeking refugees. MS-13 gangs, ISIS, and dangerous elements have been confirmed as being part of this "refugee" tidal wave. President Trump announced intent to establish Tent Cities on the border to help process this caravan -- to help those who are truly asylum seekers and to send back those using "asylum" as a ruse to illegally enter and disappear into the US soaking up taxpayer resources and government entitlements for years to come – or worse, committing crimes in Sanctuary Cities where they have no fear of reprisal. No group knows the painful and tragic cost of illegal aliens in our country than Angel Families -- those who have lost loved ones to criminal illegal aliens. They stand behind this petition and the following proposal. THE SOLUTION: 1. Build the Tent City along our southern border to keep and process the migrant caravan -- to sort asylum seekers and to send back any migrants attempting to enter the US illegally. 2. Appoint former Sheriff of Maricopa County, Joe Arpaio to run this operation. Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s experience running tent cities for Maricopa County criminals is unprecedented anywhere in the country. Sheriff Joe has served 35 years as a top law enforcement official in Mexico, and Central and South America, living, working, and fighting illegal activity in these countries for decades. Sheriff Joe has fought illegal immigration and drug trafficking on BOTH sides of the border, he understands our border in precisely the ways we need a leader to understand it at this moment. Sheriff Joe is imminently qualified to lead and run a Tent City refugee holding ground at our southern border. We want him to take this charge. Build Tent Cities at the border, do NOT release asylum seekers before their court hearing, and appoint Sheriff Joe Arpaio to run and maintain these Tent Cities. I am not alone. I sign this petition alongside fellow law-abiding Americans. The border and immigration problem is complicated and political – we understand this, but enforcing the law shouldn’t be. I stand with enforcing the law. I stand with the Angel Families who have initiated this petition: Mary Ann Mendoza Melanie Mendoza King Michelle Root Cathy and Jeff Hall Agnes Gibboney Marla Wolff Arlene Soodak Kathy and Billy Inman Aileen and Zach Smith Vickie and Chris Lyons Steve Ronnebeck

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Affordable insulin prices for all

As we continue to make America great again, we run into the problems of affordable healthcare. Healthcare services and medical needs are becoming a rising cost in today's Big Pharma and Medical needs.  Living in the Type 1, Juvenile Onset Diabetic world, I have seen first hand what it costs for individuals with this disease to survive. Rationing, low carbohydrate diets, living paycheck to paycheck, not being able to find a provider are all just the beginning of the every day struggle those with this disease battle with.  I was diagnosed 20 years ago, and as an adult I struggle to get the medication I need to be able to live just day to day. Surviving with the the unknown result of the next refill for insulin I am going to need.  On average, a months supply of both long and short acting insulin is about 1400 to 2000 dollars without insurance. Average co-pays can average anywhere between 50 to 300 dollars a month. That is just for insulin. A typical day to day prescription a diabetic needs are insulin, blood glucose monitoring supplies like testing strips, lancets, alcohol swabs, etc. Without insulin, a diabetic could go into diabetic shock, typically known as Diabetic-Ketoacidosis. (Typically known as DKA) Which is an Intensive Treatment Unit Hospitalization-caused effect. Plain and simple, without this medication we would die. On top of these, typical Type 1 diabetics need an emergency glucagon injection on their person at all times, which is an equivalent life saver compared to an EPI pen, Narcan injection, or Asthmatic inhaler.This emergency equipment is also on the list of expensive, yet almost impossible to get without a prescription, medication.   The reason for this petition is to not only make insulin a more readily available medication, but a more affordable medication as well. A medication that gets capped off, and cannot be raised unreasonable prices.  As an individual, a proud citizen, and a working Middle-Class Type 1 Diabetic, I would like to see others come together and make every day living a more affordable, and reasonable circumstance. 

Jonah Combs
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Governor Ducey to Listen to our Special Needs Population

Governor Ducey, I'm reaching out to you in a desperate situation relative to something that could easily be handled by you in one phone call and action.  We are doing everything we can to keep employees moving, Phoenix upright and our kids serviced during this difficult time.  It is not fair that DDD allows for OT and ST to continue services while leaving Physical Therapy without options and the ability to at least attempt to continue services and serve these children.  I implore you to work with the services you control and release the red tape that could easily and without vote provide funds that were already distributed to continue to serve your Developmentally Delayed population.  Seems like you don't care or otherwise want to deal with this situation.  There has been a petition that circulated around our country and Louisiana already lifted the barrier to allow services to continue, our Department of Homeland Security released a statement that these services are ESSENTIAL to our population.  My next move is to get on news channel with our parents to express the disappointment in how this is being handled.  One move makes this happen, one simple phone call to the head of DDD makes this all go away. Even Medicare released the barrier, we are better then this, Arizona is better then this.  Please make it happen.   Your Devoted Resident,   Chris Lopez Owner North Valley Pediatric Therapy

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RN's Fight COVID-19: Streamline the Licensure of Nursing Students Quickly

On March 11th Governor Ducey declared a state of emergency. Because of that, we the undersigned, call on the Arizona Board of Nursing to lower the number of required in-person preceptorship hours specifically for the May 2020 cohort of graduating nursing students. This cohort of nursing students are currently required to complete 96 preceptorship hours in order to meet graduation requirements. However, due to the COVID-19 crisis, hospitals are limiting the number of students who can complete their preceptorship hours needed to graduate. We are asking that the number of required in-person hours be temporarily decreased to 36 hours for this class of nursing students. They have completed all of the other academic requirements set forth by their colleges. There are four reasons that this should be done immediately. 1)      Hospitals were already experiencing a nursing shortage prior to this outbreak. We are potentially understaffed to meet the overwhelming healthcare needs of our community. 2)      The COVID-19 pandemic will put an unprecedented strain on our medical system. There could be nurses that contract the virus, furthering the need for more nursing staff. In order to effectively cope with this pandemic, our healthcare system needs to register as many new nurses as possible. As a state, we need the nurses who are about to graduate and we need them working as part of our healthcare system as soon as possible. 3)      Per ARS 32-787 section A, the Arizona Board of Nursing must work in conjunction with the Department of Health Services to establish a “temporary waiver of the professional licensure requirements necessary for the implementation of any measures required to adequately address the state of emergency.” 4)      In lieu of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a shortage of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). While we are completing the required preceptorship hours, we do not want to use valuable resources that could be used to care for the sick. Thank you for your quick response. The expediting of waiving requirements for the May 2020 graduating cohorts of nursing students is a vital need for our communities. Granting the wavering of required hours needed to graduate, and expediting the process for these students to take their NCLEX examination should be done immediately. we know you and the profession have been put under unprecedented strain in the current environment.  We know that our future nurses are here and ready to facilitate the health and well being of our patients and delivery of that care! Looking forward to working with you to remedy this situation. Please respond in writing by Tuesday March 24th. Thanks you!

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