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Make Election Day a Federal Holiday. Americans Deserve Time and Equal Opportunity to Vote.

We the people believe that voting is the heart and soul of democracy.  Nearly 60% of voting-eligible Americans did not vote in the last midterm elections, citing work or school-related conflicts as the primary cause. Americans deserve time and equal opportunity to vote. Blue Point Brewing Company, along with other forward-thinking companies, has committed to giving our employees the day off to vote. But we need implement this change on a bigger scale. Join us in creating the change and protecting democracy. Convince Congress to establish Election Day as a Federal holiday. Blue Point Brewing Company is committed to this initiative and will be making Voters' Day Off beer cans available for supporters to sign and further inspire change.  

Blue Point Brewing
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Amazon needs to drop vendor Emvency from selling, insulting floor mats with Quranic verses

These bath mats were designed solely to insult and defame Muslims and the Quran. Imagine using quotes or verses from the Bible, Torah, etc. and placing in a bathroom and having people step on it and wipe their feet on the verses we pray and recite. Muslims and all people who respect the freedom of religion need to protest Amazon until they stop selling this hateful and bias product. Help rid hate in this great country of ours and stop insulting/bullying any people who worship God, Dios, Allah, Jahovah, Yahweh, Shen, Brahma, etc. Here are the names of those who are associated with this company: WILLIAM SCOTT GOLDMAN,  JUDITH MICHEL HELFMAN.

Abdul Ramadan
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Demand A Strong EPA For Our Bays

Let’s not trash the EPA. Reject Scott Pruitt as its new chief. Members of the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works recently boycotted the vote for Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt’s nomination to lead the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.  This comes as widespread, bipartisan concerns are being raised about Pruitt's record of challenging the core mission of the agency he’s been asked to lead. Many question Pruitt’s future commitment to protect public health, enforce the law, and hold corporations accountable to maintain healthy water, air, and land in their business practices. Pruitt has sued the EPA on behalf of regulated industries more than a dozen times in an attempt to weaken regulations such as the federal Clean Water Act. These regulations form the bedrock of our work at Heal the Bay and our sister organizations across the nation. They are hard-fought gains that were direct responses to past disasters. We cannot go back. A silenced, weakened EPA is a threat to our Bays. The U.S. Senate will vote on the appointment of Pruitt as EPA chief in the coming hours amid growing concerns about a broad directive from the new administration to censor EPA research, indefinitely. As a trusted ocean and watershed advocate, Heal the Bay is guided by the best science, not emotion. Over the last 30 years, we have seen first-hand how the EPA and its partner organizations can improve public health for Angelenos through environmental policies and regulations. A weakened EPA means turning back the clock on our critical programs in Greater Los Angeles that monitor beach water quality, prevent unsafe consumption of locally caught fish, protect our dwindling wetlands, and keep our streams and watersheds healthy to buffer communities from climate change. Scott Pruitt won’t do it. Our vital work is far from over. Sea level rise poses a real and immediate threat to many U.S. cities that are unprepared to adapt to the impacts of climate change. We need strong EPA leadership and funding now more than ever. These issues affect us all.  Sign this petition urging the U.S. Senate to reject Pruitt’s nomination for EPA chief. Tell our elected officials to maintain strong EPA funding for programs that affect our Bays nationwide. Call your local senators directly in the next 24 hours to make sure your voice is heard.  

Heal the Bay
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Stop Forcing Mail Order Pharmacy as Only Choice of Coverage & Monitor Package Temperature

