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Congresswoman Dina Titus serves the First Congressional District of Nevada. Dr. Titus taught government classes from 1979-2011 at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She was elected to the Nevada State Senate in 1988, serving until 2008.

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Change Nevada Law to Protect our Pets like we do our Children

 SB 409 was introduced in Nevada by Mark Manendo, Nicole Cannizzaro, David Parks; Kelvin Atkinson, Yvanna Cancela, Moises Denis, Julia Ratti, Tick Segerblom, Pat Spearman and Joyce Woodhouse. (This bill was approved and signed into law by then Gov Sandoval on 6/4/17 - but it failed to protect the "Good Samaritan") Manendo, Cannizzaro and Parks were the primary sponsors of this bill. In short, the state gave immunity to First Responders should they need to break into a vehicle to save an animal in distress but failed to protect you and I, the everyday citizen! Read a full copy of the bill here. The purpose of this petition is to get them to re-introduce a new bill this year to add "Good Samaritan" to Nevada State Law. In Nevada it is illegal to leave a child or animal in a hot vehicle, however, according to State Law you can ONLY break in the vehicle to save the child. You can be held civilly AND criminally liable to saving the animal. It's time that changed! Even on a perfectly lovely 75°F day, it only takes 10 minutes for the internal temperature of a car to rise above 100°F! And on a sweltering summer day at 100°F, it’s pretty much immediately too hot for an animal to be left in the car as temps can reach 150°F within minutes!During an interview with a local TV Station on 6/28/19 in the late morning, it was 92°F outside. The inside of the vehicle was 74°F when the A/C and engine were shut off. Within 15 minutes, the inside temperature of the vehicle had climbed to 123°F and was still climbing when the interview ended. In Nevada, the "Good Samaritan Law" protects Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters, Animal Control and other "First Responders" from any civil liability should they break a vehicle window to rescue a pet in distress that has been left in an extremely hot or cold car unattended. (NRS 202.575). What we need is a law the protects a private citizen, like you or I, should we come face to face with this situation. As it is now, a private citizen is required to call 311 (or their local non-emergency phone number) to report the situation. A call to 911 is ONLY allowed when the pet is in serious danger of dying. You are NOT PERMITTED to touch the vehicle! So, how do you know if there’s enough danger to the animal to require action?1. How hot is too hot?* In areas like Las Vegas, even 70°F is to hot, because in a vehicle with the windows rolled up, temperatures can fly well past 100°F in a matter of minutes!2. What can and should you do to help an animal in a hot or cold car?* According to Nevada State Law, you can't do ANYTHING, except call the police, and if and when they show up, hope the animal hasn't died by then. 3. Not to mention, what can you legally do to rescue that animal, and is it legal to break the car window?* It is ILLEGAL in Nevada to attempt or break into a vehicle to save an animal. How State Rules Differ About Rescuing Animals From Hot Cars In many states, (AZ, CA, CO, DE, FL, IN, MA, OH, TN & WI) ordinary citizens are granted legal immunity if they damage someone’s vehicle to rescue “an animal.” There is pending legislation in AL & OR. Other states, like Nevada, DO NOT have “Good Samaritan” laws that protect ordinary citizens who rescue animals that are trapped in hot cars. Of the states that have "Civilian Immunity" Laws in place, here are the average summer temps: Arizona - 105°FCalifornia - 92°FColorado - 90°FDelaware - 88°FFlorida - 92°FIndiana - 85°FMassachusetts  - 81°FOhio - 83°FTennessee - 92°FWisconsin - 80°F Combined total, the above states average 88°F during the summer months. And then there's Nevada, which averages 101°F during the summer. Las Vegas pushes that average to a sweltering 106°F, nearly 20°F hotter than the average of the states above! Does this mean that you could or should run around, willy-nilly, smashing car windows with rocks if you live in a state that grants you legal immunity? Of course not. What it does mean is that Nevada needs to get in line with several other states and protect our animals. Citizens can break a car window to save a child, but not an animal. This does not make sense! Sign the petition to send a message to our Elected Officials that it's time to protect our animals like we do our children. Because to some, our animals ARE our children! 

