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Buddy Dyer

  • Mayor of Orlando

John Hugh "Buddy" Dyer (born August 7, 1958) is the 32nd and current mayor of Orlando, Florida, first elected in 2003. He is a member of the United States Democratic Party.

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Petitioning Department of Homeland Security

Urgent immigration reform, don't split families apart

I am writing this petition for the two people who have given me the world, my parents. I am also writing this petition to help cases that are similar to ours. My name is Juan Miguel Torres-Bruno. I am 26 years old, I'm from Orlando, Florida. My parents and me have lived in the U.S. for over 25 years, since I was nine 9 months old. My current status is DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) until September, 2019. I am the son of Martha Patricia Garcia and Miguel Eduardo Torres-Bruno. Both my parents have an order of deportation and have to leave the U.S. on January 2nd, 2019. From my understanding, I too have an order of deportation but I'm safe at the moment because of DACA. I am begging to whoever has the power to please reopen my family's immigration case and or approve their stay removal so that we can ultimately become American Citizens after living here for over 25 years.  I moved back home to Florida to be closer to my parents and my girlfriend of 8 years. What sealed the deal is my parents’ poor health, especially my mother’s. They are in their sixties, have a lot of health issues, are on a lot of medications, and do not have much money to their names. I don’t know how much longer they can continue to live in the condition they are in. They have been very stressed, nervous, and anxious for years about this whole situation. I moved back home to be close to them and now they have to leave the country they call home. We have a lot of family and friends here and we have jobs that allow us to live comfortable lives. We have many family members who are American citizens and permanent American residents. We want to continue living in this country and become American Citizens. Our immigration situation has really taken a toll on us.  We are good members of our community and of our society and we're good people. We have no criminal records, we came here legally, we work hard, pay taxes, work and drive legally, and have so many friends and family here. All I know is life in America. I have an amazing girlfriend who I hope to marry in the near future. I want my parents to be here and to be involved in our future in this country. The lives they lived in Peru and Argentina were a lifetime ago. Going back now and resettling their lives at their age would be even more stressful. Please hear us out and give us the chance, I believe we deserve to become lawful permanent residents and then lawful American citizens. I am very Americanized and the United States is where I call home. We know we’re not the only ones going through something like this. I truly hope you can see it in your heart to help my parents’ case. My parents have given me everything I could ask for and more. I’m extremely blessed for all that I have in life. I’ve done everything I’ve wanted to do thanks to these two wonderful people I call mom and dad. They have supported me through everything. Because of my parents’ hard work and sacrifices I went to college and got my bachelor’s degree. Through my parents’ beliefs and values I have become the man I am today. I know this may sound cliché but it is the truth; I owe my life to my parents. Please see where we are coming from. Thank you very much for your time. All the best and sincerely,  Juan Miguel Torres-Bruno  

Juan Miguel Torres-Bruno
37,106 supporters
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Stop the neglect of our children at noncompliant facilities which result in fatalities.

