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Petitioning Angela Merkel (CDU)

World leaders: Please act to save our lives in Aleppo

I am one of the very last doctors serving the remaining 300,000 citizens of eastern Aleppo. Atrocities are being committed every day. The Syrian regime and Russian aircraft are systematically targeting civilians and hospitals across the city. We have seen no real effort from President Trump, Chancellor Merkel or Prime Minister May to prevent the criminal attacks against civilians and our hospitals. That is why I've started this petition. World leaders are not listening to my voice alone. Will you join me and make a call so loud they can’t ignore us? For five years, we have borne witness as countless patients, friends and colleagues suffered violent, tormented deaths. For five years, the world has stood by and remarked how ‘complicated’ Syria is, while doing little to protect us. Last month there were 42 attacks on medical facilities in Syria, 15 of which were hospitals in which my colleagues and I work. At this rate, our medical services in Aleppo could be completely destroyed in a month, leaving 300,000 people to die. What pains me and my fellow doctors the most is choosing who will live and who will die. Young children are sometimes brought into our emergency rooms so badly injured that we have to prioritise those with better chances, or simply don’t have the equipment to help them. A few weeks ago, four newborn babies gasping for air suffocated to death after a blast cut the oxygen supply to their incubators. Their lives ended before they had really begun. Despite the horror, we choose to be here. We took a pledge to help those in need. We have a duty to remain and help. All we ask now is for Trump, Merkel, May and other world leaders to do their duty, too. We do not need their tears or sympathy or even prayers, we need them to act. We need them to prove that they are the friends of Syrians. Please join us in our call. Ask world leaders to save the people of Aleppo.

Dr. Hamza Al Khatib
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Petitioning Donald J. Trump, Donald J. Trump, Donald Trump

Clemency for Craig Cesal - Serving Life Without Parole for Marijuana

Seventeen years ago, my dad, Craig Cesal, was arrested on a marijuana conspiracy case because he owned a trucking repair business. He would repair trucks that had been leased and used to smuggle pot. The trucks would be trashed after the marijuana was stripped from the secret compartments, and although it was obvious these trucks were being used to smuggle pot, my dad didn't think it was his business to report it.   He had no criminal history whatsoever, but today, he is serving a life sentence without parole because he didn't take a plea bargain, went to trial, and was therefore held responsible for everything the kingpin and smugglers had done. They cut deals, testified against him and they are all free today.  Marijuana is now legal for recreational use in nine states. And politicians like John Boehner are joining marijuana investment firms and plan to make millions of dollars while my dad rots in prison. His only chance at freedom is if President Trump commutes his sentence. My dad was a single, divorced, dad, and would tell my brother and I that if we got straight A's at school, we would go on a special trip, like Washington DC or Disneyland. It always worked. He would also make us wear T-shirts that said “I got straight A's and came to Disneyland.” He would also make us take photos with all the Disney characters. He loved to show everyone the photos of us with Disney characters when we got home. He was the best dad in the world and I don't see how his incarceration is serving any good purpose for our society. If President Trump does not commute my father's sentence, he will likely die in prison, especially since he has diabetes and has had medical complications and requirements that are not being properly met.  Please sign my petition so I can be with my father.  We want to make up for the time we have missed out on. You will end so much suffering if this petition succeeds in bringing him home.  Lauren Cesal

Lauren Cesal
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Petitioning Donald J. Trump

Save North Atlantic Right Whales from Seismic Airgun Blasting

President Trump stands poised to green-light new seismic airgun blasting and offshore drilling in the Atlantic Ocean — and the fate of one of the world’s most critically endangered whales hangs in the balance. The dynamite-like blasts of seismic airguns — used to search for oil and gas deposits — hinder North Atlantic right whales’ ability to find food, ward off sickness and keep track of their babies. Their existence is already hanging by a thread. No calves are known to have been born during this year’s calving season, and in the past year, at least 17 whales have been found dead – the most since scientists started reporting on mortality rates. Only about 100 breeding females remain alive. With fewer than 450 North Atlantic right whales remaining, the threat of seismic airgun blasting and offshore drilling could tip the population toward extinction. During a seismic survey, ships may tow dozens of seismic airguns behind them, firing intense loud blasts of air every 10 to 12 seconds, up to 24 hours a day for weeks to months at-a-time. The noise can travel thousands of miles underwater, indiscriminately impacting ocean animals in its path. We refuse to stand by while the federal government considers allowing this unnecessary harm. Oceana’s grassroots campaigners have already helped mobilize over 42,000 businesses and 500,000 fishing families from Florida to Maine in strong opposition of seismic airgun blasting and offshore drilling off the U.S. East Coast. We’ve successfully kept seismic airgun blasting and offshore drilling out of Atlantic waters for years: add your name now to help us do it again. The Trump Administration won’t back down easily. It’s going to take tireless efforts from Oceana organizers, campaigners and scientists from across the country to protect whales, dolphins and other marine life from seismic airgun blasting and offshore drilling.  Our fight is far from over, and we need support from supporters like you. Add your name now to tell President Trump NO to seismic airgun blasting and offshore oil drilling.

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Petitioning Federal Communications Commission, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives, Donald Trump, Mitch McConnell, Paul Ryan

Save Net Neutrality Again November 2017.

