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Petitioning Welsh Government, Councillor Jean Swanson


I'm guessing by now if you have not read the papers then by word of mouth you have heard that my two dogs, Roccsi age 3 and her small puppy Kilo was seized from my house. Back in May, 9 police officers and 6 police vehicles came with a warrant to seize my dogs. Allegedly, the two dogs had allegedly bitten a lady two or three weeks earlier who had 'waved at them and bent down to stroke them'. Anyone who has a Frenchie, will know they are not savage dogs, they haven't got the bite of an average dog having an over or under-jaw bite. The two dogs are our family pets – in true Frenchie style they may stubborn, territorial and strong minded but they are NOT aggressive . These dogs have been part of my family since Roccsi was eight weeks old and her son Kilo was born at the house. They are extremely well socialised being around my children, they are house dogs, they come on regular outings with the children and I , attending my sons football etc. In court we have been advised both mother and pup are to be DESTROYED. We are distraught with the reprimand given by the so called Justice System – in shock is an understatement. It has been heartbreaking being without our dogs for this length of time, not only for me but my small children, we thought we were bringing them home on Monday – who wouldn't? So as it stands: Allegedly kilo has slightly bitten a ladies hand There is also a small scab on one leg, allegedly a tooth mark – for this I offer my sincere condolences, if it was any of my dogs as the lady states. (It is proposed that Roccsi did one wound, Kilo the other) I wouldn't want anyone being hurt by my dogs, but we must ask ourselves, does this really warrant 2 dogs being DESTROYED!!!! being taking away and a family distraught at the loss? Secondly, answer this, my dogs are going to be DESTROYED, no second chances, no prevention measures, no chance to get them trained, muzzled, caged when we are not around – is this just? No second chances – DESTROYED – a 3 year old mother and her puppy! We have 21 days to appeal but will need as much help as possible , I am asking from the bottom of my heart and for the sake of my family and our beautiful dogs that we can get as many of you to sign a petition to get Roccsi and her baby home where they belong – please share this far and wide and lets get the right outcome, a just outcome1 We all know who the target is here but taking it out on the my dogs is low even for the police. This reaction is completely over the top. The past is the past – it cant be changed but its been dealt with . When ones trying to live a quiet life but are not able to do so that's a disgrace and upright discrimination. North Wales Police should be highly ashamed by their vindictive actions here. It seems justice and due process are being abused because of a vendetta.            

Rachael Parland
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Petitioning Kennedy Stewart, Tiffany Rogeau, Rebecca Bligh, Christine Boyle, Adriane Carr, Melissa De Genova, Lisa Dominato, Pete Fry, Colleen Hardwick, Sarah Kirby-Yung, Jean Swanson, Mike Wiebe

Stop townhouse development next door to hospice!