Save Our Animals in Nevada
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�Act Now: Temp Las Vegas Rent Freeze

To the Las Vegas City Council, and all local entities:  We the undersigned residents are gripped by the COVID-19 crisis, with jobs sending people home, sick time limited or non-existent, and little to no rise in the minimum wage in comparison to the cost of living within our areas of work in the past thirty or so years.  Las Vegas and the surrounding areas are faced with an extreme housing crisis - what has been labeled a housing state of emergency. This misnomer implies there is a lack of available homes, when in fact thousands upon thousands of units stand empty in every building across our counties. Where apartments stand idle, mothers die outside. Where the elderly cannot find a place to sit, our city authorities turn a blind eye in order to promote private business interests.  As we the undersigned believe, you are in fact held to the highest position of account to the people of Nevada and are in fact our employees. You are failing us at every turn when you put private financial interest above the common good of all people. We believe it is our common good to create an area-wide rent freeze now, not later, not next month, but now.  Without work, without sick days, many of us will not be able to afford our rents come April 1st. We will not be able to afford this rent retroactively. We will not have this money at some later date. We are hard-working people who barely have enough to pay one month’s rent at a time. We demand therefore that all Clark county area rents be frozen immediately until the COVID-19 crisis passes, until there are tests that show this is no longer a threat posed to all of our communities.  Please know we the undersigned make this demand knowing you are to comply with the will of the people, not the will of private interests. If you should choose to ignore our demands we will organize openly and actively against attempts to profit off our unfair, unmitigated suffering, and surround your offices and homes, bringing our illest citizens to rest at your front doors until you have no choice but to join us, either as one of the endlessly ill, or as one of the proud leaders demanding the most basic of human dignities for the people of this area.  With all the power of the people. 

Joshua Rivera
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End The Discrimination Appeal Shimon Avta's Inadmissibility REUNITE Shimon with his wife

On 1/8/2018 in less than two hours my husband was put on plane to Israel. Coerced by federal authorities while we were in the GREEN CARD process. Please help reunite our family by signing this petition TO URGE THE US GOVERNMENT TO REUNITE OUR FAMILY!  On Jan 3, 2017 Shimon Avta, an Israeli citizen married an American Citizen, Esther. I am contacting you about the political theatre that my husband and I have recently fallen victim to.  Prior to meeting my husband in 2017, my husband was issued a US Visa for 10 years in 2015. At the Visa interview he was asked what he does for a living ,which he stated he work for Tikun Olam. They asked for a letter from his company which he supplied them at his VISA interview. The embassy had full knowledge of what my husband does for a living prior to him receiving a 10 year US VISA.  My husband was employed by a company called Tikun Olam, 1 of 6 companies in that state of Israel that is licensed for medical cannabis. Tikun Olam is the #1 Medical Cannabis Research Center in the WORLD. Shimon had been employed there from June 2014 to August 2017. His position during this time was agronomist,  Head Breeder and head of research and development. Tikun Olam chief scientist is Professor Zvi Bentwich - a leading AIDS researcher, chairman of Physicians for Human Rights, and one of the first doctors to treat with medical cannabis in Israel. Tikun Olam not only treats AIDS patients in Israel, also including Cancer, PTSD, Crohns, Colitis, Tourette, Parkinson, ALS, MS, Epilepsy, and Alzheimer's patients in the State of Israel. My husband has also been declared an expert witness in Israeli police cases regarding cannabis. My husband has traveled back and forth to the United States for the last year on a B1/B2 Visa for research/reporting on behalf of this company. When my husband and I married Jan 3, 2017 in Las Vegas, Nevada, we started the green card process so we can build a life together. Shimon was issued an advanced parole card and his EAD when the US Government knew exactly what he does for a living.  We had our interview at USCIS on December 15, 2017 with Officer Roman, who asked many marijuana questions to my husband. The officer had a misunderstanding of what my husband has done and was doing as an employee of Tikun Olam from June 2014 to August 2017.  We received a denial letter on December 20, 2017 where Officer Roman wrongly labeled my husband calling him a “controlled substance trafficker” because of his work at Tikun Olam. My husband has never been involved with drug trafficking nor anything that remotely resembles this claim. He has never been involved in illegal activities. We hired Attorney Ed Prudhomme to be present on 1/8/2018 for the summoning at the airport and for the appeal. My husband arrived at the Las Vegas airport on 1/8/2018 at 10 am in the morning where he was instructed that he had a flight at 4:30pm back to Israel. They stated that he either leave the country voluntarily or he be arrested as a controlled substance trafficker. My husband was escorted by two immigration officers to the plane. Upon arrival at the SFO airport my husband reported that he was arrested and put in handcuffs by border control. My husband has been nothing but compliant with the US government. My husband asked the arresting officer why he is being put in handcuffs and he said repeatedly "shut up"...  “it is standard procedure for all Israelis...all Israeli's are rude”. I had not heard from my husband until he landed in Israel because the officers at border control denied him access to make a phone call to me. I even called SFO border control and asked about them and they refused to give any information to me and denied me to talk with my husband.  My husband's 10 year US Visa was revoked and marked inadmissible because we got married. If we would have never gotten married or gone through the green card process legally, he would have never had his 10 year US VISA revoked. The US had no problem issuing him a VISA in 2015 knowing what he does for a living. My husband has been taken away from me and our Jewish community that we are actively apart of on false accusations. My husband is not a drug trafficker, he is an expert in his field of research on medical cannabis in Israel. He is a scientist. Shimon has helped many people with their chronic diseases in the State of Israel and has helped the police in Israel crack down on illegal cannabis testifying as an expert in court cases. Our Jewish faith affirms if this saves a life you can do it. The OU (Orthodox Union) has certified medical marijuana if it saves a life to use it.   The State of Israel states what my husband does is legal, the state of Nevada states that medical cannabis is legal but the federal government deems anyone working in that field a felon, a drug trafficker. This is unfair to have the people be put in the middle of a State and Federal conflict, especially those people such as my husband who did nothing against State or Federal laws. Shimon is a baal teshuva and former IDF Commander who served Israel faithfully. My husband is not only a medical cannabis scientist but had spent several years volunteering with Fair Planet in Ethiopia to help a village flourish by teaching them agriculture, how to grow their own food and crops to sell. He has improved thousands of people's lives because of his contributions in this world.  We are seeking your help that my husband's name would be cleared of these false accusations.  Rabbi Harlig, Rabbi Attal, and Rabbi Shuchat of #Chabad Las Vegas, Nevada stand with my husband and my family as well as many members of the Las Vegas community. We are asking you to STAND with us!   Thank you in advance for your help, The Avta Family

