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Petitioning Tennessee General Assembly

Parents Deserve More Great Public Charter School Options : Vote YES on HB702/SB830

We, the undersigned, stand in strong support of legislation reforming the charter school authorization appeals process as championed by Speaker Beth Harwell, Representative Mark White and Senator Dolores Gresham. The goal of this bill is simple: to incorporate national best practices in the charter school authorization appeals process and to ensure that politics no longer serve as a roadblock in decisions impacting public education opportunities for Tennessee's children. We are pleased to support HB 702/SB 830, and in so doing support quality charter schools.

Tennessee Charter Schools Association VOICE, StudentsFirst Tennessee, Democrats for Education Reform Tennessee
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Petitioning Lamar Alexander, Bob Corker, Marsha Blackburn

We want harsher punishment for drivers that hit motorcyclists.

On July 23, 2016, I was hit on Interstate 24 East, by a driver of a Chevy pickup. The man had gotten on the interstate an exit after us. He cut off a trail vehicle and another motorcyclist that was behind me, before coming up beside me, yelling for me to "get the hell off of the road" and then cutting me off and sharing the lane with the motorcyclist in front of me. I wanted to get a tag number so that I could call the incident in to the police. I got behind the driver and just before the exit that we were going to get off of, I got into the right lane. The driver then crossed the double lines and hit the front end of my bike. I tried to slow down as quickly as I could before me and the bike went down. He then got back into the left lane and tried to get away. The other motorcyclists that I was with was able to follow him to the next exit and prevent him from leaving by boxing him in. The man told them that he didn't hit anyone and that he had to go. The local police department told those motorcyclists that they were wrong to have followed him. I have a fractured left ankle and tibia. I have a shattered left femur and knee. I have a broken right shoulder. We don't want to talk about all of the road rash. This man was only cited with speeding, immediate notification, and leaving the scene of an accident. What we need in order to be seen, is a harsher punishment for these motorists. They clearly have no regard to our lives while we are out enjoying something that brings us peace and joy. If they know that the punishment were harsher for not paying attention or even hitting us on purpose, then maybe they will respect the law a little more. We could be the one that passed a back pack full of school supplies to their child or children for free. We could be the person that purchased a toy for their child or children because they weren't able to provide. They fail to see that we serve our community in such ways. We work with the Department of Human Services and other Not for profit organizations. We are people too. We have jobs, families, degrees, and it just so happens we have a passion for bike riding too. Unfortunately, my life is placed on hold. I have to depend on other to help me get from one place to another, go to the bathroom, bathe, financially, etc. The man that hit me, well he is still living his life without any handicaps. We need to send a message to these drivers. We need to decrease the amount of motorcycle fatalities and injuries by letting the people that hit us as well as other motorists know that the punishment will be much more than a moving or nonmoving violation. They need to be charged criminally. Suddenly when you throw the words murder, attempted murder, or manslaughter around, it gets their attention. Let TN be the state that protects it's bikers!

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Petitioning Cecile Bledsoe, Jonathan Dismang, Linda Chesterfield, Ronald Caldwell, David Fielding, Blake Johnson, Deborah Ferguson, LeAnne Burch, Trent Garner, Stephen Meeks, Joyce Elliott, Greg Leding, Larry ...

Help Abolish the Statute of Limitations in GA, FL, AR, MS, TN for Sex Crimes

This petition is for legislators in Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Tennesse to get abolish the statute of limitations for felony Rape, Sexual Assault, and Sexual Battery. It is also a request for the State of Florida to edit their statute of limitations on all sex crimes to be more concise. 

Sarah Marchand
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Petitioning United States Supreme Court, Tennessee State House, Tennessee State Senate, Tennessee Governor, Lamar Alexander, Bill Haslam, Bob Corker, Steve Cohen, Marsha Blackburn, Jim Cooper, John Duncan, Dia...

Bring Pastor Jarrod Home.. Innocent n in jail for crime he didn't do

My name is Jarrod Spicer and I'm an inmate at the Hardeman County Correctional Facility in Whiteville,TN. I'm writing this to testify my innocence due to complete frustration and in mind humbling darkness asking for some compassionate help.  I have a wife, five children; the youngest one is five and four grandchildren. I had a business and two mortgages on my house and now our house is gone and my wife and children weep. I'm serving a twenty-five year sentence for something I didn't do and I'm hoping God will help me contact someone who might be able to help me prove it. I'm willing to volunteer for any new program, lie detector process, truth drug study, psychiatric procedures, physically or mentally hazardous to prove my innocence. You don't know how difficult it is to deal with this. This prison is "Hell on Earth." older inmates, like me, are abused and threatened almost daily by younger, stronger, criminally, knowledgeable inmates.  Sometimes something as simple as stepping out into the hallway becomes a hazardous endeavor. I saw one older gentleman killed when he was knocked to the concrete floor and split his head open; his name was Bill and he was my roommate and friend. The American justice system that most people are raised in like me, to always trust is broken. The promise that the truth will always prevail and that " you are innocent until proven guilty" is a bygone idea and now a farce due to corrupt officials, biased judges and law enforcement brutality.  I hope you get the opportunity to read "The Shack", by WM Paul Young in which he basically compares man's judgment to hate retaliation and greed versus God's Judgment to love-forgiveness and charity. "Once abolish the God and government becomes the God" which is a quote by GK Chesterton in "The Shack."  My story is that I was initially offered a plea deal for two years and plead reckless homicide. I even signed the paperwork but knew my innocence and backed out. They had my attorney offer me eight years @ 30, plead involuntary manslaughter or go to trial but once again I knew I was innocent and trusted American Justice but it was a mistake. I was represented by a high priced attorney in it just for the money. When I couldn't pay him, he basically gave me up to the DA. My nightmare at night is my attorney not asking for second opinion of the medical examiner who said "He couldn't determine the cause of death."  They did not get a second opinion cause my attorney said we couldn't afford one and then when asked for retrospectively by the appeals judge about why a second opinion was not gotten; cause the court would have helped; my attorney said he didn't know he could do that. Same para the victim was 77 years old and in court characterized as "A walking corpse" cause of the medical issues. He was even embalmed before the medical examiner did the "cause of death" investigation. Even after embalming, his body revealed massive dosage of hydrocodone and alcohol. Now I hope you my nightmare and the injustice of it all. It may sound frightening but it's all true and the victim appears to be ME, abandoned by a legal system with no remorse for mistakes and incarcerated by the "Tennessee Department of Corrections" where there are NO "Corrections or programs" to allow persons of good character and even better behavior to get some relief. My family grieves for me and I for them. I can't sleep at night knowing what I and they are missing. Please someone help me and my family if at all possible. GOD BLESS YOU!!  I have endured the temptation but yet my heart is free and so is my soul. Sincerly,Pastor Jarrod R. Spicer Sr.

Tasha Casey
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Institute Comprehensive Sexuality Education in Tennessee Schools

It was the legislature's desire similar to the desire reflected in the petition that children be empowered to make safe healthy choices throughout their lives.. That is why the law encourages risk avoidance not risk reduction. In doing so, we took the same approach as we have done with other public health issues, like alcohol, tobacco, etc. We encourage abstinence from behaviors that pose significant health risks and avoidance of those same behaviors. We don't encourage children to just "reduce the risk" but we encourage discontinuance of those behaviors that involve potentially great risk. "Risk avoidance." The law also provides and requires a comprehensive education. The curriculum is encourage sexual health by helping students understand how sexual activity affects the whole person including the physical, emotional, social, psychological, economic, and educational consequences of non marital sexual activity. Read the law. You will find confidence in the approach taken.

2 years ago