Dear Sir/Madam On August 7, 2017, at approximately 8 PM EST, just three years old and looking forward to celebrating his fourth birthday on August 22nd, Myles Hill was found deceased in the back of a childcare facility van. The child's family called the "Little Miracles Academy," which is one of two daycare facilities located in Orlando, Florida. After reporting to law enforcement possible neglect was involved, the horrendous discovery was made. According to USA TODAY sources; "Orlando Police Chief John Mina said 3-year-old Myles Hill spent all day in the van outside the Little Miracles Academy before he was discovered Monday night. Mina wouldn't say what charges the day care worker could face but says the worker has been cooperative. Detectives were awaiting autopsy results, but believe they will show the death was caused by the heat. Temperatures reached a high of 94-degrees Fahrenheit in Orlando on Monday. Temperatures inside a vehicle under the summer sun can rise much higher." UPDATE 8/12/17 (Driver/childcare employee arrested and charges filed. Several license violations were also reported by local sources.) Here lays the need for community empowerment by contacting local, state and federal lawmakers better monitor and enforce upgraded guidelines and stricter policies concerning daycare and child care centers not in compliance with federal, and state laws which govern how to better protect our children who are entrusted to the care of paraprofessionals, childcare workers. We are proposing our State Representatives lobby this Bill at the next legislative session in our State Capitol. The "Check For Myles" Law will include the following introductory points. A safeguard system to ensure child-care workers are held accountable; electronically. Transportation logs upgraded to electronic systems, accessible by participating child care sites and monitored by supervisors.  A "3" Step system of checks and balances. Ex: "Children are transported from one facility to another facility, owned and operated under the same daycare license. Physical head-count will be conducted before loading passengers after passengers are seated and before passengers are unloaded."  Transportation vehicles must be equipped with dash cams and alerts which are activated only after the "responsible party" has physically inspected the vehicle's seats and floors and depressed a monitor which alerts base that an inspection has been completed and the worker must recheck vehicle, crawl spaces, bathrooms, or any areas which may become a "hiding space," for a child.  Furthermore, inspection checks should be executed at two-four hour intervals to ensure accountability and a lesser opportunity for stricter monitoring. We propose that state funding is allocated for those facilities upgrading or installing security alarms in vehicles, (alerting facility if log out and head count have not been properly logged in.) We also propose temporary child care facilitation for those displaced children due to facilities in noncompliance and shut down as the result of. Respectfully,   Tina M. Wilson-Author/Moderator/Spokesperson Jazmin Walls-Visionary/Organizer/Spokesperson Chiel Banks (Mother of Myles Hill)  

Tina Wilson
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Petitioning Robert Buckhorn, Rick Scott, Buddy Dyer, Marco Rubio, MIKE SUAREZ, Pat Frank

Remove the Confederate Flag Flying Over I-75 in Tampa, FL

Driving down I-75, everyday we are faced with a symbol of hatred, a flag that was the symbol of the Ku Klux Klan and has always represented terrorism towards African Americans and other People of Color historically until present day. The flag is boasted as the World's Largest Confederate Flag, a memorial created by the Sons Of the Confederate,  and stands high above I-75 where it is impossible to not face daily.  The constant argument that occurs when fighting for the removal of a Confederate flag and statue is the "preservation of history". What are we trying to preserve? A history of terrorism and treason to this country and the citizens of this country? The confederacy seceded and fought against the union for the purpose of keeping human beings under enslavement. Robert E. Lee, who is attempted to be seen as the benevolent Slavery opposing leader, was the general of the Confederacy, owning slaves and believing that Slavery was necessary for  African Americans for the " instruction of the race". He then opposed Voting rights to Freed people during Reconstruction instead fighting to keep voting to ex-confederates. This man is not worthy of being seen as a leader, as long as any other leaders of the Confederacy. That flag should not fly high and displayed as if it represents anything else but treason and terrorism. This past weekend, that flag was flown and carried proudly next to Nazi Flags by participants of a hateful group of individuals who marched about the "cleansing of the ethnic race" and chanted Nazi ideals. A gathering that was violent and ended in the loss of a young woman's life and inhury of many peaceful protesters.  That flag is nothing more than a symbol of division, hate and terrorism in the history of this country, in the past and the present.  It needs to be removed from sight on I-75 as a form of solidarity and unity in understanding the pain and anger it causes residents of this city, especially those who are the targeted in the hateful movement it represents.  In the case we are met with complete opposition for complete removal due to private property laws, we will continue petitioning for the revocation of the County permit to have the flag fly that high or of that size. It SHOULD NOT be visible at all from I-75. Lilia Orengo, Creator of this Petition.  

Lilia Orengo
10,064 supporters
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End tolls for Florida Residents

Why are Florida Residents being forced to pay to use our own roads? Why do people who live and work here have to choose between paying $200-400 dollars a month or spending an additional 20-30 hours a month sitting in their car in traffic just to go to work? This is absolutely outrageous, and it’s going to end. Florida residents should not be forced to pay to use roads that our own tax money builds. We ALL pay taxes. Whether it’s vehicle registration, sales tax, property tax, gas tax, cigarette tax, utility tax, communication tax...the list goes on and on. Commercial, industrial, and agricultural real estate holdings in Florida total in the hundreds of billions if not over a trillion dollars. A less than 1% tax on these holdings is more than enough to pay for ALL Florida residents to use the toll roads without getting gouged every time they do.  Sign this petition and share it everywhere. If you think the millionaires and billionaires who screwed up our state ought to be paying their fair share, let these 70+ government officials know.  This will easily get a million signatures if it gets passed around. There will be confusing arguments made, there will be complaining, we’ll get called liars and worse, but if we stand our ground in demanding an end to the tolls, we will succeed.  Give Florida Residents their roads back.