The Avta Family
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Nomtoibayar Nyamtaishir, a young politician has been wrongfully accused, illegally detained and politically sentenced on July 6th, 2020. Nomtoibayar, 41 has been elected as a Member of the Parliament and sat as a lawmaker for two consecutive terms from 2012 until 2020. During his second tenure, he was appointed as a Minister of Labor and Social Protection from 2016 until 2017. When public scandal erupted of elected members of parliament and some cabinet members abusing power and misusing public funds with a way of manipulating the system, Nomtoibayar spoke against his fellow members and demanded justice. Unfortunately, in 2020 the system went against him and wrongfully accused him of abusing power while he was Minister. This allegation had no grounds and was left aside until he declared his independent run for the 2020 parliamentary election. The alleged case progressed at a speed of light in a period of two weeks making it to the Preliminary Court of the local district. Three days after he received his official permission to campaign from the Election Committee he was unlawfully detained. To this date no official records indicate justification of his imprisonment. The Preliminary Court has scheduled his court date two days after official election day. Due to his illegal incarceration he was unable to campaign physically. This was just a beginning for those who wanted him to be out of politics. On July 6th, after four days of trial without legal representation Nomtoibayar was sentenced 5 years 5 months of abusing power with NO monetary loss by the state.  

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Negligent Doctors In Nevada Butchering People, while the laws protect them