Join us in opposing a 21-unit townhouse development proposed for 4575 Granville Street. See Vancouver Sun Video A proposal has been submitted to the City of Vancouver under the Interim Rezoning Policy for Affordable Housing Choices for rezoning of a property that is sandwiched between Vancouver Hospice and a single-family residence on the southwest corner of Connaught Drive. While we support the City of Vancouver’s initiatives to increase affordable housing, this project does not fit that criteria. The townhouse units are to be offered at market rates - well above what the average family or individual in Vancouver can afford. We believe that this is NOT a suitable property for this type of project, as it is directly adjacent to the hospice. This development will severely disrupt privacy, parking, access & noise for the over 150 Vancouver residents who come to our hospice each year to die. IF THE PROPOSAL IS APPROVED: The development will include 21 units; 63% of which will be 3 bedroom homes. The 32-spot underground parking will require laneway access, causing a dramatic increase in traffic in the narrow one-car lane. This will block the ONLY access for ambulances, hearses, service vehicles, and families coming to the hospice. This will cause an overall increase in neighbourhood traffic, and a marked reduction in available street parking. The transport of bodies from the back lane - an intensely private and emotional experience for loved ones saying their final goodbyes - may be exposed to additional vehicles and onlookers.   The peaceful view for patients and families from the entire north side of the hospice - the ONLY common gathering area with a view of trees and sky - will be completely obstructed. The anticipated 2-year construction phase will severely disrupt patients and families, and may lead to a complete closure of the hospice; forcing patients to rely on emergency services and acute care admissions at local hospitals. With only 36 hospice beds in Vancouver, any closure of the 8 beds provided by Vancouver Hospice Society would dramatically reduce the supply of this essential service for Vancouver citizens at the end of life. At a cost per hospice bed of approx. $500 per day vs approx. $2000 per day for a hospital bed, it makes economic sense for the city to ensure access to the specialized palliative care patients receive in a hospice setting. We believe that the rights of Vancouver citizens in need of end-of-life care must be taken into consideration when making development decisions of this magnitude.  The City has a choice of where to locate these projects. We can't relocate.  UPDATE: We had over 100 supporters who joined us in a protest at the city-sponsored Open House at Shaughnessy Heights United Church on Thurs, April 19th. Together, we sent a clear message to the City that Vancouver citizens will fight to protect the rights of dying patients and their families.A compassionate city practices responsible development.Let's continue to get the word out: Please sign our petition, and share with others! Thank you for your support!!For 3 Ways to Help Recent Press Release Georgia Straight Article CBC Radio Interview:The Early Edition April 19 Global News Story: Global News April 14 Vancouver Sun Article: Vancouver Sun April 16 Vancouver Courier Article:Vancouver Courier April 16 VHS Website:

Vancouver Hospice Society
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Petitioning Christina De Castell, Vancouver Public Library, Kennedy Stewart, Christina Boyle, Rebecca Bligh, Adriane Carr, Melissa DeGenova, Michael Wiebe, Colleen Hardwick, Pete Fry, Jean Swanson, Sarah Kirby...

VPL Must Cancel Megan Murphey

On March 21st, 2020, the Vancouver Public Library (VPL) will host well-known trans/sex-worker exclusionary radical "feminist" (TERF/SWERF), Megan Murphey, as she continues to loudly preach hate and violent rhetoric against the trans community, locally and internationally. By allowing this rental to occur, the VPL board has made it clear, once again, that they do not care about trans people and sex workers. Please sign and share this petition to help shut down the event and protect our communities. ------------------- In the past year, so-called Vancouver has experienced an onslaught of anti-trans hate activity that has been bolstered particularly by public institutions. Various speaking engagements and rallies have demonstrated a growing solidarity among anti-trans bigots, Christian fundamentalists, Neo-Nazis, white nationalists, Men's Rights Activists, incels, and conspiracy theorists. In January 2019, VPL went through with hosting a different transphobic event also featuring Murphey, leading to a revised room booking policy in response to community backlash. The VPL's new policy is clearly inadequate, as it still allows fascists like Murphey promoting hatred to rent in spaces funded by the public. We are asking for community support to call on the Chief Librarian, VPL Board, Mayor Kennedy Stewart, and Vancouver City Council to recognize this event as part of a larger series of actions that incite hate and violence toward targeted groups protected under law and must be cancelled. Note: CATA has many tools in their community organizing toolkits and a petition is one of many. There are many reasons we deployed a petition. We want to give as little online traction to Meegan Moophy as possible. We purposefully do not spell their name correctly, we use when we have to link to fascist websites, and we use when we have no other choice. We invite folks to join us in these efforts! For more context: CATA's letter to the VPL: An Analysis of the November 2, 2019 Panel of Hate: February 22, 2020 Trans Community Town Hall (allies welcome): March 21, 2020 Rally Against VPL's Continued Anti-Trans Tyranny: Join the boycott of VPL: Our info: Email: Twitter: noterfsnoswerfs Facebook: Our website / donation page: Instagram: @noterfsnoswerfs Write A Letter & Make A Phone Call! Please consider calling and writing to the Chief Librarian, Mayor of Vancouver, and Vancouver City Councillors to voice your concerns. Each letter is recorded and matters. VPL Chief Librarian's Contact Page: Christina de CastellChief 604.331.4003 Chrysalyn Tolentino, Executive ------------------- Mayor of Vancouver's Contact Page: Kennedy ------------------- Vancouver City Councillor's Contact Page: Christina BoylePhone: 604-873-7242 / E mail: Rebecca BlighPhone: 604-873-7249 / Email: Adrienne CarrPhone: 604-873-7245 / Email: Melissa DeGenovaPhone: 604-873-7244 / Email: Michael WiebePhone: 604-873-7241 + Executive assistant Jillian Kuzyk 604-871-6711 Email: Colleen HardwickPhone: 604-873-7240 / Email: Pete FryPhone: 604-873-7246 / Email: Jean SwansonPhone: 604-873-7243 / Email: Sarah Kirby-YungPhone: 604-873-7247 / Email:

Coalition Against Trans Antagonism
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Petitioning Councillor Jean Swanson, Kennedy Stewart, Rebecca Bligh, Christine Boyle, Adriane Carr, Melissa De Genova, Lisa Dominato, Pete Fry, Sarah Kirby-Yung, Colleen Hardwick, Jean Swanson, Michael Wiebe

Vancouver: No Megatowers at Safeway

MASSIVE luxury towers are being proposed by the Crombie Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) for the Safeway site on East Broadway at Commercial Drive. ZERO low income, non-profit, social housing or co-op housing is proposed. These investment developers, who are based on the Toronto Stock Exchange, want 3 skyscrapers that would soar to the equivalent of  40, 36 and 31 residential storeys from the ground to the very tip top. The developer is being exempted from  the "20% affordable housing policy". Only 12% of the suites will be for "below market" rent. Roughly a 16% discount. That's it. The rest of the 653 suites are luxury condos and upscale market priced rentals.   The proposed towers go against years of community planning for the site. The Grandview Woodlands Citizens' Assembly recommended 12 storeys as the highest height; the Grandview-Woodland Community Plan says heights ranging between 12-24 storeys are acceptable.  We strongly support increased density near a transit hub. Of course. But we want affordable housing in Vancouver. This development will not bring it. There is no generous, centrally located public plaza as the City promised in the Grandview Woodland community plan. These skyscrapers will darken the neighbourhood and erase mountain views. There is no community daycare in the proposal. The Safeway store itself would be dramatically increased in size - - a sprawling megastore out of keeping with Commercial Drive,  threatening the viability of local businesses. These massive towers will boost nearby property values, taxes and rents on local businesses.  We cherish the eclectic nature of Commercial Drive. This will push many independent businesses - many who already are struggling - away or into closure.  This proposal will do nothing to bring affordable housing to Vancouver. We want Vancouver City Council to vote 'No' to this development proposal and rezoning application for 1780 East Broadway.  

No Megatowers at Safeway
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Petitioning Councillor Jean Swanson, City of Vancouver Mayor & Council, Councillor Rebecca Bligh, Councillor Christine Boyle, Councillor Adriane Carr, Councillor Melissa De Genova, Councillor Lisa Dominato, Co...

Keep the beat in the ‘Heart’ of Mount Pleasant!