Matthew Fleming
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Petitioning Central Florida Fair, florida gun show, patty, Buddy Dyer

Stop Orlando's Gun Show on July 2nd-3rd

Orlando is hosting a large gun show event, sponsored by Florida Gun Show on July 2nd-3rd, and popular rifles such as the AR-15 will be available for purchase. This event is open for all people to buy, sell, and trade a variety of guns. This event will be held not even one month after the largest mass shooting in U.S. history occurred. Our city is still suffering. It is insensitive to the victims, the families, and the friends of the victims to host an event like this one. If the politicians refuse to keep us safe, then we must take matters into our hands. I urge you to please sign this petition in order to cancel this event and to keep the people of Orlando safe from further shootings. Regarding the tragedy that occurred at Pulse on Saturday, the Orlando council is certain that the shooter was heavily armed and all weapons were legally bought. The shooter had an assault rifle similar to the AR-15 and a 9 mm pistol. An AR-15 is a semi-automatic weapon originally developed for the United States Army, is considered an assault weapon and is currently the most popular rifle sold in the United States today. An AR-15 can fire between 45 and 60 rounds per minute, and has been described as “mass shooters’ weapon of choice” and “a mass murderer’s best friend” by The Boston Globe and The New York Daily News, respectively. An AR-15 was used in the Sandy Hook killings, the Colorado Aurora movie theater killings, the 14 people who died in San Bernardino and Orlando’s recent mass shooting. I urge you to take a stand and sign this petition in order to help the city of Orlando heal and to prevent this blundering event from occurring. 

N. R.
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Petitioning Buddy Dyer

Save Kappo at East End Market

Kappo, one of the most unique and popular restaurants in Orlando, is being mandated by Orlando DBPR to put a sneeze guard on their bar due to the fact that guests are considered 'environmental contaminants' when sitting directly in front of their food being prepared. The quaint, 7-seat omakase-styled restaurant is situated in Audubon Park's East End Market and serves “Kappo style” Japanese cuisine. Kappo is owned and operated by three former University of Florida students, who after graduating trained in restaurants in New York such as Blue Hill, Morimoto, Aquavit and also in London at a Japanese Kaiseki restaurant called Umu. Kappo is a style of dining in Japan where the chef’s cook, cut and serve the guest “over the counter”, with complete transparency. Dining at Kappo is about more than just eating; Kappo's owners want to provide its guests with an authentic experience true to Japanese culture, which includes ongoing interaction throughout the meal. This personal contact is designed to educate and shed light about both the food they are preparing and the culture from which it originated. However, the appreciation for culture and tradition which is the cornerstone of dining at Kappo is now being threatened by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation's division of hotels and restaurants. The DBPR, citing a salad bar/buffet clause, has demanded that Kappo place a 'salad bar sneeze-guard' type of plexiglass shield at the dining counter, thereby separating guests from chefs and destroying the ability for them to interact during the meal. The DBPR has threatened to file suit which will lead to the eventual shutdown of Kappo if the 'sneeze guard' is not in place. Kappo uses only the highest quality ingredients, cleanliness and craftsmanship and never have had a filed complaint of any kind.  Please sign our petition asking Buddy Dyer to 'SAVE KAPPO' . 

Kappo at Eastend Market
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Help Stop My Mother's Deportation - She Has Lived In The US Legally For 12+ Years!

