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Tell ICE: Don't deport Florida DREAMer Jennifer Lopez away from her family!

DREAMer Jennifer Lopez needs our help right now. She is a Florida resident and Dream Act-eligible youth who Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is trying to deport as we speak -- even though she has never committed a crime and was brought to the U.S. as a young child. Jennifer was threatened with deportation after her mother and she were pulled over in a routine traffic stop in Palm Beach county, where she lives with her younger siblings -- who are U.S. citizens with health problems that require Jennifer's ongoing care and attention. Immigration officials let Jennifer's mother go because she was recently able to attain resident status that Jennifer could not be included in because she had "aged out" of the visa process (a painful experience that throws many immigrant youth into legal limbo when they turn 21). Now, Jennifer's family and legal counsel are calling out for help after she was taken into DHS/ICE custody and threatened with the possibility of deportation away from her mother, siblings, and future in this country. Like DREAMer Manuel Guerra, Jennifer should not be a priority for deportation under the new ICE/DHS guidelines. Instead, she should be granted a type of status that allows her to contribute to the country she calls home. Jennifer has lived in the U.S. for a decade and completed high school through a GED program in order to help her mother and siblings. In fact, Jennifer's deportation would be doubly devastating -- not only would it cut her dreams and future plans short, it would rip her away from a family that depends on her care. Jennifer's younger sister, Ashley, a 5-year-old U.S. citizen, has been diagnosed with a blood clot, requiring her to be in observation for 3 months in the hospital, and to wear a special "boot" to get around. Her brother, also a citizen, appears to be losing his vision. Jennifer's mother has been diagnosed with a tumor in her knee, which required knee reconstruction. On top of all of this, Jennifer and her mother have NO criminal record and have been paying taxes for more than 8 years. Jennifer's legal counsel says, "I just got off the phone with Jennifer, who was in tears. It is heart-breaking to hear her fear and desperation. I spoke to the ICE officer arresting her, and he said he has "no discretion" and it is "mandatory" that she be taken into custody, even though she is a DREAM Act candidate, caring for 2 younger siblings with serious medical prob's, no criminal record, and a bright future in this country." If you agree that Jennifer should stay in the U.S. with her family, please sign the petition and spread the word by sharing it on Facebook.

Students Working for Immigrant Rights
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STOP EUTHANASIA of U.S. Wild Horses - YES to LIFE!