Join us to keep the beat in the ‘Heart’ of Mount Pleasant! The fight continues! Note: Please do not donate to this issue through If you want to donate please use our Fundrazr campaign here. We love the ‘Heritage Heart’, the unique commercial/cultural district defined by the intersections of Main, Broadway, and Kingsway. We bet you do too. BUT we are at risk of losing the ‘heart’ of Mount Pleasant and the local independent businesses and cultural groups who have homes there. Did you know that the Heart of Mount Pleasant was ranked # 1 on Heritage Vancouver Society’s 2019 Top Ten Endangered Watch List? The recognition of this district as the ‘heart’ of the community and the name “Heritage Heart” were born from the 2010 Mount Pleasant Community Plan (MPCP) and subsequent 2013 Implementation Package (IP), which were co-created by the City of Vancouver and the community through the investment of taxpayer dollars and hundreds of thousands of volunteer hours. They document the 'heart’s' importance as a vibrant shopping, cultural and gathering spot, not only to the neighbourhood but city-wide. Both documents also include the policy of “retaining the existing scale and character” of this small portion of Mount Pleasant. To protect this treasured district, we are asking that the Broadway Plan formalizes this policy and that the City go on to create and implement a management plan for the "Heritage Heart" that deals holistically with the social diversity, independent businesses, affordable rents, historic architecture, smaller store frontages, public spaces and unique personality of Mount Pleasant. Our Vision? When transit users emerge from the future Main Street Broadway Subway station, they will arrive at Mount Pleasant’s vibrant and distinct ‘Heritage Heart’, not a generic “could-be-anywhere” intersection. The clock is ticking; the time to act is now! The Broadway Plan is now expected to be presented to council in spring 2022. Join us as we call upon the City to include a commitment to creating a management plan for the ‘Heritage Heart’ within the Broadway Plan. Let your voice be heard, please sign and share our petition to protect our much loved unique commercial/cultural district! Note: After you sign the petition, will solicit for a donation on this issue, this is how operates - they give exposure in exchange for money. Please do not donate to this issue through Your most important contribution is your voice! But, if you'd like to donate to our campaign to help cover administration costs, please do so through the MPHG FundRazr page at For more information about the campaign please go to our Mount Pleasant Heritage Group website. Please share the petition. Or send a personal letter expressing your concerns to the following:  Mayor Kennedy Stewart - Councillor Rebecca Bligh - Councillor Christine Boyle - Councillor Adriane Carr - Councillor Melissa De Genova - Councillor Lisa Dominato -   Councillor Pete Fry - Councillor Colleen Hardwick - Councillor Sarah Kirby-Yung - Councillor Jean Swanson - Councillor Michael Wiebe -

Mount Pleasant Heritage Group
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Petitioning Camil Dumont, Tricia Barker, Mayor Kennedy Stewart, John Coupar, Dave Demers, John Irwin, Stuart Mackinnon, Rebecca Bligh, Christine Boyle, Adriane Carr, Melissa De Genova, Lisa Dominato, Pete Fry,...


During the COVID-19 pandemic, our family discovered an unexpected silver lining: the Langara Golf Course, a 120 acre greenspace in the middle of the city closed to golfing but open for the first time to the public for walking and biking. We are not alone. A diverse cross section of our community has made the same discovery and transformed the golf course into a truly public space. People from all walks of life – families, seniors, youth, runners, cyclists, people with disabilities, birdwatchers – have enjoyed this greenspace, while respecting the carefully maintained grounds and keeping physical distance. We are sad to hear the Vancouver Park Board has decided to re-open the Langara Golf Course exclusively to golfers. This decision will close off an important greenspace to local residents when it is most needed and when other public recreation facilities are closed. We have a simple request:   Keep the Langara Golf Course open as a public greenspace for non-golfing activities full time during the COVID-19 pandemic. We recognise that a public golf course helps make the sport of golf more accessible to many. Our aim is not to undermine the benefits that can bring.  We believe our request is a solution that can serve the full needs of our community at this time. Thanks for your support and please also sign this other petition that is calling to open Fraserview golf course here.  

Ka-Hay Law
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Petitioning Councillor Jean Swanson, MLA Hon. Melanie Mark, Honourable Selina Robinson, Honourable Adrian Dix, Honourable Shane Simpson

Stop the Human Rights Violations of Disabled British Columbians.