Hello my name is Panchitta Crespo. In March 2013 I had Fusion Thoracic surgery of the T7-T8 spine by apparently the top Spine & Neurosurgeon in Nevada. In order to do the surgery the doctor explained to me the only risk was death because the surgery is not performed often. The doctor also explained that their were only two entry point options to conduct the surgery. One was to open the entire chest wall and have to go through all the vital organs. The other was to enter from the side in my back. They had to remove part of my rib (which was not explained prior to surgery) and deflate my left lung (which was not explained prior to surgery). I was actually happy to finally be almost out of back pain if the surgery was a success. But it wasn't. I knew something wasn't right three months into recovery because I was immediately placed on oxygen. I went to the doctor and he said my surgery was a evasive one and I needed to allow more time to recover then the estimated (doctor prediction) three months. Then I went to see a lawyer, who refused the case and told me to allow more time to heal. What I didn't know was that lawyer had ties to the doctor. Here I was 36 years old, unable to breath, take a deep breath, laugh, sleep, or sleep on my left side. That following October 2013, I went to the restroom and lost feeling in my legs when I stood up. I fell and tore the ligaments in my right ankle and broke the calcaneous bone. The orthopedic surgeon said I had nerve damage in my legs from the back surgery. Then I was recommended by one of his doctors to see another great Neurosurgeon that happen to work at the same place with the previous doctor but was told he was different and would fix any mistakes the other doctor made. I still never had my ankle surgery because my back pain is more extensive pain then my ankle. So I went to see the new doctor and he viewed the surgery reports, xrays, MRI's, CT scans and my body itself. He saw that there was a pocket of fluid still there in my lung area which showed a lump, then he felt where my rib was bothering me, which was under my breast bone around to my back where my spine is at. He said I had intercostal nerve damage. He said this could be easily fixed by cutting part of the nerve so it will cause me to feel numbness in the area where my pain was. He assured me that all my pain would be over soon. Well I went in for his surgery August 2014. He said he was only going to cut one nerve right before in went into the operating room. When I was in recovery he told me that they drilled a hole in my sixth rib, shaved my fifth rib, cut some muscle and then cut two nerves instead of one. Not even 8hrs after surgery I was in the hospital bed stuck in a slump (bed ditch), I tried to scoot over to the left and ALL my ribs cracked on my left side causing me to scream in extreme pain. The nurses ran in but wanted to see if I tore my stitches and staples but as they tried to turn me on my side, my ribs cracked even more. I continued to scream and pray in Arabic. Then the nurses would not get me medical attention until the morning after they called the doctors. The surgeon got a CT scan and then asked did I want to go home, not even caring about my new condition. The primary doctor care doctor in charge of me ordered a xray and they both found that my ribs were now fractured. The primary care doctor placed me in a rehabilitation center for a few weeks. I couldn't walk (sometimes still can't), bathe myself (need assistance now), use the restroom by myself, feed myself, twist, turn, bend, and my breathing was worse and worse of all I lost my memory. I underwent physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy for several weeks. I was released because of insurance reasons. I went back to the surgeon and got a new CT scan done and the surgeon said my ribs was worse then before and needed immediate attention of a new surgery to put a new plate on my 5th, 6th & 7th ribs. I had no choice but to go through with it in November 2014 because of the pain I was still in. Well as of June 2015 I had to get a Neurostimulator implanted inside me because pain medications was not working and based on the newest CT scan, my screws in my ribs are loose and that is one of the reasons why I'm still in pain and jot healing. I've gone to see several lawyers and all said I have a case but will not help me based on having a conflict of interest and how the laws are set up. The law states that the patient has a year to file a case against a doctor. The problem is finding a doctor that will go against another doctor without jeopardizing his chances of receiving a referral and his reputation not be ruined in the medical community. I was told this information by a lawyer. I have written the state reps, governor, congress and everyone states I have to go through other people first. There is a chain of command . Each person forwarded my letter and did nothing to help me. Can you all please sign this petition to change this law in Nevada to get people like me a chance to not have their lives ruined by doctors like this. In the beginning i only had back pain and asthma. Now i have serious blood pressure problems, peripheral never damage, intercostal nerve damage, memory loss, edema, hypoxemia, osteoporosis, seizures, depression, anxiety. I cannot work anymore and I was a senior in college for Criminal Justice which I now can't pursue because I can barely get out of bed or help my kids or afford to put them in activities such as sports or dance like they was in before I became disabled by these doctors. Now it is 2017 and I have just had my 9th surgery. Four of my surgeries I've been sliced wide open and 5 of them I've had nerve blocks and epidural pain injections that did not help me one bit. I am on extensive pain medication but due to FDA regulations I cannot get enough to take away my pain at all. I need more then what they give me. I am not a drug addict but I do need more help. I also would like for these doctors licenses revoked and for them to at least help with my living arrangements. I know no money can take away my pain but at lease Ill be comforted that my children are cared for. Due to their negligence I am unable to pay for my children's education as well as provide for them in my home. I do not receive any assistance from the government and because of them I am on 22 medications that I have to pay for because medicare does not pay part D. I have to pay the copay for the insurance as well as the copays in the pharmacy for each medication. Please help me change the law. The doctors responsible for my disability are Dr. Stuart Kaplan and Dr. William Smith. Please help me stop them from hurting others. 