YES to LIFE!   (IN SHORT) Our few U.S. Federally Protected Wildhorses are at risk of Mass Euthanasia  in the current congressional cycle of 2017 in planning for 2018.  EUTHANASIA may in fact be a greater risk than horse slaughter, because virtually all representatives know, that 80% of Americans are united against horse slaughter. Hence most representatives feign or profess to care deeply about horses, even while they make the false case, that Euthanasia or Slaughter is in the horse's best interests.  The Department of Interior Appropriations Committee has specifically voted yes to Euthanasia and the largest advocacy groups are only alerting citizens to call against horse slaughter.  This is a dangerous over-sight.  Euthanasia is easier for Congress to vote for, and "EUTHANASIA" is the language being used as OK, versus Slaughter, for the wildhorses in the current Interior Budget. Deadly semantics, we need to say no to both and YES to LIFE! Listen to this House Interior Appropriations committee hearing on youtube here: CALL your senators and representatives to specifically oppose both Wildhorse Euthanasia and Horse Slaughter. YES to LIFE!                                         Senators: Representatives:    CALL TO ACTION 7/25/17   Dear First Peoples and Americans, U.S. Congress,Today, there are less than 100,000 Wild Horses in our country. But there are Millions of Cattle on our public lands. Wild horses are a native species. Cattle are an invasive species, from Asia. Wild horses share in the history and heritage of this country and their birthright, as a native species, is under dire threat, once again. The House Interior Appropriations Committee VOTED, on 7/18/17, to specifically 'MASS EUTHANIZE' the nation's wild horses, who are needlessly confined in expensive holding pens. They did this through a VOICE VOTE to avoid personal accountability. Our response must be immediate and direct. Congress needs to receive our outraged calls against MASS EUTHANASIA, as well as against horse slaughter. With the vast majority of the American people against horse slaughter, politicians are reluctant to record a vote in favor of horse slaughter. So this new tactic is to propose MASS EUTHANASIA and label it "aggressive management". It is called the Stewart Amendment, introduced by Rep. Chris Stewart of Utah.Mass Euthanasia is the greatest threat to our protected wild horses, under BLM management, right now. By their own admission, in the Appropriations Committees, the threat of horse slaughter is only being raised and used as a tool to push for other alternatives. Mass Euthanasia is their alternative tool for the extermination of our wild horses. Members of Congress are well aware that 80% of Americans strongly oppose horse slaughter, according to a Lake Research Poll. Now, we must call our U.S. Senators and Representatives and let them know that we are strongly opposed to Mass Euthanasia, as well as Slaughter. This is a betrayal of the public trust and constitutes the misuse of taxpayer funds for fiscally irresponsible management. THE ALTERNATIVE: FEASIBLE ON-RANGE MANAGEMENTThe BLM is currently mismanaging the public's wild horses in a way that increases the birth rate per the National Academy of Sciences (Puppy Mill style). The National Academy of Sciences recommends that contraception be utilized. Contraception has been utilized successfully on many LARGE Wild Horse Areas out west and on large islands and the coasts for up to 30 yrs. The BLM is refusing to utilize contraception, across the board, even though it can be darted, in remote areas, via helicopter; one family band at a time, with multiple cameras on the helicopters, to ensure safety and transparency. This is also the fiscally responsible method of wild herd management as PZP is feasible at a cost of $8 vs the current $74, being spent on maintaining wild horses, in unnecessary holding pens, per month per horse.  *SPECIAL NOTE*(Our Border Senators and Representatives COULD, also STOP the transport of our horses to slaughter, over the Mexican border, but they have not. Hence we are copying NM Senator Udall and NM Senator Heinrich, as well. Stopping slaughter in the US (through a 1 year defunding of USDA inspection) and then allowing and promoting it to flow out of our NM ports of entry, at the SAME time, constitutes a LOOK GOOD move and does not reflect an anti- horse slaughter position. Let them know this when you call.) THE RHETORIC - LIES TO MISLEAD => TITLE 18 CRIMESRepresentatives Amodei, Stewart, and Simpson have lied to Congress, a Title 18 Crime. They have lied about an "NGO" (Citizens Against Equine Slaughter aka CAES) having blocked birth control experimentation, as if to say the BLM now has no other options but mass euthanasia or slaughter. In fact, CAES strongly promotes the use of PZP contraception, in line with best practices and proven science. CAES, however, did successfully block, pro se, the BLM planned illegal vivisection style sterilization experimentation on 200 conscious pregnant mares, in Burns Oregon in 2016. This was an in-field sterilization of 200 pregnant live mares via ovariectomy via colpotomy through their peritoneum, blind, no scopes. This was not aseptic, and there was also no way to keep wild mares on their feet, and quiet, necessary for any possible recovery, hence this was extreme animal cruelty, illegal, and most if not all mares would have died horrible deaths of infection or evisceration, along with the fetus' inside them.  LIES by OMISSION No examples of large western areas or even large coastal areas were given in committee as proven models of the successful use of PZP immune-contraceptive. Included in these omissions were Pryor Mountain and McCullough Peaks, and others. Left out also was Assateague National Park in Maryland (48,000 acres), under the Department of Interior, utilizing non-sterilizing PZP for almost 30 yrs without the need for one round up or one adoption.  *(The link to the Committee's Discussion and Voice Vote is provided above)*The next step for this Dept. of Interior Bill, which includes the Stewart Amendment, will be a full floor vote, in the House. We will post the date of the vote, when known, but we can begin calling our Representatives now. PLEASE CALL your REPRESENTATIVES and say YES to LIFE!, NO TO MASS EUTHANASIA.  CALL Your senators and representatives to specifically oppose both Wildhorse Euthanasia and Horse Slaughter. YES to LIFE! Senators:   Representatives: Citizens Against Equine Slaughter (CAES)

Citizens Against Equine Slaughter
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The Dunn Law