My son, received a life saving liver transplant at the age of 2. His life depends on the potency and effectiveness of chemotherapy/immune suppression medications to prevent his body's immune system from fighting off his transplanted liver. In the past mail order delivered his liquid oral medications in nothing but a plastic envelope on a 102 degree day on a hot enclosed not temperature controlled UPS truck. Shortly after, he went into liver rejection which could have resulted in complete liver failure or death. I speculated that the medication could have been too weak after the delivery of medications in high heat. I vowed to never again risk his life with mail order pharmacy. Recently, we were mandated/forced to only use mail order pharmacy in order to receive coverage for his life-saving medications. Hesitant, I begged for an ice pack. The package arrived in only a bag on an about 90 degree day again without an ice pack. The hot non-temperature controlled enclosed delivery truck can reach temperatures up to 170 degrees. His labs elevated again afterward. My son wants to know, "Why would they do that?" I contacted the manufacturer, who does all of the testings for my son drugs who stated that both of my son's medications should be discarded and considered less potent once stored above 86 degrees as higher temperatures and freezing could result in lower potency. I also found out that liquid medication is the most harmed by the mishandling of medications outside of the manufactures temperature storage guidelines.  I contacted the mail order pharmacy who refused to replace or take back the medication. They said the law & USP Pharmacopoeia allows them to ship up to 104 degrees, although the manufacturer states it is not proven safe at these temperatures. However, I have received communication from USP Pharmacopoeia who writes the guidelines for storage and they also said that the mail order pharmacy should follow the manufacturer's guidelines of 59-86 degrees for storage. I contacted the FDA, who states that the mail order pharmacy should be using the manufacturer's guidelines that have been proven safe.. However, since the mail order pharmacies are regulated loosely by the State Board of Pharmacy, not the FDA there was nothing that the FDA could do.  Since starting this petition, I connected with another petitioner for air conditioning of the back of UPS trucks as the trucks are not temperature controlled. Her husband went into renal failure, because the UPS trucks are hot and enclosed and temperatures reach up to 170 degrees. It's like walking into a low temp oven. When the temperatures of the outside are colder than your freezer, I'm not sure how cold the trucks are but I'm certain mailboxes and doorsteps can get in negative temperatures.  I made over 30 calls to the insurance company begging for them to please let us pick my son's medications up at the local pharmacy at which they are filled. My son's physician wrote a note/appeal as his transplant team has stated that they have tried to voice their concerns about this issue with their pediatric/child patients and no one is listening! The insurance company still denied the doctor's appeal for us to pick up my son's medications in the safest way. It was not until the Media became evolved that the insurance company budged.  I felt helpless and have united with many other pharmacists, physicians, patients, mothers and fathers, and caregivers who feel the same way. Helpless. Mail order of prescription drugs should be a choice not the only option of coverage. Mandatory mail order programs from all plan types (INCLUDING the plans that are regulated by ERISA) needs to cease until mail order pharmacies are forced to store and monitor medications during their deliveries at the temperatures tested and proven safe by the manufacturer. I would never put my son's medications in a hot non-temperature controlled environment, and shouldn't be forced to only use this option in order to get coverage for his life-saving medications. Mail order pharmacies may appear to save money, but when my son ended up in the hospital after taking medications that could have been compromised by having lower potency, the cost of the rejection was thousands of dollars. If his liver would have fully failed, the cost of his liver transplant for just 5 days (he was in the hospital for 5 weeks) was over $1,000,000. The lax regulation and oversight may save money on prescription drug plans but may come at an increased cost to the health plan itself. Also, keep in mind the endless waste of medications that automatically are sent regardless of whether or not patients need them. Also, people with chronic, complex conditions, should always have the option of face to face interaction with a pharmacist who knows their complex needs and medical history. The pharmacist and patient relationship is crucial to the successful outcome of the patient's overall health. Taking this away is harmful to patients and be more costly to our already stressed healthcare system. Since starting the petition, many have also stated that they experience life-threatening delays in receiving their prescriptions. Medications get lost, stolen, people are going days without medications that their life depends on. Only allowing mail-order pharmacy for coverage is unethical and irresponsible.  Another important fact. Mandatory mail order programs are discriminatory. It is estimated that 40% of our homeless are disabled. How is mandatory mail order fair and working for them as they may not have an address and not even know where they will be from day to day? It is crucial that All plans should include true fair coverage and reimbursements of our pharmacist.  Please help! We need legislation to protect all patients by ending the mandatory mail order pharmacy coverage in every type of plan offered in the nation.  We need your help to make mandatory mail order an option, not a mandate.    YOUR URGENT SUPPORT WILL SAVE LIVES! THANK YOU!!