Panchitta Crespo effected by medical negligence
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Every day CCSD schools depend on Substitute Teachers to fill hundreds of classroom vacancies.  CCSD could not function without the commitment of these devoted individuals. Even when working full-time, CCSD Substitute Teachers are not eligible for health insurance, paid time off, or unemployment benefits.  They have been fighting for years to obtain these basic benefits that all other full-time workers in America receive.  To make matters worse, in the midst of the crisis surrounding Covid-19, and the closure of schools around the country, CCSD has made the decision to not pay Substitute Teachers during the closure, leaving many individuals without any source of income for the next month and possibly beyond.  Please support CCSD Substitute Teachers by signing this petition to ask that Governor Stephen F. Sisolak, CCSD Superintendent Jesus Jara and the CCSD Board of Trustees take care of these valuable employees during this national crisis. For decades, teachers across America have been fighting for higher pay and better benefits.  With union backing, some progress (albeit not enough) has been achieved.  CCSD Substitute Teachers are not eligible to join the union, and have therefore gone without pay increases for nearly 20-years.  Many people do not know that licensed teachers receive additional pay for covering open classrooms during their “prep-periods,” which comes at a huge cost to the district.  Therefore, by filling approximately 700 vacancies across Clark County, substitute teachers save CCSD more than $45-million annually!  The importance of this issue extends far beyond that of just Substitute Teachers - this is an issue that affects every single member of CCSD and every taxpayer in Nevada.  Substitute Teachers are more than just warm bodies filling classrooms.  Substitute Teachers are required to have at least 2-years of college education, dozens of hours of training in classroom management and CCSD policy, additional annual education, and a license issued by the Nevada Department of Education.  Many subs fill vacancies for an entire year, thereby taking on all the responsibilities of a tenured teacher including lesson plans, grading, parent communication, IEP and 504 meetings, and all aspects of student care and classroom management.  They are no different to the students than another teacher, yet they are paid far less, do not receive health insurance, time off, or any other benefits.  Although fully licensed teachers and administration will all be paid during this closure, substitutes will not be paid, yet they will be expected to return to work and complete the year once the schools reopen (including filling in all the gaps and managing the issues that will certainly arise from this crisis).   Whether Substitute Teachers work 5-days per week, or 1-day per week, they depend on their income.  Substitutes are labeled as “on call” employees and are ineligible to claim unemployment benefits, therefore will likely not be protected by the new bill signed in Congress that strengthens unemployment benefits and protects millions of other Americans.   Please sign this petition and ask CCSD to support Substitute Teachers by paying them during this closure.  Additionally, please follow the link below and sign the petition asking CCSD to acknowledge the work that substitutes do on a daily basis and provide them with a livable wage and access to health insurance. Thank you for your support and if you have any questions or simply would like to offer support, feel free to contact the Steering Committee at Petition demanding Higher Pay for Substitute Teachers:  

Leoneisha Smith-Mack [Cheyenne HS]
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Dogs need your help! Tell Congress to stop cruel taxpayer-funded experiments.

I would like to thank the White Coat Waste Project for starting this important petition, and the more than 100,000 citizens who have asked Congress to end unnecessary and cruel dog experimentation in government laboratories. Your voices are already making a difference, and this is going to be a priority for me in the 115th Congress. As a result of the outpouring of concern about this issue from my constituents and other Americans, I have initiated a bipartisan effort in Congress to investigate animal testing in government laboratories. As a first step, we have formally requested that the Government Accountability Office conduct an audit of what is being done to dogs and other animals in federal laboratories, what are the results, and what are the costs to taxpayers. As a member of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, I am especially concerned about the disturbing experiments on dogs being conducted at various VA facilities. Unfortunately, this is not the first time I have found that animal testing in government laboratories sometimes continues even when it is unnecessary. A few years ago, I discovered that a National Institutes of Health lab was subjecting infant monkeys to cruel psychological experiments. For more than 30 years, the multimillion-dollar studies involved traumatizing newborn monkeys by removing them from their mothers at birth and even addicting them to alcohol. After receiving requests from some of my colleagues and me -- and pleas from thousands of Americans -- the NIH ultimately agreed that these studies were not a judicious use of taxpayer resources and ended the project. I am very proud of this great victory for animals and taxpayers. But the ongoing experiments on animals demonstrate that there is still much more work to do. There are compelling scientific, humane, and economic reasons to end animal testing. There is inspiring work by Congress, federal agencies, and industry to replace old-fashioned animal testing with high-tech alternatives like “organs-on-a-chip” that are faster, cheaper, and more effective. We need to support and accelerate such efforts. Thank you for speaking out and urging Congress to take action to protect dogs, modernize science, and cut government waste. My colleagues and I are paying attention and working to swiftly address this pressing issue.

5 years ago
Grant Military Burial Honors to Women WWII Pilots

I want to thank the Miller family for the efforts they’ve made to make sure that the WASPs get the recognition they deserve. The WASPs risked their lives, defended our country, and broke barriers when they were called to serve at the height of World War Two. Some lost their lives. All played an equally valuable role alongside their male counterparts in the wartime effort. Yet WASPs did not receive military benefits after the war and now are unable to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery. While the government has taken some steps toward giving the WASPs proper recognition and veterans benefits, decades later these heroic Americans are still being treated as second class citizens. I am pleased my colleagues on the committee supported this legislation and look forward to it passing the full U.S. House.

6 years ago