A disabled man, Jamel Dunn from Cocoa, Florida in Brevard county, came up missing and was discovered to have drowned in a pond. Several days later a video of teenagers between the ages of 14-16 was posted on Facebook of the teens recording his death while he was struggling to live and breathe. They found it entertaining and watched a man while he drowned to death. To make matters worse, they mocked him, cussed at him, and told him that they would not help him as he begged and cried for help and took his last breaths. The entire time this was taking place, they were filming this. They had no regard to help or to even call for help. The Cocoa Police Department was unable to charge them because they say there is no legal obligation to help someone who is dying. The family is asking that there be a Dunn Law to be put in place in the event one purposely records the death of an individual and does nothing to attempt to call for help. Which they should be held accountable by a court of law and that it be a punishable offense, a crime, to stand around and do something so; appalling, awful, cruel, detestable, disgusting, dreadful, heinous, hideous, offensive, shameful, shocking, terrible, terrifying, ungodly, unholy, and unkind. The entire community is outraged and disgusted by what those teens did by just standing by, recording, and mocking someone as he begged for his life to be saved. And even more horrendous the fact that they will not be charged.  Please consider helping to have this idea to be passed as a law and examined by the Florida government.  Fund raiser: Learn more here:  

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Ban LGBTQ+ Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy in America is a problem that has been ignored for far too long and if left to fester, will continue to harm millions of LGBTQ+ children nationwide.  What is Conversion Therapy? While conversion therapy varies in practice, ranging from physical adverse conditioning to blatant shaming, the lack of scientific proof backing up the usefulness of these practices as well as the long-lasting negative effects are still the same.  Conversion therapy is usually forced onto LGBTQ+ minors by their legal guardians. Studies have shown that children being mistreated for identifying as LGBTQ+ are: 8 times more likely to have attempted suicide 6 times more likely to have reported high levels of depression 3 times more likely to use illegal drugs and 3 times as likely to be at a high risk for HIV and STDS compared to most other children or teenagers their age. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration also calls for the elimination of LGBTQ+ conversion therapy, having once stated “Specifically, conversion therapy—efforts to change an individual’s sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression —is a practice that is not supported by credible evidence and has been disavowed by behavioral health experts and associations. Conversion therapy perpetuates outdated views of gender roles and identities as well as the negative stereotype that being a sexual or gender minority or identifying as LGBTQ is an abnormal aspect of human development. Most importantly, it may put young people at risk of serious harm.” What We Want While in states such as California, Hawaii, and Rhode Island, the practice of conversion therapy upon children is outlawed, we call for a nationwide ban in America to protect LGBTQ+ youth from the harms conversion therapy inflicts.

Zoe Leonard
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Tiny's Law - Animals are NOT just property