Loretta Boesing
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Tell Congress to Maintain EPA & NOAA Funding

Protect Our Oceans. Protect Our Health. Protect Our EPA & NOAA. The White House recently proposed debilitating budget and workforce cuts for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) starting this October when the 2018 fiscal year begins. Every department seems to be affected; from environmental justice programs and science education, to research and monitoring. In the new administration’s plan, many critical ocean grants, programs, and services will be completely eliminated unless our representatives and legislators vote against the cuts in Congress. This comes at a critical time when America’s coastal infrastructure is failing in the face of intensifying storms and rising seas associated with climate change. We should be doubling down on efforts to prepare and defend our coastlines. We should be empowering scientists, researchers, and youth in America to become stewards for our ocean and environment. We should be investing our hard-earned tax dollars into the next generation of ocean innovation. Instead, the proposals drastically reduce fundamental resources to prepare and respond to environmental emergencies. The White House’s plan includes slashing the EPA budget by 31 percent — to the tune of $2.6 billion — and reducing staff by more than 3,200 people. The EPA is already operating on a lean budget – federal funding has been decreased by over $2 billion since 2010. Nearly three-quarters of the EPA’s annual budget goes toward funding grants for states, tribes, and contractors. These grants aid crucial environmental cleanup, monitoring, and preparedness efforts. Commonly known for its weather forecasting services, NOAA also leads the nation on climate monitoring, fisheries, and ocean services. NOAA’s annual budget is $5.6 billion, a small fraction of the overall federal budget. The administration proposed a stiff 17% cut to NOAA’s overall budget. And, a 22% reduction in funding for NOAA’s National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service, which creates and operates weather satellites. This program also houses the National Centers for Environmental Information – an essential environmental science research center and repository of climate data.  Additionally, climate protection programs would suffer a nearly 70% cut, which would thwart efforts to prepare for sea level rise, adapt to hotter urban areas, and buffer our communities for increased storm intensity and flooding. This is particularly important as previous worst case scenario projections for sea level rise in Southern California – 5.5 feet by 2100 – are now being revised to predict even more extreme impacts as ice sheets at our planet’s poles are melting faster than expected. Beach tourism and the coast recreation economy are valued at close to $90 billion, so EPA’s investment of $10 million annually in beach water quality monitoring makes fiscal and public health sense to ensure that beachgoers are healthy and safe. However, the Beach Grant Program would suffer complete elimination. This vital program supports weekly water quality sampling at beaches across the country, and, helps to sustain thriving marine life and public awareness of pollution for the 90 million people visiting our nation’s beaches annually. Environmental education through the EPA would be cut by over 90% - a disservice to preparing and educating our youth, who are the future stewards of our nation. And, communities who are already the most under-served would be disproportionately impacted by the planned 78% cuts to environmental justice programs. Funding would be completely zeroed out for several targeted programs, including the national estuary program – long-term management planning to improve water quality and living conditions for 28 critical estuaries located along the Atlantic, Gulf, and Pacific coasts and in Puerto Rico, and Sea Grant – a well-leveraged scientific research partnership with top universities throughout the nation. Removing the Sea Grant program would cut funding for important fisheries, wetlands, wildlife, and public health research at 33 universities across the country – this is hands-on and applied research that informs management and protection of our economically and environmentally beneficial coastal and ocean resources. The new administration’s proposals would cripple our efforts to safeguard marine habitats, threatened animals, and coastal resilience – placing entire communities and ecosystems at a further disadvantage. The White House has said it is committed to promoting clean water and clean air, but these proposed actions demonstrate otherwise. It seems virtually impossible to maintain basic environmental and public health protections, given such deep cuts and job losses. Please help Heal the Bay and many other trusted environmental groups nationwide in our effort to keep the EPA and NOAA from being disabled. Tell your State Senators, Congressional Representatives and Legislators that funding for the EPA and NOAA is important to you, your family, your business and community.