People Responsible for this petition: Shameem Akhter, Anastasia Zellner, Marcus Mudano.   The Internet is a place where people can learn, entertain, teach, discuss, and do far more, but today, our Federal Government is working to roll back Net Neutrality rules on equal access. What is Net Neutrality? Net Neutrality is the idea that your acess to the internet, whether it is LTE or a wireless internet connection, is not altered or manipulated by Internet service providers (companies like AT&T, Verizon, Comcast, or BrightHouse that provide internet access.) Titles I and II of The Communications Act of 1934 give the FCC stronger enforcement and oversight over Internet service providers and their access to their customers’ activities on the Internet. If these rules and regulations are repealed, many Americans would have to deal with Internet Service providers impinging on their access to the websites they rely on. Why? 1. Internet Service providers are slowing down internet speed to websites that compete with them. 2. Internet Service Providers are blocking access to websites that compete with them.For a good example: These only begin to exemplify what can happen when regulations on Internet Service providers are removed. Many Americans will lose access to certain apps or websites because of Internet Service Providers. No matter what your political affiliation is, we can all agree that no American should have their internet access limited because of who they get their internet from. Together as Americans, we can tell the FCC not to repeal Net Neutrality, so that everyone can have access to the free internet. Heres what You can do to Help:  1. Sign this Petition: 2. Sign this Petition: 3. Text “resist” to 50409 4. Email FCC representatives: Ajit Pai: Mignon Clyburn:   Mignon.Clyburn@fcc.govMichael O'Rielly:   Mike.O' Brendan Carr: Jessica Rosenworcel:   5. Email Your Senators and Representatives. 6. In the Honor of John Oliver: go to Click "Express" and tell the FCC that "I, [Your name], specifically support strong net neutrality backed by the Title II act of the The Communications Act of 1934" WE HAVE TO MAKE SURE WE CRASH THE FCC website again. We have spoke against the FCC and it worked in   June 2014  May 2017   This is the third time the American People have to say "Yes" to Net Neutrality. Please join us so we can tell for once and for all, "NO!" 

Shameem Akhter
308,135 supporters
Petitioning Angela Merkel (CDU)

Führende der Welt: Handeln Sie jetzt und retten Sie unsere Leben in Aleppo!

Ich bin einer der allerletzten Ärzte, die sich noch um die 300.000 verbliebenen Menschen im östlichen Aleppo kümmern.  Jeden Tag werden hier Gräueltaten verübt. Das syrische Regime und russische Kampfjets greifen systematisch zivile Ziele und Krankenhäuser überall in der Stadt an. Ich habe sowohl dem ehemaligen US-Präsident Obama und Kanzlerin Merkel einen offenen Brief geschrieben, um ihnen mitzuteilen, was in Aleppo passiert. Ich bat sie darum, ihren Einfluss zu nutzen, um uns zu helfen. Aber die Antwort ist die gleiche wie die letzten fünf Jahre: Merkel schweigt und aus dem Weißen Haus kommt nur eine müde Verurteilung der Vorfälle. Weder Obama noch Merkel zeigten ernsthafte Bemühungen, um die verbrecherischen Angriffe gegen Zivilisten und Krankenhäuser zu unterbinden. Darum habe ich diese Petition gestartet habe. Die Führende der Welt hören nicht auf meine Stimme allein. Aber wenn Sie mich unterstützen? Machen Sie mit und wir sind so laut, dass sie uns nicht mehr ignorieren können! Sechs Jahre lang mussten wir mitansehen, wie zahllose Patienten, Freunde und Kollegen grausam und qualvoll ums Leben kamen. Sechs Jahre lang hat die Weltgemeinschaft zugesehen und nur davon gesprochen, wie „komplex“ die Lage in Syrien ist. Sechs Jahre lang hat die Weltgemeinschaft so gut wie nichts unternommen, um uns zu helfen. Im letzten Monat gab es 42 Angriffe auf medizinische Einrichtungen in Syrien, 15 davon waren Krankenhäuser, in denen meine Kollegen und ich arbeiten. Mit dieser Häufigkeit an Angriffen könnte unsere medizinische Versorgung in Aleppo bereits in einem Monat komplett zerstört werden. Dann würde man 300.000 Menschen ohne medizinische Versorgung sterben lassen. Was meinen Kollegen und mir die größten Kopfschmerzen bereitet, ist zu entscheiden, wer lebt und wer stirbt. Kleine Kinder kommen manchmal so schwer verletzt in die Notaufnahme, dass wir sie abweisen müssen, um denen zu helfen, die höhere Überlebenschancen haben. Oder wir müssen sie abweisen, weil wir einfach nicht die nötige Ausstattung haben, um ihnen zu helfen. Vor einer Woche starben vier neugeborene Babys, sie erstickten, weil eine Explosion die Sauerstoffzufuhr unterbrochen hatte. Sie starben, bevor sie überhaupt leben konnten. Trotz des alltäglichen Horrors haben wir beschlossen, hier zu bleiben. Wir haben uns derer verschrieben, die in Not sind. Es ist unsere Pflicht, hier zu bleiben und zu helfen. Alles, was wir jetzt verlangen, ist, dass es uns die Führenden der Welt gleich tun und ihre Pflicht wahrnehmen. Wir brauchen weder ihre Tränen, noch ihre Sympathie oder Gebete, wir brauchen ihre Taten. Sie müssen beweisen, dass sie Freunde der syrischen Bevölkerung sind. Bitte unterstützen Sie unseren Aufruf. Fordern Sie gemeinsam mit uns die Führende der Welt auf, die Menschen in Aleppo zu retten.

Dr. Hamza Al Khatib
868,412 supporters