An estimated 480,000 or, 1 in ten people, in BC live with an injury called Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.(1) Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MSC), also known as Environmental Illness (EI), or Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), is now viewed to be a chemical injury. This injury can occur in the form of a one-time concentrated exposure to chemicals/toxicants/pollutants, such as seen in Gulf War Syndrome where soldiers were exposed to chemicals used during combat, and that which first responders at the World Trade Centre experienced during the 9/11 incident from building and airplane debris. Or, it can be an injury acquired as the result of repeated low concentration exposures, such that are experienced from the use of household cleaning products, solvents, laundry and body products, as well as the off gassing of chemicals used to make building materials for homes and office construction, such as particle board, carpeting, flooring, paint, etc. It is also known to researchers that physical trauma can result in MCS, regardless of toxicant exposure. A matter of Human Rights, but not afforded to all. The Canadian Charter of Human Rights, as well as a number of Provincial Charters, recognizes MCS as a disability, meaning that people with this illness must be afforded ‘Accommodation’ in work places, institutions, and housing. Not accommodating this disability constitutes a violation of Human Rights. Although Revenue Canada and the Federal Government recognize that home owners with MCS have the right to claim renovation costs replacing original toxic building materials in their homes with non-toxic ones, there is nothing being done to provide low income people suffering with this illness, safe, health supporting, affordable housing.(2) Health supporting housing means housing: located away from densely populated, more polluted urban areas; constructed with the least volatile of building materials and properly vented; and maintained using the least toxic products available. An invisible disability affecting more people than you think. Statistics Canada’s 2017 Health Sheet on Chronic Conditions (1) indicates that 7.9% of women and 4.4% of men surveyed, reported having a diagnosis of an allergy to some chemicals. Information linked to the Complex Chronic Disease Program (CCDP) at Women’s Hospital, in Vancouver, which is one of three such programs nationwide were MCS sufferers and their Physicians can access support and education, states, “Three studies into the proportions of population suffering multiple chemical sensitivity reported that between 16% and 33% are “unusually sensitive or allergic to chemicals” – with about 4% reporting that their illness was an everyday occurrence.”(3) A 2016 American survey reported, “Among the population, 12.8% report medically diagnosed MCS and 25.9% report chemical sensitivity. Of those with MCS, 86.2% experience health problems, such as migraine headaches, when exposed to fragranced consumer products; 71.0% are asthmatic; 70.3% cannot access places that use fragranced products such as air fresheners; and 60.7% lost workdays or a job in the past year due to fragranced products in the workplace”(4) Based on these surveys, approx 480,000 British Columbians experience allergic reactions to some chemicals, with more than 192,500 of them negatively impacted on a daily basis. Eventually, no place is safe - MCS vandalizes quality of life. The impact of MCS on a person can compromise their health on a daily basis. Once a person’s body has been sensitized by toxicants, future exposure can result in a wide range of reactions, such as asthma, burning, stinging eyes, wheezing, breathlessness, nausea, extreme fatigue/lethargy, headache/migraine/vertigo/dizziness, poor memory & concentration, sore throat, cough, sinus problems, skin rashes and/or itching skin, sensitivity to light & noise, sleeping problems, digestive upset, muscle & joint pain, to name a few. People with MCS experience reactions to “extremely low levels of irritants/toxicants, levels that are generally undetectable by other individuals present at the same time.”(3) For most MCS sufferers, repeated exposure exacerbates the condition, meaning they eventually become reactive to more and more chemicals, with the reactions becoming more severe. With ongoing exposure to ‘every day’ chemicals, the trajectory of the illness over time for many is complete isolation from family, friends, employment opportunities, support networks, and proper medical care. People with MCS are often not able to remain employed due to workplace exposure to toxicants. Some people end up homeless, not only due to lack of financial security, but because there is no safe indoor environment for them to live in. Avoidance is currently the only the health preserving measure for MCS sufferers. There is currently no known cure or successful treatment for MCS. Based on current research, the CCDP and related programs recommend avoidance of known triggering chemicals, as avoidance is the only known strategy to manage symptoms, to reduce the likelihood of the condition becoming worse, and to reduce the likelihood of an individual becoming negatively responsive to yet more chemicals. Health supporting housing is needed for low income British Columbians living with MCS. Currently there is no safe, affordable housing in BC for people with this chronic illness. In fact, the housing that is available is making people with MCS more ill by exposing them to off gassing building materials, strong chemicals used in building maintenance, laundry venting, cigarette smoke, and toxicant containing household and body products used by fellow renters. Your voice matters. Defend the Rights of those of us living with MCS, who depend upon affordable rental options, in appealing to our Municipal Governments and British Columbia’s Provincial Government departments related to housing, to allocate funds towards building health supporting, toxicant reduced, affordable housing. The Canadian Charter of Human Rights acknowledges our right to have our disability Accommodated, and toxicant-free housing is the medically advised best strategy for doing so. Please sign this petition and share it with those you know living with MCS, and those you think will support this cause. Given that MCS can co-occur with Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Electromagnetic hypersensitivity and symptoms attributed to Chronic Lyme Disease, there are many people who are much too ill be on social media or to access this petition online. Please make them aware of this petition by reaching out to them in the way that best supports them in adding their names and having their voices heard. Such as sending them a printed version of the petition that they can sign and return. Thank you for your time, empathy and support. 1. Calculated from National stats found on,