Heal the Bay
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Remove sub-Asian boxes on Census Form 2020! Stop racist anti-Asian anti-immigrant legacy!

Dear fellow Americans for justice, brothers and sisters against racism, The glaringly racist legacy of sub-Asian boxes on the Census form was started in 1870, after the Burlingame Treaty of 1868, which eventually led to the infamous, racist, and inhumane Chinese Exclusion Act spanning from 1882 to 1943, which among other terrible abominations, banned U.S. residents of Chinese descent from having children or getting married; their family members in Asia were forbidden from entry to U.S. and reuniting as families. The Census form has no "Asian/Asian American" category. In its place are a group of boxes signifying foreign nationalities in Asia as if Asian Americans were all “perpetual foreigners.” It intrusively identified and collected data on which U.S. residents were of Chinese, Filipino, Indian, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese...descent. While the Chinese Exclusion Act ended in 1943, did these racist, humiliating, dehumanizing sub-Asian boxes get removed from the Census form? No, they were kept on the Census form by the U.S. government even until today, and if we don't fight back and boycott the Census form with sub-Asian boxes, it will stay on the 2020 Census form and beyond, prolonging a racist American legacy, a shame to all Americans. This legacy treats Americans of Asian descent as perpetual foreigners, and collects intrusive personal ancestral origin data used in many kinds of racial discrimination and persecution. In one example, the U.S. government used information from the Census Bureau to identify native born Americans of Japanese descent and sent them to Internment Camps during the World War II. There were also discriminatory laws against Americans of various Asian descent, such as Filipino. Such horrendous trampling of humanity will happen again unless you and I act now to boycott a 2020 Census form with sub-Asian boxes. We demand these sub-Asian boxes be removed and replaced with one description--"Asian/Asian American." Injustice to one human being is injustice to all human kind. If we don't stop this racist and anti-immigrant legacy, its “logic” and mentality will be repeated in current and future policy-making. Let's keep fighting against racism and improve the human condition step by step. Please join the good fight to make this historically significant change happen for now and forever, by signing this petition and sharing it on social media and by email, word of mouth. Power to the people! Fighting on, Americans against racism and anti-Asian anti-immigrant legacy

Swan Lee
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Save Basit

Ahmed Abdel-basit Mohammad is an academic seeking asylum in the US due to the brutal political persecution in his country. Ahmed has been recently detained by ICE and has an unjust and politically motivated death sentence in Egypt. On April 5th 2018, ICE agents arrested Ahmed outside of his home on his way to work, where he teaches physics to high school students. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have reported on his case and have supported his asylum application. Denying Ahmed's asylum and deporting him is sending an innocent man to his imminent death. Sign this petition today to help save Ahmed’s life and visit us at for updates on his case.

Yusef Haddabah
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We demand that The United States Senate not confirm Jeff Sessions as Attorney General

As the nation’s chief law enforcement officer, the Attorney General of the United States must be independent of politics and respect the dignity of all Americans. The Attorney General has a duty to enforce the rule of law fairly and pursue equal justice under the law. One of the core functions of the Department of Justice is to protect Americans’ civil rights, and to defend those who have been denied them. Another key function of the Department of Justice is to protect our security, but never sacrifice our civil liberties. Not only has Senator Sessions been a staunch opponent of reforming the tragic shortcomings in our criminal justice system, he holds a number of views that are inconsistent with how most Americans believe justice should be applied under our Constitution.