I would like to begin with a short poem from my favorite poet: “like flowers crave for spring, my heart craves for my mother more than anything”. My mother, Gulnora Atakhanova, is many things. For most, she is strong, willful, ambitious, generous, and courageous. I find myself struggling to find the perfect words to describe her, except the fact that she is my hero. There are many powerful mother-daughter bonds that I admire deeply, but my relationship with my mother is like no other. My name is Arij Batul Abid and I am a senior pre-med student attending the University of South Florida. My mother, brother and I arrived to the United States approximately 13 years ago. My brother and I were granted residencies recently after a long and difficult journey. However, my mother is currently at risk of deportation despite being married to the love of her life, who is a United States citizen and the father of her 3-year old son. Since the day I was born, she has been my safe haven and has sacrificed so much just so I can live out my dreams. At a very young age, I had to learn to live life without a father figure, however, my mom filled this void and took on the role of not only a mother but also a father and friend. I think back to some of the challenges she faced growing up herself with two young children and I cannot begin to understand how with all the pains the world brought upon her, she managed to make gold out of it. My mother is the most compassionate, kind, respectful and honest woman I have ever met, and she continues to fight this battle to earn the right to call this country her home. After being here for so many years, this country has truly become our home, a place of peace filled with those whom we care and love very much. Tearing me away from my mother would make my world fall apart. My stepfather who deems my mother as his one true love, would be forced to work less and provide for the family all on his own. My brother, Ali, and step-sister, Angelique, would be starting their journey in college without our mother to guide them the way she did for me. My baby brother, a United States citizen would grow up without a mother. My mother has already accomplished so many phenomenal things. After seeing my interest in a phlebotomy program, she was inspired to get her certification as well with the hope of working in the medical field. She dreams of one day attending school and putting her abilities to good use to better society and will do what is right to help those in need because she understands what it means to be a survivor. She has not had the privilege of making many choices, except doing what had to be done to better the lives of her children. After working in the United States for many years, raising brilliant children with extraordinary aspirations, she is at risk of being separated from her family and sent back to a country she no longer recognizes. I ask that you please consider what a wonderful person my mother is and all she has to offer because our lives will not be the same without her. If given the opportunity, she will live out the American dream and continue to make an impact on so many people’s lives as a citizen of the United States of America. 

Arij Batul Abid
1,684 supporters
Petitioning University Central Florida, Buddy Dyer, Ron DeSantis, UCF SGA

Park safely in the University Central Fla Parking structures

UCF is instituting a "No Back-In Policy" that will go into effect July 1st. This policy is said to help law enforcement identify cars that are involved in crimes or do not belong on campus. This policy is supposed to increase the safety of the students on campus but this is not factual. As a female student of UCF I feel that my physical safety while traversing the parking structures on campus should be taken seriously. The structures are already poorly lit, causing great concern to me as a woman, but now I will not be able to leave the structure as quickly due to parking regulation changes.The parking alteration would mean that my doors would open in a way that someone would be in a better position to enter my vehicle forcefully and prevent my escape.  The parking structures are already poorly lit on campus, already causing concern, but now there will be an increased risk of being hit while someone is backing out of a space. Many studies have found that front-first parking is safer than nose-in. When people back into a parking space they are most aware of their surrounding and their safety. They are more focused, the same can be said when they are exiting the space. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimates that “267 people are killed and 15,000 injured each year by drivers not parking forward first, usually in driveways or parking lots.”  We can come together and prevent this. UCF POLICY: REFERENCED ARTICLE:

Heather Landers
1,519 supporters
Enact stricter weapon legislation in the city of Orlando.

Dear Dylan, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to me and to craft a petition and to engage so many people in the discussion regarding gun control laws. Many of the comments here relate to a desire to see local law(s) enacted that would prohibit certain types of firearms in the City of Orlando particularly following the tragedy at Pulse nightclub. I want to respond by providing information that may be helpful. In Florida, local governments are forbidden from regulating firearms. In technical terms, the Florida Legislature has “preempted” cities and counties from adopting laws or policies relating to guns. The preemption is found at section 790.33, Florida Statutes, and provides that the Legislature is “occupying the whole field of regulation of firearms…including the purchase, sale, transfer, taxation, manufacture, ownership, possession, storage, and transportation of [firearms].” The only exception to this blanket prohibition is found in the Florida Constitution. Article VIII, section 5(b), Florida Constitution, allows counties to require a criminal background check and a 3 to 5-day waiting period for firearm purchases when the sale of the firearm “is conducted on property to which the public has the right to access.” This provision stems from a 1998 amendment to the Florida Constitution and was intended to close the so-called “gun show loophole” when such shows are held on public property such as a convention center. The statutory preemption also applies to the regulation of ammunition and “components” of firearms and ammunition. Therefore, you may want to contact members of Florida's state legislature (members of the Florida House of Representatives and Senate) to express your views regarding gun control legislation and/or local preemption laws. You may also want to be in touch with your Congressional delegation in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate to express your views. I hope this has been helpful and I hope you will continue to be engaged in our country's political and legislative process.