TINY'S LAW PLEASE GIVE POLICE, ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS AND VETERINARIANS THE RIGHT TO TAKE POSSESSION ON THE SPOT OF NEGLECTED AND ABUSED ANIMALS. REMOVE OWNERS RIGHTS TO TAKE BACK POSSESSION AND GIVE AUTHORIZED RESCUES THE ABILITY TO RESCUE, REHABILITATE AND FIND THESE ANIMALS A SECOND CHANCE THEY SO DESERVE.  NO OTHER ANIMAL SHOULD DIE UNNECESSARILY AT THE HANDS OF CRUELTY AND NEGLECT! DO NOT LET TINY'S DEATH BE IN VAIN! His name was Tiny. Tiny was a severely neglected and abused dog that came to us from being rescued from the Rock Pits in Miami. He was emaciated, covered in fleas and ticks oozing Sores and very sick with Ehrlichia (tick borne disease) and stage 4 heart worm. He was getting treatment and on his road to recovery the 1st picture is of him after 30 days on Doxi and his 1st heart worm treatment. (see the shaved spot that's where they inserted the huge needle with the poison to kill the heart worms) A few weeks before he was to get his 2 & 3rd shots a so called rescuer found out he had and owner and he had to go back, she brought in lawyers and police! Regardless of the condition he was in when he came in and still going thru treatment. Tiny was just a piece of property nothing more! The owner got him back even though wasn't done with his treatment (it was being sponsored!) and needed to be kept calm and inside. The "owner" put him out on a chain and he was attacked by dogs and had a heart attack! we are all beyond heart broken we are  just broken! Tiny was the most gentle, loving perfect dog with soulful eyes and we loved him, we all did and he knew it! The system let him down and we need JUSTICE for Tiny! We don't care how he came to us, he was in horrible shape when he came in and it was love at first sight for all of us! We nursed him and made sure he got his meds and was on the road to recovery! Until someone decided to blow his world apart and condemn him to death! If he could have at least finished his treatments before they made him go back (he had 2 shots left scheduled in just a few weeks) he may have stood a chance, but no he had to go now! Tiny was nothing more than property to them! He was so much more, he was a loving, feeling, breathing and loyal gentle giant that didn't deserve what happened to him! From the group that rescued Tiny: (Guardians of Rescue) He was a neglected dog that had been seen for years roaming the roads far from his home; A rescue in the area had put up posts about how the dog was always out roaming and concerned he would be hit by a car, injured or killed. He was never neutered and impregnated countless abandoned dogs, often getting into fights with other males as he freely roamed about. He had been picked up many times -- once he even ended up near Tampa, but the owner always got him returned, but still didn't care enough to keep him safe. After Hurricane Irma, Guardian crews were in Miami-Dade County helping with animals affected by the devastating storm, when they came across a dog that was not within the confines of a fence, but roaming behind a broken down, two-strand barb wire fence. Along the side of a road Appearing injured, they coaxed the dog and were easily able to get a lead on him. He was dirty, had open sores oozing pus, he was covered in ticks and his breathing was very labored. Very concerned, Guardian members rushed the dog to a vet where he was medically checked, his wounds treated and the bad news came -- the heart worm test was positive. Tiny had stage 4 heart worms and only 8% heart function. Shockingly, he was chipped -- and we found out why. He had been picked up multiple times by Miami Dade and they chipped him. His name was Tiny. The owner did not speak English, but with the assistance of a translator he was informed the dog was at the animal hospital and in very poor health. Instead of concern for the dog's well-being, the owner instead screamed that the dog was an expensive dog and that the dog was fine, while threatening and demanding his dog back. He was well aware of the animal hospital that the dog was at and he was informed he would would have to pay for the medical treatments that were provided to help his dog, or that he could allow a rescue to take the dog and get the expense heart worm treatment his dog needed to save his life. The owner became more threatening with this information, demanding his dog back, vocalizing no concern for the dog. A local and very caring animal rescuer took and cared for Tiny while Guardians of Rescue paid for all of the medical needed, including heart worm treatment, to get the severely neglected dog healthy. Tiny's owner never showed up at the animal hospital that was overseeing his care. However, during this time a woman, who claimed to be a volunteer at Miami-Dade made it her mission to get the sick dog back to the neglectful owner. This, despite being informed of the horrible life the dog had with the owner, that he was not an emotional support dog, and was allowed to wander all over, she contacted a Miami-Dade detective. The detective said the dog was technically a stolen dog. Stolen? How about a sick dog that was thought to be abandoned because he was nowhere near his home in an area where abandoned dogs are dumped? Stolen? How about charges against the owner for a severely neglected dog that was underweight and close to death from heart worm when he was rescued about a mile from his home? The detective stated to us that an arrest warrant would be issued for the person who took the dog to the vet and for the person who was in possession and caring for the dog; the detective and the woman both claiming Tiny was an emotional support dog and she accusing us of removing his chip and bringing the dog to New York. Seriously? An emotional support dog that is always out running around miles from home? The detective gave the person caring for the dog no choice -- she had to bring Tiny to the police station. There was one stipulation -- the detective had to ensure the owner followed up with the after care of Tiny's heart worm treatment or he had to be charged with animal neglect. The Miami-Dade Police detective sent Tiny back to his owner, where Tiny was tied out on a chain, which is illegal -- and another dog attacked him. Tiny is now dead. Animals need to be protected from those who abuse and neglect them and are not just pieces of property. We are their voices and need to stand up and protect them! Tiny and many others like him did NOT have to die! more links and information about Tiny: Guardians of Rescue wrote: name was Tiny. Tiny is now dead. RIP sweetheart PLEASE GIVE POLICE, ANIMAL CONTROL OFFICERS AND VETERINARIANS THE RIGHT TO TAKE POSSESSION ON THE SPOT OF NEGLECTED AND ABUSED ANIMALS. REMOVE OWNERS RIGHTS TO TAKE BACK POSSESSION AND GIVE AUTHORIZED RESCUES THE ABILITY TO RESCUE, REHABILITATE AND FIND THESE ANIMALS A SECOND CHANCE THEY SO DESERVE. NO OTHER ANIMAL SHOULD DIE UNNECESSARILY AT THE HANDS OF CRUELTY AND NEGLECT! DO NOT LET TINY'S DEATH BE IN VAIN!