The Righteous Opposition
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End Shark Fishing Tournaments in New Jersey

It is not uncommon to catch a shark in New Jersey waters in the months of May through October. Many are terrified to contemplate sharing the Jersey shore’s waters with such an alarming apex predator. Common misconceptions and opinions aside, shark populations are declining all over the world in devastating numbers with drastic impacts on the future of our ecosystem. As a matter of fact, in a report from WildAid, “Parts of the US East Coast may well host more recreational fishing for large sharks than anywhere else in the world”. It is considerable importance that sharks in the state of New Jersey are protected to combat future environmental catastrophes. Sharks return every year, their population are threatened by dangerous fishing tournaments and un-accompanying regulations. Allowing such activities to continue is negligent as it contributes to serious health hazards for the community as well as the environment. Critical changes must be implemented. June is a prime time for fishermen as the shark fishing tournaments begin along the atlantic coast and the “thrill” of catching big game brings returns...along with major health risks. Shark fishing is extremely popular in Point Pleasant. Many charter boats and competitions offer significant cash prizes for the heaviest mako or thresher that can be obtained. Nicknamed “the Jersey Swordfish” according to their steak texture, it is typical that fishermen sell or keep shark meat for later consumption. According to The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA, some of the species you might expect to see include: Shortfin mako, thresher, porbeagle, blue, lemon, blacktip, spinner, bull, finetooth, blacknose, atlantic sharpnose, scalloped and bonnethead hammerhead, and smooth and spiny dogfish. Mako and Thresher are the main goal for many ambitious fishermen despite the fact that these species in particular have elevated mercury levels. Mercury is toxic and can cause serious health problems (“Shark”). Without further action, shark fishing for meat encourages the community to be consuming poisonous levels of mercury causing many detrimental effects on people’s health.    In order to fish, anglers must acquire a permit and report any sharks for trade. Although the state encourages catch and release of makos, it is not required. Regulations have been set in place by NJ Department of Environmental Protection which states that each vessel may retain one shark per day (minimum fifty-four inches fork length), plus one bonnethead and atlantic sharpnose.  It is mentioned on their website that “The registry is an important tool that will help fishermen and policymakers work together to better account for the contributions and impacts of saltwater anglers on ocean ecosystems and coastal economies. ” But how do these regulations protect the vulnerable or endangered species that inhabit New Jersey’s coast in the summer? The sexual maturity size of the Mako shark, the most popular game, is much larger than the minimum 54 inches required.  Sexual maturity in a female mako is 108 inches and 73 for males. Not to mention the fifteen to eighteen-month gestational period, with only a few young who survive. Having such a long period of time invested into reproduction, and reproducing later in their lives, these regulations cannot be suitable for protection of a vulnerable species.  A minimum size smaller than sexual maturity endangers sharks like the Thresher, for example, that reaches sexual maturity after about eight years, and only has two to four pups every two years. Furthermore, of the sharks listed above, thirteen appear on the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s "red list" as vulnerable or endangered. Notably, there is no size limit or bag limit on spiny or smooth dogfish. The spiny dogfish also appears on the IUCN red list as vulnerable and have elevated mercury levels. Although many regulations are put in place, they could not possibly encourage the protection of the sharks that share the same ocean as New Jersey citizens. New enhanced regulations on shark fishing are urgent if the species is to have any chance.   All over the world, overexploitation of sharks is starting to concern scientists and communities as already ninety percent of apex predators have already been wiped from the sea. With all the knowledge discovered and new research being conducted, the conservation of sharks is not only an important environmental issue but a human health issue as well. If stricter regulations could be implemented and ultimately the eradication of shark tournaments, the future of shark populations and environmental impacts will see improvements worldwide.            Citations   Buckley, Luis, and Jennifer Hile. The End of the Line- Global Threat to Sharks. 2nd ed., WildAid, 2007, p. 28, The End of the Line- Global Threat to Sharks,   NEW JERSEY DIVISION OF FISH & WILDLIFE MARINE FISHERIES ADMINISTRATION COMMERCIAL REGULATIONS. New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection, 20 Apr. 2015, “Shark.” Seafood Selector, Environmental Defense Fund, 28 Mar. 2013, “The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.” The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, 2017, “What You Can Do to Protect Yourself against Mercury Poisoning.” Edited by Gary A Rayant, The Dangers of Hidden Mercury, Dear Doctor, 5 May 2011,  