Kathy Atkins
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Petitioning Kennedy Stewart, Stuart MacKinnon, Camil Dumont, John Irwin, Dave Demers, Tricia Barker, John Coupar, Gwen Giesbrecht, Michael Wiebe, Colleen Hardwick, Pete Fry, Rebecca Bligh, Jean Swanson, Adrian...

Vancouver Parks Board: Keep Life Guards on 2nd Beach - Swimmers' Lives Matter

Stanley Park is considered one of the most beautiful parks in the world, a much loved park by everyone in Vancouver. After a struggle, the Vancouver Parks Board was forced to open the roads in Stanley Park to traffic, thereby giving Vancouverites access to the park. Thank you to those who organized the Keep Vancouver Parks Open for all. This forced the opening of the Second Beach Pool to the public. Thank you! By entitling this petition Guard Second Beach: Swimmers' Lives Matter, we want to first acknowledge that in no way are we trying to detract from the Black Lives Matter movement. Clearly, the killing of Mr. George Floyd by Minneapolis police officers on May 25th is a horrible crime that sent cries for an end to police racism and brutality around the world. We are taking the liberty, very respectfully, to call our petition Swimmers' Lives Matter because we understand how precious life is. We are concerned that the decision to not have Life Guards at Second Beach could lead to needless drowning(s). Keep Vancouver Life Guards on Second Beach! So, we are demanding that the Vancouver Parks Board and Mayor Stewart Kennedy to put Life Guards at Second Beach.  The City of Vancouver announced that Life Guards will be at 4 outdoor pools, 9 beaches, and 10 spray parks. We believe this was deceptive as the plan is actually to leave the Stanley Park Second Beach without Life Guards. The unspoken message to Vancouverites and visitors from the province is: Swim at Second Beach at your own risk! We are not providing Beach Lifeguards this year.  Why, after decades of ensuring that the swimmers at Second Beach and the public who use the Second Beach Park are safe, is the Vancouver Parks Board changing its approach? Please sign this petition to let the Parks Board Commissioners and Mayor Kennedy know that you want Beach Life Guards at Second Beach.  Here is what can happen at Second Beach without Life Guards. You deserve to know the risks, as the City of Vancouver is not telling you: Second Beach without Beach Life Guards is considered an open hazard. The beach is notorious for major rescues of children and adults.  Young and inexperienced swimmers, who don't understand the tides, swim at their own risk.  New open water swimmers  can become tired and become distressed.  Users of non-motorized water craft will have no Beach Life Guard assistance. Swimmers can, and do, get stung by jelly fish.  Swimmers risk changing currents, wind and water conditions and could drown.  Toddlers and children can, and do, wander into the ocean, without their parents' knowing.  Parents who fall asleep and their children go into the ocean, assume the risk. Swimmers get cut on barnacles, broken glass, sharp objects and jagged rocks. There will be no Beach Life Guards to do underwater searches for missing swimmers, including children.  With no Beach Life Guards at Second Beach, there will be no beach guards for major first aide events: No Beach Guards to help with broken limbs, dislocated shoulders, spinal injuries, pedestrians hit by motor vehicles, cuts, lacerations, serious head injuries, children injured on park playground equipment. Skate boarders who break their ankles. Cyclists who fall and get injured by the beach.  Beach Life Guards deal with sexual and physical assaults.  Swimmers with pre-existing medical conditions will not have a Beach Life Guard to ensure their safety. Racoon bites occur in the park.  The Second Beach and Second Beach Park are unpredictable environments. Life Guards have ensured the safety of the public for decades. Why change now? What is the Vancouver Parks Board motive? Why only have 1 beach out of 9 without Life Guards. It makes no sense. No volunteer life guards like in Australia. The excuse cannot be CoVid, as all the other beaches and the outdoor pools will have Life Guards this summer. Is this the future of Beach Life Guarding for Vancouver? Next, the Parks Board Commissioners and Mayor Kennedy will tell us that Vancouver beaches will be guarded by Volunteer Life Guards. This is not Australia! We deserve the right to know that our safety is ensured at Second Beach and Second Beach Park. Is this the start? First, no Life Guards at Second Beach.  