Saving Sage Animal Rescue Foundation
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Justice for Strushie - Miami Beach hotel mascot cat killed by arrows on the hotel property  ***Please visit Justice for Strushie facebook page to see pictures and a video of beautiful sweet Strushie***  We, Justice for Strushie,  need your support in demanding proper investigation and prosecution of this horrendous animal cruelty and animal abuse crime.   Supersweet, happy and easygoing Strushie, a beloved local Miami Beach fixture at the Franklin Hotel (860 Collins Avenue) was killed on the hotel property in early morning of 4/26/2017 by two arrows in his little orange head and neck from a crossbow. He died a slow excruciatingly painful death.  A top part of one of the two arrows was found on steps of the hotel property although Strushie was finally captured under a dumpster after a frantic run with arrows on his head and neck, on the north side of the Franklin Hotel facing 9th street. The Franklin Hotel's main building (860 Collins) has all suites and they lease out all the hotel rooms in the building next to them. That other building has many security cameras both outside and inside controlled and owned by the Franklin Hotel. Both buildings have a DVR that record and backup footage. There are over eight cameras owned by The Franklin that face the courtyard and the steps between the two buildings where the top part of the arrow was found and where 4 resident hotel cats including Strushie spent most of their time eating and sleeping.   According to several sources, it is unlikely Strushie was killed outside of the hotel property as he and the other three resident cats never went back there. He always stayed on The Franklin Hotel property. In contrast to some news reports, actually, Strushie was found by one of the women who fed him on the north side of The Franklin Hotel facing 9th street. This information was confirmed by one of the two men who were there at the time Strushie was found. When the women tried to pick him up and help him, he frantically ran away from them and circled the building a few times until he came to rest under a dumpster in the alley behind the hotel. Surveillance video needs to be reviewed from the Franklin Hotel, adjoining buildings, buildings on the other side of 9th street and on the other side of Collins in front of The Franklin Hotel. The Franklin Hotel has many security cameras that are motion activated around the entire perimeter of the hotel including inside spaces.   Strushie lounged in the hotel lobby and on their front patio while admired and loved by their many customers. He showered the hotel employees and customers with affection, and received as much as he gave. After the new owners bought the Franklin Hotel in November 2016, however, Strushie had to suffer abuse on the hotel property because the new owners didn't like cats. All of Strushie's short life, the hotel property had been his only home. The kind women who fed him were harassed by the new owners for feeding him, and were threatened with legal trespass action.   When hotel owners have nothing to hide, they show the police their security footage when requested or if not requested, they offer it to help find a criminal. There was a crime commited in the area and the police came into the Franklin Hotel but the new owners declined to give the police access to security video footage.  According to sources, the new owners signed up for shooting classes. Were those archery classes or gun classes? One of the new owners is an avid weapon collector, i.e. guns, knives, swords, crossbows and a plethora of other weapons. Prior to Strushie murder, arrows were found inside the Franklin Hotel by one of its employees.  Also according to sources,  one of the new owners was relentlessly complaining about his hatred of the cats and his desire to "kill them." The new owner had made his hatred abundantly clear to his employees, the former owner and others. As part of the agreement to transfer the hotel property from the previous owner, the new owners had to guarantee that the hotel resident cats could remain as that was the only home they knew. The new owners agreed, but many speculate this agreement was insincere to facilitate the transfer. Subsequent to the transfer of ownership, one of the owners was seen KICKING poor sweet Strushie on more than one occasion.  The new owners hated the hotel cats and were feuding (financial reasons involving a liquor license) with the former owner who loved the cats, especially Strushie, her favorite.  Subsequent to this tragic murder, the new owners have not worked with the police or offered them any real assistance. In contrast, the new owner has told many untruths about his hotel security equipment in which the police took him at his word even after they were showed the backup DVR recording system and spoke with the prior owner.  **Please read and sign the companion petition below also: **Media coverage:                          

Justice for Strushie
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