Shark Friends NJ
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Protect the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program

Update: February 13th, 2018 President Trump's proposed 2019 Budget calls for the COMPLETE ELIMINATION of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) If you care at all about PSLF then NOW is the time to take action. President Trump's Proposed 2019 Budget was officially released yesterday and clearly calls for pulling all funding from the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, along with making several other massive cuts to Federal student loan programs. RIGHT NOW is the time to post this Petition on Social Media, in the comments on related news stories, to your Blog or anywhere else that you can think of where people who care about PSLF and student loan debt will find it, because unless we can show the Congress that there's a huge contingent of Americans standing in support of PSLF, it's likely to be cut for good. Don't let President Trump and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos have their way on the student loan crisis. Don't let the big banks and corrupt for-profit schools continue to rake in trillions of dollars from hard-working Americans. Stand up for this vital program that supports people wanting to better their lives and give back to their community by making this country a better place! We ask that Members of Congress block President Trump's Proposed 2019 Budget until it includes support and continual funding for the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. --- In addition to eliminating PSLF, President Trump's Proposed 2019 Budget Seeks to: Reduce available Income-Driven Federal Student Loan Repayment Plans (IDR Plans) from 4 to 1  Increase Monthly Payments for IDR Plans, raising the Discretionary Income Cap from 10% to 12.5% Offer Loan Forgiveness earlier to the general public, offering it at 15 years instead of the current 20 (this is the one good thing he's seeking) Require Graduate Students to make 30 years worth of payments before receiving Loan Forgiveness Eliminate all Federal Subsidized Loans, meaning that all Federal loans will begin accumulating interest even while borrowers are still in school Embolden the Federal Government to go after borrowers who default on their loans NOTE: These changes will ONLY APPLY to loans borrowed AFTER July 1st, 2019, so people already in repayment do not need to worry about these changes, but they are serious and significant cuts to the benefits that future generations will be offered, which is why it's so important that we stand up for them NOW! For specific details on exactly how President Trump's 2019 Budget will impact student loan laws, student loan forgiveness and specifically the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program, please visit: --- The Department of Education is proposing eliminating the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program. The stated purpose of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program is to “encourage individuals to enter and continue to work full-time in public service jobs”. To qualify for PSLF forgiveness, people must not only work full-time in a public service position, but also make 10 years’ worth of full, on-time, income-based monthly payments toward their Federal student loans. Who receives PSLF forgiveness? Teachers, Government Employees, Non-Profit 501(c)(3) Employees, Police Officers, Fire Fighters, Park Rangers, Military Personnel, and other qualifying public service workers. 400,000 Americans have chosen to serve their Government and Communities over the past 10 years, and each of these Americans should be able to count on the PSLF benefits promised to them. Betsy DeVos’s Department of Education seeks to end PSLF without having conducted a detailed study to determine how much actual money this dramatic policy reversal and broken promise would even save. The plan to eliminate PSLF is an not only an insult, but also an outrage to everyone who has dedicated the past ten years of their lives working in public service positions. Ending the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program is a terrible idea that should be opposed at all costs. We ask that Members of Congress block the Department of Education’s proposal to kill this vital financial assistance program.

Tim Lavelle
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Pass the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act.