Then, no Life Guards at English Bay and Third Beach. Then, no Life Guards at Kits, Jericho or Spanish Banks. This has the potential of becoming a slippery slope. We want the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Parks Board to ensure that Life Guards are provided at all beaches, as they have done for decades. If there is a major event at Second Beach, beach guards would have to come from either English Bay or Third Beach, or 911 would have to be called. There would be no equipment on the beach for rescues: no rescue boats or other equipment. Who will swim out and do a rescue, especially if the guards at Second Beach Pool are dealing with a major event in the pool? This is incredibly risky for the public and Life Guards, both of whom could possibly die! This is unnecessary. Help Save Lives! Prevent Needless Deaths! Help Keep Vancouver Life Guards Patrolling Second Beach. We are Canada and not Australia. We want trained Life Guards on Vancouver's Beaches. We do not want volunteer life guards. We want to know that highly qualified and experienced Beach Life Guards are ensuring the public's safety at our beaches.  Pleases sign the petition and leave comments, if you desire.  Keep Vancouver beaches safe for everyone! Keep qualified City of Vancouver Life Guards on our beaches and not a bunch of volunteer life guards. You can do better Parks Board Commissioners, Mayor Kennedy and City of Vancouver Aquatics Managers. Put greater regard on public safety at Second Beach, and union contracts and union workers, especially during these stressful CoVid times. Tell us your true intentions! Help Save Lives! Every year, the practice has been to have Beach Life Guards on duty from the May long weekend. They have been considered an essential service. The public knows this. Health Care Workers are essential and they have been to work every day, since the outbreak of CoVid. We demand that you put Life Guards on the beaches. They are trained, ready and able.  1. We want City of Vancouver Life Guards on Second Beach this summer.  2. We want City of Vancouver Life Guards on ALL the beaches in Vancouver for YEARS to COME, as has been the practice in Vancouver for decades.  3. We know, as hopefully you do, that it would cost very little to put a Beach Life Guard on Second Beach daily, starting July 13th to the end of the season - miniscule compared to the City of Vancouver's annual labour costs. Of course, one cant put a dollar amount on the value of a life. Swimmers' and Life Guards' Lives Matter. Make the right decision and put Beach Life Guards at Second Beach, starting July 13th.  Even more importantly, Black Lives Truly Do Matter. We ask that you act with compassion and recognize the sanctity of life through positive action. Thank you.                                    

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Say NO to road pricing in Vancouver!

Hello all and thank you for writing in response to the parking permit/road pricing section of the City of Vancouver’s Climate Response. Equity is a critical consideration: seniors, those with low incomes, and people with disabilities should not have their lives made more difficult because of efforts to make Vancouver more environmentally sustainable. At this point, this plan is absolutely not set in stone. Public consultation through an online questionnaire just finished yesterday, was set up to learn from Vancouverites about their parking experiences. The questions are still up at []. I’m hoping that what we’ve heard directly from the public will inform the design of the best system that meets local parking-related needs and addresses climate change. In the meantime, I heard your concerns, and put forward amendments to the original climate report to protect low-income people and/or people living with disabilities. Council committed to protecting renters from displacement due to environmentally friendly building retrofits, and to reporting on the effect of each measure in the Climate Emergency Action Plan on households earning under 50k and how to mitigate negative impacts. Again, I must stress that the plan as it is now is not set in stone. I think it's important that we do our part to fight climate disaster and I’m hoping we can get it right. Thank you for taking the time to tell City Councillors what you need. I’ll keep working to respond to your concerns. Jean City Councillor Jean Swanson twitter @jeanswanson_ facebook

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