3 years ago
Save Constitution Green Park!

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the potential removal of the historic live oak tree on Constitution Green. And that conversation is happening for good reason; it’s a beautiful tree on a fantastic green space in the heart of Downtown Orlando. For a City that is known as the City Beautiful, we should do everything we can to preserve this historic tree. The Constitution Green property is privately owned and we have been fortunate that the owner has leased this space to the City since 1987 for our community to use as green space in our downtown. Recently, I’ve been made aware that the property owners would like to develop this property. While they have rights to build on their private property, they should not be allowed to remove a historic tree. As Mayor, I will make sure we do everything within our legal authority as a City to protect the historic tree at Constitution Green. The City has long been committed to preventing the environmental and aesthetic harm inflicted on our community by the destruction of trees, and particularly historic trees. It is for that reason that our City adopted a tree protection ordinance. Our City Code provides that a healthy tree with a trunk caliper larger than 30” in diameter can qualify as a historic tree. While I’m not an arborist, anyone who’s familiar with this tree can tell you that it appears to easily meet the size requirement. In fact, we have listed the live oak on our significant tree map. Orlando’s neighborhoods are known for having clean tree-lined streets, plentiful lakes, strong neighborhood connections and well-landscaped parks. It’s important for us as a City to keep as much of our green space and tree canopy as possible. Project DTO recently identified the need for more green space and trees in downtown Orlando. In 2013 our Green Works task force recommended we should almost double our City’s tree coverage. This increase needs to come from new trees being planted but it’s also important that we protect our historic trees. I invite you to be part of our solution by planting a tree that will help us to increase our tree canopy. Think about this, if the 4,000 people who signed the petition to protect this tree planted a tree on their property today, in 10 years we would add 2.8 million square feet of tree canopy coverage. That’s the equivalent of adding a 60 acre forest in the City of Orlando. Our City offers free trees to be planted on your property along the City street to help make our neighborhoods an even better place to live. Click here to request one today. I’m optimistic that together we can not only save this historic tree but that we can continue to increase the amount of trees we have in our City and live up to our reputation as “The City Beautiful”.

5 years ago
Bring Google Fiber to Orlando, FL.

I am proud to support this petition as I have been a longtime supporter of bringing Google Fiber to Orlando. In 2010 we launched a campaign with tech leaders to convince Google to make Orlando the first City to gain Google Fiber. Google is however only one of many companies looking to bring gigabit internet into cities. We are committed to working with any organization looking to bring fiber to our residents and businesses. This includes providing information about existing infrastructure, helping to ensure access to that infrastructure and working to make any construction speedy and predictable. Becoming a gigabit city has also been identified by the Project DTO task force in the finding of needs report and was included as part of one of our ten big ideas for the future of Downtown in the State of Downtown. We look forward to working with Google or any other company to better connect the homes and businesses inside the City.

5 years ago
Run SunRail on the weekends and later at night

Dear SunRail Enthusiasts, Thank you very much for reaching out to the City with your support and requests. The City of Orlando, in conjunction with the Florida Department of Transportation and funding partners, are committed to providing the best possible service for our SunRail customers. Per agreements with our local and federal government partners, as well as with CSX Transportation, weekend and late night service was not contemplated for the start of SunRail service. However, as demand grows and funding becomes available, there is an option to expand hours of service in the future. To do so will entail the identification of additional funding sources, the renegotiation of agreements, and the purchase of additional vehicles. SunRail hopes to accommodate expanded service by 2017 north to DeLand in Volusia County, and south to Poinciana in Osceola County. Thank you and please keep supporting our system. Should you have further inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact the SunRail Team at 1-855-724-5411, or online at Sincerely, Buddy Dyer Mayor, City of Orlando

5 years ago