Pamela’s tragic and harrowing story should disturb every American. Under no circumstances should we treat any of our fellow citizens with such savage disregard and lack of basic human dignity -- and yet, Pamela’s experience shows us what incarcerated women across our nation face every single day. Incarcerated women are often left out of the larger criminal justice reform conversation despite being the fastest growing population of incarcerated people in America. We have an overall prison population in America that’s grown about 500% since 1980, which is alarming, but the number of women in prison has gone up over 700%, and is increasing at an ever faster rate than the male prison population. It’s a disturbing reality that a whopping one third of all of the incarcerated women on Earth are here in the United States of America. Many of these women -- who are majority nonviolent offenders -- are also parents of children under the age of 18, and when they are incarcerated it’s the entire family that suffers. Perhaps even more sickening is that in America we have a sexual-abuse-to-prison pipeline that is unconscionable -- 86% of incarcerated women are survivors of sexual trauma and 77% are survivors of partner violence. It’s this group of women that I, along with Senators Warren, Kamala Harris, and Dick Durbin have specifically focused on in our bill, the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act. Our bill consists of commonsense reforms. For example, banning solitary confinement and shackling of pregnant women -- two barbaric practices that violate our values and principles. In addition, while the vast majority of women are mothers, exorbitant prison phone fees often prevent them from calling their children -- so our bill includes free calls and video conferencing in order to help them stay in contact. It’s basic reforms like these that will help these women maintain their basic dignity while doing their time in prison. If you agree that we need to do more to address the unique challenges that American women like Pamela face in prison, please join me: Thank you for signing this petition, and for your support of the Dignity for Incarcerated Women Act. Cory Booker U.S. Senator, New Jersey

1 year ago
Save Net Neutrality

The internet as we know it is at stake, but your voice can help save it. The FCC is actively trying to roll back net neutrality rules and allow big, wealthy broadband providers to control how you browse the internet—how fast certain websites will load or even what content is available to you. Rolling back net neutrality will have real life consequences. It will hurt access to jobs and education, hamper small business growth, hamstring innovation, and much more. But we’ve been here before—it was only a few short years ago that people like you led the charge in demanding that regulators preserve net neutrality. We won that battle, and now we need to do it again against the big internet companies, President Trump and Congressional Republicans who are all in favor of tearing down the free and open internet in order to make even bigger profits. If you agree that we should continue demanding a free and open internet for all, please join me: And if you’re on Facebook, please consider watching and sharing this video I recorded with Senator Brian Schatz explaining what’s at stake with net neutrality and how you can help in this fight: Thank you for signing this petition, and for taking action to protect the free and open internet. Cory Booker U.S. Senator, New Jersey

2 years ago
Tell the USDA to stop hiding animal cruelty from American taxpayers

I am deeply disturbed that the USDA—without warning or adequate explanation—recently deleted all inspection records and annual reports made under the Animal Welfare Act from its website. The absence of this information make it much easier for animal abuse to go unchecked. Earlier this week my senior senator from New Jersey, Senator Bob Menendez, sent a letter calling on the USDA to reverse this destructive move, and restore these records into the public domain where they rightfully belong. I support his and my colleagues’ efforts. As a senator, I will fight to reverse this action, and I urge everyone to continue calling your Senators and Congressmen to get them to speak out on this urgent issue. If you agree that the USDA must restore these animal welfare records, please join me: Thank you for signing this petition, and for taking action to protect animals. Cory Booker U.S. Senator, New Jersey

2 years ago
Tell Congress we will never forget 9/11 first responders and survivors

We have an obligation to brave first responders who sacrificed for our country on September 11th, 2001. Fourteen years after that tragic day, many of the thousands of first responders who were at the World Trade Center site are still battling serious health issues. These courageous men and women woke up on September 11, 2001, not knowing how the events of the day would unfold, but chose anyway to put themselves in harm’s way for the protection and service of others. And they did the same thing on September 12, 2001, and each and every day after. Yet now, they and their families are burdened with the physical, emotional and financial costs of their service. More than 33,000 first responders and survivors still struggle with injuries and illnesses as a result of the 9/11 attacks. 4,800 first responders and 9/11 survivors are receiving treatment at the World Trade Center Health Program headquartered at Rutgers in my state. Across the country, thousands more responders and survivors are benefiting from the care and compensation they deserve as part of programs supported by the James Zadroga Act. However, if nothing is done, these programs are set to expire tomorrow. We can’t allow that to happen. If you agree, sign up now to be a citizen cosponsor of the James Zadroga Act, which will extend support programs for 9/11 survivors and first responders: This fight is too urgent to quit now. Thank you for signing this petition, and for taking action to support those who sacrificed for our country. Cory Booker U.S. Senator, New Jersey

3 years ago